Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mr. Willie

"The Doors of the Church are now open." said Pastor Struthers....Sepia nudged me and I woke up...I didn't want to admit that I was asleep..."Huh...I'm awake..what's goin on?" I said. Sepia smiled at me and then pinched me hard...

"Ow..what's up..what are you doin?" I said.

"At least you can pretend like you was listening to the sermon Kevin." she said.

I looked around...Cock Robbins was a few rows behind me with his wife, Vanessa. He too looked as if he had just been pinched awake too..I smiled to myself... Deacon Larry Weatherford was sitting in the row behind Pastor Struthers snoring...much to his wife, Victoria's consternation...
She was sitting with us..and she couldn't wake her husband.

Missing from Church this Sunday was Sean Jackson and his lady friend, Sheila...They had just got back from South Carolina. They had been on assignment covering a hot young trumpet player from Patterson, New Jersey named Reed Nelson. Also missing was my man, "88". When
he wasn't playing the Piano at Josie's Bar...He played the Organ here at church...He and Mabel
Jenkins must have decided to stay an extra day....Can't say that I blamed him.

The main person missing was head Deaconess,Ida Bell Jackson. In the entire time I had gone to this church..Ida Bell Jackson had never missed a Sunday... She was up in age and I surely hoped that she hadn't died. She lived alone. It was said that her husband, long dead..had left her with a
sizable peice of change.

As Sepia and I were leaving church, Pastor John Struthers called me.

"Uh,er , Brother Kevin....could I have a minute of your time?" he said.

Sepia giggled- "He's probably gone get on you for falling asleep in the middle of his sermon"
she laughed.

"Nah he aint...quiet about that." I said.

"Uh Brother Kevin...Have you seens Sistah Ida Bell Jackson this week? I noticed that she wasn't in chuuuch today." he said.

I was amazed at how Pastor Struthers knew every single woman in the church and knew when they weren't there. He made no mention about where "88" , the church Organist was or Sean
Jackson....but he knew Sister Ida Bell was missing.

"No Pastor...I haven't seen her this week." I said.

"Between me and you..I think somethin fishy is going on and I need your help in gettin to the bottom of things." He said.

"You...You uh need my help Pastor?" I asked.

"Look....Everybody knows that she's sittin on some money and ever since her husband, Jack Daniels Jackson died...Every single man and widower in this chuuch been tryin to park they shoes under her bed....Ah been kinda lookin out for her....but I fear she has got in with someone that means her no good." He said.

"Like who? " I asked.

"Mr. Willie " He said.

"Mr. Willie?" I laughed...Mr. Willie was about 72 years old...a good eight years older than Sister Ida Bell...A Dapper old man who acted like he was 27.....but not what I would call dangerous.

"Kevin, she been takin up with him...but aint nobody heard from her in days..She aint answered her phone, Her mail has been piling up at her house... and people been calling here at the church lookin for her..I'm serious..I got a bad feelin about this...really...I know that you looks into things..and I would really appreciate it if you did this favor for ole Rev.." he said.

I thought about it, then chuckled to myself and finnally said that I would.

I told Sepia about it and she laughed and laughed , as did I...but I agreed to look into it. Sepia wanted to get home and change her clothes...One of my pleasures on Sunday was helping her out of her clothes after we got home. She wasn't going. Sean was tired, probably cooling out with Sheila. I couldn't find Clerow...So it looked as if I would have to go solo on this one.

I drove by Miss Ida Bell's house.. The lights were off, there was a week's worth of mail piled up at her door...Utility bills, Magazines, Credit Card offers,Junk mail....The funny thing was...There was an envelope from the Social Security people , that had been opened and was lying there with the mail...Didn't have to mean anything ,but it made me think.

So I drove by Mr. Willie's house. I peered in the window and it appeared that the mystery was solved.. Ms. Ida Bell Jackson was sitting there at the table, along with another woman. They appeared to be just sitting there...but it didn't look like they were moving. Just sitting at the dining room table.

From the upstairs window...I heard the bed squeaking and a lot of hollering and moaning.....

"OHHHHHHHH...OHHHHHHHH MISTER WILLIE....put it on me daddy.....Ouuuuuuuu."

"Ohhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhh come on now honey...give it to me..give it to meeeeee..."

"Oh Mistah Willie....mmmmmmmph..ummmphhh...."

"Ah love it when ya call me Big Poppa...ouuuuuuu, weeeeee..."

Mr. Willie????? A man his age... getting his swerve on??? Nah, it just couldn't be....All this and he had two women sitting downstairs in his living room???What Kind of Player was he?? He was
putting all of us young guys to shame..

"Ohh mister Willie, lay that pipe...Lay it baby." came the female voice...

" I come girl.....Here I come........"

"Don't stopppppppppppp....Mister Willieeeeeeeee...ouuuuuuuuuuu, oh myyyyyyy...."

I hated to stand outside his window and listen to him getting his thing on...but I couldn't believe
what I had just heard. I peeped in his living room window and the two women were still just sitting there. Something about the way they were sitting there kind of bothered me. They weren't saying a word..weren't moving...just sitting at the dining room table, while all that racket was going on upstairs.. No player I knew was THAT good. Three women in the house, two sitting quietly as if waiting their turn, while you're upstairs withanother woman...Not in this life.
Something was as wrong as rain about this picture. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I didn't have to disturb him...But I at least wanted to talk to Ms. Ida Bell Jackson. So I rang the bell.
Neither one of the ladies at the table moved. I rang the bell again. I know they heard the bell because I could hear it through the door..but neither one of them got up from the table. I was puzzled by that and the fact that they were there and all that racket was still going on upstairs..
The bed was still squeaking loudly and both he and whoever was in that bed with him was having a great time..yelling and moaning to the top of their lungs.

"Ohhhhhh, I'm cummming....ohhhhhhhh Mistah Willieeeee!!!!!"

Finnally,I heard the bed stop squeaking and heard both he and the woman cry out in ecstacy...

"Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh..OHHHHHHHHHHHH.. gurl I'm bout to explodddddeeeee!!!!!"

"Ohhh Mistah Willie....ohhhhhhhhhhhh mahhh gawdddd....ouuuuuuuuu lawwwwddd.."

"Gurrrrl, what did you do to me? That was worth more than ten dollars..I'm gon give ya twenty
sweet georgia brown, that there was some good lovin..."

"Mr. Willie, someone's at the door."

"The door? ,Oh who in the hell can that be? It's a Sunday afternoon...for cryin out loud.." came his voice.

It took forever, but he finnally came to the door.

"Huh..uh Hello.....Oh it's you Kevin...What do you want?" He asked..

The minute that door opened, the smell liked to knocked me out....

"I really came around here to check on Ms. Ida Bell Jackson..could you bring her to the door?"
I asked.

"No, I can't...I believe she's busy." He said.

"Busy, she's sitting right there....Sister Jackson ?? " I yelled...but she didn't move... The smell
was killing me...

"Look young got a pretty young wife..yall just been to church I reckon...shouldn't you be home helpin her outta her clothes? I know I would if I was you....Sistah Jackson is fine...
now as I know you have heard..I'm busy myself.. now I've got to go....goodbye." he said.

I put my foot in the door and wouldn't let him close it and I forced my way in...I knew what that
smell was.... I walked over to Mrs. Jackson and tapped her on the shoulder, Her lifeless body fell
to the floor...So did the body of the other woman.

I turned and looked at Mr. Willie....

"You Freak!" I said.


Lieutenant Sissy Van Buren put the cuffs on Mr. Willie and the coroner's office toted out the bodies of Mrs. Ida Bell Jackson and the other woman, Lula May Harkins. Both women had been poisoned
and had signed their social security checks over to Mr. Willie. They had been missing for weeks.
The woman in the bedroom was a 34 year old Nurse and crack addict who Mr. Willie had paid twenty dollars to for her "services.."

"Shame Yall lockin up Mr. Willie...He was pretty good in bed for an old man..." she said as she left the house. The fact that two dead women were at the dining room table and the house smelled like hell...obviously meant nothing to her.

"Well Kevin...I guess I owe you one...once again...Who would have guessed that this seemingly sweet old man was a serial killer." said Sissy.

"Yeah,who would have guessed...." I said as I watched the Police Cars drive away.

The next day, I stopped by the church to talk to Pastor Struthers....

"Kevin, I wanna thank you for gettin to the bottom of that...I knew Mr. Willie was bad news..
Deac and I both was suspicious of him the minute he come smellin around Ida Bell. So sorry she's

"Yeah, but Mr. Willie is behind bars where he won't hurt anybody else." I said.

"Well thank you so much Kevin..." He said.

"Where are you on your way to Pastor?" I asked.....Then I saw her...the same woman who had been at Mr. Willie's house...The nurse...the crack addict....

