Monday, February 28, 2011

"You Forgot These"

I tell my suspicions to Homicide Lt. Sissy Van Buren the next day....She puts her index finger to her mouth and directs me into her office where she closes the door.

"Kevin, I've been instructed not to talk to you anymore about this...Not just me, all of the detectives who worked this case, the coroner ,everyone." she said in a whisper.

"Huh? What?? By who?" I asked.

''By that butthead upstairs...The Deputy Commisioner." she said.

"Haywood Stevens?" I asked.

''Yes." she said.

"I know that Gerald Brown is probably crazy....A lying manipulative psychopath...but it bothers me that he's admitting to three murders and denying two others....For some odd reason, I think he's telling the truth." I said.

"Kevin, we did find all of the bodies at the same dump site...The dump site he led us to." she said.

"Yeah, but listen.....He knew all three of the missing girls that he has confessed to...He worked with them...They all lived in the same high rise...They had history...He tried to date them and was rebuffed....We found their personal effects in his apartment and his DNA....right?" I said.

"Yes, go on..." she said.

"But these last two...One not only didn't work with him, but didn't even live in this part of town...There is no connection whatsoever.....The other one didn't work with him either...She lived about six blocks away and there is no record that they even knew each other...I don't know Sissy...I just don't think the last two girls is him....Plus...he told me he saw someone else out there dumping a body when he dumped the last girl." I said.

"And you believe that?" she asked.

"Well if that's the case , why not just say somebody else did all of em?" I said.

"I don't know whatever it is you do...Bring me something I can take to him....But until then, Make yourself scarce around here okay?" she said.

"Okay Sissy...I'll see what I can find. If it makes you feel any better, My people think I'm barking up the wrong tree too. What does ADA Keith Wallace think about this?" I asked...

Keith Wallace was the Assistant District Attorney who prosecuted Homicides...We were friends...and like Sissy...I trusted him.

"I don't know...I haven't talked to him...But yesterday, even he told me that there was something weird about the last two."she said.

"But he won't buck the Deputy Commissioner will he?" I asked.

"Not if he doesn't absolutely have to....You're on your own on this one friend." she said with a slight smile.

"Yeah...that's how it usually is." I said..

Sissy rubbed my hand softly...

"You always have a friend here Kevin...just be careful, tread lightly." she said.


I left her office, but I got on the elevator and went a few floors up....Maybe I could talk to the Deputy Commissioner myself... His office was at the end of the hall....The door was closed tight, but I could clearly hear the sound of a woman's voice-

Haywood.OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...ouuuuuuu baby...don't do that..don't do that, ohhhhhhh you're going to get me all excited and everybody will know...OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ,ohhhhhh, you are so nasty...put that big thing away..ohhhhhhhhhmy lawddddd!Ouuuuuuuuu..."

I started to walk away...Then I heard ruffling...and whispering...The sound of zippers being pulled up ,papers ruffling and gigling.....

The door swung open....An attractive and shapely woman emerged from his office...She was fixing her hair and straightening her blouse...She was smiling sheepishly.....

"Ohhh Haywood, you are such a devil..tee hee hee...." she said.

Haywood Stevens came to the door blushing...He was holding a white lace thong in his hand...

"You uh ,forgot these..heheheheheheh." he laughed..

"Ohhhhh you're a bad boyyyyy, give those to me." she laughed...She looked at me glancingly and rushed down the hallway....Haywood Stevens looked at me with more disdain than some armed killers I had faced in the street.

"What do you want?" he said.

"Mr. Stevens....I had a talk with Gerald Brown yesterday and while he takes full responsibility for three of the bodies we found...He says that he didn't kill the other two...In fact, he says he saw someone else out at the dig sight dumping bodies." I said.

"Oh he did, did he? And you believe him? I think you just want to get your name in the papers or on the Television." he said.

Wasn't this the pot calling the kettle black? He was on the TV news acting as if he had personally
captured the Mt.Airy Strangler...But I let that slide.

"Did he say who this other person was?" asked Haywood.

"He didn't get a good look, it was dark...but he says he would recognize the voice if he heard it again." I said.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....You amuse me Kevin...Look, go home...Forget about this...We got him and he's going to burn for these murders....Forget about it
okay.....He's playing you...I don't want to hear another thing about this...Now I have a press conference to go to." he said.

"Oh Mr. Stevens?" I said.

"Yes?" he asked...

"Isn't that your wedding band on the table.....You wouldn't want to uh forget that." I said and I winked at him as I walked away...He looked at me as if he wanted to shoot me.

(To Be Continued....)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dumping Ground

He ripped Sepia's blouse completely off! We hadn't planned on this....We had placed the wire in her black lace underwire bra...We didn't want our suspect, Gerald Brown to discover the wire just yet..
Not before we got a confession out of him...

I hated to use my wife, Sepia as bait in these cases...but Gerald Brown had taken an unnatural interest in her and she was playing along with him to tell us the whereabouts of one Collette Nelson, a young lady I had been hired to locate who had vanished without a trace....Four other young women had vanished recently and all of them had one thing in common...Gerald Brown!!! He either worked with or lived somewhere near at least four of the five missing women....He had been seen in their company also, well at least three of the five anyway.

Lockpick Johnson and I had broken into his house and found panties, bras and pantyhose of all types... We turned them into an independent DNA lab and got positive hits for Collette and two of the missing five women.....I had been a part time private investigator long enough to know that that wouldn't be good enough and not be admissable in court without more...

Peeping Tom, Lockpick Johnson, Sean Jackson and I sat in our van listening and watching everything.... Up the street from Gerald's house...Kool Kat and Clerow sat armed and ready to go.. They were waiting for my signal!

"Kev, I don't like this...I think we should move." said Sean Jackson...

"Hold on man...let's see how Sepia plays this...If we move too soon, he'll know we are on to him and it will blow everything." I said.

My wife Sepia, was and is as cool a player as any guy on the street I had run into....Probably one of many things that I love about her...she didn't flinch...

"Hold up kinda rough....You just ripped an $80.00 blouse...Foreplay aint one of your strongholds is it?" she said.

"Foreplay?? Come on....I aint in no mood for no foreplay....I'm ready for some bed action...Come on over here." said Gerald....

"Uh uh....somethin about you aint right...I think I'm gone go home." said Sepia...

"Go home?? Awww no...You aint gone get me all worked up like this and jus leave me hanging.." he said.

"You better take a cold shower then playa....because aint nothin jumpin off in here tonight." said

"Girl you aint leavin here....." he said.

"Is that what you told Collette?" snapped Sepia.

"Collette?? What you know about Collette?? You a cop?" he snapped.

"Collette is my cousin.....I been lookin for her for weeks now...Everybody tole me she was with you playa." said Sepia.

"Yeah, she was....She dead you gone be if you don't get them clothes off and get in this here bed." he snapped..

"Dead? What you mean dead? How do you know she dead?" asked Sepia.

"Cause she pissed me off like you're doin...and I strangled her that's why....Two others pissed me off too and they got the same and you about to join them." he screamed in rage.

"That's it" I screamed..."Everybody move." I said as I pulled out my gun and rushed down the street...Kool Kat and Clerow were ahead of me.... Kool Kat took the door off the hinges and Clerow and I rushed into the room with guns drawn....Gerald was so shocked , He turned to run and ran smack into the wall with a force so hard...he knocked himself out cold!!!!

"Wow....Good job baby...good job...We got it all on tape...All of it." I said as I grabbed my wife and kissed her passionately. Kool Kat tied Gerald Up and Clerow helped him put his pants on....Within a few minutes, Homicide Lt. Sissy Van Buren, two detectives and three uniformed Philadelphia Policemen showed up and formerly arrested Gerald Brown....

Also with them was Deputy Commissioner, Haywood Stevens....a dashing and handsome guy who loved to be on Television....Naturally, the part that me and my team played in capturing Gerald Brown wasn't made known to the public...but Haywood Stevens made it sound like HE'D personally captured him himself-

"Hi there Chet...Mike....I'm here to announce a break in this case...All of Philadelphia can rest easy now....I have personally supervised a team of crack investigators and we have arrested the
Mt. Airy Strangler....Gerald Brown...." he said... Kool Kat looked at him in disgust...Clerow looked at me...

"Guess we didn't have nothin to do with this huh boss?" he laughed.

"I guess not." I said.

Even the cops and the detectives looked at him a little disgusted...Sissy Van Buren walked over to Sepia and I and just shook her head-

"I'm sorry about him....He was at one time a detective under me.....He was useless, couldn't crack a case if the perp came in and confessed right in front of him...What he was good at was chasing skirts.....His poor wife!!!! Anyhow...He knew how to play the game of politics and there he is...Deputy Commish!" she said.

"I's cool" I said with a laugh......

"You're goin down you freak...for all five murders." said a Detective as he hustled Gerald Brown into the paddy wagon...

"Five? What you talkin bout? I didn't kill five women...only three." said Gerald Brown as he looked at me and laughed...then he winked....A chill went through my spine at that moment!

Sepia,Kool Kat, Lockpick Johnson, Peeping Tom, Sean Jackson, Clerow and I all wound up at Josies...I treated them to drinks and some of Gus's Barbecued Hot wings.....Gus came over to me
and smiled-

"Cracked another one eh Kev?" he laughed.

"Yeah man....this was a tough one." I said.

"I'm glad that freak is off the streets....Shame five women had to lose their lives behind it...and we still don't know what he done with their bodies." he laughed.

"That's the thing Gus...Something he said tonight....He looked right in my face and said-"I only killed three women." I said.

