Friday, August 6, 2010

The Dead Has Risen!

Basil Grundy sat at the outdoor Bistro drinking a cold beer and looking at his watch..He looked irritated.....Clerow and I sat directly across the street from him in a car with tinted windows...We could see him, but he couldn't see us....

Jordy ,wearing white linen pants ,sandals and a white linen shirt walked over to where Basil was sitting and sat down..ordered a drink and smiled gingerly..Basil was not amused.

"You're late" the gangster snarled.

"I'm not late...I'm on my time." he laughed.

"Don't get cute punk." snarled Basil.

Jordy was wearing a wire...but it had been placed where no hetero-sexual man would ever conceive of looking for it...I'll leave it at that...It was working very well..Clerow and I could hear everything perfectly.

"What's this about?" snarled Basil.

"Well...A week or two ago...I was having a sucessful rooftop pool party...I don't believe you were invited, but you showed up anyway." said Jordy.

"Yeah and?" snapped Basil..

"Well, then a guy winds up dead in my pool and it ruins my whole party..a guy who was a good friend of mine...a guy who I did invite, unlike yourself." said Jordy.

"Yeah okay and so what? What's that got to do with why I'm here?" asked Basil.

"I asked my friend Kevin to look into it...He found the poison that was used to kill my friend.....even found out who the punk was that bought it..He told me he was going to talk to the cat...and here lies my problem...or rather, your problem.. I haven't seen Kevin or the guy he went to see since the day before yesterday." said Jordy.

"And...How is this my problem?" asked Basil.

"I followed you....I saw you coming out of Leo Jenkins house...I went in and guess what I found? Two dead bodies...Leo and my good friend Kevin....I don't know why you did it...but I know it was you what killed them..." said Jordy.

"You don't know nothin and you better stop talkin to me like this before you meet the same fate that they did." Basil said growing angrier.

"Well...The police don't know that either of them are dead....Aint nobody told them...but I could make a call right now, show em where the bodies are." said Jordy..

"Oh yeah?" said Basil.

"Yeah..only thing is...what's done is done...We can work this out if you pay me 150 large this evening." said Jordy.

"You are out of your mind." he said.

"Yeah...but I'd rather be out of mind than on death row, awaiting a needle for a double homicide...even though I know this aint your first time , offin somebody." laughed Jordy.

Basil gripped him in the collar...

"I oughta belt ya one right little punk." he said.

"I don't think so....You remember that big guy that slapped you and your boys around when Kevin came to visit you...take a look around." said Jordy.

Kool Kat was standing there cracking his knuckles....

"Now take your hands off of me and have my money ready Penns the Moshulu...9:00 pm sharp...a minute later and the cops find two corpses." snapped Jordy who got up after finishing his drink and followed Kool Kat to his car and pulled off.

"We got enough boss?" asked Clerow.

"No...He never actually said that he did the deed...We need more. If I know what's right...He is going to go back there and remove the bodies....or have somebody do it." I said.

"But aint no bodies there...The cops removed Leo Jenkins body this morning."

Sometime Around 6:30 at Leo Jenkins house....Basil and another man drove up in a station wagon with huge body bags, and rags....

"Come on..we've got to hurry and get these bodies out of here...then at 9:00, I'm going to meet that little punk at Penns Landing and add him to the list." said Basil.

They broke into the house and walked around....

"Hey Boss look....there they are , rolled up in that rug." said the henchman.

"Come on pick them up.." said Basil.

"These bodies sure feel light and hard too!" said the henchman..

"Hmmm...wait a minute...wait a minute...these aren't real..they're store manequins.." screamed Basil- "This is a trap, let's get the hell out of here. I'm gonna kill that blackmailin Jordy on GP." said Basil.

"You're killing days are over's tank time stupid." I said and flicked the lights on...

Basil's eyes grew as larger as saucers!

"WHAT?? This is're dead...I hit you myself with the dart..I saw you fall right next to Leo...You can't be alive." said the shaken gangster.

The henchman with him fainted!

Clerow ,Kool Kat and Robert Foxworth couldn't even hold their guns straight, they were too busy laughing...

"I'm sorry to disapoint you Basil...but apparently the dead has risen...We got you on tape.....the whole thing ..and the fact that you came here to remove the bodies proves that it was you who killed keep him from ever revealing that you were the one who bought the deadly chemical and blow gun that killed

Burke Blaine. Oh and the Police arrested your connect in the spy shop..The one

who tipped you off that I had come in there asking about Leo...He gave the cops the whole story...about how you ordered this stuff a month ago and sent Leo to pick it up...You're done Basil." I said.

"Damn!" was all he could say and he went and sat down in the living room on the couch. He sat right there and offered the Police no resistance when they came and arrested him..charging him with two counts of First degree Murder.

Another case closed.

A week later, Jordy was riding in the car with Sepia and I...

"Wow Kev, that's some story...The way you wrapped that up was something else.." he said.

"Yeah....I hope you can have another party before the summer is out...I'd like to come." I said.

"That's long as you bring Sepia....Mannnn, I still remember her in that bikini she had on two summers ago..." said Jordy.

"Hey man, that's my wife you're talkin about." I said jokingly...Sepia just laughed..She was used to Jordy.....

"Can I help it if I have good tastes?"he laughed.

We stopped at an intersection.....and who did we see but Della Jordan ,arm and arm with the Gangster (and Basil's Boss) Eddie Chin...He was giggling like a school girl and the two of them were kissing as they crossed the street and looking at each other as if they were young lovers...

"Wow, did you see that?" said Sepia.

"That Babe sure knows how to land on her feet." laughed Jordy.

"Or stare at the ceiling really good." I said.

Sepia playfully punched my arm and she and Jordy cracked up laughing as we pulled off and drove away.

(For Carlene)


Anonymous said...

Nice ending. Great story.

Anonymous said...

Good Story as usual, but I need something to wave my panties in the sky about!