Tuesday, November 13, 2012

She Can Really Blow!

I sat in the music room at the school and listened to this intriguing young lady named Veronica Bailey play her trumpet...she was accompanied by a young man on a Stand up Bass, a Drummer and a cool dude on piano who played so much like 88 that if it wasn't for the fact that 88 was standing next to me, I would have sworn it was him playing... They were playing Miles Davis's "The Autumn Leaves" ,almost note for note...and they sounded good too!

''Well Reed, What'cha think?"  he asked.

", you've molded these kids into some damn good musicians....But I don't understand it....Aint they supposed to be listening to Hip Hop?" I asked.

"They do...They do....They tell me about Drake and Wiz Khalifa and Weezy and Jay-Z and Kanye all the time...Just like I tell them about james Brown and Earth Wind and Fire and P-Funk....I learn from them and they learn from me...These are my aces right here...My best students..." he said.

"She is sensational 88." I said.

"So Reed...I've taken her as far as I can....You're the horn player....Why don't you teach her a few things?" he said.

''Here at the school?" I asked.

"Or at her home....Her mother is real nice." said 88.

"Sure" I said.

After they finished Veronica smiled and brought her trumpet over to me...

"Well? What did you think?" she asked, very excited that I had heard her play.

"I think you're going to go far young lady and I would be honored to impart any knowledge I can to you." I said.

"Oh Gee thanks.....Mister Nelson." she said.

"But first , I need to talk to your mother...You think we can meet?" I asked.

"I can call her." said Veronica

"Good...Here's my number...Have her call me." I said.

"Oh thank you Mr. Nelson." she said and ran off with her friends...

I patted 88 on the back....

"Great Job my man." I said.

"Thanks Reed for taking the time to come hear her play...I told you she could blow." he said.


I went home...Sometimes it was hard to believe that Debbie was my wife and that we lived in the same house...For so long she had just been either a booty call or a girlfriend....but now she was my wife of four months....

When I got home she was laying across the bed with the ipad.  She was wearing one of my shirts and had on black lace bikini panties and a black lace bra underneath...She looked delicious lying across my bed....

"You didn't work today?" I asked as I put my trumpet case down and took my coat off...

"I did...I got off early." she said.

"Here pass me the IPAD ." I said and I sat down on the side of the bed.

"What you doin?" she asked...

I didn't answer...I went to my bank's website and went to "Bill pay"  I paid the mortgage , electric, water, gas, cabel and internet service and the phone (landline)...Then I paid both of our cell phone bills and Debbie's credit card. Her eyes got wide when she saw I did that.

"What are you doing? I usually pay my own credit cards and my cell phone." she said.

"I got paid well my last two gigs... I put some money in the bank last week...and I'm in a good mood...a payin the bills kind of mood." I said.

"Ouuuuu, a man that pays the bills makes me horny." she laughed..

"I was hoping it would.." I laughed and winked at her.... "I need you to do me a favor though." I said.

''A favor?" she asked.

"Yeah...I've agreed to tutor this young girl...Ronnie...You said that you know her mother right?" I asked.

"Yeah I know her mother...Vera." she said.

"I want you to go with me when I tutor her." I said.

"Go with you? For what?" she asked.

"She's a young girl, she's very attractive...I don't want people thinking anything untoward...I don't want you or her mother thinking anything untoward....I just would feel better if you went with me Deb" I said.

Debbie looked at me, then she cracked up.....She put her index finger on my lip...

"And you're not only a bill paying man, but you're honest and non-cheating too....You've made me very, very horny mister trumpet player... take your clothes off now." she joked as I kissed her slowly and passionately and began to take my shirt off.


Ronnie's Mother called me and said that I could come over....A few days later, Deb and I arrived at their house...Veronica's Mother, Vera was every bit as beautiful as she was...I couldn' imagine a woman like her ever sleeping with a crumb like George Bailey...but stranger things have happened.

"Oh my God, that you?" she said when we arrived at the door.

"Hi Vee... It's been so long girl...Yes...This is my husband, Reed Nelson...." she said as they embraced...

"Husband? When did you get married ?" she asked.

"Four months ago....but we'd been dating off and on for close to four years." said Debbie.

"You really have been out of the loop." said Vera.

"Yeah....I'm working at Hype Magazine now...I'm a staff writer there." she said.

"You always were a good writer..Always thought you'd have a career close to music though." said Vera..."How is your sister, Delores?" she asked..

"Del is just fine...She's hooked up with a trumpet player too...Rob Brown." she said.

"I know him...Oh My God...Well come on in..Come on in...Ronnie is in the living room." she said.

I came in with my trumpet....

No sooner than we had got situated, the doorbell rang....

"Oh My God...It's him!" she said.  "He must have been watching the house." she replied...

'Who is him?" asked Debbie......I knew who it was.

"My baby daddy, the number one asshole, George Bailey!" she said.

(To Be Continued...)


Swaggie said...

Uh oh...It's about to get real!

DBH said...

A Bill paying man makes me horny too!-LOL!