Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Madame X

Three Days later, I'm in Newark, New the flower shop that is the front and base of Operations of the gangster known as "Tulip"...To avoid any ugliness,I called in advance....and just in case his guys didn't get the memo, I brought along Kool Kat and Donald "Smooth" on loan from my friends, Chess and Chris for "muscle" and my main man and photographer extroidinare, Sean Jackson. Clerow, who is an excellent driver as well as confidante was also along for "muscle".

"Well ,Well ,Well...The Philly boys are in the house." said a laughing Tulip as he welcomed us into his flower shop...The teenage punks who I rousted the last time I was here were still sitting outside...but there were no hostilities between us. Clerow and Kool Kat sat outside, While Sean and Donald Smooth followed me inside..

"So what can I do you for Mister Kevin?" asked the smiling player.

"I need a of your foxiest." I found myself saying for the second time in a few days and ironically enough to yet another gangster.

"Really? What, Philly hasn't got enough so you come to Newark for that?" he said.

"It aint like that...I need to take some photos of her...I'm setting up a scam." I said.

"I can dig it...but Fathead Newton got a lot of girls.." he said.

"Yeah...but the person I'm scamming gets around to all of the local strip clubs..and he probably know thems...That's why I come here..I want an unknown talent." I said.

"Hahahahahaha...Oh I see....Well, what's in this for me?" he asked.

"I'll owe you a favor ." I found myself saying and hating every minute of saying that.

"Favors are very important Mr. Kevin....Who knows...One day I may call in my marker sooner rather than later." he said with a smirk.

"Yeah, I know." I said.

Tulip then called his "assistant" , the big bald headed guy who had pulled the shotgun on us last time we were here.

"Yo...Al....get Kitty Delicious and bring her here." he said.

"I promise you, Her real name won't be used and when we finish..I'll destroy the website." I said.

"I don't care what you do....Kitty won't either if I tell her not to care." he laughed.

What kind of man was this Tulip fellow? As evil a man as I have ever dealt with.

"Is there a place to take these photos?" I asked.

''What? I gotta do everything for you Philly boy?" he laughed.

"I'll book a hotel room." I said.

A half hour later, Tulip's guy, Al produced Ms. Kitty Delicious...not likely her real name...but as sexy a woman as I've ever seen...Sean, Kool Kat,Clerow and Donald Smooth couldn't take their eyes off of her..Neither could I...Never the less, we all went to a hotel room where Sean Jackson snapped close to 100
photos of her...I gave her $500.00 for her trouble.

"You gonna make me a star?" she joked...

"Yeah for a few days anyway..and I promise you...I'll destroy the website after I'm through." I told her..

"Knock yourself out Daddy..I don't care...These photos aint nothin compared to the ones I got on my website.. Keep em...You might want to look at em and dream about me." she laughed. I smiled...So did Clerow, Sean Jackson, Kool Kat and Donald Smooth.

We left Newark and headed back to Philadelphia. I took the photos to my friend, Peeping Tom...a retired CIA operative who had all kinds of spyware that I couldn't imagine. We set up a Phony Facebook page as well as a Twitter account in the name of "Madame X". We hacked into Stormi's Facebook and Twitter accounts and made "Madame X" a "friend" and a follower.. Then we sent a "friend" request to "Ernest "Wodie" Mitchell and "Mr. Basil"

"With the equipment I have soon as our friend gets on line and "friends" or follows "Madame X"..I'll get the ip address of his computer and be able to tell you exactly where he's at." he said.

"Wow, that's incredible." I said.

It didn't take long....He friended and followed Madame X...and began sending her messages on the inbox, status updates and her "wall" saying how great she looked and how much he'd like to meet her so that they could get to know each other.

"I got it....This is coming from the Cyber Cafe.....the one down the street from the "Mermaid Club" said Peeping Tom... How careful was this guy? Smart enough not to operate from anywhere he might lay his head. In the coming days we got a hit from the Free library and from a smartphone...He appeared to be a train or a bus..something that was moving rapidly....Still no way to pin him down.

I brought Sepia, Bonita and Anita Jenkins over to Peeping Tom's house...Them being females..they knew how to talk to this guy and get him worked up , without making it too obvious...Over a few days, he really was getting worked up and pressing hard for a meeting with the "Madame"..

