Friday, August 26, 2016

Unfinished Stories

It was nearly quarter to four in the morning and Sepia and I were making sweet love in our bedroom....
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm , ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...Sepia..."I moaned

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kevin....Oh My goddddd! Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" moaned Sepia..

I had come home a little after 11:00 pm...I was usually home to tuck in the baby...but tonight..I was late...Working on this Non-Case with Sissy and the guys.

We walked into our bed room...

We kissed some more and I eased her panties down slowly....She eased my boxers down and we crawled into bed...Kissing and licking and fondling each other...

"Ohhhhhhhh..." I moaned...

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..Kevin,I waited up for you..." she cooed..
"I'm so glad you did!"I said, continuing to kiss her passionately..
I rolled over, Sepia smiled at me and then I crawled on top of her... I pulled her close to me and took one of her breasts in my mouth, licking it softly...She moaned softly..."Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ouuuuuuuuu, Kevin, that feels soooo good.." she moaned..

She lifted herself up and gently lowered herself on my already bulging manhood....We both moaned loudly as she began moving up and down, first slowly , then next, really slow...

Outside The light of the moon was gently sifting through the window across her back as she sat astride me and confidently rode me intimately...

I softly grabbed her hips and began to slowly grind inside of Sepia with every rise and fall of her... "Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu baby, that feeels sooooo...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.." she moaned... I arched my back a little.. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby!..."

I found myself moaning.... It was a little after eleven when we got started...four hours and a half of sweet,slow ,tender lovemaking went by ....both of us oblivious to everything and caught up in our passion...
Finally, neither one of us could take it any longer...I exploded with a fury and Sepia began shaking and moaning....She was climaxing too... ''Ouuuuuuuuuuu.. lawddd Kevin...whooooooo!" she said with a look of pure ecstacy on her face...

She collapsed on top of me and lay there sweating for a minute before she rolled off of me and lay beside me...She was still shaking a little bit, sweating profusely too! "Ouuuuuuuuu..I'm still cumming...." she moaned..."Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh...ouuuuuuuuuuweeee.." she said.
We both laughed and she turned towards me... "My goodness....You just show off so much in this bed......." she said laughing and kissing me again...

The next morning , Sepia fixed us both a pot of coffee and warmed up some bagels and spread cream cheese on them...

"You wanna tell me what's bothering you?" she asked.

"How do you know something is bothering me?" I asked.

"When we were making love last night..I could feel it..the slow burning anger , frustration...something.." she said.

"I don't know anything about that...but you are right...I am frustrated...That guy, Latroy Sparks was found shot to death in his apartment yesterday...Sissy and the guys picked up Genviere...but she had an air tight alibi...She doesn't fit the description of the woman that was seen with him last..." I said.

"Salima?" asked Sepia.

"Sissy and the guys couldn't locate her...She's gone!  Plus there is no real solid proof that she did this.. but she was being blackmailed too!"I said.

"And?" asked Sepia.

"This just seems like an unfinished story Sepia...Sissy and her detectives have a dead thug that nobody will miss and whose death will not be further investigated after awhile.. The main suspect,A mysterious woman who is not who she says she is ,is going to marry our friend, Rollie in a few days and it turns out, she's innocent of the crime, but only guilty of a series of lies and leading a secret life...And her girlfriend...The only other suspect is gone!  I'm not working for anybody,so I have no further need to look into this.."I said.

"And we'll never know what big secret he was blackmailing them for?" added Sepia.

"Yeah, but it's just as well....Now I get to spend more time with you...."I said and pulled her to me and sat her on my lap...I hugged her and kissed her..

Sepia giggled like a school girl...

"Don't get any ideas....I just got out of the shower...I don't feel like getting all hot and sweaty and plus the baby will be up in a few minutes.." she laughed..but continuing to give me a wet sloppy kiss..

My phone was on the table vibrating....

''Well...If I had any ideas...I'm going to have to curtail them until later...It's Sissy."I said.

"Maybe she's got news about the case.." said Sepia..

"Hello Siss."I said.

"Kevin,I didn't call you last night, because I knew you were home and probably asleep.. but anyway... Genviere is dead!" said Sissy..

"WHAT?  GENVIERE IS DEAD?   ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I exclaimed ,Knowing that Sissy wouldn't joke about a thing like that....
"She's Dead Kevin..They found her lying face down in a booth at Minks..." said Sissy..

