Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just Desserts

Six Month's Later- South Florida.-
Life couldn't be any sweeter for me than it is now. I'm in a new city, got a job, even got a car and to top it off, I got a new woman...Got a new name too.. Don't go by the name of Willie Parmenter anymore...FBI is still looking for me. I go by the name of Frank Sullivan. I can't for the life of me understand why the FBI is still lookin for me..They captured my wife, Lola Mae in Atlantic City six months ago. She confessed to eight murders...Two of em, I didn't even know about. She led the Atlanta P.D. to the river where we dropped the body of her co-worker. They also found the body of Sadie Brown..who I didn't even know she had killed. The Philly PD and the Baltimore PD
were able to close three open murder cases as was the Miami PD. The Atlantic City coppers closed a case that they didn't even know they had. Lola Mae waived a trial and for sparing the court a lengthy trial..they spared her life. She was sentenced to eight consecutive life sentences.
She'll more than likely never see the light of day again..Shame though, she was a great peice of ass if nothin else..I will miss that good lovin...but I won't miss being watched and stalked and having every girl I try to mess with endin up dead. Nah, I definitely will not miss that.

After the FBI got Lola Mae, I stole a car and drove it to Philly...Ditched it there and took the train to Florida. Been here ever since. I had all of my hair and my facial hair shaved off, got myself a gold earring stud for one of my ears..conned my way into a gym membership and have taken on a whole new appearence. Found me a job as the Head Cook at a trendy new Restaurant and even saved up and bought me a little used car. It's a 2004, which aint too bad.

I met me a fine young southern thing named Ruby Lee, a fine young junk in her trunk, dress real nice, keep her hair lookin good , always smells good too. Ruby is about 2 or 3 years older than me, but you'd never know it. I live with her. Her old man died and left her with a lot of dough.. I don't even have to give her any of the money I make..I just keep her satisfied in the bedroom, (which I always do) and she's happy. I tell you, life can't be any sweeter.

Every now and then, I go in the Post Office and see an FBI wanted poster with my face on it...They want me for "Complicity in numerous Homicides.." Man, that's crazy..I aint killed nobody..I didn't tell Lola Mae and her crazy ass to kill nobody either...but once her simple jealous ass did do it right in front of me, I had to cover it up...I mean she was...Is my wife...Crazy ass woman.

The story should have ended here, right..with me safe and sound in my anonymity...That is a word right? It woulda had I have not met Angelita...Lawd,Lawd,Lawd...It was my day off and I took Ruby Lee's Lexus instead of my car and was driving around town and there she was...The
finest woman in all of south Florida. She was Brown skinned, with Jet black hair that came all the
way to her waistline..Some hips on her to die for, nice shapely legs and a nice huge rack that seemed to defy reason...She had cute dimples on the side of each cheek..She couldn't have been more than 23 or 24. Well, my tongue was hangin out....I drove along side of her and started talking to her...She started talking back to me, just as easy, you know...and the next thing you know..She's in the car and we just riding along the coast line..just chillin.

We stopped at a little bar and grill and had a delicious lunch...Corn on the cob, Cole Slaw..Cucumber salad and Grilled Hot Dogs. We topped that off with some Sweet Tea. We topped that off with some heavy making out in the back seat of that Lexus...I slid my hand up her dress and eased her panties down and just as I was about to enter her...she stopped me...


"You got to cover that thing aint going to do it to me without no protection." she said.

"Aww come on now honey, you got me hotter than a damn firecracker on the fourth of July,
now don't do me like this." I begged.

"Lucky for you, I have a condom in my purse...pass it to me.." she said.

I quickly passed it to her and she pulled it out. I rushed putting it on and then we got into it...and I mean I put my thing down if I don't say so myself..Had that young girl screaming and calling saints like she was in the ministry or somethin.

After we was through, I dropped her off in town and returned home. I really should have checked the car...In hindsight, I really should have. I should have also of given Ruby Lee more credit than I did for being sharp.

Ruby Lee never said a word to me, but in the coming days after that, she seemed to act distant,
kinda like Lola Mae...I thought nothing of it when she gave me some money and asked me to go
down to the grocery store to buy some Strawberries for dinner. She was always baking and she told me she was making me a Strawberry Upside down favorite dessert.

I walked outside in my white khaki pants, black wifebeater t-shirt and straw hat....I started to get in her Lexus...There was two men, one black, one hispanic standing outside of her house when I walked out....The Black guy had on White Khaki pants, sandals, a very colorful shirt and
black shades....The Hispanic guy had on some Black slacks, sandals and a Navy blue Polo shirt...
Both of em looked cool...So I barely paid them any mind. I put the key in the ignition and the Black guy pulled out the biggest gun I ever saw and placed it at my temple..The Hispanic man
pulled out a riot pump shotgun and aimed it me...and now I saw several guys in suits and wing tipped shoes all running for my car...and I heard the familiar words-

"Are you William Louis Parmenter?? Mr. Parmenter, I am Special Agent Bobby Socks ,FBI...
you're under arrest for Interstate Flight to avoid prosecution for Conspiracy and Complicity in
Homicides in Georgia, Florida,Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersery...You have the right to
remain silent..anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law...You have the right to an attorney...if you can not afford an attorney, one will be obtained for you understand what is being said to you?" he said.

Bobby Socks?? A Black man, a brother named Bobby Socks??? I almost laughed, but nothing was was all over...I was going to jail...I couldn't believe it...Ruby Lee knew who I really was all along...She had never once been fooled..she went along because she wanted a man in the bed with her...She didn't need money, so why did she betray me???

I got my answer as they handcuffed me and put me in the car...She walked outside with a used
condom wrapper.....She had found it in the car!!! I knew I had forgotten to do somethin..To clean that car out properly...She looked at me and smiled so sweetly...I couldn't believe it.
My whole new life, down the toilet...because I cheated on her...If I hadn't of cheated, who knows,
I might still be free....Now, I'm going to jail...I can't believe it..(The sex wasn't even that good..That young girl didn't know what she was doin. Ruby Lee was far more experienced in the bedroom.) A tear ran down my face as the cars drove off with me and I saw Ruby Lee, sweet Ruby Lee standing there on that street..just a smiling. My life is over....


William Parmenter was convicted of his complicity, in the murder of Leslie Young, his wife's
co-worker. He was sentenced to Life in Prison. To date ,he is still married to Lola Mae....He has written her and e-mailed her several times since he has been incarcerated..She has never answered any of his letters or e-mails.

( For A.J.)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If You Really Loved Me

3:00 am ,Est. Was prime time for a booty call, even if it was long distance-


"Hello, Rob?"

"Who is this?"

"You've forgotten me that quick.?"

"Lola?? Lola Mae??"

"Were you expecting anyone else?"

"No, not at three in the morninin....where are you?"

"We in Atlantic City,New Jersey.."

"Lola,do you realize there is a nationwide manhunt for you? You and Willie are on the FBI's ten
most wanted list for murder!!"

"Ah know Rob,that's what I called about. I've decided to leave Willie...I can't do this no more.
He's never gonna change, never gonna love me as much as I've loved him and I can't keep killin
people ,hoping that he'll stop messin around on me. I killed seven girls , well eight if we include the heifer I caught him with last night...(they aint never gonna find her body), but thas besides the point...I'm plannin to call the FBI and make a deal with them...tell em where the bodies is and lay it all on Willie...Once he is in jail, you and me can finnally be together...I know you been wantin this for a long time...If you help me set Willie up...I'm all yours..If you really love me like
you have always kinda said you did, you'd help me..."

" If I really love you? If I really love you ??Lola are you out of your mind? Is this a joke or somethin?"

"No Rob...I been thinkin and I've decided that I need to be with a man who really loves me, a man who has always wanted to be with me...not a man that's always gonna be cheatin on me like
Willie. I would have never have killed them girls if it wasn't for him. Now will you help me Rob?
I'm tellin you, I'm leavin him...I know you really love me, I know you do."

"You out your damn mind Lola....That ship done sailed a long time ago...I did want you, I wanted you bad..but that was a long long time ago...I've moved on."

" You aint moved on.. You get hard everytime you hear my voice, probably got a huge erection right now. I'm offering myself to you on a silver platter."

"Just like that huh?"

"Yeah, just like that."

"You're a little too late Lola, Ah got a woman now...and frankly, in light of what you're suspected of doin...I don't want you....Good luck to you, and don't ever call this number again."

"Rob, you know you don't mean know you want've always wanted this..."


He hung up on me... I can't believe it. He hung up on me!!!!!

I stood at the phone booth crying my eyes out...Rob was my last chance at last chance to be a good I guess I would just have to stick it out with Willie. I walked over to the 7 Eleven and bought Willie a pack of Newports and returned to the bungalow we were staying in..Willie was sound asleep. I watched him sleep as I sat on the side of the bed. I cried some more.

The next night my husband did something he had never done before...He asked me if I'd like to go see a movie!! I was shocked...He had never taken me anywhere except to the bedroom the entire time we were married....all 36 months, two weeks and four days. I got up, showered and
put on a nice short skirt with a slit up the side like he likes and matching high heels, along with a
very low cut blouse..Willie has always loved my breasts. Tee Hee.

