Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Aint Bad Yourself

I've always dug cars.....Ever since I've had a drivers licensce, I've always had me a nice car...I say if you're gonna have somethin...It might as well be nice. Me? They call me Kool Kat...I used to be what they call on the street "muscle" for some of the city's biggest and baddest playas...I'm retired now....I made my money, without having to take anybody's life and got out of the game.

My reputation was once so feirce on the streets of Philadelphia and in Atlantic City..that few dared to challenge me. Some fool did shoot me once...I didn't die and I ripped his pants clean off and tossed him across the room...He's still alive , but he's got a nickname he'd rather not have..Something to do with having no pants.

I lived in Puerto Rico for awhile after I hit the number for a cool multiple million...but I missed the city...I banked my money off shore..but I returned and I bought a little house in a small neighborhood where nobody knows me, who I used to be anyway. I like it this way..

I was out washing my Black Mercedez Benz with tinted windows when I saw a 2010 White two door Nissann Altima drive up, directly across the street from me. The woman that was driving it got out slowly..She was talking on her Blackberry...She was wearing tight white capri pants that couldn't conceal her shapely figure...She had on aviator shades and a white sheer blouse...Her hair was cut short like Anita Baker's and she was light brown skin...She was a stone dime peice.

Her phone call ended...our eyes met...I smiled.....

"NICE!" I said.

She looked at me again..kind of like she was surprised or something...

"Your car, I mean....Is that a 2010?" I asked.

"Yeah it is...I just got it about two weeks ago." she said.

"You aint so bad yourself." I said with a wicked grin....

"I don't know whether to thank you or slap you." she said.

"Why slap me?" I laughed...

"Because you said that and you're looking at me like you want to take my clothes off." she said.

"That obvious huh?" I laughed..

" 're bad....what's your name Mister Freshie?" she said with a laugh.

"Walter Jones....My friends call me "Kool Kat" " I laughed.

'Ummmmph...Kool Kat huh....What are you a bodybuilder?" she laughed.

"Nah...I work out a bit...but I always been big." I said.

"Well Mister Walter Jones....I gotta go....Gotta fix me some dinner." she said.

"It's Kool Kat and you didn't tell me your name or would your man be angry if I knew it?" I said.

"Is that your way of asking if I got a man?" she laughed.

"That's my way of gettin a lot out of the way." I said.

"My name is Chelsea....Chelsea Daniels and....I'm not presently in any relationship...but I bet you got a woman." she smirked.

"I have friends....but I aint in no serious relationship." I smirked.

"Friends with Benefits?" she asked.

"I didn't get that personal with you" I paused.

"That's true...Well Mr. Kool Kat...It was nice meeting you." she said, still looking me up and down.

"I just moved into the house across the street...perhaps I can cook dinner for you sometimes."

I said.

"Perhaps." she said as she walked across the street.....I watched her walk to her house and she turned around...caught me checking her out and smiled.

Yeah...It was only going to be a matter of time, I thought and smiled.

(To Be Continued....)

Friday, June 25, 2010


Little Pistol and I sat in a dark 2010 Charger with tinted windows outside of the office of Dr. Boston Farber...A legitimate physician by day....Doctor to the underworld by night. Chris and I had sold him his nuevo-modern office...Isn't that something? A guy that was trying to kill us was holed up in one of our buildings.

Smokey Robinson was singing "The Love I Saw in you was just a Mirage" on Little Pistols ipod...We were both nodding our heads to the music , while making sure our guns were ready.

"I never imagined you to be an oldies fan." I laughed.

"Aww come on know I dig all that Motown and Philly International jazz...I used to be glued to WDAS on Sundays when either Butterball or Harvey Holiday would be spinnin the oldies." laughed Little Pistol.

I seem to remember him doing more break dancing and trying to look like Run-DMC when he was a youngin...but I'd let him have his memories the way he wanted to.

"I don't see any sign of Farber's car." I said.

"Maybe he's home....It is after hours." said Little Pistol.

"Okay...There's two guys guarding the back.....We disarm em and tie em up....Then we go in." I said.

Mary Wells was singing "My Guy " on the ipod now....I had to admit ,I was impressed.

"Okay ready?" said Little Pistol who was keyed up...

"Yeah...Let's do this." I said.

We got out of the car....I walked around the block and on the opposite side of the street so as not to be too obvious....Little Pistol walked down the front of the street...He shoved his gin in the rib cage of the first man and had him back into an alley , tied up and blindfolded before he knew what was going on....When his partner came to see where he was, I did likewise...Put my gun to his temple....tied him up and blindfolded him. We left them both in the alley.

My plan was going like clockwork....Little did we know then...the plan was about to take a murderous turn. Little Pistol and I entered a strangely quiet office.....No patients in the waiting room...No noise at all... No sign of Dr. Farber , No receptionist, no nurse, no nothing!!! Something was definitely amiss...

"Chess, I don't like this....If the office is closed ..and it should be...Why are all the lights on , but not a soul around?" asked Little Pistol.

"Man do you hear yourself? Because it's closed?" I laughed.....It would be the last time I would laugh that night....I heard the unmistakable sound of a shotgun being cocked...I spun around and I yelled...

"Little Pistol, duck!"

We both ducked and a man fired a shot gun at us...It tore through a section of the wall...Then we saw Bobby Valentine in the hallway with two pistols blazing away...Little Pistol returned his fire and ducked behind the receptionists desk..I fired at the man with the shotgun who ducked down the corridor...

"I had a couple of guys purposely talk about my whereabouts in the bar....I knew that nosy ass Gus was listenin and I knew he'd tell you where I was....He next on my list, as soon as I off you two knuckleheads." said Bobby Valentine.... I had to admit...He was good, he had lured us into a

"Little Pistol is that you?" He screamed...

"Yeah Bobby, it's me." said my cousin...

"I never liked your punk ass, killin you is gonna be a pleasure." he said.

"The feelin is mutual Bobby...I never liked you either." said Little Pistol...

The man with the shotgun appeared again...I opened up in his direction....but his body began to jerk in opposite directions...He tossed the shotgun up in the air and fell to the floor. Somebody else was in here shooting...

"Looks like you kind of outnumbered Bobby V." laughed Little Pistol.

"Hah...I can handle the two of you by myself." he snarled.

"Always had more talk than action." came the unmistakable voice from the shadows....but how ?

"Chris? Is that you?" I said.

"Yeah man, it's me." he said....

"But how?" I said.

"Me and Donald Smooth followed you....I figured out what you was up to when I saw Little Pistol
in town yesterday." he said.

I looked at my cousin...He shrugged-

"I had to eat!"

"Okay that yall done had your reunion, I'm gonna...."said Bobby V.

"You're gonna nothin...Put them heaters down and shut up" said Donald Smooth who had the drop on Bobby...He had a .44 mag pressing against his temple.

And now Chris, Me and Little Pistol had the badman surrounded and had guns drawn!

Bobby Valentine was many things...but he was no fool...he dropped his guns.

"If you're gonna kill me , then get on with it....Don't waste time talkin me to death." he snarled.

"Nope.....Nobody else is gettin killed tonight Bobby....." said Chris....

"I've already beat you.....What you are going to do, is pack your bags and your son's bags and you're going to leave Philly...tonight.....If you ever return, I've got a friend who has a tape recording of you and your boss, Wally Gator on the phone talking about several killings...That will put you on a table with a needle...You feel me? So pack your bags, take your snot nosed kid and run and keep running." said Chris.

"You wait til Gator hears about this" snarled Bobby.

"I guess you aint heard....beings you been holed up here in this office...The FBI got Wally Gator and 39 of his associates early this morning...on an assortment of charges, Murder, Conspiracy,
you name it...Gator and his people are in jail. Big Daddy can't help you, He had additional charges brought against him....and Fathead and The Diaz Brothers have their people hunting you
as I speak....It would be in your best interest to get to steppin." I said.

" win....I'm out......Oh, Doctor Farber and his staff are locked up in the basement,
you might want to let them out." said Bobby V. blandly. He was a beaten man and he looked it..
Gone was the arrogance and the swagger...He just kind of slithered out of the office and into the night.

The Marvelettes were singing - "When the Hunter gets captured by the game." on Little Pistols

************************************** *************************************

A week later, Chris and I were at his house drinking cokes, eating popcorn and watching the baseball game on his 55 inch flat screen television in his living room. My wife, Rell and one of Chris's girlfriends were in the other room talking, while my baby boy was amusing himself with some toys..

"Any word on Bobby V.?" I asked.

"I heard he's in California...but he could be anywhere...anywhere but here." laughed Chris.

"Philly is too hot for him, he won't be back here." I said.

"Ya never know...." laughed Chris.

"Chris ? Were you going to kill him?" I asked.

"The question I should be asking is were you?" said Chris.

"I don't know....but I'm sure glad you gave him a way out that didn't involve killing him." I said.

"Yeah......Chess? Thanks for having my back!" said Chris.

"We're brothers man." I said.

"No doubt!" said Chris.

We were silent then...Nothing more needed to be said..We just turned and continued to munch on popcorn and watch the Baseball game!

(For William C. Taylor -R.I.P. 12/1/65 - 7/8/10 )

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Bullets Are Coming

Things usually get worse before they get better. Six guys lost their lives in South Philadelphia in the next two weeks.... and seven more in North unprecendented eight guys got blasted in West Philly...All the handywork of the very lethal killer, Bobby Valentine and all at the behest of his boss, the laughing snake in the grass, Wally Gator...

