Friday, August 30, 2013

Save The Last Dance For Me

Felix Lawson and I stood in the parking lot of the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Center.  We had tumblers of coffee with us...It was 7:30 am in the morning....

Sly Robinson walked out of the city lock up all smiles...

"Felix...Kevin...What's good baby?" he said.

"You can thank me for this." I said nonchalantly.

"Yeah?" asked Sly...

"I'm pretty good friends with ADA Keith Wallace and several detectives....I called in a favor." I said.

"And they dropped all the charges....How good are you Mr. Morris?" laughed Sly Robinson...

I passed him a piece of paper...

"That's where your wife is now living and those are her phone numbers and her email addresses." I said.

''Damnnnn...Felix...your man was right...This guy is the truth... There's three big ones waiting for you as soon as I get to town and get straight." said Sly.

"Something else I ought to tell you Sly." I said.

"Huh? What?" he said.

"She's no longer married to you...She got a divorce while you were in prison...It's all here in these divorce papers." I said ,passing the papers to him...

He looked as if the sun had fallen out of the sky.

"This isn't my signature....I never signed off on this...I didn't know nothing about this." he said.

"Oh I know....She got somebody to forge your signature and got a notary to sign off on that." I said.

"I-I don't believe it." he said.

"Oh and one other thing....She's living in a condo paid for by your boy,Larry Nore...He was your accomplice in that heist wasn't he?  He had your share of the money that was never recovered...And when you got out of prison...He hired someone to take you out....You don't have to admit it...I know it...I'm no fool Mr. Robinson." I said.

He smiled weakly...

"I just hired you to find my wife." he said.

''And I did ...and in doing that,I found out everything..."I said.

He looked at Felix...Felix shrugged his shoulders...

''Come on...Let's get some breakfast." I said.

Sly,Felix and I went to Sam Mother's Diner...
We all had scrambled eggs ,hash browns ,bacon , scrapple, orange juice and coffee...We were quiet mostly.....I felt kind of bad that I was wearing a wire and that unknown to both of them, our conversation was being recorded...

Sly Robinson looked up at me....

"Yeah...Me and Larry did that robbery...I got caught....I always thought that I had been set up....The police knew too much about my activities...They had next to nothing on Larry...Didn't even know his name...I was a soldier...I took the rap and did my time...I never rolled on Larry...He was supposed to put money on my books...Never did it...Was supposed to look after my wife for me...He apparently did that too much...What a fool I've been." he said.

"You got any idea where the money is?"I asked.

"Nah....but you can bet that crumb,Larry Nore knows...You wait til I see him.." he said.

Larry Nore didn't have it in any of his bank accounts...I had checked...He must have put that money somewhere else I wagered...

At any rate...Felix and I dropped Sly off at his home...and per our arrangement....He paid me an additional one thousand dollars ,which brought my total fee to four thousand dollars...Not bad for a case.


Sissy and I sat in my car outside of Barbara Robinson's Condo....It had been awhile since we had sat in a car together at a stakeout...

I passed her a tumbler of coffee...

"I got your recording today....This just about closes this case...We know now that Larry Nore was the accomplice..." she said.

''Yeah, but I checked his accounts...There is no sign of that kind of money..."I said.

"Yeah, Chica and Tyriq checked his accounts too....Maybe he has it in a wall safe somewhere."said Sissy.

"Or it's in a dummy account..."I said.

"Exactly...One we obviously don't know about." she said.

"Wow..I was just thinkin...You always said that I should have been one of your detectives...."I laughed.

"Yeah,I did a few years ago, but with your business and some of the fees I imagine you get in your P.I. work, you're making far too much money now. You've really become very successful..I'm quite proud of your achievements Kevin." she said.

"True...but I'd of  gotten to spend  even more time with the foxy lieutenant." I laughed.

Sissy laughed...

''Did you really want to spend more time with the foxy lieutenant?" she asked.

I smiled...

"I have to admit...I did kind of look forward to it sometimes." I laughed.

''I always thought you had a  little crush on me. You used to give information to Lt. Tragg and Lt. Cantrell and then you kind of just stuck to me." she said.

"Well Tragg didn't like me and the feeling was mutual and  while Lt. Cantrell was cool as a fan..I liked him..You!....You're just the best looking of the three." I laughed.

Sissy smiled..."Oh really? That was it huh?" she said.

"In another place, another time... other circumstances, Who knows what might have happened?" I said.

Sissy looked at me dreamily and sighed...

''Yeah..who knows? We might have been...Well ,I, uh certainly could have seen myself  dating you." she said....

''Really Sissy?" I said.

