Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jive Turkey

"Hi Mistah Kevin...What are you doin around here so late?" Said Lucy Dallas as I walked toward her.

"I was coming to see you..I need your help." I said.

"Is that your girlfriend Mr. Kevin?" she asked.

"That's my wife, Sepia." I replied.

She gave me the thumbs up..."Nice job...She way outta your league, but you must be doing something right." she replied. I didn't have time to be insulted..I needed her help, so I let that remark slide.

"This is my sister, kinda met her the other day." laughed Lucy, alluding to the sounds coming from her bedroom window. The other girl didn't speak, she just kind of gave us both the side eye.

"Look Lucy...Your mother is about to toss out some stained bedsheets, I need them..I need you to get em for me." I said.

"Stained sheets? That guy must have come over here again...." she remarked rather matter of factly.

"Guy? You mean you know who it is that is seeing your mom?" I replied incredulously.

"I don't know who he is...but I know he makes a mess everytime he over here...Shoots his wad all over the place....Mama always have to throw the sheets out." she said.

"What is going on here?" I asked.

'Come on Mister KNOW what is goin on here...My Mom and my sister are in buisness... My Mom was an exotic dancer or well, stripper...I followed her into it for awhile,but it just wasn't my thing...but my sister followed her into it and then followed her a step further into the "pleasuring business." she said.

"What?" I exclaimed.

"We worked straight jobs for years..Someone was always threatening to cut off our electric, cut off our gas, cut off our phone...evict us....My daddy was out hustlin and got his self killed and what was we gonna do? Huh...Don't judge us Mister Kevin, not til you been in our shoes...We pay our bills on time, We can eat and we aint hurtin nobody..." she said.

"Okay,Okay...look..I don't care about what you, your sister and your mother are doing...but I think the killer of your two classmates just visited her..and I need those wet bedsheets...That may be the only way to catch him." I said.
"Yeah? wow,isn't that a kick...he comin over here, messin up mama's sheets and here he might have been screwin a teen aged girl too...what a horndog..." she exclaimed.
"Yeah...that's about the size of it." I said.

"So Ramon is innocent?" she said.

"I'm pretty sure he is." I said.

"I'm glad...I like Ramon...Maybe he'll give me some of his time." she said without the faintest bit of shame. Ramon was a good kid, as probably, the slain Cross Rivers was. Both boys deserved better than either of these girls I thought to myself.

"Oh and Lucy..You said you saw Renee being driven home late at night in a car right? What kind of car was it, you remember?" I asked.

" was a dark green old school car." she said.

"Did you ever see who was driving it?" I asked.

"Nope...Never got a good look...Since it was so old, I just assumed it was Cross River's that was driving her home." she said.

''Well ,it wasn't..He couldn't drive and he didn't own a car."I said.

"Ohhh snap, this gets deeper and deeper." she laughed.

"Yeah,it could you get me those bed sheets?" I asked.

"Oh yeah,yeah..sure thing Mister Kevin." she said and with that, she and her sister went into the house. Sepia just laughed and shook her head...I looked at my wife and winked.

Sam Mother's Diner is down the street from the Criminal Investigation Divison building. It is Philadelphia's best kept secret...They make the best sandwiches in the city for my money. A week later, Lt.Sissy Van Buren and I were enjoying some of their delicious sandwiches and a couple of tumblers of coffee.

"What you got there Kevin?" she asked.

"A Turkey and swiss, with lettuce,tomatoes and mayo on Jewish Rye."I replied.

"Oh I'm getting a Reuben. I gotta tell you Kevin, when you brought me those bedsheets loaded with semen, I was convinced you had lost your mind...but they were a godsend....and the DNA was a complete match for what was found in Renee Jefferson's body." she said.

" that means we got Principal Harkins in a box right?" I said.

"We got him for Statutory rape...but not murder...That just means he had sex with doesn't mean he killed her and it doesn't put him in for Cross Rivers." she said.

"Okay Sissy...get a warrant for his car...I'll get you the rest that you need." I said.

"Kevin...don't-" she said.

"Relax....the man likes talking to me." I laughed as we continued eating.

I strode into the office without knocking just in time to hear Principal Harkins putting down a line to a very pretty young teaching assistant.

"So hey pretty mama, what has a guy like me got to do to get next to a fine young thing like yourself?" he laughed.

"I'd say thank the lady for her time and for not laughing in your face at those tired lines from the 70's." I snickered as he turned around startled and the young woman hurried out of his office.

Needless to say...Harry Harkins turned towards me in an angry rage.


"Like the one you taught Cross Rivers? He found out about you and Renee Jefferson, didn't he?

So he had to go....and then Renee was telling everybody that she was pregnant...and you couldn't have that getting out could you? That you impregnanted one of your students?? You could go to jail, lose your both of them had to go, didn't they? You know what the funny thing was? She wasn't pregnant..She was just saying that to blackmail you. Cross Rivers knew the whole deal...You should have let him live..You killed that boy for nothing." I said.

"You can't prove a damn thing...not a gotdamned thing. Ya Jive Turkey!" he said.

"You know...Mrs. Dallas told you that you should have used a condom the other week...You left quite a bit of DNA on her sheets....It was a perfect match for the semen found in the body of Renee Jefferson....and I have an eye witness that will testify that they saw you bringing her home late at night on numerous occassions in your Cutless...The same Cutlass I saw you in at the Dallas house the other night. You know...Mrs. Dallas was right...a guy like you, really should use a condom....It's a wonder you have any bedsheets at your house." I said. This seemed to infuriate him even more.

"Think you're smart huh? You can't prove nothin.... Yeah, I did em both and for the reason you said...I couldn't have it gettin out...but seen her..that was a fine young thing and she was hot stuff in bed too..I'm gonna miss her...I used to pull her in this ofice and shut the door and close the blinds and we would go to town right over there on the couch...Her skin was soo soft, her breasts so large, so firm...and she was experienced too...made love like a pro.."He said as he pulled a gun out of his drawer and aimed it at me. "And you aint gonna live long enough to repeat none of that." He said.

"Put that gun down Mr.'s all over." came a voice in the hallway. It was Lt.Sissy Van Buren and five Philadelphia Policemen. Boy was I glad to see her.

"You got it Kevin?" She said.
"Every word....Surprise Harkins..I was wearing a wire....You were easier to catch than most. You were so sure, so smug..I like the smug ones like fall so hard." I sneered.

"We got a warrant and searched your car and your home and guess what we found? a huge belt that matches the marks on both Cross Rivers's and Renee Jefferson's necks..and a bloody baseball bat wrapped in cloth, that I bet will reveal blood and brain tissue from Cross River's bashed in head.....At any rate, you're under arrest for both murders Mr. Harkins." she said.

He put the pistol on the table and an officer handcuffed him...He looked at me with disdain as he was led out of the school in handcuffs. "Jive Ass Turkey" He said, getting in one last dig.

Lt.Sissy Van Buren looked at me and winked-

"Nice seeing you again Kevin....The next time we meet, lunch is on me." she said as she left the school.

Cock Robbins walked up to me, laughing and patting me on the back...

"Man, you did it again.... Cracked another case....I'm tellin you Kevin, let me write a screenplay
and see if I got some director friends of mine and I'm sure we could put together a big deal...and we could do a movie of your life..we'd make a killin. Make a pile of money."he said.

I just laughed..."Whatever Cock...whatever" and got in my car and drove away.

I drove past Lucy Dallas's house... I rolled down my windows...I heard the bed springs squeaking in the front room very clearly....

"Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh gawddddd, ohhhhh my's so damnnn goodd hittin my spots...ohhhhhhhh." came the sounds of a woman.
I didn't know if this was an act or if it really was that good to her....

In the back of the house...I could hear more loud noises....This time it was a man...

'Awww suck it...ouuuuuuu,oh baby, you do that sooo good,ohhhhhhh...awwwwwwwww..." came the sounds... It sounded as if both mother and daughter was busy...I drove on down the street and I saw Lucy Dallas getting into a car with a much older man and driving off into the afternoon.

I felt a sadness come over me at the thought of what these three had reduced themselves to with the false notion of surviving. I finnally wound up at Josie's and sat down to have a beer. I looked up and to my surprise...My wife,Sepia sat down next to me.

"Your case is over babes?" she said.

"Yeah, They got Harkins for both murders." I said.

"That's good.. now, buy me a drink." she demanded.

"Buy you a drink? Yeah? If I do, does this mean it might lead to something?" I joked.

"It could....Why? You feelin lucky tonight?" she laughed.

I put my arms around her waist and kissed her on the cheek..She giggled like a school girl..and for now, for me at least...that was the only remnant of a school girl that I wanted to think about.