Kool Kat had walked over by then and heard what I said-

"Aw Kev...He just tryin to get out of it." he said.

"Yeah, you can't put much into what he said...I think he was just messin wit you kid." said Gus.

"Get out of what? He's not going to get one less needle prick for three murders as opposed to five." I said, responding to Kool Kat.

The Big man shrugged. "Well...I wouldn't worry about it now Kev...Important thing is...We got him off the streets..."

''Yeah Kev...Don't go thinkin too much." laughed Gus as he patted me on the back. Sepia came over put her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek....

"I'm tired lover...let's go home." she said.

Corabeth had met Clerow there....They were in the corner ,slow dragging like two high school kids.. Sean Jackson and his wife Sheila had already left....I paid the bill and left a tip..Waved goodbye to everybody and left Josie's with my wife!

As we drove home, Sepia looked at me-

"What's bothering you Kevin?" she asked.

"He said that he only killed three women.....When he was in his room talking to you..He only mentioned killing Collette and two others...He said nothing about the two who vanished a week ago..." I said.

"Yeah,so what?" said Sepia...

''Something doesn't fit." I said.

"Forget about it Kevin...The case is over babe." she said.

"Yeah,I guess you're right." I said and we drove home.


Weeks went by and in time I forgot all about Serial Killer, Gerald Brown until one day I got a phone call from Homicide Lt. Sissy Van Buren.

"Hello" I said.

"Kevin...This is Sissy...Sissy Van Buren....That freak, Gerald Brown has confessed to murdering
Collette Nelson, Alvainia Simpson and Natika Freemon and he wants to show us where he buried
the bodies...He asked specifically that you come along." she said.

"I wouldn't miss this." I said.

Within an hour, I was at an old abandoned air strip outside of the city limits....The Philadelphia Police and The Pennsylvania State Police had several guys digging up the grassy marshland outside of the strip.....

''We found one Lieutenant" said one policeman........

It was the mummified remains of Alvainia Simpson...aged 23, the first young woman to go missing...Gerald Brown laughed maniacally as the body was excavated.....I looked at him as if he was crazy, which he was..

"Hey Lou...We got another one over here." said another cop....

It was the body of Collette Nelson, also 23....The girl, who's well to do parents had hired me to find...Gerald was beside himself with laughter now...

"Hey boss....We got one over here..." came another voice....

That was the body of Natika Freemon, 27.... another missing girl who had vanished during the summer...All three of these women not only lived in Gerald Brown's Apartment complex, but they all worked at the same company he had worked for.. He had unsuccessfully tried to date all of them....He had broke into all of their apartments and stolen their underwear and other personal items before kidnapping, raping and killing them....I was going to make sure I was at his execution, I thought!

"Hey Lieutenant..we got two more over here!" came the voice of another cop. Gerald's laugh and smile left his face...

''Hey...those aint mine....I didn't kill them....I swear..I only killed these three." he said.

One was the body of Jennifer Taylor, 36.....She lived a few blocks from Gerald Brown, but did not work with the other three.. The other body was of Stacy Lord....The last girl to go missing...She not only lived no where near Gerald...but didn't work with him... There was one other thing...Their apartments had not been broken into and none of their underwear or personal affects had been found in his apartment!!!

"That's it...We found all five." said Lt.Sissy Van Buren , who cut Gerald a cold look..

"Hey...I'm tellin you..I only did them three girls...I don't know the other two......" he said.

"Get this dreck out of my face." said Sissy Van Buren.

Two big beefy policemen took the manacled serial killer and dragged him toward a police car...As he was dragged off he looked at me-

"I only killed three Kevin...Only three...I didn't kill them other two...come see me." he said and smiled.

I stood there looking blankly at him....

Lt. Sissy Van Buren walked by me and patted me on the back-

''Don't worry about him...We got enough to make sure he goes straight to hell." she said.

The next day, I visited Gerald Brown at the Correctional Center where he was being held....He was a slight man, about five foot, six inches....He didn't look like a killer...He was glib and charming...That kind of ghetto charm that a young black woman might find attractive..a young white woman too...

I brought him a Coke and a Hot Dog like he had asked....He slowly ate his Hot Dog and took a swig of his Coke... I said nothing....Then He finally spoke-

"You're somethin else...Used your wife as bait to trap me......Shame on you man...Got a pretty wife like that and you out trappin cats like me." he laughed.

"Look man this aint about me or my wife...What you call me up here for?" I asked.

"I killed three women man....I done confessed....I'm done....I'll either get three life sentences with no chance of parole if I'm lucky or I'll get a needle in the arm....either way...two more makes no difference to me one way or another....but I want to set the record straight....I did not kill those last two...Someone else did them." he said.

"Oh yeah?" I asked.

"Yeah man....The night I dumped the last body...There was someone else out there dumping bodies...He saw me and I saw him...I don't know who he is...but I heard his voice recently..I'd definitely know him if I heard his voice again." said Gerald.

"Ok man...sure.. Guard...I'm ready to go." I said as I stood up.

"Ok Kevin...but know this....Somebody is out there that is getting away with two murders...think about that.....I only killed three girls man." he said.

I stopped dead in my tracks when he said that...What if he was telling the truth?


Friday, February 25, 2011

Dance Stella Dance

Dance Stella Dance
baby dance the night away
Dance Stella Dance
and just pretend that you planned it that way..
Dance Stella Dance...
just dance.../

Pretend that
nothing is really the matter with you..
tell your girlfriends that
you've got a whole new attitude..
He didn't break your heart
oh no, no...
he didn't tear it apart..
he was just something to do...
but you're only fooling you../

Dance Stella Dance
baby dance the night away
Dance Stella Dance
and just pretend that you planned it that way..
Dance Stella Dance...
just dance.../

Your secret's safe
no one will say
that you've got a broken heart...
or there will be hell to pay...
No one like him could ever get
that close to someone as cool and together as you..
No...No.. No...
He never had a chance or a clue....../

Do you look like you even care?
you didn't notice him standing there...
And no ,no, no..that's not a tear
welling up in your eye...
After all, you were the one that told that
sucker bye.bye.../

Dance Stella Dance
baby dance the night away
Dance Stella Dance
and just pretend that you planned it that way..
Dance Stella Dance...
just dance.../

Dance Stella Dance
Denial aint just a river in Egypt baby..
Dance Stella Dance
pretty girl, pretty baby, sweet lady
dance the night away.....

Hey Baila Stella Baila
Baila tan ra pido
que nadie pueda ver tus lagrimas
Baila Stella baila
hasta que el vitmo de la noche.
acabe' con todos tus temores..'

That's spanish baby...I speak very,very fluent spanish

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just One Night (Imagine That)

Oh there you were,sitting all alone,yet lookin so fine
you didn't look as though
you wanted to talk to anyone , but oh..
I was rushing towards you with both eyes opened wide/

Here I am,sitting next to you, trying to decide..
If I should say something clever...
tryin hard to keep it together..
something to make you laugh,something to make you smile
then you opened up like a gusher to my surprise../

I fell in love with you over conversation
in just one night...
imagine that!
now imagine that!
Just Patron and conversation
I took full command of the situation...
imagine that!
just imagine that!
Could this be a crazy case of love at first sight?
imagine you, imagine me..isn't it crazy
that I fell in love with you in just one night?/

Maybe baby I should be worried about the uncertainty that surely
must exist..
but in your arms right now I'm disregarding all of this..
just to have you../

Your perfume or fragrance seems to be intoxicating to my head
How did both of us wind up making love in your bed?
We are at the point of no return
now what are we going to do?
We are much too old to think about what we have to learn..
Much too late to go back to school.../

I fell in love with you over conversation
in just one night...
imagine that!
now imagine that!
Just Patron and conversation
I took full command of the situation...
imagine that!
just imagine that!
Could this be a crazy case of love at first sight?
imagine you, imagine me..isn't it crazy
that I fell in love with you in just one night?/

Before I met you girl
I never believed in love at first sight...
You've changed my whole view of the world
and somehow what my common sense tells me is wrong
seems so right.../

I fell in love with you over conversation
in just one night...
imagine that!
now imagine that!
Just Patron and conversation
I took full command of the situation...
imagine that!
just imagine that!
Could this be a crazy case of love at first sight?
imagine you, imagine me..isn't it crazy
that I fell in love with you in just one night?/

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To Be Announced

My Twenty one year old Nephew , Ghengis was helping me tie my tie as I put on my shirt and vest. In a few minutes I would be getting married to Jennifer Smith.

''Mann Unc...I sure wish you had of put me on, when you was slanging...I'd have a whole lot more
dough in my pockets than I have now." he joked.

"Just be glad I didn't....You wasn't built for that game...It wasn't me and it definitely aint you...You been up under your mama most of your life....You couldn't have handled these streets...You'd of wound up in jail or worse." I said.

"You never know Unc....I'm pretty good with math...Maybe I didn't have to be on no corner runnin up to no car...I coulda been like you, behind the scenes..with a crew workin for me ,reportin to me."
he laughed.

"Ghenghis , that's not even funny..Nothin to joke about....You still have to manage that crew , make sure aint nobody short, nobody stealin and make an example of somebody if they do...You might have woulda had to have killed your boy...Would you really have wanted to be in that position? Aint nothing glamorous about bein no gangsta...Always worried about whether somebody is gonna put a bullet in your head or whether you're gonna get knocked by the cops...
Believe me, I sleep a lot better now than I did then. " I said.

"That's cause you got a fine honey out the deal to sleep with..hahahahahahahaha.....At least you kept that car..The bimmer is phatttt! ...Remember when you took me to Vegas that time? The time you bought it?" he laughed.

