Monday, April 30, 2012

To Die For!

Robert Foxworth and I sat in the bleachers at the indoor pool.....I noticed that a crowd of about six men, who were supposed to be working in other parts of this building had gathered along the side of the pool....They were more than likely ogling both of our wives!  You see, my wife, Sepia...who at one time was a champion swimmer was at long last trying to teach Robert's wife, Bonita how to swim!

She wasn't having a good go at it so far, but I have to give her credit...Sepia is a very patient woman and a good teacher, as I was seeing... Bonita!!! Well, she looks great in a bikini, as does my wife, Sepia...but I didn't like these guys checking them out like that...Neither did Robert!

'Kev, you think we ought to go down there and at least let those cats know who we are?" he asked.

"To tell you the truth counselor....I was thinking about that." I said.

Just then, a young man in swim trunks with a whistle, who I recognized walked in....

"Alright you leches...break it up and get back to work...Come on now..Break it up!" he yelled.

"Awww man..we was enjoyin the view." laughed one of the guys....

"I hear that...but yall can't be hangin out in here like that." he said.

The crowd of guys disbursed...I tapped Robert on the shoulder and he followed me poolside...

"Reese Hunter...Reese Hunter? Working an honest job?? I don't believe it." I said.

"You know this guy Kev?" asked Robert Foxworth...

''Oh yeah...He used to sling drugs for your former client, Cakeman Raven." I said.

"Uh used to is the operative sayin I do believe" said Reese.  " I quit the game a little before it was discovered that Cakeman and an assortment of other guys were dead and before damn near every playa in the neighborhood that wasn't dead , started gettin busted....The whole neighborhood is locked up." he continued.

''How is it , they didn't get you?" I asked.

"I told ya Kev...I quit...I talked to Chris Thompson and Basil Robinson...They told me that there was no future in what I was doin....I took their advice....They say a word to the wise is sufficient right?  I quit slinging and got me this straight job...I teach swimmin and I'm a life guard...." he laughed...

"Well good for you Reese...good for you..." I said.

''Speakin of bein a life guard...Look at them two in the pool...Wouldn't ya love to guard those bodies?"he laughed.

"Hey man, that's my wife." said Robert Foxworth...

"Relax Counselor, He didn't know...and by the way Reese, the other one is my wife." I said.

He smiled , then looked at us both in disbelief....

''Are you serious man?" he asked.

"Hey Sepia...Tell this jumolk who you're married to." I yelled...

She stopped swimming, looked at me and smiled and yelled back-

"Only to you babe" and showed her wedding band...

Reese looked at both Robert and I and smiled....

"Dayuuuum....yall both two lucky men.....damn......Sorry guys...I meant no offense." he said.

Robert said nothing...I smiled and patted Reese on the back...

"None taken....Just keep your nose clean Reese." I said.

"I will...I tell you Kev..I'm out the game for good." he said as he wandered over to the other side of the pool to talk to some other people who just entered.

Two to one Kev, I'll bet he's out on the corner slinging again in a month.." said Robert...

"Come on now counselor..Where is your faith in humanity?" I laughed.


After the swim lesson was over for the day...Robert,Bonita, Sepia and I went to a little coffee shop and had some  Apple Crumb cake and coffee...

"This is delicious" said Bonita...

"Yes it is. it's to die for" said Sepia.

"One of my clients used to come here." said Robert Foxworth...

Reese Hunter, the life guard from the pool walked in... He walked over to me....

''Hello ladies, Counselor..." he said.

" usually come here?" I asked.

"Nah, this place is a little high for my tastes....I saw you come in here.....Listen...This guy gave me some money to find a guy like you that can help him...You interested?" he asked.

''A guy? What guy? " I asked.

"This white guy...He comes to the pool to swim and to work out...He aint been around lately...He's been sick.. He asked me if I knew anybody that could work discreetly...Find somebody for him...I thought of you..  He's got a lot of money interested?" he asked.

"I might be..How do I get in touch with him?" I asked.

"Call this number...He'll get in touch with you." said Reese, who passed me a piece of paper with a number on it.

I looked at the paper.....

"Okay..I'll give him a call." I said.

"Cool beans...Later Kev...Counselor, Ladies..:" he said as he left.

Sepia looked at me and said- ''Sounds kind of fishy lover."

''Yeah, but you know me...I'm curious." I said.

"Curiosity killed the cat." said Robert Foxworth.

"True...but I'm not a cat." I said.

Bonita looked at me and smiled and we all continued eating.


I called the number the next day and had a rather animated conversation with the man at the end of the number.  To my surprise, he was willing to meet me where-ever I felt comfortable...Which was a switch!
I told him Josies and gave him directions... He said He knew where it was...Another surprise...

He was indeed white, about my age...Tall and balding...His name was Shane..Shane Bradley...We shook hands , Gus slid two Coronas down to us and we sat and talked.

''Kevin...You come with good references..I need you to find someone for me...It is very important that I talk to her." he said.

"Is she a Black girl?" I asked.

"No ,she's white...but I know that you know her." he said.

"I know her?" I asked.

"Yes... A few months ago...You were instrumental in cracking a two year old murder well as a current one....You helped the police capture one Colin Huxley..I was following the case.....This woman I'm looking for was his girlfriend.." he said.

"Ohhh..I think I know who you're talking about...her name was uh er, Meaghan...Meaghan Hurst....Yes..she helped me crack the case." I said.

"She was my fiance....I was wrong to her...It is important that I talk to her...Can you find her for me?" he asked.

"That's easy...I can take you to where she lives." I said.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes...I know where she lives..." I said.

He peeled off ten one hundred dollar bills and passed them to me...

"Okay...My car is outside...You want to follow me? " I said.

"Sure thing" he said.

This was the easiest case I'd ever had or so I thought....

