Saturday, May 29, 2010

Danke Schoen

Anita Jenkins and Tony Breezley enjoyed a nice dinner and several drinks at "Mulberry Street" , now owned by Fathead.. Mulberry Street was a rooftop bar and restaraunt...That allowed one to veiw the city's skyline and dine....To the naked eye, they looked like a normal upscale African -American couple....but they weren't....Anita was wearing a wire...It was in her bra....and it was picking up all of their conversation...Tony Breezley , was a suspected serial killer.

Clerow, her brother in law was disguised as a waiter and he was serving them their food on plates with knives and forks and glasses that were not going to go to the clipper to be washed after their meal was over, but instead in a bag that was going to be given to the police , so that they could get DNA and fingerprint evidence...

Mabel ,Corrie ,Victoria and Deacon Larry Weatherford were waiting in the kitchen to tag and bag everything when the meal was through. I waited outside , two blocks away in a rented car, listening to Anita and Tony's conversation....Conversation that was getting us nowhere. Tony talked about his disapointment with women and how bad they made him feel, but he stopped short of naming names....Anita tried to goad him into talking about the recent serial killings that was frightening the city and he deftly shied away from the conversation. She was a smart girl..
She knew if she pushed him too much he'd get she kept the conversation light.

I had set the bait for this trap a week before....I had had Anita "drop" by my office several days, always wearing tight jeans or a short mini skirt and always showing a lot of cleavage... I had had her mention that she and Chance had broken up and that she was looking for a nice guy....I knew that Tony would overhear this and take the bait.. He did...and they set up a date...Anita said that they could go to Mulberry Street and that they could go "Dutch".....Then I called Roscoe and set it up with Chick and Fathead, who were only too glad to help.

My Blackberry went off...It was a call I was waiting for..

"Hey Kev.." It was Lockpick Johnson..

"What's up man?" I said.

"Man , me, Sean and Peeping Tom tossed this place and we couldn't find that gun." he said.

"No? Well, he probably has it on him...His car is in the lot here at Mulberry Street...Drive over here and see if you can find it in his car." I said.

"Okay..We on it." he said.

His DNA, Fingerprints and that gun would be more than enough to make that case.....It would put him in for at least three of what I suspected was now five murders.

Within an hour...Lockpick, Tom and Sean Jackson drove up beside my car...... Sean shook his head...

"We searched his car Kev...No gun....Maybe he tossed it." said Sean.

"No...He's got it on him..." I said.

"It's gonna take a few days for them to make a DNA match....without that gun.....We can't take him tonight..." said Tom...

"Yeah ,I know." I said... Just then my phone went off...It was Clerow.

"Okay..We got it...Plates, Knives ,Forks,spoons and drink glasses..all bagged and tagged...."

"Good work...Take that to Lt. Sissy Van Buren, Homicide." I said.

"They on the move...they gettin ready to leave." said Clerow....

"It's Okay...Sepia is outside in her car...We placed a GPS device under his car.....She's gonna follow them and I'm gonna follow her." I said.

"Okay Kev...get on it..don't let nothin happen to my sister in law." he said half jokingly....

Anita was not going to be his sixth victim... Not tonight...

Sepia followed them and I followed her.....I could still hear their conversation from my car.

"Thank you for a wonderful dinner Tony....but you didn't have to pay, I told you we could have gone dutch..that was an expensive place." said Anita.

"It was was my pleasure..Thank you for listening to my whining..." he said.

"Oh, it's okay."

' know...No other woman ever cared about how much money I spent on a date..You're not only beautiful...but you're nice.." he said.

"Oh Thank you Tony." she said.

"Anita?" he asked.

"Yes Tony?" she responded.

"Do you think that ....well..uhhh...well, Do you think that we could more than say friends?" he asked.

"I think we should just start as friends and see where it goes...This was just our first date." she

"Well maybe we could er...ahh be friends with benefits?" he said.

"Come on Tony, this has been a nice night..I enjoyed the food, the conversation and the drinks...don't spoil it." she said.

"Spoil it? How am I spoiling it? I spent close to one hundred dollars tonight...not to mention the gas for this car...This is a 2009 Nissann Z...." he said.

"Come on Tony...I don't even know you like that....Come on..we just met...Maybe after a few more dates we can get to that...I don't sleep with a guy on the first date." she said.

"Come on...we are adults....We aint kids...I bet you gave lawyer boy some..What ? I can't have none cause I'm just an Administrative assistant at the Magazine?"

"Tony...Take me home....Heyyy, you just went past my block...What are you doing?"

"We goin to the park....I'm tired of just like all the others...want a guy to spend all of his cash...but don't want to do nothin for the guy.."

" that a gun?"

''Damn right it is..."