I should have suspected something was suspicious because we went to see Eddie Murphy's Movie- "Meet Dave", a movie neither one of us showed any interest in seeing. I was surprised that it was still showing. When we got in the theatre...I bought us Popcorn and sodas. Willie seemed a little tense..overly jumpy. There was about three other people in the theatre and one
guy was asleep and snoring and the other two was a young couple that was making out so passionately that both Willie and I were getting hot just watching them. I looked at the bulge in Willie's pants..It was rock hard. (When wasn't it? That was his problem, he was a slave to it.)
I unzippered his pants and pulled it out..I began to stroke it softly....No one else was in the row, so I leaned down and began licking it and sucking it...Willie moaned softly...I leaned back up and continued to stroke him softly...This went on for the length of the movie...Just before the movie ended..Willie ejaculated across the chairs and on to the floor in the aisle in front of us.. At once I thought that this was disgusting because somebody would have to clean this up...Some of it was on my hands too... I pulled out a hankercheif and wiped my hands and wiped him off too.Willie fixed his clothes and told me that he was going to the mens room. As he got up, he gave me the longest sweetest kiss ever. I tried to hold him to kiss him some more, but he moved my hands and just smiled at me weakly. He didn't even thank me. He was so cold and inconsiderate at times. I wondered why I even loved him so.

I waited for what seemed like thirty minutes and he never returned. The movie theatre was empty and the cleaning people were in the theatre. I got up and started walking out.I didn't want to be caught near the cum stains. I banged on the door of the men's room...I called out Willie's name. There was no answer. I figured he must be outside waiting for me, so I walked outside the theatre...Just as I did, a white man grabbed my arm-

"Lola Mae Parmenter....Special Agent William Griggs,'re under arrest for Interstate
Flight to avoid prosecution for Murder in the states of Georgia, Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania..You have the right to remain silent, if you give up that right, anything you say can be held against you in a court of have a right to an attorney, if you can not afford one, one will be provided for you, do you understand what I am explaining to you?"

By now, three cars were opening and FBI agents, armed with shotguns were converging on me...I shook my head, saying that I understood. It was all over. I watched as about ten FBI men
came running out of the theatre.


"The other one? He wasn't in there?" said Griggs as he handcuffed me.

"No...not a trace...we had the place covered...I don't know how he could have gotten away from
us. He said that he was going to surrender himself when we talked last night." said the Agent.

Last night? Last night...That damn Husband of mine...He betrayed me...He set me up.....I can't believe that Willie would do this to me...Wasn't I enough woman for him?? Wasn't I?? Willie ,if you really loved me...I wouldn't have had to stoop to this...You wrong Willie, you just so wrong!
And after I gave you the best blowjob public, at that....You just so wrong Willie!

(Conclusion tomorrow!!!)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Twist, then Screw

My wife is good in bed, let me just say that for the record. Outside of that, she's not good for much else. She can't cook...She aint the best housekeeper, (though she damn good at cleaning up a murder scene..) and she barely graduated from High School, so there isn't much there as far as conversation is concerned. I married her because I got caught up in how good the lovemaking was. To tell you the truth, I don't think I was or am in love with her. My name is Willie Parmenter...This is my story. I put in two and a half years at Morehouse, before I dropped out..Lola Mae was up on campus everyday...I spent part of my sophmore year in my dorm room screwing my (and her) brains out. She got Sadie Brown to fix meals for her so she could bring em up to my dorm room. We would eat, then screw, then eat some more, then screw some more. I guess her persistance kind of wore off on me...I dropped out and a few months later, got married. Nobody in my family was happy about that and neither my Mother or my sister cared for Lola Mae too much. Sadie, on the other hand was the girl I should have married.
She was tall, the color of deep dark chocolate, with a body to die for...and a sultry,sassy way of talking. She went to Spellman...Graduated too! I left Lola Mae for Sadie...for awhile...Sadie was a complete package, smart, could cook, sexy as all get up...and could hold her own in the bed...She was so imaginative...Just what I was looking for and passionate beneath the sheets...
I was going to marry her, but she up and vanished...into thin air! Didn't leave a return address or nothing...Left me a badly spelled letter that said that she realized that Lola Mae was better for me and that it was better if we never see each other again. I was devestated. I tried to call Sadie, but her phone had been disconnected....Her apartment was empty and nobody that she knew could tell me what happened to her.

So ,that's how I wound up marrying Lola Mae...I really loved Sadie....She was going to help me get back into college.. Now I've discovered that my wife has a crazy side. She done killed six girls
over me and I done helped her hide the bodies..I done found out that what she does kind of turns me on...I don't know who is sicker, me or her....But I'm gettin tired of what she does..I'm gettin tired of always runnin and hiding and being stuck in a crazy marriage. I miss Atlanta,I miss my Moms and my sister..I miss my friends..

I walked down to the corner store and picked up a paper today and here is pictures and drivers
licensce photos of Lola Mae and Me on the front!!!!! Aint this a bitch?? The caption reads-"Atlanta couple sought in Multiple slayings and two disapearences...Thought to be in Philadelphia Area."

Oh Lawd! They on to us...But something peculiar struck me..They had a two page story about us.. and photos of Cookie, The girl from Miami, The Girl from Baltimore and the two girls we killed in Philly. There was also a story about two girls who vanished in Atlanta that was linked to us. One was Lola Mae's co-worker....I knew about her...I helped dispose of the body...but the other one....the other one was said to be Sadie Brown!!! Oh Lord.....There was her picture, right there next to the ones I knew about... I got to thinkin on it and it all made sense... Right around the time I told Rob Roy Johnson about my intentions to marry Sadie....she vanished and I got that letter. He was the only one I had told...If he somehow told Lola Mae.....then, Oh my God..Sadie must have been the first one..the first one killed.... That's why, she seemed to know her way around that river and know exactly where the deepest part was when she killed her co-worker and we dropped her body in the river. I wonder if Rob told her about Me and her co-worker and me and Cookie as well. Nobody else other than the two dead girls and me of course knew a thing. He was the only one I told and they both wound up dead.

I wonder if he had designs on Lola Mae??? She told me that he would send her a nice Birthday card and Christmas present every year...I never thought nothin of it. He has no idea what he might have done...He aint mean them girls no harm I know....but by tellin Lola Mae...he signed their death warrants. All he had to do was tell me that he wanted Lola Mae and I would have gladly stepped aside...After all, I had already hit it, many times..and that's about all I wanted with her. I aint never bought her no damn Christmas Present and I couldn't tell you what day her birthday is. Hell, I can barely remember our weddin anniversary and we been married about two years. Rob Roy really loved her I guess..He risked betraying me for her..I guess he deserved her.. He's about as stupid as she is anyway..They would have been perfect for each other.

I can't take no more of this sickness...and I can't take no more of this marriage. I may be a lowdown nasty dog...(.cause I do love the ladies)..but I aint no killer and I aint for this....I'm gon
put in a confidential call to the FBI, lay out the whole story... I can't continue on with this. Lola Mae got to be taken off of the street.

(To be continued......)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Enough Woman For Ya!

I love my husband. My Husband Cheats on me constantly though..I don't know why..but he does. I ask him all the time- "Willie...aint I enough woman for ya?" and he always say that I am and I believe him...but he still cheats on me...I don't know why...but for some reason...when I catch turns him on and then he gives me the best loving I've ever had. Hi..My name is Lola Mae...Lola Mae Parmenter. I love my husband. I'll kill you if I catch you with my husband..I have killed. Seven girls can attest to that.

I have always had guys going ape shit over me...Walking me home from school, wanting to carry my books, buy me birthday and Christmas presents and what have you and until I met Willie ,I never cared about them or what they were doing. I knew that all they wanted was to sleep with me. Sometimes, if it was a real nice gift..or if I hadn't had any in awhile, I would give in and give them some...Then I couldn't get rid of em. They started calling and texting and buying me more things and practically stalking me. I didn't want them...I wanted Willie Parmenter. I guess I've always wanted Willie whole life. All those other guys were just stop gaps. Willie always treated me as if he could take me or leave me...Maybe that's why I liked him so..because unlike the other guys, he didn't make a fuss over me.

Willie was tall and muscular and handsome and played Football in High School. He led our Football team to the state championship. We lost and he was devestated.. I was a cheerleader and that night after our high school lost...Willie and I walked out to the bleachers...All he kept talking about was how the team lost and how it was his senior year and this might jeopordize his chances at playing in the NFL...I gave him a blowjob underneath the bleachers that curled his toes. Afterwords..He walked me home...I asked him for his number..He said that he'd get his friend Rob Roy Johnson to get it to me on Monday and that was that. Nobody had ever treated me so, so casual....I had done something for him that I had never done for anybody and he treated it and me like it was nothing. I cried myself to sleep that night.

What Willie never knew was that his best friend, Rob Roy Johnson had been trying to get in my panties for years...He used to buy me a birthday present every year and a Christmas present too. He would send me flowers just because...but I was never really feeling Rob Roy that way..
He was a nice guy and all, but he just didn't do it for me. (He told me about "Cookie" and my fiance. He also told me about Willie and my co-worker.. He thought telling me would make me leave Willie for him....He thought wrong.)

Maybe I should have got with Rob...He at least paid me some attention. Willie ignored me except when he wanted a blowjob. For awhile that was all I was good for and then finnally one night we actually had sex and I was certain that I had snagged Willie...but unfortunately, he left me for a buck toothed heifer named Sadie Brown. Funny thing..Sadie just disapeered into thin air one day. Just up and left...without a trace!!! She left Willie a letter stating that she didn't love him and that it would be best if she just left. Women can be so fickle! (Willie don't know about Sadie Brown...she was my first...First woman I killed for him..I made her write that letter at gunpoint before I killed her. She's at the bottom of the river too...right along side my former co-worker...

