Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Redemption

I brought my laundry in the laundromat...It was a Saturday Morning...To my surprise...I saw Carlotta Rodriguez in the laundromat, washing her clothes... I was surprised....She didn't live in this neighborhood..And then I thought about it..Keith Wallace, her boyfriend did...He was nowhere in sight... I was going to turn around and walk out , when she saw me and called me...

"Eddie!  Hey Eddie!" she said.

I was seen..I turned around...I smiled...I waved weakly...Then , she waved for me to come over... I reluctantly walked toward her...She was the last person I wanted to see...She was not only a detective, but Sissy's confidant...

In the year since she'd transferred to Sissy's division the two had become more than just partners...but good friends...Sissy, who was about three or four years older than Carlotta considered her like a little sister...She had even given her a nickname.."Chica."Carlotta beamed everytime Sissy called her "Chica" or "My Chica" Translated ,it meant -"My girl"

I walked over to her...

"Heyy Eddie, Haven't seen you around." she said...She had such a sweet smile that I could perfectly understand why the ADA was completely bowled over by her.

"I've been busy" I lied.

"Too Busy to see the woman you claim you love?"she asked.

"Carlotta...I -I-I just can't.." I said.

"Why? " she asked.

"I know you know the whole deal....How I got in deep with those two hoods...How with my street smarts I should have known better...and how I still screwed the pooch...I feel like a damn fool...I can't look Sissy in the eye... I know that your boyfriend told me that he had been watching Jersey Sly and Bojack and that he knew I was into them  for a large amount of money and all and he needed my help...but I'm no dummy...That was Sissy, Sissy put him up to it and he used different detectives so that I could save face with all of you guys since I know you...But I know she told you the deal." I said.

"That's true Eddie..She told me and only me...And Me and Keith have not breathed a word about your involvement to any of the other cops...The two detectives he used.. Duke Baylor...He's one of us, he won't say anything and  Detective Sgt. Danny Ho ,Tyriq and  my old supervisor in Robbery- Homicide.doesn't know you  and doesn't  know you're the Lieutenant's boyfriend." said Carlotta.

''Am I the Lieutenant's Boyfriend?" I asked.  "She probably has lost all respect for me." I said with my head hanging down.

"Can I tell you something?" said Carlotta..

''What?" I asked.

"If you don't go see about her and I mean soon...She will have lost what little respect she does have for you.Don't be a punk...You want her...Go get her!!...So you messed up...People make mistakes..Sissy knows that..Be a man, fess up and then tell her you still want her." said Carlotta.

"Wow...You callin me out.!" I said.

''Eddie..Sissy liked you because you were a take charge kind of guy that asked boldly for what he wanted..She liked that...Now you're acting like a scared  baby." she said. "And I know you're not...I know who you used to be on the street...I remember you when you were a hustler...You wouldn't have lasted as long as you did if you had been a punk...I know you're not a punk...Go get Sissy, Go see about her." said Carlotta.

"She's not lying...You ought to go see about Sissy." said the unmistakable voice of Keith Wallace!

"Wow ,you look different without a suit and tie." I said...

"It's Saturday man." he said and smiled.

"You don't have a washer and dryer in your condo?" I asked.

''Yeah, but we are washing sheets and pillow cases." he said.

I eyed him and Carlotta....I smiled wryly....

"Ohhhhhhhh...I bet you are." I said slyly.....

Carlotta giggled...She had reverted from being the tough street wise detective who had just been talking to me to a shy ,sweet girl...The transformation was almost frightening...Keith brought that out in her...I could tell that she really liked him...When he was around...She was free, she was sweet, she was vulnerable...There was probably no other guy who could bring that sweetness in her out.

"You know...I'll bet Sissy is doing laundry right now...and you could be helping her..." said Keith slyly..

''Eddie, go see her...She wants to see you..She's too proud to call you, but I know she wants to see you...You know I know." said Carlotta.

"Okay...I'm going...I'm going...I hope this isn't a mistake." I said.

"It's not." said Carlotta.

I looked at Keith Wallace...

"You got a gem right there man..." I said.

He beamed...

"You don't think I know that?" he said.  "You got one too...Now go get her." he added.

Carlotta put her arms around Keith and kissed his cheek...He smiled softly...


I drove to Sissy's house....It was a beautiful Saturday Morning.. I rang the doorbell...I really should have called...What if she was there with company?  What if some dude came to the door in just his boxers?
I was getting ready to walk away when I heard the door was Sissy!

She had on her nightgown, but her hair was down around her arms...My mouth was wide open...She could see that I was ogling her breasts and she closed it up a bit.

"Hi Eddie." she said. She didn't exactly smile...So I didn't know if she was happy to see me or not.

