Friday, December 10, 2010

Guns And Roses

Bristol picked a rose that morning and stood in his penthouse condo...Looking at it...Remembering Tamika Rogers....She was a beautiful woman...a woman who he had made a connection with...a woman who he might have had a future with...He was furious....Albert didn't have to kill her....He was mad enough to go find the Bossman and kill him. His doorbell rang!
What was it with people knowing where he was? He thought.

The man who was at his door was a known killer...His name was Roscoe...He was the enforcer for West Philly Kingpin, Arthur "Fathead" Newton....He only knew of Roscoe...What was he doing here.

"Hello.." said Bristol cautiously.

"You're Stephen Bristol right?, The Gambler!" he said.

"Yes...and I know who you are." he replied.

"Oh I know you do...Can I have just a minute of your time? " he said.

Bristol opened the door cautiously and let him in...

"Let me just say that I have no love for you at all....I'm only here because I have even less love for your business associate." he said.

"Business Associate?" said Bristol, ever cautious.

"Albert "Bossman" Attles...I know all about the horse race you guys got fixed and the big pot." he said. Bristol said nothing..This could be a trap.

"Look...You brought in those Westies and they tried to shoot up Gus's joint Josies...and steal Chris and Chess's money for the Jazz festival...You also tried to put a contract on Kevin Morris..
Those are friends of mine...Had you not returned Chick's money at Ciros and Mulberry Street..I would be the one coming here to put a bullet in your brain.....But all of that is water under the bridge....I'm here to tell you that your boy, Albert "Bossman" Attles has put a contract on you."
said Roscoe.

"Oh really? , a contract?" said Bristol.

"Yeah...he brung in a guy from D.C. by the name of Jack Daniels...He's good...damn good..If I were you, I'd watch my back and I wouldn't let anymore strangers up here." said Roscoe.

"Why are you telling me this?" asked Bristol...

"All things being equal....which they aint...I hate Albert "Bossman" Attles...but my boss, Fathead Newton wouldn't allow me to get at him...When I heard he put a contract out on you...I decided to pass the information on...You do with that, what you will.....but you're a marked man Bristol..I'm givin you a heads up." said Roscoe as he turned and headed for the door.

"Uh Roscoe, thank you for the tip...Could you do me a favor?" asked Bristol.

"Buddy,I've done you a big favor already." said Roscoe.

"Tell Gus, Chick, Chess, Chris and Kevin that............I'm sorry...and that I'm going to make it up to them." said Bristol.

"Oh yeah? Well if you live long enough...maybe you can." said Roscoe as he left.

Bristol got on the Android immediately-


"Yeah Bris..What's up?" said Ken Jerkins...

"Our associate doesn't like the way business is being handled..." said Bristol.

"Ya don't say?"said Ken Jerkins..

"He thinks he'd be better off if we weren't involved." said Bristol.

"Yeah? How bout if we terminate his employment?" said Ken Jerkins....

"Get it done." said Bristol.

"With Pleasure...I never liked the man anyway." said Ken Jerkins.
"Wait a minute Jerkins...I have another idea." said Bristol.

Benny "Left Foot " Lancaster walked out of a strip club....He was smiling and crisping a few dollar bills...He never saw Jack Daniels walk up behind him and pump three bullets in his head.
He was dead before he hit the ground!

George "Goldbrick" Hawkins had just finished a delicious meal and had paid his tab and was heading out the door of the restaraunt when Jack Daniels shot him twice in the chest...He fell to the ground..and Jack Daniels put three more slugs into his head.

Steely Dan Simpson was sitting in a suana , sweating like a stuck pig...When Jack Daniels smoothly walked in and shot him three times in the head, killing him instantly!

"Two Ton " Tony Gillette was at the gas station putting gas in his rental car, when the ever smooth
Jack Daniels walked up and shot him in the head...He fell over on the car, dead on impact...He weighed so much, the two front tires burst...and then he rolled off the car and on to the ground!