He followed me and I drove to the apartment complex where Clerow and I had met Meaghan.....and guess what? It was empty!!!

See! Nothing is ever easy when I'm involved!

"Ms. Hurst and her lover moved out of here about a month ago." said the Landlord....

"A month ago?" I said.

"Yeah..they didn't leave a forwarding address.." he said.

"What about her mail?" I asked.

"I guess they worked that out." he said.

"Who is the guy?" I asked.

"An African guy...His name is Jacques...He used to live here too."he said.

I looked at Shane...

"I'm sorry fella..I didn't know she moved." I said.

"Think you can track her down in about say, 48 hours...I'll pay you more." he said.

"Okay, but uh hey...hold on....Looks like she's involved with someone...You sure you want to find her?" I asked.

"Yes and it's very important we find her in the next 48 hours." he said.

''Why? What is your hurry?" I asked.

"See...I'm dying....I only have about two days left to live." he said.

And there it was!  Another mess!  See! It's never ever, EVER easy for me!

(To Be Continued...)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Better Take The El

My Mother warned me about you...
She told me that you were a little wild..
She told me not to be a fool
She said ''Don't get taken in by a big butt
and a smile"

I showered you with money and affection..
and just as soon as my back was turned...
You started off in another direction...
I played with Fire and I got burned.../

So baby,
you better take the el...
or see somebody about a car..
The 'G' Bus may be running..
The corner's not THAT far...
Better take the el..
because baby before we are through...
better catch the Broad street subway..
because this is the end of me and you../

You slept with not one, but two of my homeboys...

Girl ,how could you be so cruel?

That's okay, because I slept with your best friend...

Just to show you that this game can be played by two....
It seems as if we are just wasting each other's time...
acting out this meaningless charade...
We should both just cut our losses...
move on and just call it a day!/

So baby,
you better take the el...
or see somebody about a car..
The 'G' Bus may be running..
The corner's not THAT far...
Better take the el..
because baby before we are through...
better catch the Broad street subway..
because this is the end of me and you../

You better take the el..
because you're not riding with me..
you better catch the trolley
because babe, you and I are history!
It's a crying shame..
you gave in to all of your lusts..

Better go catch that train baby
because between us there is no longer any trust...

"You were the one I trusted..
Never thought you would spread like mustard."

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nice View

"The movers will be here in about an hour." said my friend Clerow as he, his friend ,Owen Todd and my friend, Ralph Scallion sat at the one table in my new apartment and played cards...

My name is Jacques... I am a cook, My friend ,Ralph Scallion got me a job at his place of business..."The Bottom of the C." and my good friend Clerow found me a new condo , closer to where I will be working. It is much larger than the apartment I had been living in.

Actually...Clerow owned this place...He was renting it to me.

"I can't thank you guys enough for getting me this place and Ralph, for you getting me that job." I said.

"Nothing to it man...You just study and get that citizenship certificate , so that you can stay ." said Ralph Scallion.

"Don't mention it Jacques...You like this spot?" asked Clerow.

"Oh yeah...It's much larger than what I had and it's got an indoor garage where I can park my car." I said.

"Yeah ,I coulda used a set up like this. That way, women wouldn't know when I was home and when I wasn't ." said Ralph Scallion...

Clerow,Owen and I all burst into laughter...

"Shut up Ralph and deal the cards." laughed Owen Todd....

"Them movers must have got lost." I mused...

""Want me to call em?" asked Owen Todd , looking at Clerow...

''Nah...They'll be here." He said.

"Sure they will..." came a female voice... "Traffic is just bad." she said... I looked up and it was Meaghan...A young lady I had met , who lived in my old apartment complex...

Owen ,Ralph and Clerow all looked her way!!!

"Heyy, don't I know you?" asked Clerow...He thought for a moment and then he smiled that toothy grin of his...

''Yeah...You helped me and Kevin crack a murder case.. You was the girlfriend of that rich guy..guy who killed those two girls...Meaghan...Meaghan Hearst." said Clerow.

"That would be me...and you're Kevin Morris's partner...Clerow." she said.

" got a good memory kid." he said.

I put my arms around Meaghan and smiled.....

"You mean to tell me that my baby here is a hero?" I asked.  She had never told me about her dealings with Kevin and Clerow...

"Yes sir...If it wasn't for her, we would have never had gotten the goods on that killer...She  oughta tell you about it someday." said Clerow winking at Meaghan...She smiled slyly at him...I imagine it was quite a story and neither one of them said anything else about it...

"Well Jacques...Seein as your lady is here and all...I'm gonna mosey on back to the spot before Dollar Bill misses me.  I expect to see you on Tuesday." he said.

"I'll be there bright and early." I said.

Clerow and Owen Todd got up....

"Nice seeing you again Meaghan." he said..."The movers have instructions on where to put your stuff Jacques...If you need anything...just give me a got my number." he said.

"Sure do...and thanks again guys." I said as they all got up and left...


No sooner than they were out of sight, I pulled Meaghan close to me...Took my foot and kicked the door closed and gave her a nice long and passionate kiss....

"Ummmmm..I can't believe I let you talk me into this." she said.

"Baby...this way, we are far from our former gossiping neighbors....Nobody knows us here." I said.

''Yeah..but with you...Us, being different races and all...It's a bit much...You're the first Black guy I've ...I've ever been with...." she said.

"So what?  Does it matter? Does it make a difference?" I asked..

She looked at my crotch and rubbed the front of my pants a little...

"Ummmmm...not when you've got THAT big thing inside of me...I think I must have gotten hooked.." she laughed...

I was one of three Black people living in our old apartment complex... None of them were women...Everyone else was white... I was 100 percent certain that everyone knew after awhile that Meaghan and I were more than just casual friends...  Either she was seen leaving my apartment or I was seen leaving hers...and at all hours...

