Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Love Don't Have Your Back

You know I would've given you the world..
if you'd have consented to be my girl,
but you would've just broken my heart..
I'm not mad at you...
I'm just not the guy for you
and that's not your fault...
but oh, I should have known that from the start.../

oh yeah..

you see it took so many years for me to
it took so much time for me to know...
I had to grow from a boy into an older man...
to throw away all of my preconceived notions
and finally let go.../

/I thought love had my back...
but love is just love
Love don't have your back...
love don't owe you a damn thing..
I thought love was enough...
but times can sure get tough...
and sometimes it's not worth the heartache it brings..

/I know you love him...
but he just sees you as something to do..
but you don't care..
you have consented to be his fool..
Still I'm not mad at you...
You think he's the guy for you...
you can't help who you're attracted to...
but baby, I sure wish that it was me./

you see it took so many years for me
to understand
it took so much time for me to know
I had to progress from being a boy
into being a man..
and throw away all of the bullshit
and allow myself to grow-/

I thought that love had my back
but love is just love.
love don't have your backlove don't owe you a damn thing..
I thought that love was enough
a little devotion, a little trust...
and not worth the heartache it brings.../

love don't have your back.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Gettin it On

ART: "Right Now" By Merrill Robinson

I know
you've been talkin bout gettin it on
cause I've been
thinkin bout the same thing too..
and if what you've been talkin about what
I've been thinkin
then the notion can't be wrong....
so come on let's make that move.. /

Girl you know what's up
I can tell by the way you look at me
with eyes that are more than a little corrupt
that wonder about the possibilities...
because you
no longer want to negotiate
you just want it hard and strong..
you can no longer wait..
and me?
well I'm willing to accomodate..
I've been ready to get it on
I just wanted to get it straight.../

Call my name
doesn't matter what time of night
I won't complain..

I'll give you what you need

when you need it and how you need it..
and when I'm through with you,
it will be mutually conceded.. that I was about the business of gettin it on..
just as you were girl, so it couldn't of been wrong.
So let's both be about the business of gettin it on./

Sunday, September 28, 2008

He Better Know

/He better know
Girl he'd better know
that he's got an Angel in you
and if he don't know...
I'll come a runnin
with a quick emotional rescue..
he'd better know
and if he don't know
you'd better tell him that
I'm just a phone call away
so let me know if you're ever
feelin some kinda way../

"let me lock and load right here baby.."

/From the day I first laid eyes on you
without mixed emotions I knew..
that I wanted you for myself..
and it nearly broke my heart in two
that you had desires for someone else../

And everyday, I saw all of the things that you
did for him.. and I always wished that you
were doing those things for me..
Everyday I prayed to God that that guy would
set you free...
and even now I'm sittin here wishin and hopin
that you were right here with me../

/Cause if you call my name..
I'll come runnin, like the falling rain..
just let me hear a rumor that you're in need..
Just let me hear a whisper that you're free..
and you can be so sure.
that I'll be beatin a path to your door...
you won't be lonely a second more../

Tell that boy that he'd better know
that he's got an angel in you...
tell that guy he'd better know
that he's got a princess in you..
and if he don't know..
I'll be waiting at the crossroads
of love for you...
He better know
That I'll be a rippin and a runnin..
Oh he better know
that if you call me
I'll be a skippin and a jumpin../

Just 4 you.....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sweet Dick's Blues

William "Sweet Dick" Jenkins liked riding on the train...He didn't like flying...He much preferred the solitude of the long train ride. He felt his thigh..It had only been weeks since they had taken the bandages off in that hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His wounds had healed..Wounds inflicted by his oldest daughter, Victoria...The one he abandoned, back when he was running wild. He regretted that.
He had pleaded with the authorities to drop the charges against her...They had decided to keep her in psychiatric care for at least six months.He visited Victoria a
few times before he decided to return to Louisiana...She seemed to be doing alright.
She planned to divorce that no good smooth talking preacherman, John Struthers. Sweet Dick had not liked him anyway.He just seemed more like a pool hall hustler than
a preacherman. He got Victoria a lawyer to expedite the matter. As for Reverend Brother Doctor, Pastor John Struthers, he didn't waste much time...That old jackleg started dating the choir director, no sooner than Victoria had entered the psyche ward...It seemed like that nice Deacon paid more attention to Victoria than he did.
Deacon Weathorford visted Victoria everyday...He would see the Deacon coming in, when he was on his way out...Such a nice fella, a bit strange...but nice just the same.

Sweet Dick admired the pretty female conductor as he ate his breakfast in the dining car...Blueberry Pancakes with Maple syrup and sausages with Orange Juice and Coffee. It was alright, this train food, but it didn't hold a candle to Mable,his
middle daughter's cooking was off the chain , she cooked the finest most delicious dishes for him the entire time he was in Philly. She gave him a bag full of her Fried Chicken and her bangin biscuits to take with him. He would never say it, but Mabel was his favorite...The one most like his late wife, thier mother. He liked her boyfriend too...Nice fella.

