Saturday, April 27, 2013

Checked Out

I've checked out of this world...
Because nothing has been the same
since you left me girl...
I've chosen to live in a world of
because reality doesn't work for me
since you're not with me

I long for a tender touch..
the soft skin that meant so
The sound of your laugh...
Your sexy walk...
The sound of your voice
when you talk...
and now that that's gone..
Everything in the so called
real world is wrong..
So I'm content to live in a world of
my choosing...
And this is where I'll stay..
A world where you'd never ever dream
of going away../

I've checked out of this world..
a world that makes no sense
anymore without you in it..
I've checked out...
I'd rather live in my world of fantasy...
A world that to most doesn't exist...
but a world where I'd always
have the ecstacy of your kiss..
That's where you'll find me../

I've checked out of this world...
Because nothing has been the same
since you left me girl...
I've chosen to live in a world of
because reality doesn't work for me
since you're not with me

You can call me crazy
I suppose..
but this is the world I chose...
And it's better than so called
At least here, you're always
with me...
Even if it is a fantasy....
Everything in the so called
real world went wrong...
The minute you said
bye bye..
and I realized you were gone.../

Oh, how I...
I long for a tender touch..
the soft skin that meant so
The sound of your laugh...
Your sexy walk...
The sound of your voice
when you talk...
and now that that's gone..
Everything in the so called
real world is wrong..
So I'm content to live in a world of
my choosing.../

Until you come back to me..
On Vacay from reality..
Girl, until you come back to me..

Friday, April 26, 2013

Parting Shots

Detectives Edwin "Duke" Baylor and Tyriq Pile arrived at the Mall with three police cars and a Paddy Wagon...The two of them and six uniformed policemen fanned out and had no trouble finding and arresting mall security guard, Dominick Evans and charging him with the double murders of Joshua and Cynthia Washington and the murder of  Lawyer, Melvin Feingold..We didn't have enough to charge him with the murder of Gangster, Willie ''Shoes" Shoemaker...but he was a suspect in that case also...He surrendered quietly without a struggle...He almost looked relieved to be caught...Tyriq Pile would later tell me.

I got them a warrant and they raided his house, where they found a Glock nine and bags of latex booties and gloves...The same kind homicide detectives use in some investigations to keep from contaminating a crime scene...

They found black jeans, black t-shirts, black ski masks, and a taser...All of which we impounded for evidence and the White Impala, with the license plate that matched the one Detective Jimmy Barlow Saw on the Video....

Meanwhile, the love of my life, Detective Carlotta Rodriguez, Detective Jimmy Barlow and their Lieutenant, Sissy Van Buren were not so lucky...

They took six uniformed officers with them also and raided the coffee shop where I told them that Barbara Dennison worked.,I accompanied them....They were told that she had quit a day before....

I got them a warrant and they raided her house. (We had gotten her home address from the computer that Jimmy and Carlotta had examined days before..)Turned out It was a rental home in her name.....When they got there..they found it empty!!!

Barbara Dennison had flown the coop!

''Man, this broad must have a sixth sense....She must have known we were on to her." said Detective Jimmy Barlow.
"How could she have known?  We gave her no indication that we were even close to an arrest...Nothing has been in the papers." said Detective Carlotta Rodriguez...

"Neither of you really knew her like I did...She is very smart, had great instincts...Almost like a sixth sense..She knows that with the rate the bodies were falling that the pressure to find the culprit was on...She probably knows that we are working on it...She knew that the time to leave was now...and that's what she did...Pack it in guys....She's quit her job and it looks like she's got a head start on us...She's gone." said Sissy.

"I hate to lose like this...I wanted to crack this case." said Carlotta....

"Relax Chica...We did crack it...We know who we are looking for." said Sissy who smiled and put her arms around her.


When we arrived back at C.I.D.. Sissy smiled upon seeing Duke and Tyriq and their prisoner, Dominick Evans in the fishbowl....

''Well we did get lucky...We got one half of the murderous duo..." she said. "Good Work Tyriq, Duke." she said.

''He's not talking Lou. Hasn't said a word.. Just sits and stares."said Tyriq.

"Where is Babs?" asked Duke.

''Gone" said Sissy.

