Thursday, December 8, 2016

Top Side

Monica was up and dressed when I woke up... She had packed our things too...
I looked at her and smiled...

"I know...You can't tell if it's day or night..we are so far under the water..." she said..

I looked out the window at the fish and aquatic life...It was just like when we went to Octopus Gardens...The other underwater city, which wasn't quite as far down as this city.. Not that it mattered..

I showered quickly and shaved and joined her  after I got dressed.....She was sitting on the bed with her tablet..

"I face timed Kylie ,while you were getting dressed..." she said.

"Kylie followed Ed Lawlor's car that night using the Traffic and Street cam's...He did indeed go to another bar...She got the footage from the bar...He was there and he left when he said he did and drove back to his apartment.. Then he left for Lemuria at daybreak.. So he alibis out...He's not our killer...." said Monica.

"Damn, not that I wanted him to be...but now we don't have any viable suspects and this thing is going cold...quick!" I said.
"You interviewed a number of people, did she...was there anybody else she interacted with ?" asked Monica..

"Come to think about it...There was..The neighbor.. A Resident Assistant.. His name is Rusty.. Lived directly across the hall from her." I said.

''Well let's get some breakfast...and get out of here...I don't want to stay a minute longer than we have to." said Monica.

"I'm with you there sweetie." I said as we checked out of our room...

We found a nice little bistro and ordered two fantastic omellettes...
"Oh My God, this is delicious...I don't know if I can get one that tastes this good top side. " gushed Monica.

She wasn't wrong...This omellette was good, full of cheeses and vegatables and meats...

This was the real thing , no artificial seasoning here....The coffee was good too...

Just then FBI Special Agent Ed Lawlor walked up...

"And just when I was enjoying my food too." I said.

He ignored me and spoke to Monica..

"Monica...Is there anyway I uh can speak to you privately?" he asked..

I gave him the serious side eye...Did he realize he was talking to my wife and I was sitting right here ?  Was he that ignorant or dismissive of me?? The answer was yes.

"What do you want Eddie?  Your alibi checked out by the way.." said Monica.

"Of course it would...You couldn't possibly think I was a killer." he said.

"Actually, I was kind of hoping you were guilty...but things don't always pan out the way one would like.." I said.

He scoffed...

"Monica, whatever do you see in this man? He's so not you.." he said.

"I could list everything I see in Nate, but then I'd be here all day and miss my sub..." she said.

I used my smartphone to pay our bill and left a tip....

He said to Monica.

"I really wish we ..You and I could make a go of things .....It would be so different...I'm different...If you'd just give me a chance..." he said.

"Are you crazy? My Husband is right across the room!!!! Eddie.. When we first got together you had a wife that you didn't bother to tell me about until after you got me in the bed....Now I have a husband, who you do know about.. And you're not different.. You're still the same over bearing, domineering, imperious jerk you've always been...I don't think so...Even if I was single which I'm not.." said Monica.

"Well how about your sister? She's not married.." he said.

"Oh My God....You are , You are just incredible..." said Monica.

"I was just kidding.." he said.

"No you weren't...."said Monica.

"Monica...You used to be different..." he said.

"What do you mean, like in naïve?" said Monica.

"No..I didn't mean that..You were so loving...So soft.." he said.

"You've forgotten how much we used to butt heads and argue..."she said.

"Yeah, but we brought that case in...It was a good case." he said.

"And I should have left it like that and not slept with you.. Nate and I work like a smooth running machine...We don't get in each other's way.."said Monica.

"He's your puppet...He does whatever you say.. You need a man like me..A man that challenges you mentally, sexually, physically ." he snorted..

"Don't Flatter yourself Eddie...And for your information.. My Husband does all of that and more." she said.

"Hmmph!" he snorted..

"Believe what you like or don't believe...But He did get me to walk down the aisle with him." said Monica.

"Perhaps ,we can meet....For a drink....when we are both Topside.." he said, ignoring what she had last said..

"No.....I'm a married woman...I will not...Goodbye Eddie..." said Monica, just as I was coming back..

I looked at him....

