Saturday, November 29, 2008

Don't Wanna Talk Too Long

/Maybe before we go to bed...
I need to get into your head..
because you have some concerns
that maybe I should address...
before I slip your panties from beneath your dress...
perhaps I should engage your mind...
but I hope it doesn't take up too much time..
I hope we can get right to it...
because we both know we want to do it..
so tell me what's on your mind...
Come on...
Cause I don't wanna talk too long./

/You keep asking me
about your pressing need
to define what it is we are doing..
are we in a relationship?
or are we just friends who just happen
to be screwing?
I say why waste time in defining
and in categorization...
when we appear to have a great situation
that is working for us in the meanwhile../

/You say that that is all well and good..
but it was never clearly understood..
when we began seeing each other...
if we really had feelings for one another..
and perhaps we really should....
Well if you really want to get to it..
All we are is friends with benefits..
If you want something a little more defined...
Then right now let's take the time..
To talk about it...
So let's come right out with it...
but I don't wanna talk too long../

/So girl, before we go to bed...
let's take the time to get into each others heads..
if you have any concerns that need to be addressed...
before we both get completely undressed...
let me engage your mind...
but please don't take up too much time...
don't get me wrong...
I'm concerned about your feelings...
but I don't wanna talk too long...
don't get me wrong...
I want to talk it out with you,
before we get it on...
but I ,don't wanna talk too long../

"take your clothes off girl..."

I don't wanna talk too long.

Friday, November 28, 2008

And You Want Her

Everytime That you see her
it feels like hot water gushing through your veins
everytime you see her
everytime you see that girl..
she looks so good that your body is
wracked with a sweet kind of pain..
you just can't turn away...
you just want to gaze at that girl..
she has no idea what you long to say
when she's not around...
and if she was around for some reason
those words wouldn't be found..../

...and you want her
oh yeah
oh how you really want her
you think you need her
oh yeah
you tell yourself you need her.../

/There she is, sitting on the bleachers
with the gentle raus of summer sun
just bathing her brown skin...
and making the sweat on your brow run..
look at that girl of yours..
boy look at baby girl..
Turning the heads of all of the guys
as they walk by, admiring her perfect brown skin..
Looking so good..
Looking so fine
that you know it's got to be a sin.../

and you want her
oh yeah
oh how you really want her
like a moth to a flame...
you're drawn to the sound of her name...
so you'll tell her..
oh yeah
that you need her..
tomorrow you'll tell her...
oh yeah...
that you'd like to see her....
and you want her....
oh how you really want her.....
she'll think you're crazy..
because you don't even know her name...
but you want her
oh how you want her.....
and although you just met her...
you know you love her all the same...
yeah, she'll think you're crazy...
oh yeah-
and maybe...
maybe you are./

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

(My Love) Don't Leave Home Without It

You don't think I'm good enough
you're always looking for someone a little better..
always willing to negotiate
or hesitate..
when the going gets tough..
It's like waiting for the grass to get greener
or water to get wetter...
fickle girl
always looking for someone better../

See, if you believed in love as I do
I wouldn't have to be writing this poem about you..
If I could snatch a minute out of your ambition..
time enough for you to understand my position..
then maybe you wouldn't have me feeling so blue../

It's a cold and lonely world out there baby..
don't take my kindness for granted..
It's a cold and lonely world out there lady..
don't take my sweetness for weakness..
my feet are solidly planted..
the gambler's say go with a sure thing instead of a maybe..
My Love..
don't doubt it..
Don't leave home without it baby../

You're always looking for the next best thing..
never sure of what the next Harvest may bring..
who will shelter you when the weather gets rough?
more than likely it'll be me, who you don't believe is
quite enough..

and if you could just believe in love like I do..
I wouldn't have to be wasting my time..
writing clever rhymes for you..
If I could just snatch one ounce of that crazy ambition...
just enough for you to understand my position..
then maybe I wouldn't be sitting home alone and blue...
Maybe I would be spending my nights with you.../

It's a cold and lonely world out there Lady...
don't take my kindness for granted...
It's a cold and lonely world out there Baby..
don't take my sweetness for weakness..
my feet are solidly planted..
The gamblers say go with a sure thing and not a "maybe"
My Love...
Don't Doubt it..
Don't leave home without it baby../

My Love...
Don't doubt it...
Don't leave home without it..
(I'm like American Express baby..
Don't leave home without it
(I'm Like Visa girl, I'm where you need me to be..)
Don't Leave Home Without it..
(I'm like love is priceless..)
Don't leave home without it../

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry


"Hello, you sweaty freak...I'm just calling you to let you know
that I know who you are and I know about what you did to

"Who is this?"

"It's Cockraine Robbins...You know good and darn well
who I am..and you know that you need to see me soon.
You're gonna have to pay for me to keep my mouth shut.
I've got a good mind to go to the police with what I know
and have your simple ass locked freak."

"You don't know what you're talkin don't
know anything."

"She called me you know...she called me to come get
her...the night you snatched her off the street..she
saw you..she knew it was didn't fool anyone."

"Oh is that right?"

" here's the deal're going to meet
me at noon tomorrow at Penn's the Chart House..
near the're gonna have twenty g's...or I'm gonna
tell the cops that you killed Collette and Jordy."

"Cock blackmailing black whore....what makes you
think you'll be alive by noon tomorrow...I know where you live."

"I know where you live too freak and I just left from in front of
your house...I'm not stupid enough to stay at my house and be a
sitting duck."

"Your pretty little wife is with you ,I suppose."

"You know it....just have my money you murderin freak."

"Oh I'm gonna have something for you, you male whore..
I'll have somethin for you.." spat the voice..

"Oh and wear your red left the blue one behind
for the cops..freak.."


I patted Cock on the back.....

"That ought to get her good and mad....mad enough to come out into the open." I laughed.

Clerow and Deacon Larry Weatherford wired him up for sound, while Vanessa and Sepia looked on.

"Kevin...Collette might have called me, but I never answered...she didn't tell me nothin,
I don't know why she called me.." said Cock Robbins...

"It's okay...she don't know got your mini video cameras in place down there?"
I asked him.

"Yeah Kevin...everything is in place..just like you asked..Me and Clerow and Honey Brown hooked everything up, just like you asked." Said Sean..

"Okay, take Vanessa and Sepia with you.....I've got some business to attend to..Keep your eyes on that're gonna see some magic tomorrow at noon. As for tonight..Cock, you'll be staying in one of Clerow's safehouses..." I said.

'What are you gonna do Kevin?" asked Cock..

"I'm driving around...I suspect that that freak will be looking first for you Cock and then for me..
and when she shows herself...she's going to get the shock of her life." I laughed.

"Baby, who is this she that you keep talking about?" asked Sepia....

I kissed her cheek....

"You'll know soon enough ...Cock, you really should have been an actor.." I laughed..

"Really? Ya think so? I told you we could make a pile of dough off of you and these capers." said
Cock Robbins... We all laughed our heads off.

That night...I sat at the corner of Cock's block in a black 2008 Chevy Cobalt, with tinted windows
and sure enough...The ugliest woman I ever saw in my life jimmied the lock of Cock's house and
went through it ....Within a half hour,satisfied that nobody was there she got into an old taxi cab and drove off...I followed at a safe distance and sat at the edge of my block as she went through my house....I got out of the car and crept behind the bushes...I watched as she emerged
from the house...walked towards the car...peered in...seeing nobody, she walked back down the in the cab after cursing aloud and pulled off.

The next day at noon...Cock stood on the pier, near the marina..He looked great...Standing at six
five, well muscled in a tight fitting black turtle neck...with a dark suit jacket, dark slacks and a pair of shoes that must've cost him about $600.00...just shining...From the bulge in his suit,I could tell that he was packing...I didn't blame him...he was dealing with a dangerous person..a trained killer.

It didn't take long for a mysterious figure in a purple dress, with sheer pantyhose and purple pumps to come walking out of the shadows..She was wearing a blond wig, black pantyhose and
white gloves...She looked a hot mess.... Cock took one look at her and didn't even try to hold back his laughter....

"You are one hot got my money?" he snapped..

" I got something for aint money.." she spat as she produced a german luger and fired two shots that hit Cock in his chest, knocking him over into the water...He made a big splash......It was better than a was more than even I could have hoped for....

"End of the line wanna take off that wig??....He was right, you are a hot mess..." I said as I walked out of where I had been hiding. Alton didn't look surprised to see me at all...

Alton took off the wig..he looked even more hideous with his bald head and that nasty red lipstick and those sunglasses....

"You think I didn't know that you was behind this mess Kevin...I came here to
kill you too...I knew you knew it was me when you came by wanted
me to know that you knew...I expected you to try to pull a stunt like this...I read the
papers...I heard how you trapped Jean Cokely...I aint her...I'm smarter than her, I'm better
than her and you're a dead man Kevin.." snapped an enraged Alton.