His baby girl, Cora Beth made him a Grandfather...She gave birth to a little girl, which she named Clarice...She even got married..Married that damn Clerow. Never trusted that fish eyed nigga...He used to go with Mabel, til she caught him with Cora Beth...That's what made Mabel leave in the first place.

 He followed Mabel to Philly and Cora Beth followed him. Told that big lie about that being Manly Jackson's baby...Everybody knows that Manly Jackson got snipped years ago..He couldn't make no baby...That there is Clerow's baby. She told him the truth, right before they got married. Sweet Dick caught him checkin Mabel out at the reception.

Never did trust that damn Clerow.
Well, it seemed that all was well that ended well in Philly. He was on his way home now..back to Shreveport.

When he arrived at her house, the first thing he did was take a nice hot shower..
Georgia Ray noticed that he walked with a limp...She asked him..

"What happened up there in Philly?"

He shrugged and said..

'Ahhhh, I got into a little bit a drama
for a minute, kinda got myself shot..
but..I'm okay."

"Oh my god...I guess you got to relax.."

He slapped her on her rear end..

"Ohhh, Willie stop it..you so nasty.."

"Come on over here girl and let me show
you how nasty I really am." he laughed.

She was wearing only a bra and panties , He was wearing just his boxer shorts. She came over and sat on his lap...she felt the bulge between his legs hardening and practically rising her up an inch...She gently pulled it out and began
massaging it with her hands...

"Ummmmmmm, I see....maybe you don't have to relax
after all daddy."

"You ain nevah lied girl" he said..

He slipped her panties off slowly...placed his massive hands around her generous hips and entered her slowly...she gasped and let out a little squeal as he began moving in slow nearly non-existant motions and moaning with that honey laced baritone
of his...she began to coo..as he began to move faster, just slightly faster...
She grunted and moaned and began saying in an almost sing songy voice-

"ouuu.....ouuuuu...Willie, you are doing the
damn thanggggg....ohhhhhh willie....take it all,
take it allll babe,,,ouuuuuuuu..."

This went on for a good hour and a half..he kept kissing her, deep passionate kisses
and she kept moaning in that sing songy voice....

"Ouuuu, don't come inside me, please
don't come inside me..."

Willie Laughed maniacly and said -

"I can if I want to...uggggggh..."

But he didn't... He released on her thigh and all over the sofa....He rolled off of her and laid his head back...sweating and laughing like a mad man....

"My goodness Sweet Dick, you really missed
me didn't you." she sighed..Sweat running down
her neck...

"Could you get me a beer out the fridge?"
He grunted....

Sweet Dick was home.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


/I drove a stake through
the vampire's heart
just like the one you drove
through mine..
the one that tore it all apart../

/I shot and killed the werewolf
with a silver bullet from
my gun..
just as it killed me to see
us get so close and then see
you turn around and run../

I'm not worried
about vampires and werewolves
and such
but I get worried when it
comes to trusting you./

/I faced down Frankenstein's monster
I stood with him toe to toe...
I handled him a lot better
than I did the news that you were
going to up and go../

I poured the water on the wicked witch's
she evaporated just as quickly as you
slipped into another guy's bed.../

/I'm not worried about
Monsters and witches and such..
but I get a little worried
when it comes to trusting you.../

/I'm not worried about vampires
and werewolves and the like...
but I get a little worried
when it comes to being in love
with someone like you.../

/I've slayed dragons
without the slightest worry
or care...
but I get worried when it
comes to loving you.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Words Can Never Say

/I saw your girlfriend in the
Rite Aid the other day...
When she saw me, she was
getting ready to turn and
walk the other way...
I stopped and put my hand upon
her shoulder...
She couldn't have given me a look
that was any less colder.
I asked her if she'd seen you and if
you were doing well..
She gave me a look and then said
"Go to hell.."
I said "Wait a minute, I really, really
need to know...People can change,
people can grow.."
She looked at me with a little bit of
and I thought I saw a bit of empathy../

/ She said that you found a new job
new apartment and bought a new car..
Said you were living kinda large .....
but hadn't moved too far...
She said that you were dating a few guys
but nothing too seriously...
and that you'd be better off not hearing from me.../

/but what does she know
about what we had?
what can she know about our good times
and our bad?
I know that you probably told her a lot of things
but there are some things that words can never say...
things like how once upon a time
we felt a certain way.../

/ I smiled and bid your girlfriend goodbye...
I started to dial your number on my cell phone,
but thought better of it...
I don't know why...
I happened to get a glance at you the other day...
I started to walk over to you and say something,
but then I just smiled and walked the other way./

/ Your girlfriend told me that you were livin
kinda large..
but hadn't moved too far..
Seeing a few guys
but nothing too seriously... and that you'd be better off ...
if you didn't hear anything about me and
the way we used to be../

/ but what does she know
about what we had?
what can she possibly know about our good times and our bad?
I know you probably told her a lot of things..
but there are some things that words can never say...
things like how once upon a time we felt a certain way..../

