Thursday, October 25, 2012


She leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips.... I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately....I couldn't believe this was happening...she didn't pull away...We continued to kiss in that parking lot for close to ten minutes...Then she broke our embrace.

"Damn girl, you've got the softest lips." I said.

"Ouuuu...Good Night Keith." she said. 'I'm sorry..I-I didn't mean that...I've had a little too much to drink." she said softly.

"Good Night Carlotta." I said. "You have nothing to be sorry about ,nothing at all." I said.

''Guess that made your night huh?"she said.

"Hell, that made my year." I said. She cracked up laughing.

''Drive safely." I said.

"Aren't you going to be a gentleman and drive me home ADA? I've been drinking.." she said with a wink...

"Get in." I said.

Carlotta got in the passenger side of my car....

"We'll come back and get your car in the morning." I said.

"Oh, it's going to be that kind of night eh?" she said...

"Yes lawd." I said.

"Well hurry up and get me home..." she said.

Didn't have to tell me twice....We drove to her house...Before we could get in the door...Carlotta and I were kissing and I was trying to take her black t-shirt off and work her sexy body out of those black jeans of hers that she must have painted on...

She had on white lace bikini panties and a white lace bra...which I took off in record time...

I gently laid  across the bed and she straddled me and leaned down and kissed me long and hard.....

''Ohhhhhhhhhhh Carlotta!" I moaned....I returned her passion....

My penis was as erect as a tent!! She looked at it and smiled.....She rubbed it with both of her amazingly soft hands, which made me even more excited....She could sense it...My breathing increased....

"My goodness Keith....I turn you on like that?" she asked.

"What do you think?" I said.

"Well sit back playboy...I've got some moves you aint never seen yet!" she said.

''Awwwww lawwwddd." I moaned.

I pulled her to me and she gently eased down on me and I began to move inside and out of her slowly, She moaned and her hair began to fall across her shoulders...I pulled her closer to me and began to kiss  her slowly and deeply, enjoying and savoring every second of our lovemaking...She was so round, so luscious, so wet, so warm.....

"What is that ringing sound? " I asked...I heard a clock ringing in the background.....

"That's your alarm clock playboy....time for you to go to work , countdown..10- 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1....." she giggled and vanished into thin air!!!


It was a dream....The whole thing had been a dream!!!!!.....It was 7:30AM.....I had been asleep, alone in my bed...Carlotta!  Detective Carlotta Rodriguez had never been here...  She had given me the kiss of life the night before in the parking lot of Josies...but it hadn't went any further than that!... I needed to get myself together...I was acting like a high school boy....Here I was a grown ass man, Assistant District Attorney, Keith Porterhouse Wallace of the Criminal Investigative Division , City of Philadelphia PA. mooning over a lowly detective....A foxy detective....While some serial killer was loose on the streets...I had a job to do, a responsibility!!!  I had sheets to wash...I looked at my sheets....I was disgusted...The last time I had done something like this...I was 12 years old...I had to get a grip...get my wits about me.

I got up, shaved and showered and brushed my teeth, got dressed and instead of shooting straight to homicide...I called Detective Tyriq Pile...Another bright investigator who was on loan to Homicide and who was working the case with Carlotta.  Detective Pile was from Robbery-Homicide....He had put in for a transfer to Homicide and I was certain that he would get it.. He was married ,had two kids and one on the way.

I figured working with him would keep my mind off of Carlotta Rodriguez! Yeah, right!


A few hours later, Detective Pile came in my office with the files I had been looking for....

"Heyy Tyriq, what'cha got?" I asked.

"I did a complete work up on one Haywood Coley like you asked." he said.

"You didn't bring me any coffee man." I joked.

"Huh?" he said.

"Lesson one...If you're gonna work Homicide, always bring your partner and your Lieutenant some coffee..Find out how they like it and make sure they have it." I joked.

"Like you do Lieutenant Sissy and my partner, Carlotta right?"he joked and winked...

"Uhhh yeah....right." I said...a little uncomfortable now and sorry for joking.

"Well ADA....Haywood Coley is  an unusual suspect....He is first off, a white boy from the Mainline, who chooses to live in a poor Black community and until June, was a student at Temple University." said Detective Pile.

''What's so unusual about that? Plenty of White students live in that neighborhood, while attending school." I said.

"Yeah, but check this out.....He was born and raised in Wynnewood....Graduated from Lower Merion High School with honors...Was an A student...Nothing lower than an A.  Went to Harvard man...Harvard!.." said Detective Pile.

"No kiddin?" I said, surprised....I had seen Haywood just the day before and he didn't impress me as Harvard material...

"He was in ROTC there and transferred to West Point after his second year.....But something happened...I don't know what...His records are closed...but he was back here in the area a year later...His parents, particularly his father put him out and he wound up in Philadelphia, attending Temple University...studying Criminal Justice!  Guess who two of his classmates were?" asked Detective Pile.

"Who?" I asked.

"Wilma Whetstone, victim number two and Ruth Richardson, our latest victim....He knew them!!! Had been to their apartments, had studied with them...." he said..."I got this from another female student who had been present both times...She described Haywood as overly firtatious and a tad goofy....I got no problem believin that...I saw him when he was here the other day." said Detective Pile.