"Yes...You're an attractive guy and you're nice...But you were living with Sepia when I met you and I had just divorced your buddy,Robert Foxworth, not too long before that...and then there was that thing with Rollie Rollerson...It would've been complicated." she said.

" would have been..." I said.

"Complicated....Not impossible." she added and laughed.

''You didn't even like me when you first met me.." I said.

"Actually I did...I just didn't let on.." she laughed and rubbed my hands softly...

"Oh well..."I said.

"Yeah...ohhh well." she said and smiled....

"I can't believe we just said all of this." I said.

"Why not?...We are good friends Kevin...It was bound to come up in conversation sooner or later." she said and stared at me with those pretty brown eyes of hers...

God she was so good looking and we had to stop this line of conversation.

Just then, Sly Robinson walked down the street and headed into the apartment building...I clicked on my live feed...I looked at Sissy..

''Yeah..I've got her place bugged..Guess you shouldn't be seeing or hearing this Lieutenant." I said.

"Like I'm going to bust you or tell on you...Come on Kevin..." she said... I rubbed her hands gently...She rubbed mine also....and stared into my eyes with those pretty brown eyes of hers...I smiled weakly and turned away..

From the wire tap-

"Hello Babs...Long time, No see.." said Sly...

"Sly what are you doin here?" she said.

"You mean what am I doing out of jail right? They didn't have anything to hold me further on...They dropped all charges and your boyfriend's plan to have me bumped off failed...So call him....I'm here to get my fair share of the loot...He can have you and from what I hear, he's been having you already!" he snapped.

"Sly ,it was over between us before you went to jail.....You weren't ambitious....You were spinning your wheels...When I heard that Larry was planning that score...Who do you think begged him to include you in on it so that you could finally make some real dough for us?" she said.

''So that was you huh?  Did you help him set me up so I could go to prison too?" he said.

''Set you up? What are you talking about?" she said.

"You didn't know did you?  He planted evidence on me...He probably had somebody make some anonymous calls to the cops...Didn't it seem funny that the cops grabbed me and had a ton of evidence, but had nothing on Larry?? Didn't even know his name and never found the money??" said Sly.

"He set you up?" she said.

Sissy looked at me...

"This is getting good...Oh My God Kevin, this is better than Television or the movies..." she said laughing...

"Yeah, well the best is yet to come....Look who's joining the party?" I said as Larry Nore was walking down the street...

"Oh wow...Mr. Hot Head himself...We'd better move." she said.

"No..No..Let's wait...We may learn even more..." I said.  "Take my phone...Call for back up just in case." I said.

Sissy called for two squad cars...

"Hey where are your guys?" I asked.

"Chica, Rico and Jimmy are working a case...They've just about closed it....and Tyriq's wife,Sirena, who is on loan to us is partnering up with Detective Tony Hopkins, our newest detective...And Duke and Keith Wallace are in court on another case.." she said.

"That leaves you alone pretty much most of the day...except for the occasional visit from Lt. Cantrell."I joked.

"Don't tease me Kevin...Eddie C. has joined me for lunch....but not as much as I would like." she said.

"I like Eddie C.  I like him for you...He's a good guy." I said.

She smiled..

"Yes , he is....and I've always liked Sepia and You together...Your wife is soo cool. I like talking to her." she said.

"Yeah, we got good people in our lives." I said.

She rubbed my hands softly...

"All the way around...Good significant others and good friends." she said.

"That's right." I said...Relieved that we were leaving it there!!

From the wire tap:

"Sly...What's shakin baby...I heard you got out..." said Larry Nore.

"Oh cut the crap Larry...You tried to have me hit, which is why I was back in ,in the first place and you been bangin my wife for the past two years...You're a creep." said Sly...

"Now look..I was gonna explain all that to you...Things happened and..." said Larry.

"Things my ass...You can keep this whore..just break me off my dough and I'm out of your hair." said Sly.

''WHORE?? I'm a WHORE??? Larry are you gonna let him talk to me like that?" screamed Barbara

I looked at Sissy...

"We can't wait for back up!!!!...I think we better move right now." I said.

Sissy pulled out her glock and I pulled out my .38 and we got out of the car and dashed into the apartment..

By the time we got to the floor we saw Sly punch Larry Nore in the stomach and then give him an uppercut that sent him flying...

Before Larry Nore could do anything...Sly hit him with some nice lefts and rights to his mid-section and a couple of lefts and rights to his face...

Larry grabbed a vase and smashed it over Sly's head..... Sly fell to the ground....

"I'm gonna break you off alright..I'm gonna break off a few bullets in your ass man." said Larry Nore as he pulled out his .45!!!