(For Iman)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Margins of Error

Three Large Medical Trucks were parked outside of the High School and three long lines of teen aged boys were lined up and being marched into the trucks. Inside of the trucks were Doctors and Nurses who were swabbing their mouths and taking samples of hair ,urine and blood from all of them. In another smaller line were all of the male N.T.A.'s , Teachers and Janitors who worked at the school...Detectives and Uniformed Policemen were conducting the activity. I stood along the side with Lt. Sissy Van Buren of Philadelphia Homicide and a fuming Principal Harry Harkins.

"This is highly irregular, disrupting my school like this....I thought I told you to never set foot on my campus again Mister Morris.?" he snarled.

" Kevin is a Licensced Private Investigator Mr. Harkins and he is assisting us with our investigation." Sissy lied, sensing that I could use a little help. I wasn't assisting them with anything. My case was actually closed..I had gotten Ramon Davis out on bail and three days later, The new Assistant District Attorney, and my good friend, Keith Wallace had dropped all charges against him for lack of evidence.

That was all Cock Robbins, his coach had asked me to do. The police were getting DNA swabs of every male in the high school to compare it with the incredible amount of semen found in the dead Renee Jefferson. It seems that the murder of Cross Rivers, her alleged lover had all but been forgotten. I ,however thought that the two murders were somehow linked.

"This is highly irregular." snarled Harkins who then took another look at Lt. Sissy Van Buren. She was wearing a tight grey skirt that hugged her voluptuous curves...Her long brown hair hung at shoulder length and her legs were excellently shaped...His left eye brow curved and he smiled..

"Well Hellllooooooooo...I don't believe I have had the pleasure of making your acquaintence." He said in the phoniest tone I had ever heard.

"This is Lt. Sissy Van Buren of Philadelphia Homicide." I said, trying to be helpful.
"I don't believe I asked you a gotdamn thing." he snarled at me. I was just one step from belting him, but I thought better of it. I ignored him. When this case was over, I intended to settle with the Principal, once and for all.

"I'm pleased to meet you sir....I'm sorry to disrupt your school day...My men should be done shortly." she said.

"Oh you just take your time...Always pleased to help Philadelphia's finest in anyway I can."he said.

"Thank you for supporting the Police department." she said.

"I wasn't talking about the Police Department...I was talking about you pretty mama." he said with a leer...Oh give me a break! I thought to myself.

"Pretty Mama? Where did you dig that one up from?" said Sissy Van Buren.

"Heh,heh,heh...I can't help it if it's true....So tell me...Are you dating anyone?" He laughed.

"No, Not at the moment.." she said dryly and then walked over to one of her detectives.

Harkins then turned his attention to another man who he despised about as much as me..Cock Robbins.
"Robbins!!! Get over here." He snapped. Cock walked over to him.

'Yes ,Mr. Harkins?" He said.

"I see you got your wide receiver back eh?" He said.

"Yes sir and he'll probably be at practice today." said Cock, not knowing what this was about.

"Yes...You guys are undefeated right now , aren't you?" He asked.
"Yes sir...We are Ten and oh sir." said Cock.
"That's right...the best season we have had since you've been here....It had better stay that way too because if we fail to make the're history...if we get to the playoffs and lose, you're history, if I find out that you had anything to do with bringing Mister Kevin Morris here to stir up things at this school, not only are you history, but you can kiss your teaching job goodbye too...heh,heh,heh..." he laughed.
He walked away, towards Sissy Van Buren...Cock looked at me , frowned and then said-"Prick" under his breath...He wanted to kill Principal Harkins...I just laughed.
As the DNA investigation beegan to end and everybody packed up and pulled off..I walked over to Sissy Van Buren.

"Kevin...want to bet that none of these samples will match." she said.

"You don't think so huh?" I said.
"No, I don't...but I have to try..This is all I have." She said.
"What about the boy? Rivers? " I asked.
"It's still an open case...You think there is a link don't you?" She said.
"My gut tells me that there is a link between the two and that we are looking for the same killer." I said.
"Yeah?" she said.
'Yeah..Both were killed in that gym..both were strangled by some kind of belt or something and then finished off with some kind of blunt object....and in both cases you have no weapon found and no eye witness....Ramon told me that Cross told him he had something to tell him on the day that he died...Wonder what it was? That the girl they were both fighting over was not pregnant?" I mused.
"Okay Kevin good point..but if she wasn't pregnant, then what would have been the big deal?"
asked Sissy.

"I think there was another player in the game...I think Cross found out about somebody else our girl was banging....somebody that couldn't allow their identity to be known..." I said.

"Who?" she asked.
"I don't know...Somebody that had something to lose if their identity was known." I said.
"You should have been a cop Kevin..You got better instincts than some of my detectives." she laughed.

I got in my car and I drove over to Cross River's father's house. I needed to talk to him about his son. Quentin "Deep" Rivers was a jazz musician. He played the bass...Although he was proud of his son, the wrestler...It was painfully obvious that he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and be a musician.

"Deep" Rivers and I sat on his steps and drank a beer and talked about his son, Cross Rivers and Renee Jefferson.

"That babe messed my son's head up Kevin. He ate,slept,drank that chick..That's all he ever talked about...I couldn't stand her myself. I told him, Cross, that chick is too high maintenance, too high siddity...Find yourself a more down to earth broad. You know how young boys can be..

Girl gave him his first shot of the punany and he went half crazy....He talked about killing himself when she dropped him for that Football player...Ramon." he said.
"Wow...He was in deep." I said.

"Yeah...She fooled around with that football player for about a year. We had a year of peace..then Cross started trying to see her again...only, she didn't want to...she was done with both of them...she had found someone new...Cross was devestated." said "Deep "Rivers.

"Yeah, but your son was seen driving her back to her house late at night in his car." I added.
"What car? Cross didn't have a car. He didn't have a drivers license...He had just got his permit the week before he was murdered." said "Deep" Rivers.

"So she never came over here and spent anytime?" I asked.

"Nahhhh, His mother don't play that...Anytime after nine, she was not over here and I certainly didn't drive her nowhere..I work at night..You can ask Gus over at Josie's..My Quintet been playin there ever since Reed Nelson and his band went back on the road. Cross wouldn't have had a car even if he could drive, which he couldn't." he said. I believed him. I thanked him for the beer and got back in my car.
Two weeks later..I got a call from Lt.Sissy Van Buren.
"Kevin, I was right...Not one of the DNA samples we took matched the semen in the girl's body,not one..We are back to square one." she sighed.
That night I drove back to Lucy's house. I had Sepia's car and thus I had Sepia with me...As we walked toward the house...We heard sounds...the same sounds I had heard the last time I came
here..only they were coming from the front bedroom....

"OHHHHHHHHHH...OHHHHHHHHH, OHHHHHH gooood lawd.....lay that pipe...ohhhhh give it to me.....give it too me..sock it to me...ohhhhhh you hittin my spots..ohhhh good gawdddd.."
came the voice...definitely a female voice...but the voice of an older woman....

"Ouuuuuuu,ummmmmmmph, ohhh baby....ohhhhhh baby, ohhhh foxy mama you sure got some good stuff..ohhhhh..ohhhhhhhh.....ohhhhhhh, give it to me girl....ohhhh come on foxy mama...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.." came the whiny sound of a male... I had heard this voice before, but where? I kept asking myself.
"Somebody is gettin their swerve on up there Kevin, I think your girl is busy." said Sepia with a grin..
"Yeah, somebody is always gettin their swerve on in this house." I said, surprised at how disgusted I was.
Lucy was nowhere in sight...but I knew that that wasn't her voice and it didn't sound like the young voice of her sister either..Perhaps it was her mother and father doing their thing. Then I remembered that Lucy told me that their father had died in a shootout years before.
"Ohhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhh, foxy mama, I can't put on my breaks...I'm about to explodeeeee!!
ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,'s so good,it's so gooooood, it's sooo goodddd....ohhhhhhh...." he screamed with pleasure.
"Damn man, I sure wish you'd use a condom..." came the female voice.
"I pulled out, I didn't get any in you." came the male voice. I chuckled at that.
"I hope not....I aint never seen a man cum as much and as hard as you....My goodness,it's like you wet the bed...Everytime you come over here, you ruin my sheets....I can't even wash these."
She said.
"I'm sorry..I can't help it." said the male voice.

"Well then get a condom..they make em big enough to handle you." said the voice.

"I don't get the feeling I need when I have a condom on." he said.
"Yeah,well then I'm gon charge you extra for ruining my sheets...but you gotta get dressed and get out of here before both my daughters come home...especially Lucy...She see you in here and it'll ruin the good thing we got goin.." said the female voice.
"I want to go again...I'll give you an extra $500.00." he begged.
"Hahahahahahahaha, man, get yo clothes on and get out of here before my daughters come home or you go broke, one of the two...we done did it two times I'm gotta done came all over two sets of sheets." she laughed.
"Oh alright...I'll see you next week.." he said.
"Okay..Thanks Harry...Tonight, you done paid my Gas bill,my phone bill and my water bill."she laughed.
Sepia and I ran and jumped in her car. We watched as the man walked out of Lucy's house. It was Principal Harry Harkins!!!!!!