The police and the feds knew that a war was brewing and that even though Frank "Big Daddy" White was behind bars on murder charges...his point man, Wallace "Wally Gator" Benson was determined to make Philadelphia his beach head. In North Philly, many independent crews were being shaken down as well as the Diaz Brothers, now being headed by their nephew ,Santiago Diaz. In West and Southwest Philly, Fathead Newton and his people were being targeted... Fathead, Ralph Mole and Roscoe had all gone to we expected..They were on that list...a list that was getting lower and lower.

Chris Thompson and I weren't actually players..We ran a business..a legitimate business...and in the tony neighborhod we were in we couldn't afford to have Bobby Valentine or one of Gator's other hitmen shooting the place up...We couldn't go to ground either..Like I said..We had a business to run...We had to draw him out...So we closed our downtown office until further notice..We moved our operations back to our old office on top of the gym and juice bar in West Philadelphia and we made our presence in West Philly known..

Chris wasn't doing anything to make the situation better..He was in Josie's, Mulberry Street and the newly opened and renovated Ciro's talking about Bobby Valentine like a dog...what a punk he was and how he dared him to try and take him out...

Bobby V. was no punk...He was good at what he did..It was almost as if Chris had a death wish.... It didn't take long though for Bobby V. to make his move...

One night Chris and a lady friend of his was coming out of Ciros when a shadowy figure began moving rapidly across the street from him...Chris walked the young lady to her car , said a few things to her and then waved to her as she drove off.

A black Volvo with tinted windows drove up and the driver and two men in dark suits got out....What they couldn't know was that Donald Smooth and I were sitting in a parked rental car that was hidden in an alley...As soon as these guys put in the ear plugs and pulled out their guns...They were as good as dead...Donald 'Smooth" and I both whipped out our pistols and gunned them down before they could do anything...

Then Chris produced a sawed off shotgun that was in his coat and fired at the shadowy figure... We heard a loud moan... and then the shadowy figure stumbled and fired a hail of gunfire from an uzi at Chris, who wisely ducked and took cover...Donald Smooth and I took cover and fired a fusilade of bullets at the

shadowy figure....

"Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh...I don't beleive it....I've been shot...argggghhhhhh.." came the moan...

It was Bobby Valentine... He was holding his stomach and running, still shooting.. Chris fired three rounds right over his head...Donald and I fired three more shots...One of which I know hit him in the back...

"Awwwwww, arrrrrrrghhhh.ohhhhh lawdddd jesus..I been shot again...awwwwwlawwwwwd.." came the moan as the killer fumbled for in the car started it and began to pull off... Chris fired his shot gun again and blasted the back window out of the car ,which now sped off into the night.

"Chess...Donnie..come on ..let's get out of here." said Chris as we got in the rental car...I backed the car out of the alley as planned and sped off in the opposite direction....That way, nobody could say that they saw us speeding off.

That night, Agents of the FBI arrested Wally Gator... They were tired of all of the

bloodletting and they wanted it to end... Naturaly, he smiled and said that he didn't know anything about it..He talked about the Phillies recent slump and how Reed Nelson was really making a name for himself at Josies...The Feds finnally let the talkative ,smiling gangster go. They had nothing to hold him on.

As for Chris and me...We went back to work in our Penns Landing Office. We hadn't killed Bobby V. We knew...but we had certainly put him out of commission for the time being.

The streets were quiet for close to a month and Fathead, Ralph Mole and Roscoe all resurfaced...We weren't fools..We knew that Bobby V. was somewhere with a

jackleg doctor healing and we knew that he'd be on the move soon...We had to find a way to smoke him out.

One night , Chris, Donald Smooth, and I met with our friend, Kevin and his pal,Clerow in Josies..

"Chess....My associates and I found Wally Gator's spot and we have it wired." said Kevin.

"What? How did you find him? We been trying to locate both of them..We been turning this city upside down." said Chris.

"I have my ways." laughed Kevin.

"You found Bobby V.?" asked Donald Smooth.

"Him? I have not...but check it out....I have Wally Gator on tape talking to Frank

"Big Daddy" White from prison....They're using a code, but it co-incides with several murders that Bobby V. has committed in the past month...Once I turn this in...This may put Big Daddy on ice and take care of your Wally Gator problem." said Kevin.

"Wow Kev, you good good...I'm glad you're our friend." I laughed.

"Chess, me and you go back almost as far as you and Chris." he laughed.

I looked over at Chris ...He was smiling for the first time in a long time..then he quietly said....

"We still gotta locate Bobby V. See, it's personal with him.....He don't care about the politics....He wants me even more now because I shot him....With Wally ,it's just a street thing...That's between him, Fathead and The Diaz Brothers....But Bobby and me got this long standing score to settle." said Chris as he finished his drink. At least he was smiling..Relaxed.

I walked over to Gus out of their earshot and I asked him a question....Because I knew he would know.

"Gus...If I got shot and I didn't want to go to a hospital...because I couldn't...Where would I go? Who would I see?" I asked.

Gus looked at me funny, then he gave me the side eye....Then he quietly said-

"Doc Farber....Boston Farber....That's where your boy is.....He's in the back of his

practice...He got shot up pretty bad...but I guess YOU know that don't you?" said Gus with a smile.

"How do you know this?" I asked him.

"You learn a lot from just serving drinks, keeping your mouth shut and hearing people talk, yet not hearing them talk...Youknow what I'm sayin youngin?" said Gus.

"I'll remember that." I said.

"It's good that you will...You plannin to take him on to keep your boy Chris out of trouble or from gettin killed aint you?" said Gus.

"Not much gets past you eh Gus?" I said.

"I was young once and stupid." said Gus.

"I gotta do what I gotta do." I said.

"I know...Take Kevin with you....Be Easy Chess." said Gus.

"I will...and thanks Gus." I said.

I wasn't going to take Kevin...He was good for this type of job...but I was calling someone else..someone tailor made for this type of thing...My cousin, Little Pistol..Hadn't seen the boy in ages...I would call him tonight....This crazyness had to come to an end.

(Conclusion Next......)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making A List And Checking It Twice

It was quiet for a few weeks...eerily quiet...Chris and I went about business as usual..we put in our hours at the office , we made deals..real estate deals..and we collected our rents.

We then tended to our "other" business..Our high stakes card game. We still had a deal with the Diaz Brothers , who allowed us to use a warehouse in North Philly for our "floating crap game" as the players called it for a small cut of the profits. We made so much money that giving the Diaz brothers a cut didn't hurt us at all.

On this particular Friday night...Playas from Deleware,Maryland, New Jersey and a few New Yorkers joined us for a night of good food and drink and card playing. We even had a live band playing and catered soul food by our former business partner,Mabel Jenkins and her sisters...A good time was being had by all....and then they walked in...

It was about a quarter to midnight when Wallace Benson, also known as "Wally
Gator" and his entourage of five, including one hitter known as Bobby Valentine or "Bobby V" walked into our establishment.

I had had Donald Smooth double the muscle protecting the joint...So I had to wonder how they got in...Wally Gator, a gregarious, well dressed man walked toward me... It wasn't good to let his quick smile and quick wit fool you..He was a deadly killer who it was said had killed close to thirty men in his time...Bobby
Valentine...his right hand man was just as equally lethal...So I was on guard.

'' man...Damn man, I aint seen you since we was in high school..You was always playin chess and goin to class...Never imagined you a playa." said Wally Gator.

"I'm not." I said dryly..

"No? but you hangin wit Chris must be." he laughed. Bobby Valentine, a dark skinned, thin surly type of guy looked around but said nothing.

Donald Smooth eyed them both talking to me and began to slip through the crowd and head my way.

"We came to talk to Chris...Is he around?" asked Wally Gator.

"He's around." I replied...Saying nothing else.

"Who wants to know?" said Donald Smooth, who was now behind them...

"Is that Donnie Ellington? Donnie boyyy, what's up partner....Me and you had a couple of classes together." said Wally Gator.

"Yeah, a couple of classes...but you're not here to reminisce are you?" asked Donald Smooth.

"No I'm not." said Wally Gator blandly.

"Well, what are you here for Gator?" came the unmistakable voice of Chris Thompson.

"Ahhh the man himself....How long has it been Chris?" asked Wally Gator with that killowat smile.

"Not long enough Gator, especially for your boy Bobby V. over there ." said Chris.

"You beat up my son..I oughta plug you right here." screamed Bobby V. Speaking for the first time.

Chris pulled out his .44 magnum....aimed it right at Bobby's head and smiled-

"You aint fast enough or hard enough punk...."

The room got silent, Wally Gator put the palms of both of his hands up and continued to smile....

"Whoa...partner..let's cool it...We didn't come here for that..We came here to talk...Now look...I know that his son and his friends broke into your house...and that wasn't cool...They been spoken won't have anymore trouble out of them...and here is three hundred and fifty dollars..I beleive that was the amount that they spent of the money they took out of your house....So we are all square..
Thing is...You did beat his kid up pretty bad Chris..Now if you'll just apologize, we can put this whole thing to bed." said Wally Gator.

"Apologize? They broke into my house, robbed me and I got to apologize to them?? Wally, you been smokin..It's not going to happen." said Chris.

"That's very unfortunate Chris...See we got our guys covering your security..That's how we got in... and would be a shame for us to disrupt this most profitable enterprise of yours with gunfire." laughed Wally Gator.

