Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Deep Waters

Bristol walked gingerly down the street the next morning....It was the first time he'd been out of his condo in 24 hours....It was amazing he had the strength to walk anywhere after the day he'd had...A whole day of making hot sweaty jungle love to Tamika.....Albert "Bossman" Attle's lady friend. The Bossman was way too old to keep up sexually with a hot young thing like that anyway Bristol reasoned.

He smiled as he purchased his newspaper and several magazines and then had his shoes shined. He was still in the afterglow of the sweet lovemaking they had made early this morning... They both laughed when they looked at her Blackberry and her android and saw all of the calls that Albert Attles had made the day before....She called her girlfriend, Gina Benson and concocted the cover story...That the two of them had gone to New York for the day on a shopping spree and she had crashed at her place , because they'd gotten back too late. Bristol liked her...She thought things out..She didn't panic.

He walked into his restaurant of choice and sat down...He plopped his magazines and newspapers in the middle of the table and his Android and his Blackberry. He leafed through them and took several calls on his phones. Two or three men came in ,chatted with him for a few minutes and took notes and then left...At least two other men came in and passed him envelopes.

"Your usual this morning Mr. Bristol?" asked the Waiter.

"Nah, I'm changing it up today...I'd like a short order of Blueberry Pancakes with Maple syrup...
Sausages ,Has browns ,orange juice and a tumbler of coffee..." said Bristol.

"Got'cha...Oh by the way...Some guy came in here looking for you yesterday...I told him I hadn't seen you." said the Waiter.

"A guy? What did he look like?" asked a now amused Bristol...He knew full well who it was.

"An older gentleman...The guy you were talking to a few days ago...that had the hot young babe with him." said The Waiter.

"Ahh yes...I know who that was...Thanks for the tip." said Bristol, who peeled off three twenties and passed it to the waiter.

"Thanks man." he said....This "tip" was more than the cost of his entire meal.

He wasn't surprised when Albert Attles strolled in and sat down at his table a little while later ,just as he was finishing his meal.

"How ya been kid?" he asked.

''I been just fine." said Bristol, as cool as a cucumber.

"Where ya been? I asked around...seems like nobody could find you yesterday." said Albert.

"I was in Atlantic City....won big at the crap table, Went to the 40-40 club, saw Jay Z.......I'm so flush....I'll even buy you your meal." said Bristol.

"Atlantic City eh...What casino were you in? Where'd you win big at?" asked Albert.

"You writin a book or something? I was in a couple of casinos." said Bristol.

"Yeah? Where'd you stay?" asked Albert.

"I didn't....I come in late last night...early this morning." said Bristol.

"I had a guy staked out at both of your condos....and neither of em saw you come in...One however did see you come out....Now come again Bristol?" he asked.

"Yo man, you're creepin me out with all ofn these question...What you got a guy staked out at my spots for...How do you know where I stay?" asked Bristol.

"Never mind...You heard from your guy, Ken Jerkins?" asked Albert.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact, I did...He said everything is cool...The fix is in....The race is a sure thing." said Bristol.

"Good..Good....Uh , you didn't happen to run into Tamika at anytime yesterday did you?" he asked.

Bristol's face and mannerisms didn't betray any guilt or fear...He calmly answered-"No."

"Okay.....Just keep me posted if there is any change." he said.

"Well there is one change Bossman." said Bristol...

"The terms of our agreement has changed...It's going to be a 60-40 split...Not 80-20." said Bristol.

"Oh is that right?" laughed Albert.

"I could always pull my guy and allow you to take your chances....There's too much money involved for you to take a chance like that." said Bristol.

Smart little bastard thought Albert...He knew that Bristol had finally realized that he was holding all of the cards...He pondered taking care of both Bristol and Jerkins after this was all over!

"Uh Listen...I got to meet a couple of people from New York...we'll discuss a more lucrative split
later." he said.

"Okay...but don't keep me waiting too long for your answer." said Bristol.

"You'll get an answer soon." he said with a sneer as he left the restaraunt. Cocky little bastard he thought as he looked in the window at Bristol, who was now talking on his android.

Some hours later at Penn's Landing....Tamika was carrying several shopping bags from several different boutiques as she walked on to the small boat that was owned by Albert "Bossman" Attles...She dropped the boxes and walked down the stairs of the boat...she opened the refrigerator and took out a wine cooler.

"Make yourself at home " said Albert..

"Oh! You startled me." said Tamika.....

"I did? Oh, I didn't mean to do that." he laughed.

"So....What's up?" laughed Tamika uneasily.

"I should be asking you that.....Where ya been?" asked Albert.

"Oh didn't you see my text this morning? Me and Gina went to New York for the day...It was crazy crowded up there....We saw Jay Z." she laughed.

"Oh you did, did you? Jay Z must get around.....Your boyfriend, Bristol said that he saw Jay Z in Atlantic City at the 40-40 club yesterday." said Albert.

"Well maybe he saw him that night...We were there in the daytime.." said Tamika.

"Just shut're pathetic when you lie." said Albert....who began to take off his belt...Tamika looked at him in horror...

''What are you doing? What, you're going to whip me now? " she said , trying to sound brave...but really frightened at this point..


Then there was no sound at all!


A little while later....The little boat was out in the deepest part of the waters.....From a distance , you could see the skyline of Philadelphia PA. People were partying, eating dinner along Penns Landing....The body bag wasn't that heavy and the free weights tied to it were heavy enough so that when Albert tossed the weighted down body bag into the water...It sunk straight down and kept going down......Nobody would ever see or hear from Tamika ever again!!!! Albert lit a cigar and stood on the side of the boat.....The door to the bedroom on the boat opened slowly...A light skinned Black woman, about 29 years old walked on the upper deck...She was wearing Black bikini panties with a pink heart on the side and a black lace bra.....

"Is it over? I put cotton in my ears so I wouldn't hear it..." she said.

"It's over Gina....she's gone." said Albert.

"Wow..did you have to that?" asked Gina Benson.

"Don't worry about it." he said as he tossed the cigar in the water and walked over to Gina...He squeezed her breast and attempted to kiss her..she pushed him away...

"How could you want to , after you've done something like that?" she asked , totally disgusted with what she had heard and had halfway been responsible for and for the man who did it..She just thought that Albert would cut Tamika loose...She never bargained on him killing her!

"Get over here and get them drawers down." he snapped. She was too scared to disobey further...She slowly stripped nude and led Albert into the bedroom on the boat... The entire time he was thrusting inside of her and sweating and breathing hard as they had sex....she lay there , thinking of the friend she betrayed , being down at the bottom of these deep waters...She felt sick inside...If he didn't come soon...she was going to throw up!

(To Be Continued....)


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Damn chicks are scandalous...