Thursday, February 7, 2013


It was late....Carlotta and I didn't know if Sissy would be in her office this late....To our surprise...She was.. and not only her, Detective Tyriq Pile, Detective Jimmy Barlow, Detectives Aaron Pace and Detectives Angela Belton  from Internal Affairs were also present.

When we walked in together, everyone was a little surprised... Sissy looked up at us....

"I wasn't going to call you two until the morning..." she said.

"I caught a murder Boss Lady....Miguel Martinez!" said Carlotta.

"What?" said Detective Tyriq Pile... "He was my confidential informant...He was the one who gave us the information on Sentterro's boat and his SUV" he continued...He punched his palm even harder...

"I know....and that's why I'm here Lieutenant." I said.

"Sentterro is getting his information too fast and too good and I think I know where he's getting it...I hope like hell I'm wrong.." I said.
"Well before you give us your theory counselor...We have some information for you." said Sissy.

"Oh?" I said.

"Yes...We've been monitoring Detective Edwin "Duke" Baylor's Bank account ever since he left....Internal Affairs has had a man on him also.... We think Sentterro may have made his first mistake... The 90K vanished from that account, just like that ...after the suspension...." said Sissy.

"WHAT? Vanished?" I asked.

"Now we know that Duke didn't make the transaction because we have been monitoring him, his smartphone and his computer at home and his movemants...Somebody hacked into his account....We got help from  FBI Special Agent in charge, Frank Cotton and we located the Hacker!...." said Detective Pace..

"What?? Let's go get him fast." I said.

"Way ahead of you ADA Wallace....I picked him up tonight...He's in custody." said Detective Angie Belton. ''Looks like Minolo Sentterro is too much of a cheap skate to leave that kind of cash in a cops account...After the damage was done..He pulled the money..almost immediately." she said.

"Yeah, he's in the fishbowl (Interrogation Room)" said Detective Jimmy Barlow.

"He not only hacked into Duke's account, but he forged his name on a couple of documents too...The guy's good...and he led us to Sentterro's accountant and his book keeper..." said Detective Barlow.

"Let me guess...They're in custody too?" I asked.

"Yup..Me and Tyriq and two uniforms grabbed both of them tonight." he said. "We used the same judge, Clara Waters that gave us the warrants for the car and the boat."he added.

"Now...Amazed that this was done so fast and Sentterro didn't have time to react?  Think about it...Besides you and Carlotta, There was only one other person not present...ADA Soloman Foster!!!" said Sissy.

"That's who I came to talk to you about...He was never investigated, his cell phone was never checked...And everytime we were compromised....He was always privy to the information...He was the one who got the warrants to hit Sentterro's Escalade and his boat.." I said. "He went missing for about an hour ,while we were waiting for warrants from Judge Thalmus for the first set of raids." I said.

"We've started looking into his background....His father worked for Ernesto Sentterro...For years... Ran wire rooms in Fishtown, South Philly,West Philly and Kensington. Sentterro money paid for Foster's college education...Soloman Foster and Minolo actually went to High School together...Last year ADA Foster ran up quite a gambling debt with younger Sentterro...Guess how he may be paying it off?" said Detective Aaron Pace..

"Information!! From time to time, if his name comes up...Information." said Carlotta.

" got it Carlotta! He's perfect and in the perfect spot...The perfect spot to be privy to a lot of sensitive information and to pass it along....No wonder you guys have always been two steps behind Sentterro all this time...He's always known what was going down, before it did. " said Detective Pace.

"It all fits. ADA Soloman has been his pipeline ,probably for years." says Sissy.

"Let's go roust his ass..He had Duke set up..A good cop!" said Detective Barlow.

"No...No....not yet..." I said.

"What? Why not?" said Jimmy Barlow...

"Because...we need solid proof...we need to get him on tape ,actually giving Sentterro some information."I said.

"What's your plan Keith?" asked Sissy.

I smiled...I looked at Detective Angie Belton....

"What?" she said.

" You guys had coffee a few days ago..He told me that he asked you to go out with him again....Now's your chance." I said ,still smiling... Tyriq, Jimmy and Detective Aaron Pace all looked at her smiling...

