Friday, May 28, 2010

Whoever Did This

"Mabel...This guy she was talking to...Did you hear her call him by his name? Was he trying to pick her up or did it seem like she knew him?" I asked Mabel Jenkins...I couldn't believe that another young lady has just vanished...A young lady who we had just identified...

"No..she definitely knew him..she called him Anthony....but I didn't hear a last name." said Mabel.

"I heard some of the conversation...They was jokin with each was almost like she was teasin him or somethin....He kinda faked like his feelings were hurt ,but she kept on laughing at him...He looked like he was sort of pissed and he said "See Ya around." and she said "Not if I see you first." said Anita, Mabel's younger sister...

"That's good, that is good to know...good scope Anita." I said.

"Kevin...They said that dude left before she did..." added Robert.

"Yeah, but if he was pissed , he might have lay in wait for her." I said.

"Yall said he was on foot." said Robert...

"No..We said we didn't see his car ..We don't know if he was on foot or not." Said Cora-beth.

Just then, her husband...Clerow came running into the restaurant.

"Kev, Robert..I been lookin all over for yall...Cock Robbins told me that I'd find yall here..." he said.

"What's Up?" I asked...

"You know..."Icebox" Johnson who has the beer distributor , a few blocks away?" he said.

"Yeah...That smelly place...I know him...what about him?" I asked.

"Well he was complaining about a very bad odor coming from the basement and the sub-basement of his place and he called L & I out..." said Clerow..

"HE was complaining about an odor?? That's a switch." I said as Robert Foxworth ,Mabel,Corrie and Anita laughed.

"Yeah, well this was real bad....badder than usual.....L&I hasn't come out yet...So he asked me if I could get some guys to help him figure out what the smell I got a couple of guys who do some haulin and lifting for me to help out and guess what man?? We found bodies....Human remains man??
Look....Aint nobody called the cops yet...We covered it up..You gotta come look Kev.."he said.

" girls close up...get in your cars and get out of Sepia
tell her to bring those photos and meet me at ''Icebox" Johnson's Beer Distributor...Clerow...Let's get goin man." I said and we rushed off! I also got my Blackberry out and made a call.

Yes...Yes...Yes....I called Lt.Sissy Van Buren from Homicide....but Clerow and I got to the scene first... The bodies hadn't started spoiling yet...which told me, they were recently deceased..They were wrapped in plastic...and they were still somewhat recognizable...

Clerow, Icebox, the three guys who found the bodies and I pulled them out...They were African-
American...they were female...and they were as follows...37 year old Alma Sanders.....Robert Foxworth and Sepia positively identified her......23 year old , Anjanette Benson....I knew her and 23 year old Brenda Young..Identified from the photo Cock Robbins had given me. All had been dead from up to two weeks to maybe a few days...All had been shot ,execution style in the back of the head...

Lt.Sissy Van Buren and her homicide team arrived...So did a crowd of people and the media...It was now a sensation.....We were all very upset, myself included...especially since another girl had been snatched from under our noses this very night... That girl..Ebony Jameson was not among the remains found here.

"Kevin....Looks like you're right....unfortunately ,this is going to be in all of the papers and whoever did this is going to be frightened.. He or she is either going to leave the area and go someplace else or they are going to stop for awhile until the heat dies down." she said. She was absolutely right.

The next morning, I sat in my office at my desk...My young personal assistant ,Tony bought me a tumbler of coffee and a paper...

"Damn Mister Kev, I read that they found three dead bodies at Icebox Johnson's smelly old Beer
distributor last night." He said while munching on a turkey burger.

"Yeah...what you know about his beer distribution place and what is that you're eating?" I asked.

"Oh, a Turkey Burger....I got it from Mabel's Soul Food joint last night....I never finished eating it. Everybody know about Icebox Johnson's spot...I used to work there but I quit...the place stank too bad." he said.

We both laughed and he left.

