Friday, August 19, 2016

Maybe There Was A Full Moon

"You're a cop?" asked The Postmaster at the Post Office...

Carlotta pulled out her badge and ID which read-

Detective Carlotta Rodriguez-Wallace , Criminal Investigation Division-Homicide

He looked at the photo and smiled salaciously...

"You know I heard some Detectives had been here the other day...I'm sure glad I was here when you came along...My goodness you're hot! All the female detectives as smokin hot as you??? Dayummm!" he said.

"Is every one here as flirtatious as you?" asked Carlotta.

"I'm sorry, but you are just too good looking a woman to be a cop.." he said.

"I don't know if I should be flattered or insulted." said Carlotta.

"Be flattered." he said.

"We have interviewed and cleared the entire staff here...but our three murder victims have this Post Office in common, which is why you have been getting so many visits" she said and showed him a photo of the Post Office Van, with the license plate..

He looked at it..

"It's ours and it's been getting a lot of action lately."he said.

"Action?" asked Carlotta.

"Somebody has been taking it out after hours and bringing it back in the morning...Leaving it out front..I've found panties and bras in it under the seats and dog hair...And I've got a good idea who might be doing it too....I'm getting ready to call the police and report him." he said.

"Since I am the police you can tell me." said Carlotta..

He smiled..

"Oh yeah, right...A guy named Bennie...Benjamin Delphy...I think he's doing it." he said.

"Benjamin Delphy??But he doesn't work here..We checked the employee logs."said Carlotta.

"We fired him about six weeks ago..He never turned in his access card or his key....I have an electronic record of the card we issued to him being used on the nights the truck went missing.. So I know it's him...Taking our truck out..Picking up chicks and returning in the morning..That's why we had to let him go...He spent more time flirting with the customers than he did working...And he was so aggressive with some that complaints were filed...Sexual harrassment complaints...That's why we had to let him go..He had worked here for three or four years...Just an idiot..."said the Post Master..

"Can I see the Logs and the Access Card codes as well as the harrassment complaints?" asked Carlotta..

"Baby you can see anything you want..."he said and brought her all the information she asked for..

Carlotta took notes and photos with her smartphone...

He smiled at her...

"How about me and you go out for a couple of drinks ...Some Dinner maybe?" he asked..

Carlotta showed him her wedding band..

"I don't think my husband would like that!" she said.

"Damn! All the good ones are married..." he said.

"Thank you so much for coming to get me Hazel...I think I know who our killer is.."said Carlotta.

"Don't mention it Carlotta...Who do you think it is?" asked Hazel..

"That creepy guy that came to see me yesterday...He used to work at that Post Office...He had complaints filed against him from all three of our victims and they have the Post Office Van impounded that he last took....I have access codes ....From his Access card that he never turned in...He came in the post office and took that van, Same one in our photos on both nights that our victims vanished...It's him...Plus I was over his house yesterday...Helping my girlfriend move out....He has a dog, A german Sheppard...He's our guy.."said Carlotta..

"So you know this guy personally?" said Hazel..

"Jimmy and I were in the academy with him."said Carlotta.

"He's an ex-cop??" asked Hazel..

"No...He washed out..close to graduation...He stole a pair of my panties and my bra...Can you believe that?" said Carlotta..

"What? Oh My God Carlotta?" laughed Hazel...

"Years later ,he started dating my girlfriend.....He beat her up and he cheated on her and she kept going back to him...Finally..She called me yesterday...and Keith and I helped her to move out...That's why he come by the office..Asking me where she was and following me..Thinking I was going to her."said Carlotta...

"My guys are going to go through that van and scrub it from top to bottom for any forensic evidence.."said Hazel. "But Carlotta, why would he pick this weekend to kidnap and murder those three girls?" asked Hazel..

"Who knows...Maybe There was a full moon!  Maybe he heard the weather was going to be rainy...I don't know...But it was perfect, because we have very little forensic evidence on the body."said Carlotta.

"You're right"said Hazel...


Back at Headquarters...Carlotta showed everybody what she had turned up....Hop,Sirena and Sharon had something to show her..

"So we kept scrubbing those Traffic and Street Cams..Once we knew what we were looking for...The Post Office Van and we got a break..We caught it driving up to the murder site..
and leaving on both nights...." said Hop..

"And here is where it gets cute...we keyed in on it..and followed it and look where it stops..."said Sirena..

My eyes got as large as saucers...

"Baby..We were there yesterday.."I said.

"That's Benjamin Delphy's House..."said Carlotta.
"There's more...Look where it goes..."said Sharon...

The truck is seen parking in front of the Post Office...

