Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It was a rainy day...but unseasonably warm as I sat in Sissy's office in what had been our home for the past few days...The administrative staff and the FBI agents and plain clothes cops we had working with us were very busy, fielding calls and sifting through information...

U.S. Attorney Burnside was in court on another matter....both Sharon and Carol were downtown at the Federal Building working on other cases....They'd be in tonight.

Even Hazel and Duke were gone the Medical Examiners office...
Duke didn't really need to be there, but he loved being up under Hazel...He was going to mess around and eventually wind up being a pathologist one day I joked to myself..
Sissy was shuffling through some papers and signing overtime for her detectives and some of the plain clothes officers as well as the uniforms and administrative staff.

"Wow Lady...All by yourself today huh?" I said.

"Yeah, Eddie C. just left...Went to work...I feel so bad..This is such a long drive for him..but he makes this trek everyday." she said.

With a woman as sexy as Sissy, who wouldn't? I thought to myself..

"Rico and Hop are on that truck...They have enough now for us to start making arrests..I stopped by there yesterday....The food is actually pretty good..."She laughed.

 "We are waiting for your wife and Sirena to crack this murder case..By the way...How did you get that information on those 12 homicides?" she asked..

"I didn't get it...Jimmy got it for me..."I said.

"You've seen Jimmy?" she asked..

"Yes...He stopped by ...He couldn't stay a long time..He wanted to see you all..but naturally he has to be careful..There are people that still don't trust him and that watch him..."I said.

Jimmy had given Carlotta and Sirena information on where they could find the murder weapons, the DNA evidence and fingerprints as well as other evidence that linked our murder victim...Leonid Zharkov to 12 unsolved  murders...all Russian mob suspects that had been open for awhile...We were able to close them all...Which made Sissy very happy.. He had passed the information along through his contact ,who passed it to Tyriq and Hop who were working on the phony food truck.

Shame we couldn't arrest Leonid...He was already dead...He was being judged in a higher court.

"You know...This has been fun Keith..All of us hanging out like this...Playing cards,eating Pizza...watching movies together at night..It's like summer camp.."laughed Sissy..

"Reminds me of college.....but yeah it's fun, but I miss my bed.." I said.

" too...I'm glad we are at the end of the hall."said Sissy with a sly smile..

I laughed..and slapped my thigh...

"So many beds are squeaking around here...It doesn't matter..."I laughed...


Carlotta entered the office just then...She was chipper and happy..."Good Morning Boss Lady...We got a few more leads to run down....Can I borrow my honey bunny today?" she asked smiling sweetly...

"Heyyy I'm not his boss...That's his decision..."said Sissy looking at me smiling..

"I'm not busy...Brendon isn't here anyway..."I said.

"Want to hang with us today?" she asked...

She was wearing a new dress and it looked sensational on her...How could I say no?

"Of course." I said.

Carlotta whispered in my ear...

"Stop staring at me so hard...You're getting me all hot and bothered..."

"You?  I'm the one that's hot and bothered."I whispered...

She giggled..

She gave me one of those sweet smiles...

"Go ahead..Leave me all alone here to do paper work." she joked...

"Sorry Boss Lady..." laughed Carlotta as we walked out and got into the car...Sirena was driving..

"Heyyy Lotta's husband!" joked Sirena..

"Heyyy Sirena." I laughed as we pulled off.
We were followed by a police car that had three uniforms in it....


Carlotta and Sirena and three uniformed cops armed with riot pump shotguns went into a number of bars and pool halls in the area, talking to people about Leonid Zharkov...
He was known and feared and as expected...a number of people didn't want to talk about at all or be seen talking to cops...

Later that day,They tried another tactic...Carlotta went into some of these bars by herself..She was Puerto Rican...Not Russian...but she didn't look like a cop either...Wearing a very pretty dress and with that spanish accent..She caught the attention of some of the men who did talk as well as buy her a drink...

Sirena ,did the same thing..She was Black...but herself..She didn't look like a cop and was able to charm quite a few of the men who made it no secret that they weren't adverse to having a black woman in their bed..

Without a show of force they discovered that Leonid was having a torrid affair with the wife of Nikolay Bereovsky!!! He was one of the key players in Little Nikita's organization...He ran the drug operation....He managed the Warehouse.

"I checked his credit cards and his debit cards Lotta..He was at a number of hotels with a guest all during the summer....All on weekends...How could a man's wife be gone all weekend and he not know it?" said Sirena.
 "And I ran a check of Nikolay....On all of those weekends..He was in Atlantic City or New York. Yesterday, we retrieved video footage from the hotels in the area and we checked the handwriting on the ledgers...It was our guy and he was definitely with Nikolay's wife." said Carlotta..

"So I figure he was in New York on business...meeting with the connects for the women or the drugs....Atlantic City...He was probably with another woman himself."I said.

"These are the rumors we are hearing..."said Carlotta.