"Yeah...Wasn't one of my better moves..." I said.

"It's all good....Maybe when I graduate ...I'll get a high payin job and still be able to get me a bimmer." he laughed...

"Everything aint about money Neph.." I said.

His college education was being bankrolled by some of the money I had made by ill gotten means. When I got out of the game...I wanted to do something good with the "blood" money I had in my possession...So I paid for my nephew to go to Temple University for the full four years. I was also paying Chris and Chess for his apartment and his books. I was keeping my foot
squarely up his narrow behind and making sure that he was keeping his grades up..

He talked a lot of junk...but he basically is a good kid...He's been on the deans list a few times....
He's my older (by ten years) sister's only son.... Nine years seperate me and him. I wisely kept him away from the game and all of my associates in that world...Like I said...He wasn't built for the streets.

He got me to thinkin though....There are a lot of young cats like him out there that are impressionable and that are being lost to the streets....They need someone, someone like me who's been there to be able to talk to them and steer them clear of that street life... Someone that they will listen to...It was just a thought....

As we finished putting our tuxes on there came a knock at the door....It was Donald Smooth. He was dressed to the nines...

''Heyy Brother...Today is the big day huh?" he said.

"Yes sirrr.." I laughed. I had a paper bag....I motioned for him to step outside the room...

"Genghis...Go on downstairs and make sure everything is tight." I said.

''Alright unc...I'm on it." said my nephew as he left.

"Your son?" asked Donald Smooth...

"Son? Nah..That's my nephew...My sister's kid." I said.

"Hey are home free kid...I got it from a good authority that Geechie Dan will no longer be bothering you.....or anyone else for that matter...hahahahahahaha." he laughed.

"Word?" I said.

"Yeah...He got into it with some New York playa and he took a one way ride in the bay." said Donald Smooth.

"Here man...Thanks for this...but I won't be needin it anymore." I said handing him the bag. It contained the .38 smokeless he had given me to defend myself.

"You sure?" he asked.

"I'm sure....I don't think I'll ever need it again...but if I do...I know where to find you." I said.

"For sure brother." he said and we embraced....

"Now go get some of them good things we talked about." he said.


Jenny looked lovely walking down the aisle towards me.......Anita Jenkins, Cherish and three other girls were the bridesmaids.... Chance Howard, Paris ,Blake and Downtown Rob Brown were
my groomsmen...and my main man, Chess was my best man...Chris Thompson and Donald Smooth were out there in the audience as was Kevin Morris, Sepia, Ms. Mabel Jenkins, "88",
Clerow, Corabeth, Gus and many many others....Pastor Struthers married us.....It was a very beautiful and moving speech he gave about marriage and new beginnings...His new wife, Rita was there, looking at him and smiling....

"You see son...." he said to me after the wedding....

"If an old lech like me could change....Then anybody can...I know you used to be a drug dealer."
he said.

"You did?" I said incredulously....I had never told him or anyone in this church anything about my past..

"Oh had that look, that swagger about you that said Playa, up and, I keep my ears to the wood...I hear just about everything going on...but look..that's who you were...not who you are.....God kept you alive for a purpose...." he said.

"Oh yeah...what purpose?" I asked.

"That's between you and him...he'll let you know....but he has protected you from harm so far." he laughed.

"That he has..." I laughed.


Jenny and I came back from Blue Island and I quit my job on the trains.....I went to school full time and Jenny supported both of us with her money from her Nursing job at the hospital...I got an Associates degree and later a Bachelors in Public administration....I got a good job working at
a utility company.......Jenny's glad...It's taken a lot of the burden off of her purse...

I borrowed money from Chris and Chess and opened up a Youth Outreach center a year later...
This was my purpose...This is what God was saving me for....I recruited a number of old heads and some young bucks who like myself had been in the game and had give it up for something better....In the evenings we go around, we talk to cats on the corners...We go to the playgrounds..
We mediate disputes before they come to gunfire or blows...We encourage young men especially to do something with their lives......This brings me great pleasure...My way of giving back....

Oh yeah...I'm a Deacon at the church now too.....Jenny sometimes complains that she doesn't see
enough of me...I know.....but I've found my purpose...and I owe it all to my nephew ,Ghenghis...
His talk got me to thinkin about others...Saving other guys from these streets...It was the best way to honor my Contract with God!

For SLC!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Last Sit Down

Prologue : Harlem....

Ralph Mole and Roscoe sat in a Black 2011 Cadillac SUV outside of a Dunkin Donuts in New York City....

"You think he'll show?" asked Roscoe.

"He'll be here...When Larry Boy calls a sit down, everybody shows." said Ralph Mole.

"Larry Boy" was Lawrence "Larry Boy" Butler, one of Harlem's most respected players...He had been retired for some years now...but he still commanded big respect and sometimes acted as a mediator in disputes... Fathead Newton of Philadelphia had reached out to him and asked for a sit down in Panama Brown's behalf.....He had sent his represenative Ralph Mole in his place and his chief enforcer, Roscoe.

Within Twenty Minutes....Larry Boy and his bodyguard, Ace showed up...They looked around and entered Dunkin Donuts....

"They're here..Lets go in." said Roscoe.

"In a minute....Tell me Roscoe....What is your beef with Geechie Dan? I mean...given, he's a real bastard...everybody knows that...but what's your deal with him?" asked Ralph Mole.

"As you know Ralph...I'm from New York....Years ago...I was just startin out...Geechie Dan had an older remember?" said Roscoe.

"Yeah, "No Pants Darryl" I heard of him." said Ralph.

''Yeah...Well apparently he got that nickname because he was real smittened with this stripper. He took her to a room thinking he was gonna score...Only she had her boyfriend up there in that room and they robbed him..Took his expensive watch, his rings and his money clip.......Then the boyfriend tore his pants off so that he couldn't follow them...He chased them down the streets of Harlem in his boxer shorts.....Everybody that heard about it was laughing and thus he got the name-"No pants Darryl" and it stuck."

"Well...I was in a little club with my friend, Ray Gitlow....Ray was tellin me the story over by the bar and we were drinkin, laughin and talking, you know...not bothering anyone....Unfortunately..someone overheard our convo and sent word to Geechie Dan that we were laughing about his brother's misfortune...."

"A few days later...I got cornered by Geechie Dan himself and three of his goons...They beat me up pretty bad...broke my jaw, broke my hand and fractured my skull slightly...left me for dead. I got the light end of it...They killed my boy Ray Gitlow.....I'll never forget how his mother cried at his funeral......I moved out of New York and settled into Philly after that.....I've hated that rotten Geechie Dan ever since." said Roscoe.

"Okayyyyyyy...just wanted to know." said Ralph Mole...Let's go in." he said.

They walked in, exchanged pleasentries with Larry Boy and Ace....and then waited for Geechie Dan to arrive. He did...With his six foot six, heavily muscled driver/bodyguard imposing
looking man if ever there was one...He looked at Roscoe and bowed his head...Roscoe bowed his
head as well.

"Leo...don't just stand there looking stupid...Get Larry Boy and Ace some Coffee and some donuts...." snapped Geechie Dan.

"What about Panama and the Philly Boys?" asked Leo.

''Let em buy their own...Did I tell you to get them some? You're just as stupid as the day is long...
Go over there and get the stuff." said Geechie Dan.

''Do you want something boss?" asked Leo.


You could see the pent up anger in Leo's face as he did what he was told...Panama Brown, Ace, Ralph Mole and Roscoe had already ordered their coffee and donuts fortunately. Once everybody was situated the meeting began.

"Okay guys..We are here to talk...Let's talk" said Larry Boy.

"Geechie....This is one last chance , one last effort to get you to reconsider...You're costing me and the people I represent a lot of loss revenue with what you been doin ." said Panama Brown.

"That's your problem...I have no plans to change my askin price." he said.

"We are here to negotiate...Let's negotiate." said Ralph Mole.

'What's your stake in this?" asked Geechie Dan.

"Fathead Newton, who I have full authority to speak for is in business with Allejandro and Panama Brown...Your decision affects us in Philadelphia." said Ralph Mole.

"You know...Larry Boy calls a sit down and Fathead doesn't have the decency to show his lazy fat ass...instead he sends Morrocco Mole here." smirked Geechie Dan.

Ralph Mole ignored his insult and continued...

''Look, Fathead is also asking a favor... You've had an open air contract on a guy from our town for awhile now named Basil Robinson...He's a friend of a friend...He's a good guy...No threat to you...we would like the contract called off." asked Ralph Mole.

"That's my business, it has nothin to do with you......If Fathead cared so much he would have come here himself...Not that it mattered...." smirked Geechie Dan.

"Nah , senseless murder aint never mattered to you." smirked Roscoe.

"Ohhhhhh look who it is? I remember you...laughin boy...Hey how's your hand doin?" laughed Geechie Dan.

Roscoe lunged at him, but the always cool Ralph Mole grabbed him........

"Unlike everybody else in the world Geechie Dan, I'm not afraid of you." said Roscoe.

"Awwwwwww, is that right? You need to watch your mouth errand boy...You could wind up like that kid Basil." he laughed.

"He's fine...Seems like you can't find good help now of days ." laughed Roscoe.

"Oh..I'll have someone on it soon..." said Geechie.

"'re wasting a lot of money that we have in common on this nonsense and meanwhile my people can't earn." said Panama Brown.

"Again, not my problem." he said.

"So...I'm assuming that we don't have any kind of compromise here at all?" said Panama Brown.