"Damnnn" was all I could get out.

"Huh?" she said.

"Is this a bad time?" I asked..."You don't have company do you?" I asked.

"No...Who would I have over here?" she asked.

"I don't know....You look great...I mean it would be a shame to deprive somebody of that beauty..." I said.

Sissy looked exasperated...

"Did you want something Eddie?" she asked.

"Can I come in?" I asked.

She moved aside and I walked in....She closed the door...I just stared at her for a long while...

"What?" she asked...

I pulled her to me and kissed her, long, hard and passionately for like five or six minutes....I opened up her nightgown and just shook my head and continued kissing her.

When we mutually broke our embrace...Sissy was breathless...

"What was that for? ...I just woke up..I haven't brushed my teeth...and I haven't seen you in weeks." she said.

"Do you always look this good in the morning?" I asked.

"Eddie, I've  spent the night with you.Several times..You've seen me when I wake up." she said..

"Yeah, but something about now just seems so different." I said.

I grabbed her and kissed her again...This time longer...

She broke the embrace...

"Why is this different?  I'm the same as I ever was." she said..still kind of holding me, her soft hands brushing against my trousers and quite aware of my now raging erection..

"It's different because this is an apology....I owe you an apology for ruining Christmas for you by gambling away all of our trip money...I owe you an apology for nearly getting myself killed and I want to thank you for getting me off the hook...I know it was you...You got ADA Wallace to bail me out...I'm not stupid..You saved my life.. You're a better woman than I deserve...And I -I want to ask if we, you and me can start over...If we can start over...I'm-I'm in a program...Gamblers Anonymous...Harry Charles is my sponser...He told me that he once had a problem." I blurted out.

''Woww..All that huh???...Guilt trippin Eddie?"said Sissy... I frowned..

"Nah, that aint what I'm about..I'm just bein real with you...If you don't want to take me back, I perfectly understand.. I screwed this up."I said  and I was getting ready to turn and leave when Sissy smiled...Her smile was just as sweet as Carlotta's..

"Wait...let me go and brush my teeth. Just wait, don't go anywhere, I'll be right back!" she said and winked...

"Huh?" I asked.

"You forgive me?" I asked.

"Yeah I guess...Nobody is perfect...Everybody makes mistakes..." she said and walked upstairs and went in her bathroom....

She emerged a few minutes later and came back down the steps and gave me a nice long ,slow sensuous kiss...

"Mmmm..You use Scope don't you?" I said.

"Yes." she replied...

"Minty fresh right?" I asked.

"Yup.." she said.

"You taste yummy." I said.

"You are so crazy." she laughed..

"I've missed you Sissy." I said.

''Well why didn't you call?? , Why didn't you come see me? Am I that much of a bitch? " she asked.

"No ,of course not... You're a good woman, much better than I deserve.I didn't think you'd want to see me ." I said.

Sissy pulled me to her, She kissed me for a good long while...I could feel the warmth and the dimension of her sexy body...She ran her hands up and down my pants leg and settled on my crotch...I gently squeezed her breast...We continued to kiss...Then Sissy began to talk-

"I didn't for a minute...But Keith Wallace told me that I ought to give you another chance because nobody is perfect...and he was right.Sometimes I can be judgemental..I'm not perfect my damn self..." she said.

"Carlotta more or less called me a punk for not coming to see about you ." I said still holding Sissy..

Sissy the mention of Carlotta...

"She called you a punk? "laughed Sissy.

"In so many words." I laughed.

"I love my little sister to death." she said and gave me a warm ,sensuous kiss.

"Yeah, she is a peach." I said.

Sissy looked at me...and smiled..

"Are we going to stand here fondling each other all morning or are we going to make up?" she said.


Sissy's bed made more noise than mine...The bed squeaked, the headboard rumbled... and the legs felt like they might give at anytime...Still we kissed like it was going out of style and I mounted her and went in and out as though it was going to be the last time I ever made love to anyone...

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,Eddie...I've missed you soooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh!" she we made love early in the morning...Sissy had her big legs wrapped around my back as I continued to enter her with wild abandon......

''Sissy, all I thought about everyday was you.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I moaned as we practically absorbed each others bodies...

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.." she moaned... "Don't stop baby, don't stoppppppppppppppppppppppppp..."Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she cried out....

It wasn't long before one of the legs on her bed broke and the bed slid a little..Then the headboard cracked! I was momentarily startled.

I came furiously.....So did Sissy...She trembled as I held her...still cumming myself!!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddddddddddd.." I yelled..

"OuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuEddie...OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU." she cooed.

We lie in each others arms afterwords....

"You come over here and broke my bed." said Sissy with the sweetest smile.

