Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Kool

I had a suit specifically tailored for this event....and I bought myself a brand new pair of clear, aviator shades...I also had one of Fathead's guys score me some cuban cigars. To say that I was as sharp as a tack would be an understatement...but then again...that's why most people don't know me by my government name...That would be Walter Jones...They know me as Kool Kat....

I was at the week long Jazz fest thrown by my good friends, Chess and Chris Thompson....I came on the third night...I had a lovely young woman on my arms who I had only met, two days before named Bernadette...She was the stylish and lovely recently divorced wife of my good friend, Kevin Morris's friend..Harry Charles...I felt kind of funny being here with her...but after all, Kevin and I had just recently saved his life....I didn't go after his woman...She pursued me...Don't quite know how she got my phone number, but she did and she called...several times and texted me a very revealing photo of her nude!!!...I must say..that did pique my interest a bit..

I haven't slept with her yet, but not because she hasn't hinted around to it!!! To tell the truth, this woman scares me..She's a bit too ,too my mother might put it!..We walked into the square where the festival was...Ingrid Rhodes was on stage singing her heart out...Reed Nelson on Trumpet, "88" on Piano and Symphony Sam on the Saxophone were accompanying her quite nicely...aided by the All star band that was backing practically everybody....

I saw Chess and his wife, Rell sitting in the front row, Chris Thompson ,his partner in crime was with some Hispanic woman. The young boy,Paris finally had a date..a cute little number I'd seen in Josie's a couple of times...The rest of his crew was here too, Blake, his girl, Cherish, Chance Howard and Anita Jenkins.

"Kool Kat, there is Kevin and Sepia...Let's go sit with them." said Bernadette.

"Okay." I said.

I knew what Kevin was thinking the minute he saw us together, but he didn't say anything..He just smiled and looked away. His wife, Sepia's mouth was wide open..She knew how I rolled and she knew that her hair dresser, Bernadette could not keep up with me. Clerow grinned also...and like Kevin's wife Sepia..His wife, Cora-beth's mouth was wide open too. Only Sean Jackson and his wife Sheila greeted us with no smiles or looks of surprise. We sat between Cock Robbins and his wife Vanessa and Pastor Struthers and his wife, Rita.

''Kool Kat, we are the only couple here not married...isn't that something?"laughed Bernadette.

I looked at her like she was crazy and said- "Yeah,how about that?" From a short distance,I saw both Kevin and Clerow trying to conceal their laughter. I smelled some good food and looking for a break from both Bernadette and my friends decided to go towards the smell, alone!

"I'll be back babe....I'm going over there to check out that gumbo...You want anything?" I asked.

"Did you all hear that? He called me babe?" gushed Bernadette. Sepia looked at me and grimaced..So did Cora-beth....Kevin,Clerow,Sean and Cock Robbins were laughing uncontrollably..It was time for me to get up...After all, I had a reputation!

I walked over to the food stand...Mabel Jenkins and her older sister, Victoria Weatherford, wife of Deacon Larry Weatherford were standing over a pot of Louisiana Gumbo...It smelled great.

"Mabel..did you fix this...ummmm....ummmmph...aint had no gumbo in four years." I said.

"What you know about dat youngin?" came the voice of an older man standing behind me...He was immaculately dressed...In fact, His suit looked more expensive than mine...I was immediately impressed.

"Man, I got cousins in New Orleans..I used to go down to the big easy and chow down come Mardi Gras." I said.

"Hi Walter....This is my daddy..Willie "Sweet Dick" Jenkins" said Mabel as she poured me a styrofoam bowl full of the Gumbo..

"Sweet Dick? And I thought I had the koolest nickname." I laughed.

"Yeah? What's your handle?" he asked.

"They call me Walter "Kool Kat" Jones." I said laughing and shaking the old man's hand..I could see why they called him "Sweet Dick"...He had four of the finest daughters any man up here had ever seen...Victoria, Mabel, Cora beth and Anita...and from what Kevin had told me...His fine ass wife, Sepia was Sweet Dick's half brother's daughter..Nothin but fine women in that family..Shame I missed out on all of em...

"How you likin Philly's version of what we do every night in Nawlins?" laughed Sweet Dick...

"I like it mighty fine man, mighty fine." I said...

Just then "88" started playing "My Favorite Things" on the Piano...Symphony Sam did his best John Coltrane imitation and Reed Nelson joined in with an original trumpet solo...Chris Combs played lightly on the could barely hear him...While Shady Grady Tatum brought in the rear on the Bass...

"Man, these guys are cookin." said "Sweet Dick" Jenkins...

''Aint they though?" I laughed in total agreement...

"I'd like to do some cooking too." came Bernadette's voice...

Sweet Dick Jenkins looked at me and winked...Mabel Jenkins smiled a conspiratorial smile and then turned her head away from me. We returned to our seats. From a distance , I saw Donald Smooth and Ralph Mole coming towards me...

''Hey Kool Kat...can we holler at you for just a minute?" said Donald Smooth.

I looked at Bernadette-

"I'll be right back baby." I said.

''What's up?" I asked.

"The boy,Locksmith Johnson was at the Mermaid Club....He's got a line on that stick up crew...Five guys, out of New York....young boys...and they stuck up Frenchie last night, took a half mil man...That was money Chris and Chess had to pay the musicians and for the rental of this space..They aint gonna be happy about this." said Ralph Mole.

"We got to tell em, but not now...Tell em after the concert tonight..I'll touch base with Kevin in the morning...Maybe all of us can put our heads together and get to the bottom of this." I said.

"Okay cool" said Donald Smooth.

"How's Frenchie?" I asked.

''He's in the hospital..they beat him up pretty bad..but he'll be alright." said Ralph Mole.

"How did they know Frenchie was the bag man?" I asked.

"They got inside information...Had to be someone here."said Ralph Mole.

"Okay..well they probably couldn't have gone far...At least I hope not." I said.

I returned to my seat... Symphony Sam was playing "Nancy with the laughing face" Another Coltrane classic...Downtown Rob Brown joined him on Trumpet....The crowd applauded loudly...
Bernadette put her head in the crook of my arm and we laid back and enjoyed the music...
I looked at Kevin and Sepia and Chess and Rell and all of the other couples....It was so peaceful...
The calm before the storm!

(To Be Continued.....)


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah it's heating up now.

Bernadette needs to sit her tail down somewhere. She can't handle Kool Kat. lol

Anonymous said...

Kool Kat is so sexy..He makes me want to throw my panties up to the rafters!