"I think you better look again." said Chris..

Wally Gator smiled... Chris looked at him...

"Walk outside and look again." said Chris.

Outside...Kool Kat, our new friend had beat the crap out of four gunmen, disarmed them and tied them up. They were all in the back of a 1970 Cadillac
Seville...Probably the car they came in...bloody and swollen and gunless..While
Donald Smooth's body guards were doubly armed and on their way inside..

Wally Gator's smile dropped...

"You under estimate me Wally....I'm out of the game somewhat..but I'm still a gangster at heart...and still smarter than any ten of you guys..Now..get out of here and don't let me see any of you again.." said Chris.

It was my turn to laugh....

"Somethin funny Chess?" snapped Bobby Valentine.

"Yeah man, you." I said.

"See if it's funny when your-"

"That's enough Bobby..let's go...Chris, Chess, Donnie boy...always a pleasure." said Wally Gator as he ,Bobby V. and their five bodyguards left our establishment.

The next day, Chris, Donald Smooth, Kool Kat and I sat in a diner in South Philly with Fathead, Roscoe and Ralph Mole..Fathead and his crew were in hysterics at what had happened to Wally Gator and his crew...

"Chris man, when I grow up, I wanna be like you." laughed Fathead...

"Yeah,don't you all?" laughed Chris.

"But man, I gotta tell ya...Wally Gator isn't just here on a humbug and him being here has nothing to do with Bobby Valentine's son getting beat up by you.
Wally Gator is the point man for Frank "Big Daddy" White. He's establishing a
satelite in South Philadelphia and he's making moves against the Diaz Brothers." said Fathead.

"And you aint worried?" I asked.

"Comes with being the king Chess..Somebody always wants your oughta know that." He said.

"That it?" asked Chris.

"No...Bobby Valentine has made a list, a list of people to hit....I'm on that list,
Ralph, Roscoe, You, Chess, Donald Smooth and our boy, Kevin Morris." said Fathead.

"Kevin Morris?? He aint in the game...why him?" I asked.

"Kev is the one who took Big Daddy and the Jamaica Boyz down....Big Daddy has a real hard on for him....You,Chris, Donald Smooth embarrassed the hell out of them with your little play last night...They have to take you guys out." said Fathead.

"Where did you get this from?" I asked.

"This punk, Marco Gervay that was working for the late great Baby Doc, before he got his butt shot off and killed Baby Doc." laughed Fathead.

"For a marked man you sure seem jovial." I said.

"That's because we know where they are and I already got somebody on em...The Diaz Brothers have somebody hunting em too!" laughed a confident Fathead.

Later on that day, I was driving Chris back to work...

"We better call Kevin and warn him that trouble is coming." said Chris.

"Way ahead of you partner..I already did..He ready." I said.

"Man...Always something." snarled Chris.

"It's Philly man, that's how it goes." I said.

(To Be Continued...)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Three Guns

I've known Chris Thompson since we were boys in elementary school....That was the only time when I was ever sure of where he lived. As young men we took different paths...I went to college and he made his mark in the drug trade....During those years he miraculously avoided getting arrested and made a fortune. He also had no known residence...He stayed with a series of girlfriends...Never staying any one place too long. If I needed to contact Chris..I called his cell phone number or sent word through his other close partner, Donald "Smooth' Ellington...another childhood friend. Me...My name is Chess...I play chess and I'm a businessman. Chris gave up the entire drug game and came in with me in the real estate business..A business he put me in after I graduated from college. We are partners in a business called "C&C inc." We own several Apartment, Condos and houses in the West ,South and North Philadelphia area, which we rent for reasonable prices...We own a couple of gyms and juice bars...and we operate out of an office near Penns Landing...Far from the hoods we grew up in...We have been doing good financially.

I said all of that to give you a backdrop of what happened next. After being legit

for close to three years...Chris tired of moving about and he bought a property in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia...I hooked him up with a construction company and a contractor and the house was gutted and completely renovated.

When finished, it had three floors with a bathroom on each floor, complete with a jacuzzi in each one...a flat screen tv in each one and speakers in each one in which smooth music is constantly flowing from a satelite. A gym with a bike and a treadmill and a small mini bar... Like everything Chris did...He did it big.

So on this afternoon when he walked in Josie's with a frown on his face..I was a bit surprised...I was playing chess with Gus, the bartender and owner of Josies

When he and Donald Smooth walked in...They didn't interrupt us..they let us play...I was close to winning anyway. They ordered drinks and sat in a booth.

After I beat Gus..I walked over to where they were sitting.

"What's happenin Chris? , "Smooth" ? " I said.

"Chess, I've been robbed." said Chris without an expression on his face.

"Robbed? You??" I said... Even though Chris was an honest man now...His rep traveled far...Few streetwise people could say that they didn't know who he was..One of the most successful playas in the game...and feared..

"Yeah....I know who did it...Kevin had his friends, Lockpick Johnson and Peeping Tom wire my house with an anti-theft device and with video and and audio detection equipment when I first moved in... Three punks broke in ,stole about $800.00 in cash I had lying around and two of my guns...I showed their photos to cats in the neighborhood and I found out exactly where they lay their heads....I just need you and Smooth to ride with back me up." he said.

"Okay man..but you know they done spent that cash by now." I said.

"The cash I aint worried about...but I want those guns and I want to send a message." said Chris. I could tell he was upset...There was no sign of humor on his face. That wasn't like him at all.

We got in Donald Smooth's car...Chris was riding shotgun...I was sitting in the back.... We drove around the neighborhood and it didn't take long before we saw three guys sitting on the steps of ironically, one of the buildings we owned.

They looked to be in their twenties...One guy was pretty muscular, dark skinnedand had a bald head....Another guy was taller, lean and had an earing in his ear...The guy who looked to be the ring leader was Short, stocky and had a round face...They all were wearing white wife beaters, jeans and sneakers.

We drove up, parked and got out and walked calmly up to the steps....Chris walked over to the short stocky guy and smiled..

"Evening Junior.....I beleive you have something of mine and I want it back and I'm not here to play games about it either."

The young boy looked at his partners and they all began laughing.....
"Old head, you better get yo azz outta here, while you still can." he said.

Chris looked at him...Smiled....Then he grabbed the guy by his ear and punched him in his stomach several times...He spun him around and cracked him hard in his jaw..... The muscular guy went to go for his gun....Donald Smooth leveled him with a hard punch to his right temple...He hit the ground and Donald put his .45 to his forehead...I pulled out my .45 and shoved it into the tall slender guy's rib cage before he could do anything... Chris was still beating the daylights out of the short stocky guy when I told him to stop...

"Chris...CHRIS...that's enough...." I yelled.

Chris smiled...Looked at the bloody boy and then said.
"You oughta thank my man Chess here..He saved your life...for now at least..Now you wanna be gangstas..Let's go inside..."

"You don't know who my dad is.." mumbled the boy in tears...

"I know who your dad is...I been meanin to see him for years...he and I got business to settle...but for now...we gonna settle this business ,now let's go inside." he longer in a mood to play.

We hearded the boys inside...and Chris collected his two guns...a .45 and a .44 magnum... He looked on the table and found $450.00, he scooped that up too.

"I'm assuming you boys spent part of the money you took out of my I'm gonna take this nine mili too...You don't need'll probably get you in trouble." he said.

The two guys with him were so frightened that I think both of them releived themselves while they were in our custody...

" guys stink" said Donald Smooth...

"Get outta here and don't come back." he snapped.

Didn't have to tell them twice..They ran for all they were worth.

"Okay, tell your dad you met Chris Thompson....Tell him I'll be seeing him." said Chris.

"Oh you'll see him alright ." said the small round faced boy.

"You got a lot of mouth, just like your dad...Well, you ask him about me...Make sure you ask him about me...and tell him where I live too since you been in my house and all....and listen..if I even see you walking down my block..I'm gon call the police and have you and your punk ass crew deal with that." said Chris as we left. I turned and smiled at him-"Enjoy the rest of your afternoon." He gave me the finger.

That night, Donald Smooth, Ralph Mole and I were sitting in Chris's house drinking Rum and Coke and watching the world cup.

"Chris, you know that boy?" I asked ,now knowing the answer.

"Yeah...His dad is Bobby Valentine.

Donald Smooth and Ralph Mole's eyes lit up....

"That's Bobby V's kid?" asked Donald Smooth.

"Yeah...Years ago, he and two of his goons stuck me up...Robbed me of 250G' was the only time I'd ever gotten stuck up...back when me, you and your cousin, Little Pistol was workin for the old man." said Chris.

"Wow" I said.

The Old man put a contract out on him....They took out his two goons...but he took out the old man's hitters and almost killed the old man....His boy Wally Gator called a sitdown and they gave half of the dough back...I had to make up the other half...Ever since then...I've wanted to get back at Bobby V." said Chris.

"Yeah, well you probably don't know being out of the game and all, but Wally Gator is back in town..He's Big Daddy's point man...He's already gobbled up real estate in South Philly and he's making moves against Fathead and the Diaz Brothers..." said Ralph Mole.

"Looks like you guys got problems...what's that got to do with me?" asked Chris.

"His enforcer..His number two man is Bobby Valentine." said Ralph.

Chris smiled for the first time that night. A murderous smile. Not one you would want to be on the other end of.

"Chris man...we out of this...that run and gun stuff....I helped you get your stuff back..." I said.