"Uh this poor child has been traumatized, what with Mr. Willie and the two dead women right under her nose... I am going to give her some personal attention in my chambers...Thanks again for your help Kevin..." said Pastor Struthers as the young woman walked into his chambers and he closed the door softly and locked it...

I just laughed to myself and shook my head...I walked out of the church into the sunshine and headed on down the avenue towards the diner!

For SLC.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Picnic After Dark

Reed Nelson, that up and coming young trumpet player from Patterson ,New Jersey asked me to play a few dates with him on the road. This time we were playing in a seaside resort in South
Carolina on some island whose name I couldn't pronounce. Hey, I'm a city boy from up north,what could I say. People call me "88"...I play the piano..I'm from Philadelphia PA. This is one of my stories.

I took my girlfriend ,Mabel Jenkins with me. Things were slow at Hype Magazine and I talked with her boss, Kevin Morris. I told him that Reed Nelson was really hot and possibly the next big thing in Jazz and that it would be a great story for Mabel to "cover" Kevin looked at me side eyed..I wasn't fooling him...not the world famous blogger/writer/detective who had put the Philly PD to shame in more than one case. He just smiled and said that it was cool. He sent his ace boon coon and photographer, Sean Jackson out with us to take photos of the concert dates. Sean and his girlfriend, Sheila came down a day or two after Mabel and I.

I was glad they had come...Sean was good people and Mabel and his lady Sheila, were good friends from the job...They went shopping during the day, while Reed and I and the rest of the band rehearsed almost non-stop. In the evenings before our sets we enjoyed some fine southern cuisine at more than one beachside eatery..

Then came the gigs....Reed Nelson played like a young Miles Davis...and his bass player and guitarist followed his every nuance...His drummer was in the pocket..and I brought up the rear with some sweet tickling of the ivories... Sean took some great photos of us..and Mabel typed away on her laptop and fired away a great lead story to the magazine... We played that entire week..From Wednesday Night through the weekend until Thursday of the next week.. Come to find out, quite a few magazines had represenatives there and were taking a look at Reed Nelson.
Hype Magazine though,would get the scoop.

The last night we played...Reed played a 10 minute solo that had the crowd yelling and howling...
a black lace thong struck me...Me!! Me?? Me of all people....I looked in the crowd...It was Mabel's..She looked at me and winked and curled her lip the way she could do that always drove me crazy with longing. After the set..The crowd gave us a standing ovation. I was exhausted, yet happy....I was paid too.. Made a nice peice of change with this gig...back in Philly, I know that
my landlord Chess, would be very happy.. Rent paid on time always made him happy!

Reed Nelson and his band headed back to Patterson the next day..And Sean and Sheila headed back to Philly....Mabel and I decided to stay on this beautiful island and just enjoy the beach.
The woman had a different two peice bathing suit for every day of the week and the hips and breasts and legs to fill them as well, Everyday I had to pinch myself when I thought of my good fortune. I often wondered how Clerow could have let her slip away...Then I thought about his wife, Cora Beth, Mabel's younger sister....she was no slouch either...He had done alright either way you looked at it. I just wondered if Clerow knew that.

"88.....Come down to the beach tonight, around 11 o'clock...I've got a surprise for you" said Mabel.

"A surprise? What kind of surprise?" I asked.

"If I told you, then it wouldn't be a surprise ,now would it?" she said.

I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled..


I arrived at 11:30, as she said....It was hot...cussin hot...92 degrees.....but with low humidity...a cool breeze was blowing off of the ocean...Mabel was wearing a white sundress that was very low cut and very open...She wasn't wearing a bra and those huge breasts of hers were just bouncing
everywhere...She had a blanket laid out and a picnic basket... Two bowls of hot white rice and
a tumbler full of seasoned jumbo shrimp.... I was wearing a pair of white khaki shorts and a big
white shirt that was opened completely and a tan panama hat... We sat quietly and ate the delicious food and downed a bottle of wine that I had bought with me... By now it was well after midnight and surprisingly one was on the beach except us..At least not on the stretch that we were on... Mabel lie flat on her back, with only the light from the moon bouncing
off of her..Her deep dark skin seemed to glisten in that moonlight...

I leaned over and opened her sundress...and began massaging her breasts with my hands..I expected her to protest..but she didn't... I lifted her sundress up as far as I could and began tounging down her most private places...She was already wet and she began to moan very loudly...

"Ohhhhhhh...don't stopppp...don't stopppp......"

I began to slip her sundress over her head and she worked my zipper down and took all of me in her mouth with those luscious lips of it was my turn to moan out loud.....

"ouuuuuuuuu baby,you feel sooo dayum gooooood.....ohhhhhh..."

It wasn't long before we were both nude and kissing slowly and though we had all the time in the world...The fact that we were out in public on a beach and that anyone could walk by at anytime didn't concern us at all.

She lifted my penis up with her gentle hands and began stroking it softly...I felt like I might cum right there if I didn't stop her....I moved her hand away and laid her down in the sand and entered her softly, gently and began a nice little rhythmic movemant that was like a jazz was musical....It wasn't long before I turned Mabel over and began to stroke her doggie style..while holding those breasts in my hands...She screamed the loudest as I did this....
She eventually wound up on top of me, going up and down and climaxing so furiously that it nearly scared me...It took me a little longer to get mine,but when I felt so intense...and yet so liberating, for want of a better word.

We held each other out there on the beach and continued to kiss passionately, until we were spent. We then got up ran to the ocean and dove in...completely nude, swimming and laughing
for about an hour...before we finnally called it a night or day (It was four in the morning...) and returned to our room.

Needless to say, we overslept, missed our flight the next morning...Who cares ,after the fun we had?

My name is 88...I'm sure we'll be back in Philadelphia, eventually!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

But I Can't Help It

I don't want to...
but I can't help it babe
seems like everytime I'm near you
I just can't break away...
and I know that you belong to another man
but baby I think that you just have to understand...

"What have I got to understand?"

That I've got a thing for you
and I know it's not the right thing to do..
but I can't help it
I can't help it baby
I can't help it
I can't help it girl
I can't help it...
I can't help myself.../

My Mother taught me to do unto others
as you would have them do unto yourself...
and if you were my woman
I'd certainly be offended by this type of attention
coming from someone else..
and although I know you belong to another man...
girl, like I told you before, you just gotta understand...

"Understand what? I told you,I got a man...We can't be
together like that...I told you..."

I've got more than just a schoolboy crush on you..
I'm too old for that...
I've got this thing for you...
It's so real to's just a matter of a fact...
but I can't help it..
I can't help it baby...
I can't help it..
Seeing you everyday is driving me crazy...
girl, I can't help it...
I can't help myself...
All I do is think about you baby..
and nobody else../

Everybody knows
that you've got my nose wide open..
and you ought to know
that I'm not the kind of guy
that spends his time ,just wishin and hopin..
I'm just asking for -
a minute of your time...
so tell your girlfriends...
tell them girlfriends of yours bye-bye..

I can't help it...
I can't help it baby..
I can't help it...
It's about to drive me crazy...
I just can't help it!/

Monday, April 27, 2009

Is There A Good Reason

I know your name
you didn't know mine
But everyday we used to gaze into each other's eyes
and it felt as if I'd known you for a long time../

We'd hold hands without saying anything
And in the middle of winter,it would feel like spring.
Somebody explain to me because I don't understand..
I know I'm a little more than your friend
Yet,I'm not really your man./

Is there a good reason, we haven't made love?
You know that it's more than a thought
passing through your mind..
We both know that it's about time
Girl tell me-
is there a good reason?/

You really don't know me
I don't know much about you...
but funny how recently-
I've discovered that all I do is think about you../

Remember the night before in the coffee shop?
we took shelter from the rain...
We wound up kissing a whole lot
and you and I both knew that things would never
be quite the same./

Please explain to me
because I don't comprehend..
How you can say that I'm not your man...
Yet I'm obviously more than a friend?/

Is there a good reason ,we haven't made love?
You know that that is more than a thought that
has just passed through your mind.
We both know that it's about time..
Girl, please tell me-
Is there a Good Reason?/

Saturday, April 25, 2009

One More Chance

I love waking up on a Spring Morning... Feeling the soft breeze blow across my feet which weren't covered by my sheets..I like looking out into the early morning streets, watching the cars silently drive by...hearing the birds chirp and looking at the tulips in my flower pot by the window. It is then that I realize I'm totally nude! My pants are crumpled up on the floor by the shirt isn't far from it... and my shoes and socks are in the hallway. I get up and walk around my room...A black lacy bra is are the white sheer panty hose and the stilletto heels. The dress is gone, so is the blouse. The only thing that remains of our night together is a used condom in the waste basket and the smell of her perfume still lingering in the air.

I had spent a night of love and passion with my ex-wife, Sissy....The first time we'd been together like that in years....and while I slept in perfect bliss, she'd just gotten up and left..hadn't left a note, hadn't even said good bye.. It was as if she had done to me what I had done to so many women in my life...Used me. I suppose I deserved that...