"I'm sorry..I can get you a new bed." I said.

"Don't you tell nobody about this..This is embarrassing!" she laughed.

"But I did break the bed." I said with a smile.

Sissy laughed...

"Yeah you did.....My bed isn't used to this kind of action." she laughed...

"Hey Sissy?" I asked.

"What would you think of me moving in with you?" I asked.

"Ugh Ugh...You gotta put a ring on this finger first for that." she said.

I got quiet!

"I'm not ready for that and I know you're not...Not right now...Let's just take it slow...Calm down Eddie..I'm not going anywhere....You're in the drivers seat, for now."  she said and smiled sweetly... I held Sissy in my arms..

"Well right now, we're on the floor." I said.

Sissy smiled and gave me a nice long kiss..

''Feel better?" she said.

"Yeah..I do." I said.

"Good...Get up...I gotta get dressed and go bed shopping." she said...

I pulled her back down in the bed...

''What?" she asked.

"Let's break the other  legs off the bed first." I said and kissed her for along time..

"You are so crazy." she laughed in between kisses.


A few hours later!

"Wow..All this time I've known you and I've never been to your house before." said Kevin as he entered Sissy's home.

''Well Kevin...Now you can say you've been in my bedroom" joked Sissy.

"Wow,Imagine that!" laughed Kevin...

"I called you because I know you can keep a secret....I need you to move this bed out of my bedroom...and help me put the new one in." said Sissy...

Upon seeing the bed..... Kevin smiled wryly...

"Wow...You and Eddie C. do that? " whispered Kevin to Sissy.....

Sissy blushed something terrible... Kevin smiled...

"Don't worry...Don't answer....I won't say nothin....Wow..." laughed Kevin.

"Please don't say anything to Carlotta, I know you two have become close friends...I'm really embarrassed." said Sissy.

''About what? You got a man that puts it down like that...Eddie C. has put all of us to shame...The only other guy I know who ever broke a bed was your ex-husband..." laughed Kevin.

"Robert??" laughed Sissy..

"Yeah...him and some woman not only broke the bed ,but came through the ceiling."said Kevin..

Sissy slapped her thigh and bellowed with laughter!

"Don't ever tell him I told you that...It was years ago.." said Kevin.

"Okay....and you won't tell my folks about this broken bed..." she laughed...

"Deal." said Kevin as he and Sissy removed the bed and later on brought in and installed the new bed.

Kevin looked at Sissy as he was about to leave...

"How long we been friends?" he asked..

"I don't know..about five or six years...Since you started feeding me good cases.... Why?" she asked.

''You're a good friend Sissy.When I met you, I knew you were a good ,tough and honest cop, but also a person like me who thinks outside the box occassionally...a kindred spirit...That's why I always called you and not Lieutenant Tragg.Plus, you're a lot prettier than he is. " said Kevin and squeezed her hand. Sissy laughed....

"You are a good friend too! I learned to trust you and your good instincts over the years." she said and smiled.."Carlotta is the little sister I never had and you're my younger brother." she said.

Kevin smiled as he headed for his car. Sissy smiled too and waved as he drove off into the Saturday sunset.


Sunflower said...

This was a beautiful story Keith....It was about relationships...Carlotta and Keith and how much they hold Sissy in regard and also Kevin and Sissy's warm friendship that goes beyond crime fighting...Loved it!

Vanessa said...

What is with Sissy's men? Robert Foxworth and Eddie C. have both broken beds...I think Robert Foxworth broke a bed twice...Wow, they are savages in the sack! LMBAO!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I am standing and applauding and throwing my panties and bra to the rafters! Loved this story..

Halo said...

Good Story...It explored the closeness and love these people, Carlotta, Keith ,Kevin and Eddie obviously have for Sissy...She's a lucky woman!

James Perkins said...

Nice story...I feel all warm inside..
I laughed until I cried when the bed broke..

Cheryl said...

This was such a sweet story!

Lisa said...

Loved every bit of it...Really love these charactors!

DBH said...

This was nice Keith!

Swaggie said...

Wow...Dude broke the damn bed...LMBAO! Love it man!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

The charactors in Escapades bring it hard...Breakin the bed and all..Wow!
I dig it though!

Ben Ali said...

Just discovered this blog...Have been reading a lot of the stories in here..I really like the charactors and their daily lives...(Especially the sexuality..)

Brenda said...

This was a great story Keith...It kind of finished off the loose end of the storyline involving Sissy and Eddie C. I think they have a much more realistic relationship than Carlotta and Keith, which is all sex and infatuation right now.. Sissy and Eddie have had to deal with real life flaws and problems....Glad you showed the difference..Loved it!