"Maybe I'll get to lock you up for something one of these days...Who knows?  See ya around Eddie.." I said as Monica and I walked away...

He stared at us as we walked away and stomped his foot in anger...


Monica and I boarded our Transport Sub and headed back "Topside" as people in underwater cities referred to the surface....

"Nate honey...Doesn't it seem like no matter how long the always get back faster?" asked Monica.

"Yeah, it does...Maybe it's because you already know the way back...there isn't any suspense.." I said.

"Oh that's ridiculous, but coming from someone like you, I'm not surprised..." came the voice of FBI Special Agent Ed Lawlor...He was sitting behind us..

"I knew we should have gotten a coach coming back." I said derisively.

He smiled.

"Eddie what are you doing on here?" asked Monica..
"Besides getting on our nerves?" I added.

"My mission is over as is yours...I'm going home...Isn't it a co-incidence I'm sitting behind you Mo-Mo.?" he  laughed..

I laughed at him...

"You know.. Stalking isn't very becoming.." I said.

He was furious...He looked at me as though he wanted to strangle me.. Which made me laugh even more...

"We should have gotten that cabin coming back." said Monica to me...

I looked out the window and peered at Lemuria from a distance as we left it behind and headed Topside..

"It's beautiful isn't it Nate?" asked Monica..
"It is.....Monique's description does it no justice...Can't believe she took a day trip here and didn't stay the night?" I said.

"I wish we'd stayed more than just a night...Maybe we'll come back on a non-business venture one day..." said Monica.

"Yeah, maybe..." I said.

"Hmmmph, if she's waiting for you to be able to afford to come back here...She'll be near retirement" snorted Ed Lawlor..

I ignored him, I turned to Monica...

"I'll be back babes." I said..

I got up and walked down the aisle..

Ed Lawlor smiled..

"I guess I hurt your hussssssband's little feelings..." he said.

"You've made an art out of being annoying Eddie." said Monica.

I came back with the porter, who removed our travel bags from the overhead...
Ed Lawlor looked shocked that we were moving...

"Come on Babe...Our seats are being moved....Somewhere where we can have a conversation without being interrupted by eavesdroppers.." I said staring daggers at Ed Lawlor...

Monica smiled and stood up...She waved.

"Bye Eddie..." she said...

He snarled at me...

"You're as annoying as that creep who lived across the hall from Regina.. Uh Dusty, Rusty whatever..." he said..

"And you would be an expert on annoying...Goodbye Agent Lawlor and this time...I do mean goodbye." I said as we were moved to different seats.. Far from the annoying FBI agent.

The rest of our trip to the surface was uneventful.....


We arrived at the Aqua Port ,two hours later...We got back thirty minutes faster than our journey...

It was nice to see the sunshine...Even if it was late in the afternoon...Monique and Lt. Cotton was there to meet us...

"Heyyy Sissy..." said Monique, waving wildly as we got off the Transport Sub...

She kissed Monica in the lips...
"Hey Sis." said Monica...hugging her twin..

and then Monique  looked at me..
"I know you liked that...Hi Brother in law."she said and kissed me in the lips too.

I smiled...

"Hey Sis..I like that even better" I said laughing.

"Well I'm not going to kiss you... You guys hungry? There is a great restaurant right here in the Aqua Port.. Good Wine.. Good Steak.." said Lieutenant Cotton..

"Sounds good to me...I'm famished.." I said as the four of us walked away...

I scanned the area.. I saw FBI Special Agent Lawlor looking for us...He boarded the Aqua Bus that had arrived..

He had no idea we were still at the Aqua Port, enjoying a good meal.

Something he had said though got me to thinking....but it could wait until tomorrow..
Tonight... I was enjoying some fine Steaks and wine with my wife and Sister in law and my Lieutenant...

Good food, Good Wine...and your loved ones....It was good to be Top side...This murder could wait..



Toni said...

This guy Agent Lawlor is off the chain...I see why Nate doesn't like him.

Angie B. said...

Agent Lawlor is just plain disrespectful...Nate should deck him!

Sunflower said...

I think Lawlor tries to goad Nate into attacking him so he can arrest him for assaulting a federal officer.