Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Another Night

It was 2:00 am in the morning...practically everybody I know is fast asleep or about to be.....It being a Monday Night, Gus was probably closing up Josies right about now and he and Honey Brown and his two bodyguards, Eddie and Albert were on their way home.. Unless he was on a case and even if was on a case, Kevin would be calling it a night about now, He'd be cutting, Sean Jackson, Clerow, Kool Kat, Lockpick Johnson and Peeping Tom loose and heading home to that fine and sexy wife of his, Sepia...Reed Nelson ,88 and his band would be finishing up at Mulberry Street where they played on Monday and Tuesday nights and heading home.. and my young contemporaries, Chance Howard, Paris and Blake would be holed up with their girls, maybe not asleep, but certainly in bed. Even attorney Robert Foxworth would be loved up with one of his honeys at this hour.

Me, My name is Rob Brown, "Downtown Rob Brown" to be exact....It's two in the morning and I'm in a recording studio in Midtown Philadelphia working... I'm sittin in with Ralphie Coltrane...no relation to John, but who plays a mean Saxophone and his band..a guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist, a drummer and a pretty little number named Yolanda Prentis on Lead Vocals and vibes... They needed a trumpet player on three numbers and so they asked me.

Ralphie had been at Mulberry Street the night I sat in with Reed Nelson and his band...and he had been at Josies a couple of times and had caught me and my band doing a few sets...This was when Reed Nelson ,88 and the boys had been on tour. He had a CD by Brooke Taylor, the singer that featured me on several tracks....Armed with that and a nice recomendation from both Reed
and 88, he asked if I'd sit in with his band on this recording date..

I liked Ralphie..He played pure jazz...No smooth jazz, no r&b fused with hip hop pretending to be jazz... He was ,like me a perfectionist....He came to the recording studio with his numbers prepared and with his band rehearsed... His producer ,Meek Rollins told me to simply ad lib my part on the break...We did two takes of the first two numbers and I added a great trumpet solo and then we did the third number, which featured Yolanda on Lead Vocals and me following her on trumpet.

"Okay guys...we got the band recorded...What I want is for Londie to do her solo...and then Rob ,for you to come in with her and follow her....when we get to the bridge...that's all you baby."
said Meek Rollins..

"Got it Meek...let's do it." I said.

"Okay...when the red light goes on..let's kill it and let's go home." he said as he cued the engineer.

Yolanda sang like an angel...She had a hellacious body on the other hand...and that short tight red skirt she was wearing was breaking my concentration.. Her legs were so shapely, they looked like they had been drawn by an artist...She was the color of coffee with cream in it and had long hair that fell to the small of her back...Nice rack too... We had been eye balling each other and smiling at each other like school kids all night long...I was getting an erection just watching her sway as she sang...She looked at me and smiled...I think she saw it and she knew she was the cause of it.

"Okay guys...that's a wrap...We can print this." said Meek Rollins.

"Thanks so much Rob for sittin in with us." said Ralphie Coltrane....

The guitar player lit a cigarette and stood by the wall as the other musicians and engineers quietly left.

"I'm hungry Ralphie." said Yolanda..

"It's three in the mornin babe..what's open now?" laughed Ralphie as he packed his horn in his car.

"I know a place..a sandwich shop called 'Canals' not far from here...They stay open all night..we can grab some sandwiches and some coffee at least." I said. I had gone there many a drunken night after closing Josies or Mulberry Street or Ciros or heaven forbid, The Mermaid Club..Chris Thompson had hipped me to that place...He and Chess and Donald Smooth often went there to chill after one of their card games.

"Hey, you guys go...Would you do me a favor Rob...Could you drop Londie off for me?"said Ralphie. (Like ,he read my mind)

''Sure thing Rob" I said.

"Thanks man..Thanks again for everything." he said as he peeled off several twenties and paid both of us. I liked a man who paid on time.

''Where's your car?" she asked.

"Over there in the lot " I said pointing to it...It was the only car on the lot.

"Nice" she cooed.. I still had a raging erection ,which I was trying to hid with my trumpet case...I know she must have seen it by now..

We drove to Canals and got a tumbler of coffee each. She ordered a Corn Beef special and I ordered a Reuben with cole slaw and some french fries. Surprisingly enough...Yolanda was hungry because she demolished her food in no time...So did I..but I'm a guy..We are always hungry...We sipped our coffee and exchanged small talk about music, concerts, recording dates and what not..She had the most beautiful hazel eyes...

"So...I hate to be making you drive out of your way ,all the way to West Philly, when you live in West Oak Lane.." she said.

