Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Buttermilk Defense

Robert Foxworth and I sat in my kitchen and downed about 12 glasses of Buttermilk while my wife Sepia, Sean Jackson, his girlfriend Sheila, Clerow and his wife Corabeth looked on... They had come over to play cards with us and had brought Microwaveable Popcorn and Cokes...

"Ewwwww, yall just drinkin buttermilk like that?" said Sheila.

"Yes...there's a reason for this." sighed Robert Foxworth as he looked at me.

" My friend Peeping Tom told us that this is a defense against that poison that killed Burke." I said.

"Buttermilk?" asked Sepia.

"Hey, he was in the CIA at one time...He's familiar with that poison...He says that if a person doesn't get medical attention within 30 minutes of being hit with that stuff...It is usually fatal...He says drinking the buttermilk is a defense against it...It completely neutralizes it. Robert and I , as well as the Police has interviewed just about everybody that was at that pool party....Whoever the killer is, it's somebody we've already talked to....Chances are they are going to try and quiet us." I said.

"What if they use bullets ,instead of poison...That Buttermilk aint gonna take care of that?" Laughed Sean....

We all had a big laugh about that and kept playing cards.

It had been a few days since I had rousted Eddie Chin and Basil Grundy.....The next day, Robert and I went to talk to Ex Porn Star, Della Jordan....
Della Jordan was indeed, a sexy woman...She lived in a very nice apartment....
Since she didn't seem to work anywhere, I wondered how she afforded such a nice spot...With a 47 inch Flat screen TV, cable, top of the line computer ,IPOD
dock, et al and a flashy sports car....It didn't take a genius to figure this out.

"You're Basil's woman aren't you?" I asked.

"I'm no man's woman...Not that it's any of your business...You're here to find out what happened to Burke...I passed by him in the foyer before I got in the pool and he was having a drink....The next thing I know ,he was face down in the pool dead....that's all I know." she said.

"Was this after Basil took his hands from under your skirt?" asked Robert Foxworth. She looked at him as if she wanted to slit his throat.

"If you must know...Yeah...Me and Basil have fooled around a bit....I fooled around with Burke too....but Burke aint have enough money to run with me on the full time..." she said. I knew she was lying...but why?

"You were in all three of his films." I said.

"Yeah...that was business..and I admit, Burke and I had some good times, we kicked it for awhile.." she said.

"Then his money ran out." said Robert.

"Okay, end of interview...both of yall, get the hell out and don't come back....and if you are who I think you better watch your back....Basil is lookin for yall and he aint in a friendly mood." she snapped.

"Oh I met Mister Basil...He's a real co-operative guy." I said with a smile as Robert and I left.

I figured Eddie and Basil would be mad after the way we punked them...It was then that Peeping Tom and Lockpick Johnson called us and told us about the nature of the drug that killed Burke...I remember Leonard Culpepper and a place he ordered chemicals from once when he was on a spree here in the city.

Peeping Tom, Lockpick Johnson, Kool Kat, Clerow ,Robert and I paid this shop a visit...How surprised these close to Neo -Nazis in this shop were to see a white guy (Peeping Tom Constanoble) and five African -American men in their shop.
They were cool and cordial though...They gave us a lead on someone who had purchased the chemical recently..a guy named Leo Jenkins..a low level guy who
lived in West Philadelphia. He being the only other African-American man to come in their shop, He was easily memorable.

That was the day before yesterday....Robert and I had laid low...We were relaxing, playing cards tonight with our family and friends. As the card game was breaking up...I told Robert to keep a low profile and to change up his routine...and above all else, to keep drinking the buttermilk.

The next night...I put on my bulletproof vest with the "trauma plate" under my shirt and drank some more buttermilk. I drove to the address of Leo Jenkins..
As I sat in my car outside his blackberry went off....

"Hello" I answered...It was Lt.Sissy Van Buren...

"Kevin...We got a hit from the DNA sample you gave us....The saliva on that envelope was solid....Good lookin out." She said.

"Okay Sissy...I'll be over there in a few...I'm running down something." I said.

I knocked on Leo Jenkins door.....You guessed it...It was open....I walked in...I had a flashlight...I didn't pull my gun...I walked through his living room....and there he was...On the floor, stiff as a board and with his eyes wide open...Somebody had gotten to him...I heard ruffling around....Someone was still in here.....

Then I felt a prick in my neck.......I got woozy.....dizzy and I fell to the floor!
I wasn't unconscious...just a little stunned.....It was dark...I heard footsteps and I heard a very familiar voice....

"Newsy the time they find both of you...I'll be just a memory..."

And then the intruder walked out of the house. I heard a car take off....I finnally
came to my senses and got up...Looked out the window...The car and the man was gone.

That buttermilk had saved my life....I rubbed my neck and then called Clerow.

"Boss...I told you about goin on these things without back up." said Clerow.

"Yeah Kevin..I aint tryin to be no better start listenin to people." said Sepia as she rubbed alcohol on my scratch and applied a bandage, just as
Peeping Tom had instructed her..

Clerow dropped us both off at my home and then he went home....The Buttermilk had protected me.....but that dosage was still powerful enough to put me down..I needed some rest.... Poor Leo Jenkins couldn't tell me anything..He hadn't been as lucky...He was dead.

Tomorrow..I would talk to Sissy Van Buren and find out who's DNA was on that

(To Be Continued.....)


Anonymous said...

Saved by the buttermilk. Interesting. Loving the story Keith.