Donny" Don Juan " Banks was in a strip club having a lap dance....After the girl got off..he tipped her and then made a call on his cell phone outside of the club....Jack Daniels walked up behind him and shot him six times in the back and the head.. He fell to the ground dead.....

He next went to both of Bristols condos...but could not find him...He went to the restaraunt that he ate in, his barber shop and to the bar he had been in the night before...but still no sign of him... By was all over the news in Philly that several reputed mobsters from New York and Atlantic City had met their untimely ends in one day...The police didn't have a clue.

Jack Daniels went to a pay phone and called Albert "Bossman" Attles.


"It's me...Jack...I got all of em except the last one." he said.

"Really? he's probably screwing someone else's girl....That's okay...He'll show up." said Albert.

Jack Daniels walked out of the phone booth and was hit with six bullets in the chest and side ....

"ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH....I DON't BELIEVE IT......ARGGGGGGHHH...I'VE BEEN SHOT!" he moaned as he struggled to pull his gun out...He wheeled around and fired six times up in the air and then fell down....

The man walked over to him and fired two more times into his head, killing him! He got in his car and drove off....

Bristol was now back at his condo...Still looking at his rose...When he got a phone call.....


"It's done...We got him." said Ken Jerkins....

"Excellent...I'm going to call Albert and give him the bad news...hahahahahahaha." laughed Bristol, still sniffing the rose.

Ken Jerkins had called a hitman from out of Patterson, New Jersey named Tom Collins in to find,
Jack Daniels...Ken passed him an envelope full of money and gave him a bus ticket..

"Good Work Tom..I knew I could depend on you." said Ken.

"Damn man...I almost hated to do it...He was one of the greats...I studied his work when I was just startin out..." said Tom Collins.

Bristol called Albert "Bossman" Attles.


"Heyyy Bossman...heard you was lookin for me?" said Bristol.

"Not really..who told you that?"said Albert.

"No matter,I hear things...And here's somethin for you to hear...Tomorrow...I want a 50-50 split
understand?" said Bristol.

"Ohhhh really?" said Albert.

"Ohhh yeah...and your guy, Jack Daniels? Forget about him...He's uh they say, sleeping with the fishes.." laughed Bristol.

"What?" said Albert....

"50-50 Bossman...That's the way it is. See ya around." laughed Bristol..

"WHYYYYY YOUUUUUUUUU @#$%@^^@&@^^@" screamed Albert......


On a Philadelphia Street, Lt. Sissy Van Buren of Philadelphia Homicide and FBI Special Agent,
Frank Cotton and their men stood around the body of James "Jack"Daniels.....

"You know him?" asked Sissy Van Buren.

"Sure do...This guy is a psychopath...A hitman....He's wanted as a suspect in close to twenty states for several different murders...I'm bettin, he's responsible for your five gangland slayings today." said Agent Cotton.

"Okay, but who got to him?" said Lt. Van Buren.

"I don't know...but something is going on here....Something that needs looking into." said Agent Cotton.

(Conclusion Next)


Sean said...

WOW!That's all I can say!

Sunflower said...

Talk about bringing the ruckus!

Swaggie said...

Wowwwwwww.....I loved this....The hitter Jack Daniels taken out by Tom Collins...Oh man...That had me rollin...but Bossman is off the hook! Can't wait to see how this ends.

Brenda said...

Wowwww is all I can say..This was something...excessively violent, but I understand, it was a necessary part of the story....Agent Cotton and Sissy Van Buren have their hands full!

Toni said...

Great story Keith,lots of action and suspense....I have a feeling FBI Agent, Frank Cotton is going to
close the show for both Bristol and Bossman...If two people deserve
to be in prison..It's these two.

Angie B. said...

This story has been so entertaining I kind of hate to see it come to an end...Is Bristol planning to kill Bossman himself?
Can't wait to see how this ends..

SLC said...

I think I went to Eastside with Tom. Joe Clark put him out.