"Hold up man..before you shoot..just tell me..why did you kill Collette..why man, why?
You told me you loved her..." I pleaded...

"You ever really been in love Kevin? I suspect you haven't..You just think you are.. Have you? Cause if you have, you know that it'll drive you crazy...especially when you can't have her...when everybody seems like they can have a piece of her cept you...when you do everything...when you dedicate your damn life to her and she never gives you recognition...never acknowledges you..walks all over you...Until you know what that feels aint been in love...that's why I killed her...she drove me to that..she made me become this...I killed Jordy, cause I didn't like the son of a bitch...he was a freeby...Satisfied now?,cause you aint never gonna tell nobody about this anyway...time to die Kevin..."

'Drop em's all over." said Clerow as he put a nickel plated .45 to Alton's head...Before Alton could do anything else..I had my .45 cocked and pointing at him in the other direction.
To his shock...a very much alive, Cock Robbins (he was wearing an illegal kevlar vest that I gave
him) emerged from the water...wet but thankful for the kevlar vest... Alton realized that the game was over..He just started laughing..he just shook his head and just kept laughing..I wondered what could be so funny at a time like this? Alton had found my house that night because he had been there at Club Escapades...watching...He had killed Collette and had come back to the club...hiding in the shadows..He followed me home..All that time,Sepia and I were going through that SUV...He was there watching us...and he followed us home to see what we knew ,which was nothing then....but when I came by his house talking about a woman killer and saying that I knew who she was...He knew that I was on to him and he knew that I had to go..
He was just killing Cock Robbins to tie up loose ends. I figured he would half way figure out what I was doing, but I also knew that he couldn't resist trying to beat me at my own game.. I played a tough hand and won....again...Didn't know how many more times my intution or my luck woud
hold out...

"I hate to tell you this Alton...but everything you said and did is on and video...and with all the other evidence I have...we got a pretty much open and shut case...Drop that peice...
you're going to join Jean the slams man....Oh and by the way...Jordy aint dead...he's
doing just fine. And as I speak..the Police are on their way here..I figured we would have this wrapped up by now." I said triumphantly..

Alton began laughing and shook his head... again he began to laugh and laugh,like a huge burden
had been lifted from him. I suspected that it had..
"That happy bastard...he's like teflon..."He kept on laughing...even as the Police came and took
him away..he just kept laughing...Like I said....He gave me the creeps... I could still hear his laughter..even after he was gone.

Cock, Clerow and I stood there and watched the Police drive off with Alton...Clerow looked at me and said..

"Thanks Kev...I always wanted to say somethin cool like that....drop em's over. Boyyy,
I love these capers wit you." He said imitating how he had snuck up on Alton.
Cock Robbins and I both looked at Clerow and laughed and laughed.....It had been a good day.

The next day, Jordy and I sat in a diner, munching on Burgers and fries and drinking milk shakes...

"Kev, I wanna thank you for catching that freak, Alton..
You saved my life...Funny man, I never thought you liked
me." said Jordy.

"Who says I do?" I laughed...

"Well anyway, I owe you one...Shame about Collette..I really
liked her..." said Jordy.

'Did you? Did you really?" I asked...

"Well yeah, she was great in bed...I know..I wasn't tryin to marry her,
nothin deep like know? shrugged Jordy.

"Alton loved her." I said dryly....

"Yeah ,well you see what love does to you, don't ya?" said Jordy...

"Drives you crazy." I said...

"Exactly....." said Jordy

" does..." I laughed, meaning something altogether different than what he did.

(For Kinshar and Dreamy..)

Monday, November 24, 2008

If I Were a Boy

The ambulance workers loaded Jordy into the wagon...He never said a word....he just kept staring at us...I asked him who had shot him again and finnally he whispered....

"It was a looked like a girl, a woman...kind of homely...ugggghhhh."

Then he was unconscious as they rushed him to the hospital..Clerow and Gus dropped me off at my home and I saw Sepia, sitting in the kitchen, sobbing... She had identified Collette's body and she sobbed like a baby.. I held her in my arms....I had questions, questions I wanted to ask her, but now was not the time..all along I kept thinking about what Jordy had said...that a woman had shot him...a woman?? Could there have been another player in this little drama that nobody knew about?

"Sepia....Sepia? baby, I know how you feel right now...
but I have to ask you'll help me get closer
to solving this mess." I said.

"What? WHAT Kevin?" she sobbed uncontrollably...

"Do you you know you know if
Collette swung both ways?" There I had said it.

"What? Noooooooooo...definitely not, she was into
men...and men only...she didn't run with no women. she was strictly dickly...
not like that..noooooo, why would you ask me something like that?" she said..

"Because Jordy said that a woman shot him...." I said.

"So? He messes with so many women, one of em probably got tired
of his ass and dropped him...that might not have nothin to do with this.? said Sepia.

"When you saw Collette's body at the morgue...did she have both of her shoes on...?"
I asked...

"Yes she had both of her shoes on..why you askin me these wild questions Kevin?"
she said...

I pulled up one of the bags of things we collected from the SUV..There was a shoe in
the bag...a rather large ladies pump...I wondered why I didn't figure this out before...It didn't match what Collette was wearing and the shoe was too large for her little petite feet...It wasn't her shoe.....She had a struggle with someone and in the struggle, that other person lost their shoe. Could this have been a woman? Could this have been the same woman that shot Jordy?

I checked the cell phone for all of the calls made that night...26 were made by Alton to her that day...One call was made to Cock Robbins...Another call had been made earlier in the day to Jordy. I know that Cock Robbins didn't answer the call made to him..She called Jordy in the she and he had made plans to meet at that club...All of the other calls are from Alton. Not one call was made to or from a woman. The calls from Alton stop at 12:45..they were
all missed calls..She was having sex with Jordy at around this time...Jordy left and she made a
call to Cock Robbins that was never answered.....It was around this time that someone snatched her off the street and murdered her...

"Come on Sepia...get your coat." I said.

"Where we going Kevin?" she asked, wiping away the tears...

"Something I gotta know." I said.

I drove up to Club Escapades.....It was late Monday night, but a lot of these clubs have regulars that come every night...they have nowhere else to go..and I had some questions for them...
We entered the club...There were a few people around and I asked if anyone had been in the club this past Saturday night. Most said no...but like I said in my first case...there was always someone who saw something ,who knew something and was willing to talk. In this case, her name was Louise.

Louise was dark skinned, on the verge of being heavy set...a thick sister who looked like she had once been a hot number when she was young..I bought her two shots of Patron and she began to

"Yall married?" she asked

"No, we live together." I said.

"Yall make a cute couple, yall should get married..." she said.

"Okay, what did you see Saturday Night?" I asked..

"Well, your friend left out of here with Jordy...and I knew what was up,
he's a dog and he done took a many a woman out of this club before...
he's too cheap to take her to a room, he do em right there in his car or their car...
A lot of them do...any given walk in that parkin lot and cars
just be movin up and down,back and forth and you hear moanin an see windows
steamin up... Jordy and her was kissing, standin right up against that wall...she had
had her hands down his pants and he had his hands in her blouse...They so nasty...
Then they went over to her SUV and they was makin so much couldn't help
but notice em...This woman was standing across the street...and she dialed her cell
phone...I figured she was calling her girlfriend to talk about it. Anyhow, after about an
hour..Jordy started fixin his clothes and he got in his car and pulled off...She was on her cell
phone and the woman walked over to her car and started fighting with her, beat her good..
I think she was one of Jordy's other women." she said.

"So then what?" I asked...

"I went man Big Lenny had just rolled up...When I come back out, a half an hour later to get a smoke...the car door was opened...but there was no sign of either of them." she said.

"What did the woman look like?" I asked...

"Lawd Jesus, she was homely....if Jordy was messin with her ,he must met her when he was drunk and horny out of his mind...She didn't look like his type...but she must've caught that girl
with Jordy and beat her up in revenge." said Louise.

"You never seen her before?" I asked.

" I don't wanna ."said Louise making a face at the thought of her.

"Thanks baby." I said as I grabbed Sepia and got back in the car.

"Where we going now ? " asked Sepia...

"We are going to find Alton...if there was a woman in Collette's past he would know..or maybe
just a woman from his past that was looking out for him..." I surmised.

"I don't know about any woman." said Alton, sitting in his living room in the dark with no music
, no TV, no radio playing...just sitting.. He gave me the creeps. He was too solitary.

"Well, I'm hearing that a woman caught her with Jordy and Collette and that she may be their killer." I said.

"Hmmm, interesting.." said Alton without a hint of emotion.

"The last thing Jordy said before he died was that a homely woman shot him." I said.

"He was still alive when you found him? Aint that a bitch? Well, like I said...I don't know nothing about no woman, but if you find her..thank her for killing that son of a bitch ,Jordy."
said Alton ,laughing maniacally.. Brother needs some help, serious help.

"Yeah,man, I will and I'm gonna catch her..cause I think I know who she is and where she can
be found.." I said.