"Awwww helllll to the noooo...He's a dog....He practically undressed me  at the meeting and when we had coffee, I felt like I was being undressed at the table and did you hear that corny line he layed on me..."I want to get internal about your affairs." she said.

The room erupted into laughter...Sissy and Carlotta high fived Angie..

"It's the only chance we have..If one of us feeds him any information he might be suspect....He won't suspect you...After all...You're investigating us....It's our only shot Angie." I said.

She looked at Carlotta..

"On the one hand, you're lucky girl...He is fine...but on the other hand, he's impossible." she laughed.

"Haven't seen that side of him yet." said Carlotta innocently...

Sissy and Angie both laughed.

"I love her." said Angie ,looking at Carlotta.


A week later,We had Detective Belton wearing a wire...It was in her bra and very small, but it picked up good sound...She had told him that she wanted to dine at Bottom of the C.  Detective Jimmy Barlow and Detective Tyriq Pile had been there hours before and had placed a micro-camera in three places where they could pick up a good visual of the entire night...We placed a GPS tracking device on her car and his car...

When ADA Soloman Foster saw her...His jaws dropped!

"My goodness....I have never...never seen such a vision of beauty..You look fabulous doll." he said.

Angie smiled..."Thank you." she said..

They were seated shortly.....Soloman ordered wine...

"The House special brother, most expensive wine you got!" he said proudly..

"Ohhh, trying to impress me brother?" she said.

"I've already impressed you, that's why you're here." he said.

Had to give it to my man...He didn't lack self confidence.

They shared mostly small talk while they looked over the menu....

"You can have anything you want baby...Anything." he said.

"I should warn you...I'm not a salad girl.." she laughed..

"Good...I hate babes that go out to a nice place and all they order is salad." he said.

"Is Lobster okay?" she asked.

"Sure...Hey Ralph...Ralph....The lady here would like Lobster....I'd like the New York Strip Steak and a baked potato, butter and your creamed spinach" he said.

''Wow, you're the big spender...You sure you're a city employee?" she said.

"Yeah...I save and invest my money well...How you doin? ,I mean at Internal Affairs?" he asked.

"I'm doin good...been there two years." she said.

"Ever think of comin to work for my special investigator?" he laughed.

"No....I never thought of that." she said.

"Why should Keith Wallace have all the fun?...He's got Carlotta and Sissy to ogle all day...I need some beauty in my life...Beauty like you." he said.

Boyyy, he was really throwing the lather on thick , I thought as Sissy,Carlotta, Tyriq,Jimmy and I listened to this.

"He's got a good squad of investigators over there,Carlotta, Tyriq, Jimmy...Sissy." she said.

"Oh yeah, yeah, I got mad love for all of them....All I got is Duke and he's under investigation!" he said.  "I could use you." he said.

"Duke was cleared a week ago." she said.

"What? Come again?" he said.

"Somebody hacked into Duke's account...We nabbed the hacker last week., We got the book keeper and we nabbed Sentterro's accountant also...We got em holed up in a hotel.. Baileys .Sentterro finally made a mistake. Being too cheap and snatching that money out too quick." she said.

"Oh wowww...really??" he said.

"Yeah..and keep this under your lid...ADA Wallace told me that they have located one of his main warehouses.........They are planning to hit it tonight at the stroke of twelve..." she said.

"Ohhhh.....I'm surprised that I wasn't informed about this, they are pretty good." he said.

"Yes they are!" she said eyeing him strangely.

Their food came and they ate...He was uncharactoristically silent....

"Uh Angie...would you uh...ahhh excuse me a minute?" he said smiling.

"Something wrong?" she asked...

"No...No Nothing at all..I'll be right back." he said...

He went to the men's room...We had that bugged also....He pulled out his smartphone and made a call.

"Hello!" came a voice..

"Heyy Minolo...It's me...Soloman ,You got trouble!" he said.

"Ohhhh, now you tell me?  They popped my accountant, my book keeper and the guy we got to hack into the cop's account a week ago ....Why wasn't I informed? That's what I pay you to do, To give me information. Those guys could put me and a lot of other people in jail...they have to be hit..." screamed Minolo.