I waited until after our honeymoon to beat Cookie to death... and after Rob Roy told me about my co-worker, I was furious..I followed them to the motel and beat the hell out of her. Willie was so turned on ,he made love to me like he really was into me for the first time. Tee Hee...He couldn't keep his hands off of me for like a month...and when I confessed to him about Cookie, He was even more turned on. The lovemaking was even more intense.

Willie convinced me that with two murders on our backs, it would be best for us to move we went to Miami and got jobs there. Willie still couldn't keep it in his pants...He caused me to kill a young girl there that he was messing with.. This time ,I saw them sneaking around. We weighted her down and dropped her body in the ocean and took her car...but the body floated up to the beach and we had to get in the wind again. Some nosy Cuban Detective was getting too close and Willie was looking at her like he liked her...I couldn't be a cop killer.

We got jobs in a Roadhouse in Baltimore. Life was good until I caught Willie trying to get frisky with some heifer from Philly who was there visiting. She put up a terrific fight and gave me a pretty good beating...She's lucky...she lived...
A few nights later, another girl wasn't so lucky. Willie suggested we have a threesome. I agreed..but Willie stayed on top of her a little too long...I strangled
her after they were through...Left her in the Hotel room.. We fled Baltimore right after that.

Now we in Philly....I killed another girl the other night...Willie just can't keep his hands off of these women and they just have no respect for the fact that he's my husband...and I love him... I don't know why he cheats on me...I ask him all the time-

"Willie....Aint I enough woman for you??Well aint I?"

My Husband is a sex addict...he needs help...

(To be continued..........)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fatal Infidelity

The First time I cheated on my wife was ,I guess..the night before we got married. It was with a girl who I'd been looking at for awhile and who had been looking at me. Each time we decided we
were going to get together ,the timing just wasn't right. Either she had a man or I was involved with somebody. My name is William Parmenter...My friends just call me "Willie" I'm from Atlanta ,Georgia. That is where my story and the story of my wife, Lola Mae Parmenter begins.
The night before Lola Mae and I got married, me and my main man, Rob Roy Johnson decided to spend my "last night of freedom" out on the town. We hit a couple of bars, had a few Coronas
, watched the Hawks beat the Boston Celtics..and then went to an after hours joint..Inside this joint was Cookie. Cookie is the girl I was talkin about...Just as fine as she wanna be..Always had a thing for old Willie P. and Willie P. always had a thing for her. I bought her a Vodka and Cranberry Juice and saddled up next to her.

"So gettin married tomorrow huh?" she said.

"Yeah, finnally somebody got the kid.." I laughed as I drank.

"Everybody didn't "get" the kid."she said and winked at me as she looked at my crotch.

"What you sayin gurl?" I laughed...(I always laughed or giggled uneasily when I was horny.)

"I aint sayin nothin...but it's either now or nevuh...." she said, not even looking at me!

I asked for the check...Told Rob Roy to pick me up on time the next morning and got in Cookie's
car and drove to her house. We spent the whole night,making sweet love and I mean sweet love
in her bedroom... No music, no phone, no cell phones, no nothing..She took the phone off of the receiver, turned her cell phone off and led me to her bedroom. We stopped a couple of times to get sodas to drink, but then we returned right to her bedroom.

On the morning of my wedding, I was so weak and tired, I didn't know what to do. Rob came and got me, took me to his house, where I showered and shaved and put on my Tux and then made it to the church on time. 12:00 noon baby! Dont'cha know that "Cookie" came to our wedding and sat right up front in the sexiest Peach Mini Skirt...I ever saw...With White pantyhose and matching peach high heels. Heads was turning and I was trying my best not to look at her...

That night on our honeymoon, I made sweet love to Lola Mae, who was no slouch herself as far as looks were concerned..(She turned heads herself) or prowess in the bedroom...(She could curl some toes..believe that!!) But Lola Mae had one problem...You know how people talk dirty when they making love.?..Lola Mae always cried and begged and pleaded, especially when it was gettin
good....when she was about to climax-

"Oh Willie...Willie...Ah loves you so....
Aint I enough woman for you??
Don't you love me as much as I love you?
You don't want no other woman but me right??
Aint I enough for ya baby?"

As soon as I would re-assure her,usually by saying-

"Yeah baby, you da only one who can make love to me like this..."

Lola Mae would have the loudest climax of all times...Shaking, trembling and letting out a yell that could wake the dead.

So when we came back from our honeymoon, I was shocked to read the paper and find out that
"Cookie" had been found murdered in her living room! There was no finger prints or any sign
of a break in. She had been strangled, bludgeoned and then finnally shot. I couldn't imagine why someone would want to kill her. She had no children, no baby daddy drama and none of her ex boyfriends were what you call stalkers or violent. In fact, every last one of em was trying to get
back with her..that's how good the punanny was. The murder remains unsolved to this day, to
all except me!

A few months later..I started fooling around with one of my wife's co-workers...I used to talk to her while I was waiting for Lola Mae to come out into the parking lot...She kinda slipped me her
number and the next thing I know...we was meetin at a motel ,right outside of Atlanta, screwing
our brains out. I don't know if a Private Detective was watching me or what, But Lola Mae found us...I tried to explain, but she went right past me and beat the living fool out of her co-worker...beat her a little too much...she killed her! I saw it....I went from being shocked to being
turned on!! I ripped Lola Mae's blouse off and began biting her bra until I'd pulled it off with my teeth...I threw her on the bed and we went at it...hard...with the dead girl's body right there...
Lola Mae and I had the best sex of our lives right there in that hotel room and she must have came a half dozen times. I couldn't keep my hands off of her..We must have done it a good seven or eight more times before ....finnally being spent, we had to decide what to do with the dead girl's body. I cut her head off with a machete I went out and bought. I then cut both of the
feet off and placed them in a Hefty trash bag. We put the rest of the torso in another Hefty trash
bag and then put both in the trunk of her (the co-worker's ) car. Lola Mae went out got some
Bleach and really wiped that room down. Then I checked out and we drove to the river, weighted down the torso and the head and feet and dropped them both in the river. That was the first murder that I knew about.

That night, Lola Mae confessed to me that she had killed "Cookie", the day after we got back from our honeymoon. I was so turned on that for the next month, she didn't have to worry about me straying....I was around her like a puppy dog, doing anything and everything to keep her happy and keep her in the sack.

My wife is crazy....I guess you can tell!

(To be continued.......)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

All I Want For Christmas (Is You..)

I don't need a fancy expensive watch by Movado...
Or any sweet smelling cologne from some foreign
country of which I may never go...
And I don't want a bottle of some fancy type of wine..
Or to go out dancing alone again...
just wasting my time.
This Christmas ,I don't want anything expensive or
All I want for Christmas..
All I want for Christmas..
All I want for Christmas ..
girl, is you.../

I don't need any tickets to a Christmas Eve Basketball game..
that the home team will more than likely lose...
I don't need coupons or a gift card from some chic new store
that sells products that I'll probably never use..
What I don't need is sit in this apartment alone..
crying about the love I let slip away from me
and singing the blues...
When All I want for Christmas
All I want for Christmas...
All I want for Christmas...
Girl is You.../

/If I could just have you with me...
Oh How happy I would be...
because all I want for Christmas...
All I want for Christmas..
All I want for Christmas
is you.../

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Let Nothing You Dismay

"You have got to go to the police...tell them what you saw..What's wrong with you Jordy?" I asked him.

"I know Kevin, but you know how I feel about runnin to the cops about
something.." protested Jordy.

"'re an Investment Banker ,who lives in a condo...not Avon Barksdale or Stringer Bell from the Wire...what are you talking about? A girl is dead and you were the last person to see her alive, except for the people who killed of whom you you should be talkin to the cops..not me..
I'm no detective man...I'm just a blogger and a writer." I said.

"Yeah Kevin, but you outsmarted Jean Cokely and you solved the Singing Blogger case and you tripped up, if anybody can match wits with these two killers , it's you dog." said Jordy.

" How do you know it's two killers?" I asked.

"Somebody was driving the car that dude pushed the girl into." said Jordy.

"So? Maybe that person dropped them off someplace.. they didn't have to be involved." I said.

"Yeah but people talkin bout it being two people...a man and a woman.."
he interrupted.

"Talkin aint knowin....We goin to the cops..Where is Honey Brown?? she fought
the man's wife , when we were in Baltimore...From what I heard ,she got in some good licks before she got clocked. Must be one tough broad..aint many broads can hang with Honey Brown like that." I laughed.

"In Baltimore?? When yall went to that Roadhouse??? So you seen em both too,
right?" asked Jordy.

" No...I only saw the Waiter...I never saw the wife...but Gus did..besides Honey
Brown, he's the only other person that saw them both.The rest of us were either on the bus or in the roadhouse." I said.

"So what do I do Kevin?" said Jordy...

"You deaf Jordy? Get in my car...we are going to talk to the Cheif of Detectives
downtown.I know him." I said.

We drove downtown to the office of the Cheif of Detectives.. A Huge robust man
who was very well dressed with a carnation on his lapel, who went by the name of Lieutenant Jake McConnell greeted us. He said that he wore the carnation to drown out the smell of rotting flesh or decomposing bodies...the smell of death.

"Well ,well if it isn't the hero blogger, Kevin Morris..To what do I owe the pleasure?" he said as he saw the two of us approaching his office.

"Jake, This is my friend, Jordy..He thinks he saw your dead girl the night
she disapeared." I said.

"Which Dead girl,because we found another dead girl last night
in a hotel room..beaten to a pulp." He said.