"On the day Zharkov was murdered..Nikolay was once again in New York City...and get this...With his wife this time..We checked her credit card records...She bought a lot of clothes and they both ate at some pretty high end places.."said Sirena..

"Jimmy told me that Little Nikita definitely didn't sanction or order the hit...It wasn't Nikolay...and it wasn't the wife...They weren't here...So who does it leave? You think
Nikolay knew that his wife was fooling around and had Zharkov knocked off?These guys don't tend to get their hands dirty."I asked.

"Nooo.. These guys don't make a move without clearing it with Little Nikita..Plus this guy was number two...No way Nikolay would've moved on him like that.I don't know...but this is beginning to look like it has nothing to do with Little Nikita.  "said Carlotta...

"I swear this looks personal.." said Sirena.

"Let's head back to that bar.." said Carlotta.


Natalia was a beautiful barmaid..Too beautiful to be tending bar I thought...She frowned when she saw Carlotta and Sirena ..The three uniforms and I sat outside...but she knew we were law enforcement..

"What do you want?  Haven't you been around here enough? I've seen you both around the neighborhood." she snapped..

Carlotta smiled the sweetest smile she could at Natalia and sat down...

"Look...we are just trying to solve his murder...Leonid.." she said.

"You are asking the wrong person...I couldn't stand him...Nicky should have been number two." she said and all at once she realized she had said too much..

 Sirena ordered a vodka...

"Aren't you on duty?" sneered Natalia...

"I won't tell if you won't." laughed Sirena..

"Look girl...girl to girl...We already know that Leonid was having an affair..He was messing around with Nikki's wife wasn't he..?" asked Sirena..

Sofia seemed eager to talk..
"Yes...He was...She ,his wife is such a whore...She had a good man..and she doesn't even realize it...Instead of trying to help him move up..She's sleeping around with Leonid..WHORE!" she said.

Carlotta and Sirena looked at each other.

"But Leonid is dead and Nikolay still isn't number two...He isn't even number three." said Carlotta..

"I know.....He hired some outsider....Some kid that used to hang around here years ago...He calls him boychick...That kid got busted by the feds...and so did 39  other people...Nobody remembers doing time with him...I don't trust him and neither does Vladdy, Nikita's younger brother...but both Vladdy and Nikolay are too afraid of Nikita to go against him.." she said.

"You really sound like you've taken this personally.." said Carlotta..

"I've already said far much more to you than I should of...Here's your drink....You want anything Spanish girl?" said Sofia..

"She doesn't drink." said Sirena, laughing...


That night we were all in Duke and Hazel's room...Duke had made some chilli and was serving us all some bowls of Chilli..

"Damnn Duke..this is great..where did you learn to make chilli like this?" asked Sissy..

"My cousin is a fireman." he laughed..

"You seasoned this like a Puerto Rican." said Carlotta..

"Coming from you..That's a complement Top...Where are you and Sirena on this murder?" he asked.

"It's looking like a love triangle gone sideways and I don't think our boy was killed by gangsters...They're too afraid of Little Nikita..This is something else."said Sirena..

Tyriq and Hop smiled in betweeen gulps of the chili..

"You can take the warehouse Friday Siss...They got a huge shipment coming in.."said Tyriq..

"You can take the hotel and the bar anytime you want it..We got enough survelience and eyes on both for you guys to take it down." said Hop..

"Carol and I talked to Brendan this morning after we both came out of court...He's got the federal RICO indictments ready...We have indictments on close to 204 people..All guys we've been watching for awhile..We are ready to move...Take his women and his drug operation down...That'll cripple him and some other local gangs as well who do business with him....This indictment is thick!  People we've been watching for close to a year." said Sharon as she joined us in eating the good chilli..
"Carlotta, your victim was shot with a .357 mag...I know you have street teams checking the sewers and the general area.." said Hazel as Duke fixed her a bowl of chilli and fixed Carlotta, Sissy, Sirena and me second bowls.....

"We may have to move before you girls crack this case." I said.

"Give us 24 hours...I feel something coming. Something about to break"said Sirena..

"Okay..but after 24 hours...We are going to have to move..." said Sissy...

"Ouuu this is sooo exciting..." laughed Carlotta...

"Anybody heard from Jimmy?" asked Duke..

"We saw him today...Driving the bossman around...making collections.." said Tyriq..

"He's still not trusted and he's got two enemies...Nikolay Berezovsky, the drug boss and Vladmar, the bosses brother...I gotta try to get word to him to watch his back..They follow him everywhere he goes." said Hop.

"Get to his contact...Officer Megan Stewart...Tell her to tell him to come in..That's an order from me!!..We got enough."said a very worried Sissy.

"Sis, I know how you feel..but let him see this one out...He's so close...He said he can possibly get Little Nikita  for a long unsolved murder!!!..a murder of a cop.." I said.

"We got eyes on him lou" said Tyriq." I know where he is almost at all times.."he added.