Sly didn't have a piece....Which was really surprising...He punched Larry in the gut and started running out of the apartment and down the hallway...

Barbara screamed.....

A crowd of people were now in the hallway... Larry pulled out his .45 and fired at the running Sly..Sly was hit in the shoulder and in his back and fell to the floor...

''Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I'm hit." he screamed as he fell to the floor....

"Drop that gun's all over." said Sissy...

"Eat it cops. I aint goin to jail..." screamed Larry who fired three shots in our direction...

They missed! I got down on one knee and aimed and Sissy aimed and we both fired at Larry Nore ,who was hit six times!! He spun around like a top and tossed his gun up in the air and fell to the ground....

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH...I don't believe it....I'VE BEEN SHOT!!!" he moaned as he lay mortally wounded...

Sissy took Sly Robinson's pulse...He was dead!!!

I walked over to Larry Nore....He too was dead!!

Barbara was still screaming to the top of her lungs....People were streaming into the hallway.....blood from both men was running like a river....

Police and ambulance people arrived...The bodies were removed...

Sissy looked at Barbara...

"Of course you're going to tell us where that money is aren't you?" she asked.

"'s in a dummy account....I'll give you the account number." she said...

"Bet you don't know which guy to cry for do you?" I asked.

"You go to hell." she snapped.

I just laughed.

"Wow Kevin...You just helped us crack a four year old robbery...."she said.

''Yeah...I seem to have a knack for that type of thing." I said ,smiling...

"I'm going to be writing this up most of the night." she said.

"You gonna charge Barbara?" I asked.

"Probably not!!!...We are just glad to recover the money.....Nobody will miss either of those two thugs." she said.

I pointed to the sobbing Barbara Kelly Robinson...

"Except maybe her." I said.

Sissy and I both shared a conspiratorial laugh.


I rang the doorbell of my house...I had my key, but I wanted to see my wife....

Sepia answered the door in a short lace nightgown..Lawd she was a sexy woman...I pulled her to me and kissed her gently at first and then passionately...

"Mmmm, what's that for?" she asked...

"Because I was thinking about you." I said..

I eased Sepia up against the wall and began kissing her passionately...She returned my passion....My shirt went to the floor as I continued kissing her and she continued kissing me...I reached up under her night gown and just began rubbing her soft baby like brown skin....She unzippered my trousers and I hurriedly stepped out of them....She held my now massively erect penis in her hands...I hadn't even bothered to close the front door...

"Oh My are huge!!!..Close the front door, close it please we don't want everyone seeing us" she I unhooked her bra and began sucking on her breasts.....I took my foot and kicked the door shut.

 "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kevin....ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.." she moaned as I slipped her panties down ......

I thrusted my tongue practically down her throat and while squeezing one breast with my hand..

I lifted her up and took her upstairs to our bedroom....

She had her arms around my neck and was deep throat kissing me the entire time... My shoes, my socks, my trousers, my shirt and my suit jacket were strown from the steps down the hallway leading to the bedroom..

I'd collect them tomorrow....

I  layed Sepia across our bed , a few minutes later and I entered her softly and gently and began to stroke her softly and slowly....She moaned and put her arms around my neck and drew me closer to her..She wrapped her legs around my waste and we began to move in a slow, yet deliberate rhythm for quite some time...She matched me thrust for thrust and even bit my shoulder at one point...She was so moist and smelled so good...I was losing my mind....

We made sweet passionate and intense love for hours....

"It's sooooooooooooooo goooddd...Oh my godddddddddddddd it's soooooo gooood!  I love you...I love you so muchhhhh Kevin....ohhhhh don't stoppp, don't stopp..." she screamed as we both climaxed in a crescendo of sweat!

"I love you too Sepia...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.." I moaned as I climaxed.

We lie in each others arms...She cuddled up under me....I was desperately trying to catch my breath!

"Wow that was sooo intense...What brought that on?" she asked.

"I don't know...I just got to thinking about you on my drive home and I just had to have you."I said.

"Well I'm glad you think of me that way and not some other woman." she said...

I allowed my mind to drift and think about Sissy and Carlotta's cousin, Mercedes and Jean  and even FBI agent Sharon Ferrell...

I was glad to have such self control....considering and glad to have a wife who could rival them all.... Glad that I always saved the very last dance as it may be...for my wife!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mean Daddy

The next morning...Sepia and I had a delicious breakfast of Chicken and Waffles at Mabel Jenkins's Soul Food Restaurant.....

"Oh Kevin this is scrumptious." said my wife....

''Glad you like it babes." I said.

