Friday, July 31, 2015

Every Girl Likes Roses

Monica and I headed back to the station in my flying car...It was the first time ,since we started working together that we had a suspect in the car...A woman...Veleka Robinson...A young woman who had made quite a few calls to the murder victim, Hank Safe and quite a few transactions too.

Once we were back at the squad room... Valeka sat alone in what the detectives call the "Fishbowl"our interrogation room..

While Monica got her files together...I stared at her...She didn't go to sleep... The Old Detectives used to say that if a suspect went to sleep...They were 90 percent of the time..Guilty..If they stayed awake..They were innocent!

''Yeah...I've heard that too partner.."said Monica as she walked in with her files..''My daddy used to tell me that." she said...She had been reading my thoughts...

"You ready partner?" she asked..

''Lead the way"I said and we walked in...We had purposely made her wait an hour....

"You guys are making a big mistake...I didn't kill anybody and I certainly didn't hurt Hankie."she said.

"Who said that you killed anybody?" I asked.

"Come're homicide...and you got me down here...I'm not stupid..."she said.

Monica put the bloody metal bar that was wrapped in a towel on the table....She showed it to Valeka..

"You ever see this before?" she asked...

"Yeah...that was the leg of an old table that was in my house...I put that thing on the trash weeks ago and when I did..It didn't have no blood on it.."she said.

I put a glossy of the now dead..Joseph Chill on the table...

''Who's he?" she asked.

''You don't know?" asked Monica.

"No...Should I?" she asked..

I showed her some bank transfer sheets that we printed up....

"You don't know him...but you transferred 20K from your account to his account in the Caymen Islands..abut a week before he flew in from Los Angelas..with round trip tickets paid for by your credit card....Did you pay him to kill Hank Safe and steal his Blue Topaz engagement ring that he was going to give to another woman?" I asked..

''We know you've been his side piece for years...Maybe you got tired of being his other woman and when you found out he was going to ask someone else to marry him...that was all you could take."said Monica.

''Whoa..Whoa..Whoa..You guys got it all wrong!  Yeah...I was Hankie's side chick for years..but I had other dudes on the side myself...Hankie told me about a month ago that he wanted to break it off..That he was thinking of being a one woman man...That he was gonna ask his secreatary,who he was also bangin to marry him...I wished him well....Me and Hankie was cool...I was never in the dark about who I was in the relationship...I knew I wasn't his one and only..We was still friends..and have you guys looked at my bank account?? I aint never had no 20K in there at anytime and if I did..I sure as hell wouldn't waste it trying to kill Hankie...Hell...I could've gave a local guy some sex and $200.00 and he would've done the job..I wouldn't spend no 20 k....And as for my credit card....I reported it stolen a month ago...I have a new one issued..I didn't pay for nobody to fly in here...I swear." she said.

Monica looked at me...Then at Valeka...

"You want some coffee? You had something to eat?" she asked..

"Yeah...I am a bit hungry and I could use some coffee." she said.

"Officer..."I said...A uniformed officer came into the room...I gave him some money..."Officer, get this young lady some coffee and a Burger...You want fries baby?" I asked.

"Could I have Onion Rings instead?" she asked.

''Sure."I said.

"When you finish eating...You are free to go...Have the officer drop you off somewhere."said Monica.

"That's it??"she said.

"That's it....I believe you...We are still going to check your story...but I believe you."said Monica.

What she couldn't know was that Monica was a telepath...She could read thoughts...she had scanned Valeka's mind and knew that she was telling the truth..

I checked her alibi out anyway...She was telling the truth...She had reported her credit card stolen a week before...but not before the airline tickets had been charged...She didn't have more than $1000.00 in her bank account at anytime this year...And according to friends who knew both her and Hank Safe..They were seen together and appeared to be quite friendly...He had even given her advice about another man she was involved with...She was not our killer...and neither was the deceased hitman, Joe Chill..

Detective Wally Becker was standing outside the fishbowl as we were leaving...

''She wasn't your perp huh?" he asked.
"No..she's not...She's pretty isn't she?" said Monica..

Wally Becker shrugged his shoulders...

"Yeah..She's alright."he said.

''And guess what? She's single and she's no longer a murder suspect."said Monica..

"Yeah and?" he said.

"Well...I shouldn't do this..but I can give you her phone number and address...and uh..who knows..maybe you two might click.."said Monica ,smiling devilishly..

"You got jokes today Monica?" he said.

"Yeah..she's my little comedian."I laughed...."Hey Wally...Make yourself scarce..The Lieutenant is coming...You aren't exactly his favorite person right now..."I said.

"Yeah, you're right...Is Monique over at the M.E.'s office???..I uh gotta straighten some things out with her.." he said.

"Wally, seriously...all jokes aside..Why don't you just move on???...There are other girls..."said Monica..

