Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Pretenses

I hadn't been in Josie's Bar in close to a year...Maybe a year and a half...I don't live up this way and unless I have reason to...a young lady...I'm rarely in this part of the city. Last time I was in here, I met a fine young thing....A fine young thing I was almost certain I had seduced and then....Then, I fell asleep! Can you believe that? I fell asleep and when I woke up, a thick necked bouncer named Bruno was helping me to my car. I came back a few nights later, but that girl was gone...Her name was Cherry...Cherry Johnson.....

Me? My name is Dr. Samuel Rasulala...Yeah, I used to teach at the local community college...I have a Bachelors and a Masters in Education and English Literature...I finally went back to school and got my Ph.d... Today, I'm a Principal at an elementary school...A drop down you might think, but more money and more benefits....Here I was in Josie's again....It had been a year and a half...and to my surprise and good fortune was that pretty little number I met in here before...Cherry...Cherry Johnson. She was sitting at the bar by herself....I walked over to where she was sitting and sat down.

"That's uh Vodka and Cranberry juice isn't it?" I said.

She turned and looked at me and smiled a bit...

"Yes it is....Heyyyy don't I know you ?" she asked.

"I believe I'm supposed to say that." I laughed.

She looked me up and down and smiled some more and then said-

"You're that teacher....Samuel somethin or other right? ,You teach over at Community College." she said.

"Samuel Rasulala....and yes, I did teach at Community College....I'm a Principal at an Elementary School in West Philadelphia....I teach in the summer time during the off season..." I said.

"Yeah, Rasulala....Hmmmmm...your name sounds like music...Rasulala....I see that you still work out too." she said , more seductively than I would have expected.

"Oh yes...I belong to L.A. Fitness out in Bala -Cynwd.....and I ride my bike on the drive and play raquet ball.." I said.

"Do you swim? I do that." she said.

"Hmmmmmm, I bet you look great in a bikini too." I said.

"Woww..Listen at you....and look at you, undressing me with your eyes...Freshie." she laughed.

"You sure are in a good mood tonight....I thought you'd be mad at me...considering what happened last time." I said.

"Oh fell asleep in the middle of talking about your favorite subject...yourself" she laughed.

"Oh wow, remembered huh?" I said.

"A girl never forgets something like that...I've put guys to sleep, but usually under slightly different circumstances...not in mid conversation." she laughed.

"Guess that ruins any future chances huh?" I asked.

"Future chances of what?" she asked.

"Of you uh...putting me to uh , sleep under good circumstances." I laughed.

"How much have you had to drink?" she laughed.

"Actually nothing...I just got here...Uh Bartender...Can I have another Vodka and Cranberry and
some Henny, straight?" I said.

Gus the bartender brought us our drinks and since it was near Christmas, I left a nice hefty tip on the bar. He smirked...

"Thanks pal, but this is for the female barmaids....I own the joint." he said. I suppose that was Gus's way of saying thank you.

"Come on Cherry, let me make up for for last time?" I said.

"There's nothing to make up for...nothing happened." she said.

"Let's make something happen." I said.

"You know something? Your confidence and cockiness is turning me on...I mean, for real." she laughed.

"Life good for you Cherry?" I asked as I gulped down my drink...

"It is....I was unemployed for awhile....but I have a job now....I'm the store manager at the Victoria's Secret over in Chess and Chris's new shopping center..I've been managing the store now for about three months." she said.

"Oh yeah...I was up here for their week long Jazz Concert......I didn't know that they had opened it." I said.

"Oh yeah...All kinds of stores in there, A bank, a supermarket, a collective of other food markets,
and a slew of other retailers who are set up in there." she said.

''Victoria's Secret huh, ummph, ummph, ummph....I bet you get all kinds of discounts on stuff huh?" I said.

"Why do you ask? as if I don't already know." she said.

"Cherry, we need to stop playing...I want to take you to my place...I'm sittin here ,you lookin all good and all and I can't think straight.." I found myself saying.

''Yeah? Then what?" she asked.

''What do you want?" I asked....

"Right now, nothing." she said.

"Look....why don't we just stop the pretenses....I think you want me as bad as I want you right now and after want to go about your business right?" I said.

"Yeah, that's right.....Maybe, if it's real nice...we might uh, you know...go somewhere..." she said.

"But right now..let's cut the pretenses.." I said and stared into her eyes..

"That's right pretenses."