You know him Kevin?" asked Sepia.

Yeah, he's the principal at the High school." I said.

"Well, he's not the first Principal to be sleeping with a student's mother." laughed my wife.
"There's more to it than that....He's the only person that didn't give a DNA sample two weeks ago. She said that he secrets a lot of semen when he ejaculates... We found an enormus amount in the dead girl's body....If I can get that woman's bed sheets...we might have our killer." I said.

"Yeah, you gonna knock on her door and get her stained bed sheets...Kevin , you are out of your mind." laughed Sepia.

Just then..I saw Lucy and her sister walking down the street...I looked at Sepia and smiled...

"There goes my inside girl." I said.

(Conclusion Next....)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Love Lucy

Conrad Nelson, the Attorney and I sat outside the detention center and waited patiently as Ramon Davis was released on bail...We Watched as His Father and Mother greeted him with hugs and kisses and walked the 17 year old over to our car.

"I just want to thank you so much for getting my boy out of that horrible lock up Mr. Morris and Mr. Nelson." said his Mother.

"It was our pleasure, but just're still under indictment kid....we haven't cleared you of anything." said Conrad.

"But you must know that I'm innocent...Whoever killed Cross Rivers has now killed Renee....I couldn't have killed her..I was in jail." said Ramon.

"True, but they still think you killed Cross Rivers.. Look...let's go get some coffee and talk a bit.Mr. and Mrs. Davis.. We'll drop him home when we are finished talking to him." said Conrad.

We drove to a nearby Coffee shop and ordered Three tumblers of coffee and some warm, freshly cooked donuts. As we ate, I eyed the teenager. He was well built...but he was not what you would call a classically handsome boy...Just a normal ,average looking kid. Considering how well built and great looking Renee Jefferson was...I would say that this kid was in way over his head,as in out of his league.

Girls like Renee only went for guys like Ramon because of their ability and his ability to raise their status..Were he not playing football..She would not have given him the time of day..I could look at her and then look at a guy like Ramon and perfectly understand how a girl like her could make a guy like him go crazy with rage and kill. I could see it.

"Ramon...What exactly happened that day..that day that Cross Rivers died?" I asked.

"I was with Lucy..She had been telling me that Cross was making moves on Renee and that she would see Renee coming home in a car at all times of night...and that she knew that she had been with Cross..I saw him in the hallway about an hour before they found him...We had words about Renee...We almost came to blows but Lucy got in between us." he said.

"Lucy Dallas huh? I talked to her yesterday and she basically gave me the whole story...Renee was going to leave you for Cross wasn't she?" I said. This Lucy Dallas was a person of interest..Her name kept coming up.

"Well, I asked her if she was seeing him and she lied..Renee lied and said that he and her were just friends...that he wanted to get back with her but that she had flagged him...but Lucy kept saying that she was seeing Renee being dropped off in a car at all times of night. Here's the funny thing though Mr. Kevin....Cross told me that he needed to talk to me in private...that same day..about an hour before they found them..." said Ramon.

"He needed to talk to you in private?" asked Conrad.

"Yeah, he said to meet him in the gym...Only I never went...I had to turn in my Social studies the time I got out of that class they had found him dead...strangled to death and beat up with a blunt object. He had texted me , telling me that he had something really important to tell me...but I guess I'll never know what it was." said Ramon.

"Hmmmm.....okay kid...Conrad here is going to take you home...I've got somewhere else to go." I said. "Stay close...don't get out of pocket." I added.

I drove over to the county morgue. When I got there ,I saw a familiar figure. The ever foxy Lt .Sissy Van Buren of Philadelphia Homicide. I still found it hard to believe that she had once been married to Robert Foxworth. A brilliant attorney and a nice guy..but the biggest dog you ever wanted to run into.

"Kevin Morris, how long has it been? I heard you were nosing around this case..asking questions and pissing off one High school principal.....So tell me..what's it to you?" she asked. I smiled at her assessment.

" I have a client that believes the Davis boy is innocent." I said.

"You're probably right...My detectives questioned everybody and his story of his whereabouts checked out.He was nowhere near the part of the school where we found the Rivers boy. We don't have much to hold him on and the D.A. may be dropping charges against him in days from now. We don't have a weapon or an eye witness...all we have is a motive." she said.

"Well that settles my business then..." I said.

"Yeah, it settles yours...but now the girl they were fighting over has turned up dead." said Sissy Van Buren.

"Yeah, that's a shame...she was pregnant and all." I said.

"Pregnant? She wasn't pregnant, who told you that?" said Sissy Van Buren.

"The kids at the school, well one in particular told me that she had told Ramon Davis that she was pregnant with Cross Damon's baby....This was the reason for the beef." I said.

"This girl has never been pregnant...The coroner confirmed that...but she did have sex shortly before she died..we found a lot of semen in her...." said Sissy Van Buren.

"Probably Cross River's semen huh?" I said.

"Gee Kevin, you're battin one thousand..I've never seen you so wrong...We did a DNA test...It wasn't Cross Rivers semen or Ramon Davis's belongs to someone else.." She said.

"Oh yeah? Who? " I asked.

"Probably whoever killed her." she said.

I scratched my head and then got in my car..I had to find Lucy Dallas... I drove to the school but the teacher reported to me that Lucy hadn't come to school that day...I drove over to her house
where I heard sounds coming from the back bedroom window....

"Ohh lord...ohhhh my lord..ohhhhhhhh this is soooooo goooood....ohhhhhh my...ohhhh my, give me more...ohhhhh goooood lordddd...sweeet lord...ohhhhhhh." came the sounds from the room...
They were the sounds of a man enthralled in passion or something.....Then I heard a female voice..

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuu.....hurry up...hurry up and commeeee...ohhhhhhhhhh ,don't let my mother catch you in here...ouuuuuu..ohhhhhhhh..." came a female voice...

"OOOOhhhhhhhhh,'s sooo good....girl, what are you doing to meeeeeeeee..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..." came a male voice...

"Please hurry upppp..ouuuuuuuuuuu..." came the voice of a female.

Just then I turned around and to my surprise..I saw Lucy Dallas, across the street talking to another girl. If she was across the street...then who was in her house? It was not my problem.
I crossed the street and walked over to her.

"Lucy..Can we talk?" I said.

"Yeah, talk about what?" she asked.

"Renee Jefferson." I said.

"I told you everything about her yesterday ." she said.

"You told me she was pregnant...I was just at the M.E.'s office. She wasn't pregnant." I said.

"No??? that lyin whore.She told everybody she was pregnant and we assumed that it was Cross River's baby." she said.

"Why , why him?" I asked.

"Because she was doin it with him and he was having somebody drive her home in a car,late at night?" she said.

"What about Ramon? It could have been his baby." I said.

"I doubt that..she wasn't givin him a peek at the waistband of her panties...She was just stringing him along...He was just happy a girl like that would talk to him...He wasn't getting any..but Cross Rivers was probably getting it..She was crazy about him." said Lucy.

"You sure know a lot about this situation." I said.

"Ramon is like my brother...he used to cry to me all the time about how bad and dis-respectful Renee could be....but despite all of that..he loved her was crazy about her....It was a crazy triangle." said Lucy.

"Yes...a very crazy triangle."

Just then, I saw the man who had been making all of the noise come out of Lucy's house. He looked to be about fifty two... I looked at Lucy....She shrugged....

"My Sister, she a ho....what can I say?" she said. He probably just paid our electric bill." she said.

I shook my head.....

"Need any more information Mister Kevin?" she asked.

"I'll let you know." I said as I got in my car and headed home.

(To Be Continued.)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Murder Over Easy

My wife,Sepia stood in the hallway, wearing only a black sheer slip...She had not yet put on her dress....She was talking on her cell phone as usual....I had on only a pair of khaki slacks and my house slippers..I grabbed her around the waist as she was talking and kissed her up and down her neck...

'Kevin..stopppp..." she giggled...I continued kissing her neck with my arms around her...she continued giggling...Whoever she was on the phone with got the message because they ended the conversation...I turned her towards me and pulled her to me and began kissing her while I squeezed one of her butt cheeks softly.... This would have continued and more than likely led to something but the doorbell rang. We slowly pulled apart from one another and I walked down the steps and answerd the door. It was Cock Robbins!

"Uhhhh,is this a bad time? " He asked.

'Huh, what?" I asked.

"Well, you don't have a shirt on, you're wearing a pair of trousers and your fly is open ." he remarked.