"Ahh, it's nothing....I get on Lincoln drive and we're in West Philly in a cinch and I'm back in Oak Lane just like that." I bragged.

"I hear it can be dangerous driving at night when you're tired...wouldn't you rather just stay in Oak Lane?" she said with a sly grin on her face.

"How are you going to get home? On the bus?" I said.

"No silly....I thought ....uhh maybe .....you might uh, let me see your place....take care of that huge bulge in your pants.." she said with a devilish giggle...

"Check Please!"

It took me all of 20 minutes to pull up into the parking garage of my apartment complex...Yolanda and I took the elevator up and headed into my apartment.....We barely got inside the door..We were kissing passionately and groping each other furiously....She had stepped out of her shoes and I had slipped out of mine...She was unbottoning my shirt and I was slipping her skirt off..She was unzippering my pants and furiously rubbing my now hugely erect penis...while I was slipping her bra off and massaging her breasts...We wound up on my couch and eventually on the floor kissing and dry humping...

I lifted her up and took her to my bedroom....I slipped on a condom and slipped her panties off and slowly entered her.....I had been waiting for this all night..apparently..so had she...

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....RobertttTTTTT!!!!" she moaned......I was trying to go slow, to keep myself from becoming to excited..I was trying to think of other things than how good and soft and incredible wet she was...but I couldn't help it...I finally found my rhythm and began to move slowly, softly...This went on for about a half an hour...

"Oh Robert, harder, harder, harder..faster...please..ouuuuuuuuuu...ohhhhhhhhhh ,ohhhh my godddddddd..." she moaned...

I obliged her.....We began thrashing about and the bed began squeaking something terrible and ramming against the wall... The next door neighbor banged on the wall, but at this point, I didn't care and couldn't stop..

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh...OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." she yelled....

I finally stopped, turned her over and began to ride her doggie style..she screamed even louder...my neighbor sounded like he was banging a shoe against the wall.....It was to no avail...
Eventually she wound up on top of me..riding with wild abandon...Her long hair whipping like the wind...I could no longer control myself and neither could she...We came with wild furious abandon!

I awoke to knocking on my door several hours later...Yolanda was sleeping like a baby... I got up
put on my bathrobe and went to the door...It was a cop!

"Yes officer " I said as I opened my door part ways.

"Your neighbor called about a disturbance in this room....He said he heard a woman screaming."
said the officer who eyed the floor....He saw my boxers, a pair of panties, a bra, a red dress, my trousers , a belt and a condom wrapper...He looked at me sheepishly ....

"Just keep the noise down lover boy..put a pillow over her mouth." he said and looked at me and winked.

I sat on the couch and watched a little Sports center, when there came another knock on my door. I got up answered the door..It was Connie!! I hadn't seen her in two months ,since our little night together....I did want to see her again, but not now.... I should have cleaned up...she saw the panties, the bra, the condom wrapper on the floor and my pants and shirt, all still on the
living room floor and gave me a sheepish look.

"Is this a bad time?" she laughed.

"Yeah..kind of is." I said guiltily....

"Serious or one nighter?" she asked.

"I just met her." I said.

"Ummmph...you must have put it to her!!....huh?" laughed Connie.

''Yeah, you know how I do." I laughed...We could hear Yolanda snoring at this point.

"Damn...just talking to you at this point is making me all kinds of wet." said Connie.

''Connie..for god's sake she's in there sleep"I said...
Connie opened her trenchcoat, revealing black lace thigh highs and close to nothing else...

Somehow or other, Connie and I wound up on the couch...kissing and sucking and yes, eventually
making sweet love...Yolanda slept through the entire thing , which only lasted a little over a half an hour...The thought of Yolanda waking up and catching us making love in the living room excited both of us...We came furiously this time...

"Oh my god that was awesome....ouuuu, you ought to package and sell that thing Rob" said Connie.

I said nothing....

Connie got up and put on her clothes.....

"That damn gal sure can sleep." she laughed as she kissed me and walked out the door..

"Damn Rob, cause of you, I aint thought about a woman in months." said Connie as she walked away...My newsy neighbor saw her walking down the hall and his eyes nearly fell out of the sockets....Imagine a few hours later when he saw me and Yolanda walking out...I know he was wondering just what was going on.

A few hours later, I returned ...He was still standing in the doorway, newsy buzzard.

"Big night, eh Rob?" he said.

''Yeah man, I'm exhasuted " I said.

"I bet you are." he said.

I just laughed!

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Standing And Applauding and throwing my damn panties at you! This was hot!