Friday, March 30, 2012


James Swanson and his fiance Virginia hugged Sepia and Bonita and Robert Foxworth as they helped them pack everything into the white 2012 Escalade that we had rented...

''We had a great time guys...We really have to do this again...Under hopefully better circumstances." said

"Girlll, I know that's right...You have to come down to Philly and hang out with us...Before you get married." said my wife Sepia slyly as she Bonita and Virginia hugged each other and the two women got in the car.
Robert got in the drivers side and Lee Spann sat where I usually would be sitting...

''Robert...get that information to States Attorney , Elliot Downing and have the State Police get out to that shack on the road..Hopefully they can save the Mayor before Dex and his boys get out there." I said.

"I'm on it Kev." he said.

"Lee..Thanks again...I couldn't have made this case without your help." I said.

"Pleased to be of service.." he laughed...

"When you get to Philly...You call this number...Tell him where to find me and tell him to 'bring extra'...He'll know what I mean." I said.

"Will Do." said Lee Spann.

"Kevin ,please be careful...I hate leaving you here alone." said Sepia..

"I'll be alright..I'm checking out of here today..I'm staying somewhere else." I said.

We said our goodbyes and I stood and watched as Robert,Bonita,Sepia and Lee all headed back to Philly.

James Swanson and Virginia looked at me....

"You sure you don't want to stay with us?" he asked.

"No..I don't...I don't know who Burrows has keeping an eye on me around here...I wouldn't want to put you guys in any danger...Just drop me off at the Holiday Inn....I'm going to book myself there..." I said.

"But if he's got the town so hooked up...Won't he know you're there?" said James Swanson....

"Not right away...You're the only two who know where I'm going...Besides..I have someone meeting me there." I said.

"Okay...but I'd feel better if you stayed with us...but...It's your call...If you need have our number ." he said.

''Do be careful Kevin." said Virginia as she hugged me...

They drove me and my equipment to the Holiday Inn in town....Where I holed up for the next two days..

I took my suitcases up to my room....I called Sepia regularly , to let her know I was alright and I checked in with Robert... He told me that warrants for the arrests of Wayne Burrows and Vernon Dexter were in the works as we spoke.

I set up my equipment and continued to listen to their calls... Like this one made to Wayne Burrows..

''Hello" said Wayne

"Hey...Wayne...All of em left except one." came a male voice.

"Yeah..the private investigator right?" said Wayne.

"Yeah...This man and woman took him in town to the Holiday Inn...I don't know what room he's in yet, but I'll find out." said the voice.

"Is our guy here?" asked Wayne.

"Yup...One of the best....He's from Detroit."

"As soon as I get him out in the open...I'll point my guy to him...then it'll happen and we'll be on the bus out of here." came the voice.

"Good...Don't call me again until it happens...and call from a clean phone." said Wayne..

"But of course." came the voice.

"I should have gotten you to take care of that problem I had two years ago instead of that boneheaded Dex." said Wayne...

"Oh Well, ya live and ya learn."

"Aint it the truth?" said Wayne.


I laughed after hearing that conversation....Then there was a knock on my door...

It was Walter "Kool Kat" Jones!!!

"Heard you was havin some problems...Thought I'd stop by." he joked....

"Boy am I glad to see you." I said as I let him in.

He handed me a .45......

"It's clean...aint never been used... I know you like to work with a .38 smokeless, but you know I don't run with nothin that small. " he said.

"That's okay...You strapped?" I asked... I must have momentarily forgotten who I was talking to..He looked at me like I was crazy...

"Just askin." I said.


The next morning Kool Kat and I went to the Marina...I gave him the lowdown of the case and everything and then we walked inside a tackle shop....

The big man whispered to me..

"There's a guy in a black mustang snapping photos...He's across the water from us...I peeped him this morning when you left the Holiday Inn..Stay close to me....In fact ..I'm gone walk out leave out the back in seven minutes...I'll bring the car around..." he said.

I said nothing...I did what he said...I noticed a tall white guy with dark sunglasses on and a black suit and black shirt just staring inside the establishment we were in...I turned and walked out the back and got in Kool
Kat's car as was instructed.

We went to a nice seaside restaraunt.... Kool Kat was staring and looking around every minute..

"Relax Walter, you're as jumpy as a cat." I said and smiled....

"Kev...They in here, both of em...I peeped em .I'm gonna pull my cell phone out...You follow my lead..feel me?" he said.

''Yeah man." I said.

"CHELSEA...WHAT DID I TELL YOU?   WHO DO YOU THINK YOU TALKIN TO?" yelled Kool Kat into his phone...


"FORGET YOU!" Yelled Kool Kat to me....He gave me a look...I got up, left my food...and said-

"I'm going to the john." and I stormed out...It was all a ruse...The guy who had been following us was sitting across the room...He got on his cell phone as soon as Kool Kat left... I headed towards the rest room...which was located down a dark corridor in the back. ,and right around this time...The tall mysterious man in the black suit made his move...He followed me down the dark corrider to the men's room...I began walking briskly and he did too... I walked past the men's room and towards the back door... He pulled out a long pistol with a silencer...I spun around and aimed my.45 at him and Kool Kat stepped out of the men's room and aimed his .44 magnum at him..We unloaded a total of ten shots at him...he tossed his gun up in the air and jerked furiously...then he fell up against the wall...

"Ugggggggghh...I-I-I don't believe it...I've been.....shot!" he moaned as he fell dead to the ground...His hot pistol by his side...In all that comotion , not one person walked into that back hall and with all of the noise in the kitchen and the dining area...It appeared that nobody heard the shooting.

Kool Kat and I kept walking out the back door!! We entered the dining room..I paid my bill...Kool Kat and I got up...The guy who had been following us furiously began dialing his smartphone, Kool Kat and I walked over to him...I motioned for him to hand me the phone...He hesitated...Kool Kat clocked him in front of several shocked patrons and we hauled him out of the restaraunt.

When we arrived at the Sheriff's office...Naturally, Dex was nowhere to be found...But there were deputies and Detective's there... We turned the man over to them...I gave them my credentials and told them where they could find the body of the hitman....Identified as Colin Clark of Flint, Michigan...a suspect in 28 contract killings.  The man we turned over to them was Jack Clanton....a local hood and ne'er do well.