"I'm just now finding out...They must've did it while I was out of the office." said Soloman.

"Obviously...." said Minolo.

"I know where they got em...They got em holed up at this hotel ,Baileys...and as soon as I find out the room number,I'll let you know." said Soloman..

"Do it soon...I've got to have them hit..I'm trying to find just the guys who can do the job. I got calls out now for some good hitters. No telling what they've told them already." said Minolo..

"Oh yeah and Wallace and company are planning to hit one of your warehouses at midnight tonight." said Soloman.

"WHAT?????Why didn't I know this beforehand??" screamed Minolo..

"Hey man...I'm just now finding out." said Soloman.

"Who told you this?" he asked.

"A cop!  " said Soloman.

"Carlotta??, Sissy??" he asked.

"No...No....An Internal Affairs cop...One of the cops investigating them....I've got her out for dinner..She just happened to mention it in conversation." said Soloman.

"Soloman you dog...Heh Heh Heh...Okay...Find out where those three are holed up." said Minolo.

"I'm on it." he said.

"You're on her....Pillow talk should be interesting ehhhhhh?" laughed Manolo.

"You know how I roll?....I'm gone have this broad's panties and bra in my collection." he boasted. "All the money I'm spending.." he retorted.

"You are something else...Find out the room those cops  have those guys in." said Manolo.

''Relax pal.. I told ya, I'm on it!" he said.

He hung up and headed back to the table..

"You alright?" asked Angie.

"Yeah...Yeah." he said smiling weakly.

They finished their dinner and went to Josies for drinks and then to the Aqua Bar afterwords......Finally they ended up at Angie's house...

"Well, thank you for a very nice evening Soloman." she said.

"Oh yeah? Well then you should thank me properly...heh, heh heh!" he said.

He got out of his car and let her out....He then moved in for a kiss...Angie moved backwards...He grabbed her and eased her up against the car....

"It's uh just our first date Soloman." she said.

"Now come on baby...We've had a nice evening, eating ,drinking...laughing ,talking...You sure I can't come in?" he asked..

Angie eased out of his embrace...

" Not tonight,Soloman....I have to work tomorrow..." she said..

''So do I...I'd like to do some work tonight...Gooood work.." he said slyly and began kissing her neck and behind her ears..."Damn girl, you smell good." he said.

He eased up on her and kissed her neck and ran his hands up her dress...

"Damnnnnnnnnnnn gurllll,." he said."cOME ON NOW...don't leave me like this...come on..let me come in...just for some coffee?" he said ,still kissing her neck and behind her ears...

"Come on Soloman...We've had a nice night...a nice don't spoil it..." she said as she forecfully removed his hands from under her skirt and broke his embrace.

"How bout a kiss? Come on.....I spent close to $200.00 tonight.." he said.

She kissed him....He pulled her to him and kissed her passionately....She stopped short of letting him put his tongue in her mouth....

"Wow...Come on now...let me come inside for some coffee or something. You've got me kind of steamed up." he said.

"That's why we should stop this...besides...I have neighbors." she said.

"I do too.So let's take it inside baby?" he said trying again to kiss and dry hump her up against his car.

She eased away...

"Let's not...."she said firmly....

"Don't do me like that...Come on you gonna get me all steamed up and leave me like this?" he pleaded softly...

"I'm not trying to lead you on or anything...If you stop trying to kiss me and fondle me, you might calm down a bit." she said.

"Okay...Okay...but you got me all worked up girl." he said....his pants now resembling a tent!

"A cold shower usually takes care of that." she said.

"Damnnn baby, that's cold, that's cold blooded. Well, maybe we can do this again sometimes? A show??, a trip to AC??,New York maybe??" he asked.

"You have big plans." she said.

"That's the only way I plan.Big....I got somethin else big  that if you let me might see." he said.

"Come on now...Don't start." she said.

"Well ,can we at least go out again on a date?" he asked.

"Anything is possible." she said and rolled her eyes....He didn't see that, but I did and I cracked up...

"Well, Good night " he said.

"Good night Soloman" she said.

"I'm going to have to drive all the way home and take a cold ,cold shower." he pouted.