"Gone?" asked Tyriq...

"She quit her job yesterday and we went to her house and it's bone dry." said Jimmy.

"Damn..." said Duke.

"Hey guys...Let me brace Dominick? " said Sissy..

"You Boss Lady?" asked Carlotta.

"You?" asked Duke and Tyriq in unison...

Sissy never braced or interviewed suspects...She usually left that up to Carlotta,Jimmy, Duke and Tyriq, but she had been a Homicide Detective, It's not like she hadn't done it before...

"Yeah...I know him...Jimmy come in and be my second." she said.

Jimmy smiled and stuck his tongue out at Carlotta, Tyriq and Duke...I just stood and laughed as they went in...

Sissy walked in and sat down...Dominick looked at her and smiled...

"Sissy Van Buren....How long has it been?" he said.

"Hi Dom...It has been a few years..." she said and smiled.

"Is this little Jimmy?? Oh My God..He's a Detective now...I remember when he was fresh out of the academy, runnin to get my coffee." he laughed...

"Yeah but you know, they say the worst conversational piece is Remember when." said Jimmy.

''Is that what they say?" asked Dom sarcastically.

''Yeah" said Jimmy.

I could tell that Jimmy didn't like being reminded of that and especially not by him.....I looked over at Carlotta and she bristled at his mention of those days when she and Jimmy were young uniformed officers...I didn't know either of them then...but I'm bettin she was cute !  I walked over and put my arms around Carlotta, she leaned her head into my chest, but continued to watch...

"Dom! You're in a lot of trouble, you know that right.?" said Sissy.

He put his head down....

"Yeah, I know....I never dreamed that one day I'd be sittin in here, with handcuffs on being braced....I used to be on the other side doing the questioning...When I saw Duke and Tyriq in the mall and the cops...I knew that the jig was up..I suppose you guys been to my house too huh?" he asked.

"Yes, we have." said Sissy.

"I figured that this might happen...I-I-I been bitter for years...I was a detective Sissy,Like you!!...I had a gold shield...I was the elite of detectives...a Homicide cop!!....and I got reduced to being a rent a cop, at a damn mall...couldn't even collect my pension..Living in a rental house...because of some hookers?? And some girl with mental problems?? Come onnnnnnnn." he said.

"Dom...Come on....You know better...You knew better..." said Sissy.

''Awww Come on Sissy? All the guys played around..Everybody wasn't married to a lawyer like you were at the time...By the way,how is Robert? ,I always liked him?" he said. Sissy wasn't buying it.

" He's fine! He's remarried. When did Barbara sell you on this?" asked Sissy.

"She came to me about a year ago...I ran into her in the Aqua Bar...She told me that after she got canned..She was a stripper for a little while...Then she tried her hand at the Casinos, doing security for awhile and then gave that up altogether ,came back to Philly and was working as a cashier at a coffee shop..

She said.."Look at us...What are we doin living like this??, You working at a mall as a security guard..Me working security in a casino in Atlantic City..and stripping at one point!!!...This wasn't supposed to happen..It didn't have to happen."

She was more bitter than I was..She was pissed at ADA Joshua Washington....She hated him with a passion and that Jew Lawyer that exposed her , well he wasn't far from the top of her hate list...She was obsessed with them both!!...She blamed both of them.Knew their schedules, where they lived...studied their movemants..She had em down pat." he said.

"But why did you get involved...Neither of them did anything to you?" said Sissy.

"Washington recomended that I be dismissed from the force..Told Lt. Cantrell that I blew every one of my cases that he tried to try because of my unprofessional manner..Maybe he shoulda been a better lawyer!!...Barbara said if it looked like two people were involved it would be harder to figure out a motive...She said they were symbols of everything that was wrong with the department.At the time I agreed..I mean,I hated Washington almost as much as she did...but I had no beef with Feingold or Washington's wife..I didn't even know em...That was all Babs.." he said.

"Why did you kill Mrs. Washington?" she asked.

"I didn't do her...Barbara did her...We didn't know she was home...We heard her  rummaging around upstairs after we lit Josua Washington up...She ran upstairs and popped her. She was supposed to be on vacation..I guess she returned early...We had nothing against her..." he said.

