Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The King Of Strawberry Mansion

The Strawberry Mansion area of Philadelphia is located east of Fairmount Park in North Philadelphia. The neighborhood is bounded by 33rd Street to the west, 29th Street to the east, Lehigh Avenue to the north, and Oxford Street to the south. As of the 2000 census, the neighborhood had a population of 22,562. It is often associated with the historic house of the same name, Historic Strawberry Mansion, located adjacent to the neighborhood and generally thought to be the source of the community's name.
In 2005, the 19121 zip code, which contains Strawberry Mansion, had a median home sale price of $47,900. This was an 85% increase, the largest of any zip code in Philadelphia, from the 2004 median sale price.

Formerly known as Summerville, the neighborhood takes its name from a house known as Strawberry Mansion, at one time housing a restaurant known for strawberries and cream. Strawberry Mansion was home to a number of Philadelphia's wealthiest families in the 19th Century. It became a mixed-income, predominantly Jewish neighborhood, but since the middle of the 20th century the neighborhood has been struck by economic decline and urban decay.

Modern Strawberry Mansion has acquired a reputation as one of the most dangerous areas of Philadelphia. The neighborhood is quite large in area and in population and has been difficult to police or maintain with historically inadequate city funding.

However, as of 2005, the southern and western boundaries of Strawberry Mansion have shown signs of gentrification. Feeding off the mixed successes of neighboring Brewerytown to the south, artist lofts have been planned in derelict factories.

Additionally, property values have risen dramatically on properties abutting Fairmount Park on the western boundary of Strawberry Mansion. A number of stately park-side homes in varying states of disrepair can be found in what was once one of the wealthiest areas in Philadelphia. Many structures have already been completely restored in an area that was ignored for decades, but crime continues to plague the area.

 People in the know, Know that Frank Burke controls most if not all of the crime in the area...He runs the very profitable floating crap games that draws some of the city's highest rollers....He doesn't sell drugs himself...but all of the independent crews who ply their trade inside of Strawberry Mansion pay him a cut of their earnings or they don't do business in Strawberry Mansion and they don't live too long...

Because he has kept things pretty much quiet in his part of the city he has somewhat flown under the radar of the police for the most part....

So I was wondering as I drove into Strawberry Mansion for a meet with him...What was his interest in  a Gold Lace Bra and Panty set stolen from the Ms. Panties 2016 Lingerie Pageant?

"Money of course!" he said  as we sat in a small tony bar and talked...

"Nice Joint you picked to meet in."I said.

"I own this joint...I'm uh like a silent partner.." he snickered...Which meant the real owner was into him for a large amount of cash...

He was about six feet even, Compact and had a pencil thin mustache...He dressed very well and was about the age my father would be if he were still alive...He had on an extra nice fragrance and he drove a 2016 Black BMW...with his name engraved on the side..

He had run Strawberry Mansion for as long as I could remember...He was the last of the big time Crime Bosses...

"Money?" I said.

"Come on Kevin...Everybody knows that those panties and that bra are laced with Gold, real gold...I had em appraised..." he said.."One million dollars "he said.
 His bar had a nice crowd for it being mid week...This guy was making his money quietly...This bar, a lucrative card game and a cut of all of the local drug crews income...He just sat back and quietly collected money and didn't have a light of any kind shining on him...

I smiled..It wasn't often ,when I called a meeting with someone of his stature that I actually met with the boss man...He usually sent a representative....

This guy came in person with his driver and four bodyguards ,I suppose...They checked me for a wire and had a device which swept the bar for any bugging and listening devices...I wasn't wearing a wire today and I hadn't ever been in this bar before in my life...He had nothing to worry about...I wasn't trying to set him up..

I had even come alone as agreed upon...

"My client is willing to buy those panties and bra back at price." I said.

He smiled..

"At price huh?  He must really want those panties and that bra..."said Frank Burke..

"What can I say? I don't understand it either...I'm workin for the guy and I'm getting paid...My motivation is the same as yours..Money."I said.

He smiled...

"What's in it for me?" he asked.

"Huh? Money...A cool million."I said.

"Yeah?  The thief who originally stole em owes me more than that....This was just to keep my guys from breaking his legs..." he laughed..

"You mean this guy...Christopher Robinson...??? He's not my problem...You're getting value for those garments, what do you care?" I asked..

He smiled.

"Tell your boss..One million and a half...and we have a deal..." he said.

"One million and a half?? How much is this guy into you for?" I asked.

"Why?? You gonna pay his freight?" he asked.

"I don't even know him..I could care less.." I said.

"But you got a photo of him and you know his name..." he said.

"I'm a private investigator."I said.

"You're good too...The cops haven't been able to get this much...The Feds neither..."he mused....

"I'll go back to my client....I'll let you know what he says.."I said..

"Good...I'll be in touch." he said and he, his driver and his four goons got up and exited the bar...