"What do you want Cock?" I said as I fixed my clothes.

"You gotta help me's my player....Ramon Davis." he said. Cock Robbins had at one time been a semi professional football player with hopes of going to the pros...He worked out with the Eagles ,The Giants and the Patriots, but never got a permanant starting position. Now, he was married and coaching both High school and a Semi-Professional Football team in our area. His high school team was a perfect nine and oh..thanks to his explosive wide receiver...Ramon Davis. I had seen the kid work out...He had incredible speed and great hands.

"What about him Cock?" I said.

"He's in jail." he said.

"In Jail?" I said.

"Yeah..the cops picked him up this morning for killing some kid named Cross Rivers...Only,I know he didn't do it...He's a good kid seen him...."said Cock.

"Well what do you want me to do?" I asked.

"Man, nose around...get some information that can free him...I know he didn't kill Cross Rivers."said Cock.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Cause I know that this is a good kid..." said Cock.

"Well first off...who is Cross Rivers?" I asked.

"Some guy....a student here...He was on the Wrestling team...I think he and Ramon were seeing the same girl...but I know Ramon Kev...He aint no killer." said Cock.

"Alright, relax..I'll look into it..but I can't promise you nothing man..all I'll say is that I'll look." I told him.

"Gee thank's one hundred dollars for expenses and a coupon for one free breakfast at Mabel's new restaraunt." he said.

I took the money and the coupon and I laughed to myself....Glad that most of my clients paid better.

Sepia and I had breakfast at Mabel's hot new restaraunt...Next to Josie's , this was the place to be seen in our neighborhood...Even Gus ,the bartender from Josie's ate there now. Mabel's cooking was legendary and her new place didn't disapoint. I had some Buttermilk Pancakes,Country Sausage and Maple syrup with a tumbler of Orange Juice and a tumbler of hot steaming coffee while Sepia had two eggs over easy and a hot tea with lemon.

"What did Cock want?" asked my wife.

"Ahhh,His wide receiver got locked up for murder and he doesn't think the kid did it..He wants me to look into it." I said.

"Who's he accused of killing?" asked Sepia.

"Some kid on the Wrestling team" I said.

"I bet it was over some girl." said Sepia as she drank her tea.

"Funny you would say that...How do you know?" I asked laughing.

"Two boys? It's always over some girl." she said matter of factly as she ate her eggs over easy. I just snickered and shook my head. Sepia was right though...This was definitely over a girl. The girl in question was one Renee' Jefferson. Once I got a look at this "girl" I could see what would drive two boys to kill for her. She was 17, but built like a woman at least five or six years older. She had curves on top of curves and a nice firm rack that was probably the envy of most grown women. She had incrediblely shaped legs and a beautifully almost unreal white smile...She was naturally a cheerleader and a very popular girl...The kind of girl I dreamed about in high school , but was way out of my league...Oh I understood, I understood perfectly.

Surprisingly,I found a number of students who were willing to talk to me freely,once they realized that I was not a cop. They told me that Ramon and Renee had been seeing each other almost from the day he arrived at the school as a transfer, but that prior to dating Ramon, She had dated Cross Rivers, the captain of the wrestling team. Cross wanted her back and he campaigned hard...and according to many of them...He and Ramon had come close to blows on more than one occassion over Renee'. That seemed to be motive enough for me. One thing I learned though....If you really want to know about a woman....especially a popular one...go ask her rival!! That rival was Lucy Dallas.

Lucy was a head turner herself....but not a cheerleader and not quite as ,let's say "worldly" as Renee'. She was more than willing to talk about Renee Jefferson. She and her girlfriends hated all of the cheerleaders. High School hadn't changed a bit!

"I couldn't stand her..I didn't like the way she played Ramon....Everybody knew she was screwing Cross Rivers behind his back. When she told him she was pregnant...I guess that was more than he could take." she said.

"Pregant??She's pregnant???" I said.

"Well, that's what she said...I don't know personally..but that's probably why Ramon lost his mind and shot Cross Rivers."she said. This put a decidedly different spin on things.
Well...Of course...the only thing to do was to question Renee herself...I couldn't go to her house..I had to question her while I was on the school grounds. I figured I'd better go to the Principal's office and let him know who I was and why I was here. The Principal was however less impressed with my credentials as both a journalist and a private detective than I thought he would be.

"Absolutely not...I will not allow you to question my students or bring any of this unpleasentnessup..The police have their suspect and the matter is closed" said Principal Harry Harkins, a tall brown skinned man, who dressed impeccably and looked a little like Billy Dee Williams when he was younger.

"Well sir, I believe there is more to it than what may appear....the young girl is rumored to be pregnant." I said.

His eyes got big-

"Pregnant???Is that what people are saying?" He said.

"Yes...that she was pregnant by either Cross Rivers or Ramon Davis." I said.

"Hmmmmm...well, okay, you can interview her..but after you do..I want you gone.Understand?"he said.

"Yes sir.but there may be more to this than-" I was interrupted.
"Gone or I'll call the police and have them look into YOU! " He said rather tersely.

He walked me to the class she was supposed to be in...but she wasn't there...I asked a few students if they had seen her, but none said they had. Then we heard a scream!! It was comingfrom the ladies dressing room in the gym area.

Harkins,Myself and three female teachers ran to the dressing room and laying on the bench in just a bra and panties with a belt wrapped around her neck was Renee Jefferson, very,very dead!

As a crowd gathered around...Principal Harkins looked at me-

"Happy now Mr. Morris? See what your nosing around has done? Gotten another one of my students killed...Happy now?" he said.

I didn't understand how he could turn on me all of sudden.....but one thing I did know...My investigation of one murder had turned into a double homicide!! and I wasn't about to just let this go.

(To Be Continued.....)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Greif Counseling

I made the funeral arrangements by phone. The woman at the funeral home sounded very pleasent. Her name was Vonetta Anderson...a plain enough sounding name. Conrad , my fellow attorney had reffered me to her. She was one of the few Black women he knew that owned her own Funeral parlor and business. I wondered what she might look like. Probably not too attractive, due to the type of business she ran....That was a business for the lonely, I reasoned.

It didn't really matter, I was still grieving Marjorie's death. She was only 35 years old...a beautiful,beautiful sexy woman who I had met at a wedding just a week ago. We had shared one of the most intoxicating and pleasurable nights in bed I had ever known and then ...just like that, she had died...The very next morning. I couldn't believe it! Since I had been the last person to actually see her alive ,I felt it only right for me to pay for and take care of the arrangements.

I had Chance Howard, the para-legal who worked for me locate and contact all of her next of kin and I personally called Reverend John Struthers and asked if he would perform the eulogy and the service. I had to do something..I was so distraught over Marjorie's untimely death that just by handling the arrangements..I was making myself feel better about what had happened.

I got a call from Vonetta Anderson telling me that the body was ready and that I could come by and view it before the funeral. Chance drove me to the funeral home...I was so distraught that i couldn't trust myself to drive....That and the fact that I had been downing Hennessey like it was Ice Tea all morning.

I walked into the Funeral Home and a tall thin White man greeted me.

"Hello Mr. Foxworth...Ms. Anderson will be here shortly....but you can follow me and view the body if you like.....I must say, it was a pleasure handling this body." he said with a wink. I didn't know what the hell he meant by a remark like that..but then again,I did know...Marjorie was agorgeous hunk of woman...I still got a hard on thinking about our one and only night together.

I followed him into a room with several caskets open and several of the recently deceased lying at rest.....and there she was....Marjorie....Looking good, looking like she was just sleeping...looking as sexy as she did when she was alive....I began to cry....uncontrolably...and then I felt a soft hand touch my shoulder...

"It'll be alright Mr. Foxworth..There...There..." she said.

I turned around and there was the most stunningly attractive woman I had seen in weeks...I almost forgot about Marjorie lying there in the casket...

'Well Hellllloooooo." I found myself saying and smiling a toothy grin..

"Hello Mr. Foxworth..I'm Vonetta Anderson.....I own the "Happy Valley" Funeral home... Actually, I inherited this from my late father and uncle....I mostly handle the business and administrative end... Mr. Fairchilds here is the mortician." she said.

''Yes..and he did a magnificant job." I added. He smiled a leering smile at me and winked. This guy really,really was giving me the creeps.

"I am at your disposal Mr. Foxworth in your time of greif....and if there is anything...I mean anything that you just call me and I will be at your service."She said. She had on a tight Black skirt that was hugging every curve and black fishnet panty hose and red high heels.Rather strange garb for a funeral director, but I wasn't complaining.

The next night at the church , Reverend John Struthers presided-

"Dearly beloved...we are gathered here today....." he started out.

"Pastor? Pastor? This is a funeral, not a wedding." whispered Deacon Larry Weatherford.