"Nope....I could've told you that from the door and saved you the trip...but I did enjoy the coffee
and donuts....and Panama...I'm really surprised at you, goin to Philly and recruiting Fathead Newton to go in with you...Like that was going to make a difference...You're pathetic..All of you."
he laughed as he got up from his seat.

" big dummy..Go get my damn car ready." he snapped.

Leo looked at Roscoe and nodded, Roscoe nodded back...And then the big man did as he was told.

As they left...Ralph Mole looked at Larry Boy and Ace...Larry Boy just shrugged-

"I'm sorry Ralph..You know how he is...He just doesn't know the meaning of compromise." he said.

"That's okay Larry Boy...We didn't think he would...but we wanted to give him one last chance to see things our way." said Ralph.

"Yeah...I can't say I'm gonna miss him...He's been a real pain for years." sighed Larry Boy.

Leo drove slowly and began talking-

"You know Geech...Panama had a could ease up on your askin prices...You are squeezin them out and they are our biggest buyers." he said.

"You know jackass...If I wanted your opinion...I'd give you one." he snapped.

"Oh and another thing...Basil Robinson...That cat was always square, always on time ...He's out of the game...He's caused you no trouble...Why waste time and money on him...Leave him be." said Leo.

"Heyyyy, what's with all of this conversation??....You of all people don't tell me how to run my business....I was in this game when you was suckin on your mamas left tit, now all of a sudden a
big dummy like you has an opinion?? I could go on any street corner and find six or seven cats just like you and smarter too." said Geechie Dan.

"That's another thing Geech...I'm tired of the way you talk to me.....I don't like it." he said.

"You know Leo..That's're fired....Only reason I hired you in the first place is because I was bangin your mom at one time and I kind of felt like I owed it to her...She was pretty good in bed." said Geechie Dan.

Leo pulled the car to a stop....Geechie noticed that they were far from Manhattan....In fact they were out near a deserted air strip.....

"Heyyyy, what are we doin way out here?? You get lost or something?? Drive me home and then
get your crap and get to steppin." he said...

Another car...A Black 2011 Caddilac SUV with Pennsylvania Tags drove up beside them. The windows were tinted.

"Get out this car Geech!" said Leo coldly.

"What?" said Geechie Dan exasperatedly.

"Get out this car...I aint askin you...I'm tellin you." said Leo.

"Are you nuts? Do you realize I can have you killed?? " said Geechie Dan "Do You know who I am?" he said.

Roscoe, Ralph Mole and Panama Brown were standing outside the car now. Geechie Dan looked around in horror.

"You guys are crazy...I got all of New York behind me....I got pull with the Russians...Pull with the Italians....You'll all be dead." he screamed.

Leo pushed him out of the car...

"Look Leo...How long you worked for me?? I don't mean nothin when I say things...Panama...Anything you want..anything I'll drop my askin price, just like you wanted....I'll reconsider..We New Yorkers baby...why we sidin wit these Philly guys???HUH??? COME ONNNNN! Look, I aint got nothin against Philly....I root for the Eagles all the time..I love Mike Vick..COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! " he screamed. He was now as afraid as anyone had ever seen him.

"Ralph...Ralph Mole!! You're a reasonable guy...I always thought you was...I said just the other day, Ralph Mole is the real brains in Philadelphia....Come on...Talk to your people..Let's work it outtttttttttttttttt..huh? Ralphie Boy...what do ya say huh? COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!"
he screamed. He was now shaking like a leaf.

Ralph Mole walked back to the Caddillac and closed the door. He looked at Geechie Dan, smiled and shook his head.

"Okay guys...don't shoot me in the face...I want to have a nice funeral...a lot of honeys will be comin through and I want to look my best...okay? Okay? ...come onnnnnnnnn...." he wimpered.

Roscoe, Panama Brown and Leo pulled out their guns and fired a fusilade of shots into the torso of Geechie Dan...His body jerked like a drunk man doing the cabbage patch and finally he fell up against the tree...blood was pouring from him like a sieve.

to the ground, dead.

In the trunk of Leo's car was another corpse....It was wrapped in a body bag.

"This is the hitter that was supposed to go to Philly to kill that kid on his wedding day...I tried to talk sense to him, but he wouldn't listen...So , I uh had to convince him with my .357 mag." said Leo.

"Good Job Leo." said Panama Brown.

They lifted Geechie Dan's body into a body bag and weighted it down....along with the body of the would be contract killer.....Both bodies were later deposited into the Hudson Bay by Leo and Roscoe.

Leo looked at Roscoe-

"Ray Gitlow was my friend too Roscoe....When you told me it was this scum bag who killed him...I couldn't wait for you guys to get here....I been workin for this piece of crap for three years and he been callin me every name under the sun....I was just waitin for the right time to take him out..."

"Me too Champ...I'm glad we got to do it together" said Roscoe as he shook Leos hand.

At the car, Panama Brown shook Ralph Mole's hand....

" tell Fathead that a lot of love will be comin his way from New York City...Allejandro is ecstatic.....So is everybody else...Playas was clappin when they got the news that Geechie Dan got popped...Shame aint nobody gonna ever find his body."

"That's okay...Who would come to his funeral?" laughed Ralph Mole.

"That's right.Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..." laughed Panama Brown.


Ralph Mole was driving back to Philadelphia....Roscoe sat at his side, looking out the window...

"That kid Basil's wedding is tomorrow Roscoe." said Ralph.

"Yup" he said.

"You going?" asked Ralph.

''Yeah,I'm going...I think I gave that kid the best wedding gift I could give anybody." said Roscoe.

"Oh yeah? What?" asked Ralph.

''His life."said Roscoe as he drifted off to sleep.

"You did at that." thought Ralph Mole as he continued to drive.

(Conclusion Next)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

I was in the office of the Attorney, Robert Foxworth....My friend, Chance Howard was also an Attorney there..We were working on a will!

"You know young fella, it's good that you're doing a will this early...Most folks don't want to think about this type of thing until it's too late." said Robert Foxworth.

For me, it could already be too late....I had some money stashed in an off shore account in the Caymen Islands and a few bucks in the bank here...I wanted Jennifer to have all of it, whether we made it to the alter or not. We were due to be married at the end of the week...I wondered often if I was even going to make it that far.

Jennifer was so happy...How could I tell her that she might be a widow sooner than she thought? We went to the mall,looking at furniture, curtains, et al for the new house...We went to marital counseling at the church and we made arrangements for a short honeymoon at a timeshare that belonged to Chris Thompson on Blue Island...His wedding gift to us. That made me somewhat happy.

There were times of relative quiet when I didn't think about it at all. That was how most marked people got it..When they weren't thinking about it..They never saw it coming. I'd be walking down the street and I 'd do a double take at every guy I saw...or every guy that seemed like he was looking at me funny...I still carried the gun that Donald Smooth gave me...I kept it serviced and fully loaded at all times...It would be just my luck...some cop would stop me for something and find it on me.


I met with Donald Smooth and another good friend, Sean Jackson in Josies a few nights later...We were sitting in a booth drinking and talking.

"Basil, I don't know if this is good news or bad news...but I know who accepted the contract on you." said Donald Smooth.

"Yeah and better than that...I got a photo." said Sean Jackson.

Sean Jackson was a photographer who worked with Kevin Morris at Hype Magazine...He also helped Kevin, who moonlighted as a private detective with his cases....

"Kevin and his wife Sepia are out of town.....They are in California on Vacation, so I couldn't go to him...but I know enough about his methods to kind of pinch hit...When Donald Smooth told me about your troubles...I went to New York with him...We talked to a few people who weren't afraid to talk and we got a scope on this cool cat." said Sean Jackson ,who tossed a photo in front of me of
a guy who I vaguely recognized...

"This cool cat is Cordell "Ice" Creame......A major playa in Geechie Dan's organization...I hear he has the number two spot now that Brad Richardson is dead...He's nowhere near as smart or shrewd as Brad, but he makes up for it in his lethalness...The cat shoots his victims and then encases them in ice..Thus the nickname." said Donald Smooth.

"Sounds like a real sweetheart...I met him a few times when I went to New York to turn in Geechie's end of the proceeds..He used to be a collector." I said.

"Well at least you know who is gunnin for you...You still got that heater I gave you?" asked Donald Smooth.

"Sure do." I said.

"Don't hesitate to use it...If you see him first...Light him up...He's standing between you and good things..remember that." said Donald Smooth as he and Sean patted me on the back, got up and quietly exited Josies.

That night I lie in the bed next to Jennifer....I was staring at the ceiling..She was sleeping silently and soundly...I looked over at her...For once , I had a reason to live...For once I had something to look forward to....I didn't want to have to hurt anyone...My soul was troubled....I said a silent prayer....I didn't know what I was going to do....


"Basil, did you see this?" asked Jennifer the next morning.

"No, what is it?" I asked.

"I guess this is a gift from somebody....It's a gift certificate for two cases of Beer , Imported Beer from the Gandison Beer Distributors and ice house..They are paid for...All we have to do is pick them up...It's for our reception next week." she said.

"Beer? I didn't order any beer! and I thought Gandison's Ice house went out of business a year ago?" I said.

"Well, somebody ordered it for you...and it's free." she said. "I guess it's a gift. Check it out, what can it hurt?" she said.

''Where you goin?" I asked.

"Me, Anita Jenkins and Cherish are going to Bernadette's spot to get our hair done...." she said as she left.

"Okay..I'll check this beer thing out." I said.