Monday, September 22, 2008

Everybody Thought It Was Funny

/Everybody thought it was funny
when I told them that I might
love you...
Everybody laughed until theycried ..
they told me that I didn't have a chance in hell...
Everybody thought it was funny
when they saw me talking to you.
Nobody thought that a guy like me
would have the nerve to even try...
they all shrugged their shoulders
and said -"Oh well.."
Nobody thought that a girl like
you would actually care about me..
Everybody thought that I must be a
Everybody thought it was funny....
Everybody except you./

/Everybody thought it was funny
when they found out that you
and I were actually dating....
They laughed in disbelief
at the thought of us actually mating...
Everybody is scratching their heads
in amazement at what they weren't
The so called experts now predict
with certainty that you're just playing...
Everybody thought it was so funny...
Said that I was a fool....
but girl we showed them...
Everybody thought it was funny...
Everybody but you./

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wang Dang Doodle (Conclusion)

"Clerow...you know this woman?" said a very frightened Cora Beth..

'Well uh, yeah,kinda sorta.." said Clerow...

"Tell her Clerow..tell her how you know me in the biblical sense....hmmmph..from the looks of you Cora Beth, I guess he know you too ,in the biblical sense." Victoria laughed maniacally as she held the gun on them both -
"Damn Clerow...how many womens hearts you done broke...you is just a playa ,playa.." laughed
Cora Beth, equally frightened and equally amused at their predicament....She would never admit it , but she was secretlty turned on ..thinking that Clerow had brought this kind of passion out in
a woman...She wanted to ravish him on the spot.

Clerow for his part was terrified.

"Victoria, look...we done it that one time,
it's not like I was your man or nothin..."

"Oh shut up...this aint about you...this
is about me and huh and huh sister." snapped Victoria.

Cora Beth looked amazed-

"You know my sister? What did Mabel
do to you ?" she asked.

"You both took away my daddy." said Victoria.

"Lady,I don't even know you " said Cora Beth

"No, You don't, but you will...." snarled Vanessa.

Suddenly another click was heard...and it was Victoria's turn to feel some steel on her head.

"Drop that gun Heiffer or you can cancel Christmas."
said Mabel, with her .38 snub nosed revolver trained
on Victoria's head.

Mabel looked in disgust and then snarled-
"What is it with you people and not lockin doors?"

Clerow for his part,looked relieved..boy was he glad to see Mabel....Now it was his turn to be turned on...He had never wanted Mabel more than he wanted her right now.. Boy was she hot.
In that tight ,blue dress, holding that 38.snubnose smokeless...Black bra strap just barely showing on her shoulder...
Somethin bout a woman with a gun... and a tight dress...

Victoria smiled-

"Well ,Mabel Jenkins...We finnally meet....

You wanna take that gun offa me honey..
I might get nervous..shoot Clerow in his nuts...
or shoot your little sister right between the eyes..."

"Lawd jesus..." sighed Clerow.
Just then came another voice coming from down the hall-

"Victoria honey....it's me...John...I got
to talk to you..." said John Struthers

"Why you cheatin bastard.." snapped Victoria..

She turned from Clerow and Cora Beth and fired two rounds over his head....

"Sweet Jesusssssss..." said John Struthers as he turned and tried to
run...She fired another round and ran and ducked behind the couch....that loose round hit him in his right butt cheek...

'WHoooooaaaaaaaaaaa lawwwwddddddddd, ah been shot again....
woman you crazyy...you crazzy..." screamed the Pastor as he hit
the floor...

Deacon Weatherford attempted to help him up...This gave Mabel all the time she needed to
fire a nice well placed round into Victoria's arm and drop her where she stood...

"Agggggghhhhhh, crazy bitch...I'm your sister...."

"My What?" said Mabel

"Our what?" asked Cora Beth

Then another voice rang out-
"That's right girls...it's all true" It was Sweet Dick Jenkins...

Victoria fired one more shot...It hit Sweet Dick in his thigh, close to but not quite at his prize
possession.....He let out a yell-

"Whooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nellllllyy......ohhhhhhh lawwwwd, you crazy
girl....Mabel...shoot her again...she done shot her father....Whoaaaa
nellly...awwwww lawwwwwd..it hurt...it...hurts....ohhhhhhhhh sweet jeeesussss..."

Police sirens rang out in the early morning...An ambulance had come to the scene first....
Mabel, Cora Beth and their Father, Sweet Dick Jenkins sat in bandages next to the gurney where a bandaged Victoria lay, holding her arm...

"So we all sisters huh?" said Cora Beth.

"Yeah..I never told you girls about Victoria and her mother....I had
run off and I was ashamed of what I had done...By the time I met your
mama...I was a changed man...Don't make what I did right, but it was
what happened...When I found out that all of you girls was up here in
Philly , I knew that this might end up bad...and so I come up here to
keep just this kind of thing from happening. Oh by the way,Is the Pastor going to be
alright?" said Sweet Dick Jenkins...
Clerow and Deacon Weatherford were trying their best to restrain the Pastor who was raging mad and talking to any of the EMT guys who would listen.