A few days later....I was at the medical examiner's office talking to Sissy Van Buren...

"Kev, the killer got sloppy..We pulled semen out of Alma Sanders and Anjanette Benson....and we
have skin samples off of Brenda...She apparently was beaten before she was killed...and we got some prints on this plastic....We ran the prints and sent the DNA to the FBI national crime lab....
This guy or whoever did this has no criminal record...We got nothing..but we do have their DNA.
The bullets we recovered from the bodies of all four women , all match the same gun... A .38 smokeless." she said.

So here we were...Nowhere...Nowhere....Then as I walked to my car , a name kept ringing in my
head....Anthony.....Anthony...Who was the mysterious Anthony??? Gus told me that no matter what happens...Somebody, Somewhere knows something about it and somebody was willing to talk about it....

I drove to the High School....Cock Robbins introduced me to one of Alma Sanders close friends...
Rita attractive and shapely woman who wore her hair in a bun and horn rimmed glasses. Her curves had curves..You couldn't ignore her body or her tight skirts...if only she would have let her hair down and have lost the glasses....Didn't matter..I wasn't here to flirt or admire her body..I needed to know about this Anthony charactor.

"There was an Anthony.....Shame about him.....He was so needy....He was skinny, wore coke bottle glasses..Didn't dress all that well....but smart as a whip..Made all A's....Shame he didn't go to college or do nothin with it...His mother was a piece of work...She got married every year he was in school.. In 9th grade..He came to us as Anthony Look...In 10th grade, she re-married and he was Anthony Reed, In 11th grade she re-married and he was Anthony
Whitlock and finnally ,Senior year..she was married again and he was Anthony Breezely...

He had the biggest crush on this cheerleader,Angela Manson....but she didn't really like him..she pretended to...but she really just used him..she was kind of high maintenance back then...a diva...Then He fell hard for Anjanette Benson.....She flat out turned him down..couldn't stand the sight of him...and so did Ebony Jameson..Another one he fell hard for...They were just..well you know, out of his league...Only Brenda Young ,showed him any kindness..She was
his friend....but he took her kindness the wrong way and finally she had to let him down....He took that hard....That was Senior year.

He graduated.....He left here..Nobody seen him for years...and then last year, he returned..He
was built ...He didn't wear those glasses anymore and he was driving that sports car....Nobody
knew where he had been...Anyway...Alma Sanders...His one time guidance counselor started dating him....She was 14 years his senior, we thought she was crazy as well as unethical, dating a former student...but she didn't care...He was different now and he was no longer a student... They were hot and heavy..... I caught them in her car goin at it one night. She said he made her feel ten years younger ...Until she started going to night school to get her real estate license. She didn't have as much time for him then as she had had before and he became very demanding ,Plus she started seeing a teacher over at the community college....Anthony was always insecure...Anyway...she broke it off...and that was that."

I couldn't believe it...She had just given me my killer....If I had come here earlier...Maybe I could have saved Ebony's life at least...All the while, the killer was right under my nose....Tony..Tony Breezely, my personal assistant was the killer..and it all all made sense...The turkey burger!

Mabel told me that the mysterious man ordered a Turkey Burger the night before...And he was still eating it the next morning.

This story , if added with the murder weapon and DNA would be enough to put him behind bars.. I sat and thought..Then it came to me...I now had a plan....It was time to put the breaks to the serial killer.

I thanked Rita and drove home.... I told Sepia everything I had heard, she was startled of course.

"What Are you going to do?" she asked..

"I gotta find out where he lays his head and get that gun...I also need some DNA evidence..."

"Sounds Easy enough" she said as she lie across our bed...

" does, doesn't it." I said as I fondled my pistol.

(Conclusion Next)


SLC said...

I haven't finished reading yet, but I think I know who it is.

SLC said...

Ok. Finished reading. Soon a I read Tony with the coffee

Anonymous said...

Ok so I was all kinds of wrong. Good twist, I didn't see that coming.