There was no trace of Corrine , my second wife...who had also divorced me...I often thought of her too...She had fought for me feircely and I had let her the end she left me too. I had a feeling that she would never forgive me. I had had my season with both need in going back...Time to man up and move on...Be a better man the next time.

I showered and shaved and brushed my teeth and went in the closet and put on one of my better suits and then collected my clothes from the night before and tossed them into the hamper. I was still an Attorney, Even had a small practice of my own...The work I was doing still
meant something in this town..

I walked down the Avenue, spoke to the young mothers waiting at the bus stop with their children and the hustlers out on the corner plying their trade..(They'd need my services sooner rather than later.) and headed to the small diner at the corner of my block.

"Mornin Shyster...what are you having this morning?" said Hester, the waitress jokingly.

"Blueberry Waffles and Sausage, Coffee and an Orange regular." I said.

"I'll pay for his meal Mam." came a familiar voice.

"Wellll, I didn't expect to see you this soon ." I said tersely.

"Robert...I'm sorry..I just think things went a little too far last night..I never meant..." said Sissy
before I interupted her.

"It's okay Sissy...We all get horny and lonely at times..God knows I do." I said.

"Robert, it wasn't like that........ohhh, who am I fooling, that's all it was." she said hanging her head down.

"It's's okay..I guess we both were lonely last night." I said.

"And Horny!" she added.

"Yeah, that too..." I added with a laugh..We both laughed....

"And what will you have Mam?" asked Hester.

"Two Eggs, fried...yolks broken, sausage, hash browns, coffee, black and orange juice right?" I said looking at Sissy.

"Robert, you remembered."she said, smiling warmly.

"Yeah, I'm good like that.." I said.

"So where do we go from here?" I asked.

"Friends?" she said.

"Friends with Benefits?" I said jokingly...

"Dog." she laughed...

We finished our meal and walked back to my apartment holding hands...I kissed her slowly as I put the key in the lock and opened the door. This time we got out of our clothes slowly and fell back into the bed slowly too.... I straddled her and kissed her softly for about as long as I could stand it...She and I both began kissing each other harder,feircer....Her skin was so soft...I got an erection just touching her, smelling her...

"You sure you're alright with this?" I asked...

"Yes Robert...Yesssss....." she said..

She softly felt my penis...and her eyes opened wide......

"Oh my God seems even larger..."

I slowly began to suck her breasts....she moaned softly....then I began licking down her body and slowly began pleasuring her in a way she hadn't been pleasured in years I suspected by the way she began to thrash around and scream....


She turned me over and took as much of me as possible in her mouth and began going up and down with a nice ryhthm....My head leaned backwards and I moaned.....
Finnally, I lay there as she raised up and lowered herself on top of me...I pulled her toward me and kissed her passionately as she moved up and down and began to scream to the top of her lungs..... We both came together ....and held each other as our bodies both seemingly went into convulsions.

We both lie in bed together the rest of the morning.......


"Yeah Sissy?" I said.

"You know that we aren't going to get back together, don't you?" she said.

"Yeah...I didn't figure you'd be wanting to." I said.

"But this was very nice." she said.

"It was wonderful" I said.

"Really? Wonderful?" she said.

"It was." I said softly.

"Well, we are friends??...." she said.

"Friends with benefits???" I added...

"You are such a dog!!!....but yeah ,I guess we are after all these years." she laughed.

My Cell phone went off at that moment...I reached over and looked at it....

"C.Waters" it read.

"Who was that?" asked Sissy.

"A stalker. You're a think you can help me out with that?" I asked.

"I'll see what I can do for you." laughed Sissy as she laid her head on my chest and the cool breeze blew through the window and kissed both of our feet.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello Stranger

Sissy and I didn't have lunch that day...One of her detectives found a witness...A witness in West Philadelphia willing to talk...We could put this in the book of world records. The witness told her that the killer was real kool and casual...,was standing on the corner drinking a Coke and fired at Sloppy Joe Prescott as soon as he crossed the street...dropped the can in the trash can and casually walked away like it was nothing. What was important was that the killer had dropped a
soda can in the trash can... The Detectives found the can....complete with prints and with saliva...Saliva that contained DNA.....Both led them to one, Samuel Butler Coleridge.....a known junkie and petty theif who would do anything for the right price. He was picked up in one hour and immediately spilled his guts. He was hired by , another junkie named "Petey Boy" (Peter Jackson) who supplied him with a gun and a photo of who he was supposed to kill and his known hang outs and address. To nobody's surprise.."Petey Boy" was of no help to anyone..He was dead..injected with a "hot shot" ,an overdose of pure heroin by someone..and there the trail ended. Sissy had her killer, had her case solved and that was about as far as she was going to get. Sam Coleridge didn't know "Fathead Newton", had never seen him..and chances are ,whoever hired "Petey Boy" was an underling who was hired by one of Newton's lieutenants.
Nothing to lead them to Newton himself...He was just a rumor..That's the way it always went.

So I was quite surprised when Sissy walked into the little diner I was eating in, looking like a million bucks...Sharp skirt, nice stilletto heels, new hairdo...smelling great.

"Whoa...Heyyyy, you don't look like a working Detective to me Lieutenant!!" I laughed.

"I'm not working today...I'm off.." she laughed.

"I heard you cracked your case...Read about it in the said you'd get your man." I laughed.

"Yeah....I got the ones that did the dirt, too bad I didn't get the guy who made the dirt happen."
she said.

"Oh ,Fathead Newton? I told you you wasn't gonna get him...He's so insulated...He lives in a Condo downtown and spends most of his days buying real estate and hob nobbing with the politicos and pretending to be a legit kinda guy...He don't go near no drugs or guns..He don't even
come in West Philly no more." I said.

"You sure know a lot about him." laughed Sissy.

"See Sissy, you're a cop...people aint gon say but so much around you..but people will talk to me.
Everybody in West Philly and South Philly and Southwest Philly know who Fathead Newton is.
He took over from Chris Thompson." I said.

"Chris who?" she said.

"'Chris Thompson. He used to run things...He was real quiet,laid back...I aint surprised that you
never heard of him." I said.

"When did he get killed?" said Sissy.

"He aint dead....He gave it up..sold all of his business to the others and just left Philly...when the smoke cleared, Fathead Newton was the ruler of the roost. Chris comes into town form time to time, but he don't have nothing to do with that world anymore...don't even hang around his old associates." I continued.

"Hmmm, sounds like a smart man." laughed Sissy.

"Yeah, I suppose he is." I said as I finished my sandwich.

"How about you Robert? Have you gotten any smarter?" she asked me, now holding my arm
and looking me in the eye.

"I have....I know you might find that hard to believe but I have....My foolishness has cost me more than it ever should have...I had a good wife and I lost her, cause of some chick , some chick that wasn't half the woman my wife was." I said , holding my head down in shame.

"You miss Corrine huh?" she said.

"Sissy ,I was talking about you.....I messed things up with Corrine too, but I was really talking about you." I said.

We sat there at that table looking at each other...both full of regret...

My Apartment door flung open...Sissy and I were passionately kissing each other...our heads seemingly locked together as we spun into the room...

"Mmmmmph...ohhhh, Robert...wait...wait...close the door..mmmpph.." she moaned as I took my
leg and kicked the door shut...

She yanked my zipper down and held my massively erect organ in her hand and began rubbing it I moaned.. My arm was under her skirt... she softly began to moan more...

"Oh yeah baby, ohhhhh yeah....yeah..yessss...."

I eased her into the bedroom and unzippered her skirt, hastily helped her remove her pantyhose
and blouse as well as her bra...and began unzippering my trousers...She helped me take my shirt
off...and then we were engulfed in a hot embrace...kissing each other as though our very lives depended on it...

I eased her on to the bed and eased into her just as easily...

"Ohhhhhhhhh Roberttttt....." she said.

"Sissy,I've missed you so much..." I whispered.

We made mad passionate love right there in that bed until we were both spent...and out of breath. I put my arms around her and she put her head in the crook of my shoulder and we went to sleep.

We both woke up sometime in the early morning and went at it again...This time slower and with more tenderness...I didn't want to felt so good. We went back to sleep.

When I woke up the next day...I was alone...Only my clothes were on the floor..Sissy and anything that belonged to her was gone...I don't know if she thought we had made a mistake or
what...who can know what is on a woman's mind or in her heart...but she was indeed gone. I wasn't mad...I understood..Thanks Sissy.