"Relax Chess..They aint comin after you....I aint got no quarrell with Wally Gator, he's always been a reasonable ,stand up guy...but Bobby V...I been waitin a long time to see him." he said.

"You think he'll come after you?" asked Ralph Mole.

"After the way I beat up his punk can make bank on it." said Chris.

(To be continued...)

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Walk Away Girl

I had chosen to call out on this day.... I had been up all night with Bonita...I still had fond memories of the night we had shared...

I slipped my hand in her leather pants...they were tight....I then unzippered them slightly...She was wearing black and white striped string bikini panties...I pressed my hands into her warm inviting womanhood...She moaned loudly....

"Ohhhhh Robert...Roberttttt..ouuuuuuu....we shouldn't do this..not here." she whispered softly..but I didn't stop...

She un zippered my trousers and began softly rubbing my now erect penis...I gasped, just a little bit...We began kissing , french kissing and continuing to play....

Finnally she stopped me...

"Okay Robert...whewww..we gotta stop this.....We are closer to your house....let's go there." she said.

That's how it had began.... What followed was a passionate night of lovemaking in my kitchen and on my kitchen floor....I was exhausted to say the least.... My Blackberry went off....I was Brooke!

Brooke Taylor, was a foxy guitarist who had turned me out...So much so that I was willing to leave Philadelphia and almost relocate to San-Francisco to be with her...Only to find out that she had another man and a woman in her life...I returned to Philadelphia....To date, I have refused to answer close to 102 of her calls...

I walked into my living room and poured myself a glass of wine and put on some vintage John Coltrane on my Ipod dock....That boy that played last night...Downtown Rob Brown sounded like
Trane...or at least he tried to....Didn't see his second set...Bonita was looking too good in those tight leather pants....We wound up first in her car and then in my kitchen...making sweet love.

My doorbell rang... I had on my bathrobe and some boxers...I wasn't expecting anybody....Maybe it was Bonita...wanting round two...I found myself getting hard just thinking about the prospect...

To my surprise it was Brooke....I had to admit...She did look good...She had on some pumps and a brown trenchcoat..and that beautiful long brownish red hair...She kind of put me in the mind of a young Pam Grier...

"What are you doing here?" I asked..Trying to sound hard and cold, but failing miserably....In fact the only thing hard about me at this moment was between my legs...and I was trying hard to conceal it...I only had on some light boxers and a bathrobe...I tried to pull it around me, but I knew that Brooke saw me.

"My you stay like that all the time or am I doing this to you." she said ,looking at me and smiling slyly..."

"Don't flatter yourself." I managed to say...

"I'm not....but that ...that huge pickle certainly is.." she said.

"What do you want?" I said.

"Robert...Robert...I'm sorry things got off to a bad start between us....and since I was in town...I just had to see you." she said as I let her in...

"It's kool...I shouldn't have flown out to Frisco and surprised you like that...I should have called." I said.

"That's's water under the bridge now." she said.

"You still seeing that Bass player." I asked.

"'s not serious...we just, friends...with uh...benefits." she said.

"How bout the girl?" I asked.

"That's what really is bothering you isn't it?" she asked.

"No...I'm just asking..." I said.

"I was never seeing her...she got the wrong idea about things because of...well because I experimented with her one time." she said. I believed her.

"Are we good now?" she asked.

"Uh..yeah...yeah..I suppose we are..." I said.

" got your little friend.....I was in Mulberry Street last night..I saw you leave with her and I waited in the parking lot for you...I saw her drive you to your car and leave..." she added.

"Stalking me now?" I asked.

"Yeah...I had to see you again...straighten some things out....You wouldn't take my phone calls so I had to stalk you and wait for the right moment." She said.

"Is that the only reason?" I asked...

"R-Robertttt...I'm as horny as a cat....let's discuss that later...get on over here.." she said.

Before long...We were crashing up against the wall, kissing passionately and groping at each other's clothes....Well...I didn't have much on...She ripped my boxers off of me...and I slipped out of my bathrobe....

I slipped her coat off and then her blouse and then her skirt....She was in her bra and panties now and we were still kissing and moaning...I unhooked her bra and she slipped out of her panties....I lifted her up and took her to my bedroom....where I eased her on the bed and entered
her hungrily......

My neighbors must have wondered what was going on....Here I was just hours after one woman had left thrusting away at yet another woman...

"Ohhhhhhhhh Robert I've missed you soooooo much..."

"Ummmmmmmmghhhhhh, babbbbbby...ohhhhhhhhhhh.."


"Ohhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh..."


"Ohhhhh girl, you feel so goooooood...

Finally, after close to two hours....we both came together.......

"Ohhh....Ohh my god....Robert...I haven't came like that in months...Since that night in Josies..ouuuuu......Philly is always gonna be a stop on any tour I'm on." she said...

"Ohhhh...Ohhhhh, I can't believe it....whoa..." I said.

"I guess you're somethin....huh? Two women in less than eight hours..." she laughed...

"Yeah...I'm tired..." I said.

She leaned over and kissed me slowly and softly on my lips....I tried to rise but she motioned for me to lay down...".Get some rest dear friend..There is plenty from where that came from....You call me ahead of time and I'm clear my schedule so you can come out and visit me...ohhhh my god, I'll always make time for you." she said and she kissed me again... I drifted off to sleep....
I faintly heard the shower running in the background and then sounds of Brooke getting dressed.
I drifted off to sleep again....It was a light sleep.

I woke up....I walked over to my window and looked out....I saw Brooke walking towards a car, more than likely a rental and driving away... She was gone again.....

I slept a very peaceful sleep...For what seemed like hours and then my doorbell rang again...I got up ,slipped on my boxers and my bathrobe and walked to the door....It was Bonita...

"Heyyy Lover....You been sleep all that time?" she asked.

"Partially....what time is it?" I asked.

"Six O'clock." she said.

"What? Six in the afternoon?? My goodness, I've been sleep all day." I said.

"Wow...I really wore you out didn't I?" she laughed.

Yeah, her and Brooke together had worn me out...

"I brought a movie over....I figured we could watch it.." she said.

"Yeah?? Sounds like a plan." I said.

Bonita went to the refrigerator..

"I see you hit this wine pretty hard...No matter...I bought some over with me." she said.

"You do think of everything." I said...I grabbed Bonita and sat her on my lap...I kissed her for what seemed like a long time..

"What was that for?" she asked and smiled sweetly at me...

"I don't know..I felt amorous." I said.

She giggled.....

"There's some popcorn in the cubbard... put some on...let me go in my room and put on some clothes." I said as I went in my room.....It was a good thing I did...Brooke had left her bra by the side of the bed....I picked it up and tossed it in my hamper, deep down in my hamper and covered it with my clothes.. I then changed the bed sheets and pillow cases....No need in creating a problem where there didn't need to be one.

I put on some sweats and plopped on the couch next to Bonita , she laid her head on my shoulder
as the movie came on...we drank wine and gobbled popcorn and I smiled at my amazing luck...For the first time in a long time...I felt like myself again.

My name is Robert Foxworth...I'm an Attorney...I love my life!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Redefining Parameters

My night began at Josie's....It had been a great day...I had won a big big case in that paid
in spades...and I was out celebrating with friends... My young protoge, Chance Howard and his girlfriend, Anita Jenkins...Fellow attorney, Conrad Nelson and his wife, Jill and my sometimes partner, Writer and Private Detective, Kevin Morris and his wife, Sepia...We were having drinks and enjoying the cool sounds of Reed Nelson, Trumpet player par excellence , his keyboardist, "88"
and their hot band....which played a combonation of smooth jazz and neo-soul... The place was packed, which made the Owner and head bartender, Gus very happy I know.

"So Robert...Where is Bonita tonight?" asked Sepia, Kevin's wife.

"I don't know..I haven't talked to her in a few days." I answered.

It was weird for me to be linked to just one female....I had to chuckle to myself... I was no longer having what they called "nooners" , Sex at lunchtime with either of my ex-wives..or the big boned stripper that I'd once represented. I did still get together with the beautiful funeral home director I had met once...but that was now few and far between.

My Blackberry went off....It was Brooke...a Jazz guitarist who I came close to making my third wife...only to find out she had as much going on, if not more than even I... She was in town , due to be playing at Josie's tomorrow...but I didn't care. She called me everytime she was in town and I ignored her calls.

''Something important Robert?" asked Kevin....

"Nah, nothing." I said as we ordered another round of drinks and prepared to watch and listen to Reed and the band's second and final set of the night. After their set..We, Chance, Anita, Conrad, Jill, Kevin, Sepia and myself all went to Anita's sister's spot..Mabel Jenkin's Soul Food
joint and had hot platters of Hop and John, Cornbread and Mabel's Louisiana Fried Chicken and Cokes...We all laughed and ate and had a good time... Kevin and Sepia eventually left, So did Conrad and Jill....Finnally, Chance and Anita left too...

My night wasn't finished...I was alone and out...I had heard that Downtown Rob Brown had put together a serious band and was playing at Mulberry Street....Fathead and Chick's rooftop bar and grill...One of my clients, Kool Kat had told me about them.....I had time on my hands so I headed out to Mulberry Street to see him and his new band.

Once there....I sat down in the middle and watched them perform....they were actually good...better than he had actually been the first time I saw him at Josie's a few months ago...He was more fluid and the music was more alive this time... Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bonita Turner, the foxy real estate agent that Kevin's wife, Sepia had asked me about earlier in the night...She was wearing a pair of leather pants that looked like they had been painted on her and some black heels that accentuated her well shaped legs and thighs in those pants...She had her hair in a pony tail....She looked up and she saw me too...She winked. I got up and sat next to her.

