Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

"Dearest Carlotta...If you are reading this letter...Then this means I am already dead...I was supposed to have a lunch meeting with Minolo Sentterro today at 1:00 pm...I suspect he may try to hit me...My associate was told that if I did not return at the time I specified to deliver this to you...

I am probably dead now...but it is my great desire to have that backstabbing bastard Minolo Sentterro join me either in death or suffer the rest of his natural life in a jail cell... I have evidence that can put him behind bars and possibly earn him the needle he so richly deserves...

In my wall safe is a .45 pistol..... A pistol he used when he shot Saul Paulo to death in June of 2008 on orders from the late Valdez Diaz who he was working for at the time..I was present when he shot him to death..He told me to get rid of the gun...but I kept it behind for insurance in case a day like this ever came..The gun has his fingerprints all over it....It's in my wall safe...The combonation is 45Left, 37 Right, spin twice, 85 left...

There is more... Jill Hightower, an exotic dancer of Big Chicken's girls witnessed the entire thing...Her address is on the second piece of paper....She is a crack addict unfortunately...but if you get her high, she'll spill her guts.

And third, I have a safehouse in Fishtown....At this house you'll find a ledger with the names of every crooked politician, every crooked judge, every cooked cop we ever paid off and how much we paid them going back to 1999.  This should be enought to put that backstabbing rat away for a longgg time..

I'm sorry things ended like this Carlotta...I always liked you, you were a tough cop, but you were always honest and fair and straight with me....I thought of going straight ,getting out of this game and trying to convince you to marry me....Unfortunately the game, being the game has caught up to me...

Take this letter and get my revenge for me....Love you always , 

Mickey Lolo...

We all stood in Lt. Sissy Van Buren's office and listened as she read it....Her eyes lit up...Sissy had expressive eyes and it made her even more beautiful I thought...

"Oh my God Carlotta, this is the chance of a lifetime.." said Sissy.

"That's what I said." I chimed in."
Detectives Tyriq Pile, Jimmy Barlow ,Edwin "Duke" Baylor and Carlotta Rodriguez all sat in the room... ADA Soloman Foster entered the room just then.
"Sissy, I called ADA Foster in on this...Special Investigations has been trying to grab Sennterro also..." I said.

"Heyyyy Sissy, you still as foxy as ever " he said looking at Sissy as though he wanted to eat her up..Sissy ignored him...

"Look..We've got to plan these raids , quick and fast....The only people that know what's about to happen are the people in this room....and the judge....who I won't name... As soon as I get the call with the warrants..We move... Detective Pile, you take Jill Hightower.......Detective Barlow....You and Detective Baylor take the Fishtown safehouse... Chica and I will take the house with the wall safe..." said Sissy.

"Uhhh if you don't mind...Can I ride with Sissy and Carlotta...I'd like to see them in uh action said ADA Foster.

What a snake...Friend or not....What could I say?  I wanted to ride with them...but that was okay..I'd sit this one out...I thought...after all, Carlotta had reduced my health over the weekend.... We made love all night Friday and well into the day on Saturday.....and I had went back last night for another round.

"I'll sit this one out." I agreed.

"Hey uh...let me run over to my office a sec...Keith my man...Call me when the judge gets the warrants." said Soloman as he ran out of the office..

"What did you call him in for ?" asked Sissy.
"You know him?" I asked...Knowing that she did.

"Unfortunately....He's been trying to get in my panties since I was a patrol cop..." she said.

"You too?" added Carlotta....He hounded me the entire time I was a Narcotics detective" said Carlotta.

That I didn't know...I was sorry I had agreed to let him ride along with them.

An hour later...Detective Duke Baylor came into the office.

"Lieutenant....There is a call  on the phone for's Judge Thalmus Carroll." he said.

Sissy took the phone.... She smiled after the call had concluded.

"That's it! we got the warrants!" said Sissy....."Let's move people....Quick and fast...Minolo Sentterro isn't gonna know what hit him tomorrow." she said.

I loved seeing Sissy this excited....and I also wanted to be there when we put the cuffs on Manolo Sentterro. None of  us knew then how wrong we were!


The first disappointment came with Detectives Jimmy Barlow and Edwin "Duke" Baylor....They took two uniformed policemen with them and they drove to the Fishtown  safehouse of Mickey Lolo..

It was on fire!  Burning to the ground... Lost was "a ledger with the names of every crooked politician, every crooked judge, every cooked cop we ever paid off and how much we paid them going back to 1999." That was supposed to be the meat of our entire case against him....


Detective Pile took two uniformed policemen with him...He talked to Big Chicken and Rollo Jones and got an address for Jill Hightower...but when they got to her house...They found her!!! They found her dead...

Someone had hung her and typed a "suicide" letter......

Tyriq Pile took his fist and punched his palm....He was pissed!


When Sissy, Carlotta and three uniformed policemen raided Mickey Lolo's house....they found that someone had beaten them to it...The place was a mess!

The wall safe door had been blown off the wall and there was no gun.....No Murder weapon!!!!!

Sissy got a call on her cell phone from Detectives Pile and Barlow...From what Carlotta would later tell me...She was not happy....

Like Detective Pile had done...Sissy balled her fist up and punched her palm...

"To my office...EVERYBODY!" She said.

There were too many of us to fit in Sissy's office......So we piled into the interrogation room.. 

I had never seen Sissy so angry the entire time I knew her...

"The only people who knew what we were going to do was the people in this room....But somebody got word to Minolo Senterro's people...and he was prepared for us...Well prepared." she said..

"Barlow, Baylor, took an awful number of patrolmen with you." said ADA Soloman..They looked at him like he was crazy...So did I...just what was he getting at?