Within an hour, State's Attorney, Eliot Downing and three State Policemen met us at the Sheriff's office..As luck would have it...Dex was walking in...Disheveled as usual, pulling his zipper up, fixing his pants, straightening out his shirt....

"Heyy Dex..Late lunch?" I asked.

Dex looked at me with white hot hatred...

"I told you to get out of town days ago boy." he barked...

"And not say goodbye to you? Nahhh." I said.  'By the way...How is Mrs. Redding?" I asked..

He lunged toward me, but Kool Kat backed him up real quick....

State's Attorney Eliot Downing looked at him, shook his head-

"I want your badge boy...You're under arrest for the murder...The murders of Thelma Burrows and Carl Stackhouse....It's all over boy." he said as the State Policemen handcuffed him and began to walk him out...

Mayor Otis G. Redding walked in at just that moment....

"You don't know how happy I am to see you finally get yours , you waste of time dummy." said the Mayor!

"Oh yeah...your wife don't think so." he snorted....

"That may be true...but she aint gone be mah wife much longer..We gettin a divorce and she aint gettin a red cent." He said.

"Y-You knew?" asked Dex...

"I aint as stupid as you Dex..I found a pair of your speedos under mah bed a few nights ago and I put two and two together." said the Mayor, who looked at me and winked...

"Good Job Kevin..." he said.

"The best is yet to come" I said.

"Oh?" said the Mayor....

Within the next hour...The interim Sheriff, none other than James Swanson! , several deputies and The State police descended on Wayne Burrows's mansion and arrested him in his boxer shorts in his living room...
His wife was wearing a white baby doll  and pink bikini panties...Upon seeing us , she ran into her bedroom..

"Ohhhh myyyy...I'm not dressed." she said as she closed their bedroom door..

"Beverly...Beverly...I'm not dressed either ." said Wayne Burrows..

"That's Your problem darlin..they here to see you...not me." she said from behind closed doors.

''Ahhh don't believe this ...I'm being arrested?" he asked .incredulous...

"Yes you are...we got every blood thirsty word on tape, along with phone records, bank statements and other things...You left a trail." I said.

"My lawyers will destroy you." he snorted.

"You'd better get a good one,  Oh and the next time you hire a hitman...Hire one that doesn't dress so obvious.His whole wardrobe had "hitman" written all over it" I said and winked at him...

"You pompus son of a bitch...It's about time." said Mayor Otis G. Wayne Burrows was handcuffed and walked out the door, Still in his boxers...He looked at me with white hot hatred....

"You just couldn't leave it alone could ya?  I'm in my drawers..being humiliated like this...I don't believe it..Couldn't you fellas let me put on some pants?" he said in disgust as they took him away...

Mayor Redding, Kool Kat ,James Swanson and I laughed as a crowd of people gathered and watched the richest man in the town being dragged to a police car in his boxers....The irony of the whole thing wasn't lost on me.

"Son... I wish you could stay here and be our sheriff but I know you got things to do back in Philly, but I don't know how to thank you.....Please say that you and Mr. Foxworth will come back next month and get the key to the city and be properly honored." he said.

"Sure I will sir.It would be an honor." I said.

He shook my hand and patted me on the back...

"Any place to get a drink around here?" asked Kool Kat.

"Sure buddy ,I know a place..Let's knock back a few brews and get the hell out of here..I miss my city."
I said.

"Sounds like a plan Kev." said the big man.


Vernon Dexter and Jack Clanton turned state's evidence against Wayne Burrows and both got lighter sentences... Jack Clanton got five years and Dex got fifteen years with a chance for parole in eight years...Wayne Burrows was sentenced to two life sentences for his role in the murders...

James Swanson became the Sheriff and Mayor Otis G. Redding won a second term...He ran as a law and order candidate who "cleaned the corruption out of the town... In a way..I suppose he did.

A week later,I was back home in Philadelphia and eating lunch with my wife,Sepia , who was modeling some fishnet pantyhose...

"Kevin, stop looking at my legs...You haven't eaten your food..." she said with a smile..

"My look great Sepia." I said.

"Thank you..but stop ogling me like that, you're making me uncomfortable." she joked..

"Wait til you get home... I'll make you comfortable..I'll try my best." I said.

''What no cases to crack today?" she asked in jest...

"You keep looking all good like this and I might seriously consider retirement from this private investigation business." I said.

"Really? Well then, I guess I might as well show you some more pairs I bought." she joked.

We both laughed at that and continued our playful banter on a nice ,warm spring day!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Storm Warnings

"You sure he's coming?" asked Robert Foxworth as we stood on the pier on this amazing morning...

"Relax...He said he'd be here." I said.

It was raining something fierce this morning...and yet the sun was blazing...I had never seen anything like this in my life...Attorney Robert Foxworth and I stood on the pier near the Marina in the rain waiting for Lee Spann, a private investigator I had met during another case , who I had called in from Philadelphia to do a special job for me....

About a half hour passed and then we saw a figure walking down the boardwalk as though it wasn't raining... Lee Spann was white, about my height and weight and the same age as me...He was a bit unorthodox and happy go lucky, yet very good at what he did...Because he was white, he could fit in around here un-noticed..something that Robert and I couldn't do.

"Kevin..We meet once again." he said. I had briefed him thoroughly on the entire case about 48 hours ago...including giving him addresses and phone numbers and faxing him photographs of Wayne Burrows, Beverly Blossoms-Burrows and Sheriff Vernon Dexter or "Dex" as he was known around here...

"Lee...You know Attorney, Robert Foxworth don't you?" I said.

"No ,I don't believe I do....Pleased to meet you sir." he said.  Robert looked at him nonchalantly and smiled and nodded without saying anything..

"So spill it Lee, everything in place?" I asked.

"Piece of cake Kevin... I went up to Burrows place.....I had on a suit and I passed myself off as a life insurance agent...She let me in, offered me tea and I practically charmed the panties off of her...I mean uh...literally, if ya know what I mean and I know you do...Man, she's got huge breasts...She's blossoming alright....I placed micro-video and audio devices all over the spot...In the phone, the bedroom , all over the was too easy." he said.

''What about Sheriff Dexter?" I asked..

"He was even easier...He was bangin some broad in his office...While he was there..I uh broke into his house." said Lee...

