Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My Name is Reed Nelson, I play the trumpet.. My quartet just recently returned to Philly after a week in Venezuela.. We had a blast, getting away from this cold ,snowy weather in Philadelphia. We enjoyed the beaches and the summer like weather...We played two sets a night and spent the rest of the night drinking and chasing women...I didn't take Debbie with me for that reason...Plus I was a little mad at her for being in with that rat Symphony Sam and his scam.

Because of him, I jumped in the Atlantic ocean in my swim trunks on the coldest day of the damn year and almost froze to death...He , Gus the bartender and owner of Josie's Bar and Grill and Debbie had all been in on it. They had had their little laugh. I was wondering when I would get mine.

A few nights ago, Debbie, 88, Symphony Sam and I were all sitting in Mabel Jenkins's Soul food joint after we had played a set at Josie's. I ordered a Slab of Ribs, Some Collard Greens and some Potato Salad and some Cokes for Debbie and 88...I didn't order anything for Symphony Sam, who had invited himself to our table.

"Heyyyy Reed, Helllooooo Deborah....heheheheheheheh...How is everything?" he laughed...The snake!

"We are fine Sam, how are you?" said Debbie.

"Oh I can't complain...Can't Complain....Hey Reed..No Hard feelings about that Penguin Club thang huh...It was funny...hahahahahahahahaha...I can't beleive you actually jumped in the water with all those crazy white people..hahahahahahahahaha..." he laughed, as did Debbie.

"There was a Black female there I beleive and an Asian chick." I said.

"Yeah, I noticed them..." He said.

"They had more guts than you." I said dryly...not cracking a smile.

" Okay, Okay's over...water under the bridge.." said Debbie, sensing my seething anger at having been made to look like a fool.

'Water under the bridge, No pun intended???Hahahahahahahahaha, that's a good one Deb" laughed Symphony Sam and Debbie together.

Just then, my keyboard player, 88 tapped me on the shoulder and pointed.

"Hey Reed...Look who's in here?" he said.

I looked and saw a most gorgeous hunk of woman standing at the counter in some tight jeans that she must have painted on and some foxy boots....It was Sirena!!! I hadn't seen her in close to a year and a half...She fashioned herself as a singer...She auditioned for me...

Somehow or other I wound up in her living room....both of us naked..with me lifting her up and laying her across the sofa....parting her legs and pressed the flat of my tongue against her now enlarged clitoris....she raised her legs and she began to moan...."Ohhhhhhh neighbors are gonna hear me...ohhhhhhh,you're gettin me gotta stop this....ohhhhhhh,no're going to have me.....ohhhhhh goddddd...screaming..ouuuuuuuuuu....""

You taste too damn good to me baby...I can't stop.." I said as I continued...."Then don't stop, don't stop, don't stopppppp...ohhhhh my goddddd...I'm losing my mind" she moaned...I lifted those baby making hips of hers up and I brought her down on me, so that she took my entire penis inside of her........ she groaned and began bouncing up and down....I should've noticed it then...Her voice got really guttural and deep,like a man's....but who cares about that at a time like this?

Then her squeals got higher and higher and grainy..."Ohhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhhh, it's on now....this is definitely it....ouuuuuuuuuu.." she said as she began moving up and down in a solid rhythem...I started kissing her and she began kissing me so hard as she moved up and down that I could hardly breathe....I stood up and began holding her as she continued to move up and down...

I still remembered our night together.......She turned to leave and then she saw me..First she waved, then she walked over to our table..

"Hii Reed." she said in a very seductive voice.

"Heyy Serena how are you doing?" I laughed.

"Heyy 88" she said.

"What's goin on still singing?" laughed 88 who looked at me, then Symphony Sam and winked.

"Well, I'm trying to get a gig...but I haven't been very successful" she said. I could certainly believe that..I had heard her sing and it was the worse experience of my life...How could a girl this fine, this good in bed sing so horribly I thought.

'Welllllll helllooooooo gorgeous." piped Symphony Sam, who stood up and kissed her hand. I noticed that Debbie was getting a little perturbed since all of the attention was now on Sirena.
I could've cared less at the moment.

"You need a gig, You're a singer?? I'm a trumpet player myself....and I have a little quartet and I would love to have you sing with my band..." he said.

88 nudged me and it was all I could do to keep from laughing.

"Listen....Tomorrow night after my esteemed colleage here finishes his set at Josie's....I will be
playing a special set... Do you know -"The Man I love" ?" asked Symphony Sam.

"Billie Holiday?? I sure do...I'll sing it for you.." said Sirena...

"No No No No.....Why don't you surpise him tomorrow in Josie's?" I said.

"Oh Okay....." she laughed...."It was nice seeing you again Reed and 88...and thank you again Mr.

"Symphony Sam is the name sweet lady......seducing women with my trumpet is my game...heheheheheheheheheh..." He laughed. 88 and I laughed too...Only Debbie was not laughing.

The Next Night, Josies was packed..Standing room only... Debbie sat up front as 88 and I and our band put on a show....We played some our best numbers and had the crowd howling and clapping..Even Gus was clapping.....And then I went to the mike and to everyone's surprise made the intro...

"Ladies and Gentlemen..We have a real treat for you tonight....Closing out the show is Symphony
Sam and his quintet and a young lady I know you're going to remember.....Give it up, show your love for SIRENA !!!!!...."

The crowd went crazy and when Sirena came out in that blood red mini skirt, the men went even wilder!!! Symphony Sam came out with his Trumpet looked at the crowd and flashed that phony smile of his...Then he began to play....

Sirena didn't wait for him to finish playing his intro..she burst into the song with all of the , eh talent she had....

"ONE DAYYYYYYYYYY HE'lllll commmmmmme...dis man ah luvvvvvvvv......"

It was the worst thing I had ever heard.......You never saw so many disapointed faces... I mean you could hear a pin drop....She sounded even worse than she had when she had auditioned for me... and the more she sang , the worst it got....Soon people began booing and tossing things at the stage...

Gus ran out into the middle of the bar.....

"Oh Lawd girl stop making that noise...what you tryin to do, close me down?"

88 and I stood outside the bar laughing so hard our sides were hurting....Then it started getting
noisy in there as the sound of people throwing things and the boos got even louder.... I heard Gus
saying to Symphony Sam..

"Man ,you got to get that chick outta here for they tear my place God....Didn't yall rehearse.. Shit?"cursed Gus.

88 fell down into the back alley , he was laughing so hard and I was pounding on the wall.....
Debbie came out and walked over to us....

"You two guys are something else...You knew that girl couldn't sing didn't you? You had her come in that restaraunt on purpose..knowing Symphony Sam would go for the bait didn't you?
Oh my all are terrible.." she said. She was laughing uncontrollably too...The three of us were in the back alley laughing our fool heads off...Inside I could hear Symphony Sam talking
to Gus...

"Hey man, she asked me for a job..she said she could sing.."

"Aww man my neck, don't give me that.. You didn't rehearse? Come in here with that crap? Ah know why was busy plottin on how you was gonna get in her pants and it clouded your mind." said Gus.

"Aww Gus, now you know I aint like that.." said Sam.

"The Hell you aint...You and every man I know is like that....Come on now, yall got to get up out of here for they tear my club up..Come on get out..." said Gus.

"Gus, let me play another number?" pleaded Symphony Sam.

"The hell you will...You're done Symphony Sam....Get your stuff and get out and stop that chick from singing..puh lease.."wailed Gus.

