Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sweet On You

Jason Manley, now a few years older looked around in wonder..

"Wow Olivia...Nice small office....I take it..These are your associates?" he said looking around..

"This is my niece and my partner...Attorney Beverly West." said Olivia ,pointing to Beverly..

"Hello."said Beverly...

"Beverly West...I met you a few times...You probably don't remember...You came to court to watch your aunt when she was defending me and Jessie...She introduced us...She told me you were working in the Public Defender's office.. And the other time was on the day the jury came in with the verdict...Your uh Aunt had a miscarriage  and was in the hospital and you came to court in her place...I remember you very well." he said..

"I remember." said Beverly...

"This is my husband, Donnie Ray Alexander...He's our in house Investigator...He used to be a Homicide Detective.." said Olivia..

"How are you doing?" I said.

"Husband number two eh Liv? ,  This is my second wife also.." said Jessie..
Olivia said nothing , but I could tell she wasn't surprised...

"This is our office manager...Ms. Josie Boyd..." she said..

"Hello."said Josie.

"Sweet...So this is it huh??...Nice small office...One other attorney, an in house investigator and an office manager...Nice..Low Overhead too.. Wow...And you rent the upstairs huh? You're clocking in the dough!" he asked..

"We do alright...My husband and I live on the top floor ...

".......and my niece lives a floor below us.." said Olivia..

"Damn....Extra nice...You guys live here and work out of here...Liv..I am very impressed...You've got a sweet arrangement here.." said Jason..

"So you're getting a divorce and your wife has vanished with your son correct?" said Olivia..

"Yes and in that order...and you're the only lawyer who can handle it..I owe my freedom to you...You saved my life...So I'm hoping you can get my nuts out of the fire this time....I can pay top dollar."he said.

"You look like you can...What have you been doing with yourself?" asked Olivia..

"After you got me off..I graduated from college and got my act together....Moved to New York..Got my MBA and naturally, went to work for my dad's firm...I got married to a young attorney...We were married for a year...It didn't work out...Then I met my current wife...She's also an Attorney..We have a ten year old son ...and uh that's not working out either...Now she's vanished and taken our son...I guess I should stay away from lawyers huh?"he said.

"That would be my idea.."I said..."Give me a photo and some biographical information about your wife and I'll find her and your boy.."I said.

"Wow he sounds thorough...Like that investigator you had during my case...Eric....Whatever happened to him?" asked Jason..

"I remember him...Mr. Fly Guy...He was crazy about Auntay!!"laughed Beverly...

"Yes lord..I remember him too...I don't know what happened to him....The last time I saw him was when he came to the hospital after I had my miscarriage." sighed Olivia..

"He was kind of sweet on you wasn't he Liv?" laughed Jason.
Olivia looked at Jason.....

''Yessss..he was...And everybody could see it except me at the time.."sighed Olivia..

I smiled..

"This sounds like an even better story Liv." I said laughing...

''Mrs. A. , you be slaying guys.."joked Josie.
"Oh My God..You think Judge Crawford is bad...You had to know Eric.."laughed Beverly...

"Never mind...Jason...I'll take your case...Stop by tomorrow...We'll draw up a contract and bring my husband the information he needs on your wife.."said Olivia..

"Thank You Liv...Thank You....Nice set up....I'm so impressed with you. Nice Meeting you Mr. Alexander, Beverly, Josie." he said as he left...

I looked out the window...

"He drives a nice car....He just smells like money.."I said smiling..

"He smells like trouble..but I'll take his case..You want in on this Bev?" asked Olivia.

"You gotta ask Auntay??...Of course.I'm in..." said Beverly..

"So tell me about Eric." I asked.

''Don't know what it is...Guys meet Auntay and even when she's pregnant, they get hooked.."laughed Beverly..

''So I'm not the first Investigator you've been romantically involved with."I laughed.
''We weren't romantically involved...He liked me..a little more than he should have.."said Olivia.

''Eric Johnson was the Private Investigator the company sent me..Like you ,he was a former cop..A Detective...A Narcotics Detective who accidentally arrested a prominent Minister....He said the Drug Dealer he was trying to build a case with set him up...Had an informant give him some false information. He arrested The Minister and his wife on the way to church and searched their car...He found nothing...They lodged a complaint...The entire congregation did....He had a few complaints against him for illegal search and seizure and insubordination already and he wound up getting fired."said Olivia..

