Saturday, August 28, 2010


"Wowww Robby, this is a nice place you got here." said Connie as I opened the door and turned the light on to my apartment. She put her bag down and looked around..

"Hmmm, I'm impressed...You must be doing pretty well." she said with a smile that beamed with genuine pride.

"You know...I'm renting this place from Chess and Chris...You know they are in the real estate business now?" I said.

"Yeah, I know about their company, C& C Brothers Inc. They have some nice places....I'm proud of both of them...I watched them come up...Glad Chris aint tryin to be a gangsta no more...I wish Fathead would get outta the business before he gets himself killed or locked up." she laughed.

"Well you know Fathead..He loves being the big cheese." I laughed.

"Don't he though?" she said and returned my laugh...

"I've got two bedrooms here and a kitchen and a shower...Theres a wide screen TV in the living room if you want to watch TV or a movie and there is my dock over there if you want to hear some music.... I've got wine and beer in the cooler
over there." I stated.

"Nah...I've been drinkin and listening to music all night..and there aint nothin on Television this time of night." she said and smiled.

"Yeah ,I guess you're right " I said uneasily..

"Which one is your room Robby?" she asked.

"Uh oh..this one right here." I said and walked her into the only room she hadn't yet seen..

"Nice....yeahhhh, very nice Robby, you always did have good tastes.." she said.

I sat on my bed, took my shoes and my socks off and unbuttoned my shirt..I sure wished I hadn't drunk so much....even though I didn't need alcohol to see what a fine woman Connie was...If only....Nah, no need in even thinking about it!

She sat on my bed and unbottoned her blouse...revealing a black lacy bra that was fighting to hold in all of her breasts...She must have thought she was with Patrice..

"You got a joint Robby ?" she asked me non-chalantly.

"Nah...I gave the stuff up a while ago..." I said.

"Remember back when I used to braid your hair...we'd smoke a joint and drink some wine?" she asked.

"Yeah...we'd smoke quite a few.." I said.

"You used to drive me to Herby Tucker's house." she said.

"Yeah..Him! You was crazy about some Herby Tucker...What happened between you and him?" I asked.

"We was gonna get married...and one day I walked in on him and Felicia Brighton...I had the spare key to his place you know.." she said.

"Oh wow.." I said.

"Herby didn't flinch, asked me to join know a menage a trois?" she said.

"What????" I exclaimed.

"And guess what Robby? I liked it...It was like the first time I had ever done something with another woman...I not only liked it...but I began steppin out on Herby with her!" she said.

"And that was that huh...That ruined you for men, huh?" I said.

"Yeah..kinda sorta...I was with Felicia for a minute..then there was another woman and then Patrice.....I still slept with a guy here and there though...just to mix things up." she said, holding her hair down....

I ran my hands through her hair.....She looked at me and smiled...It was late....there were no sounds coming from the street..Not even a car driving by...
I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips...She didn't turn away..Surprisingly she returned my kiss...soft at first and then full and passionate!

"Wow Robby...I'm surprised...I didn't know you thought of me like that." she said.

"I did...You don't know how long I've wanted to do that." I said.

"Wow..really? You never said anything...All these years and you was feeling that way huh?" she said.

"It wouldn't have made a was kind of playing for another team." I said.

"Oh that sounds so neandrathal." she said with a smirk..."Where did you say that wine was?"

I went to the refrigerator and got out a bottle of wine...poured us two tumblers of wine and walked back to my bedroom...I didn't expect her to come back to my room, but she did...with no pants on....Just her opened blouse and black bikini panties with hearts on the sides...She leaned her head on my shoulders as
she sipped the wine...

"'ve certainly gotten comfortable." I laughed looking at her.

"You're like family Robby." she said.

This time she kissed me....I was surprised....I didn't think she would have been interested in continuing that....We kissed passionately for a few minutes and then she slowly unbuckled my trousers and pulled them off...

"Ohh my goodness...never knew you were carrying it like that Robby..oh my god.." she exclaimed...

She rolled over and I slipped her panties down and finnally off...and continued to kiss her...She had slipped her bra off and I went about the business of kissing and massaging her breasts...

"'s been soo long....ouuuuuuuuuu...since I've had a man do this for me robby..ohhhhhhhhhh"
she moaned...

She rolled me over and kissed me from my neck all the way to my now throbbing penis...

"Shhhhhhh, just lay still.....shhhhhhh..." she said as she took all of me into her mouth and began to move her head up and down....Considering she had been with women for the last few years..I wouldn't have imagined she would be so skilled....

"I haven't done this to a man in so long." she said.

I rolled her over gently and slowly entered her...As I suspected..she was pretty tight...but eventually she began to moisten and I spread her legs open and began to move very slow and gently into her...

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." she moaned as I entered her and began to move faster.

Her eyes began to widen and she began to look as if she was going to say something and yet go breathless and speechless...We continued like this for close to two hours......Then, still kissing her, I rolled her over ,spread her legs and began to enter her from behind...

"Ohhhhh,what are you doing?, what are you doinnnnnnnnnnng to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???OH, OH.OUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.....ohhhhhhh...HELLO!...ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu." she cooed as I began to dive deeper and deeper, harder and faster into her!

I stopped and finnally allowed her to get on top of me and ride me...Looking into her beautiful face and seeing that long hair was too much for me to take...I exploded!

"Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ohhhhh Connie...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh." I groaned...

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......" she said as she reached her climax too, minutes later..

We were both sweaty and spent......

"Ouuuu,Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.....I haven't felt like that in, well in about ten years.." she said.

"Since Herby Tucker huh?" I said.

"Herby Tucker didn't bring it like that Robby..Oh my God...I had an orgasm like I never had before." she said... She didn't see me secretly hive fiving the bed post.

"Robby, I sure wished you'd said something years ago.." she said as she laid down and went to sleep in my arms.

I woke up some hours later alone....Connie was gone, so was her overnight bag...
There was a letter on the kitchen table.

"Dear Robby, Thank you for a most amazing night...You were sleeping so soundly..I didn't want to wake you up...I'm going to call Chris and Chess about an apartment...Meanwhile I'm going to crash at a friend's spot for the time being..I've got to get my head together...See how I feel about Patrice...See how I feel about myself and what my next move will be....Thank you for everything..I can't tell you how great I feel..."
Love, Connie.

P.S.- Before you find another've got to let me come back over and we do this all I can say...

I smiled after reading that....I took a long hot shower, through on my bathrobe and sat in my living room listening to some Eric Dolphy on my ipod dock. I wondered if Gus would be laughing now if he knew about the night I'd just had.

(For Ellen)


Anonymous said...

Standing and Applauding and throwing my panties and bra at you!
This was HAWtttt!

Anonymous said...

I knew there would be knickers flying round here. lol Great story Keith. It was definitely hot

SLC said...

Yesterday someone said they didn't expect to see panties flying.

I think she's a switch hitter now

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Damn...Who knew? Rob put it on her huh? I must say I didn't expect that to happen.

Captain Jack said...

Both Connie and Patrice are actually Bi-sexual or Straight and confused, but neither one is really a lesbian....I mean one is still obviously in love with their husband and the other sleeps with men "occassionally"...Nah, neither one is really gay!

Vanessa said...

Didn't see that coming! It was an awesomely hot and erotic story though!

Lisa said...

Wow...That was good..I really didn't think anything sexual was going to go down between them...

Halo said...

Wow! Hot story! I guess that was just a one night thing...She didn't seem that broken up over Patrice thaat night!