Debbie got in my Car and 88 waved goodbye as he got in his...We were still laughing..We could still hear the boos and the breaking of glass in Josies as we drove away. My name is Reed Nelson, I play the trumpet.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Agent

I love a graduation...Love to see bright ,energetic happy young people acheiving their dreams...Probably the last good thing that will happen to them before they hit the cold hard reality of the real world and the paying of all those loans they had to take out to finish. My name is Robert Foxworth...I'm an Attorney. My protoge and soon to be former assistant Chance Howard had just graduated..He had finnally gotten his J.D. He would be taking the bar soon and would be an Attorney like me. He had worked for me for nearly a year while preparing for this day. I was both proud of him and happy for him. I didn't have any children, so it was as though I was at this graduation cheering on my son.

His undergraduate college friends were here also...Sean Jackson, Paris and Blake. I understood that they were also fraternity brothers too.. They were laughing and jumping up and down.. His new girlfriend, Anita Jenkins was there and Sean's girlfriend, Sheila and Paris and Blake's girlfriends were also in attendance... I'll say one thing...these young men sure kept some gorgeous women by their sides.

"Mr. Foxworth...Mr. Foxworth...I just want to thank you for everything man." said Chance as he
came running over to me.

"Nah kid..It is Me that wants to thank you for helping me out for all that time...Don't know if I'll find another assistant like you." I laughed.

"I aint going nowhere just yet....but after I take the bar, I will need you to hook me up." he said.

"Oh that goes without saying." I laughed as I watched him go off with his friends and women.

"That your son?" came the sultry voice.

"Who Chance? Nah...He is my assistant....well soon to be ex assistant....He finnally earned his J.D." I said.

The woman that owned the voice was a pure fox....She was honey brown skinned....had a body to die for and the most shapely legs that ever fit into a short skirt. She had a very hip short haircut
and was dressed very fashionably....Like new money. I liked what I saw.

"The name is Robert Foxworth, Attorney at Law." I said.

"Hi, I'm Peyton Reynolds...I'm an Attorney also...but primarily..I'm a Sports agent...I'm the CEO
of PR Sports Management Inc." she said.

"Ohh, really? That sounds interesting." I said.

"I'm here to see my daughter graduate." she said.

"Oh, Is she getting a J.D. also?" I asked.

"Indeed....I'm so proud of her...there she is." she said as she took out her camera and began taking pictures. Her daughter was just a younger and lighter version of her, equally delicious and voluptuous.....My goodness...I was mesmerized...I imagined a menage a trois with both mother and daughter...I should have been ashamed of myself, but hey...I got a vivid imagination.
Her daughter was with another guy, Tall and athletic looking and with a smile from ear to ear...I couldn't blame him...If I was getting that..I'd be smiling like that too.

A little while later, I was in the reception area having a drink when Peyton walked up to me.

"What's your pleasure?" she asked very seductively....

"I can't tell you, you might slap me." I laughed sheepishly...

"Oh Mr. Foxworth, you are a devil...I meant, what are you drinking?" she laughed.

"I know what you meant...heheheheheheheh...." I laughed again.

"Hmmmm, you are a mess." she laughed.

We found a table and we ordered drinks...My God, she was an intoxicating lady...She looked good, she smelled heavenly and it was all I could do to keep myself from undressing her with my eyes.

"So, you said you were a sports agent...who are some of your clients?" I asked.

"Well, uh...Cock Robbins is one of them." she said.

'Cock Robbins? I know him...he teaches at the high school." I said.

"Yes, but he also plays semi-pro football and has played in the NFL." she said.

"NFL? Hahahahahahah, yeah for a hot minute..he coaches Football at the High school..he hasn't
played any Football, Pro or semi-pro in about two years." I laughed.

"Well...who knows? I'm still shopping around trying to find him a deal." she laughed. I looked at her side eyed...

'Well who else are you repping?" I asked ,trying to change the subject.

"I represent the Basketball star, Carlton Brown." she said.

"Carlton Brown I know him...He used to go out with the girl my assistant is currently dating. He's another Semi-pro athlete.... Plays in the NBA on ten day contracts ,then gets cut." I laughed.

"You certainly get around Mr. Foxworth." she laughed uneasily......I was embarrassed for her, she was clearly small potatoes...if these guys were her big clients....I didn't want to discuss her fledgling business anymore.

"Well, I haven't gotten around everywhere." I said with a wink.

I drove up to the Apartment complex where she lived...I couldn't beleive that she lived in an apartment. It was a nice apartment, very modern, very neat, very tidy.....She was indead a lawyer..Her law degrees hung proudly on the wall in her bedroom...In the adjoining room, She had a computer, a fax machine and another phone...I suppose this was her "office" -The headquarters of PR Sports Management.

"So this is your home and your office ?" I said.

"Yeah....I used to work for a huge Sports management firm....I got fired....and these were the only clients I could find when I went into business for myself...I haven't been in business that long...I take on other legal work fromtime to time to make ends meet....."

"It's kool..I'm not judging you baby." I said.

"Besides Mr. didn't come here to look at those breifs did you? I thought you might be interested in my other breifs.."she cooed and winked.

"Yes Lawdddddd." I said as I pulled her to me and began kissing her passionately...

"Ohhhh Mr. Foxworth, what is that I'm feeling...ouuuuuu, you're really glad to see me aren't you? Well let's just see what you've got here........ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy,Mister Foxworth....!!!"
she gasped as she pulled my zipper down and held my erection in her hands...

"Ohhhhh myyyy, I can see that I won't be disapointed at all.." she said, rubbing it....

I gripped her firm buttocks and drew her closer to me as we continued kissing each other. I didn't feel like groping her in her living room....I walked her into the bedroom and unzipped her dress....helped her get out of her pantyhose and removed her bra...I was out of my shirt and pants in mere seconds....I was an expert at this by now...We didn't bother to pull the covers back, we just fell on the bed...

"Wait baby...I have a condom in my top drawer" she said...

I went in her top drawer, got the condom, slipped it on and then lay back on top of her ,kissing her neck and her ears...then I moved quickly sinking the entire length of my hard erection into
her body...She was very tight at first, but then she began to loosen up...

"Ohhhh My God....Ohhhhhh My God...." she moaned..

She was moaning and I was moving harder than I had moved since I had broken the legs off of the bed and went through the floor of my old office with one of my former clients...
Soon, she was sitting on top of me ,going up and down and holding my shoulders....She was sweating and licking her lips...she looked like a crazy woman....

"OHHHH YESSSSSSSS....YESSSSSS...YESSSSSSS BABY"she yelled as I gripped her buttocks
and pumped harder....

I then began riding her doggie style as the young folks would say and she really began to howl...

"Ohhhh Mr. Foxworth...I'm coming...Ohhhhhhhhh I can't take anymore...ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Mister Foxxxxxxxworrrrrttttthhhhhh,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh babbbbyyyyyy!" she yelled as she
began to vibrate and shake..... This got me excited and made me explode myself in ecstacy!...

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Peytonnnnnnnnnnnn...."

"Darlingggggg!" she yellled...

I collapsed on top of her in a heap of sweat...She was sweating too.....

"Oh Mr. Foxworth....that was something else..." she moaned.

"It certainly was" I said...

"I thought I was going to die..." she laughed..

"I am sooo glad that you didn't" I said, remembering a woman I met at a funeral whom I bedded
that did die after she climaxed.

Peyton pulled the covers up and we both got under them.....We didn't talk at all that night..In fact, this was just the first of eight times that we coupled up during that night... I was so tired that I decided not to even bother to think about going into the office tomorrow.

"Peyton, I think I might be able to get you a job with me...I'm going to need the help of another attorney with Chance leaving soon." I said.

"That's sweet Robert, but I don't want to work for you.....I can't sleep with you and work for you too..That's what got me into trouble at my last job." she said.

"What?" I asked.