" Oh You do ? Well if anybody can get to the bottom of this , you can're
smart...but remember, smart could get you killed." laughed Alton as we left and got in the
car. He really gives me the damn creeps.

When we pulled off, Sepia said to me-

"Jordy isn't dead."

I looked at her and smirked-

"I know...I just said that...." I laughed....

(Conclusion Tommorrow......)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Smart Will Get You Killed

The more you think you know about something, the more you find you really don't know.. The day started like so many days...It was Monday....I got up, shaved and showered...and got dressed...I watched Sepia dress, sad look on her face and I peered outside at the Lexus SUV...It was due back at the rental place this afternoon...There had been no sign of had now been forty eight hours since she had vanished. The last time I had dealt with a missing person,there had been more to go on and some clues that the person I was looking on might be alive..This time, there was nothing... Sepia and I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and had some orange juice. Neither of us spoke...there was a somberness in our kitchen that had not been there since we began living together. We both had a horrific feeling of pending news...pending news that wasn't good.

Unlike Television..We lived in the real world..A World where we had to stop playing detective and go to work at real jobs. True,I only actually went into the office three days a week...(I wrote my columns and feature stories as well as my two blogs from my computer at home, but today,
I had to be at work..actually in the office....I would look for Collette later.

"What are we going to do about Collette?" asked Sepia.

"I don't know what we can do Sepia..I plan on contacting the
police...there is nothing more I can do.." I said.

"What about all of the evidence we bagged up from that car?" she asked.

"It's nothing..we know that the boxer shorts and the semen in the condom
and all over the panty hose and seat belong to Jordy, he admitted as much..
He had sex with Collette, he left and she was still alive."I said.

"Jordy...I told her that that fool was no good for her." spat Sepia.

"What? Wait a mean that she knew Jordy? That that wasn't a first time
meeting?" I said.

"He's been her boyfriend off and on for two years." said Sepia.

"Why didn't you tell me this??...This puts a whole new spin on things." I said.

"You think Collette was some kind of skeezer, just give it up to some stranger the
first night she meets him in the club, what kind of girl do you think she is?" said Sepia.

I wasn't going to answer that...I just let it drop...Sepia got in her car and drove off to work...I went to the office, checked my messages and attended three noon, I was done.
I got in my car and drove back to my house. I had picked up Clerow and Gus the Bartender from Josie's..(Gus was off today.) I got in the backseat of Clerow's mini-Cooper and told him
where to drive..

"Clerow, when are you gonna get a bigger're making good
money with those home and apartment rentals." I said.

"I know man, but this car is good on gas." laughed Clerow.

"Stop the car here.." I said.

"At this, I'm holdin on to my wallet just sitting in the car in front of this
place...what we stoppin here for?" Said Clerow.....Gus was fast asleep, having become bored and just enjoying the ride.

"I know man, this is a rat hole, I'm here to snag a rat. you got your peice?"

"Yeah brother, but is this caper that heavy?" Said Clerow.

"Yeah, it is..just sit tight....if you see anything funny, be ready to have my back." I said.

"I'm with ya man." said Clerow.

I walked into the dive...It was a seedy and dark bar...In it sat broken men and broken women
and it had the smell of unwashed bodies, stale beer, cigarette smoke and fresh urine....definitely
not my kind of place....but I knew he'd be here....

"How'd you find me Kevin?" came the voice....

"It wasn't hard...I was in the Military too...I used to come here when this place was a decent establishment...I figured an ex-Marine like yourself with a broken heart would come here..a place where he could drink alone..." I said.

"You're good and you're smart...too smart" said Alton Redding.

"Yeah,that's what they tell me." I said.

"Smart will get you killed" said Alton.

"I'll take my tell me about Collette." I asked.

" I met Collette about five years ago...I knew that she used be a stripper at Coldhouse,
but she told me she was going to stop. I used to come to her house in New York and bring
her all kinds of gifts, from around the world...I was still a Marine then..I was crazy about
her and I saw in her a softness, a vulernability that I had never seen in anyone else before...
She tried to play all hard like the typical stripper...but it was all an act..I knew that she was
a nice decent person,deep down...." he said...almost in tears.

"You loved her?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"I did, very much...I wanted to marry her...I wanted her to get out of that bar scene...She
finnally quit Coldhouse and moved to Philly and got a straight job at the hospital. She did a little
modeling on the side..was trying to build up a portfolio. I followed her here, I would have followed her anywhere....but she changed.. she changed man...she stayed in the clubs, stayed with that fast crowd...started doing coke, drinking....and that damn Jordy didn't help matters
none." said Alton..

"Yeah, Jordy...what is his deal?" I asked.

"He had a nicer car than mine..he lives in a condo...wears nice suits, spits a lot of game..a bullshitter...women like that, like that kind of guy...He took her places I couldn't afford..bought her things...nice things...She fell for him hard and for two years...the two of us competed for her.
She would call me over on the nights she couldn't find him...or she thought he might be out with another woman....but then he'd return, tell her he loved her and I'd be out of the picture again..
Then there was that damn Cock Robbins...the football player..he was another one of her loves..
and I know you know that he was runnin plenty of women...She got involved with him and he broke her heart. Of course she called me to the rescue and of course like a fool ,I came back and
soothed her and told her she was better than guys like him and Jordy. We were so close last year. Spent all of Christmas together...Then Cock Robbins got married...I felt like I could finnally have Collette to myself...then that damn Jordy returned and she left me for him....stopped takin
my calls, said I was too damn possesive...and I just couldn't take it...I couldn't take it anymore..."
said Alton, now lost in his own hurt and heartbreak...

I got up and left him there....I had heard all I needed to hear...I walked out to the car.

"Everything cool?" asked Clerow.

"Yeah, yeah...let's go....I'm going to pay Jordy a visit." I said...

"That pimp....hahahahahahaha...what you want with him?" asked a now awake Gus.

"You'll see." I said.

When I got to Jordy's Condo...the door was open...I peered in and the living room seemed strangely very quiet....and it looked in disaray....definitely not his style...this guy was meticulous...I called him..



As I walked into his condo further,I saw a stream a blood, running down the floor and to the kitchen ....I pulled my pistol out and called Clerow and Gus...We crept around and then Clerow called us-

"Kevin, Gus...get in here" he said...

Laying on the floor in a pool of blood was Jordy.....He had been shot..two times at close range...
He was staring straight at me...not saying anything...just looking at me...He was still alive...

"Jordy man, who shot you?" I asked.... Just then ,my cell phone vibrated...It was Sepia.....

"Hey'll never believe where I am..." I said.

"Kevin, they found Collette.....she's dead....Her body was found in a field on the interstate...she'd
been strangled...they say she's been dead for two days..." she cried in anguish...

I was stunned....Just as I thought the mystery was about had deepened...The cops were going to be all over this...but I had to have some answers for myself and fast.

(To be continued........)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cold Trails

2008 Lexus SUV

Woke up the next morning and made pancakes, sausage and orange juice.. had a pot of coffee brewing....Sepia came downstairs....

"Smells good..."

"You look good girl, come here.."

"Kevin, I haven't brushed my teeth yet and besides..I'm really worried about Collette now..she would never do something like this."She said...

I was concerned myself...I decided that after I ate..I was going to get a few of my questions answered from the night before.

I got in my car after breakfast and drove around to Cock Robbins's house. He was washing his car and fortunately for me, his wife Vanessa wasn't we could talk in private.

"Yeah man, I knew Collette...She danced at Coldhouse for awhile....
I used to deal with her..but not anymore..she was way in my past
man, before Sepia and her mom, before Opal....She could have easily
have been on Jean Cokley's hit list..but you busted that up before they
got to her." said Cock.

"Did you know her boyfriend, Alton?" I asked.

"Yeah..Ex-Marine...real intense...a square guy..
he wanted to marry Collette...but she wasn't that
type of girl...she liked flashy, bullshit talkin type
guys." said Cock.

"Like you huh?" I said.

Cock sighed.."Yeah,like me..."

"You think Alton is a stalker?" I said.

"Nah, not him...he wouldn't hurt a fly...but
he is very very into her..." said Cock.

"She called you around 1:00am this morning." I said.

"Yeah, I saw the missed call...I was , let's just say,occupied." said Cock.

Wish I had been occupied....It was obvious that there was nothing to be learned here..I was satisfied that Cock hadn't seen her and that he had nothing to do with this..So I left...still,I wondered why she called him..She knew that he was married.

I drove up to Club Escapades and who did I see walking down the street, in the same clothes he had on the night before but Jordy.....I drove up on the pavement and cut him off...and then I jumped out of the car and grabbed his arm and pushed him up against the wall...

"Hi Jordy...what? no hello?" I said.

"Sayyyy, heyy man, what gives with the rough stuff." said Jordy.

"I figure right about now, you feelin a breeze...I got a pair of boxer shorts..with your name on them...wanna tell me what you did with the girl?" I said.