(Conclusion Next!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hole in The Head

He sat up by the alley wall with a nice neat hole in the middle of his forehead.....a small puddle of blood had poured down his shoulder and had settled in a puddle right next to him. If you took the blood out of the picture..he looked like he was just sleeping on the street. "He" was 34 year old "Sloppy" Joe Prescott, a noted Drug Trafficer......He apparently challenged the supremacy of Philadelphia's resident kingpin ,Fathead Newton and he paid the price...Lucky for me...He paid MY price before Fathead Newton's hitter gave him an appointment with Satan. Me?, I'm Robert Foxworth, Attorney at Law....Sloppy Joe was my client.

I had just set up my office in West Philadelphia with a loan from my landlord, Chess and Joe was one of my first clients. Chess and his buddy, the former kingpin, Chris Thompson had advised me against representing clients like "Sloppy " Joe..but he had the kind of cash that would help me repay my loan to them a little quicker. Chess seems like a nice enough guy..but that Chris Thompson, reformed drug dealer or not scares the hell out of me...I wanted to make sure that I
repaid my loan to Chess.

The cops drew a chalk line around "Sloppy"Joe's body and detectives crowded around the scene
taking photos and looking for spent shells...He had been shot seven times..I guess they wanted to make sure he was dead. I looked at a distance and there she first wife....I should've figured she would be on the scene..This was her thing..Homicide...She is a Lieutenant of the Homicide division of the Philadelphia Police Department. Sissy Van Buren. She went back to her
maiden name. She was Sissy Foxworth for 17 years of marriage.

'Hello Sissy...How long has it been?" I said as I walked over to her. She was light brown skinned with long pretty hair and a killer body still after all of this time...and legs to die for..

"Robert...How are you doing ?" she said with a half smile.

"I'm doing ...well...I'm just doing." I said.

"What brings you to this part of town? Slumming? " she asked, still with a smile and a gleam in those Hazel eyes of hers.

"Your dead guy is my client and I call this part of town home now." I said.

"West Philly? I thought you were living high on the hog with some young girl in Chestnut Hill."
she said.

"That young girl was my second wife, Corrine.........We are uh...ruh...divorced." I said.

"Divorced....Still can't keep it in your pants huh Robert? Don't tell me..let me guess...You couldn't keep it out of Cindy Waters right?" she said.

"It was a different one this time...Sissy..It was one of my clients.....I lost my job, Corrine left me,
took damn near everything. I live in some nice apartments here and I have a small practice
with two other lawyers here in West Philly." I said.

"Wow, you fell hard Robby.....How did Corrine find out ?" she asked.

"You'll love this Sissy, Cindy bugged my office and sent her a DVD. Sent one to my partners too.
It was a slam dunk." I laughed.

Sissy Laughed until her sides hurt....I suppose she deserved some of that...for what I had done to her. I knew that she didn't like Cindy much either.

"I'm sorry Robert....I know it's not funny, it's just that I never in a million years imagined something like that happening to you....hahahahahahahaha.." she said.

"Well guess what? I still aint with Cindy...She thought I was just gonna jump in her arms
after she did all of that..I told her to hit the bricks." I said with false pride.

"Well good for you Robby." she said.

"Sissy?" I asked.

"What Robby."

"It's been a long time..Would you have lunch with me?" I asked...

"I'm working a murder here." she said.

"Oh come know Fathead Newton's people done this and you know that they aint gonna
talk to you and aint nobody around here gonna tell you nothin ,cause aint nobody seen nothin."
I said.

"Don't be so sure...I'm tired of this crap...I'm going to work this case and I'm going to catch this killer." she snapped.

"Okay was nice seeing you again." I said.

"Wait a minute Robert...You asked me to have lunch with you...I didn't say that I wouldn't."
she said.

My eyes lit up.........

Poor Sloppy Joe's body still laid there by the corner, with the neat hole in his head.......

(To be Continued............)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I know just what I want...
and it's you..
No,I'm not gonna front..
because it's true../

Yeah..I know what I need..
and it's you girl..
and my every thought and deed
is designed..
to make you mine..
and that's true, girl../

I could beat around the bush
but you know that that has never been my style..
I'm going to do everything to get you hooked..
even though I know that ,this may take awhile.../

but honey, I'm determined...
a determined kind of guy...
determined to be your man...
honey I'm determined...
a determined kind of guy..
determined to get you any way I can../

Now check it out
Every single solitary day
and in so many little ways
I find something very clever to say
to bring you and I closer to the day...
The day that you stop running from what
we both know is true..
The day that you admit that you feel the same
as I do../

But babe, you know me
I'm not one to beat around the bush..
because frankly, that has never been my style..
I'm gonna get you by hook or by crook
and I'm prepared for it to take a little while../

Because honey
I'm determined...
a determined kind of guy...
because you've got the love I need...
Because I'm determined...
a determined kind of guy....
you're in my every thought and deed../

I'm determined..
a determined kind of guy
determined to be your man..
I'm just s0 determined
determined kind of guy...
determined to get you anyway I can../

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Everybody's Favorite Guy

The body lay lifeless on the shower floor... He was a good looking kid...about six foot, six...heavily muscled....good strong legs...My detectives stood over the body and examined the trajectory of the bullet...I knew they would tell me what I already knew... African -American male...age 17, one gunshot wound to the left temple. 22 caliber bullet. ..The shooter fired from a downward position. With his left hand. You think I'm good....I should be...I've been a Homicide Detective for close to twenty years.. My name, Lieutenant Sissy Van Buren, Philadelphia Homicide.

I don't come out on every murder case...but this one attracted my attention. I'm a big Basketball fan and I follow High school basketball as much as I do college and the NBA...and Trevor Lee was Philly's brightest..he was All public. He was averaging 25 points a game and had lead his high school to it's first undefeated record in it's history. NBA scouts were already looking at him.. They were saying that he was the next Kobe Bryant. High praise in deed.

As the Medical Examiner was carrying his body out of the school, I noticed a throng of teen aged girls crying and sobbing.. a couple of guys hanging their heads muttering -"Man, thas messed up...who would wanna do somethin like that to him...He was the we ain gon win anudder game."

Funny what kids deem important. In some ways adults are just as bad. My Detectives interviewed close to 250 people...There wasn't one person who had anything bad to say about this kid. I checked over the interviews and I noticed something a little off center. This kid had two juvenile arrests...One was for forcibly assaulting a female (a pre-cursor to rape) that was thrown out..and another was for assaulting a male student. Also tossed out. Both arrests were last year.

A number of the males I talked to stopped just close to hero worship for this guy, yet I got the impression that they were afraid of him. The girls idolized them...yet some of them appeared to be afraid of him also. Then I ran across a
young man..The team statistician ,named Thaddeus Barber. He was about five foot nine, 110 pounds soaking wet and wore glasses...Like all the other boys, he wore his hair cut close and even sported a platinum earing...He didn't seem to be put off that Trevor Lee was dead at all. When I came across him, he was writing some notes...with his left hand on a stat sheet supported by a clip board. He seemed oblivious to the hoop la that was engulfing his classmates and the rest of the school...The Police and the detectives didn't seem to phase him at all.

At first ,I reasoned that this was a school in North Philadelphia. The school had
metal detectors..(that obviously weren't working today) Neither Thaddeus or any other student at this school was surprised or in awe of Police and or detectives. It was a fact of life of children going to school in Philadelphia's Public school system.

I sat down next to him and began talking to him..

"Hi Thaddeus...I'm ...."

"I know who you're a cop." he said.

"Uh, yes..I'm a cop..I'm investigating the death of your high school hero." I said.

"He wasn't my hero, actually I'm glad he's dead." He said.

"Really? You're the first person that had a bad word to say about Trevor." I said.

"Yeah, well, he didn't take your IPOd, that you'd been saving for all month, and he didn't take your cell phone and step on it and crush it." said Thaddeus ,obviously filled with emotion.

'He did these things to you?" I asked ,knowing the answer.

"He bullied everybody, it's just that..because he was the school basketball hero, nobody ever said anything." said Thaddeus.

"Did you tell your parents?" I asked.

"My moms couldn't do nothing..and my pop..he would've tried to help..but Trevor is Six foot four..My dad is 5"10, maybe...Trevor would've beat my dad up
and I couldn't live with that...I told the Principal, but he just said he'd look into it..He never did nothing. And as long as we winnin Basketball games he aint gonna say nothin. Did you talk to the girl Trevor Raped last year?? The Principal talked her and her parents into dropping the charges..Said it was a misunderstanding....Ha...yeah, I bet it was."

"What? Are you serious? " I said incredulous.

"You can't prove it...Nobody will talk to you about it... He did whatever he wanted...She aint the first girl he raped..she was the only one who reported it.
When the case got tossed, the other girls made her life a living hell...She don't even go here no more.The other girls threatened her..Aint that a bitch.?" He said.

"Yes..I suppose" I said. I should have felt sorry for the dead victim, but all of a sudden I hated him. I didn't know what had come over me. This kid, this poor bullied kid could have been my son..if I had one..Was it the mother in me? I didn't know what it was...that I was feeling.