"So how is your case going?" she asked.

"Oh I found the guys wife and I got paid." I said and showed her the knot of twenties and fifties in my possession.

''Oh that was easy money." She said.

"No such thing as easy money...Only half the job is done." I said.

"What half?" she said.

"This man's wife is supposed to produce bail money so he can get out of jail and there in lies the problem." I said.

"She doesn't have it." said Sepia..

"No..I'm sure she could get it....She's not married to him anymore. She divorced him while he was in prison." I said.

"He doesn't know it?" she asked.

"Apparently not...She got someone to forge his signature." I said.

"So what are you going to do?" she asked.

"I'm going to talk to her ...See if I can at least get her to go see him." I said.

"Wow...sounds like a mess." said Sepia.

"Oh it its." I laughed.


I decided not to press my luck...I had already had an encounter with three of Larry Nore's goons a few nights ago... I had checked...They were all still in the hospital and still under arrest..But by now...a guy like Nore had probably hooked up with more muscle..

I took Kool Kat with me to Stephen Bristol's floating crap game... Unlike Chess and Chris's game...Stephen Bristol's game was a bit more sophisticated...It was held in his condo...on the top floor!!

Kool Kat and I took the elevator and walked right into some high priced muscle.....

"Ask your boss if he wouldn't mind having a word with Kevin Morris....He knows me?" I said.

I could tell that they didn't like the way either Kool Kat or I looked...but they didn't wish to have
an unnecessary fight and neither did I if it could at all be avoided...

Stephen Bristol walked into the hallway and took one look at me and smiled...

"Kevin Morris...,Walter?" he said.

"Sup" was all Kool Kat would utter...

"Nice Suit...Tailor made eh?" he said.

''Yeah...Sam the Tailor." I said.

He smiled...

"Sam has tailored  quite a few of mine..He does great work...That must mean you've stepped up in the world." said the gambler..

"Could mean that." I said.

''So what brings you here? I know you don't gamble." he said.

"I need to talk to one of your players...a Barbara Robinson..."I said.

Bristol looked like he'd seen a ghost....

"It's Barbara Kelly now and her boyfriend....He's a real Mean Daddy." he said.

"So I've heard....Do I look like I'm worried?" I said.

Kool Kat laughed...

Bristol just sighed...

"She's in here.....I'm sure he's got someone in here looking ...I don't wish for any trouble." he said.

"There won't be Bristol..Not tonight." said Kool Kat.

I could tell that that didn't reassure Stephen Bristol...I patted him on the shoulder...

"We just want to talk to her that's all Bristol and then we are out...That's it." I said.

"Oh alright...That's her over there." he said and pointed.


She was a beautiful woman...I could see why Sly was so concerned with seeing her...I'd want to see her too if I had been locked up for four years...

I walked over to where she was sitting and smiled...

"Hi...I'm Kevin Morris." I said.

She was cool...She smiled and said- "Hi and I'm not interested."

"I understand you're from West Philly...So am I." I said.

"Good to know...Now we have nothing else in common and nothing else to talk about ." she said.

"Ouuu you're cold.....Maybe I should start over." I said.

"Maybe you should!!...With the next girl." she said.

"Niceee..."I smiled.

She looked at me like I was crazy....

"Now let's talk about your husband...Sly Robinson." I said.

She looked like she'd seen a ghost...

"Ahhhh, Got your attention didn't I?" I said.

''You're the guy that's been askin around about me....Do you know my boyfriend is lookin all over town for you?" she said.

"Well he isn't looking hard enough...I'm not hard to find."I said.

"Look....I don't want you to get hurt...I got no beef with you....Tell my ex- husband you couldn't find me." she said.

"I can't do that...I'm not in the habit of lying and taking people's money."I said.

"People do it all the time..and you should want to do it...You'll stay alive that way." she said.

"If I was afraid of your boyfriend...I would have stopped looking for you after he sent those three goons after me..."I said.

"You put them all in the hospital." she said.

"And I'll do the same to him if he crosses me...Believe that sugar!...Now look, just go see Sly...tell him you're with another guy now...He'll be in county lock up soon." I said.

"No...I'm not his wife anymore...I'm not going to see him..."she said.

"You want me to tell him that?" I said.

"I don't care what you tell him....Now look...get out of here...My boyfriend has spies all over the place..He could be on his way here now." she said.

I smiled...

"Okay ...I'll leave..." I said and I got up and left...

Kool Kat met me at the door...

''We got company in the lobby Kev...Guess who?" he laughed.

"Larry Nore!" I said.

"Yeah." said Kool Kat.

"He got muscle with him?" I asked.