"Man ,I came back here lookin for them draws man...they was silk...very expensive, I can't believe I put my clothes back on and left them." He said.

"So you admit they are yours?" I said.

"Hell, we had a high time in here..she's a hot mami..whoooo that girl can ride a -"

"Where is she Jordy?" I asked..

"Where is who? The babe? Thas what I want to know...Man, I brought her out here to her car and tore her that was some of the best sex of my life..she is somethin else.." said Jordy.

"Where IS SHE JORDY?" I asked again, getting annoyed.

"Man, I don't know..she was still in the car when I left her..somebody kept calling her cell phone the whole time we was doing the do, you know what I'm sayin..what a freak...I must've came about four or five times..." said Jordy..

"So she was still in the car when you left?" I said.

"Yeah man...that's what I said....She was making a call...." he said.

So if Cock doesn't know why she called him at 1:03 am, the last known call she made and Jordy,the last man to see her didn't know where she was....I was left where I was at this time
a day before...nowhere! The trail was cold.

I got in my car and drove home...Sepia was still in her night gown....

"So?" she asked..

"So nothing....I found Jordy, and besides wanting his drawers back, he says he doesn't know where she is..Apparently she was still in the car on the phone when he left her."

"You think Alton has something to do with this?" She asked.

" Well, he's the only one I haven't talked to...and the wild card in this mess....He was the one calling her during the hour when she and Jordy were filling that SUV with their bodily fluids."
I said.

Sepia walked up the stairs...

"Where are you going?" I asked...

"To shower and get dressed." she said..

"You going somewhere?" I asked...

"I know where Alton might be....when I get dressed, we'll take my car..
he knows me..he trusts me." She said.

Just then the doorbell rang.....It was Alton!!!

"You don't know me...My name is Alton Redding."He said

"And let me guess..You're looking for Collette?" I said.

"Yeah, she was with you guys last night..I just need to talk
to her.' he said, nearly in tears."

"I'd like to help you man, but I don't know where she is." I said.

"Well here is my phone number at home and my cell phone number,
if you see her, give her these..tell her to call me." he said.

I took his number...I motioned for him to wait..I ran upstairs to get
Sepia..but when I turned around...Alton was gone!!!

(To be continued....)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Excuse Me, I thought I Knew You

"Kevin, it's almost four in the morning." Said Sepia to me.

I stood there staring at her SUV totally confused...I went in my pocket and gave Sepia a couple of dollars and told her to go to the 7-11 in the next block and buy some large GLAD sandwich bags. Naturally she wanted to know why I wanted sandwich bags at this time of night. I explained it to her.

"Obviously you don't watch too many cop shows my dear...what we have here
is evidence...evidence we may have to turn over to the police at some point..
we have a pair of stained boxer shorts...we have a used and filled up condom,
we have panty hose with stains all up and down them...there is enough semen
here to make a positive DNA match of anybody, easily...we don't want to lose
it...we have her cell phone and looky,looky here on the floor...we have a man's comb.
Get some plastic gloves too if you can find them.."

I watched Sepia walk to the 7-11 in the she looked good..but with her friend missing and the lateness of the hour, there was no chance that anything was going to jump off for me ,like it had in this car. Funny that I could even think of sex at a time like this. At this point,I hadn't figured on any foul play..I was thinking that Jordy had taken her to a room or his place and they were still having wild sex. Sepia was certain that that was not the case. I could see her point.
There was one shoe left...and then there was the matter of the cell phone. She wouldn't have left her cell phone behind and she certainly wouldn't have left this expensive car unlocked...Jordy wasn't that good in bed....or was he? I had certainly left things behind because of a woman, but women just weren't like that.

"Here, I got you plastic gloves and large plastic sandwich bags..." said Sepia, who had just returned.

I put the stained boxer shorts in one bag..and the panty hose in another...I tied the used condom in a knot and placed it in yet another bag...I did the same with her cell phone...but before I did,
I checked it for calls...It showed six missed calls from an Alton Redding made from between 12:00am to 1:00....It showed that she only made one an old friend of ours...Cockraine
Robbins, around 1:02am that was unanswered. Cock was married now and probably not taking those kind of calls at that hour of the night. How did she know Cock? Why would she be calling him?? All things I was going to find out in the morning. I looked at her Drivers Licensce and it
had a Philadelphia address in West Philadelphia...Collette told us she was in town
visiting from Deleware!!! The next thing I found out, when I searched the glove compartment...
This car was a rental...It was due back tomorrow..It wasn't hers!!!! A further check of her purse
showed that she wasn't really the professional model she claimed to be...She was an Administrative Assistant at Jefferson Hospital during the day and possibly, a stripper at Club Coldhouse up in New York on the weekends... Collette Washington wasn't who she was telling Sepia and I she was at all. The West Philly address on her drivers licensce was apartments...So
just who was Collette Washington afterall?? Why did she make up that story? Was she hiding from someone?? Alton Redding?? Did Jordy do something to her ?? and where was he?? All
questions I needed to find the answers to...but not now...We had to get home.. I told Sepia to get
in the front seat.. I got on the drivers side and started the SUV...I knew that I shouldn't be moving this car, but I had bagged all of the evidence and it was cold and late..We had to get home. I drove us to a Mcdonald's drive through and ordered Big Mac's, Fries and two coffees.
Sepia and I hungrily ate the food and drank the coffee...then I drove the SUV to my house,parked it in back of my car..(Sepia's car was in the garage) and we entered the house..
As the two of us readied ourselves for bed...I peeped out the window..There was a man standing
directly across the street from us. I motioned Sepia to the window...

"You ever see him before?" I said

"Yeah, that's Alton..Collette's boyfriend." said Sepia.

"I thought he didn't know where she was staying?" I said.

"I don't know...maybe Collette broke down and told him." said Sepia.

"Or maybe he was there all along, watching us and followed us home." I said, grabbing my pistol.

I swung the door open and came running down the steps with my gun drawn...Alton or whoever
he was , was nowhere in sight.

Sepia , who was in her night gown..came running outside-

"Where is he? Did you see him?" She exclaimed.

"Nah...he's that a new gown?" I asked.

"Yes..I got it the other day from Victoria's Secret."

"Damn girl, you sure look good in that gown."

" can you think about sex, when my best friend is missing,
could be in a gutter somewhere , dead?" said Sepia.

See? I knew wasn't nothin jumpin off until we found Collette... Collette ,please be with Jordy, having wild sex..please.

(To be continued..........)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Mysterious Disapearence of Collette Washington

"Gurll, you got a nice set up here and you got a good man
you better act like you know and keep him happy." said Collette Washington.

"I know I have a good man...and I think I keep him verrry happy. don't I Kevin?"
laughed Sepia, giving me the sly smile and side eye.

My name is Kevin Morris..I'm a blogger and a writer..This is another one of my stories. Collette Washington was tall, dark skinned, built like a ship and sitting on my bed in a pink nightie ,with big dark shapely legs just glistening was all I could do, to keep from stealing a glance at her
voluptuous body... My woman, Sepia...who was just as voluptuous, just as fine was sitting next to her, talking and laughing...I could however stare at her as much as I pleased...I mean, it was just too much temptation,having two fine women in my bedroom.

Collette was Sepia's college room-mate from her days at Howard University...They had both pledged Delta Sigma Theta together , had partied together and had graduated together. Sepia was now an investigator at a major pharmecutical company in the area and Collette was ,let's just say in between gigs as a model. She was spending a few days here in Philly while completing
a photo shoot for my magazine. Since she knew Sepia, I decided that she could spend a few nights at my place.

The temptation was killing me, but I was on my best behavior. Sean , the photographer had teased me about her staying at my place. He had thought about making the same offer when she said she needed a place, but his girlfriend, Sheila would have killed him. Besides, it only made
sense for her to stay here.

"Alton..I told you that it was over between us...
No I'm not telling you where I'm staying....what?
Cause I don't want you to know, that's why....
I aint got nothing to say to you....Well,look..since it's so
many girls out there..find you one then..." said Collette in her cell phone.

She looked at Sepia and smiled-

"Men love me girl...I hate to be breakin they hearts, but
I aint hardly ready to get serious wit no one guy..
at least not one like Alton...he way too possesive and jealous...
He'd give me the world if I asked him, but he's just too serious..."

Sepia shook her head and said-

"Gurrll, you aint changed since college, you still
a female mack."

Collette smiled, then she got serious-

"Yeah..but I do envy you Sepia, you got a good man, he
got his own place, a nice car, a fly you a good job
and lettin you live with him rent free..I envy that."

"I'm not livin rent free...I pay my share of the
bills." protested Sepia.

"I'm not talkin bout in the bedroom....I heard yall
last night."laughed Colleen..

"Hey, I'm here.." I mock protested...

We all had a big laugh...Sepia acted like she was coughing and said


And we all laughed again..

"Well Kevin...I know this is your room and all...but could you give us girls some room so we can get we can be ready to go clubbing?" said Collette.