"I'm not hearing this.." said Robert Foxworth...

We ignored him....

"His entire house is wired like an old school christmas tree Kev..This was too easy." he said.

''What about the office?" I asked.

"He and the broad left the office and they drove out to the Marina....I doubled back and hit his office too....Where are the deputies around here?? Wasn't a deputy or a clerk anywhere in sight...This was too easy easy kinda worried me." he said.

I patted him on the back...

"It's all good.. You set up?" I said.

 "Yeah...I'm in the same motel you guys are staying at...I'm upstairs from you...He's an extra key." he said and tossed it to me.

"An extra key?" I said.

"Yeah...Case you need to use the electronic surviellance equipment and I aint around...I uh took the liberty of having that key duplicated , a town over." He laughed...

"Hey man look...These guys seem like yokels...but Burrows is very dangerous...He's got people all over town watching and he's very connected...don't make any waves..If I was was you ,I'd keep a low profile." I said.

"Okay Kev...Right now...I need a low profile meal and a couple of drinks..." he laughed..

I peeled off a couple of twenties and passed them to him...

"For your pain and trouble." I laughed...He laughed too , shook his head and walked off.

Robert looked at me....

"Can we trust that guy?" he asked.

"He's okay." I said.

"Let's go back to the rooms..I miss my wife." he chuckled...

"Yeah...Me too!" I laughed as we walked back towards the motel.


Back in the room, Sepia was sound asleep...So was Bonita....Robert stopped by my room and we pored over some more files... The Mayor had given us free reign to look over all the public files...More co-operation than I sometimes get in Philly.

I looked up one Vernon Dexter.... He was at least five years younger than I...Like my wife, Sepia..He had been a State champion swimmer and diver...He had also played Football in High School here...He had been a big time Football hero....Had graduated, done a stint in the Navy and had come home and joined the Police force...

"Dex:" as he was known here had been married once, for three years and divorced...No children...He had run for Sherrif in a campaign that had been financed by a dummy company...a company I found was actually owned by Wayne Burrows...

The past few days I had actually asked around about "Ole Dex" and "Mr. Burrows." and had found out some interesting things...He was Mr. Burrows right hand man...His good High School and clearly now...
Burrows hadn't always been wealthy....He had married a woman named Agatha Clearwater...A woman ten years his senior...She was very wealthy and had him in her will.....She died suddenly of a stroke and Poor Wayne Burrows was now the wealthiest man in the county...Her family had fought tooth and nail to keep him from that money, but he won out in the end...He then married Thelma Reilly , a pretty and buxom blond ex-cheerleader and model....The marriage was rocky...Thelma's folks...The ones who would talk to me..said that Wayne was very jealous and possessive..and not very good in bed, according to one...And then he met former Porn star, Beverly Blossoms , who had moved back to this quaint little town and he fell head over heels over her..had to have her...Only one problem...His wife wouldn't divorce him....To make matters worse.. She was having a steamy affair herself with Black Scuba diver, Carl Stackhouse.. I could see right then and there that she had to go...

"Kev...look at this." said Robert Foxworth as I pored through files..

"What?" I said.

"The Weekend of July 4th 2010....Wayne Burrows wasn't here...He was in San Deigo...He was at a convention of some type...But according to these phone records...He made 27 calls to Vernon Dexter....on the 3rd and 17 calls to Dex on the 4th....On the 5th, Dex called him from the Sherrif's office...AT midnight!
Then there are no more calls.." he said.

"Wow..Interesting." I said.

"Look at this...In September, $50,000.00 dollars was wired into Dex's bank account...and at the end of the month....another $50,000.00....and every three months since then up until around New Years..the same amount....and it's from a private account in the Cayman Islands..." said Robert.

"How careful is Wayne Burrows?" I mused..

"Not that careful...they're his accounts..His name is on em." laughed Robert Foxworth...

"Incredible...We got motive and opportunity..but no killer." I said.

"Nah,look at this...a Gun permit for a .22 caliber pistol for guess who?" asked Robert with a sly grin...

''Vernon Dexter??" I asked.

"Yup...He bought the pistol on June 21, 2010...Here's the receipt from Sully's Gunshop..."he said.

"Okay..give me that...I'm going to take a ride over to the M.E.'s office..See if the numbers on this permit matches that gun over there." I said.

"Good deal...I'm going back to my room to take a nap." he said.


I showed Dr. Norton the gun permit and he pulled the gun out that Robert and James had retrieved from out of the water...

Though the gun had been underwater for two years...the numbers had not been filed off..It was a complete match!!! The phone calls, The gun permit...the gun itself...and the money in the bank account !This was enough to swear out a warrant for Dex's arrest for murder....and possibly Wayne Burrows too!
I thanked Dr. Norton and started out for my rental car...

I was about to open the door when I saw Dex!!!! I smiled-

''Well...If it isn't Sheriff Dexter...You come up out of Mrs. Redding's panties  long enough to do some work huh?" I cracked.

"You know boy, you got a smart ass mouth ." He said.

"Yeah , people have told me that." I said.

" I hear you been around town askin all kinds of questions." he said,

"In case you haven't heard...The Mayor appointed me Special Investigator on these murders." I said.

"Yeah...Well I'm unappointing you and I want you and your lawyer friend and your wives to pack up and go home by noon tomorrow." he said.

"Really...I wonder what the Mayor has to say about that?" I said.

"He aint got a damn thing to say about nothing....He's uh out of town on business and uh..I'm the law in town." he said.

"Is that right?" I said.

"Yeah that's right...Now get out of town by noon tomorrow...Don't worry about these murders..I'll handle the investigation." he said.

"Like you handled it two years ago?" I asked.

He cocked his pistol, but stopped short of aiming it at me...

"You know....Newsy people sometimes slip out here on the pier...fall in the water...That undertow is pretty strong...they often wind up in the bottom of the bay." he laughed.

"Is that what happened to Thelma and Carl?  Did they slip and fall in the water?" I asked.

"They might have...I don't know." he smirked.

"They put themselves in bodybags too and shot themselves in the head?" I said.

''Don't know..stranger things have happened.......When people know something that they really shouldn't oughta." he said.

"Yeah?" I asked,mocking him..