"No...He's alone.." he laughed..

"That was foolish of him wasn't it." I laughed..

"Yeah"said Kool Kat cracking his knuckles and smiling that sinister grin of his..

I got off the elevator....

Larry Nore walked over to me....

"Hi..I'm Larry Nore...Apparently you been askin questions about me..So here I am.." he said rather arrogantly.

"I haven't been asking about you....It was your girl I wanted to talk to...I've talked to her and my business is complete." I said.

''Oh yeah??? OH YEAH??" said the hot headed gangster..He looked like he was going for a gun...Kool Kat put the cold steel of his .44 magnum to his head..and I had my .38 smokeless in his face.

''Not the best idea Mr. Nore." said Kool Kat.

"You guys have no idea who you're messin with...You must not know bout me." he snarled.

''Nor do we care."said Kool Kat.

"Like I said Mr. Nore...My business is complete...Any more questions?" I asked.

"Uhhhh no...Nooooooo..None at all." he said. He was no fool....He had no muscle...He was outnumbered and out gunned....

"Goood...Now I'll be seeing you Mr. Nore." I said and smiled..."Enjoy your night." I said...Kool Kat grinned...

There was a small crowd of people in the lobby...They all saw it and by tomorrow they all would be talking about how Larry Nore got punked...He would not be pleased....But right now there was nothing he could do about it. Some Mean Daddy!

Kool Kat laughed and kept his mag aimed at him as we both eased out of the apartment complex and pulled off...

"What a punk...He didn't even have a snappy threat. Thought he was such a Mean Daddy?" said Kool Kat.

I just laughed and slapped my thigh.


I went to Homicide and talked to Sissy..

"Did you get my little care package?" I said.

''Sure did..Now we know that Larry Nore was the  silent partner eh?" laughed Sissy.

"Yeah....So I have an idea.." I said.

"What?" she asked.

"Drop the charges on Sly...You haven't got anything really solid to hold him on anyway...Drop em and let him go...but put a tail on him...I'm going to tell him that Barbara has divorced him and that she's Nore's girl now..If he's like any other man I know...He'll shoot right over to whereever she's staying and so will Larry Nore once he finds out that Sly Robinson is out of jail." I said.

"And we'll have the both of them in one place." said Sissy.

"Exactly! And maybe...Just maybe..We can squeeze the location of that money out of one of them....This is about more than money now...This is about love and saving face." I said.

''Kevin!!!!...I like how you think."laughed Sissy.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Designated Driver

I had found Barbara Robinson's apartment complex...But finding her was a whole nother story...I took a chance and questioned a few people that lived in her apartment and no one had seen her since the weekend..Which I learned was pretty normal...She went to Atlantic City a lot I had heard...

I brought Sean Jackson, Lockpick Johnson and Peeping Tom around and we easily gained access to her apartment...

There was nothing inside her apartment that was incriminating in anyway of anyone...So Peeping Tom and Lockpick and Sean wired her apartment for sound and video...and cloned her smartphones and her Laptop.

We left...If she returned...We'd just monitor her actions...

The next night...Owen Todd ,Clerow and I sat outside her apartment complex and waited for her to show up.

She did and with her notorious boyfriend...Larry Nore.... He was a tall, athletically built guy with great tastes in clothing. His suit looked like one of Sam the Tailor's custom made suits such as the one I was wearing.
I was surprised that he was alone...Maybe that was because Sly had killed his hitman and I had put the rest of his muscle in the hospital....

They walked inside....

"Larry,I don't know any Kevin person ,I'm serious." she said.

"Yeah, well he's been askin around about you..." he said.

"Maybe he's workin for Sly." she said.

"Hah...He's got enough troubles...Tryin to find a lawyer to rep him on that murder rap." laughed Larry.

"Did you send Juice after him?" she asked.

''Yeah...He got out of prison and I knew he'd be sniffin around tryin to find you and give you problems." said Larry.

''He might want his share of the money you guys took." she said.

"Yeah...that too..I didn't figure he'd get the drop on Juice and kill him." said Larry.

"But it worked out...Sly is back in jail and out of your hair right baby?" she said.

''Yeah....but this Kevin guy is going to be trouble..I don't like it." said Larry.

"You put the boys on him didn't you?" she said.

"Yeah and all three of em is in the hospital and under arrest...He's dangerous...I gotta find someone to take him out and quick...But you let me worry about that." he said.

"Oh Larry..." she said.

"Now come here...take off your clothes..." he said...


"Aww Kev...You turned it off during the good part." said Owen Todd.

Clerow grinned that toothy grin of his..

