Thursday, October 14, 2010

Turning Up The Heat!

Sean Jackson and I rented different cars and canvassed "Wodie's" neighborhood sveral times a day...We took photos of him coming and going. He didn't seem to have a job...Then we discovered how he was making a living...He dealt marijuana for a small time playa named. "Ali".. Ali had one guy....who looked like muscle ,named Paul who was constantly at his side. Wodie and two or three other boys got their stash from him....He worked in a funeral home. They dealt on a few corners in Mt Airy,Oak Lane and Germantown... We had photos of the entire operation and the playas..

A few days later....Lockpick Johnson and Peeping Tom wired that funeral home for sound and video and we got video and audio of money and drugs changing hands between Ali, Paul and a number of young teenaged boys.... I delivered this anonymously to the police under the guise of a "Town Watch" group...In no time, Police arrested Ali, Paul and about ten teenage boys who slung marijuana for him.

Ali was a small time playa....but with him out of the way, I had now cut off Wodie's main source of income...Thus making him more ripe for the picking.
He had no job....and he seemed to be getting desperate. We purposely edited out video of Wodie selling drugs and picking up drugs..I wanted him free and clear.He appeared to be pretty thrifty though..He had a considerable amount of cash stored up and was still making his ends meet. The talk on Facebook and Twitter began to increase now that he had more free time.. He was pissing off all of his female "friends" with his dirty talk and they were one by one either ignoring , defriending or blocking him from following. Only" Madame X" was continuing to talk to him and keep up the facade of being just as horny as he was and just as in need of a sexual release.

Sepia, pretending to be "Madame X" on the Facebook chatbox began ratching up the ante.

Madame X- "You been talkin how you been wantin to meet me all this time, when you gonna do it? It's been awhile since I had some good lovin."

Wodie-" I wanted to do it this weekend, but my funds are kind of uh job went out of business and I'm unemployed for the moment.but I need some good lovin myslef.hehheheheheh"

Madame X-"That's sad...because I was going to wear what I have on in my profile picture under a trenchcoat."

Wodie-''Worddddd...we can still hook up you know. I aint broke..and I'm sittin here as horny as ten just thinkin of you in that black teddy...mannnnn!"

Madame X- "Well, I can pick you up in my Benz..."

Wodie- "Benz? You got it like that Shorty?"

Madame X-"I'm a model, I makes big dough, you aint know? People pay me a lot to take off my clothes and get a glimpse of these double d's."

Wodie- "I know that's right...You sound like my type of hook up. damn girl..when can we get together?"

Madame X -Speaking of which ,I gotta get something to wear to my girl Stormi's funeral tomorrow.

Wodie-"Stormi? I met her, she wasn't all that..."

Madame X-"Don't talk about my girl like dat, she and I was gonna go in the modelin business together....til some coward raped and killed her."

Wodie-"She wasn't raped...aint nobody hardly rape huh, she wanted it..she was just playin hard to get."

Madame X-"How you know? It said in the papers that she was raped and killed.You sound like you was with her...Were you?"

Wodie- ''Nah..I only met her the Mermaid Club. The papers don't know everything..uh..the word on the street was that she was a ho."

Madame X -"What damn word on the street? Who knew if she was raped or not? You sure know a lot about the situation for someone who claims they didn't know her that well."

Wodie-"I don't wanna talk about her....So when we gone hook up?"

Madame X-"I'll let you know..I'll be in touch. Ummmmm, then I'm gonna touch you in some places I think you'll like...heheheheheheheheh..and hopefully you'll touch me likewise...."

Wodie-"Word,I sho will...boyyy, I sho will baby, I'll do more than just touch you girl, cause I'm really feelin you....for real though. I wish you'd come over here right got me so hot ,I'm about to burn this joint down."

Madame X-"Yeah,yeah ,yeah,that's what they all say. Save some of that heat for me when I come over... I gotta get off this're getting me wet..ouuuuuuuuu,I gotta stop talkin like this...ohhhhhhhhhh"

Wodie- "Nah ,I'm for real.... What you got on now?"
Madame X-" Wouldn't you like to know? Gotta go..See ya!"

(madame x is now off line! )

Sepia looked at me...I looked at her and laughed like a cheshire cat....

"Baby you were sure know how to talk that got him so steamed up he won't be able to control himself." I said laughing...

"That's what I do lover...that is after all how I got you, isn't it?" she said with her seductive smile...

"Indeed" I said as I took her in my arms and began kissing her hungrily......

"Hmmmmmmmm, maybe we should take this elsewhere than our living room." cooed Sepia.

I lifted her up and took her upstairs to our bedroom.

(Conclusion Next)


Anonymous said...

Standing and applauding and throwing my panties at you...This was hot....I especially liked the ending...

Grover Tha Playboy said...

This dude is definitely on something else...He's scary.

Halo said...

I love the sensual relationship Kevin has with his wife and how they work together so well on some of his cases.