"Long Story...but if you want to help can throw a few clients my way..Maybe some real athletic prospects." said Peyton.

"It's a deal...sure you don't want to work for me?" I asked again..

"I'm sure...but I do want to screw you some more..." she said as she began fondling me softly...

I leaned over and began kissing her again...I love a woman who knows what she wants.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cold Cutz

I couldn't get Kool Kat to leave Philadelphia now. With Domingo dead and having survived numerous attempts on his life, The world's luckiest black man was intent on hanging around if only to taunt the two co-conspiritors. I had enough evidence to put Fiddler behind bars for Attempted murder...several of them...Sometimes when you have the winning hand, you like to savor it...You don't like to throw it all out there. I wasn't going to show my hand just yet...I was going to wait and see what the day brought me.

I couldn't stop Kool Kat from going back over Beverly's house...She was surprised to see him...She apparently knew of Domingo's reputation and to hear that the feared hitman had met his death made her equally frightened of Kool Kat. She coudn't know that we knew he was coming and that we were armed and ready for him..

The bed was squeaking louder than ever and both Beverly and Kool Kat were howling and moaning loud enough to wake the dead...By now, Fiddler was as hot as a pistol....Out of a half a million dollars that he had paid to the late Domingo and forced to return the other half that he'd borrowed.... His love for this woman had cost him and his organization far more than he now figured she was worth and the fact that she was still openly sleeping with a man he hated was grating on him....

This was the scenario when Peeping Tom called my cell phone a few days after Domingo's demise.

"What's going on Tom?" I said.

"You might want to get with me and hear the latest recording out of that other house you had us bug (Fiddler's house)...We got problems my friend." he said. I got Clerow and Sean Jackson and we drove to Tom's house. Lockpick Johnson was there enjoying a Ham and Cheese sandwich and a beer...He tossed us a corona a peice as we enetered the house.

"Theres cold cuts on the table fellas..make yourselves a sandwich." said Tom.

He had a nice spread....Ham, Bologna, Salami, Swiss Cheese, American Cheese, Mayo, Mustard
Jewish Rye, Potato Salad... We made sandwiches and sat down at the table. Four Black guys and an Italian ex CIA operative..Who could have imagined this scene?

"That guy Fiddler....He is out of his mind with rage that you clipped his hitter...So he's hired some guys from out of town to hit Kool Kat AND the broad." said Tom.

'Well I'm not surprised at that." I said.

"Yeah..Well here is the burn....Fathead Newton has sent his boy Roscoe to do Fiddler...." said Tom.

"How do you know that? You heard that?" I asked.

"Nah, not on tape...that's on the street in circles I run in...They've been rivals in that section of Southwest Philly ever since Fathead took over...He knows that Fiddler's muscle is low and weak and now he's gettin ready to make his move." said Lockpick Johnson.

I didn't care about what happened to Fiddler...but I didn't want my friend Kool Kat caught up in a hit that was really meant for that scheming coniving woman he was with. I had to get to him and fast.

"You guys enjoy your sandwiches...I can do this alone." I said.

'You sure boss?" said Clerow..

"Clerow, don't talk with your mouth full of food...Yeah, I'm sure " I said as I got in my car and floored it.

When I got to the West Philly housing projects where Beverly lived...I could already hear the bed squeaking and lots of loud noises coming from her room...

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH gooood lawwwwdddd, you puttin it on me daddy,ohhhhhhhhh."

"Ohhhhhh come on woman, give me more...give me morrrreeee...ummmmmph..."

"Ouuuuuuu....Kooooool Kattttttt...ohhhhhhh give mama some mo ..oohhhhhhhh tell mama where you got all of that money stashed baby..ohhhhhhhhh...oohhhhh I'm losing my mind in here...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my goodness...ouuuuuuuuuu..."

Just as I was going to set up..I saw two young guys in jeans, t-shirts and hooded jackets...loading
pistols and heading toward the building where Kool Kat and Beverly were consumating their " love." I was getting ready to head across the street when I felt cold steel on my neck.

"Uh,Uh,Uh...Don't move anymore....I might get nervous...might shoot you." came the voice that I had come to know so well...It was Fiddler...I was a fool for not bringing along at least one person to watch my back.

"So you're the one who's been watching over Kool Kat eh? You must be pretty good...Took down my men and took down Domingo....I figured you might wind up here...I don't know how or where you been gettin your information....but that comes to an end...Now march....I'm gon let you watch my boys kill Kool Kat...then unfortunately I'm gone kill you...but don't worry, it'll be quick
and painless...I respect're good...This aint personal's just business." he laughed.

We heard a woman screaming ...then we heard a sucession of shots....Poor Kool Kat...his luck had
finnally run out I thought. I had to find a way to bluff this guy and get away somehow...but how.
I heard the sound of things being broken, then saw one of the guys come sailing through the window....The door came off the hinges and the other hitman came flying through the doorway.

Fiddler and I had our mouths wide open...We couldn't believe it.....Then I heard a gunshot!

''Arggggggggh.....I don't beleive it....I've been shot."said Fiddler as he fell to the ground behind me.

I looked behind me and Fathead's cheif enforcer, Roscoe looked at me and smiled..."What's shakin Kev?" he said as he tossed his gun into the sewer and got in his car and pulled off.
The two would be hitters had gotten up, brushed themselves off and ran for all they were worth.

Kool Kat came to the door in his Boxers and a stocking cap. He saw me and he saw the dead body of his cheif rival, Fiddler lying behind me...He laughed and shook his head...

"Damn are one lethal SOB...."

I didn't crack a smile....Kool Kat went back in the room and emerged a few minutes later in his clothes...Beverly came to the door in her white sheer nightgown cooing at Kool Kat...

"Baby don't leave...don't leave me like this....Fiddler dead, they we can really get down to business in peace." she cooed.

"Yeah...maybe some other time." He said as walked with me to my car.

"Well Kev...that about wraps things up....Fiddler is done and I'm ready to catch a plane to parts unknown..Take this key and go to the bus station tomorrow and go to this post office box...I left
you something for your troubles...Hahahahahahaha, you come through for a brother....I owe you
big time man." He said as we embraced.

"You had your fill big man?" I laughed.

"Yeah Kev...I've had my fill." he said as he walked to his car... "Of everything!" he said.

The next day, Kool Kat took a plane to Puerto Rico.....I took the key he gave me and opened the
locker in the train station....There was a breifcase with 100 large in it....I guess it was my fee for
saving his life and watching his back.

A few days later, My wife Sepia and I were sitting in a deli enjoying sandwiches and cokes....

"Oh God Kevin...these sandwiches here are the best and so loaded..." she said.

"They aiight" I shrugged.

''What are you talkin about? do you know of anyplace better?" she asked.

"Actually I do." I said.

"Yeah right." she laughed....

I smiled....I actually did!

Friday, February 19, 2010

For Love And Money

"Ah Don't want that nigga touchin's all I can do to control myself when I know his big greasy hands is pawwin all ovah you, kissin you, tryin to put his tongue down ya mouf...runnin his hands up yo dress...I can't stands it Beverly."

"Will you cool ya jets Fiddler? Ah got to sweet talk him and occassionally sex him until I can get him to tell me if he cashed that lotto ticket and if so, what he did with the money...You sendin yo stupid ass goons around to do him in was a dumb play mane...He's worth more to us alive."

"Ah don't care bout no money...Ah care bout you...and I don't want that nigga touchin you...I'll kill him dead."

"No you won't and you won't send no mo muscle around either......Not til I find out where he stashed that cash. Incidentally, Do you even have anymore muscle?hahahahahahaha, Two of em in jail and those three numbskulls you sent the other night got theyselves killed.hahahahahah."