 I was in Josies later on that day having a cold brew and talking to Gus, the owner and head bartender..

"So what do you think Gus?" I asked..

"You love to swim with the sharks don't you kid? Frank Burke is no joke....He'll kill you as sure as look at you...and he has no code..No filter...If he can't get to you...He'll kill your friends...relatives....You sure you wanna get in bed with him?" asked Gus..

"I'm already in bed with him..."I said.

"Well be easy kid...Come heavy (with guns) and don't go alone...He's got a small organization, but that's all he needs..He's got a lot of money and influence and that goes a longggg way....His name alone can get somebody to put a bullet in you...Be careful kid..."said Gus.

"Always" I said and tossed a few dollars on the table and left.

Just as I was about to leave...Clerow and Sean Jackson walked in and sat down next to me..

"What's going on guys?" I asked.

"You gotta hear this...So, we looked into the three very well heeled clients that our thief/hacker hacked into..."said Sean Jackson...

"Their names are Sherry Burke-Clarke....Harold Burke and Ramses Brenner...Notice anything funny?" asked Clerow...He was smiling that toothy grin of his...So I knew something was a foot..

"Hmmm, Two of em are named BURKE!!!" I said.

"Bingo...You had a meeting with the King of Strawberry Mansion, Frankie Burke today right ??" said Clerow..

"Yeah!" I said.

"Sherry Burke-Clarke is Frank Burke's mother.....His LATE mother...She's been dead for 16 years..I doubt if she has an account worth several millions...."said Sean Jackson...

"And Harold Burke is Frank Burke's older brother...The two haven't spoken in years....He's in a nursing home..He was shot in the head years ago....He doesn't talk at all..He doesn't have any ties to organized crime or his brother's organization..." said Clerow...

"And what about Ramses Brenner? A relative too?" I asked.

"No..but he's dead and been dead for years...."said Sean Jackson...

"Sooo...these are dummy accounts..."I said.

"Aint nothin dumb about em boss...There is at least 3 million dollars in each account...This is Burke's way of not being taxed and hiding some of his money...The Feds can't tax him or take his money because it's in somebody else's name..and drawing interest!"said Clerow..

I smiled...

"Good work guys.."I said..

I pulled out several dollars and handed them to Gus...

"They drink free the rest of the afternoon." I said.

Gus,Clerow and Sean Jackson smiled.


I sat in the office of Dag Faversham..

"So ...Mr. Kevin...Did you make contact with the thief?" he asked innocently...

"I did..."I said and I stared at Dag...

"Is something wrong?" asked Dag.

"How long?" I asked.

"Huh? What?"he asked.

"How long has Frank Burke ,the gangster been hiding his money inside your company accounts?" I asked..

He shrugged...

"You know huh?"

"It wasn't hard to figure out....That's what you hired me for..."I said.

"I hired you to get an expensive heirloom of sort back."he said.

"You were so nervous and you hired me because you knew if this thief looted Burke's accounts...It could be hazardous to your health...Didn't you?"

Dag sighed...

"Yes..."he said... "Burke took over my father's bar in Strawberry Mansion...My dad is into him for a lot of money...He'd of lost his house ,everything...Burke took the bar..but he wanted more...He found out about my business ventures and he set up those dummy accounts to hide part of his profits from the government...and to launder money...He told me that if I didn't do it..He'd kill my dad..I had no choice...But those panties and that bra...They aren't mine...They were loaned to me for my pageant by a private owner....If I don't get them back I stand to be sued for a lot..."he said.

"Burke has them."I said.

 "WHAT?? HIM???How is this possible?" asked Dag...

"It appears that your father isn't the only person who owes Frank Burke money....This thief, Chris Robinson was into him for over a million dollars....He targeted those accounts first as an easy way to pay the man back...I wondered why he didn't loot those accounts...He certainly had enough time to do that before I got up on them...but he didn't, because he did his research and he discovered what I now know..That he'd be robbing the man he was in debt to..So he targeted something else you had...The Golden Panty and  Bra set worth a cool million on the street..He hacked into those accounts, but he was really targeting your accounts."I said.

"Damn..this thief is good...You're good too..."said Dag...."What is Burke going to do with the Panty and Bra set?" asked Dag..

"Exactly what he's doing...He's selling them back to you...but here's the kicker...He wants one million and a half!" I said.

"One million and a half? That's Robbery!!" said Dag..

"Who do you think you're dealing with? He's a criminal....This is what he does..."I said.

"He's a monster...He's got his hands in everybody's pockets..."said Dag...

"Yes he does...The question is..Are you going to pay him or what?" I asked.

"I've got no choice...I stand to lose a lot more if I don't...."said Dag who sighed....."Contact him Kev..Make the deal..." said Dag...

"You sure?" I asked..

"Yeah man..." he said.

My wife was sitting in a Tony Wine bar some miles away ,closing a deal with a client for a new house...

