Friday, November 12, 2010

The Westies

"It was five of em Chess...All in they twenties...all wearing jeans, sneakers,black baseball jackets and Yankee baseball caps....They waylaid me before I got to the car and took the money you gave me to deposit in the bank...I'm sorry man." said Frenchie.

"It's okay French...but I gotta ask you...How did they know you'd be depositing the money? " I asked.

"Hell if I know Chess..They knew the make of my car, they knew the route, they knew everything.." he said from his hospital bed, where he was recovering from a near fatal beating.

Frenchie had been part of our inner circle since grade school..A stand up guy all around... I know that he didn't go down easily..He fought...and judging from the severity of his beating...He had fought hard..Which is why they beat him so bad..To get him to stop.

"Chess...All I know is that Dollar Bill told me that some guys bearing the same description hit his guy a week before...Stole his entire days take." said Frenchie.

"Hmmm, I heard that this stick up crew was outta New York....but what are they doing here in Philly?" I asked.

"Don't know...but Chess...If you and Chris catch up with em...Call me..I want to holler at them clowns...for real.." said Frenchie.

"Rest easy my friend...We'll do what we can." I said and smiled.

That afternoon, just hours before what was to be the last night of the Jazz Fest,I met with my partner, Chris Thompson, Donald Smooth, Kool Kat and Ralph Mole.

"Tell me somethin Ralph? I know you got some intell." said Chris, visibly angry at the latest development.

"Well Chris, Chess...They're called the Westies....And they're from out of New York City... They're a tight unit...They work fast and they're very professional...They've hit banks, jewelry stores and payrolls.Their leader is a guy named Jessie Young...He's the nephew of someone we all know...The late great,Wally Gator...Other guys in the crew is Ike Clanton, Freddie and Arthur
Bremer, they're brothers and Frankie Flowers..All of em got sheets and none of em is thirty yet." said Ralph Mole.

"You got a scope on where they lay their heads?" asked Chris...

"No...they lay pretty low...but I know one thing...The guy named Ike loves exotic dancers." said Ralph.

"You mean strippers, don't you?" asked Kool Kat.

"Well uh yeah....and he hangs out at that same club that Fathead has been known to frequent." said Ralph Mole.

"Well..then let's pay him a nice cozy visit." said Chris.

"Chris...Kool Kat and Donald Smooth can handle that." I said.

"He robbed us Chess...Now somebody has got the idea that we weak...I want to personally show these guys and whoever is sponsering them that I aint." said Chris.

"You think they have local "sponsering"?" I asked.

"Yeah..Somebody brought these guys here...and they only pulled those stick ups of Bottom of The C and Frenchie to have spending change..They got something bigger in mind...I'm almost certain of it. These guys aren't just after short money."said Chris.

"What is our money situation?" asked Donald Smooth.

"That money was insured...We still have enough to pay everybody." I said.

Chris didn't seem to care....His pride was hurt by being robbed...That was the part of him that was still in the streets..Never the less,He was my boy and I had to ride with him.

That night, We sat outside of the strip joint in a Black Escalade...I was at the wheel, Chris was riding shotgun...Kool Kat and Donald Smooth had been in the back seat. Frenchie had given us a description of what these guys might be wearing and a little of what they looked like...but only Ralph Mole was familiar with the one of them...Jessie..and chances are..He wasn't here!

Several people wandered in and wandered out....Then ,at a little after 1:00 am, a
guy wearing jeans, a plaid shirt, a black NY Yankees baseball jacket and a baseball cap came walking out of the club...He was sipping on a wine cooler....
Ralph Mole walked out behind us and nodded his head....

Kool Kat got out of the car and began walking down the street behind him...Donald Smooth got out and began walking in the opposite direction. He turned the corner..

After two blocks, Ike Clanton realized he was being followed. He crossed the street. Kool Kat kept walking on the same side...Ike went inside his jacket..He was about to pull a gun when Donald Smooth bumped into him knocking his wine cooler out of his hand...The bottle smashed on the pavement.

"Oh..Oh excuse me brother,I'm so sorry." said Donald Smooth.

"You clumsy asshole...Damn right youse sorry." snapped Ike.

"HE SAID HE WAS SORRY!" came the booming voice of Kool Kat who was now
behind him.

Ike looked at Donald Smooth who now had a gun stuck in his ribs and the big imposing figure of Kool Kat ,who now also had a gun stuck in his ribs....Chris Thompson and I walked toward him....He looked like he was about to defecate on himself.

"You guys cops?? I aint done nothin." he said.

Chris smiled for the first time in the twenty four hours since he had heard we had been robbed.

"We aint cops buddy....We are here to kidnap you and to steal all the money you stole from us." he said.

Ike Clanton fainted!

(To Be Continued!)


Anonymous said...

lol can't believe dude fainted. This is gonna be good

SLC said...

That was funny. Tough guy just dropped.

(This is my word verification. Sounds like your food blog)