"Don't laugh at me ........I know Kool Kat got some kind of help......Who ever it is, is pretty good..but I got Domingo on it..and when he sniff Kool Kat's helper out....It's lights out baby."

"Well let me find out about that twelve mill first okay daddy?"

"Ohhhh,alright...but I can give you money baby...."

"Not twelve mill.....not even calm down...."

"Oh alright....come on take your clothes off..."

(sound of moaning, kissing and bed squeaking....)


I turned the recording off.....Kool Kat looked at me, frowned and then asked me-

"Kev, where did you get this recording?"

"I had two associates of mine...Lockpick Johnson and Peeping Tom Constanoble break in her place and wire it for sound and video...Then, I had them take turns with Sean and Clerow sitting
on her place....and this is what we turned Old player from Southwest Philly named Fiddler is her boyfriend....Her sugar daddy and the one sending his hitters after you...He aint doin it for the money...He's doin it because you're screwing his girl....but she's trying to get you to
tell her where the money is." I said.

"Kevin, you think I don't know that? I mean about her....I knowed she was a gold digger, but I just wanted to sleep with her...That money is gone..." said Kool Kat.

"Gone?What do mean gone?" I said.

"Man, I talked to Chris Thompson and Chess. They told me to put that in an offshore account where the government can't tax it....I won't get no interest on it..but I won't lose it either..That money is in my offshore account..I done been did that. I got a little somethin somethin here in town, but the majority of my dough is where it can't be touched....She wastin her time...Still,I would like to hit that one last time ,fore I get out of town." laughed Kool Kat.

"Nah, I think we gonna get you out of town today, before one of Fiddler's men get lucky..He's already put some guy named Domingo on you." I said.

"Domingo comes at a high price....He's an experienced hitter...He don't work for cheap...and he's as lethal as they come Kev....If Fiddler is paying his fee....then he must really be serious...I think I'll take you up on your offer man...I'll be ready by five...How we going?" said Kool Kat, looking a
little concerned for the first time in his life.

This Domingo fella had him spooked. I didn't know him, didn't know what he looked like and didn't have time to worry about him. I went home, showered, shaved, cleaned both of my guns
and loaded them and had Clerow drive me to an Enterprise car rental establishment. I rented a car, just in case any of the cars I had been seen in were made and I told Kool Kat to be ready when I came by his apartment to pick him up at 5:00 pm.

I called Chris and Chess's boy Donald "Smooth" and had him ride with me....If this Domingo charactor did show up and he was as lethal as they said..I needed an experienced 'gun' with me.
Donald "Smooth" assured me that what Kool Kat had told me was true...that Domingo was a high
priced hitter and that he was good...the best...He had had a run in with him once and had barely escaped with his life...He didn't like the man, but he wasn't afraid of him....This was good to know.

When we got to Kool Kat's place, Kool Kat was wearing a beautifully tailored suit and carrying a duffel bag and one suitcase...I looked at him and he smiled...

"That's all you got?" I said.

"This all I need." He laughed.

I don't know if I had a sixth sense or what...but I saw a shadow moving swiftly...and as if in slow motion I heard Donald "Smooth" yelling to look out.....I dove for cover and pulled out my .45...
Kool Kat pulled a .44 magnum out of his duffell bag...and Donald Smooth pulled out his .45...
Shots rang out in several different directions and the shadowy figure staggered and fell up against a parked car...coughing and spitting blood....

"I...I don't freakin beleive this .....I've been shot......I've never been did you negroes even know that I was comin?,,,,agggghhhhhhhhh..ohhhhhhhhh...." he moaned and then he fell to the dead as a doorknob.

He was a tall , thin , immaculately dressed man...dark skinned with not a trace of hair on his smooth face....He was carrying a gun with a laser sight and a silencer....He hadn't intended to play....No wonder his rep was so fierce....This Domingo...and now he was dead....

Kool Kat ,Donald "Smooth" and I stood over his corpse......Kool Kat clapped his hands and laughed...

"Hahahahahahahahahaha...I can't believe it...We capped the great great Domingo.....Do you know how many bodies that man has on him and we dropped him....Man, I feel like I won the Daytona
500." he laughed.

"Yeah, well Fiddler is going to be hopping mad when he finds out." I said.

At that, Both Donald Smooth and Kool Kat began laughing.....I didn't get what was so funny.

"Fiddler? ,Fiddler.....If he hired this guy,he probably had to borrow some money to do it...He probably owes so many playas money that he is probably on his way out of town himself.."
laughed Donald Smooth.

"This guy didn't come cheapKev and you have to pay him up front." said Kool Kat.

'Up front? before the job is done? Nobody works like that.."I argued.

"He did..and if he didn't get paid up front...His would be victim is probably still alive and whoever hired him became the next victim. I'm telling you Kev, this guy aint no joke." said Donald Smooth.

"Was no joke....Was no Joke ...He dead now..." laughed Kool Kat...

We all stood over his body laughing.

(Conclusion next...)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clocked and Daggers

"Kool Kat" finnally walked out of the hospital about six weeks later...Fathead Newton through a big party for him at Ciros...Chess, Chris Thompson, Ralph Mole, Donald "Smooth",Roscoe and most of Fathead's associates were all there...I was there too with Clerow...We drank and laughed and acted a fool well past the midnight hour.

Kool Kat was there with a girl...She was what you might call big boned...Very thick, yet shapely and with a very pretty face.. She was wearing a Black form fitting turtle kneck sweater and she was sitting on his lap...Kool Kat's tongue was practically down her throat most of the night and the way she was gyrating on his lap, it gave the appearence that she was giving him a lap dance right there in Ciros..

Nobody I knew seemed to know who this woman was. Kool Kat had certainly never mentioned a woman before..but there she was. I walked over near a wall, close to where they were sitting and
listened to what they were saying in between kisses....

"Baby, I tried to get to the hospital to see you. I swear I did...but you know that I'm taking care of my sick auntie." she said.

"You couldn't call?" he asked..

"Awww now don't act like that....Let's get out of here and go back to my place...Momma is gonna
take care of you real good." she said.

"Take care of me huh? know I like to hear that kind of talk." he said.

"By the way...What did you do with all of that cash? Them two guys was tryin to rob you wasn't they?" she asked.

"How did you know it was two guys?" He asked.

"You-You-You told me sugar." she said.

"No I didn't..I just said I was shot." he said...

'Awww, let's not talk about it baby..ummmmmmph....ouuuuu, ohhhhhhhhhh..."

"Come on girl, let's get out of here." He said.

He bid goodnight to Fathead and everybody and then he tossed me his keys...

"Kev, drive my car back to my place...I'm going in her car." He said.

"Who is that?" I asked.

"Oh this is old friend of mine." he said.

Beverly didn't even nod..She hustled Kool Kat out to her car and they pulled off. I told Clerow to follow me in his car..I would be driving Kool Kat's car.

We followed them some 10 blocks away to some housing projects. I parked the car at the corner
and Clerow parked down the street. I walked over to the unit where they were.

"Ohhhhhh papa, put it on meeeee..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

"Ummmmmmmmphhh, ooohhh,ahhhhhhhhhhh, gurl that feels so good....ouuuuuuuu.."

It was quite obvious they were having sex...Loud noisy sex...The bed was rocking uncontrollably,
ramming up against the wall and both Kool Kat and Beverly were making so much noise that the
neighbors had come outside...

"Damn, who she got in there now?? That man she had in there last week was quieter than this one." said an elderly woman who was puffing a cigarette. Something I would keep in mind. This broad was two timing Kool Kat.

"Hey Boss?" said Clerow.