"The good part is that I know now that  Larry Nore was Sly Robinson's partner in the three million dollar heist and that he hired the hitman to take Sly out so that he wouldn't have to give him his share of the loot and so that he wouldn't find out that he's been banging his wife." I said.

"You turnin this into the police boss man?" said Clerow...

''No, not yet...I need a little more...This right here is good though...Come on guys...Let's call it a night." I said.


I got in my car and pulled off and they took the van in the opposite direction... I remembered that I had to see a man about half of my money...

Felix Lawson wasn't hard to find...He was playing in Chris and Chess's crap game...For all of the legitimate business interests Chris and Chess had...They still ran an illegal floating crap game from time to time..Only a few people knew of it's existence...I being one of those few...and I not caring at all..

Only the high line playas took part in it..and no one was caused any harm from it...I drove up to the warehouse where I was met by a couple of Donald Smooth's security guys...

"Relax...Call Smooth...He'll vouch for me." I said.

Donald Smooth, Chris and Chess's third in command and enforcer walked up to my car...Upon seeing me, he smiled..

"What's goin on Kevy Kev?" he laughed.

"I'm lookin for a guy that might be in your game." I said.

"Anything heavy?" he asked.

"Nah...Nothin heavy...He owes me some money is all." I said.

Donald Smooth looked at his guys...

"He's good...Let him through." he said.

I walked up the steps and into the main room ,which looked like a mini casino...There were several card games going on and a roulette wheel and all kinds of high rollers from the tri-state area...Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches , Potato Salad, Cold Cuts, All types of breads, Mustard,Mayo, Cheeses and Beer and Wine..

Chris and Chess walked over to me...

"Fancy meeting you here Kev...What's up?" they asked.

"Is a Felix Lawson in here?" I asked.

"He's over there..He into anything heavy?" asked Chris...

''No...Nahh..He's good...He has some money for me." I said.

"I'll take you to him." said Chess..

Chess walked me over to him...He was a short mousey guy who wasn't gambling...He was eating and watching his friends gamble..

"Felix Lawson??  I'm Kevin Morris...Sly told me to get in touch with you."I said.

''Yeah..."he said.

He went in his wallet and peeled off about one thousand dollars in twenties and fifties....and placed it in my hands...

"You don't gamble?" I asked.

"Never....My boys here do...I'm the designated driver... I come here for the food." he said as he made himself a sandwich." he laughed.

I laughed....

"Smart man.." I said.

''You find Babs?"he asked.

"Sure did...But I couldn't talk to her....She was occupied if you get my drift."I said.

"Yeah....Nore...I didn't have the heart to tell him...It would be better if you did." he said.

"You;'ve known where she was and that she was with Nore all the time?" I asked.

"I didn't know where she was livin...I still don't...but everybody knows she's Nore's girl.." he said.

"Everybody didn't volunteer that information." I said.

"It's a good way to stay alive...Nore runs with some rough boys.....And you must be pretty rough yourself...I heard you wiped the street up with em the other night......They still in the hospital.." he said.

"Yeah...I am pretty rough."I said.

Chess and Donald Smooth laughed when I said that...

"Look man...You want to talk to Babs alone..She and her girlfriends play cards tomorrow night at Stephen Bristol's card game...Nore don't go to that...That's your best shot to get her alone..Tell her to go see Sly..He misses her..She's all he talks about." said Felix..

"Okay...I'll do that..Thanks for the dough...." I said.

Just then, one of his friends fell out of his chair .....

"He's drunk...Felix...Get him out of here."said Chris Thompson...

"Alright Chris...Come on guys...I'm the designated driver." he said.

Chris..Chess..Donald Smooth and I looked at each other and busted out laughing.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No Fault Of His Own

The next day I began my investigation where I usually began my investigation in the high rise law offices of my good friend and Sissy's ex husband, Robert Foxworth... He and his attorneys, Chance Howard and Cole were always good help with their contacts in various city and state and federal offices and with several utility companies...

That and I like the company...The three of us always got along famously...

"So what are you workin on Kev?" asked Robert Foxworth...

"Trying to find a man's wife....Something you used to be good at."I joked.

Chance Howard and Cole cracked up laughing...

''Very funny, Very funny Kev." laughed Robert.

First I looked up Barbara Robinson....It was a common name and there were several as you might have guessed....I narrowed down my search and found three that looked promising...One was white...the other woman was recently deceased and then I found the one I was looking for!!!...

Found her present apartment and found her phone number and two cell phone numbers....

Born in Camden, New Jersey ,Barbara Kelly Stevens and I were the same age...Her parents divorced when she was five and she and her mother moved to Philadelphia..She attended public schools and graduated and spent two uneventful years at Lincoln University before dropping out.