"The one they say was seen dancing at Josie's Bar." I said.

"Oh her.. alright, come in my office and shut the door " said Jake as Jordy and I walked in and sat down.

"You say you saw this girl? Her name was Jean..Jean Terrell" said Jake.

Jordy looked at me as if he needed my permission to talk and I glared at him the way my father used to glare at me and my brother when we'd done or said something wrong.

"Well Mr. McConnell..." he said.

"Call me Jake."

"I didn't know her, I'd seen her in Josie's a couple of times. I saw her with
this guy..a guy who had been arguing with my friend earlier..and they were outside ,you know, makin out and he got a little rough...she looked like she was fighting him off and the next thing I know...a Black Charger drove up and it looked like this guy pushed her into the car." said Jordy.

"A Black Charger? Did you say a Black Charger???" said Jake.

"Yeah, see I know it was a Charger, cause I got my eye on buyin me one and-"

"That matches the car we found today and a report we got from Miami PD to be on the lookout for a man and a woman. They are suspects in the murder of a girl in Miami and that car they were driving in belongs to the girl they are suspected of killing. It also matches the description of a car near the scene of another murder in Baltimore... You said that this man was arguing with your friend...You think your friend might know his name?" asked Jake.

"She might.." I said.

"Your friend got a name?" asked Jake.

"Yeah, Honey Brown!" blurted out Jordy. I wasn't going to give out her name so soon, because like Jordy, she might not want to talk to the police...but it was out, so I told Jake that I would bring her in.

Finding Honey Brown wasn't hard...She was where she always was..In Josie's Bar and grill, talking to Gus.. I told both of them that Jordy was giving the police a statement and that it would be good for both of them to tell the police what they knew. To my surprise..they both agreed. I drove them to the Police station.

Gus ,who had seen both the waiter and his wife gave the police a very vivid description of both of them...The sketch artist was good. Thanks to Gus's description, The police had a more than accurate sketch of both the Waiter and his wife. Honey Brown talked about William "Willie" Parmenter and his wife,
Lola Mae Parmenter, their breif dalliance, the fight and everything..and now names could be attached to the faceless couple who had ditched the car and seemingly vanished into thin air, leaving at least four young girls dead.

Jake thanked all of us and said that he would pass this information on to the Major Crimes Unit and The FBI.

Later that night in Josie's Bar The three of us sat at the bar having beers and talking-

"Just think..I might have been one of they victims if I hadn't of beat that
heifer's ass." said Honey Brown.

"Is that the way you saw it? Cause it looked to me like she gave as good as she got." said Gus, not cracking a smile.

"Man, that was could they do something like that?" asked Jordy.

"Cause they crazy." retorted Honey Brown.

"Or just plain evil" I said as I drank my beer.

"Yeah well now the Police can go and get em, lock they crazy asses up." said

"I don't think so....They have no proof, no eyewitnesses of them doing anything and now they don't even have the car..Those two could be anywhere right now.
This aint over." I said... "This aint over by a long shot." I said feeling a sudden chill in my spine.

(To Be Continued.........soon...)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dazed and Naked

I woke up naked in my bedroom....clothes strown all over the place...a used fact, several used condoms on the floor, a black bra hanging off of the door knob..panties on the floor next to my boxers...a bottle of moscoto, half finished on the night stand... Aretha lie next to me, soundly sleeping...We apparently had a time in here last night...I rubbed my head... I can't get it off my mind..Did I actually see that guy...the guy who was giving Honey Brown a hard time at Josie's last night push that girl into that Black Charger or did she get in willingly...? Did I witness a kidnapping?? I was so busy trying to get into Aretha's panties last night that I was hardly worried about somebody else..but I
think I saw that guy force that girl into the car...I'm almost certain of it.

I'm still a little woozy from the wine..The sex was good...but now she's got to get up and get out of here..I've got to clean up this place.Maybe I should call the cops..I just don't know...What if I'm wrong? What if they was playing? Then I look like a fool...but nah, If Honey Brown turned a man down..then something had to be wrong with him...something had to be up with dude...but what?? I mean , afterall, it's none of my business right?

I shaved, took a hot shower and put on some clean clothes..I arranged Aretha's
clothes in a nice neat pile and put the clothes I was wearing last night in the hamper. I walked down to Dunkin Donots and got a cup of coffee and a Daily
News..There on the cover was my worse nightmare.

"Un-Identified African-American Girl found floating in Schuylkill River"

They weren't releasing her name, but they had a photo of the girl on the page...
It was the same girl from the club!!! I had to call the police, tell them what I knew. I'd better call Honey Brown too, tell her to watch her back..but first I'd better go back to my condo.

Upon getting back...I heard the shower running...

"Aretha? Is that you?" I said.

"Of course it's me...why? Do you expect some other girl to come over here?" she

She stepped out of the shower...and my eyes nearly popped out of my head...

"You never seen a naked woman before Jordy?? I find that hard to
saw all of me last night.." she laughed as she began lotioning her legs and putting on her clothes...

I smiled wryly, momentarily forgetting how upset I had been at realizing that I
just witnessed a murder the night before.. I had to call Honey Brown and then I
think, we'd better go look up Kevin..He'd know what to do..this type of thing was right up his alley.

(To be continued soon......)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Miami ,Florida....
Detective Renee Santiago drank a steaming hot cup of coffee...She barely
glanced at the USA TODAY newspaper on her desk...She was looking over her one unsolved murder case. A young ,pretty African American girl had
been found in the salt waters ,on South Beach...She had been beaten badly...but had been in the Salt Water so long that there was no DNA evidence. Her Black, 2008 Charger was missing..All they found was the Licensce Plate. This meant that the killer had taken the car and put false plates on it. She had been stripped naked and she still had not been identified.. She would have had a perfect clearence rate this month, except for this case..This damn case ,which was what Homicide Detectives call a "spoiler"..a who done almost unsolvable case..

The only thing weird about the case was that two people..A Husband and a wife, also African American..who worked at one of the clubs near
South Beach, quit their jobs and dropped out of sight the day after the body was found. They weren't suspects..but they acted kind of jumpy..the day ,she and her new partner..that fine hunk of a Detective named Denzel Snipes found the body that had washed up on the beach. They seemed to be having an argument..but got real quiet when she started questioning people on the beach about the body. When she and her partner came back to question the two the next day, she had found that they quit their jobs. A further check into their residence showed that they had left their rented house. It seemed odd...but there was nothing to tie these two to any murder. They just seemed odd.

"Oh ,I see you have coffee already" said Detective Alejandro.. He had a crush on her and all of the other Detectives knew it..He would often bring her a Blueberry muffin and Coffee or one omelet with salsa sauce on it, just like she liked. He was sweet, but she wasn't interested in him. Her new Partner,Detective Snipes..all six foot three, 210 pounds of him was another story..She'd love to get it on with him, but she knew that that was un-professional as well as unethical. She had never been with an
African -American man before..she often fantasized what it might be like.

"Renee, did you see this in the paper?" said Detective Alejandro.

"What?" she asked.

"They found an African -American girl floating in the river last night in
Philly."he said.

"So what?" she asked.."People die in Philly all the time, just like here. "

"It says she was beaten badly and that eyewitnesses saw her getting in a car with a man and a woman in a Black Charger...ring a bell?? Your spoiler, your who done it." he said.

"Let me see that?" said Renee..

She poured over the story and it certainly sounded strange. Nobody got a
good look at any woman, but they definitely remember the man from the
club who left with the woman and the Black Charger..Plenty of people drive Black Chargers..but this seemed like too much of a co-incidence..
Could it be? She wondered to herself...Nah, she thought...

She looked up and Detective Snipes came walking in...Looking so good, she thought...

"Renee, check this out....I did a little background check on that couple that was acting so strange..Willie Parmenter and Lola Mae Parmenter.
They were working in a Roadhouse in Baltimore and guess what they were driving? A Black Charger!! Check this out..Old Willie was trying to put his willie in some gal and Lola Mae jumped on the gal..only she gave Lola Mae all she could handle....but here is where the story gets interesting. Both of em quit their jobs a week after that and left for parts
unknown...No reason, no forwarding address , nothing and the Baltimore
PD find a girl, African-American....young, pretty..beat to death in a motel
room. She'd been dead for three weeks.." He said.

She didn't care what he was saying, he looked so good saying it..she believed it.. She wasn't about to argue. She showed him the paper and the story about a third girl in Philly.

"They saw a Black Charger leaving the scene with this girl in it..Nobody remembered seeing a woman, but they definitely remember seeing a man. I think it's a connection." said Renee.

Detective Alejandro overheard what she said and side eyed her..He slapped his forehead in disgust. Hadn't she just shot down his theory earlier?? Now when Pretty Boy Floyd says the exact same thing, she buys into it... Women!!! he thought.

"Check this out Renee" Said Detective Snipes as Renee looked at him attentively...

"I found their car...a 1979 Rambler. In the long term parking section of
The Airport. It's in perfect shape...but empty,clean as a whistle and with
no plates...We identified it by the vin number.."he explained.

Renee looked at Detective Snipes and said...

"Get on the the Philadelphia PD....I think we may be able to
help them out." she said.
(To be continued soon......)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Little Ms. Santa Claus

I couldn't take my eyes off of her...She looked so good..Sitting there with a
red Santa Claus top on, opened at the top...showing just the right amount of cleavage and a black lace bra.. She had a cute little round face with dimples and was wearing a black leather mini skirt, with black pantyhose and some thigh high boots..She was well put together. I had seen her around and I knew that Gus the bartender knew her if anybody did.