" do like I say and be out of here tomorrow." he said.

I said nothing...

"It'll be good for your health." He said and he walked away.


Back in the motel....Sepia , Bonita, Virginia and James Swanson played gin rummy on a small table...They ordered  Hoagies and sodas and chips from a nearby snack shop...While Robert Foxworth and I were upstairs in Lee Spann's room listening to a revealing recording....It was from Wayne Burrows to Dex.

"Yo Hello." said Dex.

"You bumbling idiot...YOU'RE INCREDIBLE...YOU KNOW THAT?" screamed Wayne Burrows.

'Heyy What did I do?" he asked.

"You big dummy...I just got back in town today and I find out that they found those bodies...I thought you told me that nobody would ever find em?" he said.

"Boss, I weighted em down...I dove all the way down to one of the caves and I weighted em down there...I guess the tarp on the body bags tore and they floated out a bit." said Dex..

"You big dummy..And now the Mayor has two Black dudes from out of town, an Attorney and a Private Investigator nosing around, asking questions..Questions about me." he said.

"Relax...I got it handled....I told em to get out of town." said Dex.

" couldn't find a handle on your front door...You think that's going to make them leave?? Just cause you said so??They got the Mayor's backing..." he said.

"Oh the Mayor can't help them...I took care of that." said Dex.

"You killed the Mayor?" he asked.

"Nah...I had two of the boys grab him.....They blindfolded him and they're holding him outside of town in our know , the safehouse...I'm runnin the town." laughed Dex.


"Well what do you want me to do??  " screamed Dex..

"Don't do nothin....I'll handle this....I've called in some out of town talent to handle our uh negro problem...As for you..Tell your guys to cut the mayor loose and take him back ....Don't do nothin..Go bang the mayor's wife...something you're good at." screamed Wayne Burrows.


Robert looked at me and smiled....

"Game set match..we got em..We got both of em." he said.

I wasn't smiling.....

Lee Spann looked at me gravely...

"They put a contract out on you Kevin." he said.

(Conclusion Next)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Deep Waters

Early the next morning...I stood at the reef and watched and waved as my wife, Sepia, Robert's wife Bonita and James Swanson's fiance, Virginia Wells all went out on the boat with Robert and James and they dove into the Marina for their second dive...

Turns out , Virginia was from Philadelphia originally!! She , Sepia and Bonita hit it off well and before the night was over they were drinking and laughing and talking like old girlfriends...Sepia and Bonita wound up calling her, Jenny!Which was cool...It led to Robert and I having a very good night afterwords if you know what I mean and I know that you do!! From the looks of Virginia..I'm certain that James has many good nights! I'm just saying.

We were all really having a good time , these last few days...James and Robert diving...Me and the wives eating and drinking good food and wine at the local Marina Bar and Casino....and a little lightweight shopping..I sure wished that Robert and James hadn't found those two corpses...

I left the Marina and went to the M.E.'s office...For a small town, they had a very modern and capable Medical Examiner's Office and crime lab.

"Well Kevin, from DNA and dental records, we got a match...You were right...These are the bodies of Thelma Burrows and Carl Stackhouse....We've notified the next of kin..." said the Medical Examiner...A tall,
sandy haired fellow named Dr. John Norton.

"I suppose the press will be all over this soon?" I asked.

"They were already speculating Kevin." he said.

"Well, don't give them any details about the deaths....Not yet...I suspect the killer or killers is still hanging around this quaint little town." I said.

"Any ideas on who?" he asked..

"No..not really....but I'm still digging around ." I said.


Starbucks wasn't my favorite coffee, but that was where Rita Whitfield said she wanted to meet me when I called her...So since every town has at least one establishment..I quickly found the one in this town and waited for her there. She was my kind of woman...On time!

To my surprise...Rita Whitfield was a Black woman....And my second surprise was that,  Carl Stackhouse  was also Black!! She came with photos of Him.  He looked like a happy go lucky young man...He was smiling in every photo...especially the ones with a young and attractive young white woman in them...

"I hate to take up your time Ms. Whitfield....I'm so glad you agreed to meet me here today." I said.

"I'm glad you finally found my cousin's body...For two years Neither I, nor anybody in our family knew what had become of him...I figured he was dead....I didn't have the heart to tell my aunt...His mother." she said.

"Wait! Carl is your cousin?" I asked.

"Yeah...He was in the Black Scuba Divers association...He used to come up here to dive with his buddies all the time. He was from California....I was a grad student at the local university and I had a place here...In 2009, he came out here for a dive and didn't want to go back to Cali...So I told him he could crash with me." she said.

"That's a first...Usually it's the other way around...People want to leave here and move to Cali..." I laughed.

"I know right?" she said... She had an easy laugh.

"He was fine until he started seeing Thelma Burrows..." she said.

''Is that the white woman in the photos?" I asked.

"Yeah...She's married to Wayne Burrows...He's like the wealthiest man in this area...He's the real power in this town...Thelma saw my cousin at one of his dives and she was hooked...I don't know how long they had been sneaking around...but I walked in on them here and that's how I found out... I told him...We argued...I told him that he couldn't be fooling around with a white woman...and especially not that white woman! Not in this town....Wayne Burrows has spies all around...But he wouldn't listen...He tried to break it off with her ,but she kept calling, kept coming around...   It wasn't like Wayne Burrows was a saint..He was doing his thing too...With the porn star..Beverly Blossoms...Everybody knew that she had his nose wide open...It was just a mess Mr. Kevin....."

"Wow...that is something...This is right  out of Peyton Place." I laughed.

"Worse..." she said... On the fourth of July weekend of 2010...Carl told me that he was going to go up there and break it off with Thelma...He said he didn't like sneaking around with another man's wife...I joked that he had just had his fill of her...He laughed and said-"You're right."  He kissed me on the cheek and went out that morning and that was the last time I saw him...Two days passed by and I went to the Sheriff ...He did a half assed investigation....A month went by and he had nothing...It was like he hadn't even started an investigation...  Then Burrow's wife was reported missing too...I went back to the Sheriff...He said that he would "let me know " if he had anything." she said with disgust.

"But he he never got back to me." She said.

"I'm not surprised...Seems like Sheriff Dex is pre-occupied." I said.

