Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Money Mannnn!

"After you finish that food, you are free to go" I said to Ike Clanton, who had now spent a day and a half in Fathead's safehouse. Donald Smooth and I had releived the other two fellows who had been guarding him. We brought him a McDonald's breakfast of Pancakes, Hash Browns, Suasage,Scrambled Eggs ,Orange Juice and Coffee. He hungrily ate his food and looked at us in disbeleif. He had robbed us and yet not one of us had so much as smacked him....We had fed him , allowed him to watch the flat screen 50 inch Television in the house and had even allowed him to bathe. Now we were cutting him loose...He couldn't beleive it!!

"Yall lettin me go?" he said.

"We are gonna take you back to the strip club where we found you and drop you off...Here's $50.00...After're on your own." I said.

He had seen the news....He knew that three of his crew had been killed in a robbery gone bad and that their leader, Jessie Young had escaped and was beleived to have been wounded. He knew that he had nowhere to go.

"Hey guys...would it be too much if I asked you guys to drop me off at the bus station.?" he said.

"We can do that Smooth,can't we?" I asked.

"Sure thing." said Donald Smooth.

We blindfolded him, so he wouldn't know where he was and drove him to the bus station on 9th and Filbert Streets.

"A word to the wise kid" I said... "Find yourself another line of work.....and don't ever let me see me you in Philadelphia again."

"You won't....I swear. You won't." he said.

Donald Smooth and I watched him board the bus to New York City.......Then we pulled off!

''You wanna stop and get some Coffee Chess?" asked Donald Smooth.

"Nah...Let's meet with Chris..." I said. We drove to where Chris Thompson and Kool Kat were staked out. It was in front of beautiful Waterfront Condo, not too far from our offices. I wondered how long Bristol had known of our whereabouts...Being that it wasn't that many African -Americans in this area with offices or condos period...It wasn't hard for him to notice Chris and me coming to work everyday..The shame of it is...We never noticed him.

Chris had the trigger fish device that Kevin had used and had pulled a conversation off of Jessie Young's cell phone.....


"Yeah man, it's me...the robbery went all, everybody is dead...and I still can't find Ike."

"Why are you having this conversation with me on the phone? Are you stupid?"

"Look man...I need my money and I need some medical attention."

"That's not my problem is it? You and your cowboys made too much noise.. You tipped our friends off....So now, it would just be better if you left town....I will have to make arrangements for someone else to handle my business...As of now, our arrangement is expunged."

"Expunged? I don't know what the hell that means Bristol...but I want my money.."

"WHAT ARE YOU CALLING MY NAME OVER THE PHONE FOR? If you know what's good for you, you'll leave town...."

"Hey, don't ignore me man!"


Chris looked at me and shrugged!

"You hear that Chess? That's the guy who brought them here...He wanted that ten million in our safe....He needed that as some kind of seed money...He's trying to set something up...Only he's out of time and out of business....He's got a quarter of a million dollars of my money...That pompus jerk is going to pay me back today!" snapped Chris.

"We been here for awhile...He's in that Barber shop in the condo....He's got two goons in the front...A guy inside....and a sharpshooter in the window of that building across the street." said Kool Kat.

"Man, how do you know all of that?" I asked.

"Chess, what did I used to do? How long did I do it? " asked Kool Kat.

"When Kool was doin his thing Chess...He was the best in the business." said Chris, laughing at me.

I entered the building across the street with Donald Smooth...We took the elevator to the 17th floor... We found the room and I knocked on the door.

"Room Service." I said.

There was an eerie silence...Donald Smooth looked at me , I looked at him and like two detectives..we kicked the door in and ducked...Sure enough, there was a hitter in the room just like Kool Kat had said. He dropped his rifle and went to pullout a pistol, Only I clocked him with the butt of my gun and Donald Smooth put the nozzle of his pistol to his head.

"Next time someone tells you it's room the damn door!" he snarled as I smiled.
We bound and gagged him and brought him down the back entrance and delivered him to Kool Kat's capable hands. We stuffed him in a car where two of our guys were watching him.

Kool Kat walked across the street and began a conversation with the two guys perched in front of the door....Within seconds an argument guy went sailing through the plate glass window and the other went crashing through the front door. The gunmen on the inside went for his gun, but Donald Smooth had him covered and disarmed him before he could get into anything....The poor barber, who was just finishing up, dropped his clippers and ran for all he was worth...

Bristol sat in the barber chair with shaving cream still around his ears a little surprised , but still with no look of real fear...He kept looking upwards. No doubt for his sharpshooter!

"Forget about your guy across the street Bristol, we got him." said Chris.

"Indeed...You always were, if not anything else, pretty thorough Chris." said Bristol. He was a tall thin guy, impeccably dressed, honey brown skin and about our age, but he spoke like a Harvard lawyer...Bristol was a big time gambler....He only played in high stakes games...Where there was a huge prize to be won...It was said that he was well connected finnacially and that he was looking to make inroads into other things.

"So Mr.Bristol, I'm here to talk about a half mil of my money in your coffers...I want it back, all of it and it's not negotiable." said Chris.

"Why don't we meet somewhere else and discuss this matter...Perhaps the bar at the country club ,in which one of my associates is a member?" said Bristol.

"Why don't I kill you right here and call it a tax write off?" said Chris.

"Well....That certainly wouldn't be nice for either of us." said Bristol.

Just then , a badly dishevled Jessie Young walked in the now empty ,(except for us) Barber shop.

"I want my money mannnnnn.." He said...He had lost a lot of blood...He was in need of medical attention and he looked like hell...He waved the gun at Bristol, who for the first time looked afraid...Then he collapsed in the middle of the floor.

Kool Kat walked over to him and felt his pulse.

"He's dead man." said Kool Kat.

Chris turned and looked at Bristol.....

"My Money MAN!!! I'm not going to ask you again!"


Bristol's courier returned every cent of the money he owed Chris...he returned Dollar Bill's and Chick's money too. The police found the nude body of Jessie Young in a clear plastic bodybag floating in the marina a few days later....They didn't have a clue as to what happened to him or how his body wound up there...They were just happy not to have to deal with the Westies anymore.

The embarrassment suffered by Bristol was enough so that, a few days later, his condo was empty and for all appeared that he had left town...Still,I didn't think that that would be the last time we saw him.

"Well , you got your money ,I know you're happy." I said to Chris as we sat in Mabel's Soul Food Joint enjoying a tumbler of Coffee , a few days later..

"Yeah....I couldn't let him of all people punk me." said Chris.

"You think that's the last we'll hear from Bristol?" I asked.

"Oh noooo, nooo..He'll be back....When he thinks I've forgot...But I never forget." laughed Chris as he tossed the money on the table and headed out the door.

"Be easy Chess." he said as he walked away...I smiled and sipped my coffee.

( For SLC and Carlene)


SLC said...

Great week man.
I mean, mannnnnnnnn!


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I loved this week. It was great!!