Friday, December 14, 2012

Come On And Get The Love (2012)

/ I know that you work in the
building next door to me..
and I know that nobody drinks
that much coffee..
You stop by here and manage
to engage me in conversation...
I'm beginning to realize that
this isn't just my imagination../

/ I think I'm turning you on
as much as you're turning
me on..
I'm not seeing anyone
and if you're about being real close to someone
then what could possibly be wrong?/

/ Time is short
and life is too..
so what are we gonna do?
You're feelin me..
and I'm feeling the same way
that I know you do...
I've made my feelings known
so the next move is all on you.../

/Come On And Get the Love...
it's been waitin on ya..
Come On And Get the Love../

/Everytime you come in the coffee
lookin so good..
smellin so good..
you make my heart stop...
I don't know you that well...
but I find myself hugging you,
and kissing you goodbye on the cheek...
and walking around with that smell
of you, that's been lingering in my mind
for a week.
Right now, it's the only way to keep a part
of you close to me...
use your intuition...
can't you see?/

/Girl, I hope I'm turning you on
in the same way that you're
turning me on...
I'm really not seeing anyone
and if you presently would
like to be with someone
then what is wrong?/

/You're a girl
and I'm a guy....
Why don't we meet somewhere
after work..
and at least give this a try?/

/Come On And Get The Love
it's been waitin on ya..
Come On And get The Love...
you said that you been needin it..
Come On And Get The Love......./

/Open your eyes
girl can't you see
that you can get the love
you thought you had in all those other guys
right here in me.../

/Come On and Get the Love..../

(Originally published September 5,2008 without illustrations)


Anonymous said...

I'm ready to get the love...Throwing my panties to the rafters!

James Perkins said...

Oh lord! LMAO!