"Ughh as I was saying Deacon,We are gathered here today to say goodbye to a beautiful, beautiful woman.....Ah did not have the pleasure of knowing this woman...but great day in the morning...good Lawd in heaven ,I certainly wished that I did....Just looking at that body in the casket has gotten me excited and boyyy...."

"PASTOR!!!!!!" said the Deacon...

"Oh...uh..Yes...Yes...It says in the bible...that he who finds a good looking woman findeth a good thang...yes lawd....great day in the morning and I knows that Mr.Foxworth found a good thing with this heah woman...Oh you was blessed..blessed I say....Ah know that this woman is in heaven because she was a beautiful woman....So family.....Ex Husbands..Mr. Foxworth...Lawd have mercy you was blessed..Ah wish it was me..Great goobly gook..."


"The doors of the church are now open.... if anyone would like to donate more than a measly dollar feel free to do so and if you gonna put a twenty in the basket, don't be pullin out no change...don't rob from the lord and don't rob from me...haaaaa.glorrrrrry!!!!"

"WHAT???" said Deacon Weatherford ,who should have been used to this mess by now.
"There will be a repass at...uh...who's house Deacon?"
"Sister Milford Pastor." said the exasperated Deacon.
''Sister Milford....yesss lawd..I remember her...ummmph...what that woman could cook, both in the kitchen and in the bedroom...great day in the mornin.."
"Oh the mike on?"

I sat there in stunned amazement...I looked around the church..Marjorie's family members were shocked.....I saw my friend Kevin....he had his head in his hands and was bent over...His wife ,Sepia was mortified ,as was Conrad and Jill... Chance,Paris, Blake and Donald Smooth were laughing uncontrolably and Cock Robbins and his wife Vanessa just shook their heads...Mabel Jenkins, Corrie,Anita and the Deacon's wife,Victoria (who used to be Pastor's wife..I know, don't ask!) were equally appalled...Clerow however saw how distraught I was and brought me a glass of water.

"It's gonna be alright buddy..this was a good thing you done...Handling everything." he said.

'And now we will have a selection from Donnie McClurkin. And then we will dismiss" said the Pastor.

"Donnie McClurkin? He aint here." said Deacon Weatherford..

"Ah know that Deacon...They gon play the Ipod dock over the loud speakers...I aint a total fool."said Pastor Struthers..

"Weee fall down...but we get up...wee fall down, but we get up..."

Oh My God, I couldn't take anymore....I got up and left the church....I might as well have preached the sermon myself...This man was the worst preacher I had ever known..How could these people continue to go to his church I wondered?

I walked down the street , away from the church...Just as I got to the corner, A Blue 2010 Lexusdrove up with tinted windows. The windows began to detract and there seated at the wheel was the lovely funeral director,Vonetta Anderson.

"Hello Mr. Foxworth...How are you holding up?" she asked..

"Oh ,I'm doing the best I can." I said.

''Awww, I feel so bad for you....she was your girlfriend?" she asked.

"Welllllll...I can't say we was that deep, but she was kind of my lover...I ..I was her last lover." I said as tears welled up in my eyes...

"Well my offer still stands...if there is anything...anything at all that I can just let me know." she said again.

We wound up in her apartment drinking Hennesey and just talking at first....which led to some heavy and passionate kissing and groping....This went on for close to thirty minutes until I couldn't take it anymore and then I unzippered her dress and slid it off of her....She undid my pants with equal abandon and I slipped my shirt and tie off....Her body was amazing...I was certain that this woman worked out daily and did not spend her time behind a desk or in that funeral home..Though she had a pleasent enough rump to suggest that...I was certain she didn't...I began sucking on her earlobe and kissing her neck and behind her ears...and under her chin...

"Ohhhhhh...Ohhhhh Mister Foxworth...I-I-I think we are getting a bit out of hand here..ouuuuuuuuuuuuu...ohhhhh, you are hitting my spot....ohh my lawdd.." she moaned as i continued to work my way around those breasts of hers.licking just ever so gingerly....

'Ouuuuuu, you've got to stop ." she said as she felt my now raging erection....

'Ohhhhhh my...Mister Foxworth...this is getting out of ...out of hand..." she said...but she began to kiss me as I eased her panties off and unhooked her bra.... By now ,I was out of my boxersand I lifted her up and took her into her bedroom, laying her gently on the bed...

She climbed on top of me and eased herself down on me...."Ouuuuuuuuuu..ummmmmphhh.."she moaned again....She gripped me like a vice and rode me slowly and softly...she began to move faster and faster until I'm certain the head of my penis had struck her g-spot...she let out blood curdling moans and began to quiver.....It was the first of several orgasms she was to have as we kept at it....

She leaned down and kissed me and it was then that I had a powerful release....

'Ohhhhhhhhh lawwwwdddddd..." I screamed....It felt good...the first time I had felt anything resembling good in close to a week.

We fell asleep on top of each other...We both woke up hours later, thank goodness and got into the shower together....Where we wound up kissing some more and I wound up lifting her up and on to me as we made love against the wall...We wound up back in her bed..soaking wet, pounding into each other with wild abandon...until we both were spelled...

A few hours later, we were both dressed and sitting in a Coffee Shop a few blocks away.

''Mr. Foxworth...I want you to know that I don't usually do this type of thing...In fact I have never had any impropriety with a customer..When I said I'd do anything...that's not what I meant." She said sounding very business like.

"I'm sorry....I don't know what came over me." I lied, going into my lawyer mode."This is so unlike me...I guess I got caught up in my greif." I lied again.

"Well...the greiving process can be long....and you may need lots of counseling.....and ..may I add...That I don't mind counseling you through your greif at all." she said with a sly wink, whiletaking her foot and rubbing it against my crotch as I sat in the chair.

"What? " I said.

"In fact..I think you should come over a few days a week for more "counseling........My lord...I would be only too happy to oblige." she said.

''Well, the burial is tomorrow and I'm going to be feeling particularly bad ." I said...

"Let me check my schedule...umm hmmm...How about three p.m. Doubleday 611?"she asked with another wink...

"That works for me" I laughed...Wow....I think with Vonetta Anderson's help..I may get over my greif in no time!

(For Talmeedah)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


ART: Title & Artist Unknown

Though I've considered negotiation
and I'm committed to gentle persuasion
I hope you'll listen to reason
and realize that you've been all I've ever needed./

Baby please
spend the night with me
stay until morning
don't leave..
just stay one night..
don't play me out(cause I've been..)
cause I've been waiting for someone like you...
oh come on..
let's get it on...
oh come on..
don't leave...
oh come on...
Baby Please...
don't make me beg and plead..
Baby please..
don't leave.../

I've considered a possible "no" from you..
but I've already cooked up a counter move
yes I'm content to play it kool, little jewel
I've been planning this for a very long time..
one thousand ways I was going to make you mine...
And I know that you've considered it self betrayal or treason...
To fall into my bed too early for seemingly little reason.../

But darling..
baby please..

there is no need
for you to run away..
please stay..
I won't bite ,unless you ask me too..
don't tease please
why don't you stay...
please stay...
don't run away...
baby Please
spend the night
stay until the morning light
give me one night
don't play me out..
hear me out...
let me remove your doubts...
because I've been holding out
for someone like you...
like you...
like you..
just like you...
baby please
allow me some dignity
don't make me beg and plead..
please stay.../

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Better Love Next Time

Maybe I Thought I was Slick

dialing the numbers of your BlackBerry..

you'd think that maybe this was some kind of trick..

That I was a stalker

or someone scary../

I just thought that perhaps I
could steal an hour of your time
for some good food and some wine..
but not really to my amazement
you claimed to have another engagement../

Oh well,
better love next time
next time maybe you and I
can go some place private...
better love next time
maybe you and I
can go someplace that's quiet..
better love next time
better love next time.../

Naturally a girl like you
would have other guys too
and most folks would surmize
that a guy like me
would find it a surprise
to even have a chance at romance
but that's not how I play the game../

My mother told me what I know to be true
she said -"Son whatever you do."
in the game of romance
Always check out the who set
baby don't throw all of your eggs in one basket..
girl, I suspect you have been told the same./

So here's to
Better love next time
I'll catch you on the rebound..
Better Love next time..
Here's my cell phone number..
Give me a call..
Chances are, I'll still be around.../

Monday, November 16, 2009

Like Heaven..

Marjorie Nylon and I sat and talked at Chess and Rell's wedding reception for a long time..We also knocked back some nice sweet wine.

"You married Robert?" she asked.

"Not at the moment, but I have about you?" I asked.

" Twice" she said with a laugh.

"Yeah? Me too!" I replied.

"No kidding?" she said.

"Yeah to two beautiful women." I sighed.