Meanwhile, Attorney Robert Foxworth met with me at Josies for drinks. He and Chance had been at records doing some research for me.

"Man, Kev..we went through city records and cross referenced with State records..and there is nobody named Ernest Mitchell that fits your profile. Ten are in jail, another 16 are deceased...There is no school records or drivers licensce records either." said Robert Foxworth..

"But Kev..I did get one hit...I found a "Basil E. Mitchell" living at this address in Mt.Airy....This is his drivers licensce and the house he lives in...He appears to be renting it." said Chance.

"Basil E. Mitchell you say??" I said

"Yeah...I know it has nothing to do with anything...I was just doin a run of Mitchells." he said.

"It has everything to do with everything.....That address is just two blocks away from where Stormi was murdered...This guy was living in walking distance from her all the time...The guy on Twitter was named "Mr.Basil" on Facebook he used the name "Ernest"...I'm bettin "Ernest " is his middle name...."Mr. Basil",
"Ernest Mitchell" and "Wodie" are all one in the same." I said.

"Damn amaze me the way you put things together...but just cause he was talkin nasty on her Facebook and twitter pages don't mean he killed her." said Robert Foxworth.

"True. but he's all I got....and I have to find out who he is."I said.

That night, Sepia drove me and Lockpick Johnson to the home address I had for Basil E. Mitchell...Lucky for me, the windows of our car was tinted...We sat for about an hour and watched until we hit the jackpot...A tell skinny Black guy ,who looked anywhere from 19-25 ,wearing jeans, a white undershirt and a black hoodie emerged from the house....Locksmith and I got out of the car.

" slow...follow him...Call me if you see him coming back." I said.

"Okay." she said as she pulled off...

Locksmith got inside and got me inside his apartment...What I saw when I got inside was astounding..... Huge glossy photos everywhere of Stormi and other women, all nude or in sexy lingerie...two computers, a printer, a fax machine and two scanners and photography equipment.... I wish I brought Sean Jackson along to take pictures...I would have to use my Blackberry's camera. I took several photographs of the apartment.... I went in his bedroom....there were used condoms all over the floor and women's underwear strown all about...Who was this guy? I scooped up the used condoms and took a glass out of the sink and put it in a plastic bag... Then Locksmith and I left and locked his place up.

We waited about a block away and Sepia came and picked us up.

"Well?" she asked.

"That's our boy....He's got photos and condoms and underwear all over the place." I said.

"That just means he's a most guys." she laughed.

"You're a lawyer now?" I said with a smile. Sepia just gave me a fake look of disgust and put the palm of her hand in my face..I licked it..

"Ouuu, you so nasty Kevin.." she laughed.

"When I get home I'll show you how nasty I really am." I said.

"You promise?" she said as we drove to police headquarters!

A few days later I met with Lt.Sissy Van Buren.

"Kevin, I have good news and bad news." she said.

"Uh Oh." I said.

"Well, good news first....The DNA in the condoms and the fingerprint on the glass are a match, a solid match for the DNA we found on Stormi's body and the fingerprint we pulled off of the condom.." she said.

"So he's the perp." I said.

"Nope...All that means is that he had sex with her..more than likely consensual sex. They talked dirty on Facebook and on what? So do millions of people. He scanned some photos of her off the internet..It proves nothing....Sorry Kevin...and because you got these photos illegally,I can't even use em in a court of law..." she said.

"Wow...he's our only suspect." I said.

"We don't know if he is or not Kevin...Sorry." she said.

That night I told Sepia what I'd been told....

"So what do we do now?" she asked...

"It means, we are going to have to arrange for a meeting with Madame X." I said.

"But there is no Madame X" she said.

"There will be." I said.

(To Be Continued.....)


Anonymous said...

Okay knickers and condoms all over the place? This dude is strange. I'm intrigued though...

Anonymous said...

I'm so close to throwing my panties I don't know what to do.

Swaggie said...

This case seems creepy....and icky all at once...Dude definitely seems like a sick freak and he's going to be harder for Kevin to corrall than others!

Vanessa said...

Either this guy gets a lot of action or he's keeping himself pretty busy if you get my drift.

Brenda said...

@anonymous- get a grip..please,it's not that deep!

You've got a weird one here Keith. Nice to see the gangster, Tulip from Newark make a return...I'm bettin we are going to see him again in another caper.