"I'm glad I was Homicide.."I laughed..

"He got his P.I. License and did a lot of work for the attorneys in the area...He was actually a very good investigator..He turned up information on the young lady in question who was accusing Jason and Jessie Foster of sexual assault.. Like She had been arrested for possession of marijuana three times...She had been arrested for public drunkeness at least twice and she an arrest once for soliciting...She was a third year college student despite all of that and made excellent grades....She just liked to party a little too much....

He dug up seven guys who all said they had had sex with her one afternoon in a dorm room...She was high and had serviced all of them...She denied that vehemently....But Eric turned up a girl who corroborated the story....Plus she had memory lapses due to the amount of drinking , snorting and smoking she did...I actually felt sorry for her...This was exactly the type of girl who could be set up for this type of thing...

I was quite pleased with Eric's work....When we got to trial...It  was going to be much easier than I originally imagined.."said Olivia..

''Eric had met me...I used to come to court to watch my Auntay in action during the trial.. He used to ask me questions about her.. Like her age...He was two years older than my Auntay...Like most people who meet us..He was amazed that we were Aunt and Niece and only a few years separated us.. and that we both wound up being Attorneys.. He thought my Aunt was hella cute and he wanted to see photos of her..before her pregnancy...I liked him....and I knew he was sweet on Auntay, even before she realized it. He bought me a very nice birthday present....When he knew I was coming to court he always had a tumbler of  coffee  for me just the way I liked it...For a minute I wondered if he was actually sweet on me...But no..He was pumping me for information about Auntay...He was basically, a nice guy." said Beverly..

"At first I just thought he was being nice...He was always so attentive to me...Brought me coffee and pastries everyday..Drove me to the doctor for my appointments after work....Wanted to know everything about me...Would drop by the house on days when we weren't in court...just to talk and would call me some nights and talk to me well into the wee hours of the morning.. Which was sweet because Elwood was gone and I was all alone in that big house and I was pregnant and feeling fat and ugly...He always made me feel so beautiful..Eric sent me flowers a couple of times...Which I thought was so sweet..."said Olivia..

''So while  I spent some days in court fighting Jason Manley and Jessie Foster's  rape case

....I spent other days with my divorce lawyer, Zoey Easter.. fighting Elwood.." said Olivia.
No Easy feat! 
 Elwood was sleeping with two of his female attorneys who were representing him and they soon left him  after they found out about each other and he had to hire a male attorney...This was sooo like him...

The male attorney he hired drank a lot and fell asleep several times during the hearings...even snoring...
"Zoey was good...Oh My god, she was sharp..we were the same age and had begun our law careers at the same time.. Both of us started out as Public Defenders...She in New York and me in Philly...She was an ADA for a period too...And around the same time we both went into Private practice.. She had just made Junior Partner at her firm when we met...I told her about my dreams to leave my firm and start my own firm and she championed me.. She was quite impressed with me..." said Olivia.

"Olivia girl, you are so together...I wish I was as organized as you.. You're going to be a superstar." she would say...

She never lost her focus ,no matter how ridiculous the precedings got.. And she agreed with Beverly...She thought my ex-husband was a womanizing idiot.."said Olivia..

"Naturally, Elwood hated her guts..."said Olivia..  "She's trying to ruin my life!" he exclaimed...

"He fired his male lawyer and hired another man who was so sweet on Zoey that if she had of uttered the words ''Panties" ,he of had an orgasm....He spent most of the hearings staring and making goo goo eyes at Zoey and she ate it up...He asked her out several times but she respectfully declined.."

"I always liked Zoey...She's Co-Counsel for The New York Knicks now...She lives in New York City." said Beverly...

"Eric took my car to get it inspected and changed my oil for me at times and drove me to all of the hearings...This was really above and beyond what he was being paid to do..Both Beverly and Zoey began asking me..

"Auntay....Does Eric like you?? I mean romantically?? He sure is around you a lot? And he does stuff for you off the clock that only a man who was interested in you romantically or sexually would do." asked Beverly...

"Oh No.... He's just being nice.."I said. I was so focused on getting my divorce and getting the ball rolling on starting my own firm and winning this case that I completely over looked the obvious...That Eric was sweet on me..In a big way." said Olivia.