''With what? He doesn't do a damn thing but drive around in his Bently or his BMW and try to pick up girls all day." she said.

"What? He has a Bently??? and a BMW?  On HIS salary?"I asked.

"Yeah...Explain that to me...I went to the State....but they stalled too.. and I tried to go to the Feds, but they said that this was a local matter and that Carl was a grown man and that maybe he just went back to California. I wrote letters to whoever would listen...but nobody did anything until you and your friends found those bodies...They were murdered weren't they?" she asked.

"Yeah...a .22 slug to both of their heads....and whoever killed them, wrapped them up and dropped them in the marina and tried to hide them in one of the tunnells under the water...The bodies had been weighted down." I said.

"Wow.....Well..What's going to happen now?" she asked.

"The Mayor asked me and my friend Robert to handle he investigation...He's paying us...I'm a private investigator and my friend, Robert...He's an attorney." I said.

"You've got to be careful...Once this hits the papers...Wayne Burrows will do everything he can do to stop you..  " she said.

"You think he's behind this?" I asked.

"Of course...that was his wife who was fooling around with a black man....the ultimate insult to a man like him....." she said.

"You think he has influence over Sherrif Dex?" I said.

"You asked yourself how he could afford those two nice cars with a County Sherrif's salary didn't you?  He purchased the Bently in October of 2010 and by Christmas he had the BMW.." she said with a wink...

"What's the deal with the Mayor?" I asked.

"He hates Wayne Burrows..Hates him with a passion...Wayne Burrows was rumored to have been sleeping with his wife at one time..." she said.

Hmmmm, it seems like old girl gets around...I mused to myself.

"Wayne controls everything around here...Half of the City Council is on the take to him....He gets a cut of all of the businesses around here too...He'll do any and everything to stop you from doing your job.." she said.

"Don't worry..I have dealt with nastier guys than him...I can take care of myself.." I said.

"I'm not hanging around this town much longer...I've already made plans to move...." she said.

"Good move...You got a cell phone? " I asked.

"Yeah." she said.

"Give me a number . Someway to get in contact with you." I said.

"Sure.....Thank you Mr. Kevin...Thank you so much...My family is coming tomorrow to claim Carl's body..We are taking him back to Cali for Funeral and burial." she said.

"Good...Stay out there a few days until I clean this mess up." I said.



A few hours later....I got a call from Robert Foxworth....

''Kev..Where you at man?" he said.

"I'm in the rental car...I'm headed over to the bar." I said.

''Good , we got something to show you." he said.

"Oh no...I don't know if I like the sound of that." I said in all seriousness...

"Just get here man." He said.

I drove to the Casino Bar where Sepia, Bonita, Virginia and James met me at the door..... Robert handed me a wet and rusty .22 caliber pistol....

I looked at them both....

"What is this?" I asked.

"We found it in our dive today....You said that both skulls had what looked like a size .22 hole in them...This could be the murder weapon." said Robert Foxworth....

"It could be...but it's been in the water for two years...I don't know if it could pass a balistics test or not..We'll see." I said.

"It's been a pretty long day...let's go inside and get some drinks and some food..I'm starving." I said.

"Way ahead of you Lover." said Sepia, as she, Bonita, James and Virginia entered the Bar...I pulled Robert to the side...

"Robert...I may have to call in my guys on this." I said.  "This is deeper than you know." I continued..

"Nah Kev..Nah...We aint in Philly goin up against some gangster...Clerow, Kool Kat, Owen and Lockpick Johnson will stand out in this town like a sore thumb..." he said.

"I need them...I have to wiretap a couple of people.." I said...

"Peeping Tom is white and Pakastani Sam can at least play the part..." I said.

''Awww man, you gone get them all arrested." he said.

"What else can I do?" I said.

"What about that white dude...Lee Spann...the other private investigator you know?  He's white!" said Robert.

"Good Idea...I'll call him...He's an expert at this type of thing." I said.

"Okay...but I don't like this." said Robert...

"It'll be okay...Now come on...Let's get some drinks." I said.

(To Be Continued....)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Something Fishy

Robert Foxworth, James Swanson and I went to the morgue and looked at the skelatal remains of the two bodies that had been fished out of the water the day before....The M.E. confirmed what I had suspected all along...That these were the remains of a man and a woman...both about 36 or 37 years of age and both had been dead for close to two years....

I really didn't want to get involved, but out of curiosity, I searched through the case files of missing persons in the general area and came up with what looked like a match... Thelma Burrows, 37 and Carl Stackhouse, 35
both vanished in the summer of 2010.....Thelma Burrows was the wife of Millionaire socialite, Wayne Burrows, 37 and Carl Stackhouse , 35 was a swimming instructor and bodybuilder....Both vanished in and around the 4th of July weekend that year.  A missing persons report on Mrs. Burrows wasn't filed until August 14, 2010 by her husband, Wayne Burrows.  I found that odd...  Carl Stackhouse was reported missing by his female housemate, Rita Whitfield on July 6th 2010...From what I could see...Not much of an investigation was done on either person.

I looked up insurance records and I found that Thelma Burrows was insured for 2 million dollars...Which made this seem all but a done deal...until I thought...Her husband was already rich...what would 2 million be to him?

A further search of public records showed that he was already re-married to another younger woman, 27 year old Beverly Blossoms. He remarried in September 2010....Just two months after his wife went missing...
I told Robert of my findings....

'Damn Kev, you are good...You found out all of that stuff this quick? " said Robert.

"Yeah...What's amazing is , it was all kept very quietly...I need to talk to the Sheriff." I said.

"That's a waste of time...He's not worth a damn." said James Swanson.

" is his town, his investigation.." I said.

The three of us headed over to his office... Robert and James sat outside in James's car, while I walked in the office...

When I got to his office..the door was slightly cracked... The mayor's wife was on her knees..She had Dex's engorged penis in her mouth and her head was going back and forth....His eyes seemed to be rolling up in his head and he was moaning....

"AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...ummmmmmmmmph...ohhhhhhhhh babyyyyyyyyyy.....Awwwwwwwwww gezzzzzzzz...geeeeeeeeeez.....ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..."

 " Mmmmmm Dexxxxx...MmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...ouuuuuuuuuu.." She moaned... Now he lifted her up and plunged into her as her head flug back and her hair just fell and he mounted her and began pumping her as hard as he could...