"What?" I asked.

'We got company." he said quietly.

Three men, Three dangerous looking men had walked into the courtyard and had sat on one of the benches..One guy had a pipe and another guy had a huge butcher knife. Around here that type of thing didn't look strange at all. Certainly, no one was going to think of calling the police.
The third man didn't appear to have a weapon, he seemed to be running out instructions. I motioned to Clerow to come on and to quietly walk out of the area of sight.

We left the courtyard and walked across the street and sat on the steps...We appeared to be talking. Soon the crowd dispersed too...How long could you listen to wild sex? After about an hour Kool Kat emerged from the projects...Beverly came to the door butt naked and said-

"Baby,don't keep my car out long."

''I won't...I'm just going home and get a change of clothes...I'm coming back." he said.

He walked down the little walkway, whistling. One of the men, the biggest one began walking behind him....He took his pipe and brought it down hard on Kool Kat's head...then he hit him in the knee cap...As Kool Kat fell to the ground, he hit him again in the side... The second man pulled out a knife and headed toward Kool Kat....

My .45 roared into the night air...Two slugs hit the man with the pipe and dropped him where he stood... The guy with the knife turned around and lunged at me...My .45 roared again.. and he grabbed his chest and fell into the bushes... The Third man was going for his gun, When Clerow dropped him with his .38 smokeless....

By that time , Kool Kat had miraculously gotten to his feet and was brushing himself off... He saw me and Clerow in the shadows...

"Damn man...thanks for having my back Kevin....but you better get outta here..Cops will be comin soon..." he said.

"You better come with me...that babe aint righteous...I think she set you up." I said.

"Nah man..not her...go on get outta here..I'll clean up this mess." he said. Clerow and I got in the cars and pulled off.

The next day...There was nothing about the shootings in the paper. I went to the diner to have
breakfast and I saw Chess and Chris Thompson. I walked over to where they were sitting and joined them. We were all eating Pancakes and Sausages.

''What's good Kevin?" asked Chess in between bites...

"Everything and nothing" I said as I sipped a tumbler of Hot Coffee and cut a peice of pancake.

"Yeah,I know that's right." added Chris.

"Say, listen...what do you guys know about an old playa named Ernie Lubbers? Does he still have
connections here in Philly?" I asked.

"Ernie Lubbers? He aint got no connectons nowhere." said Chess with a laugh.

"Out the game huh?" I laughed.

"I'll say he is Kevin..He's been dead for about six years." said Chris.

"Dead?"I said.

''Yeah man..He got shot up in New York." said Chess.

"Wow." I said and continued eating. After I left the diner, I was determined to find Kool Kat and
get him out of town...There had been two attempts on his life and the main suspect was dead...Somebody wanted him dead and I had to find out who and why...Somehow, I didn't think Kool Kat's recent good fortune had anything to do with it.

(To Be Continued....)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another One of His Lives

When I got to the Hospital...Only Gus, the bartender from Josies was there. Sean, Clerow and I walked in...Gus turned and looked at us grimly ,he shook his head...

"This guy got shot six times tonight and he's still alive....Ah caint believe it...Took two to the dome a few years back and he survived that....They just can't kill this fool......Ah told him about shootin off his big mouf about that money...Now you got people gunnin for you..ya damn fool." said Gus.

" aint like I'm walkin round with that much cash on me...them killin me aint gonna lead em to it.Nah this bout somethin else...thas why ah called Kevin here." said Kool Kat , who was sitting up , and had one leg in a cast...

'What happened to you Kool Kat?" I asked. Gus looked at me like I was crazy and said-

''What Happened to him?, can't you see...somebody tried to kill him."

"I was wearing a kevlar vest Kev....but I got hit in my leg with the one shot....but it's kool...word on the street is that I survived six shots....My rep gon be powerful now..." laughed Kool Kat.

"Yeah man, it is.....What did you call me down here for?" I asked.

"Kev, I want you to get them two guys what shot me......They was driving a Black 2009 Thunderbird with the top down... I got off a couple of shots before I finnally fell in the street..tore they car up..and I hit one of em, cause I heard him a little girl when he got hit." laughed Kool Kat.

"Man, where do I even begin?" I said.

"I knows the guys...One's name is Thomas "Lightfoot " Jefferson and the other one, the one I hit
is Alan "Sandblast" Johnson. Now they gon still be ridin around in that shot up car ,because they aint got sense enough to ditch it...and they prolly aint been paid yet, so they gon be layin low in
Southwest Philly....probably tryin to find a Doctor to stitch him up." said Kool Kat.

"Well there is only one Doctor , who I know will do that kind of job.....Arnold "Jackleg" Carnes."
said Gus.

"Who?" said Sean, Clerow and I in unison.

"Dr. Carnes lost his licensce years ago ,because he took to drinkin too much...I oughta know..I tossed him out of Josie's many a night, when he was practicin....Now...he takes care of the underworld or anybody that aint got Health Insurance that is willin to pay his fee..." said Gus.

"Damn Gus..Is there anybody in Philadelphia you don't know?" I asked.

"Not too many....You stake out his're bound to find those two shooters....but be careful Kevin...Gettin involved in Kool Kat's mess is one sure way to bring on a world of un wanted trouble....And you ,unlike him may not have nine lives." said Gus.

"I know....Hopefully I won't need but this one." I said , As Sean, Clerow and I left. I pulled out my Blackberry and made two phone calls...Then got in Sean's car and drove into Southwest Philly and directly across the street from a ratty row home.

"This the place boss?" asked Clerow...

"Yeah...this is it...That must be the good doctor's office." I said, loading my trusty .45 and watching Clerow load and adjust his.

"Sean...keep the motor running...We may be coming out fast." I said.

Just then, as if on cue...A tan 2009 Thunderbird, with bullet holes in the side drove up....It seemed as if the two men sat in the car for an inordinate amount of time....Then the front door to the house opened and an old grey haired Black man, whose skin was the color of a brown paper bag emerged and walked toward the car. He looked around and then motioned the hurt gangster
into the house... His arm was wrapped in towells and he was bleeding profusely...The other man
sat behind the wheel....Just what I wanted.

I walked in front of the car, which made the driver,Thomas "Lightfoot "Jefferson open his door-

"Hey Player, where you going?" he said.

"He goin inside and you sittin right here with me" said Clerow who was holding a .45 to the back
of the man's head.

I smiled and kept walking inside of the Doctor's study....

'Stitch him up good Doc and then turn him over to me." I said pointing my .45 at both Dr. Arnold
"Jackleg" Carnes and the wounded Alan "Sandblast" Johnson..

"Who are you?" They both said in unison.

"A friend of a friend." I said...

Lt. Sissy Van Buren, Two Detectives and Two Uniformed Policemen arrived shortly thereafter.
They Took Lightfoot Jefferson off of Clerow's hands and took "Sandblast" off of my hands.. "Jackleg " Carnes got off scott free.

These two guys were not only driving the car described in the shooting, but they still had the guns used in the shooting.. In custody they would admit nothing....When asked who hired them,
they said they didn't know...that they were hired by someone they didn't know who showed and promised them a lot of money. I didn't believe them..but I knew nothing more was going to be gotten from them.

The important thing was...I had avenged Kool Kat's shooting. I went back to the Hospital to see Kool Kat.

"I knew you'd get em Kev....." he laughed....

"They wouldn't say who hired them." I said.

"They didn't have to....I know who it was...Ernie Lubbers." said Kool Kat.

''Ernie Lubbers? I thought you ran him out of town?" I asked.

"Well Kev, aint nobody gon stay away forever." said Kool Kat.