I wondered who would give me a gift certificate and not put their name to it, and for beer at that? ...Then I thought.....Beer??, Beer distributor!!.....Ice!!......This was a trap! If I didn't know who was after me...I would've walked right into to it...But I did know....I said another prayer...Then I loaded my .38 smokeless and stuffed it in pants....I was going to give "Ice" the surprise of his life. I had to end this...I wondered if I could reason with "Ice" Fat chance! I had to try.

Gandison's Beer Distributors and Ice house looked empty......I drove past twice....Finally, I parked...about two blocks away. I walked quietly down the street....I pushed the door empty abandoned warehouse....Perfect place for a hit!... I walked around in the warehouse...The refrigeration units were surprisingly still working and on!! Why Would they be on in an abandoned and supposedly closed warehouse???Why hadn't I gotten Donald Smooth or somebody to come down here with me? Yeah, there were lots of questions why? I heard the silent sound of footsteps ......Showtime!

I heard the sound of a gun clicking and I ducked down....It was him alright, Cordell "Ice" Creame...he fired three shots that whizzed past my head....I tried to reason with him...

"Cordell...why are you doing this? You know me man...I always been straight with you.." I said.

He fired another shot at me as I ran and ducked.

"How you know it was me? Who tipped you off?" he said as he fired at me again...I returned his fire and he ducked behind a wall....

"Listen to me Cordell...This is crazy...I got no beef with you." I said.

"It aint personal babe , it's just business....A man wants you dead aint for me to figure out. He's payin me well and oh well...I got to eat." he said...

In that case...I returned his fire...

"Ohhhhh, you gone try to talk to me and then shoot at me too!" he said.

"You're shootin at me!" I said.

"That aint the point..I'm supposed to shoot at you..I'm gettin paid." he said.

"What's he payin you? I'll double it , if you take him out for me." I said.

"Yeah? He's payin me a mil man." he said.

"You million dollars to take me out?" I said.

" got two million man?" he said.

"Nah man, Hell...I guess I'm just gonna have to take you out then..I can't afford that." I said and sent a fussilade of bullets his way, almost wounding him..I reloaded and moved to another position and fired again.

"'s like that..You cheap bastard...." he said...

By now, I was shooting and moving towards the exit into the main street behind the warehouse...He was coming behind me, shooting and running..

"Come back...Come back...don't run...take it like a man...I was gonna slip up behind you and kill you wouldn't have felt a thing!" said Cordell.
He was crazy...I wonder if the situation were in the reverse, would he have understood that kind of logic?

Just as he came running out of the warehouse...a huge bread truck was speeding around the corner! The driver was yelling-

"Hey get out of the wayyyy...the brakes are failing...I can't stop this thing..."

He jumped off of the truck, but Cordell was so busy trying to get at me that he didn't see the truck.....He turned around too late...


The truck hit him and sent his body flying through the wooden wall of the adjoining empty warehouse!! Finally the truck came to a halt at the corner of the block....just like that! Now this was eerie!

The truck driver ran over to me...

"You okay pal? This was the freakiest thing...I just lost control...I don't understand it." he said.

"I'm cool, but that other fellow isn't." I said.

"Oh my God....You know him?" asked the truck driver.

"Him? Nah..Never saw him in my life." I lied.

"I thought you was runnin from him." said the truck driver.

"Oh" I lied again.

We walked over to the other warehouse.. There was a body sized hole in the wall.
Sprawled on the floor in the corner lie, Cordell "Ice" Creame....Quite dead!!!!
I secretly removed his gun and got in my car and pulled off....The truck driver could talk to the cops and tell them what happened.

I felt good...Yet another person Geechie Dan had sent had come to a unfortunate ending....I think there was something to what Pastor Struthers said about a "Contract With God" This guy had tried to kill me and had met his end without me actually causing it...Hmmmm!


Jennifer and I enjoyed a delicious meal at Dollar Bill's joint, Bottom of the C that night...

"Oh Basil...this meal was scrumptious....but honey , you think we should be spending this kind of money this close to our wedding?" she asked.

"It's cool...this aint gonna hurt me..In fact, as good as I feel babe..I don't think anything is gonna hurt me for a long time." I said.

"Wow...You sure sound confident." I said.

"I got a "Contract With God" I said.

IV- In the "office" of Fathead Newton.

"That damn Geechie Dan has become a problem....He aced my good connect in Atlanta...and he's puttin the squeeze on some of my New York friends." said a Playa known as Panama Brown.

Fathead, Roscoe and Ralph Mole looked at him.

"So you come to Philadelphia to tell me about a problem you got with Geechie Dan in New York?" said Fathead.

"Look, Allejandro is in prison right now....He and I are business partners...If you would do us this solid Fathead, we wouldn't forget it...It could mean a big favor for you down the line...You feel me? Nobody in New York can get close to that freak...but an out of towner he don't know,just might" said Panama Brown.

"Nobody likes Geechie Dan....I sure don't...Hmmmmm, okay...Tell Allejandro, we'll make it happen." said Fathead.

"Boss...Allejandro tore New York City upside down tryin to get at Geechie we gonna do it and we from Philly?" asked Ralph Mole.

Fathead looked at Roscoe, his chief enforcer, Roscoe smiled.

"A motivated man can do a lot of things eh Roscoe?" said Fathead.

"Yeah...I been waitin for you or somebody to give me the word to get back at Geechie Dan...We got history....Panama..Tell Allejandro....Geechie Dan will be gone baby gone." said Roscoe.

Fathead looked at Ralph Mole.

" never know what it can do." laughed the Philly Kingpin...

Ralph Mole, Roscoe and Panama Brown raised their champaigne glasses and enjoyed a hearty laugh.

(To Be Continued...)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jenny From Da Block (Part 2)

Summer 2009-
I never told Jenny that there was a contract out on me...No things were quiet on the train the rest of the time....I started working a short route from Philly to DC....I was only in New York about twice a month....So things stayed quiet...I heard that Brad went to jail...For something totally unrelated...He got six months and Geechie Dan got pinched and was in jail for the time being himself..I felt kind of relieved...With them out of the way and on ice...I turned my thoughts to Jenny Smith...

Turns out, she was from my hood..I was about four years older than her, so I had missed her...But we knew the same people..Hung out at the same places and went to the same Middle School. She had gone to Girls High and I had attended Central, which was right down the street...Amazing how small a world it was!

She gave me her cell number and we called and texted each other on the regular. I got a Uhaul and me and my cousin drove down to her place in D.C. and got the rest of her stuff and brought it back to Philly...We helped her move into her apartment and everything. I paid my cousin out of my own money..wouldn't take a dime from her, even though she insisted.

She finally let me take her out...We went to Josies....Heard Ingrid Rhodes sing, Brooke Taylor on Guitar and the All Star Band play all in one night! Had a couple of drinks and talked until closing. She was good and lit....I drove her to her apartment...She was hanging on my shoulder..

"Give me your keys girl." I said laughing..

I opened the door and walked her inside...Layed her on the couch...I went to her kitchen and made her some coffee....We sat and drank an entire pot of coffee and just talked.....

'' could take some classes you know...better yourself..You don't want to be a Porter the rest of your life do you?"she asked me.

"No,I don't..." I said.

"You ever think about doing something...being something different?" she asked.

"Yeah, sometimes...I guess I could start at community....and when the time was right, enroll in Temple like my man Chess did." I said.

"You know Chess and crazy ass Chris Thompson?" she laughed.

"Known em all my life." I laughed..

''Oh my God...I grew up down the street from Chess....I know his wife, Rell...."she laughed.

"Me too...Small world isn't it?" I laughed...

" is..." she said and stared at me deeply.....At this point, I hadn't even held her hand.....I leaned over and kissed her softly at first....then I slowly leaned in and kissed her long....She didn't resist....I slowly opened her blouse...She was wearing a pink bra..She moved my hand at first...

''Ohh...I'm sorry...movin a little too fast.." I said...She smiled softly, then gave me a little pouty face, then kissed me for a long time....I couldn't help it...I slid my hand into her blouse and rubbed the outside of her bra...This time she didn't stop me...I unhooked it and we continued kissing...I slipped my hand up under her skirt and slipped her pink thong down... I kissed her on the neck and worked my way down to her breasts and began kissing and sucking on them...She held my head close to her tightly now...I kissed her neck and found my way back to her soft lips and now we were soul kissing....

I unzipped her skirt and eased it off....I unzipped my pants and eased out of them and my socks...We were still kissing...

"Ohhh Basil..Ohhhhhhhh.." she moaned as I climbed on top of her , and slowly entered her soft and wet vagina...She kind of looked stunned, but she didn't resist...I was gentle....not rough and hard as I had been with other women..I wanted to savor every minute with this special woman.

"Ouuuuuuuu Basil....ouuuuuuu, it's so goooood baby...ohhhhh, just be cool.....ohhhhhhhhhhh.." she sighed quietly...We made love quietly on that couch, for close to an hour and a half..I could feel myself close to coming....She could too... I didn't want to though...This felt too good...just like..or even better than I had imagined it might be...Her skin was so soft and she smelled just like baby oil...I was totally entranced..

"Please Basil...don't come inside me...don't...pull out..please....." she begged..

I did...and I erupted like Mt. Saint Helen...all over her coffee table!!!!

" really came hard....It must have been a long time since you had some huh?" she asked.

I wanted to laugh..but I all I could manage was a smile.

"It has been long....but were just....just mind blowing." I said.

"Yeah right! "she smirked.

"I aint was all that and a bag of chips baby." I said, kissing her on the neck...She was still kind of buzzed..

''You want to spend the night Basil?"

"I do...I do...I won't be no trouble." I said. "I'll even sleep on the couch." I continued.