"Hey stranger...what's been up?" she said.

"Ahh nothin....been in court....won a big one today....I was out celebrating.." I said.

"Yes..Sepia told me that you all were going to Josies.." she said.

"Yeah, we were there and then we all went to Mabel Jenkins spot for a grub." I said.

"And you still haven't had enough....boy Robert Foxworth, you are the late night rambler." she laughed.

"And you are? " I said ....Letting the question hang in the air...

"Ahh, I was bored....So I felt like getting out." she said.

"You here alone?" I asked.

"Yes..why do you ask?" she said coyly....

"Just curious." I said.

Bonita smiled....I smiled back....We weren't actually a couple....I wasn't sure what we were...Friends with Benefits I suppose...

At any rate... We didn't see the band's second set....We wound up in the parking lot in her car in back of Mulberry Street...

I slipped my hand in her leather pants...they were tight....I then unzippered them slightly...She was wearing black and white striped string bikini panties...I pressed my hands into her warm inviting womanhood...She moaned loudly....

"Ohhhhh Robert...Roberttttt..ouuuuuuu....we shouldn't do this..not here." she whispered softly..
but I didn't stop...

She unzippered my trousers and began softly rubbing my now erect penis...I gasped, just a little bit...We began kissing , french kissing and continuing to play....

Finnally she stopped me...

"Okay Robert...whewww..we gotta stop this.....We are closer to your house....let's go there." she said.

"You sure? I mean ,I don't have to go to work tomorrow." I said.

"Well tomorrow is Friday...I'm calling out...Come on before I change my mind." she said.

She didn't have to ask twice...An hour later we were at my house...I had her out of her pants and up on the kitchen sink...with my tongue nearly down her throat..She wrapped her legs around my waist as I entered her softly...she wasn't tight....she was soft and just right...We go at it like this for close to an hour....Finnally, I had her on all fours and I entered her from behind..doggie style....

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, is it true...ouuuuuuuuu..." she moaned.

''Is what true?" I asked.

''That all you lawyers are big freaks?" she asked...

"No more than you real estate agents." I laughed...

"Ohhhhhhhhh..." she moaned.

I kept at it......This felt even better.....pretty soon I feel her body trembling and she begins to cry......She always does that when the orgasm is particularly intense....It takes me a little longer to come...but I do...and it is like a thunder... We both lie on my kitchen floor for a few minutes and then we get up and gather our clothes...

"You are staying aren't's too late for you to go back home.....You can take me to get my car in the morning." I said.

"Okay Robert." she sighs...nearly out of breath....We lie in my bed and we drift off to sleep.

The next morning, We stop by Dunkin Donuts and both grab large styrofoam tumblers of coffee.
Bonita drives me to the parking lot of Mulberry Street to pick up my car..As I'm about to get out of my car she asks me-

"Robert? What are we doing?"

"Enjoying ourselves for the moment I suppose." I said...I knew what she meant..I was asking myself the same question..

"How much longer we gonna do this?" she asked.

"Until one of us decides to redefine the parameters." I said.

"You damn lawyer." she laughed.

"What?" I said...

"You answered that like an attorney." She said.

"Yeah well,I am what I am..." I laughed...

"That you are counselor." she said and winked.

I didn't know what she meant by that....I got out and walked to my car...I smiled at her and waved as she smiled back and drove off.... It was early morning...soon the parking lot would be full of cars and the streets would be full of people.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clay or Sand

I'd like to make love to you
until the break of dawn
but I don't have the strength
I'd like to make love to you
until the end of time
but I can't go the length..
I can't see into the future
because all I know is..
right now.. right now...
and for the moment..
I'm loving you
as much as I can
and for as long as I can stand.../

All I can be is a man
I'm not made of clay or sand..
but I'm solid enough to stand
and always be by your side.../

I'd like to give it to you...
everything that you truly deserve...
but I wonder if your well is that deep?..
I'd like to do you..
and hold nothing in reserve...
and while you're saying that what I'm saying is sweet..
just remember those moments
that I am loving you...
up and down
in and out..
all around...
as long as I can
and as much as you can stand.../

I'm just a man
just a simple man
I'm not made of clay or sand..
but I'm solid enough to stand..
and always be by your side../

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Everything We'll Ever Need

A little rented cottage on a beach
on an island far away from everyone ..
Turn the Blackberrys and the cell phones
These next few days are just about me and you
Just our two bodies and beautiful water,
beautiful sun.../

There is a store somewhere on the island..
where we can buy some beers and some
food, whatever we please...
You just smile at me and give me that look
...The look that makes me weak in the knees
and you say...
"I think we have everything ...
Everything we'll ever need.."/

If it's just you and me..
Then we've got everything
everything we'll ever need.../

Two bodies...
your body...
my body inisde of yours....
we don't have to turn up the radio
or close any doors..
You can yell as loud as you please..
I can scream out in ecstacy..
We don't have to hide our love this time...
Right here , it's not a crime../

There is a store somewhere on the island..
where we can buy some beers and some
food, whatever we please...
You just smile at me and give me that look
...The look that makes me weak in the knees
and you say...
"I think we have everything ...
Everything we'll ever need.."/

If it's just you and me..
Then we've got everything
everything we'll ever need.../

If it's just you and me...
Then we've got everything
everything we'll ever need...

This is just a fantasy...
I'm a grown man
with a mid day dream....
girl why can't we make my dream reality??...
let's just go somewhere...
just you and me..../

If it's just you and me..
Then we've got everything
everything we'll ever need.../

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mother Confessor

I want to see you
I want to see you
walking naked in the early morning sunlight
of my mind's eye.../

Tell me your secrets
tell me your erotic secrets
tell me your lovemaking secrets
that you hide....

You can trust me
when you can't trust those
significant others...
you can think of me as family...
when you need me...
I'll be like a sister.....
or a brother..../

I'll be your
mother confessor
you can tell your naked secrets to me..

baby ,let's get naked!

I'll be your father
and your mother...
your sister
or your brother
even your cousin
if you need me to be...
I'll be your
Mother confessor
the one that will never leave your side..
never leave your side of the bed girl..
I'll be the one that truly loves you until
the last seconds of the morning light....../

I want to watch you
I want to watch you slowly undress yourself...
in front of my mind's eye...
why don't you tell me
why don't you tell me what you hunger for..
your every need ..
I'll supply...

I want to be your bridge over troubled water baby..
when you've reached the end of your road..
I want to be your mule...
The mule that helps you carry that extra load..

I'll be your
mother confessor
you can tell your naked secrets to me..

baby ,let's make love...

I'll be your father
and your mother...
your sister
or your brother
even your cousin
if you need me to be...
I'll be your
Mother confessor
the one that will never leave your side..
never leave your side of the bed girl..
I'll be the one that truly loves you until
the last seconds of the morning light....../

Friday, June 11, 2010


"Awww Lawd.....Awwww Lawd....I- I can't believe she would do this to me." cried Robert Woodcock...

Sepia, Barbara Cokeley and I sat in the parlor of his home and explained the sordid details of just what his wife Nicolette had been doing behind his back. I felt bad for the man..A hard working honest man...a well meaning man who was in over his head and wayyy out of his league.

"I gave her everything she ever asked for...including good lovin...You heard her yourself Miz Sepia...I know you did when I'd have her up there in the bed in the afternoons...You can't fake that." he said.

Actually, you could...but I wasn't going to argue with him at a time like this....Judging from what I heard on the tapes...Either he was screwing her brains out or she was an actress worthy of an academy award....

''And the baby...our little girl......she aint mine?" he asked as he buried his face in his hands..

"Well biologically she's my late husband's child....but you've been raising her...she's your baby." said Barbara Cokeley.

He looked at her and she looked at him with so much empathy and understanding...

I looked at Sepia and Barbara and I said-

"Come on....let's go.....that's enough for today."

"It's alright....I'll be okay...Ms Sepia..I'm sorry about your cousin's death...Uh I believe he was your husband Mrs. Cokeley? " said Robert Woodcock.

"Soon to be ex....Don't worry about him....." said Barbara.

"Uh Kevin...Sepia....You two go ahead...My car is outside...I- I-I uh , am going to stay here and talk to Mr. Woodcock a little bit..." said Barbara.

This raised my eyebrows a little....but I thought nothing of it. Sepia and I sat in my car for a minute before we pulled off.

"Kevin, you think he knows where his wife is?" she asked me.

"Sure do....and he's either going to tell us or we are going to follow him there.....Mark my words..she's going to run out of money...she's going to try and call him, contact him and when she does...We got her." I said.

"Hey ,is that place still wired?" asked Sepia.

"Yeah..why?" I asked.

"Ohh, I'm just curious as to what Barbara may be talking to him about." said Sepia.

I was curious too, so I clicked on the feed in my car-

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby...I couldn't wait........I've needed this soooo longgggg..."

"Ohhhhh daddy lay that pipe...lay that pipe....ouuuuuuuuuuu..."


"Ohhhhh baby....give me more......."


Sepia couldn't believe her ears....Neither could I....Barbara and Robert Woodcock? Lovers?? When did this begin? How long had it been going on??

Hours later...Barbara Cokeley drove up to her house...Her hair was out of joint...She had sweated
out her beautiful perm....Just as she was about to pull out her key to open her door....