"That Eric fellow...He got me some evidence of your husband's infidelities and some other things...I thought he was just working with you on the rape case?"

"He is.. He's just being nice."I said.

"That's more than nice Livy ....I think he's got a thing for you girl...Do You like him?" asked Zoey..

"Not like that!!!...Not for a boyfriend...He's not my type.. but he is a very nice guy."I said.
"Well soon, both of these cases are going to be over.. And his services won't be needed...What are you going to do?" she asked..

"My firm is paying him...I guess he'll just go on to the next job..."said Olivia..

"Hmmmmm, he might want a little extra pay for this job!!...."laughed Zoey....

"Oh Noooooooooooooooooooo.. I'm four months pregnant...What could I do for him anyway?" I asked..

"This story gets better as it goes along.Could you guys wait until I popped some popcorn?"I said.

Beverly looked at me, smiled and shook her head..

"You're married to him Auntay ...Unfortunately...I love him too, so I guess he has to stay." joked Beverly...
''Yes baby....Since we both love him dearly, what can we do huh?" joked Olivia..
Beverly, Olivia and Josie looked at each other and laughed.

 The Senior Partner at my firm was coming to court everyday...He wasn't saying anything to me..But I realized that he was keeping an eye on this case...He had never done this to anybody else's case before or any of my cases..I know this guy had a lot of money and was an important client, but so was a lot of our clients..That's all we had was high rollers..
 "Frank Manley was the worst. He second guessed me every step of the way.. Like he was an attorney or something and his mood was condescending as well as sexist....He questioned my focus...He apparently knew about my divorce proceedings on off days....This caused me no end to stress...I wished he'd just go away...He was in court everyday and questioning me after trial everyday....It was causing me a lot of stress and had my blood boiling...I actually had a headache some days..."said Olivia

"I wanted to tell him to go to hell so bad...but it was important that I finish this...."she said.

"My divorce was  eventually finalized...

Zoey got me the house and three of Elwood's cars....and a huge one time only settlement in cash...

Elwood was furious....But he aimed his anger at Zoey....Surprisingly, not me..

"I moved into an Apartment complex and put my things in storage...I put the house and the cars  up for sale with help of Zoey...Who put me in contact with Sepia Morris and Bonita Foxworth...

I sold our house and the cars and bought this Duplex lock,stock and barrel and the office furniture and equipment to furnish it as well as the renovations on Beverly's place and my place and in between all that...I got my law firm incorporated and quietly began telling clients that I was planning to leave.. and asking them to come with me..
"Tony was spending a lot of time with me...The trial was coming to a close...One night...we were in my apartment.. I hadn't moved into the Duplex yet..

"Liv ,do you want a drink baby?" he asked..

"I was surprised that he was referring to me as 'baby' but I said nothing."

"I'm pregnant I can't have alcohol....Eric...Let's talk...What do you want with me? I'm pregnant...I've having someone else's baby..." I said.

"You're not married to him anymore Liv .....You're free.. You're not even Olivia Barnes anymore.. You're Olivia Bennett, which I like better." he said.

"So? What do you want? The trial is almost over....Your job is done..." I said.

"I want you baby! I want you to be Olivia Johnson...I've had a thing for you since the first day I was hired to work for you...I'm crazy about you...Your niece knows...Your Divorce  Attorney knows...How come you couldn't see it?... Liv just let me kiss you once." he said.

''Eric..You're a nice guy, Hell of a nice guy...But I just got divorced...The ink isn't dry on the papers yet...and I'm pregnant...I've been under a lot of stress...with this trial and with this other thing I'm doing...I can't commit to a relationship..even if I wanted to and I don't want to... I can't do anything sexually with you right now...All these single girls out here and you're gaga over me? A pregnant, recently divorced woman?/Come on Eric..Do yourself a favor...Go after one of these eligible, uncomplicated girls.. You deserve that."I said.

"I deserve this...." he said.

"He pulled me to him and kissed me...He did have soft lips and he did know how to kiss a woman...He kissed me for about five minutes...before I eased out of his embrace...I hate to say this..but I almost didn't want to..."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..Damn got me excited...I'm, I'm about to explode..."he moaned.