Tyriq, Jimmy and Duke were stunned..

''We were there twice and his name never came up..Or any mention of that truck."said Tyriq.

"Because he doesn't work there...He was let go six weeks ago...."said Carlotta..

''What made you ask about him?" asked Duke.

"I really didn't..The Postmaster was complaining about somebody breaking in at night and taking the truck out and returning it with panties and bras and dog hair all over it...He had said he was going to file a complaint against him..I put two and two together.."said Carlotta...

"That's my girl and there is nobody I'd like to put the handcuffs on more than Benny." said Jimmy..

Just then, Sissy ,Angie and Hazel walked in....

"You won't believe what we found in that van?" said Sissy..

"Oh My God...Panties and Bras with sweat and DNA from all three of our murdered girls and dog hair that matches the hair we found on the bodies..."said Angie..

"We need a warrant for his house ,so I can get DNA off of that Dog."said Hazel..

"We got more than enough....Go pick him up guys."I said.

"This is a beautiful house Carlotta." said Sirena
as she rang the door bell.

 "My girlfriend was renting it...He doesn't have a job...He's going to have to move out of here eventually anyway..."said Carlotta..

Bennie Delphy came to the door in his boxers...His German Sheppard was growling...

''Thought you were slick yesterday Carlotta, giving me the slip huh? What do you want? " He said.

"We are here to arrest you for the three Ivy Hill Murders."said Sirena..

Hop walked up...

"We have a warrant for your arrest and a search warrant for this house and your dog."said Hop.

With that , Bennie Slammed the door and ran....

 Duke and three uniformed policemen  knocked down the back door...
 Jimmy  and three other uniformed officers stormed inside...grabbing the dog and muzzling it
While Tyriq put the handcuffs on Bennie Delphy and Angie read him his rights..

He smiled at Angie...

"Damn...Shame you married to Jimmy...The things I'd do to you baby." he snarled..

''Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.."said Angie as they brought him out..
Sissy stood outside watching as he was brought out in handcuffs...

"You got some trousers you could throw on?" she asked..

"What do I need trousers for baby?" he asked ,looking at Sissy leeringly...

"It looks like it's about to rain , you could catch a cold."said Sissy...

''Since you're uh so concerned...and you look like you're in charge... Uh why don't you tell these cops to uh let me go and you and I come inside and uh work some things out in BED?" he whispered.

Sissy looked at him as if he was crazy....

"Seriously?" she said.

He shrugged his shoulders..

 I looked at him...

''Why did you do it?"I asked.  Realizing he didn't have to admit to anything...But he already knew that if we were here...The jig was up...

He stared past me and said..

"I was angry...Angry that they had rejected me, Angry that they had gotten me fired by complaining about my advances...And taking it all out on them...I didn't have to hurt Flora anymore...You can ask her..I hadn't hit her in months..." he said.

"Why this particular weekend...was it because it was raining so..?" I asked.

He shrugged his shoulders...

"I didn't even know it was going to rain....Maybe there was a full moon or somethin that made me do it! I don't know.. "he said non-chalantly..

A True Psychopath!

I just shook my head...

"Get him out of here."I said.

I shook my head, The reign of the Ivy Hill Strangler was over...

 Bennie Delphy was convicted on three counts of first degree murder and sentenced to three life sentences...

The rain had started again and stopped again...If you looked hard enough...You could see a rainbow..

Carlotta, Flora and I sat at a rooftop bar and had drinks..
"I can't believe I was sleeping next to Bennie every night and I had no idea that he was a serial killer." she said.

"Regardless...You got away from him in just the nick of time..He can't bother you anymore..He's never going to see the light of day again...I'm going to make sure of that."I said.

"So now that Bennie is out of your life forever ,are you moving back into that house?" asked Carlotta..

"No...Too many memories...I kinda like it where I'm living..I've actually made some new friends."said Flora.

"I am happy for you.."said Carlotta.

 "Here come our drinks." I said.
The bartender sat our drinks down in front of us..

"Ouuu they look delicious.."said Flora..

"A Toast....To Ivy Hill"said Carlotta..

"To Ivy Hill!!" I said..

Flora laughed and joined us in a toast!

"To Ivy Hill" she laughed.

 We looked over the horizon....There was a full moon tonight!


Toni said...

As usual, a nice wrap up...After Wednesday,I began to think that he was the killer.

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Sunflower said...

I like that they took him alive...Less violence and mayhem than their last outing.

Lisa said...

Nice Ending as usual.

Halo said...

I thought he might be the killer, especially with the dog and all...

Vanessa said...

Love these guys..ESCAPADES's first family! Love that they took another dangerous killer off the streets!