I could tell by the dirty looks I got from some people...Both White and Black that it might be a better idea if I moved out!..  Clerow told me that he had a rental property in this nice mixed race area...An equal mix of Black, Hispanic and Asian and a smattering of whites...I liked that!

It took me a whole weekend to convince Meaghan to move in with me....She had said ''No" several times...But when I started moving my stuff out...she got all meloncholly and started talking about how much she was going to miss me...and wound up packing her stuff too...She soon called the Landlord and broke her lease.  This was a big step for her...


Meaghan looked out of my window into the street...

"You've got a nice view.." she said..

A nice breeze was blowing..She was wearing a Black dress with black spaghetti straps...

I walked up behind her, put my arms around her....

"It's going to be alright Meaghan....Do you believe me?" I asked...

''Yeah...I suppose so."she said...

I allowed my hands to feel her breasts outside of her dress....I squeezed them lightly....She smiled...Her hands wandered down and began to rub the outside of my trousers...

''My goodness Jacques...You're hard... It doesn't take much does it?" she asked ,giggling...

I said nothing...I lifted her skirt up from the back .....She took her arm and attempted to move my hand....

"Jacques..What are you doing? " she asked....

"I'm attempting to pull your panties down, what do you think I'm doing??" I said.

''Jacques....It's broad day light...We don't have a bed or a couch yet...and the movers are on their way.." she said.

"I'll be finished before they get here." I said.

''Are you serious?   Really? You're gonna try and do me right here, right now?"she asked..

I didn't answer her...I slipped her panties down along her ankles and I unzipped my pants...I entered her very slowly and gently from the back....

"OHHHHHHHHHHH...OH...Oh...OHHHHH...ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Jacques...Ouuuuuuuuuuuuu..."she moaned as I began gently pumping her and thrusting inside her doggie style..

My pants were down around my ankles...Her dress was hiked up along the small of her back and I was mounting her furiously....

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu  , we are going to get caught...OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....your neighbors across the street will see us..Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..." she continued to moan as I began to go to town....

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." I heard myself yelling as we continued..... Just then....I saw the moving truck pull up...I had to hurry up...I began moving furiously....

''Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Jacque...JAcquessss..OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." she screamed as I exploded!!!  I could feel her shaking a little....

"You okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine, just fix your clothes." she said.

We collected ourselves... I pulled my boxers up and fixed my shirt in my trousers... Meaghan pulled her panties up and fixed her dress...She went to her pocketbook and got her brush and brushed her hair...

Finally the movers came up and knocked on the door.. I let them in...Meaghan and I looked at each other and smiled...It was our little secret...We were certain that they didn't know what we had just done here....

As they moved our furniture into our new condo...One of the movers looked out of the window..The same window we had just been in, having doggie style sex...

"Wow...what floor are we on?" he asked.

"The eighth." I replied...

"Nice view." he said.

Meaghan and I looked at each other and laughed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Face It

You'll never know what you can do
until you try...
and you'll never know the answer
you seek
until you ask who,what where,when
how and why..../

And sometimes love , well you know..
it can be funny in the strangest ways..
You'll never know who really loves you girl
until I look you in the eye!../

It's nothing you can ever understand,
So...don't bother to ask yourself why..
Face it Girl..
Someone will always love you..
Face it Girl
it might be someone that's not always around ..
Face it 
Love isn't always where you look for it..
Love is where it can be found../

He'll never know what he might have lost
til you catch his eyes..
and he'll never know how little the cost
no, he'll never realize..
but hey baby...
sometimes  love
well you know it can be funny that way...
did that sound like something...
something someone else would say?/

Nobody knows who really loves them
even when they see it in their eyes..
don't bother to clock it babe
and don't bother to ask why!!/

It's nothing you can ever understand,
So...don't bother to ask yourself why..
Face it Girl..
Someone will always love you..
Face it Girl
it might be someone that's not always around ..
Face it 
Love isn't always where you look for it..
Love is where it can be found../

And sometimes love , well you know..
it can be funny in the strangest ways..
You'll never know who really loves you girl
until I look you in the eye!../

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Never THAT tired!

My Name is Cole....Cole Baxter to be exact....I'm an attorney...I moved from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia because of my hot girlfriend, Nicole Butler... She used to be the best friend and soror of my old college girlfriend...We ran into each other at a friend's wedding and I finally did what I had been fantasizing about for years.

It was worth the wait...She was worth the wait...but today...I'm tired...I've been in court with Chance Howard and our boss, Robert Foxworth for the past two weeks...It was a big case...We won...but I had to put in a lot of research for this case.....

To top that off...I did some research on the side...for Robert's friend, Kevin Morris..a private investigator...I was instrumental in helping him catch a grifter and crack a murder case..I'm beat...

I haven't seen Nicole in about a week....I've talked to her, but I haven't seen her... I poured myself a tall glass of orange juice, mixed it with a little vodka and tossed some ice cubes in it...I drank it down quick....I poured two more glasses...I had a nice buzz...

I undressed and took a nice long and hot shower....I lathered down in my favorite soap and just washed it off and stood under the water for as long as I could... I towelled off and then walked to my bed...

I was too tired to throw on a robe or any pajamas...I just collapsed on the bed nude...

I drifted off into a peaceful sleep....I don't know how long I was asleep before I heard my doorbell ring....

"Who is it?" I said hoarsely...

"It's meeeee..." came the angelic voice that I knew could only belong to Nicole Butler...

"Come on In...It's open.." I said.

I was going to have to stop doing that...I was in Philly...That could potentially be dangerous...

Nicole came in...She had on a black party dress...It was very showed off those great legs of her and that even more enchanting figure...

"Wow baby, you look great!" I said.

"You better stop leaving this door open like this Cole...Somebody could come in here and really take advantage of you." she said with real concern.

