Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mutual Interests


A beautiful rainbow was sighted outside of Bee Bee's window!

Bee Bee and I were kissing,I was running my hands down her panties...and softly rubbing her butt....
"Ummm baby it has been so much fun working this case with you..." she said softly...

 in between slow ,soft,smouldering kisses...
 "It has......."I said.

We showered and got dressed and held hands as we walked toward the stairway..

"I guess I'll be collecting my things and going back to my room this afternoon..."I said..
"Yeah, it's been a nice three days...I really like waking up in your arms..Tomorrow,I'll come upstairs and stay with you a few days."said Bee Bee..
We kissed a little longer in the hallway...We always did this, I stayed with her a few days and she stayed with me the next few days...It was very rare that either of us slept alone.
Inside Kahlil"s apartment, She and Kahlil were also kissing and getting dressed...
"Damnnnn, I don't want to let you go.."said Kahlil..

 kissing Sofia's butter soft lips...
"I know boo...but you have to eventually..."laughed Sofia as they joined Bee Bee and I in the stairwell..
We were headed back to the office..

Another week in an Attorney's life was beginning for us...


 And in one of the many elevators in our building.. Mya Connor-Pruit and Mike Pratt were talking..

 "Mike ,I don't think it's a good idea for us to be seen talking right now!"said  Mya Connor-Pruitt, an Attorney who had just started working with us..She was from London..
"You can't just act like what we had doesn't exist..Never existed .."said Partner, Michael Pratt..

They were getting on the elevator, just as the four of us were getting off..

"Hey guys...Happy New Year" he said to us as we exited..
 "Happy New Year Mr. Pratt!" I said.
 "Happy New Year Mr.Pratt" said Bee Bee.
 "Happy New Year Mr.Pratt." said Kahlil.
"Happy New Year Mr. Pratt." said Sofia.
"Heyyy knock off that Mister jive...I'm Mike to you guys..." he said and smiled.

Mya smiled as the elevator door closed...

"New Faces huh?  Nice...They finally have some diversity around here..Women, African Americans, Latinas, even an Arab....Wow...I thought me and Yvette Jones were the only people of color.." she quipped.
"People of color? You?? You're Bob Connor's niece.."laughed Mike Pratt.
"My Mother is from Pakistan....I'm Bi-racial, part white, part Pakistani..."said Mya..
"Those kids are damn good attorneys...Yvette Jones is their supervisor..They worked a case with me.."said Mike Pratt..
"I know...The LeGhan case...I read about it..I saw you on the news..."said Mya...
"You kept up with me.."said Mike Pratt..Who brought the elevator to a halt..
He kissed Mya passionately...

"Mike, the bell is ringing,it's pretty loud...You'd better release the elevator.."said Mya in between hot kisses..

"You're ringing my bells baby." he said..

She eased out of his embrace...

''We can't..We can't...Not here." she said and released the elevator..

In her office, Yvette and Jade continued to talk..
''So what happened in London?"
In London....They continued to meet in secret and carry on..though not as much as before..
He wasn't working out of the same building she was in over there, So at first her husband wasn't the wiser..
Then he spied them together in a cafe....

He complained bitterly...There was another confrontation....And then she discovered she was pregnant!!!!!"said Jade..
"So this story about him being inappropriate with a female attorney here was just that...A story?" asked Ms. Yvette..
"Just a story...Bob Conner and others had him transferred to London to get him away from Mya and her husband...They didn't know that Mya's husband had taken a position in London weeks before..They played right into Mike Pratt's hands....

When she got pregnant..The scandal rocked our firm...His assignment was terminated and he was immediately transferred back here to Philadelphia..

Those original DNA reports I got were inconclusive... Her husband was certain that she'd gotten pregnant by Mike Pratt...but it turned out...She wasn't pregnant by Mike Pratt, but by he, himself....
 He had gotten over his problems in the bedroom..
and had been more attentive to her lately...

She and her husband were going to have a baby.....

.Only...He didn't hang around to find out the results...

 He leaped off of the London Bridge to his death last year during the Lehgran trial." said Jade.
"Which is why Mike bailed and went back to London...So he is free and clear now...right?   Especially since they are both here...She's a widow and she's childless...They can do whatever they want."said Yvette..
"Not so... People are looking at both of them like they are trash...Plus Connor is mounting a movement to oust him.." said Jade..
"From his partnership?"said Yvette..
"NO! Connor wants him out period...And if he is outed...This is your chance to have your name on that doorplate.."said Jade..
Yvette smiled at the thought....

"Hmmmmm.Does sound nice...But I wouldn't want to get it like that...Off of somebody's misfortune." she said...

She and Ms. Jade walked out of her office..Yvette smiled upon seeing us...

"There are my babies...What's on your dockets?" asked Ms. Yvette.
"Nothing on Mine.."said Bee Bee..
"Mine Neither.."I said..
"I'm in Immigration court tomorrow." said Sofia..
"My docket is clear..."said Kahlil..
"Good ,Hang loose...I have a feeling our services as a whole may be needed soon.."said Yvette, who then thought...Maybe it wasn't a good idea to get us involved or herself for that matter.

