Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hornets Nest

The next day I visited my favorite cop in the whole city of Philadelphia...Lt. Sissy Van Buren of Homicide/Major Crimes and now Special Vicitms unit..

Sissy was surprised and happy to see me...

"Well, well, well...if it isn't my favorite Private Investigator slash confidential informant!" she said with a laugh...At first , she was just a cop I could go to and trust...but now over the years we had become close friends...I thought of Sissy as a sister ...

"Hey Sissy...How's that new bed working out?" I laughed.

"Oh it's just fine smarty." she laughed...The she looked at me funny...

"Narcotics got a big package today...Enough Heroin, Coke and Meth to juice Philly ,Chester and Atlantic City...from an uh anonymous source....You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?" she asked.

"Sissy, it was me." I said..  Over the years we would joke like that and I would never admit to it , even though I knew that Sissy knew that I indeed was the police department's invisible helper..

She looked my admission.

"Kevin, what are you into?" she asked.

"Look Sissy, a client of mine has a lingerie store...You might have heard of it...Lady Chatterlies...." I said.

"Eddie C. bought me some nice things from that shop." she said.

"Oh really?" I laughed leeringly....Sissy was good looking...I didn't want to even imagine her in some of those racy things...Well actually I did.

"Never you mind." she laughed...

"Well, my client owns that establishment...She said that some strange goings on have ben going on there ever since her original warehouse manager Frankie Cash turned the reigns over to uh David Cord..." I said.

"Oh My God...Frankie Cash is a major narcotics dealer out of New York...and David Cord isn't much better...they are both bad news.." she said.

"Apparently they're in the lingerie business." I said.

"Neither one of them is in anything other than some drug business." she said.

"Well...I'm digging around...I don't have much to give you just yet...but I'll keep you informed.." I said.

Sissy showed me the rap sheets on both Frankie Cash of New York City and David Cord of Philadelphia..They both were indeed some bad charactors....

"Kevin you've danced with some bad guys in the past...but these two? They're right up there with the worst..So be careful" said Sissy...

''Aww Sissy ,you're worried about me?" I asked.

"Yes... I worry about you, ADA Wallace and my chica...You're all the closest thing to family I have." she said.

I hugged Sissy....

"You're my sister...I'll be careful...For you." I said and I left.


As I headed back to Lady Chatterlies that night..I saw police removing a body from the alley...I saw my second favorite cop in Philly, Homicide Detective, Carlotta Rodriguez..

I walked up to her...When she saw me, she smiled the sweetest smile I had ever seen in my life..

"Hey Kevin...What are you doing here?" she asked...

"Who you got?" I asked....

''His name is James Tabor...low level playa..He had supposedly gone straight...but I think he was still dirty." said Carlotta...

"What was he doing for a living?" I asked.

"He worked at a warehouse." said Carlotta.

"He worked for me! He was one of my drivers." came a voice...It was Bridget Jones, my client !!

"Detective Rodriguez....This is my client, Bridget Jones...She's cool Bridget..She's a friend!" I said, which told Bridget that we could talk freely around Carlotta and I guess this told Carlotta how much I had grown to trust her.

" Ms. Jones owns Lady Chatterlies Lingerie....She hired me because she felt something un towards was going on...I looked into it last night and I found mannequins stuffed to the gip with dope and coke.." I said.

"So that was you that sent that package to Narcotics?" laughed Carlotta.

''Yeah,I confess." I said.

"James worked out at my warehouse...He was one of my drivers. But I didn't know this was going on...We had different mannequins coming in everytime I turned around and they were always so heavy...All they were supposed to bringing back was boxes of panties, bras and lingerie" said Bridget.

"But apparently these guys were bringing some extra cargo." said Carlotta.

"Right and by interrupting that.....I imagine a lot of Cord's buyers are pretty upset right about now as well as low in product." I said.

"Well Kevin, you disrupted something major... You've opened up a hornets nest. That was a major haul and by you disrupting that, you bought this guy two slugs in the back of his head.We are hearing reports that the street dealers are product around for days...That was their stash." said Carlotta.

"Oh My God!" said Bridget...

"Okay look...I already talked to Sissy this afternoon... I know you have to investigate your murder...but there is something deeper going on here...I'll keep you guys posted." I said to Carlotta.

"What do you want me to do?" asked Bridget.

"Just go back to your it like you normally do...You don't know anything...Don't worry..I'll have one of my associates watching you." I said.

Detective Jimmy Barlow walked up to us...

"Hey Kev" he said.

"Hey Jimmy." I said.

"You find any witnesses?" asked Carlotta.

"Nada...Nobody saw nothin, nobody heard nothin...We got shell casings and an impression of some tire tracks...That's all.If what I'm hearin is true, this might be the first of several murders...Streets are dry, nobody can get any products...The fiends are sick...their buyers are's a mess..a good mess." he said.

"Okay...let's release the body.Get the lab guys to process the tire tracks." said Carlotta..

"I'm on it." he said as he walked towards the uniformed officers and the coroners men.

Carlotta walked over to me and whispered...

"You know these drug hits are the worst...Kev, nobody will talk to you...I hate em..." she said.

"Don't worry...Help may be on the way." I said and winked..

"I'm so glad you're mixed up in this." she said jokingly.

"Me too. I'll see you around Carlotta." I said.

"I'll be looking forward to it." she said.

"Come on Bridget." I said and we got in my car and pulled off.


I had  indeed opened up a hornets nest...  I had interrupted a major drug shipment...Somebody was angry and somebody had to pay...Somebody did pay apparently....Poor guy, wasn't even his fault.

That night Owen Todd, Clerow, Peeping Tom and Lockpick Johnson joined me in the lingerie shop after hours...They wired the store for video and audio and we again searched the mannequins..Once again we found Heroin, Cocaine and Meth in several mannequins and once again we boxed the stuff up and removed it.

Next we visited Bridget Jones and placed a bug in her phone and cloned her smartphone...We placed a GPS tracking device on her car...

"Kevin, I had no idea..." said Bridget...

''When you told me  who you thought was involved...I had to look into this further...Just be careful...My associates will be watching...Give me the address of your warehouse..." I asked..

She gave me the address....

"They realize that two shipments have been compromised now...So they won't be using your shop...Do they supply any other stores?" I asked.

"I'm sure they do.There is another shop called  Simply Underwear , a few blocks from here..I think they get their shipment from the same warehouse." she said.

"Well...I'm going to go to that warehouse and get to know Mr. Cord real well...real well." I said.

"Mr.'ve done enough...I'll pay you...David Cord is dangerous." said Bridget.

"Bridget...I'm dangerous." I said and laughed.

(To Be Continued....)


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