I kept looking at her...The fact that I was completely nude went completely by me....

"Damn girl, you look good." I said.

She looked at me and smirked....

"Yes. I can see that you goodness..." she said, shaking her head and marveling at my already engorged erection...

It was then that I realized that I was nude...

She walked over to my bed... I sat up...She sat down on the bed and began to rub my penis gently and softly...

"Ouuuu..Cole....and you just woke up too...Were you dreaming about me?" she asked.

"I'm always dreaming about you." I said.

"Awwwww..." she said ,continuing to rub.....

I rolled her over on her back and began to kiss her....

"Colllleeeee, stop're going to wrinkle my dress.." she said...

I completely ignored her and reached up under her dress, eased her panties down and slipped them off and mounted her.....I was partially standing up.....she raised her legs up and rested them on my back as I began to stroke her with a reckless abandon...

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...ouuuuuuuuuuu Cole, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh godddddddddddddddd.." she moaned...

She ran her hands through my hair as I continued to stroke and and out

"Damn girl...I can't believe you're so wet so soon..." I said.

"It doesn't take much.." she muttered..

"What was that?" I asked...

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby, don't stopppppppppp!" she moaned as I continued to stroke...

"Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph..." I groaned.....

The bed began to slide and ram into the wall as I applied more force...

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuu..." she moaned..

We both came just minutes apart...  I collapsed on top of her....sweating profusely...She was still in her dress....

"Ohhhh that felt good...I needed that." she said.

"You came over here to get laid didn't you?  I was just a booty call." I said, faking like I was hurt..

"And you were so tired that you couldn't come to see me." she said ,giving me the side eye...

"Oh,I'm never too tired for that!"  I said.

She smiled....Took her dress and her slip off and joined me in the bed....

"I know...Most guys aren't ." she said as she eased up next to me...We both smiled and I put my arms around her and we drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

For. L.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Kiss

Sepia looked out of our front window and immediately called me....

"Kevin...Come here!!! LOOK OUTSIDE!!!" she screamed...

I got out of bed...walked to the window..I saw an Asian man drive a 2013 White Lexus convertible up to my front door. It had a bright red ribbon on it... I looked out my window...The Asian man smiled...

''Hey Kev.." he said.  I knew him...He worked for Rollie Rollerson...His name was Richard Oh.

"Heyy Richie...Nice Ride!" I said.

Richard Oh pouted, then smiled...

"It's yours...A gift from Mr. Rollerson...We'll be by in a few days to get your old car." he laughed.

My old car as he said was a 2010 Black Lexus...another gift from Mr. Rollerson for saving him from a scandal...My wife has a Blue 2011 Lexus...also a gift for me saving him yet another time from a scandal....and now this!  With this car being White...I couldn't very well use it on my cases...I was going to call Rollie and talk to him about keeping the Black car too, which was in my garage, next to my wife's car.

" should save Rollie a lot more...I could grow to love this ,Kev." said Sepia as she hurriedly put on some jeans and a t-shirt and rushed me to do the same so we could go outside and look at our new car...

When we got outside... Richard tossed me the keys... Another car drove up...A Black man was driving it..Richard got in the passenger side..

''Enjoy it Kev."he said.

I smiled and waved...

''Well!! Let's go for a spin in your new wheels." said Sepia.

"Let's get dressed bout that?" I laughed...

"Okay...Hmmm a car like this....I might let you go to first base." she joked and looked at me with a sly come hither type smile and then hurriedly rushed into the house.  I smiled too and followed her...

It had been weeks since I had caught Jennifer West and her associate, Elmer Lawson....Lawson had been released...There was absolutely no evidence of any wrong doing on his part...but Jennifer West was held for three murders..Murders she swore she didn't commit.  I was inclined to believe her.

Jennifer made restitution to Cindy Waters , Mrs. Holmes, the pastor's wife and Portia Collins, Rollie's fiance and as far as I knew..He didn't know or he didn't say anyway if he did know that Portia had hired Jennifer to spy on and set him up. For all intents and purposes..this case was closed...Except that it wasn't~!

Sepia and I rode around in my new car all that weekend..but in the back of mind...I worried that the wrong person was being charged with a triple murder....Why should I feel sorry or care about Jennifer West?? She was a grifter...a con artist...She took advantage of people and bilked them out of their money...But if she wasn't a killer and for some reason, I didn't think she was... a guilty person could still be and more than likely was walking the streets of Philadelphia.


Sepia and I kissed in our living room that afternoon..Nothing unusual...As she sometimes joked..I was always pawing on her!  But while we were came to me... a conversation...another kiss!!

Heyyy Paula...I brought you some good weed baby."

"Calvin!!! What are you doing here? I'm working a case." she said.

"I missed you baby...I just...just needed to be with you." he said.

"'ve got to stop this....I told you that I'm not attracted to you in that way." she said.

"What is it baby?? Am I too thin? I'll lift weights...I'll eat more....I'm buying new clothes...a whole new wardrobe...and I got a new car....Come on baby." he pleaded.

"You know...I should have never slept with you....You just don't get it...You were just a job..I was doing my job then...I don't love you...I never will...Now you've got to stop following me around." she said.

"It's another guy isn't it? Just like the last two." he said.

"What are you talking about? What last two?" she said.

"I saw you kissin that one guy...and then a few months later you was loved up with that old dude...Why can't you do that with me again?" he said.

''Calvin...I can't have this conversation with you....I'm busy right now."she said.

"Well can I at least have a kiss?" he asked.

"Ohhhhh...come here..thanks for the weed." she said and she kissed him on the cheek,
but he grabbed her and kissed her fully in the lips...

"See, right go too far Calvin." she said...

'It was worth it though...Damn girl..." he said.

