Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where's That Girl?

Kool Kat and I showed up at Dora Mae Clark's door... She was wearing some shorts and a tank top!

"Mr. Sullivan? How did you know where I live? What are you doing here?" she exclaimed.

"Listen Dora Mae...I don't have time to explain...but first off, my name is not Sullivan..My name is Kevin Morris and I'm a Private Investigator...I was hired by Hannah Cleveland to find out what was going on in the office." I said.

I showed her my drivers licensce and my P.I. licensce.

"Oh wow" she said , her eyes growing wide now! " This is deep!....That's why you was asking me all of them questions the other day...." she exclaimed.

"Look...I really don't have time to talk...a contract has been put out on you...You're in a lot of danger..We come to get you out of here for a little while." I said.

"Wh-What? a contract? On me?? What for??" she said.

"Pack a bag or two...We are going to take you where you'll be safe.." I said.

She looked at Kool Kat, all huge and imposing and packing a nine milimeter on a shoulder holster and I guess she knew that we meant business...She immediately packed two over night bags and

put them in the trunk of his car. We drove her across the bridge to the New Jersey complex where Robert Foxworth's girlfriend, Bonita lived. Bonita agreed to watch her for a few days.

"Look Dora very careful who you call and do not tell anybody, I mean anybody where you are....The man after you is a professional and very efficient...You see what he did to Mr. Jones." I said.

"But, But how do you know all of this?" she asked as we dropped her off at Bonita's place.

"It's my business to know....Now don't do anything or even attempt to come back to Philly until you hear from me." I said and we promptly left.

A few days later with Peeping Tom and Locksmith Johnson we intercepted another phone call from Courtland to Brian Carter!

"Where is that girl man? your guy went to her spot and there was no sign of her?" he snapped.

"She called out sick..hasn't been to work. She'll show up sooner or later." said Brian Carter.

"I need her gone...What if she's gone to the police?" he snapped.

"With what? She don't know nothing man...I'm telling you....She don't know about that anyway. You need to simmer down.." said Brian.

"You simmer down, I got a million dollar shipment coming in tonight and I don't want no crap." said Courtland.

"Where's this one coming?" asked Brian..

"Peir 8....I change em up everytime since that Jones charactor snapped those photos." said Courtland.

"Then you got nothing to worry about? " said Brian.

"He stole the phony manning documents....My name is all over them and my handwriting..anybody gets that to the cops...I'm done." snapped Courtland.

"I'm telling you..She don't know about none of that..If she did...the way she run her'd already be behind bars." laughed Brian...

"Just tell Ray to take care of the girl and make sure she disapears this time." snapped Courtland.

"Will do..." said Brian.

"So we know our hitter is named Ray" I said.

"I'll do you one better Kevin....His name is Ray Griffin, a talented guy...a sicko, very violent...He hangs out at Joe Neptune's joint...The Mermaid Club." said Lockpick Johnson.

"Really? Joe has got to get a better class of clientel." I said.

I made a phone call to FBI Special Agent in Charge, Frank Cotton and met with him at Penns Landing two hours later. I played the recordings we had, showed him the photos and the phony manning documents and it got him interested... That night, Peeping Tom, Locksmith Johnson, Sean Jackson, Clerow and I sat in an unmarked van and snapped photos of the comings and goings at Peir 8....Then we saw it...A Huge ship, unloading boxes and boxes of what looked like medical equipment...and a truck passing huge boxes to the people on the ships...A white man who I did not know was running the entire operation.....

Within minutes, about 30 FBI agents, 25 U.S. Customs Agents and Philadelphia Police had all of them in handcuffs.....What they found was boxes of illegal drugs...drugs from Eastern Europe, the kind used for everything from illegal abortions to murder being traded for weapons.....

The ship was seized and close to sixty five people were arrested.

"Thanks for the tip Kevin...How did you find out about this? Just what are you into?" asked Agent Frank Cotton.

"Nothin I thought would lead to this." I said...

"This was a million dollar operation here.....and someone was using phony documents from a Health maintenance organization based here to bring this stuff in, like it was legitimate pharmecuticals....and trading it for these equally illegal weapons...incredible...What a score..This may be the biggest bust of my career." he said as he patted me on the back!

I walked back to the van...Peeping Tom, Locksmith Johnson, Clerow and Sean Jackson looked at me..

''What now boss?" said Clerow...

"Now for part two of my plan...I'll bet right now the phones are buzzing." I laughed.

And they were-


"Lower your voice you jackass...I told you that girl knew something." screamed Marlon Courtland...

"What you talkin about?" said Brian.

"The Feds just busted the whole operation..Arrested everybody...That babe went to the feds."

screamed Courtland.

"Aww you crazy....She didn't know about this..she aint been to work all week...You said you changed it up....The only ones who knew about this new location was me and you right?" said Brian.

"One other contact on the Board of Directors...Brad Rickers.." said Courtland.

"You think he went to the Feds?" asked Brian...

"No..No..No..It had to be that girl...Have him go back to her place and stay there..She has to come back home sooner or later." screamed Courtland.

"Okay..I'll call him now." said Brian.


I laughed....

"Okay....When this guy gets to Dora Mae's house....Somebody will be there, but not who he expects." I laughed.

(Conclusion Next)


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