Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's All Over Baby Blue

At some point in a case you have to take stock....We, My wife Sepia, Myself, Clerow, Sean,Lockpick Johnson ,Robert Foxworth and Peeping Tom had been observing and following and monitoring these people for about a month and a half and all we knew was that the woman, Nicolette Manger cheats on her a nymphomaniac who never gets enough sex and she had a baby out of wedlock that her husband believes is his...Moral crimes yes, but no proof that she or any of the people we've been looking at, Robert Woodcock, her husband....Adam Short, her lover and the woman herself committed or solicited the murder of Nestor Cokeley.

We had put in more time on this group than any of my other cases and nobody had even mentioned Nestor's name.....If it wasn't for the positive DNA , I wouldn't evn know that Nestor even existed in Nicolette's world of sexual intrigue. Then there was the emergence of this new lover, Otis! We only knew him as Otis....Didn't know where he lived or where he came from...But all I did know for sure is that he rode the exact same kind of bike as the guy who killed Nestor and wore a Black leather suit and Black helmet. He could be the shooter...I was 90 percent certain he was or he might not be...Lots of guys have bikes like that and leather suits and black helmets.....But I heard her tell him she needed him to do something...and the morning paper carried the grim news that Adam Short, aged 29 was shot to death in his car with a .38 smokeless by a man riding on a motorcycle... Co-incidence?? I think not....But I didn't have one
shred of proof....

This is why Attorney Robert Foxworth and Nestor Cokeley's widow are showing up on Nicollete's studio doorstep this morning....Of course you know they are wearing wires and Peeping Tom is using a device called a "trigger fish" by the CIA that can hit the cell phone towers
and pick up (and record ) text messages or cell phone messages coming from Nicollette and pinpoint where they are coming from...

"Hello? Who are you?" asked Nicollette.

"Good mornin mam, I am Attorney Robert Foxworth, I am representing Mrs. Barbara Cokeley, the widow of Nestor Cokeley...I beleive you were an acquaintence of his." he said.

"I knew what about it?" snapped Nicollette.

" You and my husband had an affair behind my back for three years...I hired a private detective to follow him and I have pictures to prove it....I also know that that baby girl is my husband's.....I plan to sue your ass for mental cruelty and the destruction of my marriage." said Barbara Cokeley. ( I wasn't too sure she was acting.)

"You're off your nut lady." laughed Nicollete.

"If Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O'Neal's wives can do can I?" said Barbara.

"You-You -You crazy...what do you want?? Why you wanna do this??" said a now very,very worried Nicollette Manger...

"Why did you ruin my marriage?? Why you got your husband thinking he the daddy of that baby , when everybody knows that that's Nestors baby..." said Barbara.

"Uh, Uh ruh...look, look,look..Ladies..there is no reason for this to get nasty or go to court...I believe we can work this out for a cool 100G's... 100 g's will uh, ruh definitely make this all go away." said Robert Foxworth. (I wasn't too sure he was acting.)

"100 G's huh....I see what this is....It's blackmail." said Nicollette.

"Well then go to the police? Tell em that you probably had my husband killed to keep him from going to your husband and telling him the truth when you broke it off with him, after he found out you were seeing someone else....someone else who is now dead...what's the matter miss
Nikki? Let me help you find your tongue....This is my attorney's card and this is mine...One of us better get 100G's within the next 24 hours or your husband is going to find out what you been doin , when you aint been doin him." said Barbara.

Robert smiled his sly toothy grin and then laughed-

"Have a good day them breasts yours or is they implants.?" he said as he turned and followed Barbara to the car, a rental that we had especially for this caper. Peeping Tom had taken the windsheild and the other glass out and replaced it with clear bullet proof
glass...We knew what was coming next.

Nicollette was visibly shaken and she didn't waste anytime getting her precious Blackberry to guessed it...Otis.

"Heyyy Foxy mama, what's up?" came the voice.

"O... it's me, on a clean phone?" she said.

"I'm on my cell...why wouldn't it be clean?'' he said.

"I got a problem." she said.

"What? you pregnant? It wasn't me...I used a condom..I swear.." he said.

"No silly, not that kind of problem....a problem like Nestor and Adam....I need some folks taken care of..." she said.

"Anything for you doll, who is they?" he said.

She gave him a description of the car, the licensce plate number and the names and adresses of
Robert Foxworth and Barbara Cokeley...

"They as good as gone...I'm on it baby.....You know I'm gonna want an extra extra dose of that good lovin for doin this..." he said.

"Oh daddy..I'll make your toes curl three times if you do this for me." she said..

"Ouuu, how bout a down payment mama?" he said.

"How bout I not...just drop that shyster and that bitch okay?" she snapped.

"They are as good as gone mama." he said.

The Navy Blue Toyota Camry with the bullet proof windows that were slightly tinted pulled off from Robert Foxworth's condo like clockwork...Only Robert and Mrs. Cokeley were not in it..Clerow was at the wheel and I was in the back seat with my gun cocked and ready....We weren't driving for a good half hour before the mysterious Black motorcycle appeared in the rear veiw mirror.

"There he is boss " laughed Clerow..

"Okay...Drive slow...we aren't supposed to know he's there." I said.

Clerow cruised...but he just barely made the light....As I suspected...The Bike went through the
lights...We took him for a ride through Center City traffic, through West Philly, on to City Avenue and then on Roosevelt Blvd...We weren't going to make it easy for him...Finnally we drove down a deserted street and the bike sped up...Rolled up to our window and fired a sucession of shots..shots that bounced off the window...My window went down and I fired one shot at his back tire....Which exploded...sending his bike swerving....

" tire.....ohhh I don't believe this ...I don't believe this..arrrggghhhhh...
Helppppp!" he screamed as his bike went up the stairs of an abandoned house, through the front
door and crashed in the back of the house....

Clerow and I entered the house with our guns drawn....

Otis was on the floor....

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh, I think I broke my leg....I don't believe this..." he moaned.

Clerow looked at me and laughed... I looked down at Otis...

"It's all over baby blue.." I said.

Otis was Otis Taylor... an employee of Woodcock Lumber. How do you like that? He wasn't a player, wasn't a known hitter...Just an employee who happened to be doing the bosses wife and when necessary, taking care of her dirty work.

The gun, a .38 smokeless was the same gun used in both Nestor Cokeley's murder and Adam Short's murder.....We had our man...He stopped short of putting Mrs. Woodcock in for murder,but it didn't matter...We had enough recorded to have her indicted.

When Clerow and I arrived at Nicolette's house with the police , a few days later...Robert, Sepia ,Sergio the photographer,Lockpick Johnson and Peeping Tom were there, but Nicolette wasn't.

"She's gone Kev." said Robert Foxworth....

"What do you mean gone?" I asked.

"She cleared out of here yesterday, took all of her belongings and emptied the wall safe." said Sergio.

"I'm going to assume she didn't say where she was going." I said.

"Nope...didn't tell me nothing." he said.

I looked at Sepia....

"Well dear..we had a good run....We put the killer of Nestor behind bars....and the Police and FBI will catch up with Nicollette sooner or later." I said.

She smiled weakly and said-

"Yeah I suppose...Her husband is due to come home this afternoon...wait til he hears all of this."
said Sepia.

"Yeah...wait until......What did you say?" I said eying my wife...

Her eyes lit up and a smile came across her face....

'You thinking what I'm thinking?" she said.

"Way ahead of you babe." I said.

"Will somebody clue me in?" said Robert Foxworth.

"This little game may not be over just yet counselor." I said.

(Conclusion Next)