"What did you do?" she asked.

"I cheated on both of them...with the same woman." I remarked.

"What? she must have been hot stuff in bed." she said.

"She was alright." I said.

"So why didn't you marry her?" she asked.

"Because she was crazy."

"Oh that..she was crazy!" she said with a mock laugh.

"Well how bout you..what did you do?" I asked.

"The first one died....Cancer....The second one was like you..couldn't keep it in his pants." she said ruefully.

"Hmmmph, I can't believe someone would cheat on a beautiful woman like you." I said.

"Oh stop it....Are you just saying that hoping you can get in my pants?" she said.

"Yes..I am..." I replied.

"Gee, you don't hold much back do you Mr. ......."

"Foxworth...Robert Foxworth." I said.

"What do you do for a living?" she asked.

I gave her my card...."I'm an attorney" I said.

"Interesting...Sounds better every minute."she said.

We ate some Strawberry Short cake that was to die for and drank more wine... I doubt that anyone noticed when we left the hall holding hands out into the night air...

"Where's your car?" she asked.

"It's over there.." I said, pointing to an Aqua 2010 Nissann Z roadster..

'Wow" she said.

"I'm guessing the white BMW over there is yours?" I said.

"Yes..that's mine.' She said. "Won it in my divorce settlement." she laughed.

We took my car....She left hers there in the parking lot of the hall...No one would bother it. She was staying at a very classy hotel, which wasn't far from my office downtown.

Why do so many of my relationships start like this? We flung the door open and were tearing at each others clothes...She kicked her heels off, I began unzippering her beautiful dress and wiggling it off of her...She unbuttoned my shirt and began unbuttoning my pants...which I slipped out of easily..We began tongue kissing each other with a passion that was unlike any other I'd felt in a long while...
I lifted her up and laid her on the very soft bed and straddled her...I kissed her slowly...while she softly stroked my penis...I had never felt skin so soft or a woman who smelled so good... I entered her and began moving slowly...There was indeed no reason to rush....In spite how fast we had tore into each other..We were deliberately making love slow and taking our time.....Not the fast hard bed breaking love I made with Alice Pinkston or my second wife...Corrine...and certainly not the wild outlandish screaming that Bonita did ,while scratching up my back...This was good soft, calm quiet lovemaking that was driving me out of my mind...

"Ohhhhhhhhh Mr. Foxworth...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...this is soooo goood! Ohhhhhhhhhhh.." she said as we continued to make love...

I exploded with more pleasure than I had a right to have....She began to shake violently and gasp for air...finnally ,she stopped shaking and just held me...

"Oh Robert...that was the best...Oh my God...I could die and go to heaven after that." she said.

I sure wished she hadn't of said that. I laid down next to her quite pleased with myself..and drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke up and to my surprise..Marjorie was still lying there...Asleep...Sleeping like an angel I thought...
I got up showered and put my clothes on. I walked over to the bed and tapped Marjorie lightly
on her shoulder..She felt cold.. I shook her....

"Hey wake up sleepy head.....Let's go and get some coffee." I said smiling sweetly.

She didn't move. I shook her again...Then I checked for a pulse and breathing....Nothing...Tell me that this wasn't happening.....No, it couldn't be.......


A few hours later, Conrad Nelson ,Sean Jackson and Kevin Morris were sitting with me outside the hotel...

"Cheer up Robert...The coroner said that this was a massive heart attack that she had...It wasn'tyour fault...It was just one of those things.." said Kevin.

"Yeah, you can go home man...There was no evidence of foul's just one of those unfortunate things." Said Conrad.

"Man, I can't believe it...She's dead...the best I've ever had in my life and she dies afterwords."

I said, nearly in tears.

"Man that's just a testimony to how good your sex game is." joked Sean Jackson. Nobody found that remark funny. Kevin and Conrad both gave him the serious side eye and glare.

"Sorry, just trying to lighten up the situation." he said.

"Don't worry about it...Anybody got any Henny, I need a drink?" I said.

"Sure..we'll go to Josies." said Kevin.

"This early? They aren't open." I said.

"Gus will let us in...I'm sure he'll have something." said Kevin.

"Okay kool..cause I need something stronger than coffee right now." I said.

The best I ever had..It was like Heaven....Now she was in Heaven and I was left here in this cold, cold world. Nuts !

(For Diane)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh Behave!

My Name is Robert Foxworth..I'm an Attorney.. I'm one of the few men you'll find that doesn't mind going to weddings...I was in two of them myself. Both of my marriages were ruined because of the same woman...I'm not proud that I cheated on my wives, but I suppose I got my come uppance you might say.

Both of my wives were wonderful women...One is a Homicide detective with the Philadelphia Police Department, beautiful woman, classy as can be. We still sleep together occassionally..but not as much as I would like.

My other wife is a stone fox, a bit younger than me, but a fox never the less...She too still stops by every now and then and pretends to be married to me...but like my first wife, not nearly as much as I'd like.

I sleep with a former client of mine that I won a big settlement for and I sleep with a real estate agent too that I had some dealings with...but neither of them move me like my ex wives did.
Even the woman I cheated on both of them with, a fellow attorney didn't move me like either of the women I married...I was blessed enough to be married to two very phenominal women and it hurts me everyday when I think about how I lost both of them because of my extremely high

I'm at a wedding now... My Friend Chess is getting married today... His best man, Chris Thompson and his groomsmen, Ralph Mole, Fathead Newton and Donald 'Smooth" Washington
look sensational in their tuxes...
I peer around the church and I see a virtual who's who of faces... The Writer and Private Detective, Kevin Morris and His foxy wife, Sepia are there...I hope he doesn't blow that...she is drop dead gorgeous! , Sean Jackson the photographer is there with his fiance, Sheila....Cock Robbins, ex Football player, now Teacher and coach is there with his wife, Vanessa and even Gus,the bartender and owner of Josie's Bar and Grill is there with a beautiful date.

I'm happy for all of them....I secretly wonder why I didn't bring one of the women I mentioned to this. I look over and I see Paris and Blake and Chance Howard...All with beautiful women on their arms and my collegue and Conrad and his wife, Jill. I see Mabel Jenkins, the proud new owner of a hot Soul Food Bistro, with my friend "88" the Piano player in Reed Nelson's band.
Speaking of Reed Nelson, I see him and his new woman, Debbie walking arm in arm and being seated.

Clerow and his wife (Mabel's sister ) Corabeth are there too, along with Victoria, the former wife of the pastor, John Struthers and now the wife of the Deacon, Larry Weatherford..Somebody explain THAT to me? Mabel's youngest sister, Anita is there with that Basketball player she sees off and on and others are there too... It just seems like I'm the only one here dateless.

It's a wonderful ceremony , Chess and his bride, Rell look very happy and I'm very happy for them...I sincerly hope that he doesn't make the mistakes I made in two marriages. He's pretty cool people..I'm sure he won't.

After the wedding, I like the others joined them at the reception. I heard that Fathead paid for the hall and the caterers and Chris gave Chess and Rell and all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas as a wedding present...They were going to have a great honeymoon.
As the well wishes stood around waiting to be seated...I saw a knockout of a beautiful hunk of woman walking towards the hall...I hadn't noticed her at the church during the service. I winked
at her...she smiled back and I walked over to her.
'Welllll, hello missy....Are you part of the wedding party?" I asked.
"I'm a cousin of the bride...I didn't make the wedding, but I had to see her off at the reception." she said.

"I'm Robert Foxworth....I'm an attorney who has represented the Groom and some of his friends for a time...Pleased to make your acquaintance....You are?"
"My name is Marjorie...Marjorie Nyland." she said.
"A pretty name for a pretty girl." I said.
She smiled again.... I know what you're thinking...and you're right..I should behave...but you know of course that I can't help myself...

(To Be Continued....)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

He is Risen!

The next day after we heard of the "untimely demise "of Valdez Diaz and Mongo, all was comfortable.Rell and My son returned to our house, Fathead and his people were out and about again and Chris...Well, when he wasn't working with me in our downtown offices..He was around Josie's and Ciro's entertaining ,drinking and having a good time. Rell and I went to Tiffany's and picked up our rings for my wedding, which was just two weeks away. I felt good, relaxed.

But on the third day.....The third day, we got some disheartening news. I was walking down the street when Donald "Smooth" drove up beside me.

"Yo Chess, my man..get in." He said. He didn't look happy at all.

I got in and he quickly laid it out for me.

"Valdez is alive babe.....The youngin that we sent to get at him really didn't know what he looked like...The guy he saw in that country house with Mongo was some guy that worked for Mongo...Another hitter I suppose...and whoever hit the two of them probably thought he was hitting Valdez too. " he said.

"How do you know this?" I asked.