"OHHHHH baby, I'm about to blowwwww my loaaadd!..ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he moaned!

"OHHH GODD're making me lose my mind.....Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu.." she moaned.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing...In the middle of the day..Not a deputy or detective anywhere in sight and this guy buck naked , with the Mayor's wife on her knees in his office...It was a wonder anything got done in this town of a law enforcement nature... I wonder how long he'd been screwing the Mayor's wife...I wondered if the Mayor of this small town had any idea...It wasn't important...I left.

''Hey that was fast." said James Swanson.

"Not fast enough ." I muttered in disgust.

"Yeah Kev ,what's up?" asked Robert.

"Aww he's no help." I said.

"I told you." said James Swanson..

"So where to now?" asked Robert.

"To the Mayor's office." I said.


The Mayor's Office in this small town was in the same office the Post Office shared...Why was I not surprised?

Unlike Sherrif Dex.....Mayor Otis G. Redding was in his office and it was fully staffed and he was hard at work...Robert  and I walked in and  he smiled upon seeing us. James stayed outside in the car.

"Well Hello fellas...You are the two guys who found the bodies in the Marina yesterday aren't you?" he asked.

"Yes sir we are." said Robert Foxworth...."I'm an Attorney from Philadelphia....This here is my friend, Kevin Morris...He's a licensed Private Investigator...He's very good...We went to the morgue this morning...They are doing a DNA work up on the two skelatons....My friend Kevin here did some digging and this is what he found sir." said Robert.

"Well Mr. Mayor..I did a little checking and These two people match Thelma Burrows, 37 and Carl Stackhouse, 35 who both vanished in the summer of 2010.....Thelma Burrows was the wife of Millionaire socialite, Wayne Burrows, 37 and Carl Stackhouse , 35 was a swimming instructor and bodybuilder....Both vanished in and around the 4th of July weekend that year.  A missing persons report on Mrs. Burrows wasn't filed until August 14, 2010 by her husband, Wayne Burrows.  I found that  was kinda odd...  Carl Stackhouse was reported missing by his female housemate, Rita Whitfield on July 6th 2010...From what I could see...Not much of an investigation was done on either person." I said.

"THAT FIGURES" said the Mayor who didn't seem to be hearing all of this for the first time.

"I looked up insurance records and I found that Thelma Burrows was insured for 2 million dollars...Which made this seem all but a done deal...until I thought...Her husband was already rich...what would 2 million be to him? I did some checking and I found that a further search of public records showed that he was already re-married to another younger woman, 27 year old Beverly Blossoms. He remarried in September 2010....Just two months after his wife went missing.. I know it all could be a co-incidence, but it just looks fishy sir.Like he knew she wasn't coming back..ever!" I said.

The Mayor sat still for a moment then he said.-  "You found all of that out in just one morning?...That waste of time Sheriff I got couldn't find out a damn thing in two years...Yes...I knew Thelma Burrows and her husband Wayne Burrows...I remember when she went missing...I didn't know the other fella... Burrows told us that his wife  run off with another fellow,...I didn't know about the other fellow that went missing...but I know the girl he used to run with, uh ahhh Rita Whitfield....I can give you her address and phone number...She's still around town..I thought something was fishy from day one ,when Thelma went missing and how non-chalont Wayne acted... Did you know he auctioned off all of her stuff just two months after she vanished? ,I tried to get the State Police to look into it...Even the Justice Department, but I was un successful and that waste of time sherrif...ugh, don't get me started on him...He vanishes for hours at times...I think he's got some woman somewhere.  Then again...What woman would be dumb enough or desperate enough to fool with him? he said.

"Uh sir...Uhh shouldn't that be Sheriff Dex's job? I mean shouldn't he handle this?" I asked, Trying to change the subject...This poor man...If he only knew what I knew.

"Dex couldn't find a handle on a front door....I'd of fired him a long time ago...but my wife seems to think that I'm too hard on him....She and he are friends...they go back to high school or somethin or other..He played football...He's somewhat of a hero around here....She was a cheerleader...If it wasn't for her..I'd fire him.
I want you to investigate this...I'll pay both of you." he said.  "I'll call Dex and tell him to give you any assistance you need." said the Mayor.

Robert Foxworth and I looked at each other and smiled....We left the Mayor's office...

"Wow...We got a job." said Robert....

"What ?" asked James Swanson..

"The Mayor wants Kevin to head up the investigation  and for me to assist him." said Robert.

''Mannn ,Dex aint gonna like this." laughed James Swanson.

"He'll be too busy porking the mayor's wife to even notice." I smirked.

"Huh?, what?" said both Robert and James.

"Yesterday, while you guys were diving...I caught him and the mayors wife going at it in one of the locker rooms....I nearly walked in on them but I turned around before they saw me..Then today when I went up to talk to him..He had her in his office going at it again." I said.

'WHAT??? Does the Mayor know?" asked James

"No...If he did ...Dex wouldn't just be fired...He'd be dead." I said.

Robert busted out laughing , he slapped his sides laughing...

"Come on, let's go get the girls and get some brews." I said.


Robert, Bonita, Sepia and I all  met in the little Marina Bar and Casino we had found the day before...We had  drinks and we told the girls about the days events....They especially laughed when I told them about Dex and the Mayor's wife and how much the mayor hates Dex and has no clue about what Dex and his wife are doing.

"You know Kev...James and I have another dive tomorrow..." said Robert.

"That's cool...I'm going to interview that Rita Whitfield person and look up some more county and state records... The M.E. has contacted the relatives of the two people I suspect that these bodies are and he's doing a DNA match up and he's looking at dental records...I'll talk to him tomorrow and see what he comes up with." I said.

"Is James going to be meeting us tonight?" asked Bonita.

"Yeah, why?" asked Robert, who wasn't as amused by their attraction to him as I was.

"No reason...just asking." said Bonita who gave my wife the side eye. Sepia just laughed and shook her head.

"Speak of the comes James now." I said as James walked over to where we were sitting with an attractive , light skinned Black woman...she had green eyes..Robert and  I both perked up.

"Hello guys....This is uh my fiance, Virgina Wells...Virginia, this is Robert Foxworth, The fellow I will be doing my dive with....and this is his wife, Bonita...His friend, Kevin Morris and his wife, Sepia." he said.