"What about Melvin Feingold?" asked Jimmy...

Dominick looked at Jimmy and smiled, then he laughed....

"Imagine this...YOU asking me a question..." he said.

"Answer the detective's question Dom." said Sissy.

"Yeah, we both did him too!...The next night!...You guys didn't find him until the next day...We saw You, Detective Pile and the uniforms when you arrived..We were right across the street in a rental car with shaded windows watching and laughing." he said.

"And Shoes?" asked Sissy.

"Shoes? Who?" he asked.

''Willie "Shoes" Shoemaker, a wiseguy..." said Sissy.

"I don't know nothin about that." he said.

That meant that Barbara probably went solo...A parting shot before she left town, I thought.

"You want a lawyer?" asked Sissy.

"Nah....I'm tired..I haven't been able to sleep....I can't  believe that I took part in this crap... I didn't really have the heart for anymore killin..." he said.

"How long had you two been sleeping together?" asked Sissy...

"Damn Sissy, you're good...Off and on since we were Detectives on the force...I wasn't the only one...Lt. Cantrell was banging her too..That's why he wouldn't fire her , Even after ADA Washington demanded it..Washington had to go to the Deputy Ops to get that done."he said.

Sissy shook her head....

"Goodbye Dom." she said as she got up..."Jimmy, take his statement." she said.


Sissy walked out of the Fishbowl and walked over to Detective Tyriq Pile... As Carlotta and I watched...

"Tyriq, call Special Agent in Charge ,Frank Cotton over at the FBI and tell him to put out a fugitive flight warrant for Barbara Ann Dennison." she said.  "Duke...Good job here, Go home, get some sleep. Tell Tyriq he's done for today too." she continued.

"Thanks Lou." said Duke.

"Boss Lady?" asked Carlotta.

"Yes Chica?"

"I heard him mention that Lt. Cantrell was sleeping with her too." she said.

"Uh huh." she said.

"What if she went to visit him? What if she hasn't gone yet?" she asked.

"You really want to catch her don't you?" laughed Sissy.

''Well...She's gotten everybody else that had a hand in her losing her job and the guy who used to be Deputy Ops when she was on the force has been dead for years.....Lt. Cantrell is the last piece of the puzzle." said Carlotta.

Sissy pondered the thought for a minute...

''Hmmmm, you've got a point Chica... I mean, it can't hurt to look right?" said Sissy..Who looked at me and winked..I smiled.

"Let's use your car Keith." she said.



It was a warm Spring night...Unseasonably warm...almost 79 degrees...Most of the windows on Lt. Cantrell's block were open...His was no exception..

Carlotta and Sissy had their guns unholstered and walked around looking for anything suspicious...and then we got in front of his house...

From the streets the three of us could hear bed springs squeaking loudly, headboards slamming against the wall..and wails of  lust and ecstacy


"Ohhh baby, give it to meeeeee....ummmmmmph..."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Barbara ...ouuuuuuuuuu, more, more... ohhhhhh..."

"Sock it to me Eddie...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gooooddddddd lawdd it's soooo goood...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I've missed you girl...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweeeeet jesusssssssssss you are a demon in the bedddddddddd...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.."

"Morrre...Morreee....morrre...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Edward..ouuuuuu..Edward....OHHHHHHH."
she wailed...

"Ohhhh Barbara, why did you leave me?,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..I'm losin my minddddddddd!! "

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...I love you soooooooooooooo much...ouuuuuuuuuuuu.."

"Damn, I kind of hate to interrupt the man at a time like this." I said.

Both Sissy and Carlotta gave me the serious side eye and said in unison- "Men!!!"

Finally there was silence.....Perhaps they were finished...

''Girl, where are you going? You gettin dressed??" said Lt. Cantrell...

"Got to go." said Barbara Dennison...

"Go where?, We just got started good.." he said.

"That was my parting shot..See...ADA Washington got me fired and you promised to go to the F.O.P. and get me a lawyer and get me re-instated...You never did...You never returned my calls..All those years..All those years I let you have me whenever you pleased...All I did with you and you acted like you didn't know me." she said.