"And I believe that the bitch shot me the first time...
I come here to make up with huh and that sleazy crazy woman done shot me again...I want a divorce...
I wish Johnny Cochran was livin....Lawd Jesus...keep
me near the cross... lawwwddd have mercy, lawd have mercy on mah soullll."

Mabel, Cora Beth, Victoria and Sweet Dick looked at each other and laughed until they cried.
It was a good healing laugh.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wang Dang Doodle

Clerow stepped out into the early morning air...He so loved to watch the sunrise and walk through the city streets in the morning, right before the rush hour traffic began to run down the
boulevard. He would usually buy himself a big hot steaming cup of coffee , a couple of muffins..
(He liked Blueberry, Cora Beth liked Banana Nut) and a newspaper...He had to check in and see what the Eagles or The Phillies had done the day before. This morning would be different.
Just as he stepped out of his apartment complex, he heard the click and felt the cold steel of the muzzle in the back of his head....His eyes grew as large as saucers...He thought he was being stuck up until he heard the familiar voice.

'Well hello Mr. Clerow...what's the matter, no hug, no kiss, no hi ,how ya doing?"

"Victoria...uh...how ya doin...would ya mind taken that
gun offa me?"

"Let's go inside." she purred

"Uh look Victoria...ah...ah got company...."

"I know you do...I want to meet her...now let's go."

And a few blocks away at the home of Mabel Jenkins...Mabel and her man have just finished making sweet love and are laying in each others arms ,cuddling, laughing..like lovers do...

"Damn Mabel, you ought to bottle up
whatever it is you do to me and sell it.." he said.

"Oh shut up" she laughed..."Anyway, we got to get up
and get washed up...we are supposed to have breakfast
at Clerow and Cora Beth's today..."

"Oh yeah that's right.."

"Toss me my cell phone...I gotta call Cora Beth.."

"Here, uh...here, take it.."

"Funny thing"


"I know they there...but aint nobody answering..."

"Maybe they in to somethin....you know, like we jus
was...heh...heh..heh..and we can be in again ,while we

"Nah, Cora Beth is showin ...she won't let Clerow touch
her now....Somethin is up...I don't like this..Aint like them
not to answer neither phone.."

While they pondered that....Another man was getting out of the hospital.. Reverend Brother
Doctor Pastor Jenkins....He walked with a limp,but other than that, he was no worse for the wear. Deacon Leroy Weatherford waited for him as he came out and headed for his car. A Silver
Chrysler 300.


"Yes Pastor"

"While I was laid up in that hospital, do you know
what I was thinkin?"

"No Pastor"

"I was thinkin bout Victoria"

"Uh, you was Pastor??"

"Lawd Jesus, nobody can suck a dick like that girl..."

"Ah knows it's the truth Pastor."


"Oh I'm just agreein wit you Pastor..."

"Ah been wrong to her Larry...Ah been runnin
round on her damn near since I brung her up here
from Louisiana and da Lawd tole me in a dream ah had that ah got to go find huh and make things right... you do know where she is Larry, now don ya?"


"Take me to her...I got to make it right."

"Yes Pastor."

And finnally at 30th Street Station, the man known as "Sweet Dick" Jenkins bounded off of the train and took in the sights of the big city he was in. He hadn't been here in years...Since he'd
been a young man ...Now here he was ,in search of his daughters...
Oh ...The chickens had come home to roost..

(To be continued....)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


/Let me tell you a secret
promise to cross your heart
and keep it..
Love is right around the corner..
Hey listen,
do something for yourself...
Put your ear to my chest
and hear my heart beating...
and know that it beats loudest for you.../

"Check this out-"

/ You see girl,
it's cold outside...
but I've got a warm bed inside
and a remedy to make you happy...
do something good for yourself..
you don't have to tell anyone else..
but I think I've got the remedy
to make you happy.../

/ So can I help you?
give me a chance to-
remedy the lonlinesss
that you're feeling inside...
so mean on the outside
so needy on the inside...
I might have what you need...
if you stop trying to hide../

"Now put in a quarter in your meter and park right here-"

/ Why should a girl like you
,who is so fine...
waste your time, if all you
want to be is just a friend of mine?
You need a lover and not just a friend..
someone who can rescue you from the bad state
of forced celibacy you've been in..
and I would...
girl..I surely would...
if only I could.../

/because it's gonna get cold outside..
I've got a big warm bed inside..
and it's no fun sleeping alone...
do something good for yourself..
as well as "somebody else"
It would be so nice if the two of
us were horizontally prone../

/ So please let me help you...
because lady I aspire to
take away all of that pain
that you say you feel inside..
if you let me I'll try to..
do something nice too..
rid you of that pain.....
and bitterness, you try so hard to hide../

/ Lady I know for sure...
that I've got the cure...
the remedy for what is ailing you...
it's cold outside..
there's a warm bed inside...
and I'm sure it's the remedy for
what's really ailing you../

Monday, September 15, 2008

Victoria's Secrets

Victoria Struthers was a woman who had many secrets.

"Ohhhh GODDDDDDD!!!!!!:" she moaned...