"And he lived just blocks from both of them....What about our first victim, Jessica Edgely? The waitress at Sam Mother's joint?" I asked.

"Well Sam Mother's joint isn't that far from where they all lived...If he ate in there and I'm certain he did...Jessica waited on him...she wore a lot of low cut outfits and if you remember, she was kind of top heavy." said Detective Pile.

He and I had eaten in Sam Mother's joint and indeed noticed the low cut blouses and huge carriage that Jessica Edgely had.

I stared at him....He shrugged his shoulders...We both laughed sheepishly!

"I'm just sayin." he said.

I nodded and smiled to myself......

"This 16 year old girl, Allison Johnson that he led us to....had no connection to any of the other three or to him." I said.

"She lived down the street from Wilma Whetsone...and he lives around the corner, catty corner to her house..He could have seen her at anytime....She bought weed from that fella you had in there the other day and so did Haywood...She was , from photos I've seen on her Facebook and Twitter pages very well developed to be a sixteen year old and from what some of her neighbors said....She was a little firtatious."he said.

"Detective just connected all of the dots for me....Take this over to Homicide and share this with Detective Rodriguez." I said.

"I thought that you would be wanting to do that ADA Wallace.....I'm presently working another homicide with Detective Duke Baylor." he said with a sly grin....

I gave him another sly grin and headed towards Homicide.

Detective Baylor was Edwin "Duke" Baylor, another good investigator who had worked in this squad and had then transferred to Special Investigations...He too was trying to get transferred back to Sissy's unit.


Naturally, I followed my own advice and grabbed three tumblers of coffee and drove over to Homicide...Detective Carlotta Rodriguez was not there...but Lt. Sissy Van Buren was...When she saw me, she smiled wryly....I wonder if she knew that her detective and I had been in the parking lot behind Josies last night kissing like two high school teenagers... I almost wondered if she knew I had had the most vivid dream about her detective early this morning and had soiled my sheets like a 12 or 13 year old boy with raging hormones...Glad she had no idea of that!

"Hello Sissy...been busy today, working on this case." I said.

Sissy, who has the sexiest smile laughed and said -

"Oh have you now?"

"Yeah..I got Detective Pile to do a work up on Haywood Coley...Look at this." I said ,passing her the file.

She read it and sipped coffee while I sat and looked around....She smiled and continued to read....

"She's in court, testifying in another case." said Sissy..

"Huh? Who?" I said.

"Detective Rodriguez." she said and continued reading.

"Oh...really?  I wasn't even thinking about her." I said.

Sissy looked at me , shook her head and then got on the phone... Detective Edwin ''Duke" Baylor , who had probably worked with Sissy the longest and a very good investigator was in the room.

"Duke....Get two uniforms and go pick up Haywood Coley....for questioning." she said.

"I'm on it Lou." he said.

Just then, I heard a sweet , familiar voice...

"Hey Boss Lady...I'm back." It was Detective Carlotta Rodriguez...

Damnn she looked good.

"How'd trial go?" asked Sissy.

"Convicted, Sentenced to 25 years, Manslaughter....That's less than he deserved for what he did." said Carlotta..."Oh Hi, ADA Wallace" she continued...

Wow, that was kind of cold, after the kiss we had in that parking lot and the early morning we had in my dreams? I had to smile.

Sissy passed Carlotta a file....She read it...I passed her a tumbler of coffee while she read.

"If it's cold, I'll run down and get you another one." I said.  She looked at me and smiled and said-

"No, it's fine...Thank you."she said trying to be as coldly professional as possible.

Sissy looked at both of us and shook her head...

"This links him to all of the girls....I found out something else about him today." she said.

''Oh..what is that?" asked Sissy...

"He's a pizza delivery guy..He works at Smuckeys Italian Pizzas...He delivers in the general vicinity of all of the victims.. On the day that each woman was last seen, a Pizza order was made to Smuckeys from their apartments and he was working that night...He had opportunity." she said.

"But motive? He knew two of the girls....One of the girls lived down the street from one of our victims..Maybe she saw something?? But besides living around the corner from Jessica Edgely, there isn't much of nothing.." I said.

"Sam Mother said that he tried to hit on Jessica several times and she turned him down." said Carlotta.

"Wow, you've been busy yourself today....Courtoom appearences , investigating...Huh?" I said and looked at Sissy, who didn't crack a smile..

"Haywood is on his way here now. I had Detective Duke Baylor and some uniforms go to fetch him." she said.

Finally Carlotta looked at me and said something-

"See..I told you we'd crack this case." she said and smiled at me sweetly...

I knew something I'd like to crack!

(Conclusion Next-)


Anonymous said...

Finally had a reason to throw my panties....even if it was a dream!

Swaggie said...

Damn man, a dream??, a dream? I was kinda hopin that they really was gettin it on!

tate 2 said...

Good Story, but I was kind of disapointed with the dream sequence...but I know they are eventually going to hit the sheets..They both want to do it..Everybody can see it!

Toni said...

This is gettin good!

Brenda said...

I think they've pretty much got their serial killer...but the real story here is what is going to go down between Keith and Carlotta?