"Eric..Please..No..It's not going to happen...Me and you...That's not going to happen...Not tonight, Not anytime soon..You're getting yourself all worked up for nothing....I'm sorry....I'm sorry Eric."I said.

"Liv,I'll raise that child like it's my own...I swear..."he said.

"That's sweet, but you don't have to do that..."I said.

"Baby please...I'm so feelin you right now...I'm about to cum in my pants.." he said.

"Oh My God!!!!...HE SAID THAT?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..."laughed Beverly...

"Mrs. A. ...You need to write a book about what it is you do to these guys.""laughed Josie..

"Maybe..but that's not the most romantic thing to say to a girl."said Olivia..She continued...

"I looked at him...I said-

"Eric..I'm sorry...I'm not feeling you like that...and I would never want to lead you on...I'm grateful for everything you've done for me..I am...And I think you're a great guy...When I start my law firm...I'm going to need some good investigators...I will be calling you again...But I don't want a relationship with you...Not like that! I hope you understand..."I said.

"Why Liv? Why? Because I'm not a big time attorney like your ex-husband?"he asked.

"No Eric....What he does for a living, how much somebody makes  doesn't mean anything to me at all.. But I'm just not attracted to you like that...But that doesn't mean anything...You have a lot of great qualities that I'm certain a lot of women would be falling at your feet for...Like I told you..All these single girls out here...Who aren't pregnant...who don't have any baggage....And you're settling for me? Come on Eric..Don't be a fool...Don't deny yourself...." I said.

"I only want you Olivia...Just you..Come on you could learn to love me?" he said.

"That's not fair to you Eric...Or me for that matter... You need..You deserve someone who is attracted to you and can and will love you the way you love them right now...Why wait for someone to learn to love you,if they don't already love you now?" I said..

He laughed.

"You're a great lawyer Liv....and that is a compelling argument....If we were in court...If we were in court..I'd buy it..But we are right here, right now..." he said..

"And I don't feel the same way you do.....And for you to continue to pursue me is a dis-service to you...I'm keeping you from a girl out there who is single ,who needs a good man like yourself."I said.

''So nothing I could say to you, would make you change your mind Livy?" he asked.

"No Eric...I'm sorry..." I said.

He looked down at the floor...

"Goodbye Liv....It was real.." he said and he let himself out....I could tell he was hurt and angry...

I felt horrible...I cried myself to sleep that night....

"The trial went to the jury.....I was called into the conference room for yet another meeting with the Senior Partner...This was the most I'd seen of him since I'd worked here..

He was there with Frank Manley...

"Well dear, the trial went to the jury....They should be coming back with a decision soon.." he said.

"I'm not sure you convinced them thoroughly....I'm just not sure..."said Frank Manley...

I had had enough...

"Well it really isn't up to you is it Frank?  It's up to the jury isn't it?" I snapped..

''See there you are with those hormones....You're getting all emotional..No Offense...I just believe a man would have handled this differently....You could have hammered that girl a little more..I even heard you helped her get in a drug rehabilitation program...That's not your job..Your job is to defend my son.."he said.

"There was no need to hammer her as you say..She's suffered enough as it is..I did what  I did for her because I'm  a human being with a heart unlike you...And I gave your son the best defense I know how..And Frankly....I'll be glad when the jury does return a verdict because win or lose..I never want to see you ever again.." I said.

"Now you see dear..That's what he is saying...We hired you to represent him..Not Sympathize with the accuser...and you're all in an emotional tizzy."said the senior partner...

I was beyond furious with both of them.....I began to shake furiously,so much that both men appeared to be afraid...and that's all I remember....I collapsed.....
"Oh My god!" I said.

"Oh My God Mrs. A." said Josie.


I woke up in the hospital....Beverly was by my side...

"Auntay....Wake up..."she said...I could see she had been crying...I had no idea how long I had been in the hospital...I pulled her toward me and hugged her, to let her know I was alright! She just bawled and bawled.."said Olivia.

"Oh My God...Bev...Where am I?  I've got to get to court.." I said...

"No you don't...I went in your place, Yesterday...The Jury found Jason Manley, Not Guilty on all counts..."she said.

It had been a whole day...I didn't even realize I had been in the hospital that long..

"But they found Jessie Foster  guilty on one count of aggravated assault...He got one year probation...No jail time..."said Beverly...