For one thing, few people in the city of Philadelphia knew where she'd actually come from.

"Gooood lawwwdddd, ouuuuuuu, ohhhhhhh...Larrry....ohhhhhhh!!!"

All they knew was that Reverend Brother Doctor Pastor John Struthers had been on a revival tour of the south and had come back with a young and beautiful wife, twenty years younger than himself. She had lived a hard life in Shreveport. When he father had left her mother, it had been all they could do to survive. She worked hard to get out of high school. She did two years in college before calling it quits and coming back home. When the lecherous old fistlicking Preacher from up North showed an interest in her ...she used all of her womanly charms to hook him and after a whirlwind courtship..they were married and she left for Philaelphia and a better life.

"Oh good lawwwwwwd...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you hittin mah spottttt,ouuu."

Deacon Larry Weatherford was a simple man.....not very ambitious and not very smart..but he was well endowed and very good at pleasing a woman in the bedroom...She had been giving him pleasure for close to six years....It began 10 years into her marriage to Pastor Struthers...She had been a good wife to Pastor Struthers and he in turn had given her a car, a nice house in a much nicer area of the city than the one his parishioners lived in.. but ...and there is always a but in my stories! Everybody in the church knew that Pastor Struthers had a wandering eye and a zipper that was quick to come down. He loved the ladies and the ladies loved him. Over the years, he had sampled every woman on the choir..and some twice. She kept quiet and tried to turn her head the other way until she heard him talking a little too much about a woman named
Mabel...Mabel Jenkins!!! a woman who had just moved up here from Monroe, Louisiana!!! Was it
a co-incidence?? Monroe was where the Detective had told her that her Daddy had run off to and married a woman named Corretta Dorset!. This woman had bore him two daughters...Mabel and Cora Beth...Could these be...her half sisters?? She didn't know at first and in fact she even saw this Mabel Jenkins...didn't see the resemblance....but it was the younger one...Cora Beth...they could have been twins....so funny that she didn't know until the Deacon got
that information for her....Mabel and Cora Beth were her half sisters..Her blood....and they had to know..

"Ohhhhh Deacon.....Deacon....ohhhhhhhhhh..." she moaned as the Deacon plowed into her and began to shake....
"Yasssssss.....YASSSSSSSSS.....make mah funk da P FUNK...Ah wants to get
ohhhhhhhhhhh...funked up.......YASSSSSSSS..thas what olddddd Deacon is
talkin bout...ouuuuuuuuu...here it commmeee...."

She simultaneously reached her orgasmic peak not long afterwords.........


It was the only time she ever called his name...Usually she was calling him stupid or pervert or an old lecherous so and so....but when he was doing his thing in the bedroom..he had her complete respect... If only he weren't so stupid...He would have made a halfway decent boyfriend.

Epilouge: Baton Rouge ,Louisiana

He rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed...He pulled a bottle of water out of the small refrigerator and began to drink...He was naked and sweating profusely. The woman laying next to him in bed softly rubbed his back....

"My...My...My...I see why they call you "Sweet Dick " Jenkins....
why you like to wore a sister out..."

He barely smiled...He looked as if he were far away. The woman sat up and sat next to him.

"What's the matter bay?" she asked.

"I'm going up north tomorrow...To Philadelphia."

"Yeah? Why so far?"

"Long time ago, I created a big mess....I never thought my
mess would come together..but now it has...Ah got three
daughters and they all up in Philly...I just feel like I gotta
straighten what could be a bad situation out, you know."

"Well you do what you gotta do Willie and then you come on
back down here to Baton Rouge and do what you do to mama.
Mama gon be waitin."

"Ah know you will." He laughed ruefully.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mabel Mixes it Up!

Lawd today...even if the woman couldn't boil water, I would still love her...but she can cook her ass off ...and that's a whole lotta butt to cook off, ya feel me? My baby was in the kitchen doin it up again... We decided to have Clerow and Cora Beth over for dinner and socializing..They had been a couple now for a few months and Cora Beth was finnally beginning to show...She was about five months pregnant now and even starting to waddle. We all chuckled when she walked.
Mable decided to fix something simple since it was a simple gathering and the fact that now that she was pregnant, Cora Beth had become as picky as could be about what she would eat.

"What you fixin baby?" I asked...

"Watch and learn yankee.." Mabel joked...

"Ah thought ah was learnin somethin last night.." I said seductively

"Oh shut up and pass me my ingredients perv...do you ever get
enough...god..that's all you want to do when you come over here."

"Look at you? What am I supposed to be thinkin about??
You should be glad that it's you I'm thinkin bout.."

"Really??? Only me?"

"Only you baby...only you...."

"Good, now pass me my stuff would ya please.."

That Damn girl...she don't take no shorts. She was making a Jambalaya Casserole. Never heard
of it either...don't feel bad...another Louisiana thang. I organized her ingredients- 3 large onions,
chopped, 3 large green peppers, chopped, 3 celery ribs, chopped, 12 garlic cloves, minced, one and a half cups of butter, 3 pounds of smoked sausage (which ah cut into half inch slices for her)
a pot of chicken broth, 6 cups of long grain rice, 3 cups of tomatoes, one and a half cups of chopped green onions, fresh minced parsley, Worcester Sauce, hot pepper sauce, salt and pepper.