"I guess you won't be trouble now." she said with a laugh. "We done already did the nasty. You might as well sleep in the bed with me."she continued.

"It wasn't nasty to me, it was beautiful." I said in all seriousness.

"I never heard a guy describe it quite like that before." she said.For the first time she was taking what I said seriously...

I slept with her in that bed for the first time and I think I knew that I wanted her laying beside me for the rest of my life...We woke up the next morning, showered and went to breakfast......

"I had a great time last night." I said.

"I just know you did." she laughed.

"Seriously...I really like you and I'm thinkin, maybe know...Like , me and you could uh...ahh just start kickin it and see where this leads?" I said.

"Are you sayin you wanna be mah boyfriend?" she said in a mock southern accent.

"Go ahead, make fun...I'm trying to be serious." I said.

"Okay...We'll see where this leads...We' start slow okay...No promises, No big expectations alright?" she said.

"Yeah...I'd like that." I said.


We continued to see each other and eventually, I took her advice and enrolled in Community College... We pooled our money together and put a down payment down on a house...It's small, but it's a start...Christmas of 2010, I asked her to marry me....and so here we are.....
I'm a few months from an Associates Degree....I have applied to Temple and Lasalle...I'm engaged , Jenny is now on staff as a Nurse at Pennsylvania Hospital..I'm still working the trains and somebody out there is looking to put me in a pine box....I hope my Contract With God isn't up yet!

(To Be Continued...)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jenny From Da Block (Part 1)

Spring 2009-

It was June...I had been out of the game for six months...I had sold my connect to a cat named Scooter...He rode the trains, picked up the package and sold it to all of my old customers...I watched him make the money I used to make and brag about the things he was getting...Just as i once had...It didn't concern me anymore...I was making an honest buck, didn't have to look over my shoulder and wonder if I'd get pinched by the cops anymore... I felt freer than I had in a long time...

Scooter ,unfortunately..talked a little too much and his incessant chatter caught the attention of the rail police, who passed it on to the DEA...In May of 2009, Scooter, Brad Richardson and 49 other themselves arrested and charged with drug smuggling, possession with intent to distribute controlled substances, et al....I was so glad that I was no longer a part of that.

The 49 runners had to eat the charges and take 5- 10 year prison sentences...Brad Richardson, got off with two years probation, but was told he could no longer ride this particular train....Scooter was out on probation, pending sentencing.... He was found in a Maryland suburb with a rat in his mouth, and two neat bullet holes in his dome....A pretty nasty business...I imagine Geechie Dan lost a lot of revenue.

Brad Richardson got word to me that Geechie Dan wanted me to reconsider and to come back into the fold...but I said "No"...I was done...I wasn't meant for this game...I ran into Chris Thompson and Donald Smooth around this time and they told me to watch my back...They said they had heard from a good source that maybe I had better not spend anytime in Brooklyn , when my train banked in New York...I knew what that meant...That there was a contract out on me. My old friends, Geechie Dan and Brad Richardson had it in for me!

I admit...It wasn't the best news...but I didn't think about it too much.....My mind was on a cute little dime piece that was riding from Washington D.C. to Philly like clock work every weekend..
almost. She started riding in March and here it was May and she was still riding....I struck up a
conversation with her.

I figured she was a college chick....She had that written all over her...I expected her to be stuck up...She wasn't...She turned out to be quite easy to talk to...So easy that I practically told her my life story...even about the drugs...and how I'd stopped dealin and slangin and was dedicated to working an honest job...I told her how I gave everything up...The fast life, the good life..everything! She was surprisingly touched by what I had done...

"Not a lot of guys would have turned their backs on all of that." she laughed.

"I kept the car." I joked....I really did...She laughed....

Her name was Jenny...Jenny Smith.....She had just gotten her Masters from Howard and was in the process of moving back to Philadelphia.

"So what , you're coming back and forth every week to see your man?" I asked.

"Is that your way of asking if I got a man?" she asked with a laugh..

"Well uh, yeah." I said. I felt no reason to be coy or dishonest...I felt no fear around this woman at all..

"No...I don't have a man..Don't have a working car anymore either...So I've been slowly transferring stuff back and forth up here ever so often...and my girlfriends meet me at the train station..I'm moving back to Philly...I've got a couple of job offers lined up." she said.

"Fine as you are and you don't have men knocking down your doors...I'm surprized." I said. She had that look like...She'd heard this line before and she probably had.

"I've been busy.....YOU been busy..I don't hear you talkin bout no woman." she retorted.

"Touche'...I guess I had that comin.....Nah...I had friends...but nobody really important..." I said.

"Friends eh? Hahahahahahah, okayyyyyy." she laughed.

"For real...Nobody important....I could be lookin to make that move in the near future though." I said with a sly grin.

"Oh Really?" she said and then smiled.

"Ya never know...anything could happen." I said.

"That's true." she continued..

"Listen...I got some days off...I can get a U-Haul truck and drive down to DC with you and bring the rest of your stuff back up here...You were gonna need one eventually anyway...You can't bring your furniture back on the train." I said.

"Would you? That's sooo nice...I was gonna either ship it or put it in storage until I could find some guys to help me." she said...

''Nah...I got you."I said.

Funny how you notice somebody, but you don't notice them?....This guy used to get on the train in New York ever so often...He wore dark sunglasses, a trench coat, khaki pants with no socks and Penny loafers...He carried a small metal case with him at all times and ,I guess an ipod...He listened to his music...Got off in DC...Got back on and rode back to New York....He had looked a little odd...but so did a lot of folks...

I was talking to Jenny one particular Friday afternoon, when her eyes got as large as saucers...
She pushed me out of the way and took her pocketbook and slugged this guy in the face....He had
a gun with a silencer!!! That's what was in the metal case and he had it aimed at my head!!!He fell backwards and the gun went off! I grabbed Jenny and we ran into the next car...The man followed us!

"GUN...HE got a gun!!" screamed some of the passengers....He attempted to run...but an armed train cop in plain clothes ordered him to stop...He turned with the gun aimed at the cop!...Bad move...The plain clothes cop fired two times...striking the guy in his chest and killing him instantly!!!He fell to the ground and dropped his weapon....

"Basil, he had a gun...Oh my God ,What was up with that?" screamed Jenny...

"He was crazy, I guess." I said...but I knew that he was the man assigned to kill me!

There was pandemonium on the you could guess....We were all a bit unnerved!!!
Jenny had saved my life!! Geechie Dan and Brad Richardson had made their first attempt on my life...They had failed...

Of course the story made the news....No one knew why this man was on the train with a gun!
Except me!....

(Definitely To Be Continued......)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

All Them Good Things

"One thing I always respected about you Chess is that you always kept it one hundred baby..You were smart...You went to college, got married, never got in the drug game and today...You livin the good life." I said to my friend we had breakfast at Mabel Jenkins Soul Food Joint.

"Yeah man...I knew from the door that I wasn't built for the game." said Chess.

"Me neither...but I thought I was....." I said.

''Same here partner" came the unmistakable voice of one of the biggest baddest and realist brothers in the game, Chris Thompson...He used to be the big cheese in West Philly and Southwest Philly....and then one day..he gave it all up..Turned over everything to Arthur Newton...another childhood friend of mine, who is now called "Fathead" Newton....He runs West and southwest Philly.

Chris Thompson had some legitimate businesses while he was running things, After he got out of the game...He and Chess teamed up and now are millionaires many times over...They in Real Estate, got a shopping center, gyms, juice bars..
and the best thing...Unlike me...They no longer have to look over their shoulders.
I admire the both of them.

"Heard you gettin married Basil....and that you joined the church, goin to school and all...Damn done done a 360...I remember when you and I were rivals..Friendly had your thing on the trains..and I had my thing on the streets..but still..." laughed Chris Thompson.

"Yeah man...I been taking courses at Community College on my days off..I'm three months away from an Associates Degree." I offered.

"That's good man, real good ..You still workin on the trains?" asked Chess.

"Yeah man....I hope I live long enough to do all them good things." I said.

"I heard that that psychopath , Geechie Dan has a contract on you." said Chris Thompson.
"Allejandro, my old connect from New York City had a contract on him a few years back...but none of his people could get to that freak..He don't stay in one place long enough to pin him down....They worked out their differences I heard...but I was sure hopin somebody put a bullet in him..Never liked that guy."he continued as he sipped his coffee.

"Our man, Donald Smooth is in New York tryin to get the skinny on what's up with that...You know...He had a point man named Spade who came here and hired Elephant Jones, Gorilla Lewis and Tornado Jones to take you out...He came here himself with that freak,Johnny Boy...but as you must've heard..All of em have uh had rather unfortunate accidents..heh ,heh,heh.." laughed Chris Thompson.

"Yeah man...what? You got a Contract with God or something? Without you even liftin a finger..seems like everybody Geechie sent for you got wiped out without you doin a thing or even knowin about it...You scare me man, more than Geechie Dan" joked Chess.

There was that term again...Contract with God!! The pastor had used that term a few days ago....Was there something to it?? I didn't know...If I lived the week out I'd certainly know...I hadn't told Jenny yet ,just how bad things were..She was excited about us getting married soon...We had already put down money on a house...Thanks to Kevin's wife, Sepia and her business associate, Bonita....

Jenny had her job as a nurse, I had my job on the trains and I had enrolled at community college and almost finished..still...I wasn't gonna feel right until I knew that there was no longer a bounty on my head..