"So Barb...Were you ever going to tell us?" I said.

She was astounded....Then she grimaced...She turned and my wife, Sepia was staring daggers at her...

"It's not nice to eavesdrop.......I found out about my husband cheating on me soon after the baby was born....and I told Bobby about it....This was a year ago...We cried together, comforted each other and one thing led to another and pretty soon we wound up in each other's bed...We've been seeing each other for close to a year now." she said non-chalantly.

"So that was a little act in there..He knew about Nestor and all the others." said Sepia.

"No..No...Just Nestor....I didn't know about Adam or the guy on the motorcycle until you and Kevin got involved...I never thought she'd have people killed...I swear...I swear ,I'm telling the truth." said Barbara.

"Do you know where she is?" I said.

"Bobby and I have an idea......She looted his wall safe and he has a little time share on this island off the coast of Puerto Rico...She's probably holed up there...." she said.

"You got an address?" I said.

"No but I can get it from Bobby." she said. "Sepia..don't judge me...Nestor was cheating on me..had a baby outside our turnabout was fair play...Mr. Woodcock and I were just friends...two lonely friends with benefits, that's all."

"Whatever you say Barb...whatever gets you through the night." said Sepia...I just chuckled to myself.

Some days later...Sepia and I and six U.S. Coast guard men walked on the little island....Nicolette
wasn't hard to find...She was in a small bar on the beach...A smooth guy was buying her drinks and talking to her...

"Hey Foxy mama...what has a brother like me, gotta do in order to go home with you..."he laughed.

"I'd say you thank the lady for her time.....She's got an appointment in Philadelphia with a judge." I said.

"Who the hell are you? Sepia?? What are you doing here?" said a startled Nicolette...

"That's my husband....These are the Coast Guard....and Nestor Cokeley was my cousin....Morris is my married name....My birth name is JoAnne Sepia Cokeley." she said with pride as The Coast
Guard men placed handcuffs on Nicollette and led her off to the ship that would take her back to the mainland and justice...

I just chuckled...Much like Clerow would have if he had been here.

"Well my dear...You just cracked your first case." I said with a broad proud smile...

"Yeah, I did, Didn't I?" said Sepia...

"And since we both still have a few days before we go back to work..Why don't we just use Mr. Woodcock's timeshare?" I said.

"That sounds like a plan" laughed Sepia...

"I'm sure there is a store in town where we can get some food and some toiletries..." I said.

"I was thinking we have all we need, if you get my drift." said Sepia with a seductive smile.

"Yeah..heh heh heh....I was thinking the same thing." I laughed , as we held hands and walked toward the timeshare!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's All Over Baby Blue

At some point in a case you have to take stock....We, My wife Sepia, Myself, Clerow, Sean,Lockpick Johnson ,Robert Foxworth and Peeping Tom had been observing and following and monitoring these people for about a month and a half and all we knew was that the woman, Nicolette Manger cheats on her a nymphomaniac who never gets enough sex and she had a baby out of wedlock that her husband believes is his...Moral crimes yes, but no proof that she or any of the people we've been looking at, Robert Woodcock, her husband....Adam Short, her lover and the woman herself committed or solicited the murder of Nestor Cokeley.

We had put in more time on this group than any of my other cases and nobody had even mentioned Nestor's name.....If it wasn't for the positive DNA , I wouldn't evn know that Nestor even existed in Nicolette's world of sexual intrigue. Then there was the emergence of this new lover, Otis! We only knew him as Otis....Didn't know where he lived or where he came from...But all I did know for sure is that he rode the exact same kind of bike as the guy who killed Nestor and wore a Black leather suit and Black helmet. He could be the shooter...I was 90 percent certain he was or he might not be...Lots of guys have bikes like that and leather suits and black helmets.....But I heard her tell him she needed him to do something...and the morning paper carried the grim news that Adam Short, aged 29 was shot to death in his car with a .38 smokeless by a man riding on a motorcycle... Co-incidence?? I think not....But I didn't have one
shred of proof....

This is why Attorney Robert Foxworth and Nestor Cokeley's widow are showing up on Nicollete's studio doorstep this morning....Of course you know they are wearing wires and Peeping Tom is using a device called a "trigger fish" by the CIA that can hit the cell phone towers
and pick up (and record ) text messages or cell phone messages coming from Nicollette and pinpoint where they are coming from...

"Hello? Who are you?" asked Nicollette.

"Good mornin mam, I am Attorney Robert Foxworth, I am representing Mrs. Barbara Cokeley, the widow of Nestor Cokeley...I beleive you were an acquaintence of his." he said.

"I knew what about it?" snapped Nicollette.

" You and my husband had an affair behind my back for three years...I hired a private detective to follow him and I have pictures to prove it....I also know that that baby girl is my husband's.....I plan to sue your ass for mental cruelty and the destruction of my marriage." said Barbara Cokeley. ( I wasn't too sure she was acting.)

"You're off your nut lady." laughed Nicollete.

"If Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O'Neal's wives can do can I?" said Barbara.

"You-You -You crazy...what do you want?? Why you wanna do this??" said a now very,very worried Nicollette Manger...

"Why did you ruin my marriage?? Why you got your husband thinking he the daddy of that baby , when everybody knows that that's Nestors baby..." said Barbara.

"Uh, Uh ruh...look, look,look..Ladies..there is no reason for this to get nasty or go to court...I believe we can work this out for a cool 100G's... 100 g's will uh, ruh definitely make this all go away." said Robert Foxworth. (I wasn't too sure he was acting.)

"100 G's huh....I see what this is....It's blackmail." said Nicollette.

"Well then go to the police? Tell em that you probably had my husband killed to keep him from going to your husband and telling him the truth when you broke it off with him, after he found out you were seeing someone else....someone else who is now dead...what's the matter miss
Nikki? Let me help you find your tongue....This is my attorney's card and this is mine...One of us better get 100G's within the next 24 hours or your husband is going to find out what you been doin , when you aint been doin him." said Barbara.

Robert smiled his sly toothy grin and then laughed-

"Have a good day them breasts yours or is they implants.?" he said as he turned and followed Barbara to the car, a rental that we had especially for this caper. Peeping Tom had taken the windsheild and the other glass out and replaced it with clear bullet proof
glass...We knew what was coming next.

Nicollette was visibly shaken and she didn't waste anytime getting her precious Blackberry to guessed it...Otis.

"Heyyy Foxy mama, what's up?" came the voice.

"O... it's me, on a clean phone?" she said.

"I'm on my cell...why wouldn't it be clean?'' he said.

"I got a problem." she said.

"What? you pregnant? It wasn't me...I used a condom..I swear.." he said.

"No silly, not that kind of problem....a problem like Nestor and Adam....I need some folks taken care of..." she said.

"Anything for you doll, who is they?" he said.

She gave him a description of the car, the licensce plate number and the names and adresses of
Robert Foxworth and Barbara Cokeley...

"They as good as gone...I'm on it baby.....You know I'm gonna want an extra extra dose of that good lovin for doin this..." he said.

"Oh daddy..I'll make your toes curl three times if you do this for me." she said..

"Ouuu, how bout a down payment mama?" he said.

"How bout I not...just drop that shyster and that bitch okay?" she snapped.

"They are as good as gone mama." he said.

The Navy Blue Toyota Camry with the bullet proof windows that were slightly tinted pulled off from Robert Foxworth's condo like clockwork...Only Robert and Mrs. Cokeley were not in it..Clerow was at the wheel and I was in the back seat with my gun cocked and ready....We weren't driving for a good half hour before the mysterious Black motorcycle appeared in the rear veiw mirror.

"There he is boss " laughed Clerow..

"Okay...Drive slow...we aren't supposed to know he's there." I said.

Clerow cruised...but he just barely made the light....As I suspected...The Bike went through the
lights...We took him for a ride through Center City traffic, through West Philly, on to City Avenue and then on Roosevelt Blvd...We weren't going to make it easy for him...Finnally we drove down a deserted street and the bike sped up...Rolled up to our window and fired a sucession of shots..shots that bounced off the window...My window went down and I fired one shot at his back tire....Which exploded...sending his bike swerving....

" tire.....ohhh I don't believe this ...I don't believe this..arrrggghhhhh...
Helppppp!" he screamed as his bike went up the stairs of an abandoned house, through the front
door and crashed in the back of the house....

Clerow and I entered the house with our guns drawn....

Otis was on the floor....

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh, I think I broke my leg....I don't believe this..." he moaned.

Clerow looked at me and laughed... I looked down at Otis...

"It's all over baby blue.." I said.

Otis was Otis Taylor... an employee of Woodcock Lumber. How do you like that? He wasn't a player, wasn't a known hitter...Just an employee who happened to be doing the bosses wife and when necessary, taking care of her dirty work.

The gun, a .38 smokeless was the same gun used in both Nestor Cokeley's murder and Adam Short's murder.....We had our man...He stopped short of putting Mrs. Woodcock in for murder,but it didn't matter...We had enough recorded to have her indicted.

When Clerow and I arrived at Nicolette's house with the police , a few days later...Robert, Sepia ,Sergio the photographer,Lockpick Johnson and Peeping Tom were there, but Nicolette wasn't.

"She's gone Kev." said Robert Foxworth....

"What do you mean gone?" I asked.

"She cleared out of here yesterday, took all of her belongings and emptied the wall safe." said Sergio.

