Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two If By Midnight



"Give me more....ohhhhh baby, give me moreeeeeee..."

Robert Foxworth, Clerow, Sean Jackson and Lockpick Johnson's mouths were wide open and their eyes were glued to the flat screen in our van.....They were watching a live video feed of Robert Woodcock making love to his wife, Lingerie model, Nicolette Manger-Woodcock....It was more like watching a porn movie...I felt like a pervert watching a man and his wife in their most private of moments....but one of these two was a killer, one of these two or both was responsible for my wife's cousin's brains being splattered across his car seat a month ago..

They were going at it....Mr. Woodcock was very , let's say healthy for a guy his age...Late 40's,early 50's....He was going to town with Nicolette , who was young enough to be his daughter.. I could clearly see that this was a sugar daddy type of relationship.... The bed springs were squeaking to the point that I thought they would break...The headboard was slamming against the wall and the moaning and hollering they were both making was heard by everybody at that studio....(They had a bedroom on the second floor of the studio.)

Peeping Tom and I were watching the other screen and the other feed..My wife Sepia was downstairs in some jeans, a white blouse and some heels drinking coffee with the Photographer.
Peices of the ceiling were falling on the floor...

"Good Lord, how much longer are they going to go at it like that?" asked Sergio , the photographer.

"Yes, they are extra long and extra noisy today." laughed Sepia.

"Well....Mr. Woodcock is leaving town today...He's flying to Milwaulkee ,Wisconsin for the big lumber convention you know." said Sergio.

"No, I didn't know." said Sepia.

"Yeah..and that means things are really gonna get freaky around here...You know that short muscular guy that comes over here??" said Sergio.

"Yes, I've seen him..." said Sepia.

"She's banging him....He's head over heels in love...He comes over here in the afternoon and he's like putty in her hands...His name is Adam..Adam Short." said Sergio.

"Oh wow....really?" said Sepia.

"Don't feign ignorance...I know you know they were screwing..How can you not...These walls are thin....I don't care though..Long as I get paid...I can wait." said Sergio.

"I hear that....Where is the baby today?" asked Sepia.

"She's over Nicolette's mother's house..." he said.

"That baby sure don't look like Mr. Woodcock." said my wife slyly....

" noticed that too huh...That's cause it aint his...It's this other guy she was doin named Nestley or Ness or Nestor somethin or other.....He was just like Adam, coming here
in the afternoon for close to two years......Gettin it in....Then she got pregnant...played it off like it was Woodcock's...and that old whipped fool believed it...didn't question it..." said Sergio.

"Where is Nestor now?" asked Sepia.

"He dead. Somebody shot him...Shame....I liked him....I can't stand Adam..Adam is a damn thug." said Sergio.

We had heard enough.....

"Clerow, Sean.....Get a twenty on this Adam Short...Stake out his place....Find out if he has a motorcycle...If he does...He's our shooter." I said.

"Aww ,this is just getting good." said Sean Jackson.

"I'll tell ya about it." laughed Lockpick. Peeping Tom and Robert Foxworth looked at me and just smiled slyly.

Clerow and Sean left the van and walked over to Clerow's car and sped off in search of info on the whereabouts of Adam Short.

A while later we watched Woodcock leave the house and get in his car...Robert Foxworth looked at me..

"Kevin...I'm on him...I'll follow him and see if he really goes to the Airport...." he said. He walked out to his car and drove off behind him.

Nicolette , Sepia and three or four other girls disrobed and began the photo shoot with Sergio...I
sat with Tom and Lockpick pondering our next move... The killer could be Mr. Woodcock.. Maybe he wasn't as in the dark as one would think....It could be Adam Short...He was eliminating his could be Nicolette......What was her deal? She marries a man old enough to be her father ,who's kinda sorta loaded and she sleeps with not one but two very young lovers on the side....Neither of which looked like they had much of anything except....well...the obvious.
How much sex did she need?

"Kevin...come here..Sepia is talking to Nicolette...." said Peeping Tom.

"Girl...Look, I aint deaf....We heard you and your husband upstairs....What yall do is your business but you costing me time ...I have other jobs besides this one..." said Sepia.

"Well, you can always go to aint a prisoner here..but I don't think they pay what you get here." said Nicolette.

"You're right..they don't....but I'm just sayin.....You got your husband...Then we get held up by your boy toy....I mean...damn your thing, get your swerve on...but you know..I got a man too...I hardly ever see him." said Sepia.

"Well bring him here....There is an extra room...Yall can get yo swerve on.....I know you snuck out here yesterday wit my trenchcoat and my heels..I saw you...You came back with your hair all undone...I know somebody blew that back out..hahahahahahahahaha." laughed Nicolette.

"Yeah, you right." laughed Sepia.

"Gurl....between me and you...I got a you say it..high libido...I have to have it....I can't get enough...My husband is a good lover and he gives it to me as much as he can...but that guy Adam
that you seen...gurlllllll.....He does the damn thang.....He's a weak puppy though...So you aint gonna see him around much longer...but I'm gone give him some just one mo gin.. I keep em around until they either bore me or they fall in love...then they have to go..." said Nicolette.

"Damn cold blooded." laughed Sepia.

"I'm no more cold blooded than a guy is....I'm just like a man as far as sex is...I'm as loyal as my options ." laughed Nicolette.

I already didn't like this girl. I wanted Sepia to find out more about Nestor...but today wasn't the day to do it....She was smart enough to know that....When Nicolette cut the girls loose for the day, Sepia came to our van, which was parked three blocks away.

I greeted her with a kiss when she got in the van and The four of us headed for a Pizzeria that Tom told us about that served the best Brick Oven Pizza in Northeast Philly.

Later that night...Robert Foxworth called me. He told me that Mr. Woodcock did board a plane for Wisconsin... Sean and Clerow found Adam Short....He had a car, but no Motorcycle... That still didn't take him off my list as the number one suspect.

Sepia and I got in my car and for some strange reason doubled back and drove by Nicolette and Robert Woodcock's house...We expected to see our boy Adam Short drive up...With the husband away from home...I'm sure it was all the way live....

It was midnight....The street where their huge house was, was quiet......

"Kevin...Look!" said Sepia...

Sure enough.....Nicolette was in the window....She had on a huge Afro wig, A bra that was aqua blue and Aqua blue bikini panties on..She was wearing a sheer white babydoll..She appeared to be waiting for someone......

Around ten after midnight....A motorcycle drove up.....THE motorcycle....The same one that followed Nestor's car and whose rider shot him three times in the head...The rider was wearing the same black leather suit and same Black leather helmut...

"That's our boy..Adam Short." I whispered to Sepia.

"You sure Kev?" she said..."He looks thinner." He in fact looked thinner and taller.

The man walked over to the window and tossed two rocks up.....

Nicolette opened her window...

"Heyyy Foxy mama." said the man...

"It's cool Otis....The old man aint here..He outta town.." she said.

"Well don't just stand there lookin all sexy...come on down and open the door and let big daddy
get some of dat." he said.

"Alright..but be quiet...My neighbors......Plus..I got somethin I need you to do for me.." she said.

"Sho..." he said.

Sepia and I looked at each other...Who was this?? We couldn't stay there, so we pulled off....

(To Be Continued....)


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Really, I thought you would have been out by now!

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LMAO at the comments!

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