"Okay,Okay...I'll be waiting outside." I said...since I was fully dressed.

An hour later,we were all in Collette's Black 2009 BMW SUV coupe headed first to Josie's Bar,
where we had a couple of Burgers and knocked back some drinks...and then onward to this new
club called "Escapades" that had just opened and was supposed to be the hot spot in town.

The club was jumpin.... There were a lot of P-Diddy and Jay Z wanna be's in the club on the one hand...On the other hand, a lot of pretend gangsters and a lot of real ones too...The club was a hodgepodge of charactors tonight. One was a local guy I knew named "Jordy"...He was about
five foot four, but with a lot of swagger.. He was an excellent dancer...He was wearing a very expensive suit, had on a black polo shirt with it, a pinky ring and a lopsided smile that just reeked of him being up to no good.

He and Collette's eyes met and they had an instant attraction...They danced on four straight songs...I sat at the bar with Sepia and watched him...He was whispering something in Collette's
ears and she was laughing,giggling....then she opened her mouth wide, like she was really surprised and she and Jordy walked outside of the club. This was around 10:30 pm.

Sepia and I danced the night away...grabbed a couple of drinks and danced some more..It was
now a quarter to twelve and there was no sign of Collette or Jordy. One O'Clock came and went and still no sign of them.... I walked outside and there was her SUV...I knew what was going on.. the car?? The one we got to ride home in...Why couldn't Jordy take her to a room??
Cheap Bastard..I thought.....

The Suv car door was opened....there was a used condom on the back seat, Collette's pantyhose
and one of her shoes..a pair of boxer shorts with a big stain in them...and her cell phone.....but
no sign of her or Jordy.

Sepia came running over to the SUV, took one look and started laughing ....

"That girl...she aint changed a bit...give them drawers up at the drop of a hat."

"Okay, but where is she?" I asked...

There was no sign of was as if she had vanished into thin air..It was now two o'clock...The club was letting out...People were getting in their cars going home and still no sign of Collette or Jordy.

"I'll call her" said Sepia.

"Sepia, her cell phone is right there." I said...

"What the hell is going on Kevin? This aint like her...where is she?" Asked Sepia...

"Good Question" I said...I walked over to the drivers side of the car and her car keys were laying
on the seat....Something was definitely wrong here....I had to know what it is was....

(To be continued....)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Picture These Things (Day trippin)

Imagine this
you and I alone, with a fine bottle of wine
our cell phones and Blackberry's off
no interuptions this time.
running a hot soapy bath...
both of us slipping into my deep tub..
we are sharing a laugh
as our two bodies rub.../

/Picture these things in your mind...
that's the kind of afternoon I want to spend with you
we haven't been alone like this for a long time..
so picture these things I say to you, in your mind..
in your mind..
in your mind.../

/Imagine This..
you and I making love until the cops come knockin..
the neighbors smiling behind our backs
the next day..
embarrassed because they heard the bed rockin..
How about breakfast and lunch and maybe a movie
the next day??
hasn't this been a romantic getaway??/

/Picture these things in your mind..
because that's the way I want to spend the day with you..
it could be such a very nice time..
and it's been so long since I've spent a day with you...
so picture these things in your mind..
in your mind...
in your mind.../

let's take a little trip.....

day breaks...
you're still awake
and we go floating on...
floating away...

take this little trip with me ...
in my mind...

take this little trip with me..
through time...

floating away...
floating somewhere...

away we go..
alone no more...

take a little day trip with me girl...
take a little day trip with me baby...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There was a time
when chasing dreams was on his mind..
then she came along
an angel in disguise....
and made right everything that had been wrong
He changed his life
changed it all around...
hard to believe it..
she was everything he needed..
he had to concede that-/

she's some kind of gift
a gift from above
some kind of gift
a gift from GOD called

It would be so nice
to wake up next to her every morning
and go to sleep next to her every night..
It would be so right
to have her as a wife..
this angel in disguise..
He -
Still couldn't believe it..
she was everything his mother told him he needed...
and he had to concede that-/

she is
some kind of gift
a gift from above
she is some kind of gift
a gift from God called love../

(For My Wife....)

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Can't Believe

/The other day my cell phone
indicated the call was from you...
You never call anymore unless
there is something you want me to do..
Don't shake your head ,you know it's true../

/You said that you were throwing your
new love a birthday party
and you were inviting me to join
you two...
What would make you think that I
would be interested in a celebration
of him having you?/

/See, I can't believe
you would choose him over me after all that I've done for you...
I just can't believe
you would choose him over me after all that he's put you through../

/See, If I still smoked weed, I'd take a big hit and lay my
head back and forget all about you...
But I don't drink or get high anymore so I guess I'm stuck
in the real world with you and it makes me blue../

/ After all of the lies he told you and the sleepless nights...
it defies all laws of reason to me that you are still by his
I'm sorry, but that's one party that I won't be attending...
I won't be a clown in that circus..
I'll be looking for a happier ending.../

/I can't believe
that you would choose him over me after all I've done for you..
I can't believe
that you would choose him over me after all he's put you through.../

/how bout all the lies and distortions??
lies and distortions-
and all of those other girl's abortions...
all of those promises that he'd do better
he'd do better
and mood swings that changed like the
weather girl,
and yet you say you still want him..../

I can't believe..
I just can't believe
you'd choose him over me girl, after all I've done for you...
I can't believe...
you'd choose him over me, after all he's put you through..
foolish you./

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Long Term Parking

" We're gonna move it slow..
when lights are low....
when you're moving slow
it sounds like a mo..
and it's alright, yeahhh it's alright"...I sang to the ipod that was now playing Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions as I drove slowly down route 611 out of Philadelphia and towards Jenkintown... I drove slowly through Abington, past the Abington Hospital, past "Keith Road" and straight to Jenkintown... As I pulled into Conrad's neighborhood and parked, a few feet down the road from his house...I saw the Jetta. Damn she must drive slow or she made a stop. I gave Bridget more than enough of a head start, she should of been here and everything should've been ready for phase two of my plan. Just cell phone was just the person I had been waiting to hear from.

"Hi ya handsome." came the sultry female voice.

'Hey what's up? Is everything in play?" I asked....

'Everything is in play...we just waitin for the little chick a dee to get to the nest" she laughed.

"She's here..she's outside right now." I said.

"Okay...I'm ready.. hey Sean?" she asked..

"yeah?"I said, really wanting to get off the phone...

"Is it true what Conrad told me?"she asked.

"What did he tell you ?" I asked.

"That somebody you work with got your nose wide open and that
you're out of the da market?" she said.

"Well uh...yeah, for the moment you might say that." I said, definitely not wanting to have this conversation with her and especially not now.

"Aww man, that's a shame...I missed out on gettin some of that huh? What is
goin on? First Kevin gets hooked up, then Cock Robbins, Now you? These
straight broads is takin all of the good guys out of the game." laughed Honey

"Yeah, that's unfortunate but..look..get off this phone and just get ready." I

"Okay, Okay.." she said.

I sat there and I watched Bridget ring the bell...wait a minute and then bam loudly on the door..Then she did exactly what I figured she'd do..She took out some type of burglary tool..a lock pick of sorts and attempted to jimmy the lock. She hesitated a minute and then went to her car...She wandered around back and cut a couple of wires. She had disabled the alarm system. She was good.. She was wearing latex gloves too. I could tell that she was an avid fan of CSI..
She then commenced to jimmying the lock...Just like I knew she would. I started to leave the door unlocked, but that would have been too much of a dead give away. I had all of the lights on and music the house looked like Conrad was indeed there.

'Cause I'm in lovvvee...with another man.....and I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry..."sang Jazmine Sullivan as Bridget entered the house. The fact that the music was blasting should have put her off a bit...but crazy people often aren't that analytical..

I'm trying to imagine the look on her face when she walked into Conrad's master
bedroom where the music was coming from and Honey Brown put that nickel
plated .45 caliber to her head and backed her Parliament-Funkadelic dressed
behind out the front door...real quick...Quick enough for my man Kevin to come out of the bushes and put a bag over her head. She attempted to holler but Honey Brown put the gun under her chin..She felt the cold steel and then heard
Honey say coldly...

"I wouldn't do that little chickadee....might be bad for your just be
a good little chick a dee and this will all be over quick and hopefully nobody
will get feel me baby.....damn ,them boots is tight gurlll, I wish we had
time for you to tell me where you copped them." she laughed maniacally. She was enjoying this way too much.

Kevin was wearing a lifelike George Bush Mask.... I had on a Bill Clinton Mask
and Honey was wearing a Hillary Clinton Mask...We took her and shoved her into the back of my rental car..Honey got in the back with her..Kevin and I got in the front seat and I pulled off...I drove further down route 611, way past the Willow Grove mall and past the old Willow Grove Naval Air Station...I drove to
an old empty abandoned air strip off the highway and stopped the car.