That was it! Well Maybe....The other man on the videotape...His name was Calvin...Calvin somebody...He might be the key to this case.


I went to the Riverside Correctional Facility, where women inmates were held in Philadelphia...I asked to see Jennifer West...Naturally....she wasn't glad to see me...

"What do you want?" she said as she strode into the visiting room..

"To help you." I said.

"You want to help me?" she said.

"Yeah, I do...I don't believe you killed those three people." I said.

''I didn't...and that girl that was killed with the Reverend...I didn't even know her..Never seen her." she said.

"You set Reverend Holmes and Dwayne Reed up and they were supposed to meet you at the hotel, where you would film them having sex with you right?" I said.

"Yeah...that's all I did..Only neither one of them showed up....I only had half of the money I planned to get."
she said.

''Right, because you planned to string the woman along and keep blackmailing the man to get more money." I said.

''Right...but when they didn't show up...I figured they must have got wise and or they found out who I really was and called the cops...So I pulled up shop and moved on." she said.

"You know we found Dwayne's body in your storage unit?" I said.

"I heard, but I aint put him there...How could I?" she said.

"Anybody else know about that storage unit?" I asked.

"Just Elmer and Clavin.." she said.

"Elmer got arrested the day you moved on some back child support it wasn't him...I checked." I said.

"'re good..." she said.

"Who is this Calvin?" I said.

"He's nobody...Some guy that sells me weed...He's a low level drug dealer...a nobody..." she said.

"He has a thing for you." I said.

"Yeah...I uh, slept with him a few times..back when I was turning tricks... He never got over it...but I aint into him like that..." she said.

"Think he could be capable?" I asked..

"Him?...Nah...He aint got the heart...You're wasting your time." she said.

"Maybe...but what have you got to lose? I've already paid your bail...Don't seem like nobody else is willing to do anything for you...You play ball with me and at least I can get those murder charges off of you..." I said.

She looked like she wanted to cry...

''Why you helpin me?" she asked.

"I don't know myself...I just don't think you should take a murder charge and possibly a needle if somebody else is responsible....Now are you gonna play ball?" I asked..

"Yeah sure...if you can get these murder charges off of me." she said.

I didn't completely trust her, so once she was bailed out...I put Owen Todd on her..Told him to shadow her movements and follow her and report to me.

A week later I had Peeping Tom and Lockpick Johnson wire her ,so that we could hear her and we put a gps tracker on her car so we could follow her.

Clerow and I and Sean Jackson followed her in Clerow's car... She made the rounds to Josie's, The Mermaid Club, Bottom of the C ,Ciros and the Aqua Bar....It wasn't long before Calvin...Who I found out was Calvin Bottoms, a low level dealer of high grade marijuana made contact with her...In The Aqua Bar...

"Hey Baby..I heard you was out...Need anything?" he asked her as they sat in the bar drinking and talking.

"Yeah, no thanks to you..You aint come to see me...nothin..You always talkin about you like me so aint even make my bail.....and I know you got the money...You doin real well sellin that killer." she said admiring his suit.

"Who paid your bail?" he asked.

"Don't worry about it..a nice young man I met." she said.

"Met where?" he asked.

"Why you worried about it? I met him before I got pinched." she said.

"How you even get bail on a triple murder rap?" he asked.

"It was pretty high...but this guy is connected..he got me out...Now I gotta get a lawyer." she said.
"You'll beat it...They aint got no evidence on you...Nothin they can prove anyway...I shouldn't have hid that one body in your shed...I was gonna move it ...but the cops found it before I could." he blurted out.

"What? You killed Dwayne? And you put his body in my shed??" she said incredulously...

"Yeah...I didn't have a place to ditch him at first...I didn't think the cops would find him...By the time I popped that damn cheatin ass Preacher and his whore...I had a couple of vacants where I could stash them..." he said just as matter of factly as if he were talking about buying groceries...

"You...You...You're crazy.." she said...Now clearly afraid...

"When I saw you kissing them dudes...I couldn't stand it....and that guy Dwayne...He was cheatin on you..He was bangin some lawyer...You deserved better than that...and the Pastor ..He was married...They both deserved to die....I love you baby...I'd of done anything for you...Now that you out..I'll get some lawyers for you." he said...Jennifer looked at him in horror.

"You may need a lawyer for yourself pal." I said as Kool Kat and I stood at their table.

"What? What is this?? You guys cops?? You set me up!!!! set me up ." he screamed...Patrons were beginning to turn around now...

He went to pull a gun...He saw the business end of my.38 smokeless and Kool Kat's .44 magnum at his face..

"Wouldn't do that if I were you son...Might be hazzardess to your immediate health and well being." said Kool Kat.

Jennifer, Calvin and I all looked at Kool Kat...He didn't crack a smile...~!

Lt. Sissy Van Buren , three detectives and six uniformed policemen walked into the bar and grabbed him and handcuffed him....
He looked at Jennifer in astonishment....
"I don't believe you...You from the streets like me.....You done turned snitch...ohhhh lawd...You done set me up...I-I-I was the only one who loved you baby..I loved you baby...I loved you!.." he shouted...

"Come on lover boy , let's go...Tell it to the judge and jury." said Sissy Van Buren as Calvin was handcuffed, read his rights and hauled off...

''WE coulda made it baby...Me and you...WE coulda made it!!! " he yelled as the Detectives dragged him down the hall...

Sissy looked at me and smiled...

"You are somethin else Kevin.." she said.

"Yes you are.." said Jennifer West... "I see you're a married man and you don't strike me as the cheatin type..If you was...I'd give you some right now." she said smiling from ear to ear.

I didn't crack a smile...

"Find some honest work....This kind of thing is bound to go bad for you." I said.  Kool Kat and I left the bar. She just smirked...