"Because I love her..I know you find that hard to believe...Maybe you don't believe me..but I have feelings for her..real feelings...deep feelings...At first it was just maybe lust..but I have real feelings for her." he said.

Monica looked at him...

"I know you do...I know you're telling the truth...but she doesn't have those kind of feelings for you and you know she doesn't...You can get somebody else...It takes time..and you have to change your ....well the way you go about it..." she said.

"I did what you said..I backed off for awhile...I did nice things for her and your Lieutenant who hasn't done anything is still in the winners circle."he said.

"So what does that tell you? What does that say Wally?" asked Monica.

"It says I have to try something new." said Wally, who walked away...

I shook my head...

"That tenaciousness is what has made him a great detective..."I said.

"And a frustrated lover and an asshole of a human being otherwise....Poor guy...He really loves my sister....He's telling the truth about that...This isn't going to end up pretty."she said..

"Not for him at least..."I said..."We can worry or not worry about that comes the Lieutenant."I continued.


"She wasn't your doer huh?" asked Lt. Cotton...

"No...She was the patsy....Joe Chill is a professional...He was brought here to get those zip drives...because a number of people had been propositioning a certain person who was close to our vic for that information....They were offering a lot of money..Our mastermind didn't know that Hank Safe booby trapped that safe deposit box... And with his Hitman dead...That was a win for him too because now he doesn't have to pay him...and the incriminating evidence was blown to bits...Our mastermind still gets a hefty payday from several people who know their secrets are safe."said Monica.

"You guys talk like you know who is behind this."said Lt. Cotton.

"Oh we do sir...We've been sold a bill of goods...The mastermind of this caper was right under our noses all along.."I said.

"Well go do what you two do...Close this case...Put this one down." said Lieutenant Cotton...

''We on it Lou."said Monica.

"That's what I like to hear." he said laughing and shaking his head.


Dr. Monique Talbert was finishing up a few things...when a bouquet of Roses were delivered to her...

''Ohhh Wow...Are these for me?" she asked.

''Yeah they're paid for...The florist just drove off Dr. Talbert..." said her assistant..

"Thank you..Let me put these in some water..."she said..

"Anything else?" he asked..

"Nope..You all can go home...It's Friday..We are all done here."said Monique..

She watched as one by one...Her staff left and got in their cars and pulled off..

She was startled when she looked up and saw Lieutenant Cotton standing there...

"Hey Baby.." he said in his sexy voice...

"Hey.."she said.

''I hope you liked the flowers.."He said.

''Oh these are from you?" she said.

''Since you have all of these tulips down here...I thought I'd change it up..Get you some Roses.." he said.

"These Tulips are from Detective Becker..He uh knows they are my favorites...He sends me Tulips every other day.."she said.

"You don't like Roses?" asked the Lieutenant...

''Every Girl Likes Roses."said Monique...

He leaned in to kiss her...but she backed away...

''Uh..Ugh..I told you I wasn't going to do that down here again...Frankie...It's cold down here and there are dead bodies down here..And plus...I work here...Come on now!" she said.

''Yeah..You right....How bout if I take you out dancing and a fine dinner at that new Orbit Steak House. and then back to my place?" he asked..

"Ouuuuuuuu..You do all of that and I'll screw your brains out.." she said laughing..

"WELLLLLLLL!  I guess that sounds like a plan!" he said.

She kissed him passionately....

"You're so silly...Thank you for the roses Frankie..I really liked them.." she said..

Suddenly glass was heard breaking....and a  yell-

"SON OF A BITCH!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!!!" came an anguished yell from the hallway..."I JUST DON'T BELIEVE THIS!!!"

"Stay here!" said Lieutenant Cotton who pulled his glock and went charging into the hallway...He saw broken glass and red liquid splashed on the wall..There was no sign of anybody...

"It's broken glass and...and blood..." he said..

Monique smiled...She dabbed her finger in the red liquid that was on the wall..and sniffed it..

"It's not blood...It's wine..Smell...."she said.

" of your staff members dropped their weekend supply of wine...Hell,I'd be mad too....They could have at least cleaned this up...Let me get a mop and a dust pan." he said..

Monique smiled and shook her head...She knew who it was...Detective Wally Becker..Still following her around..When would he learn? She thought and smiled wryly?

Bonnie Shore was a pretty woman...She had worked for Henry "Hank" Safe for four years...Had just started sleeping with him just a year before...When Hank Safe had made his intentions known..She told him to get rid of all of his other women and then come see her...

Unfortunately....He had been murdered before he could let her know he had made that happen...So she was surprised to find his friend and one time client...Richard Hankins coming through the door.

She looked up...

"Mr. Hankins...What are you doing here on a Friday afternoon?  I was just getting the last of my things before the new tenent moves in on Monday."she said.

"Oh You've uh got a new tenent huh?" he said.