She married Sylvester "Sly"Robinson shortly afterwords and enrolled in Community College, got an associates degree in business management and took a few administrative assistant jobs in area offices...Her credit was good...her bank account was solid and she owned a Mini Cooper...No criminal record whatsoever.

I couldn't say the same for her husband...Sly Robinson...He had two convictions for Armed Robbery and Larceny...Had had one sentence suspended and had done a four year bid in the state prison for the other beef..

Robert Foxworth walked over to me with a piece of paper...

''Hey Kev...You said you were looking for Sly Robinson's wife right?" he said.

''Yeah...I've found a lot out about her already." I said.

''Yeah..How about the fact that she got a no fault divorce from him about two years ago?" asked Robert.

"Huh?, What?" I asked.

"It's all here...In fact...I handled the case...He was in prison, convicted of a crime...That was all the grounds she needed." said Chance Howard.

''Yes...but didn't he need to sign off on it?" I asked.

"He did!" said Chance...

I looked at the signature....Then I compared it to the handwriting I had that Sly had given me yesterday...It was not a match!

Robert ,Chance and Cole looked at the document and then my paper with Sly's handwriting on it.

"Oh wow...He didn't sign this...Somebody else signed this." said Robert.

"Mannn, this guy is divorced and he doesn't even know it." I said.

II -
I went to see Sissy and I told her about my findings...

"So he's divorced and he doesn't know it....That's funny." she laughed...

''Even funnier is who signed this...If it wasn't him...then who?  Maybe his unknown partner...The one he never named...Maybe this guy is doing more than just holding on to his half...he's holding on to his sugar."I said.

Sissy cracked up laughing...

"You have such a way with words..." she said.

I peered out of her door...I motioned for her to remain quiet....

"Head for the back door...You got company." I said.

''Who?" she asked.

''Lieutenant Cantrell!!!. I just saw him come in...He's talking to the desk sergeant." I said.
"Say No more." she said and grabbed her purse and followed me.

Sissy quietly slipped out the back door...The two of us slipped down the back stairs....and got into my car.

"Lt. Cantrell!! What's with him and you?" I asked.

"He's got the hots for me...I've told him that I have a man...He's even seen me with my man, but he just won't take a hint...I may have to hurt his feelings....I don't want to Kev..The man trained me and some of my best detectives....and over the years..The man has been good to me and my division....But I'm just not into him like that." she said.

"Well you got your purse...You want me to drive you somewhere?" I asked.

''Yes...Take me to Eddie C.'s job...He'll bring me back." she said.

"Does he know about this?" I asked...

"No...Nooooo...I don't want him to either if I can help it." she said.

"Your secret is safe with me." I said.

Sissy patted me on the arm and smiled...

"I never thought you and I would be this close of friends...But you have turned out to be a jewel....I don't know what I'd do without you Kevin." she said.

I smiled....I dropped her off in front of Eddie C's office building...

''Don't tell Sly about his marital situation yet...At least not until I find his wife." I said.

Sissy giggled....

"This is just too funny Kevin...Too funny...He's paying you to find a woman that has divorced him and he doesn't even know it." she said.

''It's no fault of his own." I said.

"If you say so....Bye Kevin...and thank you so much for the save." she said.

"Anytime."I said and pulled off.


I put the word out on the street that I was looking for Barbara Robinson...I went to Ciros, the Mermaid Club...Big Chicken and Rollo Jone's strip clubs and finally to Josies...

Gus passed me a Corona....

"Yeah I know her....Used to be married to Sly Robinson...." he said.

"Who is she with now?" I asked.

"Ever hear of a guy named Larry Nore?" he asked.

"Yeah...A real nasty piece of business as you would say...Used to be a heist guy...Now he's kind of retired I heard...." I said.

"He's got juice on the street...a little loan sharking, a little protection...fences a few things here and there...He keeps it real quiet and low key...She's been with him for two years now." said Gus.

"Where would I find him?" I asked.

"Kev, you don't want to find him...He's bad news all around." said Gus.

"Him I'm not interested in...I'm being paid to deliver Barbara Robinson a message from Sly." I said.

"I heard he got busted for murder." said Gus.

"It was self defense...Somebody tried to clip him.." I said.

''And you're mixed up in this?"asked Gus.

"I'm just delivering a message and I'm done...that's it." I said.

"Just be careful kid." said Gus...

Honey Brown walked over to me...

"Hey Kev...I heard you were looking for a girl named Barbara...Barbara Robinson...Used to be Sly Robinson's wife?" she said.