"It's on the news for one thing...They flashed photos of the two men found shot to death in that house..One was Mongo and the other was some other guy..Oh and Victor Diaz is out on bail...He told Fathead that he's got the best muscle money can buy looking for Valdez. Fathead doubled up on his muscle and they
out huntin him too.... Mr. Valdez is a wanted man....and he's out there with no protection....but you know how it goes gotta be careful..You never know where that fool will turn up." he said.

"You talk to Chris?" I asked him.

"Yeah..I told him as soon as I found out and he told me to go find you...I called
Fathead ,Roscoe and Ralph Mole too..They all on it...We'll find him...Philadelphia is a small town ..aint but so many places that boy can go." he assured me as he let me out at the next corner. I wished I could feel as confident as he did.

My wedding was coming up....This fool had vowed to crash it...He was crazy enough to try and take us on by himself...I couldn't have this happening at my wedding. I had to try and find him myself and settle this once and for all.

Ralph Mole drove the Black Expedition with tinted shades...Donald Smooth rode in the front with a riot pump shotgun and Chris and I sat in the back seat....We drove through the neighborhood where Valdez lived and we visited different bars he was known to frequent.
We talked to different people...All people who had been questioned ad naseum by The FBI and by the guys Fathead and his own brother Vick had hunting him...Nobody had seen Valdez...
I had to try and draw him out and there was only one way to do that...Give him what he wanted...The person who killed his son. Mabel Jenkins!

"Chess, are you crazy? We gonna let that freak hurt a woman?" said Donald Smooth.

"Of course not...but we are gonna bait him, make him think that's what we are going to do and when he shows's all over." I said.

"I like the way you think Chess." laughed Donald Smooth.

"We gotta make sure that Mabel is out of harms reach ." said Chris.

"Man, she aint even gonna be there...We just gonna tell him where to find her and when he show
up..he's gonna come face to face with us." I said.

"I hope this works partner." said Chris who was sending a text message of his own..."But in case it don't ....I'm investing in plan B." he said.

We put the word out that we were going to give up the woman who shot his son if it meant that he would cease and desist this war with us. We gave him a phony name...Mona Cantrell and a dummy address in an area of North Philly where every other house was abandoned. He might smell a rat...but it was a chance we had to take.

We found a house that still had running water and electricity....Chris said that there was always at least one house like this in the area and we turned the lights on and set it up as though someone was in the kitchen...We even had a manequin in the window dressed as a cook. From a
distance it actually looked like someone was there.. We sat in an empty house across the street with our guns cocked ..waiting....

We never heard anyone enter our house or creep up the stairs.....and we were all doubly surprised when we turned around and saw Valdez Diaz and two gunmen with guns trained on the three of us!!!!

" last we meet eh? What? Did you think I was stupid, like Mongo? hahahahahaha...Nice plan Chess, but not nice enough...I've been in this game too long to fall for such a stupid plot." he laughed.

Chris said nothing...He stared at him icily.... Valdez looked at Chris, then at me and Donald Smooth..

"I could kill the three of you right now...but that would be too I tell you what? I'm going to let you live....Since you won't turn in this Mona Cantrell person...Here is the deal...My brother is going to do some time...while he's away..I'll be running things.....I want 50% of your card came
Chris and you're going to pay double what you paid my brother to have it in our warehouses and in our area. You try to move it somewhere else... and I find out about it....The cops will be getting an anonymous call." he laughed.

"Oh,so that's what you think you're gonna do huh?" said Chris who was smiling for some reason that Donald and I couldn't fathom.

"Yes..I don't think it...I am going to do this.... I'm the boss now...Not my brother...So any arrangement you thought you over...heheheheheheheh.." laughed Valdez.

Chris continued to smile, then he looked as serious as I've ever seen him look before.

"Valdez...You aint gettin nothin from us..Not 50 percent, not point five percent.. and we aint paying you a red cent for jack..That's my card game...."

Valdez eyed Chris...but Chris didn't blink.

"Chris, are you crazy? I have two men with guns trained on you...In fact...all three of you, toss your guns on the floor right now.! " He said.

Chris looked at me and Donald Smooth and snapped-

'Chess, Smooth, don't do nothin..don't make a move...In fact..follow me...We leavin." he said and he walked right past Valdez and the two gunmen...He looked at me and Donald and said-" Don't just stand there..come on...COME ON!" He said. Donald Smooth and I walked past the men, who didn't try to stop us at all.

Valdez screamed at them...

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS??? KILL THEM...SHOOT THEM!!!!! Hey...what are you doing? Why are you turning towards me...HeyyyyyyHEYYYYYYY, DON'T AIM THAT GUN

We were all outside when we heard a succession of gunshots....At least twelve! The two gunmen walked out of the building. They walked over to Chris, who gave them two envelopes..They smiled and gave Chris some dap. Then they got in a White 57 Thunderbird that was parked across the street and pulled off..Within five minutes, a Black Lexus drove up to the curb. Victor
Diaz was in it. Chris walked over to him and smiled.

"It's done Vick..I'm sorry." he said.

"No, I'm sorry that you had to go through this.. " he said.

"How long you out on bail?" I asked him as Donald Smooth and Ralph Mole stood in the background.

"A couple of months until my trial begins...It's because of my stupid brother that I'm even under investigation..With him gone..there might not be much to hold me on. Who knows? I plan to keep
things quiet . Our deal remains the same until I go away...When I'm gone...I'll send my represenative to handle things on my end." said Victor.

"You goin in to get the body?" asked Chris.

"Nah....somebody will find him...I don't want to see him." said Victor coldly.

'Vick, he's your brother." said Chris.

"Was my brother.....Was going to have me killed..That's some brother....Who's the king of the streets now??" said Victor.

"Be Easy Vick." said Chris as he shook his hand.

'You too my friend."he said as he drove off into the night.

I looked at Chris..

"You wanna explain that?" I said.

"Chess, baby..That was a nice plan you had...but Valdez..he a soldier babe...He been hittin guys for years...No tellin how many bodies he got on him...He would have seen right through your plan...So I came up with a counter plan...I called Vic and we put the word out that this was a trap, which he would have figured out anyway and we hired two hitters ,who offered their services to him. Once he came out in the open...We had him hook line and sinker...Why you think I didn't blink when they run up on us???...I knew who they were...Shame of it was...Valdez didn't know who he was working with..." said Chris, who smiled for the first time in awhile.

"Man, I'm in awe of you." said Ralph Mole.

"I know you are...You oughta be.....Now let's go home." said Chris as he, Donald Smooth, Ralph Mole, and I got in the Expedition and headed toward West Philadelphia.

A few weeks later, I was sitting with Gus and Deacon Larry Weatherford in Mabel Jenkin's new
Restaraunt enjoying some Barbecued Spare Ribs and Corn on the cob.....

"Chess...your boy Chris been in church every Sunday and he been coming to Bible study pun intended." said the Deacon.

"Yeah, he's trying hard to be a better man he say." I said.

"Good for him...The boy look like he has a lot on his he sorry for much." said Gus.

"I imagine he is..I imagine a lot of us are." I said.

"God understands...He's a forgiving God...but you got to repent.." added Deacon Larry Weatherford.

My friend Chris, so streetwise, such a gangster for so times a backslider was trying and I suppose trying is better than doing nothing at all... I admired him for many reasons...and his trying to get closer to God, despite all of the things he had done and on one extent was still doing
was something to admire.. He had long since stopped selling drugs and running the streets, yet he still had one foot in.....I wondered when he was going to give up that card game...For all of our sakes..I hoped it was soon. This wouldn't be the last time someone would try to stick it up and cause us to get into a ruckus..

"So Chess..You gettin married next week huh? said Deacon Larry Weatherford.

"Yes sir." I said.

"You ready? " Gus asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be" I lied. I was actually more afraid of what I was about to do than when I was on the streets with Chris facing down gangstas, but that was another story for another day.

(For My Uncle Pete RIP -1919-1973)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Valdez in the Country

Gus and I played Chess every Wednesday Night, unless for some reason..I couldn't make it. The old man was actually pretty good. We sat in the room upstairs from Josie's Bar after closing and played our usual game. Rell and my son were over her mother's house...They had no idea why I asked them to stay there a few nights, but they didn't put up a fight and I was glad. I didn't know exactly where Chris or Donald Smooth or Fathead was...We were all off the streets..Valdez Diaz had a bounty on our heads and we in turn had one on his. We had people diligently looking all over Northeast Philly, North Philly and Northern Liberties for him. I felt bad that things had gotten so nasty...Victor Diaz, his younger brother was our friend...and this hurt me to have to be hunting his older brother like that.

"Ah knew their father. Fillipe Diaz" said Gus.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Oh Yes...He was evil as hell and his oldest boy Fillipe Jr. was just as evil.....That's why he's dead
and in his grave now..." said Gus.