"Barbara wait..I did all I could for you...I swear ...I did everything I could...but there was people over my head...It was out of my hands!!!!...I swear. Heyyyy, Wait a minute... It was you wasn't it?  You killed The Washingtons and Feingold, Didn't you??Oh my God!!!...Hey put that gun away..What you doing with a gun??" he yelled...

We heard a shot!


I picked the lock.....Carlotta and Sissy looked at me with astonishment.... I smiled weakly....

''What? Before I was an Attorney, I was a kid from West Philly..I wasn't always the sterling guy you see today!....Go get her." I said..

Sissy smiled broadly and shook her head...

"Got any other things we should know about, counselor?" she asked.

"Well, I'll let you know as it comes up." I laughed...

Carlotta whispered in my ear...

"I'm really turned on by you right now." and then she winked and cracked up laughing..

I shook my head and smiled.

Barbara was dressed and coming down the stairs when she looked and saw Sissy and Carlotta with their glocks drawn and aimed at her....

"Barb...It's Over...We got Dom, he laid the whole thing out...He gave you up! Please ,don't make me kill you." said Sissy.

Barbara Dennison smiled..dropped her weapon and allowed Carlotta to handcuff her....

"Well,if I had to get arrested, I'm glad it was by you Sissy...One of the best." she said....She looked at Carlotta and she smiled...

"For what it's worth...I'm proud of you....You always were a sharp young patrol officer and you look like you're a pretty good Detective." she said.

"She is...She's one of my best." said Sissy...

Carlotta smiled...


''Ladies, uh let me attend to him...Give him some dignity." I said.

Sissy laughed.....Carlotta smiled and Barbara Dennison herself, laughed too.. I ran past them on the stairwell and went to the bedroom where Lt. Cantrell lay on the floor in his boxers...He had been shot in the thigh, just inches from his penis...He was bleeding profusely, but he would more than likely live...

"Lt. Cantrell. Sissy and Carlotta have Barbara in custody and we picked up her accomplice earlier today." I said.

"Good..Good..I knew you guys would crack the case..Don't let Sissy up here..I don't want her to see me like this, OH  and ADA Wallace?" he said ...

"Yes sir.." I answered...

"Could you please keep this part of the story out of the papers? My Pastor reads the paper and there are several of my peers who would use this to humiliate me.They're jealous because of , you way with the ladies." he said.

"I'll do the best I can sir." I said.

"Thank you  son..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...broad tried to ruin my sex life..ohhhhhhhhhh lawdddd it hurts, Throw the damn book at her son....ughhhhhhhhhh! Crazy woman...I was layin that pipe too.." he moaned...

I called an ambulance and a Police car!

Sissy and Carlotta looked at me as I ran down the steps...

"He okay?" asked Sissy..

"He'll live....His pride is wounded." I said.

"Sounds like more than that!' sneered Barbara Dennison.

Sissy and Carlotta looked at each other and burst into laughter!


Dominick Evans got himself a real sharp lawyer and turned in State's Evidence against Barbara Dennison, which got him a 15 years to life sentence rather than the death penalty or life without parole that he deserved..

Barbara Dennison got the Death Penalty for the murders of Joshua and Cynthia Washington , Melvin Feingold and Willie "Shoes" Shoemaker. She is currently on Death row and has indicated that she does not plan to appeal her sentence.

Lt. Cantrell recovered from his wounds, but walks with a limp...Nothing about his part in the capture was ever leaked in the press...

Lt. Sissy Van Buren, Detectives Carlotta Rodriguez, Tyriq Pile , Edwin "Duke" Baylor , James "Jimmy"Barlow and Forensic investigator, Dr. Hazel Hunter all received special commendations from The Police Commissioner for solving the case...I was proud of my little unit...

Later on at my loft, I watched as Carlotta packed her things...The case was over and her stay at my loft was over...I was going to miss her...I had enjoyed coming home to her everyday the most...Not just the great mind blowing sex...but having her to talk to, to watch a movie with...And now she was going back to her apartment..

She looked at me and pouted...

''Why you looking so sad?"

"I'm gonna miss you." I said.

"You act like you're never going to see me again...You'll probably see me tomorrow." she said and kissed me on the cheek.

"Yeah, but I really liked seeing you everyday.." I said.

"Don't you ever get tired of me?" she asked, half laughing.

