Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things We Say At The Time

We sat on the bed in her apartment.....I had on a white dress shirt with a black wife beater on underneath and Khaki shorts...I kicked my sandals off and just allowed my legs to dangle...Sheena turned the air conditioner on and took her earings off.. She then stepped out of her pumps and opened her blouse a little...just enough for me to get a glimpse of her lacy lime green bra....She didn't look at me, she just sat on the side of the bed.

"So what happened with Faunteroy?" I asked..hoping all along that I wasn't being annoying to her..I never expected us to be on speaking terms again or at least not this soon.

"Faunteroy stopped calling...and stopped coming up. He'd come up unannounced in the middle of the night..when he wanted to get some...then he'd leave and I wouldn't hear from him for weeks...then his wife called me one night and told me not to mess with her man ever again. I didn't argue with her..what could I say? Finnally,I got tired of being a booty call and I called Faunteroy and asked him to stop calling and coming. He did......" she said.

I sat there quietly....then I asked her...

'You got any water in your fridge?"

"Chance, you don't really want any water...what you want to know is how I got involved with Guy, right?" she said..

"No...well ahhh, the thought did kind of grab me...He's sooo not your type." I said.

"You're right...He's the older brother of this girl who was in one of my classes....He had just gotten divorced and he used to be all over me ,everytime I came to her house to study, asking me questions, buying me things and begging me to go out with him. He used to text me like twenty times a day ,wanting to know where I was, if I was thinking about him and what not..Finnally I just went out with him. He was the perfect gentlemen at first...but then after we made love the first time, he became different...obsessed...violent, almost like a stalker..always accusing me of flirting with another man, always hitting me...always needing to know where I
was..He was ...was just frightening....I didn't want him to hurt you...I was trying to steer you back to your friends before he turned around and saw us talking." she said.

"I know...I wasn't worried about him..but I thank you for tryin to look out for a brother." I said, really and truly grateful.

"He's dangerous Chance...please be careful.." she said.

"I'm dangerous..he better look out for me." I said.

She slipped off her blouse and sat there in her skirt and Lacy green bra...I lied down across the bed, staring up at the ceiling..not knowing what else to say or how long I intended to stay with her.

She crawled over to where I was and stradled me and stared down at me...I pulled her towards me and gently kissed her...It had been close to two years since I had kissed her....I unzipped her
skirt and slid it off of her...She was wearing a matching green thong... She gently stroked the crotch of my pants...

"Oh my god're as hard as an iron pipe....just from me taking my skirt off..." she said
in amazement...

'Sheena ,I may hate your guts, but you're still a very attractive girl." I laughed...

"You don't hate know you love me.." she said laughingly with that smugness I had grown to hate.

"Don't flatter yourself." I said..

She unzippered my pants, pulled my now erect penis out and licked it from top to bottom..and then began engulfing as much of it as she could in her mouth...and moving up and down.. I lay there in stunned silence. I hadn't expected all of this to happen..

Just when I was about to explode...she stopped...She slipped her thong off and unsnapped her bra and I took my pants and boxers off... She crawled back on the bed and straddled me and lowered herself on top of me and began to move up and down very slowly...I was counting sheep
in my head...trying to think of anything ,so as not to climax too fast...but it was hard..This felt so
good.. She moved decidedly slower...

"Now lie still and let mama take care of everything.....we have all night.." she said...and she began to move slower and slower and we went on like this for close to two hours....finnally, I rolled her over and entered her missionary style spreading her legs and holding them up as I plowed into her....

"oooooooooooh....ohhhhhhhhhhh gawdddd, I forgot how good you used to feel Chance...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." she said as she began to climax....."

"Oh Sheena....I missed you so muchhhhh..." I said as I began to explode and she began to shake
and grab ahold to me as though it was the end of the world....I collapsed on top of Sheena..a mass
of sweat. I got off of her and rolled over.. She was facing me , So I brought her close to me and held her in my arms and we both went to sleep.