"Yeah, you know her?" I asked.

"She comes in here sometimes...She likes to gamble....She gambles in Steven Bristol's poker game and she drinks at this high end place called Minks." she said.

I pulled out a couple of twenties and placed them in her hand...

"Thanks Honey..." I said.

"Kevin...Be careful....Her boyfriend isn't the nicest customer." she said.

"I'm not looking for him." I said and smiled...


That was good advice...I had just left Josies when I noticed I was being followed by two guys...They were pretty big guys and they had been in the Mermaid Club and at Ciro's earlier....It was no co-incidence that they were also in Josies and had now followed me out...There was a car with tinted windows driving along slowly too....I had been in a situation like this before..

The two men were still following me and the car with the tinted windows was too..Perhaps I should walk back to a street that was more populated...Perhaps I should have brought Clerow, Owen Todd or Kool Kat with me...but I hadn't..

I walked away from the parking lot...I wasn't going anywhere near my car....Damn...I had on a brand new suit...Looks like I might get it torn or bloodied...The two men followed..

I turned toward them...

"Is it something I can help you with gentlemen?" I said.

One of them smiled and looked at the other..

"He wants to know if he can help us with somethin?" he said.

''We work for a guy named Larry Nore..You might have heard of him." he said.

''Ahhh vaguely."I said.

"He don't like nobody inquiring into his business.." said the other one.

"I haven't been...I'm looking for a girl."I said.

"I don't think he understands Lester." said the other guy, who took the toothpick out of his mouth and tossed it into the street...

"Yeah...I think we gotta tighten him up a bit." said the other one...

And here it came..

He swung at me and missed...I ducked his blow and hit him with an upper cut that backed him up....I landed a perfect kick to the solar plexus of the second man and then did a sweep which knocked him down...

The first guy charged at me..I crouched and I landed about 12 good lefts and rights to his face.....I caught him with an uppercut that damn near ripped his head off and then clocked him in his jaw and sent him to the sidewalk....

 He quickly got to his feet and charged me again...throwing haymakers...I dodged them all and ripped his midsection with well placed lefts and rights and then cold cocked him in his jaw, sending him spinning around...I attempted a swift kick to his solar plexus , but he caught my foot , twisted my leg and sent me hurling to the ground...I quickly regained my footing..

He attempted to  put his massive hands around my neck and choke me..I kicked him as hard as I could in his privates and he let me go...I again punished his midsection with 10-12 lefts and rights and then planted more lefts and rights to his face...He fell to the ground gasping for air and in obvious pain......I thought I had time to catch my breath....but he was up again and charging at me...

 I clocked him in his jaw twice and then punished his stomach with more lefts and rights...He groaned and grunted like a pig and huffed and puffed.. He had just about had enough...So my left right combonation dropped him for the count...

His friend..finally got his footing and rushed me, but I side stepped him and landed some nice lefts and rights to his face...He swung and missed  and swung and missed again...I ducked and punched him in his stomach...He groaned in agony..and my next blow was right on his jaw...His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he slumped to the ground and rolled over...Out for the night!!.

The guy in the car opened the door and aimed a gun at me..I fired and blasted his windshield...He fired again and I ducked and returned his fire...hitting him in his shoulder and his side..

"Ooooooof...ohhhh, I don't believe it...I've been shot !!" he said and fell to the pavement....

I smiled....I looked down at him...

"Tell Larry Nore that I'll be seeing him soon." I said.

I slipped my pistol back into my shoulder holster and walked the opposite way towards the parking lot which was a few blocks away. I'm certain the police were on their way!

Two of the goons were  unconscious...both had concussions and had to be hospitalized...The man I shot was unconscious...He had lost a lot of blood...He too had to be hospitalized...and my suit didn't have a tear or a wrinkle...

Not a bad night!

Just then...A Familiar car drove up....The window rolled down.....It was Sissy!
"Need a ride?" she asked...

''Nah...I'm good..."I said.

"I see...Better than those guys down the street...I was in the neighborhood and I rolled up on that a little late..but I see you had the situation under hand." she laughed...

"Yeah...This time." I said.

"You know...Sometimes you need to call your friends...You shouldn't always try to take on these hoods alone." she said.

"My friends keep telling me that all the time..." I laughed.

"You make jokes...I'm serious." she said.

"I will Sissy...I get tired of these street fights myself." I said...I was serious now..

"Get in...I'll drive you to your car." she said.

"Wow...I used to look out for you...Now you look out for me." I laughed.

"That's what friends do for each other." she said.

I didn't argue...I got in her car and she drove me to my car...