" you really didn't like Trevor did you?" I said ,again hating myself for sounding so stupid.

"Ya think?" he said, not trying to hide his hostility.

"I'm in the 10th grade..I haven't reached pubertry yet, you know...I feel bad enough around girls...He and some of the other guys on the Basketball team tossed me into the girls shower room naked once...The most humiliating day of my life.." He added.

"Thaddeus...You don't have to say another word...I just wanted to know how you felt...I guess you feel safe now right?" I asked.

"Yeah, matter of fact, I do..He was everybody's favorite guy...he wasn't mine..I'm glad that mother fucker is dead..." he screamed.

I made a shush sound to him....."Don't say anything else to anybody...don't even repeat what you told hear? Anybody give you any call me.
Here...take my card....take go on..." I said.

He looked at me with tears in his eyes...This was probably the first time in a long time that any adult had ever tried to help him...had ever reached out to him..He put my card in his pocket and walked away from me with that sullen walk that so many of the young boys have now of days.

I know, I know....That's probably Trevor Lee's killer right there..I probably just talked to a murderer and let him go...I'm a homicide detective..It's my job to bring killers in..not give them a pass...Maybe I've been doing this job too long.
Maybe...Just maybe...this one time..Justice was served. The murder of Trevor Lee remains unsolved!

(For Mizrepresent and the memory of Carl Walker Hoover)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Other women have always told me
that I want what I want when I want it.
You didn't have to say it..
but you know that it does show..
that I can't always have my way
nor flaunt it..
but girl you do know.../

We are standing out here in the rain
and so I desperately need to explain
the feelings that are right at the edge of
my brain...
but up until now haven't been heard.
anytime you feel you're on my frequency
then let me know you understand the urgency../

/Because it's urgent..
it's urgent that we get past
the red tape...
It's Urgent
it's as urgent as the love
that we might one day make..
Urgent that we sort out our pain
Urgent that I get to love you..
Urgent still that we get out of this rain../

Other women have always told me
that I want what I know I can't have
at the time....
Other women think they know me...
really I'm not that bad..
just addicted to the beautifully sublime...
and I'm confident
that you wouldn't even be out here
in this weather if you didn't think
we had a chance to be together...
and that maybe I had a chance of making you mine../

Yet here we are standing in the rain...
and you telling me that I don't have to explain..
Sorry ' is a word you never have to say..
Not if we both agree that we feel the same way../

/So if you're on my frequency...
then let me know you feel the urgency...
because baby girl
it's urgent...
Urgent that we get past the red tape..
It's as urgent as the time we don't need to waste..
Urgent we sort out our pain...
Urgent ,I get to love you...
Urgent still we both get out of this rain../

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Only Sex.....

A year had passed and I'd been good....Maybe a little too good...Corrine stopped attaching herself to me and gave me a little breathing room and for the most part,I didn't stray. The reward for that of course was mind blowing sex practically on demand.....but I am after all who I am...and maybe I just can't be trusted alone for too long. Me? My name is Robert Foxworth...I'm an attorney.

I was handling the case of a very attractive young sister named Kelly Belle. She had been married to a very popular NBA Basketball player and known womanizer. After he had gotten another woman pregnant, she had sued him for divorce...I helped her get a whopping alimony payment from him.. She sat in my office on the morning of her settlement and had coffee with me..The door was closed.

"Oh Mr. Foxworth....I don't know how to thank you for helping me take that lying bastard in
court.." she said as she crossed her big shapely legs..

"Hah ha...I could think of a number of ways.." I said snidely...showing my pearly whites....
"You'll get my bill" I laughed.

"Is that alll you want for payment Mr. Foxworth?"she said leeringly...

"I thought you'd never ask..." I laughed.

She walked over to me....I made sure that the door was locked and the drapes were pulled....I kissed her softly...then I pulled her toward me and kissed her fully...

"Oh Mr. Foxworth...what is that poking me?" she exclaimed...

"Open my zipper and find out.." I laughed...

My pants were down around my ankles before I knew what had happened and I had her bent over my desk, had her pantyhose down and was inside her within seconds...going at it....

"Ohhhhhhhhhh Mister Foxworrrrttttth....ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......" she moaned....

"Ohhhhhhhhhh Missssssssssssss Belllllle...ohhhhh..ohhhhh..ummmmmmmph..." I cried...It felt so good to be into a new woman....I was getting all I could handle at home...but I still craved something, someone new..

I removed her blouse...and her bra...and I began working out then...I turned her around..sat in my chair and she lowered herself on me...I rode her like a horse...and she began to scream out
in ecstacy....

"Ummmmmph...ohhhhhhhh....Mister Foxworth....ouuuuuuuuuuu...." I had to cover her mouth, she was making so much noise..It was bad enough the chair was sqeaking something terrible...I made a mental note to invest in a new one after this session was over...

I pulled out of her just in the nick of time and exploded a gusher straight up into the air..

"Ohh Mistuh Foxworth" said Kelly in awe...

"Ms. Belle....My fee just got cut in half...I'm serious." I said as we both laughed and kissed passionately again.

"Oh My Mr.'re a machine...are you on Cialis or somethin?? You're still hard."
she exclaimed...

I forgot all about our little "session" in my office and I never saw Kelly Belle again...Well not exactly.

To my embarrasment...I found out later on that I had been filmed!!!!!!! A DVD was sent to my wife and to my partners at the law firm. I guess I should say -Ex partners!....Having sex with a client ,immoral as it is didn't bother them so much as the fact that I cut her payment in half and thus shortened their end of the deal. I was ousted from the firm....They stopped short of censoring me and suspending my licensce.

As for Corrine...that was the last straw.She divorced me and I lost another house. (I at least kept my car) She didn't ask for any alimony. I heard she's living with some square in MY house!!!!

I live in West Philly in a very nice apartment complex...It's owned by a guy I've seen around named Chess. Chess is a friend of a buisness guy I know in Mt. Airy who also owns apartments
and rental homes named Clerow.. I didn't want to live in Mt. Airy..Too close to Corrine, So Clerow told me about Chess and I moved into one of his apartments.

I've got about a quarter of a million in several bank accounts....Even though I'm unemployed right now..I won't starve...I'll find another job...I know I will.

I never did find out who bugged my ofice and who sent those damaging DVD's to my wife and my job...Somebody wanted me destroyed pretty badly....

A few nights after I settled into my new apartment..the doorbell rung. I got up went to the door
and to my surprise-

"Cindy?? Cindy Waters....I haven't seen you in two years." I said.

"Yes...Yes.. Hello Robert...How are you doing?" she said. She looked as fine as wine.

"Well,I guess you heard...I lost my job and I'm divorced now..." I said as I hung my head.

"Yeah, bad news travels fast." she said.

"Well what are you doing with yourself ?" I asked..

"I work for a law firm over in Cherry Hill , but I still live here in the city..I live downtown in a condo."she said.

"You..You uh seeing anybody?" I asked.

"I've been dating a couple of guys...nothing bout you?" she asked.

"Nah...I've been ,you know...just chillin...I think I've done enough.." I said.

"Awww now haven't retired that thing have you?"she said, gently rubbing what was becoming a raging erection..."

" you haven' my has been awhile hasn't it,
since I had that..." she said with a sly grin...

I wanted to jump her bones...but I didn't...It was at that moment that I put it all together..She had hired a Private Detective or an agency to bug my office and she sat patiently as I did what I always did when I was around a pretty woman..deflour her. She got more than even she bargained for, when I cut her fee in half. She was behind the ones that delivered the evidence that cost me a second marriage and my job..I just couldn't get involved with her...All of the lust and all of anything I ever felt for the woman went right out of my system at that moment..I didn't even want to have sex with her..I didn't want her in my sight.

" know you want this....come long has it been?? It's only sex.." she purred.

"It was nice seeing you again Cindy.....I would invite you in..but I don't think it would be a good idea for us to get involved with each other again...I'm not going to marry you..Not now...Not ever." I said.

"We don't have to get married Robert...I just want to be with you that's all." she said.

" wouldn't work out." I said.

"Robert...I'm not wearing any panties..." she whispered seductively.

"Well, you should put some gets kind of drafty at night." I said as I slammed the door
in her face.

For Ashley

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Goodbye Girl

Well, Believe it or not...Corrine didn't leave me....It was a while before I got any of her good lovin, but she didn't leave me.. She drove me to work every morning...Had lunch with me and came to pick me up for close to six months. On Friday nights...We went out to dinner or a movie.. Saturday Nights...If I was out with the boys...She was on my arm too!. It got so that I couldn't take a crap...without Corrine being in the next stall... I was told that that was the only condition under which I would ever have a chance to sample her goodies.