(To Be Continued.....)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cat with Nine Lives

Sean Jackson and I spent a rare night in Ciro's....Fathead's joint. We usually were regulars at Josies..but tonight after a hard day at work we decided to try some place different.

''You drinkin Corona Kev?" said Sean...

"Yeah man...nothin heavy tonight..Sepia told me to come home early and she gave me that look"
I said.

"Ohhhhhh, that gettin busy look,huh?" laughed Sean.

"Yeah man...I been so busy crackin cases, I have been kind of lettin up in the bedroom." I admitted.

"Yeah, well no case should be that important man." laughed Sean as the bartender slid him a Black and tan and me a Corona.

Just then, I heard a voice out of my past..A voice I hadn't heard in years....The clay pidgeon.

"Kevin...Kevin Morris...Is that you? Lawwwwd have mercy, it is...What you doin up in here?"
came the voice of Walter "Kool Kat" Jones.

"Just trying a new spot for the night." I laughed...

"So what's the verdict captain?" He laughed.

"I'm going back to Josies....where I know all of the players and know when to turn my back" I laughed.

"Yeah,I know what you mean Kev." he laughed.

''Kool Kat, this here is my partner...Sean Jackson..we work together." I said -''Sean, this is Kool Kat, the man with nine lives." I continued as the two nodded and shook hands.

Walter "Kool Kat" Jones was at least six foot seven, heavily muscled and bald as cue ball..he word dark shades at all times and dressed to the nines. At one time, he was a driver and an enforcer for a Big time playa named Ernie Lubbers...He collected for him and if needed, silenced the opposition.

Ernie and his people began to think that maybe "Kool Kat" was talking to the police. He wasn't..but in that world ,all it takes is for someone to think you're snitching and you could be gone. Ernie's Second in command...A guy named Lumbly called Kool Kat into his office for a meeting one night. Another guy named Jack "No pants" Lake was also there. While Kool Kat and Lumbly were talking...Jack Lake excused himself...walked into the bathroom and came out with a .22 caliber handgun. He shot Kool Kat in the head two times...

To everyone's astonishment, Kool Kat didn't die...He hit the floor, then got up...grabbed Jack Lake...took the gun from him and threw it across the room and then ripped his pants off completely and tossed him across the room like he was a peice of paper in the wind. He then turned to Lumbly who was so frightened..he pulled out his own gun, put it to his head and killed himself.

Then, bleeding profusely..Kool Kat caught the bus and rode to the hospital where he collapsed.
He survived and once out of the hospital..he went hunting for Ernie Lubbers....Ernie Lubbers wisely caught the fastest thing smoking out of Philadelphia and that was that. Kool Kat got out of the game after that....I didn't know what he did for a living, but he was always dressed nice and always had a nice car and a nice lady on his arm.

"Kevin.....I done come into some money." he said to me.

"Money? You? What kind of money Kool Kat?" I said.

"Aint you heard? I hit the lotto last week for 12 mill..." he said.

Sean's eyes popped open....I looked at Kool Kat in disbelief......

"Yeah man...12 million after taxes.." he laughed.

"And you drinkin in this joint?" asked Sean.

"Well..Where am I supposed to drink? You drink in a place you know." he said.

I looked at Sean and shook my head in agreement.

"Well man....I'm happy for you...but you oughta keep that shouldn't be telling everybody." I said.

"Kev, who got the balls to try and rob me?" he said.

It was a true statement, he was big and he was tough and he had survived two bullets to the dome....Nobody I knew wanted to tangle with Kool Kat.

"Well ,what you gonna do? With all that cash, I mean?" I asked.

"Well, I was talking to Chris Thompson and his boy Chess the other day...and I'm thinkin bout retiring to Puerto Rico...gettin away from all this." he said.

"That's a good idea Kool Kat." I said.

We sat in Ciros and drank until closing...Kool Kat paid for all of our drinks and then Sean and I got in our cars and drove to our homes...I was thinking I had blown it with Sepia...She would most surely be asleep I wagered, but she wasn't...

She was wearing a light lavender ,sheer baby doll with purple and red striped bikini panties and a matching bra....Whatever ill effects of the alcohol I had, immediately left when I entered our bedroom.... At least two hours of the most heavenly and erotic pleasure ensued....This is why I didn't hear my phone ringing...

We lay in each others arms completely nude and physically spent....I was just about to drift off into a deep sleep , when I heard the faint sound of my phone ringing...

"You gonna get that Kev?" said Sepia....

"No" I said and we both drifted off to sleep......

The next morning was Saturday.....I was outside with a hose and a pail of hot soapy water, washing my car when Sean Jackson drove up...Clerow was sitting in the car with him...

"Sorry about calling you last night man, but I thought you'd want to know." he said.

"You called me?" I said, completely oblivious to the fact that my phone was ringing last night.

"Yeah....Your boy, Kool Kat got shot six times last night." said Sean.

"What?" I said....

"And check this out....he's still alive...He's in the hospital...he wants to see you." said Clerow.

"He's still alive? After that?" I asked....

"That guy must have nine that why they call him Kool Kat?" asked Sean...

I had to wonder myself.

(To Be Continued....)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


There was a time
when chasing dreams was on his mind
then she came along
an angel in disguise
and made right everything that had been wrong
He changed his life
changed it all around
hard to believe it
she was everything he needed
he had to concede that-/

some kind of gift
a gift from above-
some kind of gift
a gift from God

a gift of love.../

It would be so nice
so nice..
to wake up next to her every morning
and end each day next to her at night..
it would be so right
so right
to have her as a wife
this angel in disguise.../

He still couldn't believe it
she was everything that he needed
and he had to concede that../

She is some kind of gift
a gift from above
She is
Some kind of gift
a gift from God...
called love./

(For my lovely wife...Happy Valenine's Day Dear..)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Just when I imagined, we'd hit our stride
You flipped the script on me
you blew my mind.../

I guess the talk on the street has got to be true..
you flipped the script on me
you've gone and found you someone new../

Well I need to know
If I should hang around baby
or if I should go
but don't try to play me or waste my time
by even suggesting that you could entertain
the idea of being a friend of mine.../

Girl, really thought everything was going to be fine
you flipped the script on me
you blew my mind../

And if you knew all along that you were going to go
why couldn't I hear it from you?
Why did I have to be the last to know?/

I think I know what I need to know
That it's's time to let you go..
and while you continue..
continue to play your game.
I just want you to know that I'm not goin out
that way.../

There is one thing I know to be true..
that one day the same thing will happen to you...
and what will you do?
when someone flips the script on you?/

Then you'll see what it's like to be the talk of the town..
when you find that what goes around,
surely comes around./

Friday, February 12, 2010


I know basically you're a spoiled girl
who thinks she rules the world
so used to getting what she wants
and oh it's legendary how you like to flaunt../

Now I know wrong from right
I know that you're no good for me
but I don't have the strength to fight
visions of you is all I can see./

oh oh,
oh my heart is slipping
and I'm falling, I'm falling for you girl.
because oh,
oh my heart is losing balance
my game is slepping and I'm falling
falling for the worse girl for me../

I know you see me as a challenge for you
It's such a shame that I'm starting to adore
I'm just a trophy for your ego
once you win my heart, you'll
just up and go../

Now any guy with any sense
would say..
"I think I'll pass, no that's okay.."
but you've got me uptight in a strange way...
you're not really a girl that I trust...
I guess I'm just a fool for lust.../

And oh, oh my heart is losing balance
it's slipping and I'm falling..I'm falling
for you girl, for you baby...
because oh,oh my heart is sinking badly
loving you madly, and falling,falling for the
worst girl for me./