"Killed in a war for turf?" I asked.

"Nah nothin like that..He beat on some woman and she shot him." said Gus.

"Wow!" I said.

"His next oldest boy, Valdez is even more volatile than Fellipe Jr. was..he'll kill you soon as look at you....but the baby boy, Victor..he different..he finished school, went to college..was even in the service for awhile. He's married , got a couple of kids...two girls I believe and he runs the business real quiet,low key....It's that damn brother of his,Valdez..always keeping something going on on the street." said Gus.

Just then ,my Blackberry went off!

"Hello" I said.

"Yo Chess....You need to get with me and Fathead." said Chris.

"Where yall at?" I said.

"The safehouse" he said.

"I'm there." I said.

"Watch your back ." said Chris.

"Well Gus...leave the peices where they are and we'll finish the game next time you see me."I

"You got it Chess." he said as I left.

The "Safehouse" was a house out near the Airport that Fathead bought and used to take different women to , when he was married..Now that he wasn't married anymore..He used it as a
chill out spot and in this case...our hideout.

When I got there, Chris, Ralph Mole, Roscoe, Donald Smooth and Fathead were all in the living room watching Basketball on his 50 inch flat panel Television.....Fathead tossed me a corona and turned the television off.

"Chess...I got a visit from a Special Agent Frank Cotton of the FBI today....He left me this gotta hear this.....They apparently got The Diaz Brother's spot bugged..because
..well you listen to this...Ralph, run the tape." said Fathead.

On it we heard the voice of Victor Diaz chastising his older brother, Valdez...

"You have brainless over there go and approach his woman..What did you think he was going to do? You know the rules.." said Victor.

"Hey...I gotta brain man" said Mongo. Both Victor and Valdez looked at Mongo and shook their heads.

"Don't talk to me like I am a child Victor..I am your older brother,don't forget." said Valdez

"Older brother? Only in age...You are a child in everything else....I do business with Fathead. Chris Thompson and Chess pay me money to have their floating crap game in my area, In my warehouses... You know that pretty custom made car you got Valdez? You like it? It was paid for with my end of the money they paid us to have that crap game in our area. That's how much cash working with them generates. So this stupid little war you have going on with them will end tonight...No contracts, no more is finished, you hear me?" said Victor.

"What?? What? My son was murdered, he must be avenged. I don't care about money..You know what I see when I see you Little Brother? I see a man who bleeds green..While I am a man who bleeds blood baby.. and who draws blood..You aint hard enough for the streets." said Valdez.

'What movie did that come from? What Television show did you hear that on? What, you're the Latin Avon Barksdale now...He must be avenged, What a load of crap...He was wearing a mask, trying to stick up that card game..A card game I gave sanction to..A card game I was getting a nice peice of money from...He was wrong..and he took one for the team ..He certainly didn't need the money..Hell we give him everything ,Why was he running with a stick up crew??...We must move on..He was my nephew..I loved him...but he was as stupid and volatile as you." said Victor.

"Hey are you calling me stupid or Valdez?? I just want to be sure." said Mondo.

"Shut the hell ARE stupid." snapped Victor.

"Hey Victor..I am tired of you lording everything.....I got ideas too..Who made you the head of things?" snarled Valdez.

"Papa did, because he knew I would make us money...He said that you were too much of a hot head....If it wasn't for me, your stupid ass would be in prison, ehhhh?? I made that witness disapear...My people had to give money to that other witness to make him forget..forget that you murdered Alicante broad idiot. Stop watching "the Wire" and "The King of New York and step into the real Big Bro, it's about money at the end of the day, not some bogus idea you got about street cred." snapped Victor.

"So you going to keep hanging that over my head eh brother...well the hell with you! You didn't have to do me no favors...I would've offed both of them witnesses and you could have saved your precious money, since that is all you care hell with you." screamed

"No, the hell with you..Hear me and hear me well brother....The war is over...Nothing better happen to Chess,Chris or Fathead..because if it does...and I mean this..They'll never find you."
he said.

"You are threatening my life??? You are threatening my life??? YOU ARE THREATENING MY LIFFEEEE???...Do you hear this punk ass cock roach Mondo? I brought you into the business..I taught you how to be a gangster..Schoolboy, choir boy..I was on the street making my name for the family with Fillipe when you were sucking on a bottle.. Oh it's like that huh??..You got a pair on you little brother. You're a biggg mannn now" screamed Valdez..

"You heard what I said... It's more violence.. I mean it.... .Goodbye Valdez." said Victor... (Sound of a door closing)

After hearing that, Chris, Fathead,Smooth and Roscoe burst out laughing......

Chris got silent, then he said -

"Ralph play the rest of it."

We heard Valdez give a directive to Mondo...

"Mondo...Chess is getting married in a few weeks....Find out where.....Take him, Chris Thompson and Fathead out and anybody at that wedding that stands with them.....and then when they are dead ..I want you to kill my brother, Victor. Talking to me like I'm a child...I'm just as smart as the next guy, I know some things...He's not the boss of me..I'm king of the streets" He said.

" Yeah..talking to me like I'm stupid ..I'm no more stupider than the next guy.....Where will you be?" said Mondo.

"In the safe house out in the country. "No more stupider than the next guy", what the hell Mondo?...Mondo, you need to think about what you say before you speak man...sometimes you do sound like an idiot." said Valdez. (click)
Chris, Fathead, Roscoe ,Smooth and Ralph Mole were on the floor laughing....I didn't find anything funny..these fools were planning to shoot up my wedding.

I was steaming mad...I pulled out my gun and loaded it.. and was heading for the door when Fathead of all people blocked me.

"Relax Chess...We aint told you the good part yet." he said.

"Good part? What good part?" I said.

"The FBI played that tape to me right? That means they got them on tape conspiring to commit murder, talkin about jury tampering, witness bribery and all kinds of stuff..If they watchin and listenin to em like that, that means the federalis are close to making a case...Meaning a few folks is about to be on they way to the feel me?.....Now...we aint got
to do much if anything, but sit back and watch everybody go to jail.....Turn on the news Ralph." said Fathead.
He sounded more sensible than usual..It was almost frightening..Maybe some of Chris's teaching had paid off. Chris eyed Fathead, then he looked at me, the way I was looking at Fathead ( With a new found respect) and he couldn't help supressing a smile..He turned his head and laughed....Not wanting Fathead
to see him. I kind of smiled myself looking at my friend.

On an earlier broadcast, which had been taped... FBI agents had arrested Victor Diaz and thirty nine of his associates on an assortment of charges...amongst them, RICO charges, Money laundering, Witness tampering, bribery and conspiracy to commit murder....a warrant was out for Mongo Alvarez, on three counts of murder and conspiracy and Valdez Diaz for multiple counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

"It's over Chess.... The Diaz Brothers are gone and we didn't lift a finger...they did it to themselves." said Chris.

"Yeah? Well what about Mongo and Valdez?? They're still out there in the wind.." I said.

"Yeah and they are going to do what? They got no backing, nothing..Victor was the brains and the money...with him gone, they are just two free agents...No muscle, no nothing...They'll show up sooner or later.. rats always come up out of their holes." said Fathead.
This was the second time this afternoon that Fathead had made sense...I didn't think I could take much more of this...I looked at Chris ,who was now visibly laughing and slapping his knee. We all laughed at our good fortune and turned the television back on to watch the game...

Chris's phone went off....


"Yo Chris..we found Valdez." came the voice.

"Word? Where is he?" said Chris.

"Man, he was dead when we got here." came the voice.

"What are you sure?" said Chris.

"We went to the Farm house..The one that you told us was their safehouse and when we got inside ,him and another guy was shot to death....So we got the hell up out of there.. I mean ,I aint never seen him in person...but I know Mongo..I did time with him and he's definitely dead....The other guy was on the floor ,but he look like Valdez from the photo you showed me...I'm sure it's him." said the
voice on the phone.

"Yeah? Well don't sweat it kid...Fathead will pay you anyway." said Chris, who hung up.

"Guess what? Somebody already got to Valdez and Mongo....It wasn't our people...The youngin said they was both dead when he got there." said a puzzled Chris.

"If the FBI played me that can be sure they played it to Victor too..They got Valdez on there puttin a contract out on Victor...I guess Victor got to him first." said Fathead.
Three times for Fathead..This was more than any of us could take..I needed a drink. Ralph Mole pulled out some Champaigne and handed me, Chris, Roscoe,Smooth and Fathead a glass....

"Man, I'm gonna miss The Diaz Brothers.." he said.

'You know am I." said Chris as we all raised our glasses.....

"To the Diaz Brothers!!!" I said as we all raised our glasses and toasted! Little did I know....This little drama was far from over.

(Conclusion Next)