"L-look...okay...listen....It aint got to go wanna be fr-friends....we can be're better than don't have to do this..."

"Too late...get out of the car.."

They were in the park....just far away enough that people on the street couldn't see them..Sepia
got out of her car and ran toward them...I pulled my gun out and followed them closely...
There was no more time to play games...I aimed my gun at him and called out-

"Tony , stop right there....It's all over!" I said.

Sepia practically dove and pushed Anita out of harms way...They fell in the grass....Tony wheeled around, startled....

"Mister Kevin, what are you doing here?" he said.

"Tony....put that gun down....I know everything....I know about the girls...all of em.....I know about what they did to you in high school..and I know what you've been doing man....Tonight this stops...No more killing....Now drop that gun..." I said.

"Uh Uh....I can still hit your wife and your little friend from where I'm at..." he said.

"I can hit you first." I bluffed.

"Yeah? Wanna take that chance?"he said.

He had me by the short and curlies and he knew it...I hadn't planned for it to go like this...Had to think fast..

" win Tony....Let's call it even...Say ,I let you walk out of here...I can't prove you killed those girls without your gun...You walk and we walk...Nobody gets hurt." I said.

"You must think I'm stupid....I can't have that.....Drop your gun Mister Kevin or I shoot your wife and the bitch right now...drop it and get over here." He said...

"So, you're going to kill us all?" I said.

"Yeah...I gotta...I can't have you all going free.....I rather like it in Philly...I can't be on the run...
Can't have you even suspecting me of such...It's better if the three of you just aren't breathing anymore...but I do want to thank you Mister Kevin..for giving me that job...and for being a great were the best...Danke Schoen." he said.

I fired just that quick...I know it surprised the hell out of everybody, but what choice did I have?
The slug from my .38 smokeless sliced through his right shoulder and my second shot hit him in his lower abdomen...he tossed his gun up in the air and fell backwards.....

''Arrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh." he screamed in pain...Sepia and Anita ran to my side....

"Go out to the the police." I said....

I walked over to him...I used a tree branch to lift up his gun without touching it...I looked down at him...

"It's okay'll live." I said.

"Danke Schoen." he replied and grimaced....I almost thought he was smiling.


The DNA and Fingerprints from the dishes and plates and glasses at Mulberry Street were a match....The gun went through ballsistics and it also matched...Anthony Breezley was convicted
of the murders of Angela Manson, Anjanette Benson, Alma Sanders, Brenda Young and Ebony Jameson, who's body was found, not too far from where I had shot Tony in the park.. He also told police where we could find the body of his first victim...His Mother...Mary Carmaichel...She had apparently gotten married a sixth time...but Tony hadn't taken on this man's last name.
Anthony Breezley was sentenced to die by lethal injection.

Sepia and I walked to Mulberry Street a few nights later...

"I hear it's good food here Sepia, but it's expensive." I said.

"That's can afford it." she said.

I looked at her, she punched me playfully and just laughed...

"Come On." she said..

We walked in and the first person I saw was Symphony Sam....

"Go on Up Kev..Sepia...Everybody is waiting for you." he said.

"Who? Who is everybody? " I said.

"Just go up silly." she laughed..

Once up on the rooftop, I got the surprise of my life!

"SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" came the loud roar.......I couldn't believe it......

I looked around and there was Gus, Honey Brown, Mabel Jenkins, Clerow,Corabeth, Victoria,
Anita, Deacon Larry Weatherford, Pastor John Struthers, Sean Jackson, Sheila, Vanessa, Cock Robbins, Chess,Rell, Chris Thompson, Donald Smooth, Fathead Newton, Roscoe, Ralph Mole,
Paris,Cherish,Blake, Chance Howard,Conrad Nelson and his wife,Jill, Robert Foxworth, Bonita Turner, Peepin Tom, Lockpick Johnson and Kool Kat....

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"Can't we come out to eat too Junior?" said Gus as he slapped me on the back and laughed..

Reed Nelson and 88 cued the band and they started playing.....Homicide Lt. Sissy Van Buren and FBI Special Agent Frank Cotton walked over to me...

"Kevin..this is our way of saying thank you for all you do...Thanks to you, we are all a lot safer."
He said.

Everybody clapped...I was nearly moved to tears...Sepia kissed me, long and hard and said -"You've certainly made my life much more interesting than it would have been...Thank you baby."

Hey, what could I say? It was nice to be appreciated!

(For you, my loyal readers!)


SLC said...

I was there too. I was in the back talking to anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was at the bar knocking back a couple drinks. Great story.

SLC said...

BorednTalkative, that freckle faced guy that kept lookin at you whenever the woman in the striped dress looked away.....that was me.

You looked goooooood. I mean nice. Better than anonymous. Sexy but with some class.

Keith, can you put us in a future episode for real?!?!?