Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Quick And The Dead!

Peeping Tom Constanoble and Clarence "Lockpick" Johnson were as odd a pair as one could find..One was an ex-CIA operative , who was a genius at all types of surveilance...while the other was a streetwise ex-convict, who could break into any dwelling and beat almost any security system....They did great work assisting both attorney Robert Foxworth and my friend, the writer and blogger turned Private Investigator, Kevin Morris...Now they were helping Chris and me.

Peeping Tom walked around our office with a strange machine that was beeping very loudly....Lockpick Johnson was using another machine that was sending a loud beam throughout our Penns Landing office...Peeping Tom followed the beeps and uncovered several hidden micro listening devices and micro video cameras hidden all over our office....The machine Lockpick Johnson had was called a scrambler...It was destroying any signals these devices could still be giving.

"Here they are Chess.....This is the reason your adversaries know so much about your operation.. You and your partner Chris had your planning sessions in this office and your guy Frenchie was here with you...Whoever these guys are..They heard and saw everything!!They probably don't need to listen anymore...They know your whole operation." said Peeping Tom.

"So that's how they knew about Frenchie...and that's how they knew to hit Dollar Bill's joint and Chick's joint, Ciros...Where we were stashing some of the money." said Chris.

"I told you we should have just used a bank...none of this would have happened." I said.

"Yeah man, I guess you was right on that one ." he said holding his head down and punching his fist into his hand.. We had wondered how this stick up crew known as "The Westies" were getting so much information on us...The one guy we had in our custody, Ike Clanton, didn't even know...He just said that their leader, Jessie Young was getting his information from some guy he spoke to on the phone...The guy who had brought him to Philly..He also told us that they planned to hit Gus's joint , Josie's tonight.....We had already told Gus...I knew that his guys, Eddie and Albert were only too ready to throw down...

The guy we had in custody was scared to death....We hadn't even roughed him up...Neither Kool Kat nor Donald Smooth, nor any of the muscle we had watching him in Fathead's safehouse had laid a hand on him..We did take close to 50k off of him...Money we were sure was stolen...He gave us an address where at least two of his crew was staying....Our good friends, Kevin Morris,
Sean Jackson and Clerow were already sitting on the place...Locksmith Johnson and Peeping Tom had already "wired" the house, which belonged to some girl and placed a GPS tracking device on their vehicle. We were waiting to hear from them.

He claimed that he didn't know where the crew's leader, Jessie Young was staying....and he gave us two places we might find Frankie Flowers...Kool Kat and Donald Smooth were checking out both spots...

"Well Holmes , what do we do now? " asked Chris.

"We wait man...We are already a step ahead of these guys..We got one of em and we know their next move...Not only that, they don't know we know it." I said.

"Chess...One thing man, one question you aint askin." said Chris.

"Huh? What?" I asked.

"These guys are kids...They're stick up boys....They don't have the money or the connections in Philly to surveil us...or to know where we've been stashin some of our money for this Jazz Fest..Somebody ...Somebody right here in Philly , Somebody brought those guys here and somebody is after one or both of us personally.." said Chris.

"Yeah ,but who?" I asked.

"Somebody who would is smart enough to bring out of town talent in, so it never comes back to him." said Chris.

"I think I have the answer to that" came the unmistakable voice of our friend, Kevin Morris...
He ,Clerow,Sean Jackson and Robert Foxworth all walked into our office.

"You do?" said Chris and I in unison.

"Gentlemen, either of you know of a big time Gambler named Bristol?" He said.

"Bristol!! ,Bristol.... Bristol the fixer." said Chris.

"Yeah..We know him...He plays high stakes cards at practically all of our card games..." I said.

"We used the trigger fish machine you gave us Peeping Tom and we pulled a couple of cell phone conversations between this Bristol fella and the Bremer Brothers, Arthur and Freddie and Jessie Young..Apparently they are the leaders of the crew and Ike Clanton and Frankie Flowers just do the heavy lifting...They only know what they need to know." said Kevin.

"It makes sense" said Chris.

"Yeah..Bristol was always nosing around ,asking question about our business...He even offered to be a silent partner last year, float us some cash for a percentage...I told him no." said Chris.

"Well, he's very connected..We followed him..He lives in a condo...a penthouse condo....In a building that's got it's own Barber Shop...When this cat walks in, everybody gets up and waits until he's seated...He's got two or three goons around him at all times too...And somebody is always in his spot..Very difficult to get to..." added Kevin...

"You got any idea where our money is?" asked Chris.

"No...but these kids don't have it...Bristol pays them whatever he wants to pay them, but your money is no doubt with him." said Kevin.

"Hmmm....I'm gonna get to him." said Chris...

"Just hold on partner...First we gotta worry about those cowboys." I said.

"No we don't....They won't be a problem at all." laughed Chris.

He was right.....That night as the Jazz Fest entered it's final night....Jessie Young, Arthur Bremer,Fred Bremer and Frankie Flowers walked into what they thought was an empty Josie's
Bar...The broke in and headed for what they thought was a safe containing close to 10 million dollars....We had already moved the money,once we knew they were planning to hit the place..What they walked into was the shotgun blasts of Eddie , Gus and Albert.....Oh they tried to shoot it out with them...But Gus, Eddie and Albert were no slouches and not about to get robbed the way Dollar Bill and Chick had been robbed!

When the smoke cleared...Arthur Bremmer, His younger brother,Fred Bremmer and Frankie Flowers ...All 24 years old lay dead!....Jessie Young managed to shoot his way out and make it to his car....But just then, Kool Kat and Donald Smooth were driving up....Jessie Young fired at them... Big Mistake....Kool Kat and Donald Smooth let his car have it..flattened both tires and shot out the back window...Jessie got out, gun blazing...Donald Smooth hit him in the shoulder and in his rear end....

"Arrrrrrgggggggggh....I've been shot...I've been shot...arrrghhhhhh.." he yelled as he ran into the night, dropping his gun...


We paid the musicians and the workers. Our Week long JazzFest had been a success.... The Police and the FBI came by to pick up the corpses.....As it turns out..They had heard of the Westies and had been tracking them for a long time for a score of robberies...Neither Gus, nor his muscle was charged with any crime...As far as they could see, They were defending their property from a gang of mad robbers... The dropped gun had Jessie Young's fingerprints on them...He was now a wanted suspect!

Chris and I drove along Lincoln Drive ,early in the morning....My buddy was eerily quiet. He had been right about us not having to worry about the Westies..

"Hey Chris..What's on your mind?" I asked as I drove along the drive...

"That guy we got, Ike Clanton...cut him loose." said Chris.

"What?" I asked.

"We got no more need for him...His crew is gone...He'll either high tail it out of Philly...or he'll lead us right to our money....I'm bettin on the latter." said Chris.

"You think his boy will trust him? After all...He was the only one not at the robbery, They walk in and get slaughtered...It's gonna look funny." I said.

"It sure is....and maybe ,just maybe...We'll get a lead on this Bristol charactor." said Chris.

''He sounds heavy duty." I said.

"I'm heavy duty Chess." said Chris.

I laughed, yes you are my friend!...Yes you are~!

(Conclusion Next...)


Swaggie said...

Damn...These Westies are lethal...or rather, were lethal!

Tate 2 said...

Gus and his crew aren't no joke!
Lovin this, Keith!

Sunflower said...

You reallyknow how to bring the ruckus! But that's okay...This story started out, nice and peaceful and lyrical and is now building to a crescendo!

Angie B. said...

Can't wait to see how this ends.