Maybe the only way to be sure was to go to New York and kill Geechie Dan...I only hoped that it wouldn't come to that...but how could I ever have any peace with that psychopath alive and free? Still, I had pledged to be a good man and a good man was not a killer.

"I wouldn't worry none Basil" said Chris..."You here in Philly...We got your back babe." he said.

"Thanks man." I said...but I knew that Chris and Chess didn't have the muscle to protect me from Geechie...Geechie had money and reach and could call in the
best....Although now of days..the "best" was a little depleted...Cats like Sonny Templeton, Junkyard Doggie, Malik Lockjohn...Jack Daniels and Tom Collins were all dead....and the rumor was...Nobody was really interested in coming to Philly for any reason...Philly was bad luck for hitters.... Geechie's money and persuasion could and would change that!


A few days later, I ran into Donald Smooth in Josie's...He bought me a beer and sat down next to me..He talked quietly so that only I could hear what he was saying...

"Hey Basil...I don't know what to make of this...but word on the street is that Geechie aint himself now of days...He's obsessed with a certain Philly player who he says made a fool out of him...That playa or ex playa would be you." he laughed.

"I made him a lot of money man...and then I got out of the game..." I said.

"Hey Basil...I know man...but Geechie is old school...With in it for don't retire...He's stuck in his ways...but check this out...His number two, a cat named know him?"asked Donald Smooth.

"Yeah..That's the guy who put me on and put me in touch with Geechie Dan..A two faced snake.." I said.

"Was a two faced snake...He's dead!" said Donald.

"What?" I asked.

"He was messin with another players wife in Harlem...The cat walked in on both of them and shot them both to death...He in jail now...That's one less cat you got to worry about...He was the brains in Geechie Dan's organization...but the bad news is..Somebody did take the contract." said Donald Smooth.

"Who?" I asked.

"I don't know, I was tryin to find out, but everybody got tight lipped, People are that afraid to cross Geechie Dan..I'm kind of worried that they might pass my name along to him...just watch your back..Stay close to the vest." he said. "Let's take a walk." he said.

We walked outside and he passed me a .38 smokeless! It was wrapped up in a wash cloth and in a paper bag.

"What's this?" I asked.

"It's a gun..what it look like? The serial number is gone....Keep it on may need it...If you have to use it..Use it ,wipe it clean and ditch it." he said.

"I don't know man." I said.

"I DO know.....Geechie Dan aint no joke...You may have to send him a personal message...That you aint the one to be trifled with.Now take this and be careful Basil." said Donald Smooth. "Me and my associates will try to watch your back as much as possible...Keep your ear to the wood babe." he continued.

"Alright man." I said.

"Look man, you got a nice lookin chippy that you gettin ready to marry, got a job, done bought a house and all...You wanna be around for all them good things right...I know the Lord takes care of us...thats why he made .38 smokelesses , so we can take care of ourselves , while he busy tending to something that may be more important. Now go ahead....Be easy Basil." laughed Donald Smooth.

"Always man." I said and we gave each other dap.

His logic was a bit twisted...but still good advice ,considering the circumstances!

(To Be Continued....)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Contract With God

"The Doors of the Church are open...Is there one? Is there one? " said Deacon Larry Weatherford as the organ began to play louder and more intense....I was sitting there sweating bullets..and not intending to move...Then Reverend Struthers stood up and stretched his hand out-

"I don't know...Maybe you're not worried about where you spend eternity....Maybe you figure you'll come back next week and do this.....Listen to me...I know that one of you...maybe two or three of you ,might not be back here next week or ever....Your time will be up....Might be up by the end of this day...It aint promised to you...Won't you come? Won't you give your life to the one who offers you eternal life...Our Lord and Savior ,Jesus Christ!!! "

That got me to thinkin...Maybe I should go up there...Just for insurance sake...I was a man with a bullseye on my back.....Then Deacon Weatherford said-

"Why go someplace where you aint invited? Aint nobody invited you to Hell.....But you have been invited to spend eternity with the Heavenly Father..won't you come? Won't you come?"he said....

That's when I stood up....My fiance, Jennifer stood up too...She was crying.....

"Oh Basil...Go on honey, Go what you feel? You need me to walk with you?" she said.

That's why I love Jennifer....She's been my ride or die ever since I met her.....She saved my life and she gave me a reason to want to stay alive....I'll get to that later....I stood up and people began clapping and cheering and I took one step...then two...and then finally, I walked down the aisle where another Deacon shook my hand and hugged me and yet another one slapped me on the back....

Pastor Struthers smiled and said-

"Satan just lost another one....We got another soul...Another warrior for Christ."

This was met with fervent applause and handclaps.....I was whisked downstairs where I was assigned a "Spiritual Counselor" who would meet with me twice a week and go over the Bible with me and get me prepared for Baptism and church membership....

"Uh brother...we've had some problems with our Baptismal pool and it is being repaired, So on fourth Sunday, We will all be having a dual Baptism with Shiloh Sanctified Baptist Church around the corner." Said Pastor Struthers..

"Oh, that's uh cool with long as I get it done." I said.

Four weeks? I might not be alive in four weeks...If I was to die...At least I made some steps ...steps that would land me in the right place.... I deserve some Heaven after the Hell I made my life...

First off, My name is Basil Robinson....I used to be a drug dealer...A big time dealer....It started when I was working as a porter on a train...I used to work on the Acela train in between New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. I sold Cigarettes and Cold Water and Sandwiches
on the train...I was making pretty good money....A guy...a guy from New York named Brad Richardson saw me...Took a liking to me and interested me in a "Big money scheme " he said could bring us both a lot of dough...

He gave me a "package" This package had a high grain of Cocaine in it....He gave me the name of contacts in Philadelphia, where I'm from, D.C. and New York who were interested in buying the "package"....The arrangement was for me to meet them, make the sale and meet him where he told me to meet him...Not too much risk. I did as I was told and pretty soon I was taking home my pay and a little extra dough.

I was industrious...I soon started talking to folk in Philly...My own folks. I got Mr. Richardson more customers and soon I was bringing in more dough...I met a few people in D.C. on my own and expanded his and my end even more....After about a year of doing this...He told me to come to New York...

"I wanna introduce you to an important man." he says...That important man was his boss. A man known as ''Geechie Dan"of Brooklyn. He took me to meet Geechie Dan...Told him what a good and enterprising little hustler I was and Geechie Dan soon told me...

"You've been doin good...Put yourself together a team of your own....They'll work for you...I'll give you my good dope..They'll move it and I'll give you points on the packages....If you do good , you won't even have to work on those damn trains anymore." He said.

He was right...In a year, I made so much money, that I quit working on the train...I bought myself a fly new car, A condo in downtown Philly and had a small street team that did my collecting for me and supervised the cats on the street moving my stuff...I even had a crooked guard at the prison moving stuff for me....

I was living large for awhile....I wasn't around the stuff or any weapons...and like the legendary Chris Thompson...a high school friend of mines...I kept a low profile and kept quiet...Police didn't then and still don't know that I even existed...And I sat back and raked in the dough...I had women, I went on vacations to Vegas, Miami, Los Angelas, The Caymen Islands...the works...and never had a problem...

Then ....I had a problem....A cat named Freddie who worked for me was stealing...Not stealing lightly, but a lot...He was a big coke head....I had some guys rough him up and I fired him...but it wasn't enough...Geechie Dan and Mr. Richardson wanted me to make an example out of him..Kill him! I wasn't no killer...I didn't sign up for that and the thought of having to do that made me sick on my stomach...Plus I knew the guy... They told me to hire someone to do the job and not to think about it....I couldn't do it....So I told Freddie to get out of town.

Freddie did what I told him...but he went to New York!!! Wrong place...There, a hitman named Jack Daniels killed him....I felt awful about this...I decided then that I just didn't have what it took to be in this kind of business...So, I sold all of my connects...Just like my boy Chris did and I
moved back to West Philly and got my old job back on the train...I was out the game!

Not that easy....Geechie Dan said that there is no way out..."You're in this game for life...only way out is death!" He and Richardson put Jack Daniels on me....Only Jack Daniels got himself killed
here in Philly in some unrelated mess.

They hired home grown hitters, Elephant Jones and Gorilla Lewis to take me out...I hid out in Newark with my cousin. Strange thing...Elephant Jones and Gorilla Lewis have vanished off the face of the Earth! Nobody knows what happened to them...I mentioned them to my friends, Kevin Morris, Kool Kat and Clerow and they all looked at each other and laughed...They assured me that I wouldn't have to worry about those two ever again.

Then Geechie sent a cat named Spade down here to Philly to look for Elephant Jones and Gorilla
Lewis. He came down here with the hitmen, Johnny Boy Peters and Elephant Jone's equally lethal brother ,Tornado Jones...They wound up gettin theyselves killed by a hitman out of Patterson named Tom Collins, who just got himself shot to death last week.

I aint had nothing to do with none of that....Pastor says that when God is for you, No weapon formed against you will prosper...I sure hope so....Everybody Geechie done sent after me, done had an unfortunate accident...But I'm not stupid...The law of averages says that nobody lives forever and everybody's luck runs out.....Sooner or later somebody is going to get lucky and get me...I want to get married, I done got out the game...I want to be an honest man....Trouble is...I
might not live long enough to do either...Geechie still has a contract on me.

"You look worried son." said Pastor Struthers.

"Pastor...I aint been a good man...I might be in a little trouble." I said.

"With the law?"he asked.

"Nah, I wish...In the streets." I said.

"Relax....Everybody done something.Lord knows I have...My problem was women....But son, once you give your life to the Lord, you'd be surprised how things work out..He aint bring you this far to let you go." said Pastor Struthers.