"You know...Come to think of it...I never do...Other girls..Maybe I did...But not you." I said.

"Wow..." she said.

"You get tired of me?" I asked ..Then I thought better of it and said-"Don't answer that."

She kissed me for a long time in the doorway....

"The answer to your question is no..I don't...I'm going to miss being here with you too. Pack yourself some clothes you big baby...You're coming over my place for a few days." she said.

"Are you serious?" I said.

"Yes...I kind of like waking up in your arms..." she said.

''You still want me to come to Puerto Rico?" I asked.

"Yes,of course!!...In two weeks...Can you make it?" she said.

"Yeah....and let's pray no major crime occurs in between now and then." I said.

"Yes, Let's pray." she laughed as she walked me back to my bedroom and helped me pack!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wet Shoes

I stood at the river bank as the Marine Unit fished the body out of the river....It was early in the morning..Earlier than I'm used to getting up...but when I got the call, I came...

Carlotta ,Tyriq and Dr. Hunter had on rubber boots and were out in the water bringing the body up to the boardwalk along with the police marine units..

"Man this job is starting to wear on my sleep." said Detective Tyriq Pile to no one in particular.. I felt his pain..

They laid the lifeless body on the boardwalk.... Carlotta and Dr. Hunter kneeled down and observed it...

"Now this is odd...Same M.O. as your lawyer Tyriq and the same as our still unsolved double." said Detective  Carlotta Rodriguez......

"He was shot 27 times...Glock nine...." said Dr. Hunter....

"Let me look at the holes.....Look ,Defensive wounds...holes on both sides...Looks like two shooters." said  Detective Tyriq Pile.

I walked over and took a look at the body....I knew right away who he was...

"Oh My God...It's Shoes...." I said.

"Huh? Who?" said Carlotta..

"He does have on an expensive pair of Gators." said Tyriq....

"No...No...That's Willie "Shoes" Shoemaker....He's a gangster...I told you about him the other day Carlotta." I said.

"You did?" she said.

''Well ,I didn't use his name..He was the gangster that we had on a murder rap...Detective Barbara Dennison worked the case....It was before you were a detective." I said.

"Yeahhhh...Yeahhh,I  remember that case...She planted evidence on him and then lied under oath..." said Tyriq...

"Exactly....That sleazy lawyer Michael Feingold discovered the deception and caught her in a slew of lies on the stand remember?" I said.

''Yeah...Yeah..Yeah...Joshua Washington was the ADA on that case..He had to throw out her testimony...His lead detective...He tried to try the case with other evidence...but he lost and "Shoes" Shoemaker walked...I remember....In fact..We found out that he did commit the murders, but we couldn't try him again because he was acquitted." said Tyriq..

"Yeah....Guess there's Justice after all..." said Tyriq..

"Your lawyer, this guy who he repped and the guy who prosecuted them..All dead within a matter of days..." I mused...

''Seems like it would be a conflict of interests here." said Tyriq...

"There has got to be a connection." I said.

"Nothing else to do here...Release the body...See if anybody saw anything..." said Detective Pile to some uniformed policemen..


Carlotta and I sat in Sissy's office some time later talking about the three open murder cases we had this week..

"Boss Lady....Did it ever occur to you that these murders might be  being committed by cops?" said Carlotta.

Sissy and I stared at Carlotta.....

"Cops?" I said.

"Cops,Chica?" said Sissy.

"Well look...all three cases involve a glock nine...That's a standard issue for cops...
The surveilience cameras in two cases were disconnected so that we couldn't get any visuals...No fingerprints, No DNA...barely any shell casings...All the things we would look for..." she said.

Sissy and I looked at her..She was making a point...

"A Homicide cop would know what we would look for... Who better but one of us.." I said.

"Chica, you don't think someone in this unit or in C.I.D. is doing this?" said Sissy..

"It wouldn't have to be someone here presently...Maybe someone that used to be here with an axe to grind..." she said.

"Oh My God...I think I got it!!!..I think she's right Sissy...Someone with an axe to grind..." I said.

"What are you getting at?" said Sissy.

"Barbara Dennison....It makes sense....Do you remember her?" I said.