I could tell that Bridget was frightened out of her wits...I pulled the bag off of her head and I spoke to her in a disguised voice.

"How you doin Bridget?"

"How-How you know my name?" she said.

"I know everything about you...where you live, where you used to work...your
bra size..your dress listen good, cause this is the only time you are going to get a warning like this...Mr. Young doesn't want you..Mr. Young has a woman that he plans to marry...You screw that up and we gonna make history here...IT's gonna be the first time two ex-Presidents and an ex First Lady asassinate a damn stalker. Do you understand me? If you call him, text him,e-mail him or his woman....the last faces you're gonna
see on this earth are Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and George W. come
on're a smart girl...we just elected a Black President a few days ago.. now, you don't want to miss his whole first term do you....because you're dead?"

She was silent..Honey cocked the .45 and Bridget answered then...

"Yes..YES..I understand...He won't hear a peep out of me...Please just don't hurt
me..please..." she wailed.

Honey put the bag back over her head and we drove her back to Conrad's house.
She got back in her car and was so visibly shaken that she couldn't start the car.
I walked over to her and I said firmly-

"Come on now...get yourself together and get out of here...NOW!" I screamed.

She got the message and she put the pedal to the medal...She was gone...............
Honey, Kevin and I took off the masks and got in my rental and headed towards
611 to make sure she was indeed leaving and not thinking about coming back..

" crazy...Man oh man... if you and Conrad weren't my homies..there
is no way in hell I would've been involved in a caper like this.." laughed Kevin.

Honey Brown weighed in-

"Sean, that young girl was tremblin so bad, I thought she was gonna pee herself
in the back of this car....then I would've had to of killed her." laughed Honey
as we all laughed and drove back to Philly.

A few nights later at Josie's Bar....Sheila and I were in a booth with Mabel Jenkins and her man enjoying drinks and hot wings...Clerow and Cora Beth were in a booth across from us with Kevin and Sepia and Blake and Paris were sitting with Cock and Vanessa Robbins...a good time was being had by all as we listened to this new Trumpet player and his sextet from out of town play their set.

Conrad and Jill walked into the bar...Jill was sporting a huge rock on her left hand. Smiling from ear to ear...All of the women ouuuued and ahhed at the enormus peice of jewelry. Conrad had this sheepish grin on his face that made him look like a child. Conrad had finnally, after twenty years, popped the question...Jill was going to make an honest man out of him.

"Sean, I can't thank you enough for what you did for me.." He said ,when we were out of earshot of Jill at the Bar.

"Conrad, forget about it...really...forget about it...We broke enough laws to put us in jail for 25 years..but I'm sure your problems are over." I said.

"Yeah, I don't think I want to know what you did." He laughed...

Gus the bartender called me over to the bar to get my drink and he said to me.

"Man, I don't know what this world is coming to...these kids today, got everything to live for." He said.

"What you talkin bout Gus?" I said...

"They found a young girl...twenty five years old, dead out by the airport in a brand new Jetta... over in long term parking ,They said she died from a self inflicted gunshot wound.. Said she was in law school and had just lost her job as a para-legal..Shit, I done lost plenty of jobs...I aint never killed myself over it..these damn kids they don't know how to deal with nothin..." He said.

It was Bridget...she had killed herself...I didn't want to spoil the mood of everybody else, so I didn't say anything... Had she been that distraught over not being able to have Conrad?? Conrad was a good 20 years older than her...Surely she could have had her pick of men several years younger and better looking too , I might add . What kind of demons had this poor demented girl been wrestling with? I would never know. I felt very bad about what had happened. I felt a twinge of responsibility for Bridget...but what would the alternative have been.? She would have
made Conrad's life a living hell...might have even caused him harm...or she might not,,,she could have been bluffing...but like I said..I'd never know now.

I grabbed Sheila around the waste and I ordered a double..

" alright?" she asked....

"Yeah baby...everything is just peachy..I got you, Conrad gettin married...what
could be wrong?" I asked as I kissed her on the neck..

"You just look like you seen a ghost" said Sheila...

I felt very cold all of a sudden, like something unliving had just walked past me.
I held Sheila tighter than I never ever wanted to let her go.

( For O.G.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Fleshy Part of Her Thigh

"You know of course that this is your fault" I said to Conrad.

"My Fault?" he said puzzled.

"Yeah man, you kind of played with that girl's can't do stuff like's bound to come back and bite you in the ass." I said.

"Whoa, wait a minute...this is not you talkin, the biggest male whore in the city of Philadelphia." snorted Conrad.

"Well now, I know I've been with a lot of ladies man, but I never led none of em on, they all knew where they stood with me..they knew that I didn't date exclusively." I said.

"Oh really? Does this new chippy that you humped in my sheets know that too?"
Conrad retorted.

"Well uh..that's what I wanted to tell you man...I am dating her exclusively, I aint gonna mess around no more, not with her." I said, not believing the words that were coming out of my mouth.

"Oh've evolved?" Conrad spat.

"I have...this one, this one I've been chasing so long, is the real deal man..I think she's the one." I said.

"Man she must have some good stuff to open your nose like that...make you turn in your players cards." he said.

"It's more than just the sex man...I like the way she rolls..and when I'm with her I'm different..I want to be different." I said.

"Wow....that's somethin....well if you say she's all that..then I have to go with you on this buddy...but what are we gonna do about my problem?" said Conrad.

"You stay here in the bar...I'm gon get you out of this..." I said..

"What do you propose we do?" asked Conrad.

"WE aint doin nothin...I got this...just give me some information as to where she might be found." I said.

Conrad's Lexus Coup had been towed away and he had called the insurance company..After Gus and I had dragged him back into Josie's Bar and basically revived him, he was able to pull himself together. He gave me all the information he had on Ms. Bridget Myers and I got in my car and drove to Sheila's house. Actually, I was just looking for a reason to see her. I was acting like a lot of women who had been with fact ,I was acting like a "sex monster" I was ashamed of myself after I rang her doorbell.

She came to the door in some sweat pants. The kind from Victoria's Secret that say "Pink " on the back. She had on a T-shirt that was fighting and losing the battle to hold those huge breasts of hers.

"Hi Sean...couldn't resist me huh?" she joked...Surprisingly she wasn't annoyed like I would have been if one of my chippys had insisted on visiting me when I had said that I would be busy..She really was a good person.

"Girl, you aint never lied, but actually I need a favor..I need to use your car for a few hours." I said.

"My Car?" she said.

"Look ,here are my keys..I'm gonna leave my car here with you. but I need your car." I said.

"Sean is this about your lawyer friend and that stalker girl?" she asked.

"Yeah.."I said.

"Wait a minute...I'll be right out." She said.

She through on a leather jacket and motioned me to follow her and pointed to her car door..I got in and she got in on the drivers side. She drove about three blocks to an Enterprise. She looked at me, smiled and said-

"Wait here..I'll be back."

She was inside for what seemed like twenty minutes..She then came out and tossed me a set of keys.

"What's this?" I said....

She pointed to a Black 2009 Ford Focus.

"That's your car...I just rented it for you..She's never seen this the windows are tinted, you can follow her without her knowing what's going on. and I won't have to worry about her scratching my car with a key,just in case you screw up. " she laughed. I didn't blame her, I doubt that I would have just lent my car out either..

"Sheila..I...Look whatever you paid...I'll pay you back..I didn't mean for you to spend any money." I said.

"Money? I didn't spend any money...that guy in there likes me...he has let me have rentals for free a couple of times.. and I have on this tight t-shirt today.. gave him a real thrill when I came in..he really, really was anxious to do something nice for me. You're not the only player in the world." she laughed with a wink.

"Wow...but why are you doing this for me..??I don't-"

"Sssssh...I'm your're my man...and I know if I'm in a jam you got my back, right?" she said.

"No doubt" I said eagerly...

"See how much I'm willing to do for you...don't let me down..I just want you to know that I'm gonna ride or die with you, just as long as you don't try to mess over me.." she said.

"Damn girl, I'm floored..I -I..."

"Okay, don't get all mushy and girlie on me...take the keys, take the car and go
be a hero...and if you don't stay out too late...mama's got somethin good for you
if you still want to come over." she said..and then winked."

I leaned over and kissed her very very passionately...I took my hand and rubbed the fleshy part of her thigh...She looked at me smiled and then hugged me.

"Be careful" she said.

I waved as I hopped in the car and drove off......

I found the block where she lived..I cut the lights off and I sat quietly at the edge of the block and watched the apartment building she lived in. I sat quietly and listened to the music playing from the ipod dock in the car. I had programmed a lot of old Motown songs on it and it was soothing to me as I sat and waitied...Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and The Supremes all sang their classic songs while I sat and waited..ironically enough-
"I know I'm Losing You" by the Temptations came on just as Bridget emerged from the apartments... I couldn't believe she was dressed like she was..She had on a white Trenchcoat..and white custom made Fendi Aviator shades...Broad had good tastes. Under the
trenchcoat which was partly opened, she was wearing a White lace Babydoll, with white lace boyshort panties and white thigh high boots with clear stilletto heels..She looked like a hooker from a bad sci-fi movie.. She had a nice little figure..and she had a cute face...She could make some guy very happy if it wasn't for the fact that she was certifiably crazy....The coat opened and I could see the fleshy part of her shapely thighs...Man, she was sayin a taste...I almost hated
what I was going to do.