Thursday, February 11, 2010


You're exactly the kind of Girl I've been looking for
I couldn't imagine needing anything more
I think I'm ready to begin a serious relationship
I'm ready to stop worrying about "ruining our friendship"/

Oh, and this could all be so
Seems like I've said all of this before
but saying it to you is different
it's not a well prepared act anymore.
being in love with you isn't easy
as easy as I thought it would be./

We've known each other since forever
and you can't tell me you've never thought
about us getting together.
I'm not going to be in doubt...
whatever happens ,I'm sure we can work it out.../

People say that where love begins
friendship ends..
sometimes I worry
I say it's time for friendship to end
and a relationship to begin..
in a hurry./

Oh and this should all be so easy
seems like we've walked down this road before..
but saying it to you is different
it's not a hustle anymore...
being in love withyou isn't easy
not as easy as I
thought it would be./

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deep (2010)

It's just my love,
when I look into those pretty brown eyes
and see that it's no surprise
that I know exactly where I should be..
and that whatever that place is..
you're there with me...
that's when you smile and say-

"There you go again ,tryin to get deep."/

But it's just my love
that's just my feelings
and like the still waters at rest..
they run deep../

It's just my feelings
after I've made love to you
and having been satisfied..
through and through
then I start talking to you
about the meaning of love.
That's when you smile at me and say..

"baby turn over and get some sleep
there you go again, trying to get deep." /

But baby, it's just my love
that's just my feelings
and like the still waters
they run deep./

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Clueless (Isn't he?)

If your boyfriend had a clue, then he'd realize that I
have eyes for you. and if your old man had a clue then
he would surmise that he hasn't done right by you./

He'd know that he should stop constantly leaving you
home alone..
he'd know that he should call when he, promises to phone./

If that guy had a clue, then he would never fool around with
every Renee, Sheila and Sue....and if your man had a clue, he
wouldn't lie to you as if you were some fool../

Clueless...isn't he?

He'd know that a woman like you doesn't come knocking everyday..
and he'd know that for him it was already way too late...
He'd know that it was only, only a matter of time..Before a guy like
me....unsuspected of being a challenge, by he...would make you mine..
all mine.../

If your man had a clue...If your man really understood..
but...he thinks it's still kool..he thinks it's all good..
he says that girl will never leave me....bit I've got news for him...
one day ,one day soon believe me...the joke is gonna be on him.../

Clueless...isn't he?

He'd know that he'd better..better keep his ear to the wood...
cause it aint how good he makes it....It's how I make it good..
He'd know that the next time he calls you and the line is busy
he should be nervous... You weren't waiting on him, you called
me for some service../

Clueless....isn't he?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Butterfly (Re-incarnation)

I spend all of my days
and all of my nights
thinking about you....
What am I supposed to do??
I spend all of my days
and all of my nights
having wet dreams about you...
What am I supposed to do?/

Maybe if I'm re-incarnated
I'll come back as a Butterfly
and maybe you will too!
Maybe in the next life I'll be better situated
and you'll be capitulated
to be my love too...
Maybe in the next life ,I can spend all of my time
with you../

You say that I'm just a dreamer
and I should concern myself with more serious things today.
Well while that may be true...
I still have a burning need to get next to you
in the worst way.../

You say that you
really dig me too
but that another guy is already taking up your time..
I'm flattered just the same..
but it's a crying, crying shame..
that you can't be mine.../

I've never really believed in re-incarnation
but I've got a huge
and a thing about butterflies...
If I could have just one wish...
If such a thing does exist...
that you and I could come back as butterflies...
Really hoping for your total capitulation
It's silly pondering such an improbable situation
about a silly re-incarnation
into a butterfly......
but I'd rather ponder that...
than deal with the fact..
you're with another guy.../

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Lady,I've waited for this moment from the time
that we first met...
anticipating and waiting for all of the good loving
I was going to get..
Close that door and unscrew the white light
replace it with the red..
and let's get to know each other better in bed...
let's find a whole new world beneath the sheets
in the bed../

woman, you look so delicious in your lacy lingerie
my mouth is wide open, but no words can I say..
close that door and turn the music down low..
let me work you soft,while you do me slow..
right now no words need to be said..
girl just pull back the sheets and get in bed...
let's find a whole new the bed../

Call your job, tell your supervisor that you won't be in..
because what we are doing here is so good,
to stop now would be a sin...
so honey, close the door...
and give me what I've been waiting for..
and let's find a whole new world beneath the sheets
in bed.../

Because I've dreamed of this moment, from the time I first
laid eyes on you..
and even though you won't admit it now...
I suspect that you were kind of checkin me out too..
right now, in the quiet of the night..,this night,
everything is alright...
because we are discovering , a whole new bed..
we are falling in love...over and bed./

Saturday, February 6, 2010


You've been wanting a ring on your finger
for awhile now...
but you've been with all of the wrong guys
for awhile now../

but baby girl, here I am..
knocking on your door
and you know I've been here for you
a time or two before..
give me your finger and let this moment linger./

Now I know you were with that guy
and you just don't know how many times..
I used to scratch my head and wonder why
I knew he was no good for you
but that's water under the bridge,
so why don't you give me a try??/

because love,
here I am...
with my heart in my hand...
knocking on your bedroom door..
and in my mind, I've been here a time
or two before..
give me your finger and let this moment linger../

I tried to tell you what was on my mind..
do you remember the time?
At the subway station about three months ago?/

I guess you didn't take me seriously
but I've bided my time
I've decided to take it slow../

You've been wanting a ring on your finger
for awhile now...
and I've been wanting to put one on it for awhile now.
and lady, I'm a reborn man
coming to you strong with my heart in my hand...
just give me your finger and let THESE feelings

Friday, February 5, 2010

One Hundred Percent

Listen to me
you're gonna find the right man to love
just take your time...
but do check out what I'm trying to say./

Baby girl dry those pretty brown eyes
everything takes a little time..
and one day..
in a clearer state of mind..
you never know who you might find../

See ,I know that you're hurting right now
I know that it's late and lonely tonight...
but tomorrow is another day...
and somehow-
beleive me, you're gonna find someone that'll
treat you right..
maybe if you let me inside..
perhaps I can be the guy, that can change your mind..
and take you out of this state of depression that you're
because when it comes to love..
I won't compromise..
I'll give 100% of my time to you...
That's what I'll do for you./

I know that you tend to blame everything on yourself,
even when the blame belongs to someone else...
He was the fool that let your love slip away...
As far as I'm concerned, his loss could be my gain.../

See, I know that you're hurting right now...
with not much faith in guys who lay and play..
but some guys ARE worthy of your time..
remember,tomorrow is another day...
If you just let me inside...,I know I can change
your mind and take you out of this state of distress
you're in...
because when it comes to love ,I won't compromise
I'll give 100% of my time to you...
That's what I'll do for you!/

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The band was really cooking tonight, "88" had written a number called "Cold Cocked" and he was tearing up the keys....I had just hired a new Saxophonist named Snuffy Mcgraw and he and I were dueling on the horns...He on the Sax and me on the Trumpet....My Trombonist, Big Bill Fambrough was doing his best to keep up with us... My tight little rhythem section was keeping us in the pocket.....The crowd was going crazy. My name is Reed Nelson..I play trumpet, this is one of my stories!

We were playing in a new joint right off the boardwalk in Atlantic City...It was nice to hear a crowd that still appreciated real jazz and didn't need to hear us "smooth" it out by doing versions of today's popular r&b hits. I mean I did that to pay the bills- a man has got to eat and have a roof over his head...but I'm a jazz man baby..through and through.

I looked down in the crowd and there was my girlfriend, Debbie...She was looking extra good...She was wearing a black turtle neck sweater that had diamond shaped openings in the arms that showed off her beautiful dark skin.
Her jeans were so tight, they looked like they were painted on. It was all I could do to concentrate on my solo..