"Pleasure Doing Business with you Mrs. Morris.." said the client and his wife who shook her hand..

"Closing is next Friday.."said Sepia..

"We'll be there."said the client's wife as they walked out into the night...

Just then, the same Handsome Black man who'd she met a few nights before at Mulberry Street sat down next to her..

"Mrs. Morris...We meet again..."He said.

"Mr. Robinson." she said smiling...

"We can drop the pretenses...I know who you are and I know that your husband is looking for me"he said.

"Then you also know that he's on his way here now..."said Sepia...

The man smiled...

"No doubt...Tell him we are actually on the same side...At least this time.."he said.

"You're a thief."said Sepia..

"Uh I don't like to use that term...I like to say I'm into commodities...People need something...I uh get it for them, for a price.."he said.

"Who needed those panties and that bra? Frankly, they're a bit small for you.." said Sepia.

He laughed.

"I needed them..I got myself into a little trouble with a very bad man...I needed them for collateral, you might say...I am still in a little trouble with the man... But enough about my troubles....I admire your husband..I admire him a lot.."he said.

"Oh you do?" asked Sepia..

"I've heard of him..He's a pretty smart guy...One of the best P.I.'s money can buy....but mostly,I admire him for you...He had enough game to get someone like you...I mean look at you, You're a good lookin woman, you're smart, you're pleasent...That makes him pretty darn good...You're the type of woman I'd want by my side."he said and smiled.

"I have a feeling you don't stay in one place long enough to have a woman..." said Sepia, smiling sweetly..

"You're right.." he said.

"So why are you hanging around now?" she asked..

"Good Question Mrs. Morris..I don't know...Perhaps if we meet again..I'll be able to answer that...Good Night." he said and swiftly walked out the door..

I walked in the bar just minutes later..

I kissed Sepia on the cheek....

"A forehead kiss? Give me a real kiss!" she said..
We kissed passionately...So passionately that a couple of customers blushed...

"Ummmmm that kiss usually leads to a bedroom.." I said.

Sepia laughed...

" Not a bad idea mister...but I should let you know before we leave...Your thief just left here.."she said as she eased out of my embrace..

"Robinson?What was he doing here?" I said.

"He strikes me as someone who eats and drinks in Tony places like this...I was here with my two clients who I just sold a house to..This is my first time here." she said..

"And he was here?" I asked.

"Yes...He told me to tell you that you guys are on the same team..." said Sepia..."What does he mean by that?" she asked.

"I think he's sweet on you."I joked.

"Jealous?" she asked.

"Damn sure am!"I joked.

"Ouuuuuuu that makes me horny..I like it when you're jealous lover." she said and we kissed again, very passionately..

"I like it when you're horny."I said in between kisses..

"You are sooo nasty." laughed Sepia.

 "What does he mean by that?That you and he are on the same team?" she asked me again...As we came up for air..

I smiled..

I didn't know, but I had a feeling I was going to find out...

An hour later ,Sepia and I wound up in bed... I kissed her, thrusting my tongue practically down her throat and rubbing her breasts...I could feel Sepia trembling....and moaning softly....I eased her panties off of her and slowly unsnapped her bra and eased that off......She slid my boxers down and I used my foot to wiggle them off..

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Kevin...ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.."she moaned..

"Oh my goodness girl...."I sighed....

I opened her legs and I entered her very slowly...Not surprisingly, Sepia was already wet and I began to maneuver very easily inside of her..

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this feels soooo good at the end of the day." she moaned..

"I feels good anytime of day.."I said..

She moaned and put her arms around my neck and drew me closer to her..She wrapped her legs around my waste and we began to move in a slow, yet deliberate rhythm for quite some time...She matched me thrust for thrust and even squeezed me...She was so moist and smelled so good...Sepia was driving me wild..

We made sweet passionate and intense love for the next five and a half  hours...Our bed was squeaking so loud and the headboard was slamming so hard against the wall,I feared we'd wake our baby up after awhile..

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Kevin...ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..Don't stop baby, don't stop..Don't stop daddy..."she moaned..

"Oh my goodness girl...."I sighed.... I couldn't get enough of her at the moment..

Sepia began to shake and gyrate and tears began to stream down her face ...
 "Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goodness...ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu.."she she began to climax...It took me a little while longer before I climaxed....but when I did,it was fierce!!

We lay there ,soaked in sweat.....Laughing and continuing to kiss....

"Ouuuu,ummmmmmmmmmmmm you are so nasty.....but soo damn good." she sighed and rolled over and drifted off to sleep...She looked so content lying there..

I got up briefly and checked on our daughter...She was sleeping soundly....So was Sepia now...

I looked out the window...The streets were quiet..The calm before the storm that was coming.



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Good Stuff!

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I must say...Things are getting interesting.

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Things are getting interesting, Another nasty bad guy for Kevin to take down!

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