She got in the car and took off. She drove right toward me and past me. She didn't have a clue that it was me sitting there. After she was out of sight...I put the key in the ignition and pulled
off...No need to follow her... I knew where she was headed.

(Conclusion tomorrow............)

A Milestone

Thank you for your continued support and patience...
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Bust Your Windows

2008 Lexus Coup

2008 Jetta

I woke up and looked around...nothing looked familiar to me...that's because I wasn't in my bedroom...I was butt naked on top of that..I looked around and my clothes were neatly folded on the chair at the side of the bed...I was at Sheila's house, in her bedroom...I was tired, bone tired. How does one wake up tired like this? Answer, when one has been having sex all night long and I mean all night long...I must've gotten three hours sleep, if that.! I heard footsteps coming into the room and I looked up and there she was...Looking sexier than ever in just a
big t-shirt and panties..with her hair going in every which of way..She had two cups of coffee. She put one down on the nightstand next to my side of her bed.

"Good morning are you doing? she said with one of the sweetest smiles I had ever seen her have.

"I'm doing good I guess..I'm exhausted.." I said.

"Go ahead, drink that coffee...There's more downstairs and there's Orange Juice, Donuts and Muffins on the table too." she said.

I leaned over to try and kiss her and she pushed me away playfully...

"You haven't brushed your teeth yet...and besides..if we start doing that, we'll be
back in the bed and we will never get to work.." she said.

"Dang, that's's Monday isn't it?" I said.

" Yeah, it is..I ran a bath for you....then you can get dressed afterwords cause you gotta go home and get dressed for work." she said.

"The hell with work...I'm calling out..come on over here and give me some sugar." I laughed..

"You know I'd love to , I really would ,especially after this whole weekend and last night...but I've got a dozen important meetings today and you have a photo
shoot." she said.

"Yeah, you right...I'd better clean up." I said.

"Awww....don't pout Sean...I told you, if you treat me right, all of me is yours anytime and anyway you want it."She said.

I couldn't believe that I was hearing this ...and from her.. But hey there it was.
I bathed and got dressed and grabbed a few muffins to take with me..As I was
going out of the door...I grabbed Sheila, backed her up against the wall and began kissing her passsionately...She pushed away after about two minutes and

'Come on Sean...If we keep this up too long, I won't be able to stop you and we won't get to work." She said.

I knew she was right and I let her go..jumped in my ride and drove home. I quickly changed my clothes and drove to work....I got on my cell phone and ordered another dozen red, pink and white roses and asked for them to be delivered to Sheila at lunchtime with just the words- "Thank You" on them..She would like that.

I made my photo shoot on time and went over to Kevin's house to download my other photos on to his computer for his Magazine story and the rest for his blogs.. I then headed back to work and sat down in my office...It was three in the afternoon by now...Just as I was about to doze off..There was a knock on my door.

"Come in" I said. It was Sheila. Boy she looked great...I thought. If I wasn't so tired, I 'd close that door and pull her right here in this office. I was just too tired to physically attempt it now.

"Thanks for the flowers Sean...I really wasn't expecting this..not from-"

"Yeah, I know...not from a guy like me....I can be romantic.."I said cutting her off.

"Yeah ,I see....Hey look, your lawyer friend stopped by here earlier while you were with Kevin...He looked really frantic...he said for you to call him." She said.
"Is he in some kind of trouble?"

"Nah, nothing really big..he just makes a mountain out of a molehill's all good.... what's up for tonight?" I asked.

"You can't possibly want to come over tonight? You've had me all're gonna wear me out...I thought I'd give us a break tonight, get
some rest..catch up on my reading. Come on Sean, you didn't really want to come over tonight and you and I know it." she laughed.

I didn't really want to come over tonight...I was tired and glad she let me off the
hook. She was alright. I was starting to like her more and more.

"Don't worry Sean..I'm not going anywhere, as long as you don't." she said.

She winked at me and then blew me a fake kiss and walked back down the hall. that she let me off the hook, I actually wanted to see her tonight. Funny how I was feeling.
With Sheila gone...I called Conrad. I wondered what was going on with him.

"Hey Conrad, what's going on?"I said.

"Sean...this girl is crazy...she has sent me threatening messages on my e-mail and my Blackberry..She's mad because I changed the locks on the doors and she
says that I'm avoiding her and that she's not going to be ignored." he said..

"Ahh man, just ignore her...she'll get the hint and go away." I said.

" I don't think so...Her Jetta is sitting outside my office right now." he said.

"What? Where are you?" I said...

"I'm not in the office...I'm in a coffee shop down the street from the office watching her...she don't know where I am. My car is parked four blocks from here..she don't know where it is...look, I gotta go now..I'm gonna slip away and leave that crazy 'sex monster' right where she is." he said.

I hung up..I had to laugh...Bridget wasn't a sex monster...what she was ,was a plain old stalker.

I drove over to Josie's Bar to grab a cold Corona and some hot wings...It was a Monday afternoon , so the bar was nearly empty. Kevin and Cock Robbins came in, had a beer and both left...Clerow and Hank Kimble were sitting in the corner talking and Honey Brown was trying to hustle drinks from some unsuspecting patron who was staring at her cleavage more than listening to what she had to say.

Conrad came in after I had been in the bar about an hour.

"I'm so glad to see you..Hey usual." He said ,seemingly out of breath.

"Man, what's going on with you?" I said.

"Sean, this has gotten serious..look at this text message.." He said.

I looked at his Blackberry-

You thought you were slick by locking me out of your house...
you bitch...
Well, you're not so smart..while I was there and your buddy was busy
humping his girlfriend, I got what I needed...
I know about your other bitch, Jill....I know where she lives, I know her
phone number, where she works and what kind of car she drives...
I'm coming to your house tonight ...naked...and if you value your little
high yella bitch, you'll let me in and do me like a black man should or
else...your little bitch in Jersey is gonna get clipped....So take your viagra
or cialis or whatever you like..but be ready to get it on sucka or else.
I will not be ignored and pushed away."-Bridget.

I looked at Conrad... This was serious....

"Conrad, you've got to call the police...she's got serious issues..she could be dangerous." I said.

"I'm not calling the police, but I've got to put an end to this."said Conrad.

"So what's the plan Lawyer man" I asked...Down for whatever.

"Sean...I don't know what I'm going to do..." He said...

Just then we heard the sound of glass shattering...and a car pulling off , tires
screaching loudly......a Jetta pulling off into the night.... Conrad's Lexus coupe
sitting with the windshield broken and the back window broken...Somebody had taken a crowbar and smashed the windows on the sides out too...Conrad's
mouth was wide open...he began to shake and then he collapsed.

(To be continued................)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Need You Bad

Conrad and I stood outside Josie's Bar and waited for Clerow to drive up in his yellow Cooper. He did and with him in the passenger seat was an elderly Black man named Hank Kimble. Hank Kimble was the locksmith. I told Clerow and Hank to follow us out to Conrad's House. As we drove Conrad sat pensively, looking downright frightened. I wasn't used to this Conrad. He was a fearless lawyer in the courtroom, going toe to toe with Prosecutors, District Attorneys and Judges. He looked almost pale.

"So what's up Conrad, what's the deal with this girl?" I asked.

"There is no deal..she's a sex monster." He said..

"What in hell is a sex monster?" I asked ,laughing my head off.

"You don't understand the kind of trouble I am in here Sean....Jill said that if I ever cheated on her , she'd leave me." said Conrad.

"You mean you hit that?" I laughed out loud..."That young girl?? Why Conrad, you're old enough to be her father.." I said still laughing as I drove.

"You don't wasn't exactly like that Sean....She used to be a para-legal at my firm..I used to get her to take a few of my breifs back and forth to the other attorneys." he said.

"Yeah, I guess you did." I laughed.

"You gonna let me tell the story or are you gonna crack corny jokes?" He said.

"Alright...Alright." I said.

" We would talk...nothing serious, just casual conversation. I took her to lunch a couple of times and gave her some advice on how she might advance her career. Soon ,everyday when I came in, I would have a hot steaming cup of coffee waiting for me like I like from Starbucks and a blueberry muffin, slightly warm, with butter melted in the middle from Delancy Street on my desk. She started coming by more often..wearing very short, I mean short mini skirts....white blouses that you could see through with white lacy bras...and talkin all breathy like Marilyn Monroe..It was all I could do to control myself... Then one day, I was working late...I thought I was in the office alone and I looked up and there she was...With a white trench coat on...She opened it up and she was wearing a White babydoll and a matching white thong, with those thigh
high panty hose and white stilletto heels....Well Sean...I knew what was up then...Wasn't nobody there, nobody would I cleared everything off of my desk and I took her right there in the office on the desk." He said.