"I'm going to assume she didn't say where she was going." I said.

"Nope...didn't tell me nothing." he said.

I looked at Sepia....

"Well dear..we had a good run....We put the killer of Nestor behind bars....and the Police and FBI will catch up with Nicollette sooner or later." I said.

She smiled weakly and said-

"Yeah I suppose...Her husband is due to come home this afternoon...wait til he hears all of this."
said Sepia.

"Yeah...wait until......What did you say?" I said eying my wife...

Her eyes lit up and a smile came across her face....

'You thinking what I'm thinking?" she said.

"Way ahead of you babe." I said.

"Will somebody clue me in?" said Robert Foxworth.

"This little game may not be over just yet counselor." I said.

(Conclusion Next)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two If By Midnight



"Give me more....ohhhhh baby, give me moreeeeeee..."

Robert Foxworth, Clerow, Sean Jackson and Lockpick Johnson's mouths were wide open and their eyes were glued to the flat screen in our van.....They were watching a live video feed of Robert Woodcock making love to his wife, Lingerie model, Nicolette Manger-Woodcock....It was more like watching a porn movie...I felt like a pervert watching a man and his wife in their most private of moments....but one of these two was a killer, one of these two or both was responsible for my wife's cousin's brains being splattered across his car seat a month ago..

They were going at it....Mr. Woodcock was very , let's say healthy for a guy his age...Late 40's,early 50's....He was going to town with Nicolette , who was young enough to be his daughter.. I could clearly see that this was a sugar daddy type of relationship.... The bed springs were squeaking to the point that I thought they would break...The headboard was slamming against the wall and the moaning and hollering they were both making was heard by everybody at that studio....(They had a bedroom on the second floor of the studio.)

Peeping Tom and I were watching the other screen and the other feed..My wife Sepia was downstairs in some jeans, a white blouse and some heels drinking coffee with the Photographer.
Peices of the ceiling were falling on the floor...

"Good Lord, how much longer are they going to go at it like that?" asked Sergio , the photographer.

"Yes, they are extra long and extra noisy today." laughed Sepia.

"Well....Mr. Woodcock is leaving town today...He's flying to Milwaulkee ,Wisconsin for the big lumber convention you know." said Sergio.

"No, I didn't know." said Sepia.

"Yeah..and that means things are really gonna get freaky around here...You know that short muscular guy that comes over here??" said Sergio.

"Yes, I've seen him..." said Sepia.

"She's banging him....He's head over heels in love...He comes over here in the afternoon and he's like putty in her hands...His name is Adam..Adam Short." said Sergio.

"Oh wow....really?" said Sepia.

"Don't feign ignorance...I know you know they were screwing..How can you not...These walls are thin....I don't care though..Long as I get paid...I can wait." said Sergio.

"I hear that....Where is the baby today?" asked Sepia.

"She's over Nicolette's mother's house..." he said.

"That baby sure don't look like Mr. Woodcock." said my wife slyly....

" noticed that too huh...That's cause it aint his...It's this other guy she was doin named Nestley or Ness or Nestor somethin or other.....He was just like Adam, coming here
in the afternoon for close to two years......Gettin it in....Then she got pregnant...played it off like it was Woodcock's...and that old whipped fool believed it...didn't question it..." said Sergio.

"Where is Nestor now?" asked Sepia.

"He dead. Somebody shot him...Shame....I liked him....I can't stand Adam..Adam is a damn thug." said Sergio.

We had heard enough.....

"Clerow, Sean.....Get a twenty on this Adam Short...Stake out his place....Find out if he has a motorcycle...If he does...He's our shooter." I said.

"Aww ,this is just getting good." said Sean Jackson.

"I'll tell ya about it." laughed Lockpick. Peeping Tom and Robert Foxworth looked at me and just smiled slyly.

Clerow and Sean left the van and walked over to Clerow's car and sped off in search of info on the whereabouts of Adam Short.

A while later we watched Woodcock leave the house and get in his car...Robert Foxworth looked at me..

"Kevin...I'm on him...I'll follow him and see if he really goes to the Airport...." he said. He walked out to his car and drove off behind him.

Nicolette , Sepia and three or four other girls disrobed and began the photo shoot with Sergio...I
sat with Tom and Lockpick pondering our next move... The killer could be Mr. Woodcock.. Maybe he wasn't as in the dark as one would think....It could be Adam Short...He was eliminating his could be Nicolette......What was her deal? She marries a man old enough to be her father ,who's kinda sorta loaded and she sleeps with not one but two very young lovers on the side....Neither of which looked like they had much of anything except....well...the obvious.
How much sex did she need?

"Kevin...come here..Sepia is talking to Nicolette...." said Peeping Tom.

"Girl...Look, I aint deaf....We heard you and your husband upstairs....What yall do is your business but you costing me time ...I have other jobs besides this one..." said Sepia.

"Well, you can always go to aint a prisoner here..but I don't think they pay what you get here." said Nicolette.

"You're right..they don't....but I'm just sayin.....You got your husband...Then we get held up by your boy toy....I mean...damn your thing, get your swerve on...but you know..I got a man too...I hardly ever see him." said Sepia.

"Well bring him here....There is an extra room...Yall can get yo swerve on.....I know you snuck out here yesterday wit my trenchcoat and my heels..I saw you...You came back with your hair all undone...I know somebody blew that back out..hahahahahahahahaha." laughed Nicolette.

"Yeah, you right." laughed Sepia.

"Gurl....between me and you...I got a you say it..high libido...I have to have it....I can't get enough...My husband is a good lover and he gives it to me as much as he can...but that guy Adam
that you seen...gurlllllll.....He does the damn thang.....He's a weak puppy though...So you aint gonna see him around much longer...but I'm gone give him some just one mo gin.. I keep em around until they either bore me or they fall in love...then they have to go..." said Nicolette.

"Damn cold blooded." laughed Sepia.

"I'm no more cold blooded than a guy is....I'm just like a man as far as sex is...I'm as loyal as my options ." laughed Nicolette.

I already didn't like this girl. I wanted Sepia to find out more about Nestor...but today wasn't the day to do it....She was smart enough to know that....When Nicolette cut the girls loose for the day, Sepia came to our van, which was parked three blocks away.

I greeted her with a kiss when she got in the van and The four of us headed for a Pizzeria that Tom told us about that served the best Brick Oven Pizza in Northeast Philly.

Later that night...Robert Foxworth called me. He told me that Mr. Woodcock did board a plane for Wisconsin... Sean and Clerow found Adam Short....He had a car, but no Motorcycle... That still didn't take him off my list as the number one suspect.

Sepia and I got in my car and for some strange reason doubled back and drove by Nicolette and Robert Woodcock's house...We expected to see our boy Adam Short drive up...With the husband away from home...I'm sure it was all the way live....

It was midnight....The street where their huge house was, was quiet......

"Kevin...Look!" said Sepia...

Sure enough.....Nicolette was in the window....She had on a huge Afro wig, A bra that was aqua blue and Aqua blue bikini panties on..She was wearing a sheer white babydoll..She appeared to be waiting for someone......

Around ten after midnight....A motorcycle drove up.....THE motorcycle....The same one that followed Nestor's car and whose rider shot him three times in the head...The rider was wearing the same black leather suit and same Black leather helmut...

"That's our boy..Adam Short." I whispered to Sepia.

"You sure Kev?" she said..."He looks thinner." He in fact looked thinner and taller.

The man walked over to the window and tossed two rocks up.....

Nicolette opened her window...

"Heyyy Foxy mama." said the man...

"It's cool Otis....The old man aint here..He outta town.." she said.

"Well don't just stand there lookin all sexy...come on down and open the door and let big daddy
get some of dat." he said.

"Alright..but be quiet...My neighbors......Plus..I got somethin I need you to do for me.." she said.

"Sho..." he said.

Sepia and I looked at each other...Who was this?? We couldn't stay there, so we pulled off....

(To Be Continued....)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dirty Sexy Things

My doorbell rung....It was Mabel Jenkins of all people..

"Hey Mabel, How are you doing?'' I said.

"Hey Kevin...Sepia called me...She's workin late...she knew you might be hungry ,so I brought you
some of my Louisiana Jambalaya, a salad and some hot rolls.." she said.

Not only did her beauty rival my wife's..but she could cook too...I helped her put the hot trays of food on my kitchen table and I grabbed a plate, a knife, fork , butter and dressing.

"Oh excuse my manners Mabel...would you care to join me?" I said.

"No...I've got to get back to the restaraunt...but enjoy...and don't worry, when she finish what she got to finish..she'll be home." said Mabel as she walked down the steps and got into her car...
I waved as she drove off....Then I put some Terrence Blanchard on the IPOD dock and poured myself a glass of wine and dug into the good hot tasty food that was left for me...

Sepia had taken a leave of abscence from her job and had gotten a job as an underwear model for
Nicollette Manger's company- "Dirty Sexy Things" They really liked her and she was getting almost as many photo shoot opportunities as Nicollette. She had been doing this for close to a month...She had given Lockpick Johnson and Peeping Tom a perfect layout of Nicollette's home and her photography studio...and they had wired both for video and sound... They had also wired
her husband, Lumber man, Robert Woodcock's lumber business too.

Robert Foxworth ,Sean Jackson and Clerow followed Robert Woodcock day and night and listened to every phone call, every conversation that came from his place....Boring stuff...The man went to work...The man talked business, contracts, wood all day long...If he did anything out of the ordinary , it was that he went home for lunch and screwed his wife's brains out almost everyday at 12:00 noon..and returned at 1:30. He was a solid citizen otherwise.