Guys were nearly dropping their drinks walking past her, I loved it! After our set was over....I sat with her in the customer area of the club. We smiled at each

"What are you drinking doll?" I asked.

"An Appletini....I know that you don't want that?" she said.

"Nahh, too tame for me." I laughed.....Truth was..I didn't want any alcohol at all..I was thinking of getting Debbie up to our hotel room and peeling those jeans off of her.

Just as I was getting ready to get her coat , I hear a familiar, yet annoying voice.

"Heyyyyy , that you babe?" came the voice. It was "Symphony Sam"
another Trumpet player and band leader. We had played a few dates together before. I couldn't stand him...He was a grandstander , he was loud and obnoxious and worse..He never saw somebody else's lady that he didn't think he should have too.

"Deb you know this goldbrick?" I whispered.

" Oh yes...who doesn't know Symphony Sam?" she laughed. "We dated breifly, but nothing came of it." she said non-chalantly.

''Wellllllll...I see you've met Reed Nelson....." he drawled.

"She's more than met me ,we are exclusive." I retorted.

"Ohhhhh, exclusive..well excusssse the hell outta me." he said.

"Hi are you?" said Debbie.

"I'm good....good...You know Reed..I was Debbie's first love..heh heh heh.." he

"Really Symphony Sam? That's not what she said...She told me that it was breif.. You know , they have something for that's called Viagra." I said.

"Ohh ho hooooo...good one Reed, good one..." He snapped.

"Come on guys..knock it off ." said Debbie.

"It's okay Deb...I'm not worried about Reed..I've got bigger fish to fry. I've joined the Penguin club...Yup..First Black man to ever join...We are going out in the water tomorrow..." he said.

"The Penguin club? Those guys that go out in the ocean in their bathing suits in this kind of weather...Hell, it's 19- 20 degrees.....You got that..No wonder you're the first Black man to join....You're the only one fool enough to jump in that water..." I laughed.

"Woww, that's intriguing Symphony Sam!! You're really going to do that? I watch them on television every year and while I think they're crazy, I still admire their courage." said Debbie.

" does take courage...takes a real man to do that..that's why I'm the first Black man to do it...Somebody gotta rep for the brothers..since REED here aint about to do it." he said.

"Ya Damn right...I'll rep for the brothas some other way." I laughed.

''What other way Reed?" asked Debbie.

"What? ,What are you trying to say?" I asked incredulous!

"Nothing...Nothing, forget about it...I was just kidding." she laughed.

"No....Nahhh, No you weren't...You were dead serious..You think I'm afraid to jump in that water don't you?" I said.

"Reed, forget about it...let it go.." she said.

I knew she wasn't......This was why so many men have gone to early deaths and are locked up for life in prison. They were all trying to impress some woman.

"Forget about it Reed...This is my thing....this seperates the men from the boys." said Symphony Sam.

"Screw you...Where is their office? Do you have a number?? If you can do this...I'm pretty sure I can do this." I snapped.

"Reed..Reed, forget about it....I don't care about that..For real." said Debbie.

"Nah..I'm gonna show you..the real Reed Nelson." I said.

The next morning..I stood in the lobby of our hotel in some baggy swim trunks that came down to my knees..I had on a black sweat shirt that said "Newport Jazz Festival." I was freezing..It was 30 degrees outside. A white guy dressed only in red speedos and flip flops walked up to me and asked-

"You're going out with us?"

" guys are the Penguins aren't you?" I asked.

'Yes..we are...First time we've ever had a , er uh..well ahh."

"An African-American?" I asked.

"Well...well..uh..ahhhh..." he said.

"It's okay...My people don't like being cold and we generally don't go for this type of thing. This year you have two of us competing." I said.

"Yeah...Cindy is competing....but she jumped in with us last year...We just never had a Black male join in." he said.

"Well there is another Black man running with us...He was already signed up..
a musician...Symphony Sam." I said.

"Symphony Sam? Nobody by that name signed up." he said.

"Oh and if you're running with have to lose the t-shirt..only the ladies are allowed to wear t-shirts in the water." He said.

I looked across from me....Practically all of the males were white and of varying sizes and shapes.. Most of them had on speedos..A few were more modest like me. I was the only African-American male.. I saw the black female named Cindy. She was wearing a bikini and was looking pretty damn sporty. She seemed releived to see me..another black person in this sea of white faces.

I couldn't beleive that Symphony Sam...What a blowhard...I was going to kill him when I saw him. There was close to two hundred people..We all trotted to the beach. I looked up on the boardwalk..Debbie was there with a camera. She waved at me and smiled...She blew kisses to me.. Normally,I would have been turned on..Well actually,I was...Cindy and two white women looked at the growing bulge in my shorts and smiled slyly at each other... An Asian woman who was also in the group walked by me looked at me and winked.. I was glad that Debbie was up on the boardwalk and couldn't see this....It was keeping my mind off of how cold I was...

"Okay folks...let's GO!" said the group leader. We were off and we ran on the beach...Even the sand was cold...Good lord!!!!! We ran and waves and waves of us ran into the Atlantic Ocean....

OHHHHHHHH GOODDD GAWDDDDDDD! This water was cold and it hit me like a right cross from Mike Tyson to the jaw! I tried to think of Debbie's sexy body...The sexy body of Cindy...The two white women and the Asian woman who gawked at my erection.....It wasn't working this time...I was too cold...
I swam a little bit...Then I just gave it up...Luckily, the group wasn't staying..
They were running back and I was running back with them. Some guy from one of the newspapers snapped my photo..snapped Cindy's and The Asian girl's photo too... Another advancement for minorities....We could be as big a fool as white folks I suppose!

Back in the hotel...Debbie wrapped me in towells and walked me back to our room. Our room was very warm...

"I was so proud of you Reed....Oh my God...but for real, you didn't have to do that..I don't care about that stuff.." she cooed as she snuggled up next to me under the covers..She began massaging my penis in her hands...

"Ouuuuuu, it doesn't take long for you under any circumstances does it Reed?" she laughed as I pulled her robe up and rolled over on top of her...

"Ohhhh baby.." she moaned....

"Ummmmmmmm..." I said, returning her moans.

Two weeks later, I walked into Josies Bar in Philadelphia...It was our night to play... Chess, Chris Thompson, Kevin,Clerow, Sean Jackson, Robert Foxworth,
Conrad Nelson,Paris, Blake and Chance Howard all stood up and began applauding when I walked in... Gus the bartender whistled and yelled out-
"There he is..Penguin boy..let's hear it for the first Black Penguin.." he yelled as
the entire room exploded in laughter, applauding and clapping... Cock Robbins
walked up to me ,slapped me on the back and said-

"Man, you got a pair on you...I couldn't have done it."

"I wouldn't have done it.....gotta give you a pound on that." said Fathead Newton giving me dap.

"Boss man, you the man." laughed "88"

Symphony Sam sat at the bar with the others laughing his head off....

"Boyyy Reed..I didn't think you'd do it...but I thought I'd give it a try just to see if I could get you to do it." he said. Gus pulled out a group of five or six twenties and reluctantly handed them to Symphony Sam.

''Damn Reed...Ah tole him wasn't no way no Black man in his right mind would
jump in that damn ocean in this kind of weather...and I knew I was takin his money." same Gus.

I laughed, put my head down....looked at Gus and then said-

"It's okay Gus , the payback was worth it."

Gus just snarled.... "Get a damn woman involved and a man will jump off the Golden Gate bridge."

Everybody in the bar erupted in laughter...Good Times....