It wasn't so bad...There is something to be said about "Angry sex..." Corrine would make love to me as if I owed her some money....with a ferocity that was in and of itself quite exciting and wild and intoxicating. She'd come to my job in a trenchcoat and stillettos and shades, close my office door and have nothing on but black lace thigh highs and garters....and make love to me through out my lunch break...I must say...if this was punishment for cheating with Cindy...well, then I'm almost glad I did.

Cindy didn't like it one bit...For six months, we hadn't had another "naked weekend" I didn't call
her, didn't make contact with her at all...I couldn't...Corrine was always around. She would send me x-rated text messages...that I would quickly erase...She would call my Blackberry, but I wouldn't answer. She became a complete bitch at the firm. More than one administrative assistant or para-legal left the firm in tears...Working for or with her was becoming a nightmare for the unfortunate person. She had gotten so bad that she got a warning from the Partners about her behavior.

A month later, she just up and quit...I had no idea where she was.. That's when things got weird.
I'd come home and there were dead roses on my front lawn....My text messages and voicemail messages increased faster than I could erase them all...(Corrine checked my Blackberry and my Cell phone ) I found cartons of eaten ice cream, empty boxes of chocholate covered strawberries
and empty Victoria's Secret bags on my front lawn....It was her...

Late at night ,my home phone would ring..I'd pick up and the person on the other end would hang up..It was doubt about that. One night Corrine and I were making love...really going at it..making a lot of noise...when the phone rang...On the other end was a man who said

"Yall need to cut all dat noise out...people tryin to sleep.." On the other end, I heard a female giggling..again it was Cindy.

She made a mistake...The other calls said "Un-registered" ,this call left a number and my wife saw it...and reversed the call the next day when she discovered it on our house phone. We had just gotten home from work when it happened. I was trying to unzip her skirt and slip her panties down ...when she eased away from me and made the call...

"Who you callin baby?" I asked..

"That little trollip of yours that keeps calling here and leaving stuff on the lawn. I'm hip to her, you thought I didn't know?" said Corrine as she dialed the number. All I could do was stand there helpless and sigh..


"Hello is this Cynthia Waters?" said Corrine.

"This is she."

"Well this is Corrine Foxworth...Mrs. Corrine Foxworth.....I want to know what is up with you and my husband Robert?" she asked.

"I think you'd better talk to Robert."

"I'm talkin to you.....He's not bothering had your little fling..but I'm his wife now and you need to find a man of your own..."

"He man ....first..."

"But he's mine fall back baby..."


I stood there with a sheepish look on my face...Corrine, pulled the zipper to my trousers down...

"Ayyye papi.....that thing stays hard...all I got to do is look at it..." she said as she massaged it with her soft hands....and slowly took all of me in with her mouth.... I couldn't believe between sucks she said-

"So I right? You are mine now...right...?"

'Ohhhhhhh...ouuuuuuuuuu...yyyesssss...yessss lawd....I'm alll yours.. baby..." I moaned...

"Damn right you are.." she cooed.

but Cindy wasn't done with me yet and I wasn't done with her either.......

(Conclusion next...)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Irregular Around The Waistband


"Yeah Baby.." I said.

"I want you to get a divorce...I can't keep doing this...I feel dirty." she said.

"Awww on now...why do you want to mess up a perfectly good moment with that kind of talk?" I said soothingly.

"Robert....We always have to sneak around...I always have to drive somewhere and meet can never come and pick me up...Whenever I'm at a family gathering...My sisters all have husbands or at least boyfriends and I have no one.. People always asking me when am I going to get married..How come I don't have a man, yada yadam yada...and I'm sick of it Robert." she said.

"Aww that's it..that's your too worried about what people gon think or what people gon say...don't worry about it..." I said.

"Robert ,I'm tired of this...You never take me nowhere, you never buy me nothing....except lingerie and all we do is meet in Motels...I'm tired of that..I want a real relationship...I don't want to be hiding and sneaking around.." said Cindy...

"All right..I'll think on it.." I finnally said.

"So you'll start thinking about getting a divorce ??" she said.

"Baby,I just got aint been a year..I just can't up and get a divorce just like that..The girl aint done nothin..." I said.

"You said you'd think on it.." she pouted...

'Well I'll...I'll..think about what you roll on over here..." I said.

"Robert, I'm talkin about my feelings..."

"Well,I'm thinkin about your feelings too.." I said as I began kissing her softly and slowly...

' always want to end every serious conversation with I'm serious....I'm serriousss Robertttttt..." she cooed.

I moved her hand over to my already massive hard on...and she began massaging it with her hands.. and continuing to kiss me...

"You hardly ever use any protection's a wonder you haven't gotten me pregnant"
she said...

"Yeah,it's a wonder...." I said as she took my entire penis in her mouth and began deep throating it....It felt so good...and my eyes began to roll into the back of my head...She did this for a long while and then I removed her head and rolled her over, parted her legs and entered her very softly....

She moaned..."Oh my Godddddd....Robert..." as I began to move slowly and surely...savoring every single thrust... She opened her legs wider and wrapped them both around my head as I plunged deeper into her...moving harder and faster... We were both sweating profusely and gyrating harder than ever...

"Robert...don't ...don't cum in me...please don''re not wearing anything...please don't..."
she said...sounding like she did years ago, the first time we had sex... That got me even more excited and I moved even faster....I pulled out...just before I exploded and cut loose across the

"Oh my Robert...I can't believe I make you react like that?" she laughed as I collapsed on the
bed beside her....

"If you marry me..I promise, I'll make you feel like that every night, twice a night if you want..
I promise." she said.

I said nothing, I just looked at her...I wasn't going to divorce my least not for her..

We got up the next morning...we both showered and put on a change of clothes. I was good at covering my tracks..When I went on these "Business Trips"...I never wore the same suit back.
In fact , I usually bagged the suit, the underwear,everything and got rid of it. I made sure that I came home freshly showered and with clean clothes on...No Lipstick stains or perfume or nothing on me. That's one of the reasons why I always made Cindy drive to our meetings in her car. No scent of perfume, no lipstick or nothing in my ride. I wouldn't kiss her ,hug her or nothing on the day we were supposed to go home.

"Aren't you going to buy me Breakfast Robert?" she asked...

"Nah baby..gotta go...but here's twenty dollars..knock yourself out." I said.

"Robert, you will think about what I talked about last night?" she asked.

"Yeah..yeah..I'll think about it " I said as I drove off, leaving her in the motel.

When I got home..Corrine, my wife of six months was glad to see me...really glad...She had on one of my white shirts and a white string bikini on underneath....Before I could drop my suitcase
she leaped on me....

"Oh Robert...I missed momma how much you missed me..." she cooed.... She felt my
crotch and her eyes lit up-

"Oh myyyyyy...very much I see" she smiled.

Really, I don't know how I do it myself after spending a weekend with Cindy....but a man has got to do what a man has got to do....

Corrine was so beautiful...Part African-American, Part Phillipine..with long jet black hair and a body to die for....She was twenty years younger than me and could wear me out in the bed..and she did...We must've done it seven times that afternoon....before I just had to stop, out of pure

"I'll go and get us drinks.." She said.

"Yeah babe, you do that, right about now...I need one.. I'll unpack my things in the morning."
I said..

"That's okay....I'll unpack your things for you." she said as she walked out of the room.
What a good wife I have. Aint no way I'm leaving her for Cindy...I thought.

I was sitting in the bedroom ,trying to get my breath, staring out the window, when I got hit in the head with something was a bra....a lavender bra...then a pair of panties hit me next..
I looked down at the underwear.....I looked up and Corrine was standing there in tears with her
arms folded....

"You dog!!!" she screamed....

"What? What did I do?" I asked....

"Those aren't mine....They were in your suitcase."she screamed.....

"You sure they aint yours and they didn't get mixed in with my stuff by accident." I asked.

"Those are mediums...look at my ass Robert...I'm definitely a large...they're a little irregular around the waistband, don't you think?" she asked....

It was times like this, when I knew it was better not to answer the question!

(To be continued............)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moral Midgetry

I used to be married once....No Not to Corrine....but to another woman...a cop! I was married to a Philadelphia Homicide Detective named Sissy Van Buren years ago. We were married for 17 years. 15 of em were good years I suppose. She's a Lieutenant in Homicide now. A real classy lady..better than what I probably deserved... Me? My name is Robert Foxworth...I'm an Attorney.

Sissy and I would probably still be married today if it wasn't for the very person lying next to me in this bed. Cindy Waters. The very person who just had the audacity to ask me to divorce my second wife, who I have only been married to for six months and be with her. She must be out of her mind...Never gonna happen.

I remember when Cindy came to the firm...Short Dresses, White see through blouses...Spiked heels..She didn't look like a lawyer to me... Even though I had been married for 15 years..I took a walk on the wild side. It started out innocently...Lunches with collegues....then private lunches in my office, a snide comment here and there...and then finnally dinner after a late night of handling cases...and a come on here or there or two. Cindy would always say-

"Oh come on now Mr.'re married...we can't get like that..come on now."