She lived closer to here than I did , so we elected to go to her apartment....It was a nice little place just a few blocks away...

We sat on her nice plush rugs....I unbuckled her pants and slipped her out of them...All she had on now was her blouse...which I opened up slowly...She was wearing a purple and black lace floral
bra..and matching thong.....

"Oh my that from Victoria's Secret?" I asked as I gently rubbed her breasts...

"Yes silly, where else? Is that all you're concerned underwear?" she laughed...

"I'm concerned about getting in your underwear." I said.

"Well alright then." she laughed.

I unhooked her bra and tossed it to the side...she unbuckled my trousers and I slid out of them..

''Now it's my turn to say oh my god." she said...My erection ,which had been raging all night was now out completely....

"Well Mr. have finally impressed me..." she said as she began to rub it gently...

We kissed...Finally....Her lips were soft like butter and she kept sucking my lips into her...I felt like I was going to be absorbed.... I took one of breasts and gently put it in my mouth..sucking on it and then the other one like they contained my life's sustenance... I could tell that this was bringing her immense pleasure...

She pushed me over on my back and took my penis in her mouth.....She began to slowly and softly lick around the shaft of it first and then moved down toward my testicles...I shuddered and she just laughed...This went on for awhile, until I stopped her...I didn't want to become too excited.....

I rolled her over and began to reciprocate....Tasting her insides and licking her and watching her
shudder...she orgasmed at least two or three times....Finally, I straddled her and entered her....She was warm and very wet...and I began moving in and out, purposely very slowly...She moaned and began to shake after about a half hour of this and then rolled me over on my back...
She sat down on top of me and began to ride me like nobody's business...both of our moans got louder and louder as we continued in that living room like two wild animals in heat...We both came at the same time...It was so intense that I think we both were a little shocked by it all...

I lifted her up and walked her to her bedroom....

''Oh my god, Mr. Rasulala..." She teased......

I tossed her on the bed and straddled her...she looked at me in shock...

"You want more? After that?" she said.

Indeed I did....and this time, in the bed...we made slow sweet love until we both collapsed.....

We woke up sometime later and got in the shower together....Hot ,soapy water washed down on both of us as we kissed and fondled and sucked each other silly...I lifted her up and mounted her on me....We continued this until the water got cold... We walked out of that shower soaking wet and fell on her couch...where we went at it again for close to an hour!

When Cherry woke up...She was under her covers....and I was laying next to her with a glass of wine.

"Uhh, you were sleeping...I saw the wine there and I uh helped myself....I hope you didn't mind?" I said.

"That aint all you helped yourself to mister." she said , now sounding serious....I stared at her, then she smiled...

"Got'cha.....Mr. Rasulala, Mr. Rasulala, Mister Rasulala.....You get an! I had a double orgasm like I've never had before....That was some Christmas gift." she said.

"Christmas Eve is tomorrow." I said dryly.

"I know...that was an early Christmas gift..."

"I guess I made up for last year huh" I said as I sipped some wine.

"I'll say...." she said.

''So now what?" I asked.

"You want to see me again?" she asked.

"Damn straight" I said.

"You aint all uh in love or sprung or nothin are you?" she asked.

"I don't know you really to be sprung, but this was some good sex." I answered honestly.

"It certainly was...We can see each other again....and we'll take it know, whatever!" she said.

"I like the way you think lady" I said and leaned over and kissed her.

"Ummmm.....that was nice...but we just got got to brush your teeth man..." she said.

I waited for her to laugh, but this time she didn't.


Anonymous said...

Standing and applauding and hurling my panties and bra at you! This story was the truth!

Brenda said...

@anonymous- No surprise there!

Sunflower said...

Great story Keith...Very sensual!

Sean said...

Damn, I think I need a cigarette after reading that!LOL!

Cheryl said...

LOLOLOL@ Sean's comment!

Vanessa said...

This was nice...I remember the story you wrote last year..She was getting ready to go home with him and his drunk azz fell asleep!Guess he made up for lost time!

Halo said...

Nicely done!

Lisa said...

So glad I have a man now...This made me kind of horny!Good story Keith!

Angie B. said...

Very Nicely written...I liked the way it flowed...Glad they finally got together!

Toni said...

I remember this guy...This is the guy that tried to get with Kevin's wife, Sepia and Chess's wife, Rell.
He finally hit pay dirt huh? LOL
He needs to talk to Ralph Scallion.
Good story Keith!

Reggie said...

Nice post, very interesting read.