"Hey Gus...who is that?" I asked.

"Who is who?..there is a thousand women in here Jordy." said Gus.

"The fox over there in the Santa Claus top." I said.

"Oh, that's Aretha...Aretha Ross..." said Gus.

I pulled out a couple of dollars and handed them to Gus.

"Find out what she's drinkin...and give her a refill on me." I said.

"At it again ,eh Jordy...?" smirked Gus...

I pulled out a ten and slipped it into the pocket of Gus's shirt and He looked at me and just shook his head.

Gus sent Aretha another drink and pointed to me. When she looked my way, I smiled and tiped my glass to her in a mock in her honor type of way and then pretended to be on my Blackberry talking to someone.
There was a nice crowd of people at Josie's tonight. I was hoping Kevin would be here...I wanted to thank him for saving my life after that incident with Collette Washington and her nutty psycho boyfriend, Alton.
Kevin wasn't in tonight.

I saw Honey Brown...She was looking good tonight, but I didn't want to be bothered with the drama she brings.. See what I mean? As I speak she's
actually arguing with a man...Usually, she's trying to go home with a man
but it was different tonight.. I had never seen this guy before..but she seemed to know him..

"Look Willie, I don't know why you come up here..I'm not gettin involved with married and I don't do married men, especially married men wit psycho wives...get away from me." she said.

"Aww come on now honey, ah told you that we seperated...I aint wit huh now...All I could think about is you....Thas why I come up here to Philly
cause I had to see you again." he said..

"Show me some divorce papers" demanded Honey Brown

The man smiled..then he pleaded-

"We ain divorced yet, we I figured you and me could go to yo place..have a couple of drinks...get to know each other..know what I'm sayin..heh..heh..heh?"

"Nigga ,you out yo damn aint goin nowhere with me, not you might as well take your road show back to Baltimore or where ever you come from." she said and walked away.

I just laughed....That girl sure knew how to bring the drama...Just then,I heard a sweet little voice behind me..

"Well Hello there." It was Aretha..the girl in the Santa Claus Suit..

"Hello you doin?"I said, showing all of my pearly whites.

"Thank you for the drink" she said.

"You are quite welcome...My name is Jordy,what's yours?" I asked already knowing.

"I'm Aretha ..Aretha Ross....I've seen you in here before and around." she said.

"Yeah? , well I aint never seen you..but I'm glad I'm seein you now.."I responded.

We walked over to a booth and I ordered us two more drinks and we sat and talked...I noticed the guy who had been talking to Honey Brown was
now talking to another woman...They were laughing and giggling and he
ordered her a drink. They were real touchy feely... They sat together for about a half an hour and then they left the bar..

After about an hour , I paid for the drinks and Aretha and I walked outside...I was walking her to her car...

"So what do you do for a living Jordy?" she asked.

"I'm an Investment Banker.."I said

"Ouuu, that sounds interesting..."

"Yeah, well things are pretty tight..I might be losing my job soon...I hope not though...I would like to keep stackin those dollars so I can afford to take a pretty young thang like you out ." I said.

"Ouu, now that really sounds interesting" she cooed..

'So, how bout you slide me them digits?", I said cooly.

We both pulled out Blackberry's and began exchanging I got her number ,I looked over her shoulder and I could see the guy..The guy Honey Brown had been arguing with..He had his hands up this other girl's dress..and was kissing her and trying to grope her something feirce.
She appeared to be fighting him off..

"What the hell is wrong with you? We not going to do nothin out in the street like this..If you want some, you got to take me somewhere." she said.

"Aww now honey, don't do me like that...I'm hotter than a damn firecracker in a gas station." He said.

Just then, a Black Charger drove up...The windows were slightly tinted,
but it looked like a woman was driving...I couldn't tell, but I could swear
they pushed that girl into the car and pulled off...It was hard to tell.

"So you'll call me ,right?" said Aretha...

"I sure will baby.." I said...

I leaned over and kissed her softly, then I pulled her too me and we kissed again...this time a little more passionately. When we came up for air ,I

'Hmm Little Ms Santa Claus...Maybe I won't have to call you, maybe I'll
wake up next to you in the morning."

"Wow, you don't waste time getting to the bottom line do you?" She laughed.

"Your bottom line is just what I want to get to." I said.

"You so nasty...but I kind of like nasty....Come on...get in your car and follow me." she said.

She got in her car and I got into mine...Looks like Santa bought me a Christmas Present early!!

(To be continued....)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


/We used to get up before the sunrise
you to jog
and me running by your side..
We were just friends,so I pretended not to mind..
you telling me about some other guy../

/all the while I'd hope and pray
that on one fine day
you would realize how I felt about you.
We were friends and sometimes my possesiveness
with you made you furious..
shame ,you couldn't see that I was curious../

/Curious about you
Curious about what it would be like
to make love to you..
Curious about all aspects of you./

/I used to walk you to his place
listen to you tell me about your dates
Wishing all along that I could participate...
Cursing myself because of how I would procrastinate../

When I had the chance to tell you how I felt about you
I held back,
so content to play it cool..
I was a fool...
and knowing that makes me furious..
That I never let you know that I was

/Curious about
Curious about
making love to you..
Curious about all aspects
of you.../

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Under The Sun..

I could say I love you one million times
and it wouldn't resonate with you..
I could tell you how I love to look in your pretty brown eyes
and still I sense you would hesitate to believe it to be true...
It's then that I remember something my father once told me
something that it took my mother, to show me...
hey girl
come over and hold me.../

/You see..
there are a million love poems
under the sun...
everything that can be expressed has
been expressed..
since time begun...
but every angle hasn't been tried out...
under the sun...
and with you, I can't use a line that is dried
that wouldn't be much fun...
so I'm gonna say something smart and witty
that says the same thing..
that aint really new...
under the sun...
under the sun...
under the sun/

/ I could say I need you one million times...
I could say I need you to need me too,
because that rhymes..
I like the way you smile when I'm sayin
what I'm saying to you..
You see that's the thing about those angles
That I was trying to explain to you..
That's what my daddy told me, a long time ago..
That's what my mother showed me...
so now you know../

You see there are one million love poems
under the sun..
everything that can be expressed has been
since time begun
but you see, every angle hasn't been tried out
under the sun..
but with you I can't use a tired line that is so
dried out...
no, that wouldn't be fun.
so I'm going to write you a letter
with something new, something clever
that's really like a song that hasn't been sung..
under the sun
under the sun..
gonna say something new to you baby
under the sun
that really has been said before in a different way
since time has begun....
cause aint really nothin new bout love-
under the sun..
under the sun..
under the sun..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pretty Girl (They don't know you like I do)

It's midnight and you're calling me again..
said you needed to hear the voice of a friend..
I didn't know you still considered me as such
What do you want?
Was there no one else to whom you could talk?
It's been a long time since you've called me this much......

Okay...let's go-check it out-

Pretty Girl,
don't worry about him..
he's gone..
no need to talk about him
Pretty Girl..
Don't trip about him..
He broke your heart..
but what did you expect from
someone like him?/

/You gonna spend your life
runnin around with guys that only
treat you bad?
You're not gettin any younger
aren't you tired of bein so sad??
you fall in love with the wrong guys
the wrong guys..
you fall in love with the wrong guys..
the wrong men.../

/and all of those guys..
those pretty boys..
they don't really like you..
you're just their toy...
all of those guys...
those silly boys..
who never brought you any joy..
don't know you, like
I do..
and they never will..never will..
know you, like I do../

Check it out...

/They just want to spit some game
and get you to take your clothes off..
and after they've had their fun...
they move on to the next hot flame
leaving you hurt and confused and
totally turned off...
but you fall in love
with all of the wrong guys...
the wrong guys...
you always want the wrong ones..
the wrong ones.../

/but anything
that I say..goes in one ear and out..
of the next ear..
they just want to go in and out..
and then leave you in doubt
that they'll be here this time next year..
and all of those guys..
those pretty guys....
just lie to you
they always lie...
none of those guys..
those guys..
ever took the time..
to know you...
like I do...
they don't know...
they don't know you like I do...
like I do.../

/Pretty Girl
don't worry bout him
he's gone..
no need to talk about him..
Pretty Girl
don't trip about him..
he never knew you, like I do..
don't worry about him.../

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Waiter's Wife

On the other side of the Roadhouse in back of a tree, Honey Brown and the Waiter were kissing passionately...He had his hands on both of her breasts, rubbing them slightly, while she had his zipper down and was already massaging his now huge erection...

"Ohh myyy, myyy, myyy..look at what we are working with!" she proclaimed....

The Waiter moaned and quickly responded-

"Girrrl, I'm ready for us to do something right here, right now...I'm hotter than a firecracker at a damn gas station" he proclaimed....

Honey Brown stopped doing what she had been doing and zippered up his pants..She slowly moved his hands from out of her blouse and eased herself away from him..She didn't want him getting too excited and she wasn't about to do anything out in the open like this..She was after all a lady.

"Sugar...we've got plenty of time for that..You got my number and I've got yours...Now I'll be back down here in about a week and you can find us a nice Hotel or Motel room to stay in..We'll
have a couple of steaks, a baked potato, some wine...take a nice hot shower together- " she said
just before she heard-

"You betta get yo hands off of mah husband.."

Both Honey and the Waiter turned around , only to see a very angry ,yet shapely brown skinned woman charging towards them both...It was the Waiter's wife!!!

"Yo Husband ??? You married? You low down dirty dog!" screamed Honey Brown at the now
astonished waiter...