In a large Skillet, Mabel Sauteed the onions, green peppers,celery and garlic until it was tender,
She placed it in a very large bowl and stirred in the remaining ingredients...she transferred it to
three shallow three quart baking dishes and put it in the oven..She covered it and baked it at

"How long does that have
to be in there Mabel?" I asked..

"About an hour and then...we have
Jambalaya Casserole.."she said..

"An hour huh?...sheeet, come here
gurl..." I said..

"Again? We just got finished doin
that an hour ago....you wearin me
out...I'm gonna have to find you
someone to assist us.." she laughed

"Menage ayyy trois..I'm with that baby.."
I laughed as I snatched her up and started
kissing her...

"You are such a freak" she laughed....

At Deacon Larry Weatherford's House......Another meeting was taking place. Victoria Struthers
was there and Deacon Weatherford had a large envelope for her..It Read "STATE OF LOUISIANA OFFICE OF VITAL STATISTICS"

"This is what you wanted Sister Struthers"

"Thank you Deacon.....this is just the information
I needed."

"What is this Victoria?"

"Did I ever tell you that I'm from Shreveport,Louisiana?"

"No, you didn't?"

"Well...I am...my daddy never married my momma.
when he left me and mama..he married another
woman and had two daughters with that woman.
That woman and their two daughters grew up in
Monroe, Louisiana....Do you know what they called
my daddy ,Deacon??"

"Naw, but I'm sho ,you gon tell me..."

"William....."Sweet Dick " Jenkins..."

" When I saw Mabel, I didn't recognize her at first...
but when I saw Cora Beth...I knew..."

"You knew what Sister?"

"Look at me Deacon...Look at my hips, look at my

"Yasss lawd...ahm lookin... wind ME up baby bobba."

"Oh shut up you pervert...They're my sisters, my
half sisters ...you idiot..Mabel Jenkins, Cora Beth
Jenkins...Their father is my father, William "Sweet
Dick" Jenkins... He left me and my mama...There's
gonna be hell to pay."

"Well uh, speakin of payment..Ah did get that
information for you, what about mah payment?"

"Oh get your clothes off and get in the bed, you
old lech..."

"Well Alright now...let's take it to the stage..thas what
Old Deacon is talkin bout..hottt damn...girl you sho got some big..."

"Oh will you shut up and get in the bed." snapped Victoria.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do What You Gotta Do

/Go on and park your car
in the supermarket parking
lot across the street..
remember he told you to be
very discreet...
his car is in the parking lot
of the hotel where you've
agreed to meet with him...
you don't know it...
but your future is already
looking kind of dim../

/ He's a married man but you don't
you'd follow him anyplace
and I know you think that he's
with you exclusively
girl, everyone but you knows
that he cheats on you and his wife

/But go on ,do what you gotta do
you're a grown woman
and the only one you gotta answer to
is you...
Do your thing girl...
Do what you gotta do baby...
Sooner or later, he'll discard you
when he's bored with you./

/You say that you've loved him
for half of your life...
do you ever give a thought to
his poor wife?
she's never done a thing to you...
she doesn't have a clue
what the two of you do.../

/ You two meet twice a week
Wednesday and Friday Nights...
You keep it so discreet...
You keep it very tight...
but everyone in town has peeped
your card...
when it all falls down...
for you, it'll be extra hard.../

"Do your thing baby"

/Go ahead and Do what you gotta do
you're a grown woman-
and the only one you gotta answer to
is you...
Do what you gotta do baby...
He's gonna break your heart before it's

Monday, September 8, 2008


/ I hope the next guy that loves you...
Thinks of you the way I do...
I hope he feels the things that I feel..
when I'm near you.../

/ And if he loves you..
I hope he does all the things that I would...
I hope he cherishes you like I do...
if only I could.../

/ But I can't have you...
it seems like a universal conspiracy...
like even the stars and fate are lined
up against me...
so I can only write about this..
and seal it in a letter with a kiss-/

/ But in the Twilight....
angels will say our names...
Somewhere in the Twilight...
Angels will sing of us....
This , we can trust../

/If he loves you...
If he loves you the way I do..
He'll never lie to you..
He'll never tell you anything that is untrue.../

/If he loves you...
he'll never break your heart...
never tear it all apart...
like so many others have done...
If he loves you as I do...
He'll stay for the bad times as well as the good..
his commitment will be understood...
He won't turn and run../

/ I can't have you....
all I can do is sit on the sidelines and watch
you walk away..
but I want the best for you and come what may
this is all that I have left to say-/

/ In the Twilight-
Angels will say our names...
In the Twilight-
Angels will sing of us....
in this ,we can trust../

/If I can't have you in this
then I'll have you in the next...
Despite all of the strife,
I'll think of you in this context-
Right now you can't be with me..
but maybe come Eternity....
I'd slay a thousand dragons
and over time still be your fool...
but I'd still be in love....
baby, I'd still be in love with you.../

("baby, you'd still be the one for me...")