"Oh My God...Was she shot?" I asked.

''No. She wasn't! And at first it looked like it was natural causes until we further checked and found it to be poisoning.. The suspect is a petite woman with fiery red hair...who she was having drinks with...She paid in cash for everything though and even though they have cameras in there ,we only got a grainy composite of her...But uh...there is something more...I think you should meet Hazel and me at the Medical Examiner's Office.." said Sissy..

"Okay...I'll be right over.. Has Rollie been contacted?" I asked.

"Yes...but we haven't told him this yet...Just get over here as quick as possible." said Sissy.

"Okay...I'm on my way." I said.

"Genviere is dead? Wowwwww!" said Sepia...

"And Sissy said there is more ,but she didn't want to discuss it on the phone." I said.

"Oh My God! Well hurry up and get over there..I want to know.." said Sepia...

I met Sissy and Hazel at the M.E.'s Office... I was curious to know what the big secret was...

"Kevin...Remember you told me that you couldn't find any record of Genviere Payton beyond 2004??...Well..There was a reason for that."said Sissy..

"Because that's not her real name...I knew it...Who is she?" I said....I looked at Genviere's lifeless body...She had huge breasts...No wonder Rollie was so attracted to her at first I mused..I couldn't take my eyes off of them...They were huge and perfectly round...

Hazel saw me staring at Genviere's breasts and said...

"Those are implants Kevin...They aren't natural." she said.

"I thought so.." I laughed sheepishly...a little embarrassed about being caught by Hazel, who gave me a devilish side eye and then just laughed.

"Hazel, you tell him...I can't."said Sissy who was now laughing uncontrollably...I wondered what was so funny at a time like this? A woman was dead..A woman had been murdered!!!

"Kevin she had more than just breast surgery...She had transgendered surgery....She was born a man!!!  Once we took her fingerprints...We discovered  that she is in actuality...JOHN PAYTON....He had a sex change operation in 2004....It was very good work...Very expensive....It was done in Switzerland...I talked to the surgeon who did the work this morning."said Hazel.

"Two Million Dollars could pay for it...John Payton...the Payroll Truck Robber, thought dead.....He supposedly died in 2004......And Genviere Payton was born...So he faked his death....Latroy Sparks knew about his ruse and THAT was what he was blackmailing her for...He knew that she was born a man and had had a sex change...If Rollie Rollerson found that out ,he would have never married her...She'd of been humiliated.."I said.

"Salima Payton was in reality...John/Genviere's Wife...She helped Him fake his death and become a woman..."said Sissy.

"Yeah...but Latroy was blackmailing both of them...I understand why he was blackmailing Genviere...but he had to have something more on Salima..."I said.

"There was a body in that burned out sports was so badly charred that it was beyond identification...Since it was John Payton's car..Everyone assumed that it was John Payton in that car..."said Hazel...

"Wait a minute...They had a partner.. Uh Jerry...Jerry Parker...Vanished without a trace in 2004...Was never seen again....What if that was him in the car?  What if Salima Payton killed him?" I asked...

Just then...I heard the familiar click of a gun.....I turned ,only to see Salima Payton in  the doorway with a .40 caliber pistol pointed at us..

"Very Good...You figured it out Kevin....I heard you were asking around about me...And I've been following you...I also knew that Dr. Baylor would autopsy the body and figure out who she really was and I can't have that..." said Salima..

"So you're going to shoot us? Are you crazy?  A Gun shot will send several cops down here..."said Sissy.

"I'm not going to shoot you guys...You all are going to drink this cocktail..Same one she drank last night...It contains the same chemicals they use in Lethal Injections...You'll die quickly and painlessly and quietly like my ex-husband...and I'm going to take this body off your hands...and quietly vanish..Sorry you had to be here Lieutenant.."she said.

"You're crazy." said Hazel.

"Am I?"  said Salima.
"Before we die...I like finishing stories.. I don't like unfinished stories..You murdered Jerry Parker didn't you?" I said.