But I had to have her...and deep down inside, she wanted me to have her....It finnally occurred at our Christmas party that year...Everybody was soused and falling out drunk.....I slipped Cindy ,who was a little toasted herself into an empty office and closed the door...I began kissing her and fondling her breasts...At first she resisted...

"Mr.'re married...we can't be..ohhhh...ughhh..ouuuuu...Mr. Foxworth...I
-I never realized you were soo...ohhhhh...soooo big..." she moaned...

Before we knew it..our clothes were off and I was deep inside of her pounding away...I had to put my hand over her mouth to muffle her screams.

She kept saying-

"Please...don't cum inside of me, please don't...ohhhhhhhh Mr. Foxworth.."

And I pulled out just in time....but I wanted more. We got dressed...and I took her to Breakfast.
She kept saying the entire time that we shouldn't ever do this again..That she would keep it a secret. I laughed slyly to myself and I drove her home. I told her that I was too stoned to continue driving and asked if I could crash on her couch. She hesitated, then decided that it was okay. It was only a matter of time before I made my way to her bedroom and into her bed and into her again....

Just like now...We would drive to a hotel outside of Philadelphia and have our little trysts and none in the firm was the wiser...Did I mention that my wife is a detective? A damn good one. She hired a private detective and the two of them photographed us, taped us and built up enough of a portfolio to build a nice divorce case against me.

I lost my house, the car(which she was paying the note on) and most of all, my moral standing (or what was believed to be my moral standing) in the Black community. I lost a good wife too.
In retrospect..It wasn't worth it. Hey, what could I do? What is done is done.

I continued to meet Cindy Waters in Hotels around the tri-state area just like before. Every now and then, Cindy would bug me about getting married to her...I always changed the subject...
I was divorced and living in an Apartment..I was free to see other women and I did..All the time, with a vengence..I tell em I'm a lawyer and that's all I had to say...the panties slid off... Especially
after I became partner and bought myself a Lexus....

Cindy caught me with other women and I caught her with other men....We broke up numerous times and vowed never to see each other again...but somehow, someway we always did come back together...We had a sexual connection that was undeniable..but that was the only connection. Cindy was self absorbed and often thoughtless in other areas...She was used to men falling all over themselves for her, I mean..she is drop dead gorgeous....but me, she didn't move me like that.. Having screwed her for several years..the mystery just wasn't there for me. I could take her or leave her and I think she knew it.

She came by my place one night uninvited and caught me in the act with another girl....She tried to attack the young lady who was "entertaining" me. I told her that she should go and find someone who could give her what she needed in a relationship because it obviously isn't me. She left in tears and I didn't see her for nearly two years. I heard she had married a white man and he had unfortunately died in a skiing accident. Unfortunately for her...I had just married Corrine around that time.

So here we are...the two of us together a hotel room in bed....and she talkin about me getting a divorce from my wife of six months to be with her.....Aint gonna happen.... I may be a male whore, but I aint a total louse......

(To Be Continued.........)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Naked Weekend

The minute she came through the door of my hotel room, I tore her blouse open and began furiously trying to unhook her bra ....she began kissing me passionately, furiously...We had been apart now for two weeks and we couldn't wait to get at each other.... She tore my shirt open, ripping the buttons off of my brand new shirt and licking my nipples ,while kissing every inch of my neck and my cheeks and gradually making her way to my lips...

My shirt made it's way to the floor, as did her blouse....I unzipped her skirt and she stepped out of it , just as quickly as I stepped out of my pants...She quickly took my penis in her mouth before I could utter a sentence.. and began deep throating head leaned back and I let out a huge gasp of air....She just as quickly moved her way up to my stomach and my neck and then once again we were tongue kissing each other...

I spun her around so that her back was against the door and I raised both of her arms above her head....I held them tightly with my own hands as I licked and teased her erect nipples with my tongue...she moaned and moaned my name....

"Ohhhhh Robert...Robert......" she said....

My name is Robert Foxworth...I'm an Attorney...and I'm married...been married about six months...This is not my wife!!!!!

I stopped licking her breasts and got down on one knee....She put one leg over my shoulder and I
began pleasuring her orally, the way she liked....

"Ohhhhhh Robert....stoppppp.....nooooo, don't stopp....ouuuuuuuuuu.." she moaned.

After about twenty minutes of this...I stood up and parted her legs..and entered her right there on the floor of my hotel room, with her head awkwardly lying up against the bed.. I was on top at first....eventually she was on top...then I rode her doggy style and then eventually,I was on top
again... I had her up against the wall standing up on the dresser and finnally..finnally in the bed..

We came together in one glorious crescendo of passion as I collapsed on top of her..sweaty and breathing very heavy.....

Like I said...My name is Robert Foxworth, I'm an Attorney and this is not my wife. The "she" in
question is my long time girlfriend, Cindy Waters. She is also an Attorney. We've been meeting like this in hotel rooms for close to seven years now. We were engaged to be married at least two times...and somehow it just never worked out...We'd get in an argument..she'd catch me with another woman, I'd catch her with another man and we'd break up...

I married a nice sweet para-legal named Corrine about six months ago. We met one weekend when I went on a ski trip alone...After hours of great sex and five or six Long Island Ice teas..we became engaged.. Two weeks later...we were married. I think I made a mistake.. She's a nice girl and all...but the sex was never as good as it is with Cindy Waters.

We text each other and pick a hotel , usually on the outskirts of the city and we meet up for our
"Naked Weekend" as we like to call it. At first Cindy wouldn't speak to me..when she found out that I had married someone else...but gradually...after many e-mails and a lot of begging (I'm a lawyer aint I?) I got her to see things my way.

"Robert..." she said.

"Yeah Baby."

"I want you to get a divorce ."

"What?" I said.

"I can't keep doing this...I feel dirty." she said.

Well,I thought she saw things my way.......

(To be continued..........)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Unknown Assailant

We were sitting in my car in the Cherry Hill Mall...In Cherry Hill, New Jersey, right outside of Philadelphia. Me and my boy "88" I was waiting for my babymomma and now, boo du jour, Rell to finish shopping in the shoe store. Me? My name is Chess.

"So "88" , when are you going away again?" I asked.

"That cat from Patterson ,New Jersey...Reed Nelson wants me to sit in with his band for a few dates out on the West Coast at the end of this month.....I should make some nice change off of those gigs and I'll get to see California....I aint never been to Cali before." said 88.

"Nah? Really? Wow, you don't know what you've been missin man...that's liquid sunshine out there...and the women......oh yeah that's hooked up that fine ass Mabel Jenkins. Guess you'll be taking her with you." I laughed.

"If she can get off work for the two weeks...I'll take her" he said.

"Man, where is your cousin?" I asked ,checking my watch....

"Aww know how women is...especially women and shoes.." laughed 88.

"Yeah, I know.." I laughed....

Just then I heard what sounded like two fire crackers go off.....Then I heard screams and I saw the plate glass window of the shoe store explode into peices...

"88, get down, get down." I said as we ducked down into the car......

Across the street, a tall reed thin white man with wild eyes was holding an AK-47 and blasting randomly... He was wearing an old fashioned military fatigue jacket...The kind they wore in the seventies...He looked as if he hadn't shaved or bathed in weeks.

He shot two people as they were running from one store to another...He spun around and shot
another man trying to hustle across the street. He fired at a teenager , who agilely ducked behind a car. I thought that he had missed him...Then I saw a pool of blood ,running like a stream from behind the car and the teenaged boy fell to the ground , dead. The man in the fatigue jacket reloaded and began walking aimlessly in the opposite direction firing wildly at anything that moved. It was at that moment that 88 and I thought the same thing! Rell!!!!!!!!!!

We crawled out of the car and made our way into the shoe store...People were in the streets running and getting shot and screaming....

"Rell......Rell...where you at?" I shouted.....

"Chess....I'm over here...." came a voice. I followed the sound of the voice and eventually found her, hovering behind a counter. Next to her...lying very still and very dead was the saleswoman
who had attempted to sell her a pair of shoes.

I have to admit...She was taking this well..She grabbed my hand and then me and held me very tight..

"Hey lovebirds...we got to get out of here...old laughing boy with the AK-47 is on the move and he headed this way." Said 88.

"See if there is a back way out " I said, as I grabbed Rell and pulled her toward a back door in the store.. 88 followed me and I opened the back door.....Upon opening the door, the store alarm went off and now the killer knew that there was some life inside the shoe store! We hurried out the door . We now had another problem. The Car was around the corner and so was he.....

Was ,being the operative word here...We ran down the street and ran right into the scary looking
killer....It was at moments like these that I got real religious.. 88 and Rell stopped dead in their tracks... I was standing there praying for a miracle...