"Now Lola Mae- Ah kin explain everything...this aint what it look, please!!!!" he said..
but Lola Mae was hearing none of it..She charged right by him and punched Honey Brown so hard that the sweat went flying out of her weave and she hit the ground with a thud! Lola Mae was getting ready to kick her, but Honey grabbed her ankle and flipped her over...She struggled to her feet and socked Lola Mae two times...spinning the woman around and knocking her back to the ground...but Lola Mae would not be undone..She got to her feet and punched Honey Brown again..sending her sailing into a neatly arranged set of trash cans..She then grabbed Honey Brown's head and began banging it against the ground..Honey took her elbow and elbowed Lola in her side, knocking the wind out of her and giving her enough time to slug Lola good and knock her into the wall...Both women circled each other and threw punches at the same
time which knocked each of them flat and out....

When Honey Brown woke up...She was on the bus with a cold compact on her left eye...The Bus was headed back to Philly...She looked around and all she saw was couples...Mabel Jenkins and her man, Clerow and Corabeth, Sean and Sheila, Conrad and Jill, Blake and his girlfriend, Paris
and his girlfriend, Kevin and Sepia , Cock Robbins and his wife, Vanessa and Deacon Weatherford
and his wife, Victoria...all of them were sound asleep and in each others arms...The guy she came here with Carlton was sitting a few rows ahead of her with Anita...They weren't asleep..they were kissing passionately and doing who knows what in that was dark and everyone else was asleep... even Gus...who was the only person other than her who was not coupled up.
Gus was sound asleep. He must have found her,brought her back to the bus...put the compact on her... She felt like hell...She looked at her face in her compact was swollen worse than Carlton's...She couldn't believe her misfortune on this trip..she doubted if she'd ever go on another one of these bus trips again...

Anita stopped kissing Carlton long enough to whisper to him-

"You have my cell number and my e-mail use it, you

"I sure sure you gotta go back to Louisiana?" He asked...

"Yeah...but I'll be back....You know, you can come and visit me too, you know." said Anita...

"I'm gone be down there next can damn sure believe that.." said Carlton..

"You so silly." she giggled as they continued kissing..

Meanwhile in Maryland in a motel room...The shower was running...Lola Mae stepped out of her
clothes and into the hot shower where her husband the "Waiter" was waiting for her.....He lathered her with soap and let the hot soapy water run all over her body....

"Owww, that hurts right there...that's where she hit me.." said Lola Mae...

"It's okay baby, let me rub it right there...." he said..

"You know you get me so hot and horny whenever you cheat on me.." said Lola Mae, staring in
amazement at how huge her husband's penis had just gotten..

"And you turn me on too ,when you're mad and willing to fight a girl fo me.." He said as he lifted her up and entered her slowly.......

"Ouuuuuuu baby...ouuu..just stay there just like that..." she cooed in ecstasy...

" aint gotta worry..ummmmmph...Ah aint goin nowhere...Ah love you so much right
now..." he moaned...

"And Willie, ah love you too..." she the hot water bounced off of both of them.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kiss it and Make it Better

"That's quite a shiner you got there" said Gus as he applied some cold water and some paper towells to Carlton's eye..It was swollen. He looked like Mike Tyson had hit him instead of a 5 "5
petite woman with over-sized breasts and a blonde weave. The slight pain was nothing compared to the embarrassment he felt..and the blind hatred he now had for the woman who had caused him this embarrassment, Honey Brown. Honey herself could care less, she was already ingratiating herself with a tall brown skinned waiter, who couldn't stop giggling or sneaking a peak at her more than abundant cleavage..They were exchanging numbers and laughing and giggling like two high school teenagers. The other women, Sepia, Sheila,Vanessa, Victoria and Jill just watched...shaking their heads at how Honey Brown shamelessly through herself at the waiter who had to be a good ten years younger than her.

Sean, Kevin, Conrad, Clerow and even Cock Robbins felt sympathy for Carlton..but all knew that this was the type of thing that could happen when you fool with a woman like Honey Brown, which was why none of them had ever given her the time of day..She was probably a good lay they all reasoned, but way too loud, way too quick to hit a man and way too "ghetto" for any of their tastes...

Deacon Weatherford walked to the bathroom to see if Carlton was alright..

"You okay son? That was quite a punch that gal throwed at shoulda ducked." he said

"He couldn't duck Deacon..He aint know that was comin...I done seen Honey lay out a number of men wit that same punch." said Gus matter of factly...

Carlton had heard enough....He briskly took the napkin and slipped out the back door...He chose to get on the bus and just sit by himself. Meanwhile....The others were enjoying a delicious meal of Crabs...All kinds if crabs...with butter and little mallets to crack them., Corn on the cob...String Beans...Corn Bread, etc. For those who chose not to eat Crabs, there was an ample supply of Fried Cat Fish, Crab cakes, Whiting, Blue Fish....a seafood lovers dream... and a live ten
peice band to match, while they ate and enjoyed themselves...

Anita ate until she was full...She enjoyed the company of her sisters, Victoria, Mabel and Cora-Beth...and she really liked her new brother in law, Clerow..He was so funny ,yet protective...She felt like she was a part of a family for the first time in her life. She danced with Paris and Blake and even with Clerow once...but what she was really wondering was where Carlton had slipped off to. It was clear that Honey Brown wasn't worried about him..She and the waiter danced every dance and he couldn't stop giggling like a chesire cat everytime she whispered in his ear...Soon the two of them disapeared. Anita decided to walk outside into the night air. She walked outside and she saw the bus door opened...She wandered over to the bus and walked up the stairs...She looked into the back and she saw a pair of legs stretched from one chair to another. She smiled, turned around and walked back into the club.

Carlton was in a deep sleep when all of a sudden he was awakened by a shrug.. Startled, he looked right into the face of Anita, who was smiling at him.

"I thought you might be hungry, so I bought you a platter" She said.

Carlton couldn't believe his good fortune...

"What?? a platter?" he asked..

"Yeah,I didn't know what you liked, so I brought you a combonation of everything, some crabs,
catfish, Blue Fish, whiting, salmon cakes, crab cakes-"

"I like all that stuff girl...thanks." He said.

Seeing him suddenly so humble and vulnerable kind of made him even more attractive to her..She paused then said-

"Let me see that got popped pretty good huh?"

" that's why you come in clown me?" he said only half joking.

"No...I know you was about to miss all this good food and I didn't want you to have spent all this money and come all the way down here for nothin." she said.

"Oh really huh? ..well I guess I should thank you for lookin out for my pockets..I am kinda hungry. uh...good lookin out." He said.

"Oh don't sit on this bus like that...your pity party is over...Let mama see that eye...let mama kiss it and make it better.." she said as she kissed his eyelid... Boy she sounded and looked so sexy to him right about now. He tried to resist her ,but she pushed his hand away and kissed his eyelid again...

"Gurl, I wish you'd kiss me and make me feel better" said Carlton.

"Well come here then, set that plate down .." she said..

Carlton moved over and Anita gave him the sweetest softest kiss he'd ever received....He pulled her closer to him and they began making out like two high school teenagers...He wanted to take it a little further, but decided not to..He had already been need in getting slapped too. He was content to just kiss her and hold her...He had been wanting to, ever since he had first laid eyes on her...

Clerow and Cora Beth were standing outside the Roadhouse getting a little air when Cora Beth said to him-

" you love me?"

"Of course I do...why would you ask me a question like that?" He said.

"Well, I know...that you was Mabel's man and I kinda took you from her....and I have always felt
bad about that..I love my sister and I know that she still feels somethin for you, I know she does
and I reckon you still feel somethin for her and this is all so messed up, me havin your baby and
all and I...I..." she stopped...she was starting to cry... Clerow took his hand and wiped her face of
tears...he held her close to him...

"I'm jus gon have to get over Mabel now ain I?
Cause I'm with you now...and I aint never said that
I minded it..have I? Have I? "

"No." she said...

"Then don't worry about it...I admit..I see your sister and
I wonder about what coulda been, what might have been..
but that's all in the past now...What's real is me and you...
We in the maybe..just maybe..that's the way
it was supposed to be..and I just didn't realize it." said Clerow..

Cora Beth laid her head in his chest and he rocked her slowly right there on the side of the Roadhouse..Mabel watched them from a distance..She smiled..She was never more proud of her brother in law than she was right at this moment..

Anita fixed her hair and her clothes and she and Carlton walked off of the bus together..From a could see the full moon.

(Conclusion Tomorrow......)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Roadhouse of Love

When the bus docked in Baltimore...The Roadhouse was not what anyone expected. It was called.."The Roadhouse" Ironically enough and it was a wooden free standing restaraunt with wooden picnic like tables inside and a rough looking wooden bar on the inside.

"Hey gotta be kiddin man...we paid sixty dollars for this." Snorted Lawyer Conrad.

"Wait til you taste the food my'll see, you'll see that
the price was more than worth it."laughed Gus.

Gus looked at Kevin,Sepia, Cock Robbins and Vanessa and said -

"Don't worry, the food is good...Everybody that comes here says
the same thing..that it looks like a dump, but after they eat here,
they ask me when they can come back." laughed the old man.

Mabel, Cora Beth, Clerow ,Anita and Victoria were used to such Roadhouses..called "Juke Joints"
in Louisiana , where they were there was no culture shock for them, Unlike Paris,Blake,
their girlfriends , Sean ,Sheila,Conrad and Jill and even Deacon Larry Weatherford.