"I won!!!...Thank God." I said.

"Auntay....You lost the baby..."said Beverly.  I was stunned...but in a strange kind of way ,relieved...That meant I would have no tie to Elwood at all..

"Miscarriage number two....Guess it's just not in the cards huh?" I said. Beverly started crying again....

 "The good side is that you're totally free of Elwood ..You have no connection to him Auntay...You'll find a man who loves you deeply, who won't make you cry...I know you will...There are still good men out there...With any luck, maybe he'll have a brother and I can find one too"said Beverly..who finally smiled ..

and who made me smile for a moment.."said Olivia.

''Hello Liv, Beverly...I came as soon as I heard..I'm so sorry Liv..!"said Eric..He had a bouquet of roses...

"Oh That's so sweet...Thank You.." I said.

''Congratulations on your case... " he said.

"I couldn't have done it without you." I said.

''I know...My job is done here now....Have a good life Liv." he said.

He didn't leave just yet...He just stood there looking at me.....

Zoey came too..

"Awww Livy girl..I'm so sorry..." she said.

"It was that damn Frank Manley and the Senior Partner at my firm...They got me so angry,I fainted..It's okay....I'm handing in my resignation Monday morning..."I said..
"Auntay!!!" said Beverly...

"I'll get a nice severence package coming and I still have money left over  from the divorce...I can live comfortably for awhile..I'm still getting my law firm together.."I said.

Beverly hugged me..."said Olivia

''What Happened to Eric?" I asked..
I never saw him leave the room..I turned and  he was gone...I never saw him again....After I got out of the hospital ,I called him...His number was disconnected and his cell number was out of service...Bev drove me by his Loft and they said he had paid his final rent and had moved out...I assumed he left town....I never heard from him again."said Olivia.

I didn't turn in my resignation right away......I calmed down and Beverly talked some sense into my head  and I continued to work for them for close to another year..while I saved money and  prepared this duplex and this firm ..The Senior Partner was so afraid I was going to sue him or the firm that he gave me a larger office, a hefty raise in salary and pretty much stayed away from me.. That summer I took a vacation to New Orleans to Essence Fest...which is where I met you  sweetie and the rest is as you know, history!"said Olivia.
The Senior Partner of my old firm was shot to death up in the Hamptons last year...His murder is unsolved..Police couldn't find a motive, clue of who might have done it...Good Riddance...I won't miss that patronizing bastard..." said Olivia...

''Wow...That's some story..." I said.
But look what came of it...I have my law firm...I have my ace boon coon, my niece as my partner..She said hugging Beverly and kissing her cheek..
 I have you as my husband...and investigator...she said and gave me a big wet sloppy kiss in the lips.
And I have Josie here to keep this all in order.." she said hugging Josie and kissing her on the cheek..

"One big happy family right Mrs. A." said Josie..

"That's right...I couldn't ask for a better team." said Olivia..



Toni said...

I loved this..The scene where Olivia and Eric kissed and she admitted she liked it was good...So real, So human..

Sunflower said...

Olivia was pregnant and emotional and Eric kissing her probably sent her hormones in every direction...but she had the frame of mind to realize that she still didn't love him.

Angie B. said...

Olivia slays another one...This guy was gone over her...I kind of felt sorry for him,he seemed like a nice guy..

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Rare is the guy who will fall that hard for a pregnant woman...A pregnant woman!

Lisa said...

I can relate to what Olivia went through in the corporate world..I don't blame her for plotting to leave..start her own law firm..

Halo said...

This has been a great flashback and look at how Olivia and Elwood divorced..Her miscarriage and the events that allowed her to start her own lawn firm...Am loving this story.

Vanessa said...

I'm loving this story too...I thought when Olivia and Eric kissed ,something was about to go down...Four months pregnant or not..but it didn't..He did seem like a nice guy...I felt sorry for him.

Rita said...

Very nicely and realistically told... I love this story so far.

Brenda said...

I totally agree with what Sunflower said-"Olivia was pregnant and emotional and Eric kissing her probably sent her hormones in every direction...but she had the frame of mind to realize that she still didn't love him."

It wouldn't have worked out...Somebody had to be the mature one and see that, even if eric couldn't or wouldn't.

Cheryl said...

I too am loving this story...Would like to see a back story concerning Donnie Ray.