The talk from Their house and their studio was just as boring...Lingerie, photography, photo shoots, contracts...yadda yadda yadda... Nothing about any murder or the hiring of anybody...
They had a baby....A baby that Robert Woodcock thought was his...a baby that Nestor's widow claims was actually fathered by her now deceased husband.

Sepia got a DNA sample from the baby by slipping one of the bottles and a couple of pacifiers
to me ,disguised as a deliveryman....I took the samples to a lab and within a week I got the results that I needed. It was true...Nestor Cokeley was indeed the father. I told Sepia to up the ante and start talking to Nicolette about the baby girl and how it didn't look like her.

I finished up the food when the doorbell rang... I wasn't expecting anyone...To my was my wife, Sepia..She was wearing a Brown trenchcoat and sunglasses, along with some black stilletto heels...

Upon seeing her, I busted out laughing.....

"What's so funny? I thought you'd be glad to see me." she said.

"I am..I am...I just didn't expect you back here so soon. Anybody follow you?" I said.

"No, why would they?" she said. She was right...They had no reason to suspect that they were being watched and monitored..

"What you got for me?" I said.

"Two things....One...After her husband finished up his nooner....I don't think his car was down the street good when another guy drove up." said Sepia...Hearing her use the term nooner to describe their afternoon trysts cracked me up, it seemed so unlike something Sepia, from the streets of North Jersey would say.

"Another guy?? Was he on a motorcycle?" I asked....

"No..He drove a car...a Black Mustang...He was a short muscular guy...His name was Adam..I didn't get a last name...but they started whispering in the back....She kept saying.."Not now..what are you doing here..." and he said-"I've got to see you..I need you.." and she said-"Not now, my husband just left..." and he kept finnally, she told me and the rest of the girls and the photographer to shoot some more glossies and that she would return shortly..." laughed Sepia.

"So what do you think..that they had something going on?" I asked.

"I don't think it..I know it...They were gone for close to a half an hour...I excused myself and said that I had to use the restroom...I walked down the corridor and I heard sounds from the bedroom...The bed squeaking, the headboard hitting the wall...him moaning..her moaning....Oh yeah, they were gettin it in." she said.

"This is interesting.....She is seeing your cousin.....has a baby by him that she makes her husband believe is his....and now you tell me...she's seeing someone else??? in addition to Nestor and her husband?? This sheds a whole new light on things." I said.

"You think either her husband or this Adam fella killed my cousin?" asked Sepia.

" Most definitely...though..I don't think her husband knows about any of this." I said.

"We gotta figure a way to get her to talk about Nestor." I added...

"Don't worry...I'll think of something." said Sepia...

"Wow girl, you're pretty damn good at this...You been watchin me for a long time." I laughed.

Sepia smiled....

"You proud of me babe?" she asked in a childish voice that I must admit was turning me on.

"Sure am...What was that other thing you said you had for me?" I asked....

"Ohhhhh, thought you'd never ask." she said as she un bottoned her trench coat.....My eyes got as large as saucers....

"Ohhhh my gawdddd.." I exclaimed....

Sepia walked over to me and kissed me long and hard and gently felt the crotch of my pants...

"Ouuu, you have missed me lover." she said...

I slipped her trench coat off completely and laid her down on the couch..She unzippered my pants...It took me ,mere seconds to get out of my socks, shirt and shoes...and soon , We were making passionate love on the couch..... I hungrily devoured her ,much the same as I had devoured that food that Mabel had left.....

Some time later, We were both on the floor, spent!

"Phew...that was something!" I exclaimed....

"Kevin, being around all that lingerie and hearing her having sex with her husband and that guy makes me know?" she said.

"Horny?" I asked.

"Well, yeah." she admitted...

"Well hearing about it ,is doing the same for me." I said...

"We gotta hurry up and crack this case." she said as she tried to catch her breath.

"Yeah, I know." I said.

(To Be Continued......)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Easy Rider

"Well Cousin...Thanks for lettin me crash and all.." said Nestor Cokeley, Sepia's cousin. He had stayed with us for a week and even though I would never say this to my wife...I was glad to see him go. He ate like it was going out of style...He didn't know the meaning of knocking on doors..He barged in on Sepia and I more than I cared to count and he and his soon to be ex-wife argued loudly on the phone all day long.

"Oh it was nothing Nestor...really." said Sepia.

"Jo-Anne..I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for you and Kevin." he said.

I hated the fact that he called Sepia "Joanne", even though that was her given name...I hardly ever called her that.. Nobody that knew her did...but then again..He was family...He had been going through a divorce and his wife had put him out....I couldn't blame her..Now maybe, she could keep some food in the house.

He got in his car and pulled off....Good riddance...Now , my house was my own again...I was standing at the door with Sepia watching him pull off when I saw a motorcycle drive behind his car..The rider had on a black leather suit and a Black helmet...It was impossible to determine who he was or if it even was a "he"....Whoever it was seemed to drive right up behind him and to our horror...Pump three bullets into his head at the stoplight at the next corner! Nestor slumped
on to the steering wheel and his car crashed into the traffic light and came to a stop.

Sepia screamed!... Then the motorcyclist turned and headed toward us...

"Get down" I said, as I pulled her down.....and just in time too...The motorcyclist fired two shots at us! Luckily neither of us was hit. We both ran to the corner to check on Nestor....There was no reason to...He was very,very dead!....Blood just pouring out of him..All over the front seat and running down out of the car door.... It wasn't long before a crowd gathered and the Police arrived...We told them what we witnessed and all that we knew, which wasn't much....and they picked up the shells...and eventually removed the body and towed the car....

My wife was nearly hysterical......She had just witnessed her cousin get his brains blown out! I walked her back to our house, where I retrieved two spent shells...They were from a .38 smokeless...the same type of gun I carried...

This was a contract doubt...but why? Nestor and his wife didn't have any money and he wasn't mixed up in any street mess to my knowledge...No, this was something else. I gathered Sepia and we went over to Nestor's estranged wife's house.

Barbara Cokeley was a very attractive woman....If she would've fixed her hair and applied a little make up, she would've been even more attractive..still, she didn't need much to turn a head or too....She had that natural beauty.What amazed me is what she was doing with a loser like Nestor. Upon hearing that her husband was dead, she broke into tears...and for a minute her and Sepia cried and held each other..I didn't get it...They had argued the entire two weeks he had stayed with us and they were headed for divorce...

"Kevin, Sepia...I know you think that I hated Nestor, but I didn't...I just couldn't stay married to him, He was not the easiest man to live with." she said.

''Yes ,I know.."I blurted Sepia gave me the side eye.

"But he was just trifling...Cheating on me....I could forgive that...but he had a baby with the chick." said Barbara.

"A Baby? He never said anything about a baby." I said.

"Yes Kevin...He and this chick had been foolin around behind my back for three years and then he goes and tells me he has a baby with her." she said.

"When was this baby born?" asked Sepia.

"Last year." she said.

"Last year? All this time, he over our house and he never mentioned it." said Sepia.

"Who is the chick?" I asked.

"You know her...Nicollete Manger." said Barbara.

"What?? The underwear model?" I said.

"Don't look so enthusiastic Kevin." said Sepia, still giving me the side eye.

"'s not like that...Everybody has heard of Nicollete Manger, she models for Victoria's Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood and now has her own brand, Dirty Sexy Things "I said.

"Yeah,yeah,yeah....By the way, isn't she married?" asked Sepia.

"Yeah...She's married to Robert Woodcock, who owns Woodcock Lumber..He's loaded...I've seen his commercials on Television...."We give you good wood for a good price...we do it right." I said.

"That's him." said Barbara.

"You think he found out about it?" I asked.

"I don't know...I know about it..." said Barbara.

"Yeah, but you know because he told you." I said.

"No...I got a lawyer, Robert Foxworth and he had two guys, Lockpick Johnson and Tom something or other follow my husband and get the goods on him....Once they got that..I confronted Nestor and he had to admit to it." she said.

I smiled....I wonder if she had "paid " Robert his extra fee for his troubles......I would have to get with him and compare notes I thought.

Sepia pulled me to the side...

"Kevin...I don't get into your business...but I need you to let me help you on this." she said.

"Help me on what? I'm not into anything." I said.

"I know you and I know you're going to investigate this." said Sepia...Actually,I wasn't..but since she was asking...I suppose I had to...

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Look...I know where Woodcock and Nicollete Manger live...Not the kind of Neighborhood where you and Robert and Lockpick and Tom could just blend in....but if you guys wire me up and I go there to say work for them....I can get closer than you guys and pull up some information.."she said.

"So you want to go undercover?" I asked with a laugh....

"Yes...I saw an ad in the paper a few days ago that Manger's Company "Dirty Sexy Things" is
advertising for models...I could apply." she said...

"Yes Lawd." I said..,."I mean , yes, you could but, does that get me any closer to that hitter?" I asked...

"I might hear something.....and I'll be inside, get a good look at the place and give you guys a run down of the security system." she said.

" girl...I suppose you could....oh and by the way Sepia?" I asked.

"Yes." she said.

"You think you can uh, get some free samples?" I asked.

"Ohhhhhhhh you are soooooo extra." she laughed as Barbara joined her in laughing and looking at me side eyed!

At any rate...The hunt was on.

(To Be Continued!)