Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Comes Early

You can imagine Albert "Bossman" Attles surprise when FBI Special Agent in charge ,Frank Cotton and about ten FBI agents appeared on his boat at Penn's Landing the next morning.

''Mr. Attles, can we have a minute of your time please?" asked Frank Cotton.

"Cut the crap Agent Cotton...What is this about?" said Albert...He knew Agent Cotton quite well..The man had been trying to put him in a federal lock up for years...

"Yesterday you met with the now late..Benjamin "Left Foot " Lancaster, George "Goldbrick" Hawkins, "Two Ton" Tony Gillette, Daniel Simpson and Donald Banks....You guys had a big meal at Bottom of the "C" they're all dead." he said dryly..

"'s crazy out there in these streets...It aint safe no more...You FBI guys better get on top of all of this senseless violence." said Albert.

Agent Cotton and Agent Ellis smiled and looked at each other...

"You's not often that guys from New York and Atlantic City converge on Philly and when they do, they're usually up to no good.....It's awful funny that you all had lunch together,laughing ,talking joking....and they're dead and you're not." said Agent Ellis.

"I'm just lucky that way I suppose..." laughed Albert..he knew that they had nothing on him...Nothing they could prove...If they did..He'd already be in handcuffs... The one person who could have given him away was now dead himself...The hitman, James "Jack" Daniels. He had contacted him from a pay phone in West Philly and had never been seen with him in public...
When Jack had called him ,moments before he himself was had been from a pay phone
to his Blackberry...He had paid him in cash....Money he himself had not touched...There was nothing linking him to Jack or for that matter to the murders...These FBI guys had nothing.

"Well Albert...I'm not here just about them...We found the murder weapons on a guy named James"Jack" Daniels and we know he killed all of those people on orders from somebody." said
Agent Cotton.

''What's that got to do with me?" said Albert Attles. All of a sudden , his phone rang...he picked it up....Agent Cotton looked over at Agent Ellis, who had in fact called him from his phone.

"We happened to find a number in his car written on a peice of paper...Guess who's number it was? Yours....You had him kill those guys." said Agent Cotton...

" got it all wrong....all wrong..." said a now nervous Albert Attles.

"Oh and by the you know a girl named Tamika Rogers?" asked Agent Cotton.

"Who? No...Never heard of her." said Albert Attles...

"That's funny, because a girl named Gina Benson swore in an affadavit that you killed her in her presence........and dropped her body in the ocean......Bossman...I've waited for this day for a long
lonnnnng time...Looks like Christmas has come early....You're under arrest." said Agent Cotton.

''No..Noooooooo...This can't be happening to meeeeeee...Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo."said Albert Attles as he sunk down to the floor...Here he was on the verge of his biggest score ever and he was on his way to jail...Indicted for six murders...

Meanwhile in Maryland at the Horse races later on that Day...Stephen Bristol looked nervous....Something was afoot..."Albert Bossman "Attles was late...Something wasn't right...He looked up and saw his man, Ken Jerkins walking towards him laughing his head off...

"What's so funny?" asked a visibly disturbed Bristol.

"Man, it's hillarious...Albert got popped by the FBI in Philly this morning?" he said.

"What?" asked Bristol.

"They got him for murdering those New Yorkers and those Atlantic City boys and get this...Some babe has testified that she witnessed him kill Tamika man....They got him down for six murders..he can't even make bail." said Ken Jerkins.

"That's too funny." laughed Bristol.


Albert "Bossman" Attles would never stand trial for the six murders....He was found hanging in his holding cell at the federal center... He took his life...He was 59 years old...There was no way he could spend the rest of his life in prison or worse , locked up for 23 hours a day ,waiting to take a needle in the arm....He had blown the biggest score of his life anyway...there was no further need in living...his "legacy" had been tarnished , he reasoned.....

Bristol and Ken Jerkins split a 50 million dollar payday between themselves from the fixed horse race and one Friday night he boldly walked into Josie's bar. Gus looked up as soon as he saw him
coming in.

"What the hell are YOU doing in here?" said Gus, the bartender and owner of Josie's bar.

"I come in peace , take this...This should re-imburse you for the repairs I know you had to make after the shootout and a little extra." he said as he passed Gus an envelope
loaded with money.

He walked over to Where Chris, Chess and Donald Smooth were sitting and passed each of them
a simular envelope filled with money.

"Guys...sorry about the trouble I caused....You'll have no more trouble from me...I hope this squares us...Merry Christmas" said Bristol.

"Christmas is two weeks from now...but I'll take it." laughed Chris Thompson.

"Thanks Bristol" said Chess.

Next he walked over to Kevin Morris, who was sitting with his wife, Sepia.....

"Evening Kevin, Mrs. Morris.....This is a peace offering....I hope you enjoy it." he said and he passed Kevin an envelope stuffed with money.

"What?" asked a shocked Kevin...

"I sent one to Dollar Bill and one to Chick and another one to Roscoe.....It's my way of saying I'm sorry for the unpleasentries we've had in the past and letting you know you'll have no further trouble from me." said Bristol

"Wow...thanks man....We are square..I guess" said Kevin.

"Good evening and Merry Christmas" said Bristol as he left Josie's and walked to his car.

Gina Benson sat in Bristol's car waiting.... Bristol stood and looked at the moon that was out and took a deep breath of the Philadelphia night air.

"What are you thinking Bristol? " she asked.

"I'm thinking, it's probably pretty nice in the Bahamas right now..." he said and he smiled, got in the drivers side of his car with Gina and drove off into the Philadelphia Night!

( for B.J.)


James Perkins said...

Excellent and satisfying!

Toni said...

Great story...but I still thought that Bristol was going to wind up in
jail right behind the Bossman!

Sunflower said...

I suppose Bristol will be returning...That's the only reason you let a bad guy survive! Entertaining story.

Angie B. said...

He paid Gus, Chris,Chess,Smooth and Kevin off, but I still don't trust Bristol...He's a snake..Still, a good story!

Swaggie said...

Wow...The FBI put an end to the Bossman...I was kinda hopin that Bristol brought his hitman back in to take care of the Bossman.

Simon Bastion said...

Very Good!