Saturday, July 10, 2010

Turn Around And Walk Away!

The Phillies were leading the Yankees, four to one...It was the bottom of the ninth inning and Johnny Diamond was wheeling and dealing... Striking everybody on the Yankees out...Well, he had been..He was getting a little tired...There was two outs, but the bases were loaded....He threw his famous fastball...Strike one!....He threw it again...Ball one....Again...ball two....once more...Strike two....One more and we win ,I thought.....I was having the time of my life ...and my wife Sepia seemed to be happy that I was happy!! How she had scored these great seats and at a game that was nearly sold out, I would never know.

His next pitch! pop! The stadium got silent....The ball went soaring....higher, higher, higher....and then...It's outtta here!!!!! A grand slam, The Yankees win , 5-4...just like that!!! Wow!
We lost! It was still a great game.... Ingrid Rhodes sung the national anthem at the beginning and wowed the crowd....Especially the males in the crowd , who were whistling and cat calling up a storm. Not me of course!

"Sorry we lost Kevin." said Sepia....

"Ahh that's can't win em all...Johnny Dee is still something to watch." I said as we made our exit.

"Kevin, isn't that Elke Winters...the super model??? Don't act like you don't know who she is?" laughed Sepia.

"Yeah ,it is...but what's surprising me is who she's with!" I laughed.

It was Jack Stanley White!!

"Jack...Jack! ,how are you doing?" I asked..He was actually doing quite well from the looks of it..
Apparently competing with both Nato Jackson and Johnny Diamond was too much and probably not worth it.....Jack Stanley White had cut his losses and moved on...As had I, Good for him!! Good for us both!

"Hey Kevin...How are you? Is that your wife?" he asked as he shook my hand.

"Yes...Sepia...this is Jack Stanley White." I said....She knew who he was...Anybody who had been in Josie's that night knew who he was I thought and laughed to myself.

"Pleased to make your acquaintence." he said and kissed her hand.

"This is my friend, Elke..Elke Winters." he said.

We and especially I....knew who she was.... Just at that minute...Ingrid Rhodes was coming out into the crowd...She spotted us and walked over to Jack.

"Hi Jack, how are you doing?" she said....All smiles....

"I'm doing fine" said Jack....Surprised that Ingrid was speaking to him first......

"Who is your friend? As if I don't already know...Elke Winters...I'm a big fan......and I'm pretty sure you know who I am." said Ingrid.

"Actually, I don't...and further more, I don't care." said Elke!

Sepia put her hand over her mouth.....I couldn't do anything...but I felt very uncomfortable right about then.... Jack smiled weakly and said...

"Uh Kevin...We'll be going about now...It was nice seeing you again..."

"Uh yeah Jack...nice seeing you too....Take it light..but take it baby." I said.

Jack Stanley White looked at me and winked and then took Elke by the arm and walked off...
Ingrid was surprisingly not amused...She even looked for a minute as if she was jealous...So jealous that she was oblivious to her boyfriend, Johnny Diamond, whining and complaining about how bad he felt at losing to the New York Yankees at home...She just walked away from the puzzled superstar and looked in the direction of Jack Stanley White...I couldn't help but be amused. Sepia and I got in the car and drove home.. A nice ending to a nice, but somewhat strange night.

The next night...I was in Josie's....It was about 11:00 pm... Gus asked me if he should call Sepia to come get me...but I told him that I was okay.. I said my goodbyes to everybody and I walked out. Josie's parking lot had been full, so I had parked two blocks away in another parking lot.
I walked the two blocks and entered the parking lot....Just as I passed the alley way, I heard the familiar click of someone cocking a gun...

"Thought I forgot you ,eh Kevin?" came the all too familiar voice of Nato Jackson.....

"Nato! It's all've don't have the girl and you don't have the streets." I said.

"But I got you...if I got you, I got satisfaction and absolution.....You and nobody walkin gone talk to me the way you did..." he said.

I started to reach in my pocket to grab my thirty eight smokeless, but he drew closer.....

"If you got a heater in your pocket, take it out and throw it down..Do it now..." he said.

"I'm just as dead if I do or don't right? So I wont." I said and I spun around and fired!

A slug tore through his shoulder and he fell backwards against the wall.....

''Arggggggggghh...I don't believe it....I've been shot!" he screamed as he grabbed his arm and tried to steady himself against the wall....

"Drop the gun Nato, and I'm really NOT playing with you." I said...

"Screw you man!" he said and raised his hand to fire at me.....Just then another slug tore clean through his forehead.....Nato Jackson fell to the ground as dead as a doorknob....I did not fire the fatal shot!

I turned around.....It was Kim!

"Well Kevin...We are all even now.....I want you to turn around and walk away....I'll take care of this......" she said as she holstered her weapon.

"Kim....Who are you?" I asked her...

"Someone you used to don't know me anymore...just turn around......turn around Kevin...and walk away...forget about me...go home to your wife..." she said ,trying to hold back the tears... I did as she asked ...I was fighting tears too!


Nato Jackson's body was found floating in the Delaware River,( miles from where he actually died) The next day... Rumors flew that Fathead's people finally got to him..but Fathead denied it! The Diaz Brothers were stumped was the Police and the FBI....Nobody would ever know the truth..I would never tell..

A few days later, I was sitting at my breakfast table drinking coffee with Sepia when Sean Jackson came over with the newspaper.

"Kevin, did you hear?" he asked.

"Hear what?" I asked.

"Jack Stanley White and Elke Winters got married in Aruba over the weekend." he said.

"No kidding?" I said...

"Oh yeah and Ingrid Rhodes and Johnny Diamond had a big argument the other night at Mulberry Street...they done broke up." he said.

"Do tell?" I said....

''Ummmmmm, hmmmph..yall two is just like two old women...gossip, gossip, gossip."said my wife ,Sepia as she cleared the table... We all shared a big laugh over that!

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SLC said...

5 - 4.
Thanks sir.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, I don't...and further more, I don't care." Classic line!!

Great ending.

Anonymous said...

Good story, but I desperately was hoping somebody would wind up in the sack...I needed something to wave my panties at!