"Pleased to meet you." she said.

Both Sepia and Bonita looked like the sun had fallen out of the sky....I laughed and stomped my foot silently...They had no idea what I was laughing about...but Robert did and he looked at me and winked.

(To Be Continued...)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Something In The Water

It was nice being outside of Philadelphia for a change....Sepia and I were the guests of our good friends, Attorney, Robert Foxworth and his wife, Bonita Turner.......I had known Robert Foxworth for a number of years...What I knew about him was that he was a damn good Attorney...Was once married to Lt. Sissy Van Buren of Philly Homicide, Was a bit of a ladies man, which was why he was no longer married to her and his second wife...Was now married for the third time and seemed to be a reformed man!   What I didn't know was that he was an accomplished  scuba diver and a member of the Black Scuba Divers Association!!!

He and several of his friends had picked a four day weekend to come to this Marina and dive and they invited me and Sepia and his wife Bonita to come up.  We were staying at a little seaside motel in adjoining rooms...
Today , As the three of watched Robert put on his gear, we sat by quietly enjoying drinks...

'Kev, you're an old Navy man...You oughta get into this." said Robert Foxworth...

"That's okay man...My time in the Marine Core was spent strictly on the ground...Boxing and of course, my time as an NCIS investigator." I said.

"Yeah?  Well that explains a lot about you...." he laughed... "I understand that Sepia was a champion swimmer in high school!" he said looking at my wife.

''Is that true Sepia?" asked Bonita.

'Yeah, we went to the New Jersey State swim championships, but we didn't win." she said.

"Yeah, but that bathing suit she had on was a winner." I laughed.

She looked at me and shook her head , then she laughed...So did Bonita...

"Well I can't swim ...I can barely tread water." laughed Bonita.

'That's okay've got three people who can swim and who got your back." laughed my wife Sepia.

I smiled and continued to drink my Corona..

"Hey ready?"  came a voice...It was James Swanson, Robert's diving partner...He was tall, about two or three inches taller than both Robert and me, athletic build and a dead ringer for El Debarge...

Sepia and Bonita sat up and gave each other that look that women give each other when they see a sexy man..  I smiled wryly...

''Hey Everybody...This is my friend, Jim...Jim Swanson..Jim, this is my wife, Bonita, My good friend, Kevin Morris and his wife, Sepia.." said Robert.

''Pleased to meet you all." he said.

Both Bonita and my wife Sepia just smiled and smiled...I had never seen so many pearly whites....I just shook my head and laughed to myself..

''Well Jim..We'd better be going." said Robert as both men put on their tanks and head gear and  took a small motor boat out to the middle of the preserve...They dove into the water....


"Wow Sepia...If I had known Robert's diver friends were this fine, I'd of been coming up here with him more often." said Bonita.

''Girl, you aint never lied..." laughed Sepia.

And they say that men are dogs!  While they sat and talked lustfully about Robert's diving buddy...I excused myself and walked around the marina...It was beautiful and the weather was wonderful...So nice to have a few days off and out of the city...So nice to not have to carry a gun , to not have to worry about players and murders and what not...This was sooo cool...The only thing missing was music.

I walked past one of the locker rooms...I heard something slamming hard against one of the lockers....

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh...ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...ohhhhh jeeezz...Ohhhhhhhhhhh.." came the sound of a woman's voice...

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,,,hohohohohohoohohohohoho.....ummmmmm." came the sound of a man's voice...

I peeped inside...

A man and a woman were having sex inside the locker room...It was away from the view of everyone...and yet their sounds could be heard right out on the boardwalk by anyone passing by...

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh DEX...ouuuuuuuuuuu..."came the female voice.

""OHHHHH Mrs. Redding....ohhhhhh's sooo goood...ummmm.."said Dex.

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu." came the female voice...

It was none of my business...After all, I was here for pleasure...relaxation...Who they were was none of my concern...I walked on......I saw Sepia and Bonita walking along the boardwalk....

"Hey..we were wondering where you went off to." said Sepia...

"Where are you girls off to?" I asked.

"Nowhere in particular...just walking.." I said.

"Mind if we join you?" asked Bonita.

"Of course not." I said.


We found a Casino -Bar and the three of us went in....

"You gamble or play games of chance Bonita?" I asked.

"I never win anything ."she said.

"Me neither...but Sepia on the other hand.." I said.

My wife laughed...She hadn't been near any crap tables since our anniversary in AC , a few months earlier.

"You wanna play?" I asked.

"Nah..Let's get some drinks." she wisely said.

We got drinks and laughed and talked for about a few hours...Then we walked back to the dive sight where Robert and James Swanson would be returning..

As we walked back, we saw police lights and a crowd of people gathered around.....

'What's going on?" asked Sepia....

"Oh my God...Has something happened to Robert?" asked Bonita.

We all ran towards the area where the crowd was...There was James Swanson, sitting on the side of the boat and Robert Foxworth, dripping wet....Lying on the boardwalk was two bodybags....They had been ripped on the side and inside both were two bodies....Actually skelatal remains!!!!!

Bonita ran to Robert's Arms...

"Baby, what happened?" she said.

"James and I went diving and we went into one of the caves and we saw these two bags just floating....They looked like they had been covered up by something...Whatever it was had drifted away...Well...when it did, guess what we found?? Two bodies....They had been weighted down...." said Robert Foxworth.....

I looked at the skelatons...One was it could have been a man and the other one was smaller, like it could have been a woman...There was a neat little hole in the side of the head of both!!! They'd both been shot and placed in body bags and dropped in this lake...and if what Robert and James said was true..They'd been hidden in a cave!!!!

Just then, a tall, well tanned White man broke through the crowd...His hair was disheveled and he was desperately trying to fix his pants....It Was Dex!!! The man I'd seen in the women's locker room screwing the brains out of some woman....

"Alright ,Alright...what's going on here?" he barked to one of the detectives on the scene.

"Well Sheriff , there's been a double murder here....Couple of divers found the bodies weighted down in a cave in the marina." he said.

"Where are they?" he barked angrilly...

"Those two Black guys over there." said the detective ,pointing to Robert and James..

He walked over to them and barked out-

"You two discover this?"