I woke up hours later and I found I was in the bed by myself...The cover was pulled over me. There was no sign of Sheena. My clothes were in a pile by the door. I got up looked around...No sign of her. I looked around for a towel, then went in the bathroom and took a shower. I didn't
have a toothbrush.. but there was a bottle of Scope in the medicine cabinet. I poured a cap full of it..slushed it around in my mouth, spit it out ...then ran a cup of hot water...slushed that around in my mouth and spit it out.. I got dressed, just in time to see the door opening. It was Sheena.

"Where did you go?" I said.

"Oh I went to the store to pick up a few things.." she said.

"How long you been gone?" I asked.

'About an hour...I couldn't sleep." she said.

"Really? I slept like a baby." I said.

"Yeah, I figured you got what you came here for." she said.

"What? What do you mean by that? I came here because you asked me to stay with you." I said.

"Yeah, but you knew there was a chance you might be gettin some or else you wouldn't have done it." She stated rather matter of factly."

'You made a move on me." I said.

"Don't get your panties in a doesn't matter...but I don't want you to get any ideas Chance...I know we went there last night...but I'm not trying to see you again...I don't want a retread of that." she said.

"Well what do you want? You know we said some things last night." I said.

"Of course we did...we were having sex..people say a lot of things at the time...but they don't mean it once they get off." she said.

"Seems like I should be saying that." I said.

"Chance ,it's all good...No harm, no foul...I enjoyed myself immensely....You may have your faults
but you've always been good in bed."

"So you used me?" I said.

"Yes,I did...guys do it to women all the've done it to a few and your Kappa brothers, Paris, Blake and Sean Jackson....I remember yall at Howard..." she laughed.

"See you around Sheena." I said as I walked to the door..

"Aww Chance, don't get mad...I brought us breakfast...Some bagels, Coffee, Krispy Kreme know you love those...You gonna let a sista eat alone?" she cooed.

'So what is this , revenge?" I asked..

"Revenge? , revenge for what?" she said.

I didn't answer....I sat down at the table with her....

"That's not de caf is it?" I asked.

(To Be Continued.....)


SLC said...

Panties thrown in 5....4....3....2....1!!

Go said...

You know what.. I'm too sleepy to read this right now but the picture threw me off gaurd. Someone else used this same picture today (Love B. Scott)! But I will be back!



Anonymous said...

Standing and applauding and tossing my panties at you! I simply loved this...I knew it was going there!!

Toni said...

Wow...what a lovely story Keith...very interesting..Can't wait to see where this goes.

Angie B. said...

Wow, I mean I totally understand where she was going and how she was feeling..but I feel Chance too..He just rescued her from a bad situation..he was owed more than that!

Sunflower said...

Kudos to you Mr. Keith...for a wonderful and realistic story!

Brenda said...

This story felt so natural..I felt like I was eavesdropping on a friend.

Cheryl said...

Wow, I could swear I was right there in the bedroom with them..

Lisa said...

Great Story Keith...This felt very it was something I had gone through.

Halo said...

Incredible story...These two are something else. I'm liking your new charactor, Chance.

Vanessa said...

Chance got played...If I were him I wouldn't have stayed for breakfast,I would've left. The nerve!! She asked him to come there
and she made the first move..then she wanted to change up on him.

Captain Jack said...

Lovely Story Keith..Simply Lovely.

Sean said...

Great Story..It had such a natural feel..What's next?

Tate 2 said...

I knew panties were going to be thrown..lololol..Wow, great story..
I too felt like I was peeping in a window at someone.

Jazzy said...

Wow, That story got me hot fam!

Swaggie said...

Hot Story Bruh...I agree with Vanessa..I would've left if she started changing up on me like that.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

SMH...and LMAO..This was some straight playa stuff Keith..How much of this is fiction and how much of this is drawn from one of your experiences????..lololo

James Perkins said...

Good Story Keith...I felt like I was there with them...Well not quite.lololol

Simon Bastion said...

Smooth Story Keith!

Anonymous II said...

This was one of my favorites..don't know how you can top this one.. Knew someone was going to come out of their clothes over it!

Go said...

I told you I'd be back. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed your writings.. I tried one of my own..not even close to your brother!

Okay next....