"Do you know where he is now? I'm with Boss Lady...I'm worried about Jimmy...If something goes sideways...They'll call it off on account of rain."said Carlotta...

"No Chica...They'll call it off on account of death." said Sissy...

The whole room got somber just then...  Eddie C. walked in with a case of beer..

He looked around...

"Boy ,this is a somber bunch....Was it something I said?" he joked.


And miles away in a bedroom in Little Norway....Natalia and Nikolay Berezovsky were in the bedroom in the throes of passion...

"Don't you have to be at work tonight?" she asked in between kisses...

"I can be late...Right now...I want to be inside of you..." he said..

"Ohhhhhhh, you have to be careful...your wife...." she said.

"She knows nothing...Right now she is in New York, shopping,spending my hard earned cash..." he said.

Natalia knelt down and began to gently fondle his engorged penis....His head fell back and he moaned....

"Awwwwwww sweet Natlia...Yesssssssssssssssss..."

"I shouldn't be here...I shouldn't even be talking to you...You're a married man.."she said.

"Who's talking? I am married on paper only Tonight Natalia I belong to you."he said.

She took all of him in her mouth and began to move her head back and forth...He leaned backward and moaned silently...

"Yesssssssssssssssssssssss..." he moaned..."Natalia....I had no idea...Ohhhhhh my goodness!" he said.

"I had no idea you had so much in your pants... Nikolay"she said as she continued licking and sucking...making slurping sounds.....After about an hour of this ,he could take no more...

"Awwwwww, Awwwwwww ."he moaned...

"Looly-looly -loolenki..."she said...

" Russian lulabye....No one is going to sleep now...Ouuuuuu..Come here girl." He said and pulled her to him and kissed her passionately... Natalia was   full of passion...It was as if she had wanted to unleash all of her love on a man for so long...

''For so long I wait for these moments...When it can just be you and me, alone...Ohhhhh..." she moaned...

She giggled...and returned his passion, kissing him as though he was the last man left on earth!

"It's been a long time since a man held me like this...kissed me like this.." ouuuuuu."she said shyly......between passionate kisses....

He softly parted her legs and entered her as slow as he could....He had wondered what sex would be like with Natalia...many years before...but had never made a move or tried anything...until months ago, when he stopped by the bar to drop off the count for the night....He couldn't find Vladmir of Nikita or Leonid for that matter...But he found Natalia cleaning up and he asked her out for drinks at an after hours joint....She had said that it was innappropriate at first,but then agreed to meet him in secret..He had taken her in the back of the bar and had had her there....Afterwords he apologized profusely...but Natalia said that she had wanted him to take her all along and he had her again...Since then they had met whenever he could get away and had mind blowing sex..

She moaned softly as the massive bed began to squeak and slam against the wall...
''Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...""Ohhh  Nicky, give it to meeeeee....ummmmmmph...Ouuuuuuuuuuu..I needed this...I needed this...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  ,just put it in me...ohhhhhhhhh Looly-Looly-Loolenki"she moaned.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....  Natalia......ouuuuuuuuuu, more, more... ohhhhhh..."he moaned as he moved in and out of her... He had always admired her sexy body.....

".....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sweet sweet mannn,ohhhhhhhhhhhh my godddddddddddd..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....put it on meeeee,WHoaaaaaaaaaa!"she moaned.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes...yes...yes.. it's soooo goood...ohhhhhhh..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweeeeet baby yessssssssssssssss."he cried ...out!!"Morrre...Morreee....morrre...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. "

They made passionate love for four hours...the bed squeaking, the headboards rattling and slaming against the wall...Neither noticed a small micro camera had been recording the entire and video...

Outside in an unmarked car, Detective James "Jimmy "Barlow sat with a blonde plain clothes cop...Megan Stewart..

 "Megs...Get this to Detectives Carlotta Rodriguez-Wallace and Sirena Pile...This may help them with their investigation..." said Jimmy...

"Tonight?" she asked..

"Yes tonight..This proves that the barmaid they interviewed has been sleeping with Nikolay Berezovsky..." he said.

"Leonid was sleeping with his wife...You think he knew?" she asked..

"I don't think so...but even if he did...Both he and Vladdy were too scared of him to say anything about it.." said Jimmy...

"You think he killed Leonid?" asked Megs...

"No..but I got a good idea who might have and if I know my partner...She's thinking along the same lines.." he said.

 "You're a great detective Jimmy..." she said.

"You're going to be a great one yourself one day." he said.

"Think so?" she said.

"Oh I know so.."He said...

"Now look...tomorrow...I gotta disapear for awhile...You cover for me..okay??" he said.

"Jimmy...Now isn't the time to do something crazy....You know that Vladdy and Nicky don't trust you.." she said.
"Screw em...If I don't do this...I'll explode..." he said.

"Going to see your girl eh?" she asked..

"I got to.." he said.

"What if they see you? Make her out for a cop?" she asked..

"They won't...." he said..

She looked at Jimmy gravely...She felt a deep fear for his well being.