"Yes...I'm taking a new job at another law firm downtown.."she said..

"Good for you Bonnie.."he said.

"What are you doing here?" she asked..

"Bonnie...I -I don't know how to say this,so I'll just get this out...I think...I believe.....Girl I think I done fell in love with you." he said.

"WHAT?  Mr. Hankins have you been drinking?" she asked..

"I have...but I'm not drunk....For years I've been coming here...Being counseled by Hankie..And watching you...I'd bring you coffee...and a bear claw...remember?" he said.

''Yes..I remember.."she said.

''Did you like the roses I sent you?"he asked..

"Every Girl Likes Roses" she said smiling..

He got down on one knee...

"I'm declaring myself Bonnie...I'd like your hand in marriage.."he said.

He pulled out the Blue Topaz engagement ring..

Her eyes got as large as saucers...

''Oh My God!...Oh My God...It's beautiful.." she said..

"Will You marry me Bonnie?" he asked.

"Oh My God....NO!" she said.

"Huh? What?  NO?" he asked..

"Mr. Hankins...I don't know you like that!!!...We've never so much as been on a date...I can't accept that ring from you..."said Bonnie Shore.


"No..but we do!!!...Why don't you tell us again?" I said as Monica and I walked into the storefront.

"Detective Nellis...Detective Talbert what are you two doing here?" he asked.

''We are here to arrest you for murder Mr. Hankins..The murder of Hank Safe."said Monica, who walked in with three uniformed police officers...

"You killed Hankie?"asked Bonnie Shore....

''No...No...You got the guy....Joe Chill, the guy that was killed trying to beat the safe at the P.O. Box..He's your killer!" said Hankins..

"I'm afraid not..He would make a perfect suspect...So Would Valeka Robinson...but I'm afraid not...You stole her credit card...You made contact with him....ON YOUR PHONE...We have the record of the calls..You wired money into a bogus account that you put her name on..You were smart .You made it where it seemingly wouldn't come back to you.."I said.

"But we traced the transfer to the Cyber Cafe you like to go to and we have you on film leaving that cafe right after the last transaction was done...We even traced it to the very computer you used...We know that you got a lot of calls from Hank Safe's clients, offering you money to retrieve those zip drives...That was one of the reasons you called in a pro like Joe Chill...but it was you who brained Hank Safe with a metal table leg...He walked in on you trying to break into his safe to get that diamond...The Blue Topez...Didn't he? and you panicked and brained him...It was Joe Chill that cleaned up your mess..stripped him and put him in the shower and filled it up with water to destroy trace evidence and then hid your murder weapon for you...We have more...but by the time the jury hears this.They will have heard enough."said Monica..

Richard Hankins sat down...

''For years I've been coming here..sharing small talk with Bonnie...and it hit me...That she was the perfect woman for me..Not those bimbos Hankie was setting me up with...And Hankie had her...and Hankie had Veleka...She deserved a one woman man like me..Not Hankie.." he said.

''Hankie had broke it off with Valeka...That ring was his..He was going to propose to you Ms. Shore.." I said.

She began crying...

"Oh My God...Hankie.....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.." she cried..

Monica put her arms around her and held her...

"Stand up Mr. Hankins...You're under arrest for the murder of Hank Safe...You have the right to remain silent...Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law..You have a right to an attorney..if you can't afford will be assigned to you understand these rights as I am reading them to you?" I asked..

"Yes."he said meekly...

"Officer!" I said..

The three officers led him out to the street...

Monica looked at me..

"Another one down partner."she said.

"Yes indeed." I said...


Richard Hankins was convicted of First Degree Murder and sentenced to Life.... Marsha Tightbottom was terminated from her position and wrote a tell all book about corruption in City Council....Glenda Jones lost her bid for  re-election in the fall due to the scandal....

Monica and I stood on the bridge...The new bridge and kissed passionately...

" Nate is this our special place?" she asked.

 "Any place I am with you is special Mo-Mo.."I said.

''Awwww..."she said.

"Mo-Mo...Why can't we just elope?  I mean we are already ahead of the grid..We got a place together, we got  good jobs...We are ahead of most engaged couples...Why don't we just go to the justice of the peace right now?" I asked.

"Because we only got weeks to go...All of the wedding invitations are out and my mother would kill us if we did that...Not to mention my sister,Monique.." she said laughing...

"Sometimes..I -I just can't wait.."I said.

"Awwwwww...Not much longer bae..Not much longer...I'm not going anywhere...You told me the day you first met me that you were going to be Mr. Talbert and that I was going to be the future Mrs. Nellis...Well...All of that is just weeks away baby..Patience....I can't wait either...Hey look!!!...It's stopped raining...The sun is coming out."said Monica.
I looked...I not only saw the sun...but a rainbow...

"Yeah...How about that?" I said.