"Why are you being so distant?  Your husband is dead....We can be together now!"said Mike Pratt..
"You don't understand......My Uncle is making moves to have you removed...."said Mya.

''From My Partnership? I'd like to see him try.."said Mike Pratt...
''From the firm altogether...You need to watch your back...Being with me will only hurt you..Hurt your career....Mike..you need to get you some legal representation...and soon...I know you and Yvette Jones have gotten close...but she wants to be partner real bad..She is not about to rock the boat..Not for you...Maybe you need an outside attorney.."said Mya.
"Yvette is my friend...I don't think she'd work against me.."said Mike.
"There are no friends...Just mutual interests..and Mutual Interests are temporary.." said Mya.
"Did your Uncle teach you that?" asked Mike..
"As a matter of fact..He did.."said Mya.
''Where does that leave us?  You and Me?" asked Mike..
''We had a good thing Michael...Well it wasn't ever really good...The sneaking around..The lies...but for a minute it was exciting...I never felt more alive in my life then when I was with you...but my husband is dead...My name is mud around the firm...and your partnership, your entire career is in jeopardy...What is good about that Michael?  Be well....Just stop thinking about me.." said Mya as she turned and walked in the opposite direction...
Mike Pratt just stood there...
He watched her as she navigated down the now rainy streets!


 Yvette Jones ate alone today...At Chinese Bob's..The rain had stopped...

Bee Bee and Sofia had gone to the shopping center for lunch

and Kahlil and I

  grabbed some Burgers, Fries and Cokes from Sam Mother's Diner.

Even Jade was having lunch with someone else...

Her significant other..Lt. Danny Ho, Philadelphia Police.

 Today, Yvette was enjoying a hot steaming bowl of Lo Mein by herself..
When she heard a familiar voice..

"I heard the Lo Mein is good here.."said Michael Pratt, smiling..
"Oh Hey Mike...Fancy seeing you here...What are you doing slumming today?" joked Yvette as she motioned for him to join her..

"Are you kidding? I ate at Chinese Bob's all the time when I was studying for the bar..." he said..
"Yes..but now you're a successful corporate attorney now...A Partner...."said Yvette..remembering that Mike Pratt had almost assured her after she and her associates won the Lehgran case that the partners would be so grateful that in winning this case, he had brought in more high end clients and revenue to the firm that she'd be a shoo in for a partnership...

She didn't get it...It wasn't even discussed.
"You want to be partner one day don't you?  Hell, you should be....You and your four guys brought in that Leghan case...and he in turn gave the firm more business and revenue than it can handle...You did that....They asked for diversity, You brought in African Americans,a Latina, An Arab and an Asian who continue to do great work....They should have made you a partner...In fact ,Mr.McCluskey and myself are recomending it.. Problem is...Connor and Cozen don't want anymore partners...They didn't want me...Cozen owed my dad a big favor..That's how I got it....Your boy Miles was in line or at least he thought he was...It's who you know Vettie and who owes you a favor."said Mike Pratt..
"What do you want Mike?" asked Yvette..
"I may need your help.Connor and Cozen are planning to make a move against me..I may need legal representation..You and your team are the best..."aid Mike Pratt..
"And when we are all unemployed..When my kids have even less a chance for advancement ,then what? asked Yvette.
"I thought we were friends Yvette...but there are no friends..just mutual interests...That's what Connor taught his niece.."said Mike Pratt..
"Mike ,I am your friend...but do you know what you're asking?  For me to go against two founding partners.? I may not make partner...but I don't want to jeapordize what I have and I don't want to put those kids in the jackpot before their careers even get started.. You'd be better off with outside representation.."said Yvette as she ate her food..
"You're right Vettie..."said Mike as he stood up..."Waitress, her meal is on me.." he said and gave the waitress his credit card...

"Thank You Mike...Mike, I am your friend...You fell in love, that's not a crime...things got messy...that's life...This wasn't your fault... The woman was pregnant by her husband...He took his life before he found out and she miscarried..It was messy..I'm sure she wants to move on and maybe you should too...I mean as far as she's concerned.."said Yvette..
"You ever really been in love Yvette?" asked Mike Pratt...
"I'm in love now....With An Investigator over in the D.A.'s office...."said Yvette smiling..

"Think about moving on from him..."said Mike.. "I'll see you around Yvette."said Mike Pratt..

Gary Lockwood was walking in just as Mike Pratt left...
Yvette's eyes lit up when she saw Gary...

"Heyyy baby!" she said..
"Heyyy baby girl...My day just got better...I thought I'd be eating lunch alone today.."said Gary..
"Awwwww so did mine.."said Yvette..
Gary took Yvette into his arms and kissed her passionately...

Chinese Bob's wife smiled and said to one of the female waitresses..

"She gone love him lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng time tonight.."

The waitress smiled  and nodded..