"I hope you're right." I said.

"Sure I am son....You protected...You got a Contract with God now." he said.


(To Be Continued.......)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift

I dialed Debbie's number....I know Reed Nelson had warned me not to and given me a good pummeling to make his point...but lust was over ruling my good common sense.. I got a message saying that her phone had been dis-connected. Damn! Debbie was serious...she had actually changed her number on me...I could not believe it.

I called Mabel Jenkins's number...Good lawd that woman was fine...One of the biggest regrets of my life is that I never got any of that...I had her over here once..Had her panties wet too...I know I did...but she wouldn't budge...Ran off and left me high and dry...I called Debbie that night as a substitute...Now that was some good lovin...and the second time she agreed to come over here..was even better....I was getting a hard on just thinking about her....

"Hello? What do you want Ralph?" came the undeniably sweet voice of Mabel Jenkins...Who like me , was also a cook...Unlike me...Mabel owned about three restaraunts now...While I slaved away as the top chef at Dollar Bill's joint..."Bottom of the C" , A seafood bar and restaraunt. I wanted to say..."You know good and well what I want gurlll..." but I didn't.

"Hey Mabel...what's good?" I said.

" is booming...Spring is almost here...I couldn't be happier." she said.

"So...Valentines Day is tomorrow and I happen to know that Reed and the band are out of town
and uh....." I said...She cut me off.

"Wrong Ralph....Reed and Debbie are out of town....They're in Vegas.....Everybody else is here in Philly...They just aint giggin...Whoever gave you your news, gave you the wrong skinny." she said with a laugh.

''So that means uh, ruh that "88" is in Philly too?" I asked weakly.

"Yes sir...he is...He on his way here now...We goin out tonight...To Mulberry Street for drinks after we go out to dinner." she said.

''Wow...that's uh...that's uh nice." I said....not able to hide the disappointment in my voice.

"Can I give you some free advice Ralph?" she said.

"Yeah...What's that?" I asked.

"Why don't you find you a girl that doesn't have a man? Someone just for you...Then you don't have to call around to see if someone's man is in town or not...I heard that Reed gave you quite a beating....and "88" would shoot you if he even thought you were calling me....Find yourself a girl of your own...Bye now." said Mabel."

Wow! She knew....She knew about Debbie and me or at least she knew now....People can't keep a secret in this damn town....At least Black people can't!! I thought!

I showered and shaved, splashed on some cologne and put on a brand new suit I bought up in New York City, a few weeks ago...I wasn't going to sit in here alone on Valentine's Day....Didn't have a date...Didn't even have a booty call and I hadn't had anything resembling a girlfriend in a longgg time....What to do? Hell, I worked at "Bottom of the C." -Didn't want to go there...There was Ciros , No music!!, The Mermaid Club...too many hookers and low lives....With no date,I didn't want to go to Mulberry Street...So I guess it was Josies...


"Damn Ralph....You just killed a bottle of Ciroc....Am I going to have to carry you to your car?" laughed Gus, the bartender and owner of Josies? I was surprised at his tone....I never got the impression he liked me all that much...

"Nah man, I'm straight....Give me another bottle, two glasses with ice and orange peels..." I said.

"Whoa'd better do like the man said and slow down...Life is short." came the voice to the side of me. The voice belonged to the sexiest looking woman I'd seen in Josie's in awhile that I didn't already know.

"My name is Lois...Lois Collins." she said. She had beautiful hazel eyes...a figure that defined the word curvaceous and a rack that could hold several drinks....Nice firm breasts....Nice shapely legs and soft brown skin...She was wearing a tight Black dress that was hugging every curve of her beautiful body.

"Well Helloooo...The name is Ralph...Ralph Scallion.." I said.

"Pleased to meet you...Since you have two glasses...would you mind sharing? " she asked.

"But of course...." I said. She could see my tongue hanging from my mouth...drooling..........

"I'm not from here...I'm from North Jersey....I'm only in Philly for a few days on business." she said.

"Oh....I'm the top chef at a place called "Bottom of the C" , a seafood bar and grill..If you are ever in need of a good meal while you are here...I'll give you directions and you just stop by." I said.

"I'll do that....My husband himself killed down here last week...and I came down here to pick up the body...I hope that didn't bring you down." she said.

"Oh naw...naw..." I said. At least her husband was dead, I thought! "Sorry for your loss." I said.

"Don't be...Turns out he was a big liar...We were married for ten years, had three kids...All the while I thought he was a contractor....a businessman !!! and it turns out, he's a contract killer...
Killed close to a hundred people....No funeral home would take him in Patterson, once the news got out who he was and what he'd done...I finally made arrangements to have his remains cremated. After that's taken care of...I'm out of here." she said.

We killed that bottle of Ciroc and another bottle and talked for what seemed like hours..It was near closing time...I was still good and horny as well as lit..If I was going to make a move..I figured I might as well make it now...

"You know....You aint got nobody...and I'm all alone, drinkin myself silly...and it is Valentine's Day...Why don't we just get out of here..Go some place quiet, relax, kick our heels up and uh you know...drown our sorrows." I said.

"You Philly guys don't waste much time do you? " she laughed.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I guess I've had too much to drink...I didn't mean any disrespect or to be too forward." I said.

''It's okay...I just said you didn't waste anytime...I didn't say it was a bad idea."she said with a wink.


Once in my spot...I slowly unzipped her dress...She had so much going on...She had to help me get that dress off! She stepped out of her heels and slipped her pantyhose off...I unzippered my trousers...I had had a raging erection all day long and it wasn't about to be any less raging now...
She stroked it gently for a long while...Then, before I could make a move or anything...She was on her knees..taking all of me in her mouth...

''Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...arggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!"I moaned...

"Ouuuuuuuu....I haven't done this in soooo longgggg....ummmmmph...ouuuuuuuuuuu..." she moaned as she continued for what seemed like an hour...I couldn't take much more....I pulled it out of her mouth and gently lifted her up....I kissed her breasts hungrily and massaged them with both of my hands....

I layed her on the bed softly and parted her legs and used two fingers to gently enter inside of her...she writhed and moaned very loudly...I heard my neighbor banging on the wall...

"I'm sorry for being so loud...but it feels so gooooood....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, soooo goooooood."she moaned...

"Don't worry about him...he's just jealous...he don't get no action." I laughed.

We kissed and she stroked my penis a little bit for awhile and finally, I could resist no more..I entered her with all I had...We began rocking and out...back and forth.....first very slow and then hard...faster...faster....My bed began a rhythmic rocking back and forth and into the wall...My neighbor continued to bang on the wall...but there was no way I was stopping then...
Then I began to feel a wetness...Was she urinating? No, she was ejaculating...I had heard that women do this sometimes...but it was the first time I had ever made a woman do this....

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHH..OHHHHHHHH...OHHHHH MY GAWWWWD" she moaned..."Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.." she cooed.

My neighbor was now going crazy, banging on the wall....

''Make her come already and shut uppppppp...I'm tryin to sleep."

Lois laughed and tucked her head under my shoulders....."Oh I'm so embarrassed...I've...I've never carried on like that...and I've got your sheets all wet...Oh I'm so sorry....Wow Ralph,you, you, you made me come so hard...."she laughed. 'Whooooeee...I've never come so hard like that before." she said with an
embarrassed school girl like smile...

"Girl, you aint got nothing to be embarrassed about ." I said. Surprisingly, I hadn't come yet!! She noticed...

"Oh My God...What did you do, take a Cialis or something? You're still as hard as a rock." she said...Giving me a sheepish grin..

"It's okay...really." I said..

"No...I'll take care of that." she said and she climbed on top of me and eased herself down on me and began to move slowly and quietly....up and down...I squeezed her now very sensitive breasts
and within a short while...I was exploding inside of her....

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." she squealed....''Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ..Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." she moaned as I realized she was climaxing again!!!

We slept for close to six hours ....I woke up...Made some coffee, and some fresh squeezed orange
juice and looked around...and there was Lois...looking as sexy as ever in one of my shirts..
I grabbed her and we kissed for a very long time...I walked her into my shower and turned on the hot water...I washed her hair and her whole body and mounted her again in the shower......

"Ohhhhhhh gawddddddddddddddddd...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.." she moaned as we made sweet morning love in the shower....We both climaxed together...still kissing until the water turned cold..

"Oh My God...I've had several orgasms like I've never had before....ouuuuuu...Ralph, you got skills man." she said.

My neighbor beat on the wall again- "GO TO SLEEP...SHUT UP THE NOISE...."

"Hey's 9:30 in the morning." I yelled.

"It is?? Awwwww...I'm late for work!" he yelled back through the wall...Lois laughed..I smiled.

She dressed and so did I...We shared a cup of coffee and I walked her outside to the parking lot..

"Thank you Ralph...Thank you for the best Valentine's Day gift ever." she said and we kissed again, long and hard...

"You will come to my restaraunt won't you?" I asked.

"Maybe...I don't know...." she said.

"Well can I call you? You got a number, an e-mail address?" I asked.

"What I don't have is time right now...Maybe when my business is settled ...I'll drop by and visit you." she said.

"Okay" I said and waved as she drove away.....I didn't expect to ever hear from her again.She had got me to thinking though...She had been the first woman I'd slept with in a long time that didn't belong to somebody else..Who I had to sneak and call...Maybe...Maybe Mabel had a point.
Maybe I should find someone just for me. No stress, No ducking and hiding...It was a thought.

Lois had been a great Valentine's Day gift.....and judging by the way Lois screamed in there,
I had been a great gift too!