"Come on Kev...Let's go get some drinks....That babe is married to the game...and when they married to the game like that...they aint never gonna go straight...At least not til they ready...That's who she is right now!" said Kool Kat.

The big man was right!  I just nodded in agreement!

I cut the rest of the guys loose...Kool Kat and I drove to Josie's to have a few beers and relax.  Now, the case truly was closed!


Calvin Bottoms was convicted of three counts of First Degree Murder and sentenced to death...Jennifer West was charged with two counts of fraud and fined and sentenced to a year and a day in State Prison...She was released after serving six months...Her whereabouts are presently not known.

Sepia and I packed a picnic bag....Fried Chicken, Potato Salad..Corn on the cobb and two bottles of wine and went for a nice drive the next weekend in my new car courtesy of Rollie Rollerson...He agreed that I could keep the old car if I wanted...

''Hey Kevin?" asked Sepia...

"Huh?" I said.

"You think Rollie Rollerson will stop cheating on Portia and settle down?" she asked as we drove ...

"I don't know...but he's going to have to...We don't have anymore room for anymore cars." I said.

Sepia laughed out loud...."You are soooo stupid..." she said and burst out laughing some more..

"I thought you said I was nasty?" I laughed...

"THAT TOO!" she said as we both continued to laugh and drove off into the sunset!

(For SLC!)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sensitive Considerations

Now comes the part of the case where I bring in my guys....Because of what Sepia told me about the situation between Rollie Rollerson and his fiance...I couldn't risk tipping either of their hands...It was a very sensitive matter...Rollie Rollerson, one of the area's wealthiest and most influential African-Americans was on the board of directors of the very magazine I ran and was employed by....He was also a serial lech of the first rate....Still, he was somewhat of a friend of mine...

Lockpick Johnson and Peeping Tom were able to get inside his house and wire it for video and sound in a relative record time...Owen Todd placed GPS tracking devices on both of their vehicles....and kept an eye on their comings and goings...

Sean Jackson with help from Clerow followed his fiance, Portia Collins around town and listened to her phone conversations and snapped photos of her daily until they hit paydirt...They saw her making a payment to the mysterious Marlie Phillips or Jennifer West or Kim Johnson..Whatever her real name was..She was going by Paula Prentis at this time. I told them to follow her and find out where she laid her head.

Turns out, she was staying at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Philadelphia...under the name...Jocelyn Rivers... This chick was as cool as they came.  I was able to rent a room , right across the hall from her!!
I used Sepia as a ruse... We bought a room under the name...Mr and Mrs. Frank Sullivan.. We pretended to be a honeymooning couple.

From this room, I was able to listen and watch all of her movemants...She had only two visitors...One was Elmer Lawson....Her assistant.  Him, I had checked out....He unlike her was indeed a licensed private investigator...He had  been a cop at one time....Had fallen on some hard times...Drinking, drugs, divorce and was now helping her set her pigeons up... The other person was someone I didn't know...Someone referred to as "Calvin..." a tall , slight brown skinned man who drove a nice car and dressed very well..My guess was he was a playa.

"Heyyy Paula...I brought you some good weed baby."

"Calvin!!! What are you doing here?  I'm working a case." she said.

"I missed you baby...I just...just needed to be with you." he said.

"'ve got to stop this....I told you that I'm not attracted to you in that way." she said.

"What is it baby?? Am I too thin? I'll lift weights...I'll eat more....I'm buying new clothes...a whole new wardrobe...and I got a new car....Come on baby." he pleaded.

"You know...I should have never slept with you....You just don't get it...You were just a job..I was doing my job then...I don't love you...I never will...Now you've got to stop following me around." she said.

"It's another guy isn't it?  Just like the last two." he said.

"What are you talking about? What last two?" she said.

"I saw you kissin that one guy...and then a few months later you was loved up with that old dude...Why can't you do that with me again?" he said.

''Calvin...I can't have this conversation with you....I'm busy right now."she said.

"Well can I at least have a kiss?" he asked.

"Ohhhhh...come here..thanks for the weed." she said and she kissed him on the cheek, but he grabbed her and kissed her fully in the lips...

"Ummmmmmm..." he moaned.

She  broke his embrace....

''Okay Calvin...good bye." she said.

Calvin Left...Then I saw Elmer Lawson appear...He had been hiding in the back...

"That cat is gonna be trouble..." he said.

"He's harmless." she said.

"How does he keep finding out where we are?" said Elmer.

"He's stalking me obviously...but look...I'm supposed to set Rollerson up tonight....This is a big fish..She paid us 50G's upfront..." she said.

"After we pluck this pigeon....Let me pluck Calvin." he said.

"Sure, whatever....I'll miss him...He supplies me with some good weed." she said.


"Kool Kat, why did you bring a white Escalade?" I asked as we sat in front of the hotel.....

"My black one is in the shop Kev!" he explained...

Cindy Waters sat in the backseat with Peeping Tom....Through the rear view mirror...I could see her smile...It was the first time she had smiled about anything in a long time...

Rollie Rollerson was like clock work..He showed up... Had the valet take his car...He was wearing dark trousers, a black polo shirt and dark shades....Within minutes...Marlie Phillips  who was now Paula Prentis
showed up too!

"Ohh smell great...ouuuuuu you are turning me on." she said.

He pulled her to him and kissed her passionately....she felt his pants ...Her eyes lit up!

"OHHH MY Good're a stallion amongst ponies Mister Rollerson...ouuuuuuu." she cooed..

"Heh heh heh.." he laughed...

"Let's go up to the room.." he said.

Clerow and Owen Todd walked over to our car with one, Elmer Lawson...Clerow had his .45 in his back and had that toothy grin of his and Owen had his camera....a very nice camera....

I looked at Elmer and smiled...

"Nice Camera" I said and took the sim card out.. "You can get another one...but you're not going to use this one." I said.