"Yeah...We worked together under Lt. Cantrell...She was a brilliant Detective...Taught me a lot when I first made Detective..Had a high clearence rate."said Sissy.

"Yeah, well Carlotta and I ran into her a few days ago...She's a cashier in a coffee shop a few blocks from here." I said.

''What? Oh My God.." said Sissy...

"She planted evidence on Willie "Shoes" Shoemaker remember?? And she lied under oath....That lawyer,Melvin Feingold caught her in several lies during cross examination and discovered that she planted evidence....It all fits... That cost her her job." I said.

"Okay...I understand why she'd kill the gangster...He really was guilty and he walked ,I understand why she'd kill the sleazy lawyer...He exposed her as a fraud....but why Joshua Washington and his wife? He's one of us?" said Carlotta.

"You tell her Sissy." I said.

"Chica...After Joshua lost that case, he was distraught....See this guy Shoes executed a drug dealer named Pete Jarkley and his wife who had nothing to do with the drug game, execution style and their three month old baby...It was a horrible crime..a triple murder.....ADA Washington wanted to put that guy down like nobody's business and when she blew that case for him...he was beside himself....He called for her head...." said Sissy.

"Lt. Cantrell tried to do his best to save her job... He offered to transfer her to Property Inventory, down in the basement...and said that she'd never do any investigatory work anymore...But Joshua Washington wouldn't hear of it...He wanted her gone...When Lt. Cantrell refused to fire her....Joshua went over his head to the Deputy Ops...and she got fired....17 years on the force...No pension..." I said.

"Oh My God...What about the second shooter?" asked Carlotta...

"I think I can answer that." said Edwin "Duke" Baylor, who entered the room with Dr. Hazel Hunter....

"I got a hit from the DNA on the discarded chewing gum left at the murder scene for
the lawyer, Melvin Feingold...Remember that about ten years ago they started bonding all of our employees, DNA samples and fingerprints? Well this belongs to a former Homicide Detective...Dominick Evans!!!" she said.

"Oh My God...Him? He's too stupid to plan something like this...Barbara Dennison must obviously be the ring leader.." said Carlotta.

"Heyy go easy on him Top...If not for him you might not be a Detective." laughed Duke.

"Ohhh?" said Sissy.

"Yeah Lou...Top here solved a murder...His case...When she was still a uniformed patrol officer...She got an accomodation for that...Lt. Cantrell and Sgt. Sanchez told her to take the Detective's test...She did and the rest is history!" said Duke..  "That's when Tyriq and I started working with her, teaching her the ropes,mentoring her,making her into the great detective she is today." he laughed.

"It's true Boss Lady, that's how it went down..Probably Evans only cleared case of the year." said Carlotta...

Duke cracked up!  I smiled myself!

"Hey guys...All that watching video paid off in spades." came the voice of Detective James Barlow..

"Another country heard from." said Duke.."Where have you been Junior?" he asked.

''Watching video... I went three blocks down and I got an old Impala and an Suv...The SUV belonged to some guy visiting his girlfriend...The Impala belongs to...Get this, a former Homicide Detective named Dominick Evans....I thought that was odd...So then I canvassed the blocks close to where Tyriq's lawyer was found and guess what?? I got the same Impala, same license plate.!!!..This guy, an ex cop is at both scenes of both murders...And then I thought, no wonder these crime scenes are so clean...Who better to commit a perfect murder then someone who knows how to solve them? Somebodywho knows what we'll be looking for." he said.

Carlotta smiled and high fived Jimmy...

"We came to the same conclusion." she said.

"Great minds think alike." he said.

"That puts Dom in for at least two of these crimes...but if Barbara is the ring leader..we got nothing that put her there..." I said.

"Nah Keith, we got somethin...Look..."said Detective Tyriq Pile...he put a photo on the desk..

''I had that store blow the photo up and clean it up...The blond that bought the bleach at 9:30 pm, just hours before the murders of ADA Washington and his wife is her, former Detective, Barbara Dennison and standing outside...look...Dressed in black, Former Detective Dominick Evans...That puts the both of them at the scene."said Tyriq...

"Nice...Looks like old Shoes in death did something good...He connected the dots to this baffling case." I said.

"Well guys...Let's not stand around...Pick em up." said Sissy.