The killer aimed his Ak-47 at us....Just then ,I heard two loud bangs..seemingly coming from the opposite direction!!! I saw the killer fall backwards...his gun flying up in the air...and blood splattering all across the back wall.....and then I heard the strangely familiar voice....

"You can thank me later....right now..I gotta hide this heater and get back to my car and get the
hell out of here..I don't feel like talkin to no cops and I don't feel like explaining this heater."

It was Chris!!!! Chris Thompson.

"Yo Chris...What the ....How did you know I was here?" I said.

"I didn't...I been back in town for nearly two weeks and I couldn't never run into you...the day I
aint lookin for you, the day I'm just chillin in the mall by myself..I run into you...How ya doin Chess?" he said.

"Man, if you aint a sight for sore eyes..." I exclaimed.

"Hey Rell, how you doin Honey, I'll excuse your boy's rudeness." laughed Chris.

"Hey visitin?" she laughed.

"Nah, I'm back for good...Chess needs lookin after as you can see.....What's shakin "88"? you still
playin them keys brother?" laughed Chris.

"Sho am..gotta a couple of dates lined up in Cali." said 88.

"Good for you brother..keep bangin..Well folks, look here..I'll get back at ya , when I see you in
Philly, right now..I gotta get ghost...and I'd advise you good people to do the same." said Chris.
Just like that, he was gone..getting in his car and speeding away.

88,Rell and I did the same.... That night we watched on the news as they talked about the mass
killer who shot 12 people and killed 10 at the mall and who himself was gunned down by an "unknown assailant" Apparently the man had just lost his job and had went banannas....The "Unknown assailant" was being hailed as a hero...

Chris, being the laid back kind of guy he was ,wouldn't have wanted the publicity anyway.

(For Blu Jewel)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cock's Big Surprise

"Dang Kevin, where did you get all of this equipment?" asked my friend and co-worker,Sean Jackson as we sat in the van with the tinted windows. He was aiming a high powered infra red video camera at the window in the hotel, while Cock Robbins was watching the monitor.

"When I got my P.I. licensce , an FBI agent I worked with...Agent Cotton, loaned this van and this equipment to me...I have to return it...He was just giving me a feel of the type of equipment I'll need in my new profession." I laughed.

"Damnnn Kev, you got pull like that with the federallis? You mah main man....Writer, Blogger extrodianaire and now you're a private dick." laughed Sean.

"Man, just watch his dick and keep that camera aimed" snapped Cock Robbins ,who kept pounding his fist and who seemed more agitated by the second. He was talking about the man in the window of the room we were watching...Cock Robbins had become my first "client" after I got my P.I. Licensce. He wanted me to spy on ...well who else..his wife Vanessa, who he believed was cheating on him.

"I can't believe this man....Kevin...I got rid of every number in my Blackberry, turned in my playas cards man...tried to do the married thing and this is what I get??? She gon cheat on me??
I can't believe it!!!"said Cock Robbins who was getting more agitated by the second.

" don't know that she's cheating on you...what makes you think that?" I asked.

"'s what you would call a hunch....She been working late for the past few weeks...I checked her credit card bills and there have been charges for a caterer and some expensive gifts
on her card...things like cologne...expensive men's cologne like I like to wear and a Flat screen TV...a TV mann!!!! She done got turned out by some out of town playa...and he's in that hotel room on the 13th floor bangin her out right now.." said Cock.

Sean aimed the "boom mike " as we called it at the room....The man was shaving , water was running..We couldn't see his face....but we could hear some of the conversation.

"'re already late......don't go..get back in this bed and give me some more of that sweet long brown....."

"Oh Vee....I just finished giving you sweet brown're about to wear me out." he said.

"Why don't you leave your wife? Come stay with me?" she cooed...

"Yeah? I don't think your husband would like that?" he said.

"Husband?? You mean was -band...he's practically out the door." she said. All we could see was
some brown shapely thighs and a slip...but no face. It was enough for Cock.

"That's it...I've seen enough Kevin...I'm goin over there and tear him limb from limb...then I'm gonna put the bitch through the wall." said Cock as he left the van and headed across the street
to the hotel... Sean and I couldn't contain our laughter....I got on the phone and made a call.


"Hey Vee, He on his way." I said..

" are too good...we got him good.." came the voice.

"Okay, we comin over now." I said.

Sean and I slapped each other five and gave each other a fist bump, Obama style and ran into the Hotel lobby...Cock Robbins must have taken the stairs...We took the elevator to the 13th floor. As we headed down the long corridor, we heard the sounds coming from a side room...

"Ohhh my gawdddd..oohhhhhhhh...ohhhhh me...ohhhhhhhh."

"Come on honey..give it to me..give it alllllll to yo pastor.....ohhhhhhhhhhhhh......."

"Ohhhhhhh, good lawddddd....ouuuuuuuuuuu....."

Sean was giggling.....I motioned for him to come on...We had to find Cock. Just then, the door swung open and my mouth dropped...

"Pastor Struthers???" I exclaimed in horror....The Pastor of my church was in this luxurious hotel with another member of the choir. One with round voluptious hips and shapely thighs. He turned and looked at me with obvious exasperation.

"Son, can't I go anywhere without running into you?"

"I'm so sorry Pastor." I said.

"Make sure you're in church , good night, As you can see..I am kind of busy." He said as he slammed the door and locked it this time.

Sean was in hysterics. I grabbed him and we turned down the corridor...Just in time to see and hear Cock slamming his massive hands against the door.

"Let me in Vanessa..I know all about you and Romeo.....Open this door." he shouted.

"Okay Cock, I guess you caught me" said Vanessa Robbins.

The door swung open and the lights came on and the roar of several voices yelling "SURPRISE"
startled Cock Robbins. He stood there in amazement.... The man who had been shaving was my
lawyer, Conrad....Gus was there, So was "88", Deacon Larry Weatherford, Victoria, Mabel, Clerow.Cora Beth, their younger sister,Anita and her boyfriend, Carlton. Honey Brown was there, so was my wife,Sepia, Blake, "88's friend, Chess and his woman, Rell,Sheila, Sean's lady
and several others.

Cock stood there stunned and then tears came flowing down his cheeks....It was his birthday....and we all were in on it...He had totally forgotten...Sean and I walked up to him...

"We got you good buddy, didn't we?" said Sean.....

He pointed at me-

"Kevin, you aint no set this whole thing up didn't you?" he laughed....

I couldn't was Vanessa's idea....She had come to me weeks before with the idea...I just went along with it.. I shrugged and then I pointed...

Vanessa came out in a trench coat with Black fishnet pantyhose and red stripper heels on....Cock
grabbed her and hugged her....

"Vanessa, how could I have thought?" he said..

"I know, I the box..." she laughed.......

"A Flat screen TV??? You shittin me.....Oh my god.." he said as we all clapped and laughed...

Then Gus brought him over a smaller box and said...

"And here's some sweet smellin cologne to splash on while you watchin it...and Cock..just splash
on a little..don't take a bath in it...I don't wanna smell it down at the bar."

We all laughed....Cock smiled as he looked around at all of his friends and well wishers in the "Honeymoon suite" who had come there to wish him a happy birthday...Even my wife Sepia, who had previously hated him....had agreed to let by gones be by gones and come out...

He looked at his wife and asked-

"Why don't you take off that hot trench coat?"

Vanessa whispered in his ear....

"That's your third surprise......I can't give you that until all of these people leave...."

Neither of them knew that I heard that and there was no reason for them to know that I had heard it..I just stood in the corner and smiled to myself....My name is Kevin Morris..and this is another one of my stories.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How Could You?

You said that you don't want
to see me anymore...
and that we have nothing to
talk about...
You told me never to darken
your door..
you told me to just get out..
but why didn't you tell me
about the guy you loved before?/

oh, he comes to you
with a silver tongue
and lies you know to be untrue..
but you're just happy he's even spending
a moment of his precious time with you..
I don't usually hate on other guys from the
but I can't stand to see a guy like him beat my

Oh and How could you...
go and lay with him?
after all he put you through?
Oh How could you...
entertain the thought of giving
some play to him?
Can't you see he's just using you?/

You say that you don't want to hear
anything I have to say..
but let me tell right now..
that every dog is going to have it's day...
All the other girls in town are laughing
at you behind your back...
They say he's got a wife and kids and yet
another girlfriend on the side..
Now what do you think about that?/

Oh he comes to you
with a line you need to hear...
He tells you that he loves you and you only...
but pretty girl, that's a lie..
told to keep you near...
I really don't care much that you and I are through...
I think I deserve to be with a woman a little bit smarter
than you.../

Oh but How could you
allow him to play with you?
after all I tried to say to you....
How could you?
go and lay with him..
when deep down inside
you know that that is all he wanted to do?
Now can you,
except the fact that the whole town is laughing
at you?/