/In the Twilight.....
Angels will say our names...
In the Twilight....
Angels will sing of us.../

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lesbian Kiss

I picked this particular spot because I know that Mabel likes it. This small bistro that specializes in "New Orleans" style cuisine was one of Philly's newest "hotspots" as they say. It had retro 50's era decor...and it smelled like jade all through the premises...A fresh clean smell, like the kind a person has when they've just left the shower.... Guess it's a man thing. I sat at the bar and looked over the menu....I know that Mabel was in the mood for some crawfish....A Louisiana thing... didn't interest me in the least....But I could go for some Gumbo....Perhaps I would order my drink first at the bar.

I walked over to the bar and from the side of me I noticed ...a woman....it looked like the woman in the church ,the woman who shot Pastor Struthers....it looked like his wife, Victoria Struthers!!!
I had never told Mabel or anyone else for that matter...but I got a good look at the shooter...I knew I'd know her if I saw her again....That was her...what was she doing here?

My cell phone went off just then...It was a text from Mabel... "Hey babe..gonna be late..Cora Beth just finished doing my hair...getting in the shower right now...smooches." Fine as she is..she's always late....no matter, I figured I'd sit at the bar until she got here. Two seats down from me was a very lovely,petite little cutie with the prettiest brown eyes (and ample junk in her trunk if I don't say so myself) I ever did see. She had on a pretty little beige Sun dress and
matching sandels... She smiled at me and then turned shyly away...I smiled at her too and then
ordered a Mojito... I caught her looking at me again and shyly smiling and I once again returned her smile. She was joined by a taller Black woman , who kind of put me in the mind of Naomi
Campbell....She looked at me and smiled too and sat down next to her friend. She was wearing a
very expensive looking wedding band. I looked at the band and thought...Yeah, she hooked her
a real baller...She's got that high maintenance thang going on...

As I sipped my drink...I heard snippets of their conversation...More than I would need to hear.

"So you're going back to him? That dog...didn't you get
enough from the last time you two were together?"

" Yeah I know, but I love him and he know it , but he
told me that he changed ,that he was gonna do right."

"That's bullshit Patrice...He'll say anything he think you
want to hear to get back in your panties girl....I'm telling
you...he's full of shit...don't go for the okey doke."

"Come on Connie...it's been two years...I miss him...I think
he misses me too...I'm gonna give him one more chance...if
he fucks up this time...then he's history..Ah mean it."

"Patrice...I can't live through him breaking your heart again.
He's always gonna be the 500 pound gorilla in the room isn't
he? Everytime you and I get close, here he come...I can't
lose you again...what about me?"

"Connie please...what we had was just...just a , just an
experiment...I don't think that's you...and I know it's not
really me.."

"Don't say that Patrice...All we been through...how can you
just throw all of that away? He can't match what we had,
what we got."

"Connie, don't cry...don't start that...."

"Come here girl....Come over here....."

The one named Connie ,who looked like Naomi Campbell took her hand and slid it
up Patrice's dress...as though she were cupping her behind and leaned over and planted the
wettest ,sexiest kiss on her lips I had ever seen...Patrice matched her passion...she moaned
and tongue kissed Connie, while I nearly choked on my drink... The Bartender was stone
faced...as though what he was seeing was just an everyday occurence, you know, a man and
a woman....Maybe it was me...No one else seemed to pay them any mind... I hated to admit it,
but I was getting an erection , watching their passion play.... I was the biggest hypocrite in the
room...at once appalled by what I saw and yet turned the hell on...Guess that is a man thing too.

"Ohhh girl stop it...ouuuu..."

"He can't give you what we got....he can't
match it.."

"No..Connie...I can't do this with you anymore
stop...stop it please.."

"Don't tell me it didn't feel good baby?"

"It did...but it's not who I want to be anymore,
stop it....think about your husband?"

Connie stopped...She turned around ,facing the bar.....She was crying..She looked at Patrice
and said quietly-

"I didn't set out to be like this either
but this is who I am...I wanted to tell
my husband...but I haven't been able to
get up the nerve... but if I can't have you,
why should I bother?"

"Oh Connie...."

Somebody put some money in the jukebox..."Love is a Losing Game" by Amy Winehouse began playing...
How appropriate !! I thought...I looked over where Victoria Struthers was sitting and I see that
she had gone... Just then, Mabel came in..wearing a sexy (and) tight dress that accentuated every voluptious curve of hers...lookin and smellin all good...I grabbed her and tried to kiss her in the same way and with the same passion as the two women I had just witnessed.. Mabel came up for air and smiled at me...

'Wow!! What was that for?"

I said-
"Just for being you..."

She looked at me as though she didn't believe me and smirked-

"You must've really been bored waiting for me."

I shook my head and said to her-

"Actually, I was quite entertained..."