Honey Brown could care less about the decor or lack of it in the roadhouse..she kept looking at how much Carlton was checking out Anita. He would sneak a look at her and then smile when she caught him.. At first she would smile back...but when Honey was around...She was always careful not to give him eye contact..She really didn't want any trouble. She didn't know how long she was going to be up north..the last thing she wanted was to get wrapped up in some guy that she might not see again. Yet he was very attractive to her and his swagger and attitude turned her on in a way that no guy had turned her on in a long while. Why were all the guys like him taken ? Worse still why were they all such rogues? She shook her head in bemusement.

As the small crowd of people ambled into the Roadhouse...Clerow told CoraBeth to get them a seat and he motioned Mabel over to the side.. Mabel told her man to get them both a seat and said that she would only be a minute.

"What you want Clerow?" said Mabel.

"Look girl, I caint keep this in much longer, I think we have unfinished business."said Clerow.

"We aint got no business Clerow..whatever business we had is long concluded." said Mabel.

"Mabel, I -I-I think about you all the time..even times when I aint supposed to..and I just can't
help myself. ,and you know, you never did give me a chance to properly apologize for what I
did..I'm so sorry I ever hurt you." said Clerow.

"Clerow..I been done forgave you..but you married to my sister sister who I love more than life and I would never do nothin to hurt her...You're the father of my neice..Aren't you happy?" asked Mabel.

"Yes ,I am...I love Cora Beth, I swear I do...but I love you too...I can't deny that...and I know
you feel somethin for me can't tell me that you don't." said Clerow.

"No ,Clerow..I love you cause you family my brother in law..and that's as far as it goes..
I mean it." said Mabel who unknown to Clerow was on the verge of tears herself.

"Alright Mabel...but it hurts hurts me just to see you sometimes." Said Clerow.

"Then don't look boo...don't'll stop hurtin you after awhile.." said Mabel, who then ran inside. She was about to cry and she just could not do that in front of Clerow.

Clerow walked inside by himself , where Cora Beth had gotten them a nice seat and she said to her husband-

"Hey I got us a nice seat...You alright Clerow?"

"Yeah honey bunch...I'm just fine." he said.

Meanwhile, Carlton found a jukebox... He played "Love Lockdown" by Kanye West... He saw Anita walking towards a table..

"That's my like Kanye ,baby?" he asked.

"I aint yo yes I like Kanye West." said Anita.

"You aint yet...but I aint started to work my magic yet" laughed Carlton.

"Magic, oh that's what you call it? Okay..." said Anita.

"Go on and laugh...I'm gone have you making me pancakes one mornin.."he said..

"Ouuuuu, you talk a lot of smack Philly boy...I might make you cry..." she smirked...

"Hurt me, hurt me baby." laughed Carlton...

"There go yo better ask her to hurt you." laughed Anita, not really wanting him to go ,but realizing he had to..She rather liked the playful banter between them.

"Why you always sniffin around that heifer?" snapped Honey Brown..

'Why you trippin? You don't own me.. You act like I'm yo man or somethin." snapped Carlton.

"You was actin like you was my man when you was in my bed, gruntin and sweatin the other night." snapped Honey Brown.

"Quiet ,people is lookin." said Carlton.

"I don't give a damn about who lookin...let em look at this .." snapped Honey Brown, who hauled off and punched Carlton in his eye..knocking him to the floor... Heads turned..Mabel, her man,
Sean, Sheila, Cock Robbins, Vanessa, Conrad, Jill, Paris, Blake and their girlfriends, Kevin, Sepia
Clerow, Cora Beth and most importantly Anita....She couldn't hold back her impulse to laugh.

Carlton was clearly embarrassed... Gus grabbed Honey Brown...

"What the hell is wrong with you? We come here to have a good time,
now don't go startin no shit.." he snapped.

"I aint gon start none Gus..I think I just finished some."
she laughed and took her seat..

Cock Robbins, Kevin and Clerow helped Carlton up...Most of the females who witnessed it were snickering...but the men weren't..They all knew that that could have happened to any one of them. Carlton's pride was hurt more than anything else...He was embarrassed that Anita had seen him get decked..He couldn't face her ever again.

(To be continued....)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friends With Benefits

As the bus headed to Baltimore, via Philadelphia..there was a lot of inside intrigue going on...For one thing, Mabel found herself sneaking a look at Clerow, who to her surprise was sneaking a look at her. Her man didn't care too much for Clerow and she certainly didn't want any trouble , so she tried very hard not to look at him...She didn't know why she was looking at him still...He was her brother in law now..her sister's husband..She was going to have to stop thinking about him. Likewise Clerow didn't like how he was feeling about Mabel..He adored Cora Beth..He did and at times he couldn't keep his hands off of her, but who was he fooling? Nine times out of ten he was still thinking about Mabel..when he was with Cora Beth...his wife still reminded him of her older sister, who he had been an angel's breath away from marrying....

In the back of the bus, the youngest of the Jenkins girls, Anita Jenkins...was also feeling a little insecure...She was one of the few women on the bus without a man and everytime she moved ,she could feel the tall basketball player, Carlton's eyes on her...She thought he was cute though with his six foot ,seven frame and his hazel eyes....but he was taken and furthermore, she didn't like the way his girlfriend was side eyeing her. She should check her man ,she thought...
After all...he was the one looking at's not like she was doing anything to egg him on.

Sean and Sheila fell asleep in each other's arms in their seat....Paris and Blake and their girlfriends engaged in idle chatter...Deacon and Victoria Weatherford enjoyed looking out of the
window ,while kissing and giggling like teenagers. Conrad had fallen asleep and was snoring loudly while Jill ,embarrassed, smiled weakly as people looked her way...

Honey Brown had drifted off to sleep too and Carlton slipped off to the seat in back of Anita's and
stretched out as though he was going to sleep.

"So...this your first time up North Missy?" He said.

"Yes ,it is....I came up with my Daddy to meet my sisters and my little neice." laughed Anita ,who was surprisingly very turned on...but needing to hide it.

"How long do you think you'll be staying?" laughed Carlton...

"Why? You got plans for me or somethin?" she laughed coyly...

"I sure do...I'd like for us to maybe meet and go out know like a movie, have a couple of drinks or somethin." he whispered.

"Don't you have a woman? I don't think she'd like that?" said Anita ,now getting herself under control.

"Oh her?"he said ,looking towards the sleeping Honey Brown..."She aint my woman..we kinda like ,you know...friends." he said.

"Oh ,you mean friends with benefits as in...she gives you a little ,when you're home, but it aint really that serious right?" she said.

"Uhhhh, yeah, somethin like that." He said.

"You think I'm just a little dumb Louisiana girl that don't know the deal right?? Well you wrong,
aint nothin slow bout me..and you gon have to come again with somethin better than that....I'm not tryin to get caught up in no drama..ya here..." she said.

"Naw...naw...aint gon be no drama baby....I promise you that...I aint about the drama..that's fo
sure." said Carlton...

"You talk a good game, but I don't trust do I know you won't tell some other girl that I'm your friend with benefits?" she said.

"Because you're not my friend, cause I don't know you like that and I haven't uh...benefited from anything yet..heh..heh..heh..." he laughed slyly.

"Keep dreaming mister basketball playa...and I do mean playa." she said with a laugh...

"Oh I dream..I dream big baby and I make most of my dreams reality, you best believe that shorty..." laughed Carlton.

Anita liked his cockiness...She liked his arrogance and devil may care...He could get it in so many ways, but damn if she was going to let him know that. Carlton liked her feistiness..He already knew that he had to have her..but he had to be careful...He smiled, got up and sat back down next to Honey Brown...who was still sleeping soundly....

Carlton looked at Anita as he sat next to Honey and smiled...Anita looked at him and smiled back, then she turned her head and put her headphones on..."Ego" by Beyonce was playing on her Ipod nano...She smiled and thought...How appropriate.

(To be continued......)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Bus Ride

The Bus pulled off from in front of Josie's Bar.. They were all on their way to Baltimore for "Crab Night"....Mabel and Her man sat in the front seat...Clerow and Cora-Beth sat across from them...Sweet Dick Jenkins was up for a visit and he had agreed to watch the baby for them. Paris and his latest girlfriend and His Frat brother and buddy Blake and his date sat right behind them..Sean Jackson and Sheila were directly behind them and Conrad and Jill sat across from them. Kevin and Sepia sat across from Cock Robbins and his wife Vanessa. Sepia still felt some kind of way around Cock, but since this was a nice occassion, she just snuggled up extra tight with Kevin everytime Cock looked her way. Deacon Larry Weatherford and his new wife, The
former first lady of the church, Victoria Struthers, now Victoria Jenkins Struthers Weatherford
(The older half sister of Mabel and Cora Beth) rounded out the group in the front. Bartender Gus and Honey Brown were also on the bus..but surprisingly not in the front with their known patrons, but in the back in between three newcomers.

Six foot seven, Carlton Brown was an NBA Basketball player, who like Cock Robbins, played a lot of semi-pro basketball in the Philadelphia area and for a number of teams in the old Continental Basketball leauge...He had played in Italy and in Spain for awhile and had been picked up for ten day tours of duty by the Memphis Grizzlies, The Boston Celtics, even the Sixers...but like Cock
Robbins, that big guarunteed contract just seemed to elude him. He was home now for a spell until another team called him to fill in for somebody..He hooked back up with Honey Brown, his
off and on girlfriend when he was in town...but his eyes kept shifting over to another girl who was on the bus..Anita Jenkins. Another Half sister of Mabel ,Cora Beth and Victoria and like them, newly arrived in Philadelphia from Louisiana.. Also like the three of them, dark skinned with a body built for sin as the saying goes. She was the result of a Dalliance Sweet Dick Jenkins
had had with a woman in Lafayette ,Louisiana several years before.. Sweet Dick had forgotten all
about it, but the woman didn't and with the help of the Louisiana Child Welfare board...They both tracked Sweet Dick down.. He didn't know why of course...He wasn't a man of means, but he was a man of love , who loved all of his children....He assured his live in girlfriend that there was no more children of his out there.