"Who are you guys?" he asked.

"Questions aren't your concern right now ." I said.

"Clerow, the police... Kools and I have business inside that hotel." I said.

I knew the room they were using...

Rollie had his clothes off...he was dressed only in speedos and Marlie or whoever was dressed only in black bikini panties and a black bra....They were kissing passionately when Kool Kat took the hinges off of the door and Peeping Tom and I walked in....

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" he exclaimed angrily!

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." she screamed...

"Mr.'ll thank me for this...You were being set up." I said.

"Set up?" he said.

Peeping Tom used a machine called a sweeper...He found and uncovered microphones and micro-cameras,hidden all over the room...He pulled them out.....

"This here is Paula Prentis, better known as Marlie Phillips, also known as Kim Johnson, Yvette Jackson and really known as Jennifer West, ex-prostitute, check forger, fake private investigator, grifter and murderer." I said.

Jennifer West looked at me with surprise....

''Heyyy hold up...I aint killed nobody...what are you talkin about?" she said as Kool Kat grabbed her.

Rollie Rollerson sat down on the bed...

"Ohhh my god...Ohhh lord." he said.

"It's okay....We got the camera....and we got all of the devices...This will never be made public." I said.

"Who are you?" asked Jennifer..

"Who I am is not important...What is important is that you pay back the pastor's wife and my client...who you rolled...." I said.

Just then Sissy Van Buren and  two uniformed policemen walked into the room...

"Still can't keep it in your pants Rollie?" she said with a smirk as they handcuffed Jennifer and Elmer....

Cindy Waters also walked into the room...She looked at Jennifer and just shook her head...

Jennifer looked at me...She was pleading....

"Look..Look...Okay...Okay...I'm a grifter....I admit it...but I haven't killed anybody...I swear..." she said.

''A jury will decide that Missy." said Sissy Van Buren as the police hauled them off.. She looked at me-

"Good Work Kevin...I sure wish you'd take me up on my offer to become a detective." she said and winked as she and the cops walked away with Jennifer and Elmer..

Rollie got dressed quickly...He was visibly shaken...

"Oh God...Oh God...Oh God...This can't get out..I'll be ruined." he said.

I patted him on the back...

"It won't get out...There is no physical proof...Just go home and don't say a word about what happened tonight." I said.

"Thank you Kevin...Thank you...I owe you...once again." he said as he rushed out the door.

Kool Kat smiled as he headed towards the Escalade with Peeping Tom, Lockpick Johnson, Owen Todd and Clerow...

Cindy Waters looked at me and smiled...

"Thank you Kevin...Once again you were right on point." she said.

" least about one thing..." I said.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Jennifer West and Elmer are grifters...They con people..They don't kill people....There would have been no need for them to kill anybody...No...I believe her...Somebody else is killing these guys..." I said.

(Conclusion Next)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


"So he's dead huh?" said a surprisingly distraught Cindy Waters as she and I sat in a Dunkin Donuts, drinking tumblers of hot steaming coffee and eating doughnuts and bagels a few days later.

"Yeah...he's dead...He was shot twice in the head...right around the time you last heard from him....The police identified him from dental records and family DNA...but not only that...your private investigator, Ms. Marlie Phillips is a grifter....Who has so many names...I'm not sure who she really is... I checked out that ad that was in the paper and on the internet that so many of you used....It was paid for and put in by a "Yvette Jackson"
,which is one of her many aliases..." I said.

She held her head down and she cried some more......

"You got fleeced....but don't worry...I'm going to find her...and try to get your money back..." I said.

"Oh forget it Kevin....Thanks for finding out about Dwayne....If he hadn't of been a cheating lying dog...He'd be alive." she said.

"You Know that?" I asked...Thinking...but not saying, it was her that put Dwayne in contact with this mystery woman in the first place.  I patted her on her shoulder...

''Cheer up Cindy...I may have some good news for you eventually!" I said and got up and left!


"I'm telling you what I told the Homicide Detectives Mr. Kevin" said Mrs. Mamie Holmes...The widow of Reverend Cecil Holmes... "I suspected that my late husband was seeing other women, but I didn't have any concrete proof of it... When I was at the hairdressers, one of my choir members showed me the ad in the paper for Private Investigator, Marlie Phillips...said that she specialized in finding out if an aquaintence or a spouse was cheating......So I called her up....I gave her ten thousand dollars to find out if something was going on...She called me within two weeks and said that my husband and her were at a bar of all places and that they made out and then they planned on meeting at a hotel in a week and that I should be there..." she said.

She was a pretty and petite woman who looked like she turned quite a few heads when she was younger...I listened intently as she went on...She said she showed up at the hotel, but there was no sign of either of them.
That was the last she heard of Marlie Phillips or Reverend Holmes...until his body and the prostitute's body was found in the vacant.

''Mrs. Holmes ...when was the last time you heard from them?"I asked.

"Three weeks ago." she said.

"Do you have the phone number she gave you to contact her?" I asked.

"Yes...this is it." she said and gave it to me.  She also gave me the adress her "agency" was supposedly located in.

Of course...when I got to the building her office was supposedly located was empty! No surprise there.

The building manager identified the photo I gave him as Marlie Phillips and said that she left two weeks ago.
Once again...I was just a step behind this mystery woman!!! I contacted Robert Foxworth's friend in records and checked on all of the aliases connected to Jennifer West, the only person so far that seemed to be real.
Kim Johnson, Yvette Jackson, Marlie Phillips all appeared to be non-existent persons...and no P.I. license ,drivers license or birth certificate seemed to be connected to any of these people in the tri-state area...
I called the number that Mrs. Holmes gave me....and had been disconnected!! Stymied again.