"They were taken for back up." said Detective Pile.

"Yeah, they didn't know where we were going or what we were going there to get." added Detective Barlow.

"I didn't even show em the warrant..I just told em to come with us." added Detective Baylor.

"Same here" said Carlotta...."The guys I pulled had no idea where we were going or what we were going to get." she added.

"I can vouch for Chica...I was with her....So where did the leak come from?" said Sissy...

"Keith...Not that I'm blaming you.....But you've been here the entire time and it's not like you to let anybody ride with your girls Sissy and Carlotta." said ADA Soloman..

No he just didn't! I thought...What was his game?/ Who's side was he on?? I mused.

"What are you trying to say Soloman?? You think I tipped Sentterro off??? Nobody wanted to get him as bad as I did?" I said starting to feel myself get angry

"I'm just sayin." said Soloman...

''Nah man, Don't just say!" I said, now visibly enraged...Carlotta sensed it and she walked over to me, rubbed my back...

"I trust Keith one hundred percent.....We go a ways back....But I want a thorough investigation of everyone in that room, including myself." said Sissy..."Tomorrow." she said.

"I'll bring in some people from Special Investigations." offered Soloman...

" No.No you won't...I called Internal Affairs in on this..." said Sissy. 

Good for her, I didn't know what Soloman was trying to pull, but this was not the time to be trying to make brownie points...It was not going to get him in Sissy's bed if that's what he thought!

"Internal Affairs??" said everyone...

"Yes...this is serious....This cost us an important investigation." she said.



I was quiet the entire time Carlotta and I drove to her apartment....She sensed that my mood was somewhat sour...

''What's the matter papi?" she said.

"Do You think I am the mole...Do you really believe that?" I said.

"Don't be silly papi...And Sissy doesn't either....but it had to be one of us in that room...Had to be..."she said.

"Stay in the car." she said as she parked in front of a bar .A bar frequented by Minolo Sentterro.  Despite numerous attempts by me and my office to prosecute him...I had only met the man once...about three years ago..

"No....I'm going with you...It's okay...I'm packing." I said.

She smiled and kissed me on my cheek..

"Okay Papi." she said.

We walked into the bar and there sitting in a booth with one of his lieutenants and a very attractive young latina woman was the man himself.. Minolo"The King" Sentterro!!!  I called him King of the Rats!

When he saw us he broke into a huge smile!

"Pretty Carlotta and her fella..." he said. He had a toothy grin, a kilowat smile...

" Well Minolo...You had a good day today didn't you? she said.

"I don't know what you mean Detective." he said.

"She means that we are going to clear our desks of all of our pending cases and concentrate on you...and I guaruntee you that you're going down this time." I said.

He smiled then looked at Carlotta....

"Carlotta you have moved up...You started out with small fry like Mickey Lolo...Now you turn tricks for the ADA eh?" he laughed...

Carlotta slapped his face...His goon made a move to lunge toward her...I pulled my .38 smokeless...

"You don't want it like that pal. And speaking of Mickey Lolo...How's he doin?" I said.

"Him?  I wouldn't know." laughed Minolo Sentterro.

Carlotta laughed...Minolo looked at her and smiled...

"Relax....You cops, you lawmen, you always come around...You wave your guns, you make your threats...but you got nothin....nothin...Keith Wallace....Yes, I know you, I know who you are..How long you been tryin to put me in jail? Years....I'm not Jersey Sly...You'd do better sticking to serial killers or low level street dealers...You're good at putting them away...but me.??...You're not in my league...I give you credit..I never thought a punk like you could get Carlotta...She's definitely out of your league..but everybody gets lucky....You got lucky...Me??...I don't need no luck,I rule the world...Everybody wants to rule the world...but there can only be one king." he said and laughed.

I smiled...then I leaned down so he could hear me.

"Minolo, when I get you..When I take you down....I'm going to take you down right....By the book and all the way...You can make book on that. King Rat!" I said.

He laughed..."King that what you call me? King Rat! Ha hah ha..You're a joke..I laugh because you're a joke...a joke that got lucky and snagged a fine woman from my neighborhood...A woman that shoulda been with me...hahahahahahahahaha."

The woman sitting with him snarled..."Heyyyyyyyyyy what am I chopped liver?"

"Of course not....but you aint in Carlotta's leauge, ,now shut up!!, Can't you see two men are talking?"he snapped.  The woman got up and stormed away.

"Havin Girl problems Minolo?...I feel sorry for you son...I got 99 know the rest." I laughed.

Carlotta laughed....

"My man aint no joke Manolo....So I'm going to say goodbye to you and I do mean goodbye." she said.

"Yeah right..You'll be saying hello to me a lot more." he snarled.

Carlotta and I walked out arm and arm and got back in her car and headed home...

I knew a storm was coming...but I felt good...Carlotta had made me feel like I could conquer the world...She had called me her man!!!

"You alright baby?" she asked as we pulled up to her place...

"I am now made me feel better." I said.

She leaned over and kissed me softly...

"Glad I could be of help." she said and smiled.



Swaggie said...

WOW! I loved that confrontation scene...Loved it..Man, you doin the damn thing this year on this blog!

Brenda said...

I'm going to make an early prediction...I think the other ADA, Soloman is the mole, but they're gonna blame Carlotta because she knows all of those guys from the neighborhood.

Vanessa said...

Loving this story...Loving Keith and Carlotta's relationship!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Your Bad Guys are the best! You got a real nasty piece of business here as Gus would so eloquently say! -LOL!

Cheryl said...

There is no other blog quite like this one!