Carlton couldn't take his eyes of of Anita...and he kept trying to make conversation with her while they were standing outside Josie's waiting to get on the bus, much to the consternation and
constant side eyeing of Honey Brown.

"So, you from Louisiana, huh?" he asked Anita.

"Yes." she said, trying to keep the conversation short..

"I've been to New Orleans and Baton from either of them places.?" he asked.

"I'm from Lafayette." she said.

"OH really? Where bout is that?" he asked.

"Carlton honey, could you help me with my luggage?" asked Honey Brown giving Anita the side

"Luggage? We aint goin nowhere but to Baltimore...what you bring luggage for? All you got is that big cooler and yo pocketbook." he said.

"Well I can't very well lift both of them." she said trying to sound helpless.

Carlton breathed heavy turned to say goodbye to Anita and found she had already walked away.
She was getting acquainted with her new found sisters, Cora Beth, Mabel and Victoria.. He picked up the cooler and stored it on the bus..

Now He was sitting just two seats from her, but he couldn't get close enough to talk to her, not with Honey Brown sitting right next to him. He would wait until they got to Baltimore maybe and then make his move..

(To be continued........)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


/You're exactly the kind of girl I've been looking for.
I couldn't imagine needing anything more..
I think that now I'm ready to begin a serious relationship..
I'm ready to stop worrying about ruining our friendship.../

/Okay, so now I've said it to the mirror..
now I've said it to the mirror..
If I could only say it to you...
girl what would you do?/

/Oh and this could all be so
seems like I've said all of this before..
but saying it to you is different
it's not a well prepared act anymore.
being in love with you might not be
as easy..
as I thought it should be.../

/Girl, we've known each other since forever
and you can't tell me that you've never thought
about us getting together..
I'm not going to live in doubt..
whatever happens, I'm sure we can work it out./

/People say that where love begins
friendship ends..
sometimes I worry
sometimes I'm in a hurry
for that friendship to end and a real
relationship to end.../

/okay,so now I've said it to the mirror
and I've wrote it down with a pencil
and a peice of paper..
but can I say it to you?
oh, now that would be a grand caper?/

Oh, and this should all be so easy..
seems like I've said all of this to you
haven't I?
It should all be so easy...
it's not a hustle anymore..
once you come through that door..
no time for me to be shy...

but being in love with you
isn't as easy..
not half as easy
as I thought it would be...
telling you I love you
is half the battle...
it's half the battle...
the other half is winning the
inside of me./

and that aint so easy, baby.../

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pancakes in The Mornin...

"Clerow...I almost lost everything I have here...and it would have been for what...him..that over confident jerk?? I can't tell you how bad I feel right
now." said Sepia to Clerow as they sat in the diner having coffee the next morning.

"Hey girl...don't fret none...the important thing is that you didn't do anything. You can't get in trouble for what you thought..Lord knows I would surely be in trouble for some of the things I have thought about ."said Clerow, trying his best to re-assure Sepia.

Sepia had told him all about her class with Samuel Rasulala and how she had daydreamed about him often and how she would wear sexy clothes and sit in the front of the class and laugh at his stupid jokes. She told Clerow about the laundromat and the night before ,when Rasulala had practically tried to rape her and her narrow escape. Mostly she told him about the guilt she felt...and how with Kevin coming home tomorrow..she
didn't know how she could face him with a clear conscience.

Clerow looked at Sepia and finnally he felt the need to unburden himself.

"Wanna know a secret Sepia?" he said.

"Yeah..what?" she asked.

"You know Mabel...Mabel Jenkins right?" He said.

"Yeah..she works at Kevin's Job..writes the cooking column." said Sepia.
Sepia liked Mabel..Mabel was down to earth and funny and could outcook
anybody she knew.

"Well, before I married Cora-Beth...Mabel was my woman...We were gonna get married." said wishing he had some gin instead of just coffee.

"Really?That's Cora-Beth's older did that happen? You and Cora beth?" asked Sepia, momentarily forgetting her own problems.

"Cora-beth was always a big flirt, a big tease...and ,well one day my curiosity got the best of me and I .....I had Cora-beth....and Mabel caught
us..and that was the end of that....She come up here from Louisiana and I
come up here to apologize to make things right..but it was too late. Cora
beth came up here tell me I was gonna be a daddy ...and so I married her and the rest is as they say..History." said Clerow.

"Woww.....Do you love Cora Beth Clerow or did you just marry her out of obligation?" said Sepia.

"Nah..I love her...I can't say that I don't and she's a good wife..and a mother...but I aint over Mabel...there is unfinished business between us..
I know that she still feels somethin for me too...but it may never get resolved.." said Clerow.

"So what are you gonna do?" asked Sepia.

"I'm gonna learn to live with it.." he said.. "We all do or think or say somethin that aint right or that we shouldn't have said...sometimes we can make it right...sometimes we caint...but we still gotta move on and learn to live with the decisions we make." Said Clerow..

Sepia perked up...

"You know something Clerow, you aint never lied..You spoke a whole lot of truth..Thank you...talking to you has made me feel so much better..I sure hope things work out for you." she said. She kissed him on the cheek
and left money on the counter to pay for both of their coffee's and left the
diner and got in her car.

First thing she was going to do was apologize to Samuel Rasulala..Afterall
she had teased him for weeks and made him think he could have her on a plate and when the man acted on it..she changed up on him...She was wrong to do that, even though she did tell him that she had a man.

She figured he might be up at the school, taking care of some last minute
things, when she spotted his car in the school lot. It was the only car there
and it appeared to be rocking slightly.. She pulled up behind the car and
got out...She walked up to the car and her mouth dropped.......

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu........go to townnnn....ohhhhhhhhh....oh baby, go to town..." he moaned from in the

There was Rachel Stevenson, the cute buxom blonde who sat next to her in his class and who also wore short skirts and frilly blouses, with peek a
boo bras...on her knees with her mouth practically swallowing his huge penis..Her head was going back and forth rapidly and his eyes seemed to be rolling in the back of his head...

"mmmmmmmmm, ummmmph...Mr. Rasulala...I just love having your
big black johnson in my mouth...ummmph.." she moaned...

"Ohhhhhhhhh...ouuuuuuuuuu..." he moaned as he grabbed her blond hair and began to move her head even faster..

Sepia couldn't watch anymore...Any guilt she felt had vanished...She hadn't done anything...Not compared to what was being done in that car.
She smiled a bittersweat smile, thinking- he got over me quite fast, dog!
and got back in her car, backed up and pulled off..and headed home.

When she got home she got a big surprise...Kevin was home!!!!!
She broke into the biggest smile and ran to his arms and began kissing him passionately and squeezing him as if her life depended on it....Kevin
broke free momentarily to get his breath...

"Wow....maybe I should leave home more often...I didn't expect that...
I thought I would surprize you by coming home early." He said.

"Kevin, you can't leave for this long ever again, you here??? I missed you
soo much " she said in her sexiest voice..

"Oh you did, did you? You need to show me how much.....I know..I know,
after I take a shower...I'm on my-"

"You don't have to take a shower...come here..I'll show you how much I
missed you boo." she said as she unbuttoned her pants and slid out of them.. Kevin's eyes nearly came out of their sockets..He had momentarily forgotten while in California how fine his woman at home really was...
She was wearing some Black lace bikini panties and a black bustier....
Nothing special, but very very sexy on Sepia...He grabbed her and took her in the living room, slipped his pants and shirt off and left them where
they were as he began kissing her passionately...on the couch...They rolled off of the couch and onto the floor as he entered her and began to move with a hunger and furiousness that the moment called for...

She began to moan loudly and then began to feel so good inside that tears
began streaming down her face as she kissed him passionately and he plowed into her deeper and deeper.. They made love like that for a good
hour..then they lie there on the floor, with clothes strewn everywhere for
a good hour...Then Kevin lifted her up, took her into the bedroom and
proceeded to stretch her across the bed and enter her from behind..
She screamed at first and then settled down...she felt so close to him....

Kevin woke up the next morning...He put on his bathrobe..He could smell
something good coming from the kitchen...He walked downstairs..All the
clothes that they had left strewn on the floor were gone..His luggage was
gone..It had been picked up and the furniture had been straightened out.

He entered the Kitchen and there Sepia was...In the nightgown he liked so
much, fixing him Pancakes for breakfast..He walked in ,put his arms around her and smiled...

"Ummmmm, that smells good..I'm good and hungry..."laughed Kevin..

"I know you are...the way you worked last night.." cooed Sepia.

Meanwhile..In the school parking lot in a BMW, Samuel Rasulala was waking up too...alone...pants down around his ankles...his wallet lying on
the floor of his car...He forced himself up...pulled his boxers and his pants up and looked in his wallet....his credit cards were there, his drivers
licensce was there...but all of his money, about $600.00 in cash was gone!!! He was horrified...He jumped out of his car and looked around, but nobody was around...

"I've been robbed....that broad stole my money!!!!"

(For Kin shar...)