Saturday, November 27, 2010

Good Connection

I stood on the Boardwalk at Atlantic City and watched the snow flurries blow by slowly....They turned into a wee bit of rain shortly afterwords.....Just a few minutes before I had been up in my hotel room....I had paid a bell hop to bring me a few things..A small bottle of Scope, Some Colgate toothpaste, some Gillette Pro guide disposable razor blades and some Gillette shaving cream. I shaved and brushed my teeth and showered and then went out on the Boardwalk...It was early Thanksgiving morning...I had spent the day in Atlantic City....Had got a little lucky at the crap tables...Won a grand...blew half of it.....It was a good time for me to cut my losses and call it a day
I thought...Me and a friend of mine named Bailey killed a bottle of wine for our troubles after a night of gambling and hanging out.....I don't know why I was standing here on the boardwalk alone this morning....My name is Paris...My buddy Blake usually tells these stories, but this one is mine.

"Hey man, what'cha doin out here in the cold?" said Bailey who had finally gotten himself up and dressed..

"Just gettin some of that fresh AC morning air." I said.

"Yeah, well we better be gettin on the road...Blake is having Thanksgivin dinner and I hear he's got some fresh hotties coming over." said Bailey.

"Yeah, I'll bet he does...His babe, Cherish and Chance's babe, Anita Jenkins." I said.

"Nah...Nah...he told me to tell you that he's got a babe comin over with Cherish...One of her girlfriends...." said Bailey.

"Uh Uh...I've met Cherish's girlfriends...They have issues....and besides...if she does , where does that leave you?" I said jokingly....

"Awww, you got jokes today right? Cherish is bringing over two of her girlfriends.." he laughed.

I dated a girlfriend of Cherish's named Deshawn....Biggest mistake of my life...She came to the spot we agreed to eat at overdressed and with an attitude and then on top of that, had the nerve to eat something that she knew she was allergic too and get sick on me...The entire date was a disastor.. I wasn't looking forward to meeting any of her girlfriends.

At any rate, Bailey and I got in my car and we headed back to Philly ,about an hour later...Bailey wasn't a good shotgun rider like Blake...Bailey slept the entire time...Once back to my place, I showered again and splashed on a light cologne...Blake was in the other room preparing the playlist for the ipod.

''Yo man, where is the food?" I laughed....I knew that Blake wasn't about to cook anything...I was his room-mate in college, the boy couldn't boil water!

"Anita is bringing the food....Her and her brother in law." said Blake.

"Clerow? He eatin with us too?"I asked...Not that I minded..Clerow was a pretty cool dude for an Old head.

"'Nah..He just helpin her with the food." said Blake.

"Hey man, one of them babes aint that babe Deshawn is it?" I asked.

"Nah, these two new babes...I aint met em....Cherish works with em..." said Blake.

Anita and Clerow arrived shortly afterwords...They brought a Turkey, Cornbread Stuffing, Cranberry sauce, Giblet Gravy and Candied Yams.....Chance arrived with some Turnip Greens
and two bottles of Wine....Cherish arrived with a nice salad, a bottle of champaigne and two of the finest babes I had ever laid my eyes on!!! Clerow and I both were staring.......He looked at me and whispered-

"Mannn,if I was single and a few years younger, you couldn't get me outta here."

"You aint never lied Clerow.." I said.

"Well , let me get back to my own ever growing family...have a happy holiday and get some of that for me." he said with his slick southern grin...

"I'll do the best I can playa." I said.

We both laughed and slapped palms as he left.... No sooner than he was gone, Bailey arrived!
Naturally, he brought nothing but himself!

"Alright...I'm here...The party is starting!" He said.....One of the girls had the weirdest laugh..She just cracked up....What he said wasn't THAT funny...Even he knew that...Blake,Chance, Bailey and Anita all looked at me and I looked at Cherish , who smiled weakly and then said -

"Everybody...This is Pammy (The gigler) and Nadine....I work with them.....Pammy is a para -legal and Nadine is an Attorney." She said.

I liked Nadine...She was quiet and cool and she had a style that was very alluring.....Pammy as they called him had a smoking body and was wearing a killer mini skirt that was hugging every curve on her body...but that annoying giggle of hers was turning me off. She must've been taken with Bailey...She thought every word out of his mouth was funny...

Chance and Anita, Blake and Cherish and Bailey and Pam were soon sitting together....I actually sat across from Nadine...Conversation was light.....Every five minutes,Pam was laughing at something Bailey said...Even he didn't think he was that funny.. I looked over at her glaringly..I don't suffer fools or foolishness lightly...Nadine caught me doing this and I saw her giggle...I smiled at her.. We had a connection!

The dinner was incredible...In addition to looking great,Anita and all of her sisters could cook something fierce...After dinner, Blake, Chance and Bailey turned on the 50 inch Flat Screen TV to watch the Football game...The Dallas Cowboys were playing the New England Patriots....Pam
inserted herself on Bailey's lap...He smiled from ear to ear...Meanwhile ,Cherish,Nadine and Anita were left to wash the dishes...I shook my head and began helping them clear the table...While They washed...I dried..and then I took the trash out...Nadine followed me out to the elevator...

"I liked that you helped us clean up....Tell your friends that I said Hazel retired in 1967." she said.

I laughed....

"You watch TVLand too huh?" I said.

"Yeah, that , youtube and HULU." she said.

"A girl after my own heart....Hey it's cold out here...You should have worn something more than that." I said.

"It's shouldn't have had to come out here by yourself." she said.

We walked back to the elevator...The conversation continued about her job....She had just gotten her J.D. She believed that the only reason she had gotten her job was because one of the partners wants to sleep with her....I couldn't fault the guy for that ,that's certainly what I wanted to do.

I told her about my Bachelor's degree and the fact that I had just gotten my second Masters and how I was trying to work my way up the ladder in City government...but I what I really wanted was to work my way up her ladder. Of course I didn't say that..but it was quite evident.
Once back in our apartment... Everyone was coupled up....Chance and Anita were sitting on the couch watching the Football game.... Blake and Cherish were sitting on a throw pillow watching the game and kissing....Bailey and Pammy were missing...I didn't know where they were and didn't long as it wasn't my room.

We walked into my room and sat on the bed...Nobody in the living room seemed to mind or care.
I brought one of the bottles of wine and two tumblers with ice...She was gorgeous...I couldn't take my eyes off of her.. I could barely take my eyes off the plunging neckline of her black, silk blouse, and the way it strained to contain her honey brown cleavage. She obviously saw that I was distracted by this, as when my eyes finally made their way back up to hers, she had one eyebrow raised and a half smile on her face, as if to say, "My eyes are up here, baby." I smiled and she smiled too as I finnally filled the tumbler and passed it to her....

"Nice Thanksgiving wasn't it?" I said.

"It beats being alone watching Law and Order episodes." she joked..

"Fine ass woman like you , with no man?" I asked.

"Is that your way of asking if I'm available?" she asked.

"Yeah, it is." I said.

"No shame to your game Paris is it?" she said.

"Not a bit baby." I said.

"I like that." she said.

So did I!

(Conclusion Next..)


Anonymous said...

This looks like I'll be getting ready to toss my panties soon!

Brenda said...

@Anonymous-Why not keep them on ,just this once?

Captain Jack said...

ROTFLMAO- You two are hillarious!

Tate 2 said...

This looks like a good story Keith...It's about time poor Paris got him a steady...Blake has had one for a minute now.

Cheryl said...

They gettin ready to do the nasty,aint they?

Angie B. said...

I had to light a cigarette after reading this! LOL-Sike!