"I'm sure it's not the first or the last time." said Angie.

"Damn girl, you got jokes." he said ,laughing himself.

Sissy and Carlotta cracked up laughing and ducked their heads down...

"Hey you two,cool it.." I said, laughing myself.

We were in a car across the street listening to the entire exchange.


After his car pulled off, Sissy,Carlotta and I got out of a car that had been parked across the street....

Angie slapped my arm and said....

"Ewwwwww, yuck....You owe me big time ADA Wallace...I had to kiss that jerk and he tried to put his tongue down my mouth...Not to mention he was dry humping me..Oh God...I'm taking an extra long shower tonight." she said.

"Is there a chance you might be pregnant? I joked...Sissy cracked up laughing.

"Ouuuuu, that's soooo not funny..." she laughed and playfully stroked my arm....

I laughed too....

"You did good  girl...We got everything...and I mean Everything....He's the mole...He's been feeding Minolo Sentterro information all along." I said.

"Are the three suspects really in that hotel?" she asked.

"No...The Federalis have them. ..But there are two cops in that room...and they are expert shots..." I said.

"What about the warehouse?  That was made up right?" she asked.

"No..We hit the warehouse at 11:00 pm, not at midnight....Got a good haul too...Tomorrow morning, Minolo Sentterro's world is going to look very different..." I said. "We wanted the info to be real or close to it, so it wouldn't look like he is being played...It just looks like he is getting it late." I continued.

"'re pretty smart ADA Wallace." said Detective Angie Belton...

"Thanks..." I said laughing.

" and fine....Maybe I should've stayed in Homicide.." she laughed..

"Good work Angie..." said Sissy.

"Thanks Sissy...After struggling with that Octopus...I deserve an award of some type counselor." she said jokingly..

''Aint you got a man?" I laughed.

"Nah...I mostly date guys like Soloman...Which is why I'm single." she laughed...

"I know how you feel girlfriend...I just met a decent man recently." said Sissy...

"It's rough out here ,counselor! You got any fine collegues?? Hook a sista up!" said Angie , looking at me alluringly and laughing.

"Hey Keith come here." said Carlotta, who motioned for me to walk over to the car across the street...I walked across the street with her.

She put her arms around me and kissed me long and softly...and yes, she did put her tongue in my mouth...

"Wow!!...uh...what was that for?" I asked.

"Just because..." she said.

I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately.....She gave me the slowest ,softest kiss she'd ever given me..I wanted to take her home right this minute....

"Ohhh my God.." I moaned...

"There's more where that came from...but not tonight sweetie,I'm beat..I'm afraid I wouldn't be much good" she said, smiling sweetly...

''Are you kidding?" I said.

"I'm tired Keith...I've been working this case around the clock...I promise to hook you up tomorrow..I promise.." she said.

"Okay..." I said.

''Don't be mad." she said.

"I aint mad...just..just disappointed.." I said.

"I knowww..I know...I just need to get some honest sleep." she said.

"I know...It's all good..." I said and smiled at her..

Now I understood how Soloman felt...It was a shame to do a man like that! I mused.

Angie poked Sissy...

"Now she's lucky...I'd trade places with her any day....." she said.

"Yeah young love, what can I say?" laughed Sissy..

"One good thing came out of this night!" I heard Angie say..

"What was that?" asked Sissy.

"I got a Lobster meal and some good wine out of it and I didn't have to pay a dime."she said.

Sissy laughed her head off....

"And that guy, Soloman Foster...He is a dog, and I couldn't see myself ever being serious about a guy like him....but that kiss wasn't that bad...I kind of liked it." she confessed..

"Oh My God, kill me now!" laughed Sissy...

The both of them busted out into raucous laughter.

(Conclusion Next)


James Perkins said...

It is a shame to do a man like that!
I was feelin for both Keith and Soloman! Damnnn! LOL!

Vanessa said...

Go Head Carlotta ,Mark your territory,Let her know that that's your man and let him know what he got! I liked that move!-LOL

Grover Tha Playboy said...

All around good installment...Can't wait to see how this all ends up!
Hope to see more of Angie Belton...She'd be a fine addition to the team!