I met my friend, Pakastani Sam at the Camden Aquarium the next day.....He had been a legendary con man back in the day....He was retired now, but he still kept his ear to the streets as the playas said... I showed him a photo of Marlie Phillips.

He smiled and laughed -"Oh my God...That's Paula Prentis!" he laughed and slapped his thigh...

Yet another name? I thought!..

"You know her?" I asked.

"Damn sure do....Yeah, she's a grifter, but I thought she retired...I see she's still in the game and considering you got a good photo of her...she apparently is slipping or you're just that good Kevin." he said.

"So she's not a private investigator?" I asked ,already knowing the answer..

"Just like you're not President Obama." he laughed.

"She was running this scam that she could find out if a woman's boyfriend or spouse was cheating on them..She took her fee upfront." I said.

"A good grifter always does take their money upfront." he laughed.

"She sets the guy up and tells the mark that they are going to meet up at the hotel.." I said.

"And let me guess....Neither she or the perp ever show up." said Pakastani Sam.

"Right...only the perp turns up dead and she makes off with the money..She's already rolled my client and a pastor's wife...and I've got three dead bodies." I said.

"Ohhhh wow...The Paula Prentis I know is no killer....This can't be her." he said.

"Well you've got to tell me where she lays her I can at least talk to her." I said.

"I don't know...a good grifter keeps it movin...they don't stay in one place too long.." he said.

''Don't I know it." I said.

"You might want to talk to Rollo Jones...Back when she made her livin starin at the ceiling, she was one of Big Chicken's girls.." he said.

I smiled, peeled off a couple of twenties and pushed them into the old man's pockets...

"Thanks Sam, you've been a great help." I said.

"Always my pleasure Kev." he said.

That night...before I went home...I stopped off at the Mermaid Club , Joe Neptune's joint and had a few beers and some conversation with both Rollo Jones and Marco Jervay...They indeed knew Paula Prentis .

"She was one of my best girls at one time...I uh ,er I mean Big Chicken's best girls...Pretty, tight body...babyish voice...She used to really hook guys...have em fallin in love with her...She was a top earner..Then she got pinched...Did a year or two in the slams and came out and got into the con game..From what I's worked out pretty good for her." said Rollo Jones..

''Where does she live?" I asked.

''A good grifter never stays any one place too long and they rarely if ever use their real name Kev...Don't know where she's stayin, but she does get her hair done at Bernadette's like clockwork every two weeks." said Marco Jervay.

''Thanks...that's good to know." I said.

''You already know more about her than most Kev..She must be slippin or you're just that good." laughed Rollo Jones.

"Yeah ..I heard that once already today...Good Night gents and thanks for the info." I said.

"Thanks for the beers." they both said in unison as I left.


I had been running the streets for a few days...I was tired...I went home....I needed to give my wife some attention..if you know what I mean and I know you do!

I watched attentively as my wife undressed....which as I said was always a pleasure...

I grabbed her from behind and held her for awhile, then I turned her toward me and began to kiss her passionately and yet gently....She rubbed my back and then jumped back a minute a bit startled..she looked down at my raging erection and smiled...She looked at it and her mouth just opened...''Oh My God Kevin...Oh My are huge!!...Ohhhhh myyy" she gasps. I love the way she looks naked..every last curve... I love the way she smells.  I kissed her and lifted her up....and then I eased her panties off of her and unhooked her bra...I mounted her while holding her up against the wall...

"Ouuuuuuuuu...ohhhhhhhhhhhh Kevinnnnn,Ohhhhhh baby that feels soooo goooooodd.." Sepia Moaned..

We kissed some more..and I layed her down on the bed... She kisses me, deeply,passionately wrapping me in her arms tightly. I move my hands up and down her sexy body as if I am remembering something , reconnecting. I pull her close... She is already wet. I'm as hard as a rock...I enter her nice warm and wetness and began to thrust slowly ,yet deliberately....

"Ummmmm, you've been so good at getting me out of my clothes and into bed ever since I met you...seems like that was your plan all along." laughed Sepia..

"It was." I said.

" are sooooo nastyyy..." she said.

There is no more moaning...we are just staring into each others eyes..We quickly get a nice deliberate rhythm going. I just want to go hard and fast, but she slows us down. I can barely stand it. I slow it way down with deep, long strokes that make me feel like I'm losing my mind...She wraps her legs over my back and I just thrust deeper..

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuu babyyyyyyy...ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu." she finally moans softly, which turns me on more!

This goes on like this for hours.....


"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.." I moan myself...

We both explode nearly simultaneously!!! I roll off of her ,nearly exhausted!!

 While we lay in each others arms..Sepia asks me about my case....

'You haven't talked much about this one lover.." she said.

"Well, when I was first hired, I was just supposed to find someone who promised to see if someone's boyfriend was cheating on her..."I said.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"My client gave this woman a huge sum of money to set her boyfriend up to see if he'd go for the bait...It's called a "honeytrap."  The boyfriend went for it...they were supposed to meet up at a hotel...Only my client went to the hotel and neither her boyfriend or the lady private eye was there." I said.

"It was a con huh?" asked Sepia.

"More than a con....The boyfriend is dead...shot to death and no sign of the lady private eye." I said.

''What is this lady private eye's name?" asked Sepia.

''Marlie Phillips, only that's not her real name"I said.

"Oh this is a different woman." said Sepia.

''Different woman?? What are you talking about?" I asked.

"I was at Bernadette's gettin my hair done yesterday and Rollie Rollerson's fiance said she hired a private detective named Paula something or other....Paula Prentis to see if Rollie is cheating on her!" she said.

''WHAT???" I asked , suddenly sitting upright...

"Huh? That's not the same woman you're lookin for." said Sepia...

"Yes it is...this could be the break I need." I exclaimed ,kissing her fully in the lips..

'' may have helped me get closer to cracking my case." I laughed.

(To Be Continued....)