Friday, September 5, 2008

Come On And Get The Love

/ I know that you work in the
building next door to me..
and I know that nobody drinks
that much coffee..
You stop by here and manage
to engage me in conversation...
I'm beginning to realize that
this isn't just my imagination../

/ I think I'm turning you on
as much as you're turning
me on..
I'm not seeing anyone
and if you're about being real close to someone
then what could possibly be wrong?/

/ Time is short
and life is too..
so what are we gonna do?
You're feelin me..
and I'm feeling the same way
that I know you do...
I've made my feelings known
so the next move is all on you.../

/Come On And Get the Love...
it's been waitin on ya..
Come On And Get the Love../

/Everytime you come in the coffee
lookin so good..
smellin so good..
you make my heart stop...
I don't know you that well...
but I find myself hugging you,
and kissing you goodbye on the cheek...
and walking around with that smell
of you, that's been lingering in my mind
for a week.
Right now, it's the only way to keep a part
of you close to me...
use your intuition...
can't you see?/

/Girl, I hope I'm turning you on
in the same way that you're
turning me on...
I'm really not seeing anyone
and if you presently would
like to be with someone
then what is wrong?/

/You're a girl
and I'm a guy....
Why don't we meet somewhere
after work..
and at least give this a try?/

/Come On And Get The Love
it's been waitin on ya..
Come On And get The Love...
you said that you been needin it..
Come On And Get The Love......./

/Open your eyes
girl can't you see
that you can get the love
you thought you had in all those other guys
right here in me.../

/Come On and Get the Love..../

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mabel Reconstituted

Cora Beth kissed his lips hungrily.....and he kissed hers....he practically slobbered all over her huge breasts, which kind of tickled...but still got her as wet as she had been in a long time...Her sister Mabel had often talked about how "blessed " Clerow was...Maybe a little too much, so much that it had made her curious about her older sister's good thing. He was sitting upright in a
chair, so she slowly lowered herself on him...all of him.... she squealed in ecstacy as his more than well endowed penis entered her...she moved slowly in a rhythm that she never wanted to end...
Clerow moaned in approval. Just how she wound up in Clerow's bedroom again was a story inside itself.. Clerow had called Mabel at least two more times....always late at night and always wanting to talk dirty to her...when she would refuse, he would always ask for Cora Beth...finnally one night, Mabel put Cora Beth on the phone and after a lengthy heartfelt apology...She did tell him everything she was wearing and everything she would like to do with him.....Clerow apologized profusely to Mabel about how badly he had treated Cora Beth and begged her to let Cora Beth stay with HIM....Somehow or other Mabel pitied Clerow...She knew that he adored her, but she also knew that whatever she had 0nce felt for him had come and gone...She figured
Cora Beth was a way that he could at least have some connection to her, enough to at least stop him from waking her up out of her sleep at night. To make matters worse...Pastor Struthers had started calling her at night too, wanting the same thing...Phone sex,,,and she was just not the one. As far as she was concerned...Only her man could be privy to that and they didn't have to talk on the phone...they could do what others only talked about.

Mabel's man had finnally stopped working that night shift and was home with her again at nights, sleeping next to her....Cora Beth felt like a third wheel and finnally, with both Mabel and
her man's blessings...moved in with Clerow...At first Clerow resisted....but finnally he began to accept that although Cora Beth looked as good as Mabel, she wasn't Mabel ,wasn't never gonna be Mabel, but didn't have to be Mabel.....In time he learned to love Cora Beth as she was...He was certainly "loving " Cora Beth now....Even though she was two month's preganant and with Manly Jackson's baby...He was willing to end his obsession with Mabel....at least for now, though
he never stopped thinking about her....

Mabel began to reveal a softnesss about herself she had never known that she had...She began to see people beyond their faults , Like Clerow...like her sister Cora Beth...Even Pastor Struthers
and not judge them as harshly....in effect, Mabel became even more beautiful and more womanly
to her lover....Their lovemaking, at first feverish, hard and hot...took on a slower more sensual groove at times...that left them both feeling as though they were somewhere in the stratsosphere.

But another more sinister conversation was taking place somewhere else...at Deacon Larry
Weatherford's house.

"Victoria...ah think you're makin a big mistake..."

"Was it a mistake all those times ah sucked your dick in the
Sunday school room before church?"

"Now Sistah Struthers, there is no need to bring that up..."

"I don't care about you if that's what you're worried about,
I want information...that's the only reason ah come here."

"Information on who?"

"Mabel Jenkins.....Mah Husband is obsessed with her...He's still
callin her...he thinks ah don't know...and ah saw her and some other
strumpet leavin what ah thought was mah new man's place a few days
ago... I want any informationyou got on that trollip."

"Victoria....why don't you check your man, check Pastor....Mabel
Jenkins aint doin nothin to nobody..."

'What? She suckin yo dick too?"

"What? Nah...Noooo...but she aint yo problem."

"She is my problem."

"Well what do you want...an address, a phone number...???"

"I already know where she lives and I have her number...
no...I want something more...."

Victoria Struthers slowly unzippered the deacons pants and began to
fondle him....

The Deacon was putty, literally in her hands........

"Well Alright nowwwww." said The Deacon...