"Yes sir....I'm Robert Foxworth, I'm an Attorney from Philadelphia." said Robert.

"I didn't ask you who you were...What were you doing in that cave?" he asked.

"We are with the Black Scuba Divers Association ...We always dive here." added James Swanson.

"Didn't you read the signs down there telling you not to go in those caves?" he barked.

"What signs? There were no signs...and besides..We didn't go in any caves...One of these bodybags tore a loose from something and was floating away , when we first saw it." said James Swanson.

"YOU LIE!!!" screamed Dexter...

"Sheriff , what the hell is wrong with you?" came another voice...It was an older white man...He had a much younger woman with him....It was obviously, his wife...and she was the woman...Same woman.I saw in the locker room having wild sex with Dex hours before...Hmmmm, what was going on here? I wondered.

"Boys...I'm the Mayor of this town...I'm Otis G. Redding...Not to be confused with the great Negro R&;B singer." he laughed....Not that anybody would confuse the two... Sepia,Bonita and I watched..

"Did you guys give a statement to the police here about what you found?" he asked.

'Yes sir Mr. Redding." said Robert Foxworth.

"Good, just don't leave  town  for awhile, unless they need to talk to you further...but as for now, you're free to go." he said.

"Thank you sir." said James Swanson.

Robert, Bonita, James , Sepia and I were getting ready to walk away when I heard Mayor Redding say to Dex..

"Don't you ever let me hear you speak to guests in this town like that again you hear? They didn't commit the crime...They discovered it...You talked to them like they did something wrong....If you were ever where you were supposed to be ,instead of somewhere with your head UP YOUR BUTT!! MAYBE YOU COULD DISCOVER AND SOLVE A CRIME OR TWO!" he barked.

Dex just whimpered and walked away...The mayor's wife didn't blink....She just stared ahead....

I laughed -

''What was that about?" laughed Sepia.

"I'll tell you about it later." I said as we all headed back to our room.

(To Be Continued...)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Bed

You sent me a "Dear John" letter yesterday...
I wasn't surprised by the words that it said..
You said that you could no longer play this game that we play...
You said that being with me was bad for your head.../

I called you , but you wouldn't answer your phone..
I drove by your house and knocked on your door
You wouldn't answer ,but I knew that you were at home..
It's okay with me if that's how you really feel, but you've said all of this before../

Hours later there came a knock on my door...
You had on a trenchcoat and under it, not much more...
Before I could say a word...You were kissing and undressing me..
Next thing I know..We are both in bed ,making love...just you and me.../

Girl, If I'm so bad for you
Then what are you doing in this bed?
If this is a bad fit for you...
Why are you in this Bed?
I'm not the one messing with your head...
If I'm no good for you...
Then Why are you in this bed?/

You say you can't make up your mind as to what you want to do.
That sounds like less of my problem and more of one for you.
You say that I've got you caught up and confused..
And that after making love with me , you feel so used.../

It all sounds like an excuse you see..
Transferring your guilt
of what we do from you to me..
I'm not putting a gun to your head...
And yet, time after time...You wind up..
In this bed./

Girl, If I'm so bad for you
Then what are you doing in this bed?
If this is a bad fit for you...
Why are you in this Bed?
I'm not the one messing with your head...
If I'm no good for you...
Then Why are you in this bed?/

I'll ask you once more..
Girl, If I'm so bad for you
Then what are you doing in this bed?
If this is a bad fit for you...
Why are you in this Bed?
I'm not the one messing with your head...
If I'm no good for you...
Then Why are you in this bed?/

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

While I'm Trying To Sleep (2012)

I want to hold you
want to kiss you
want to undress you
want to hear you moan too..
what I won't do..
is sit by the phone
wishing you were here
while my neighbors bed rams into
the wall of my room..
and I sit here surrounded by four walls
of gloom/

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....ummmmph...ouuuuu...ohhhh baby..."


"Come on girl...ohhhhhhh..."

"Oh God...Oh God...Oh God, this is so goooood..ouuuuuu."

/Don't waste any more time on the phone
grab a taxi..I'll pay the fare..
just get here soon, I don't care..
I'm jealous of the hours my neighbor
and his girlfriend keep..
while I'm trying to sleep
while I'm trying to get some sleep../

"Ohhhhhhhhh baby, don't stop....don't stoppppppppp...ouuuuuuuu.."

"Oh girllll...Ohhhhhh....ohhhh good lord this is sooo good..."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...don't stoppppp.."

/you see he's
holding her tight
doing her right
his kissing her
caressing her
all through this night..
and she's starting to moan..
you could be sounding like that too..
if you weren't still on the phone
that could be my bed ramming up against the wall
of his room../

/put down the cell phone
grab a taxi...
I'll pay the fare
just get here soon..
I don't care..
I'm jealous of the hours my next door neighbors keep
when I'm trying to sleep
when I'm trying to get some sleep./

(Reposted...Originally published on October 17, 2008)

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Won't Sweat You

What it comes down to..
Well let me lay it all out for you.
I'll make it very plain..
I'll take this time to explain..
There won't be any pressure..
I'll give you time to measure.../

The Tall and the short of it...
the decision isn't mine or his
it's all on you.
to make up your mind as to what you want to do...
and if that choice doesn't happen to be me...
I'll be gone baby.... total history.

I won't sweat you about it girl...
I won't be like those other guys...
you turned down before..
knockin at your door...
cryin please baby please..
I'm on bended knees...
while you're tryin to sleep.../

It's not like you haven't seen me everyday...
It's not like you didn't know what I was going to say...
I'm not one to beat around the bush..
and I'll never prod or push...
If your choice isn't me...I'll walk and wish you the best...
If your choice isn't me...I won't hang around like the rest../

Because I know you're trying to sleep..
Your I-phone won't vibrate or get a beep..
I won't be outside your door on my knees..
beggin please baby please...
wakin up your neighbors as you try to sleep...

The Tall and the short of it...
the decision isn't mine or his
it's all on you.
to make up your mind as to what you want to do...
and if that choice doesn't happen to be me...
I'll be gone baby.... total history.

I won't sweat you about it girl...
I won't be like those other guys...
you turned down before..
knockin at your door...
cryin please baby please..
I'm on bended knees...
while you're tryin to sleep.../