"Wow Conrad, you're my hero man...even I aint never done nothing like that." I gasped, still laughing.

"I shouldn't have done it...I know..but I was weak...I drove her out to my house and we spent the entire weekend making love ....we didn't even eat....we stayed in the bed the entire time..I didn't take any calls or anything......but after it was all over..I told her that the sex was nice, but that I was not interested in having a relationship with her...I said that we worked together and that it just wouldn't look right...She said she understood....but that wasn't the end of it...The Coffee and the muffins continued to be delivered...She hacked into my personal e-mail and began sending me hundreds of e-mails saying that she missed me and that she needed me and that I said that I loved her and all this stuff...She sent messages to my Blackberry, My Facebook page
my other cell phone....I never told her that I loved her...she's out of her mind." he said.

"Conrad, you got a Facebook page?" I asked, simply amazed...

"Yeah, yeah, everybody's got em.." He sighed. he then continued his story. "Her behavior got crazier and crazier..She started calling me at my home every night ,begging me to let her come back over...She started sending me countless e-mails with pictures of her in lingerie or just plain nude...and then the text messages , the countless calls on my cell phone and the disapearence of my keys.. I confronted her , told her in no uncertain terms that I didn't want to be involved with her like that, I even told her that I had a woman...but the harrassment continued. Finnally I had to take out a protection order against her. She stopped bothering me for like two months..but
now she's back...If she should find out about Jill or if Jill finds out about her, she'll leave me...and I can't allow that to happen...I've been with Jill almost twenty years..."he said.

Conrad and Jill had met when they were in Law School...Jill was a beautiful woman who looked like she was White....She was the child of a mixed marriage...Her Father was an African American lawyer from North Philadelphia and Her Mother was an Italian from South Philadelphia...A strange match indeed. Conrad and Jill had lived together for six years, then decided it would be better if they had their own places. Conrad always said that he was going to marry Jill, he had just never gotten around to doing it.

We got to the house and Conrad let himself in...We went from room to room, searching and looking, but we found nothing. Then we got to the guest bedroom.

"Ummmm Hmmmm...She's been sleeping in my bed...I knew it." He said.

"Ugghhh Conrad...I think that was me and Sheila...We slept in your bed." I said sheepishly.

"You slept in my bed? You had that big couch out there, what the hell you have to sleep in my bed for..?? I hope you changed the damn sheets?" He said.

"Course I did." I said.

"Your triflin ass probably didn't even wash em did you?" He said.

"All DONE Mistah Young" said Hank Kimble, the locksmith..before I could answer. He had changed all of the locks and had given Conrad a new set of keys.

"Thanks Hank and thank you Clerow for coming out here...Let me arm this electronic alarm system..She won't come in this house again.. I'm gonna grab some clothes...I'm going to Jill's house...Clerow will take you home ."Said Conrad as he packed another bag and got in his Jag...
Just then, his cell phone rang. He looked at me...

"It's her!!! She sent me a text message, read it ." He said.

I looked at his Blackberry...the screen said-

"I need you bad as the air I breathe...
I'm about to go insane..
Oh Conrad ,I can't take this pain...
I need you bad.."

Conrad looked at me-

"She's as crazy as a crack house rat." He said as he hopped in his Jag and sped off down 611.

I got in the car with Clerow and Hank Kimble and as we pulled off...My cell phone rang.

"Hello" I said (It was Sheila)

"Sean, can you come over tonight?" she said.

"Uh yes...I don't see why I can't...what's up?" I said.. I had just spent the entire weekend with her...I didn't expect to be hearing from her this soon.

"I need you bad....real bad.."she said.

"Is this like uh, a booty call?" I asked as Clerow and Hank Kimble smiled to each other, listening to my phone call.

"It can be if that's what you want it to be." She cooed....

"Well, this is a first for me...I'll be over in about an hour and a half.." I said.

"Okay...I'll be waiting.." she said.

I didn't know how serious of trouble Conrad was in....but right now...I wasn't worried about
was his problem ,what I couldn't know then is that soon it would be a deeper problem than either of us realized....

(To be continued........)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sex Monster

After our little un-invited vistor left, Sheila and I went to the bedroom and made love again...In fact, we made love about five or six times before finnally collapsing into one of the most peaceful sleeps ever. When I woke up, Sheila was in the kitchen fixing breakfast... She fixed scrambled eggs, hash browns, pork sausage just like I liked them cooked and a nice big pot of coffee.. We drank two tumblers of Orange Juice, while we waited for the biscuits to brown. Oh and I made the biscuits mind you. After eating breakfast,I started washing dishes...We didn't quite finish drying them because...yeah, well, we made love again, right there in the kitchen... We went back to the bedroom and made love again...and then finnally, we took a long shower together and we made love again in the shower...Sheila was just insatiable, which was surprising to me..because at work she was so uptight...Wearing the business suits and always wearing her hair in a bun..I had only seen her hair out three times that I could recall...Once when she came for her interview..
(She had heads turning in the office that day...) The time she came to my house before and now...
We wound up cooling out in Conrad's jacuzzi..listening to some old school hip-hop...Eric B. & Rakim, Classic L.L. Cool J., Run-DMC, Dr. Dre-"The Chronic", Public Enemy....and the music did
something to Sheila's libido again...She turned ,facing me and lowered herself on me...and alas, we made love once again...I would have never believed it! Nobody at the office would ever believe this.

We finnally were able to keep our hands off of each other long enough to get dressed and tidy up.
I made sure that the house looked the same way it did when I got there.. I even changed the sheets in the guest bedroom..and put new sheets on Conrad's guest bed. Satisfied that everything was in tip top shape.. Sheila and I ,with overnight bags in tow walked out to Conrad's
Jag.. I looked across the street and there was Bridget Myers , fully clothed now, sitting in that
Jetta. She smiled sweetly,waved and pulled off... I wondered how long she had been sitting outside Conrad's house and why she had come back.

I drove Sheila back to Philadelphia...She laid her head on my shoulders...I was shocked that she had went from treating me like a leper to practically acting as though we were hooked up after one weekend...Damn,I must be good!

"So Uh...did you have a good time?" I said, not being able to think of anything else.

"I did...and I know that you did." she laughed...

"I sure goodness better not take a six month layoff again.." I chuckled.

"I was hoping that I wouldn't have to." she said..

"Well...if you play your cards won't...I'd like for us to do this my house the
next time...uh, ruh...if, you know, that's alright with" I stuttered...

"It sure is...I don't have a problem...I do have a question though,
"Is this all I'm going to be to you, a booty call, a weekend booty call?" she asked, turning serious.

"Well uh, no...hey uh, look....I aint been in a serious relationship in a minute and I was thinking that maybe well, you know, we could try that know, kick it a little bit, see how it works know.." I said.

"Well Sean....let's see how it goes...let's take it slow...If I get a hint, just a hint that you're screwing around...all of this got that." she said ,suddenly reverting back to the no nonsense account exec that I knew...Must be the city air.

"Certainly..I mean, why would I even want to cheat on someone as gorgeous as you?" I asked.

"Save it Sean...just don't....I've been hurt before and I'm not trying to go for no okey doke...We had a great weekend...and we could have a great relationship if you do right by me." She said.

"I'll do the very best I can" I said as we pulled up in front of her house. I let her out of the car and grabbed her bags and walked her up to her door...She put her key in the door and I walked
inside with her bags.

"You can put those bags there on the floor, I'll take care of them later...Come here." she said.

I walked over to her and she gave me the most sensual kiss I have ever had....
"You're my boyfriend now, so all of this is yours, whenever you want it...however you want it,so don't mess up." she said...

"No mam" I said as I kissed her again and bid her goodbye, feeling like the luckiest man on the planet.

Once I left her, I got back in the Jag and pulled off...My cell phone went off...It was Conrad!!

"Hey Sean, what's happening?" said Conrad.

"Hey man, where you been?" I asked.

"I was in DC was business...I'm at Josie's Bar, come pick me up."

"Man, Jill called...I told her that I didn't know where you were." I said..

"That's okay, I called her, told her I would be in's all good." he said.

"Hey uh Conrad..I met your little friend." I said.

"Freind? What friend?" He said...

"Bridget Myers...She was at the house, she said you gave her a key...When did you meet her playa? How come you didn't tell me about her, you old dog you?" I laughed.

"Key? I never gave her a said she let herself in??? Oh my God, we got a problem.. Listen....Sean..go and get Clerow..He knows a locksmith....She stole my keys...I thought I had lost them...Get Clerow and his Locksmith and meet me at Josie's...that girl is no friend of mine, she's a sex monster." said Conrad.

"A what?" I said ,laughing out loud...

"I'll explain when you get here." said Conrad...sounding more gravely serious than I had ever heard him sound before.

(To be Continued...)