"I did...My husband was always a little peculiar...He was bullied in school, people thought he was gay...I was his only friend at times...Me and Latroy...After five years of marriage...He told me he felt like he was meant to be a woman...He wanted a sex change..He had already started the preliminaries..Jerry Parker...put Latroy and him together to do one last heist...The Six million dollar payroll heist...They did it and Jerry double crossed LaTroy, with the money......LaTroy ordered me to kill Jerry....I was the only one who could get close to him....I shot him to death....and I put a very powerful explosive in Johnny's sports car and blew him up....I told my husband...Here is your chance to start over again...Johnny left the country and got his sex change operation...The next time I saw him..he was Genviere...A sexy black woman...I couldn't believe it...Meanwhile Latroy had gotten himself arrested and the FBI had gotten all but my husband's cut of the loot."said Salima..

"And everything was good for years until Latroy got out of prison and began blackmailing you for the murder and faked death of your husband and your husband 's sex change.."I said.

"Now you know the story.....Time to Die..."she said.

"WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT??? GENVIERE WAS A MAN??? OH HELL NOOOO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Rollie Rollerson, who had heard the entire conversation....

His loud scream was all I needed.....Salima was momentarily distracted...I grabbed her arm...I elbowed her in the face hard...breaking her nose, I disarmed her and flipped her, sending her slamming to the floor...

"WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she screamed as she hit the floor.. She was hurt...and she knew she didn't have anymore fight left in her..

"Hazel, Call Duke...He's probably en route here anyway..." said Sissy, who held her at gunpoint.

A few minutes later..Detective Edwin "Duke" Baylor put the handcuffs on her...In her purse was the .22 pistol she used to kill Latroy Sparks and The chemicals she used to poison Genviere..

"Look what we got here...Enough to clear two murders and a confession to one we didn't even know about.." laughed Duke.

Rico,Top and Jimmy found the apartment you abandoned....You left behind the Red flaming wig....We matched it to the only known photos we had of you leaving the crime scene.."

"Oh and Sirena and Hop recovered your lipstick compact and they matched the lipstick to the lipstick found on Latroy Sparks's penis....Plus the saliva and the saliva you left behind on a discarded cigarette butt they found in the trash was a DNA match..

"We pretty much had a warrant out for your arrest anyway Salima... My partner and two of Philly's finest just left your other listed apartment...So the jig was pretty much up for you....

"Thanks for making it easy for us to get you." lamented Duke..

"I was leading a quiet life...A Prosperous life..I was legitimate.. A Solid citizen..None of this would have happened if Latroy hadn't of been blackmailing us...All of this was his fault.. All of it!" she spat ,blood running from her nose profusely...

Rollie looked at her with Disdain....

"Who are you? What kind of human being are you? You killed three people...What the hell is wrong with you?? There is no justification for that!" he said...Utterly shocked.

Salima smirked..

"Not for you Rollie.. Nobody was threatening to take everything you built away from you."

"Come on...Let's go....Thanks once again Kev..."said Duke, who handcuffed her and along with two uniformed officers escorted her out of the facility...


 " might have been born a man...but she died a woman...I mean look at her..She's a woman man."I said.
Hazel and I tried to sooth him...

"Yes Rollie...She technically is a woman...Or rather..was a woman.."said Hazel..

But Rollie was having none of it...


I looked at Sissy...

She was laughing so hard...She exited the room and walked down the hall, holding her sides and slamming her hands on the wall...

Case Closed! Story Over!


Salima Payton was convicted of three counts of First Degree Murder -Jerry Packer, Latroy Sparks and John/Genviere Payton....and sentenced to three life sentences.

A few weeks later, Sepia and I were having drinks with Attorney Olivia Bennett-Alexander.. Donnie Ray Alexander, Beverly West and Kayla Bennett at Rollie's country club bar.

"Livy, how is Rollie doing?" asked Sepia..

"He took this pretty hard...He's in therapy..." said Olivia..

"He was three days from getting married....I know this must of devastated him."I said.

"Talk About Close Calls." said Donnie Ray, shaking his head....

"And finding out his fiancé was born a man and surgically became a woman ,who fooled what is killing him the most." said Beverly.

"I feel so sorry for Rollie...but I'm at least glad the truth came out.....I tried to talk to him...I'm a woman and Genviere was my client and she fooled me..."said Kayla..

"She fooled everybody...None of us knew." I said.

"You would think a ladies man like Rollie would know a real woman from a transgendered woman.."said Sepia..

"Yeah you would think." said Olivia with a devilish grin on her face...

"Stopppppppppp...Give the man a break...."laughed Donnie Ray....

I looked at Sepia ,who looked at Olivia and the three of us busted out laughing...

Beverly and Kayla just shook their heads and smiled.