Thursday, October 21, 2010

The King Of Newark

The Alley behind Tulip's Flower Shop was as clean as a whistle the next day when we returned..There was no blood, certainly no dead bodies, no glass and no bullet riddled automobile. The Alley smelled like a combonation of Bleach and Pine Sol...If you didn't know that just 24 hours before, a wild gunbattle had taken place in which two of the city's most feared killers had lost their lives, you would not beleive how well this alley looked.

Tulip's Flower shop was open for business, but two new guys were actually working there. His two bars were open again and his people were brazenly back on the streets of Newark.. Tulip was holed up with his woman, Monica Courtland..

Kool Kat and I had rented another car on his dime and had had the windows tinted. We found the playground where the would be King of Newark, Little Anthony held court. In the middle of the playground was the backseat of some SUV that was supported on Milk Cartons....It was a makeshift sofa...Only Little Anthony sat on the "couch"...He was surrounded by five young toughs....With Kool Kat at the wheel...I shot hundreds of photos from a distance of the young playa and his minions.

The first thing I noticed about this playground that was strange was that there were no children in it. A number of BMW's , Range Rovers and Lexus's pulled up and Ten different guys, accompanied by their muscle of course met with Little Anthony and held court...

My little machine pulled conversations and text messages off of their Blackberries and smart phones....All of the talk was about drug transactions. How brazen and careless were these guys...The main talk was about a huge shipment coming in, in a day or so...

Kool Kat and I rented yet another car and followed all ten of these guys around and about town...Then we began following Little Anthony's Lieutenants around in yet another rental car....We hit on paydirt! A huge warehouse near the outskirts of town!!

We watched several trucks come in and leave and surprise ,surprise...We saw some of the ten men we had photographed early coming and going...A lot of activity was going on...It was time to talk to Tulip!

Kool Kat and I met with Tulip in a downtown hotel....He was in his bathrobe...Monica's hair was tossed..She too was in her bathrobe...and the covers and sheets were all of the floor...They had had quite a night in here...

Tulip looked at the photos....He smiled.....

"That there represents the ten major drug dealors in Newark..heheheheheheheh..Most of em used to do business with me or Snookie,then Little Anthony scared em to death....Everybody that told that young punk to go take a flying leap is dead, cept for me....Those guys didn't resist!" he laughed.

"Would you care if they were out of business?" I asked.

"Not at all." he laughed.

I turned in the information anonymously....once again ,under the guise of a town watch program....It took the DEA, The New Jersey State Police and The Newark city police no time to raid the Warehouse...arresting close to 60 people. The next day all ten of the major playas in those photos got arrested as well as close to 40 other people associated with them.

Indictments and arrests of 49 of Little Anthony's associates meant pretty much that he was out of business in Newark. Not only that...He still had a trial pending for witness intimidation and obstruction of justice...Things did not look good for the boy king. To make matters worse...People were grumbling that either he or someone in his organization had been snitching. To say he was
paranoid was an understatement.

Tulip, Monica Courtland and I sat in his hotel room and laughed our heads off...

"I wonder if he's still sitting in that playground? I oughta personally walk over there and kick his little butt." laughed Tulip..

"Nah, forget him...He's done....and on his way to jail.... plus, without his enforcers, Hell and Angel...He's not scaring anyone anymore."I said.

Kool Kat walked in with my little machine....He was smiling...

"Hey Kev...You gotta hear this .." he said as he turned the machine on.....


"Mister Williams...."

"Oh, Mr. Breikland...How are you?"

"A lot better than you're going to be...The police hit my warehouse...They have my workers and more important , they have close to twenty million dollars worth of my product...I am not happy."

"Well ,I aint have nothin to do with that...I'm just as unhappy as you..that's money I'm out of .."

"That's money you owe me...."

"What? 20 mill..mannn you crazy....How am I gone pay you, when I didn't get paid?? I aint have nothin to do with the cops poppin you."

"I didn't want to deal with you in the first place...but you wiped out the I had no choice...Have my 20 million tomorrow by 6:00 pm or I will have you wiped out.."

"What? White man you crazy!"


"Awwww nah...They aint gonna threaten me....Heyyy, where is Hell and Angel??"

"I don't know Ant..Aint nobody seen them since the night before last..."

"Yeah..Well get in contact with em...Tell em to hit Nickolai Breikland...Hit him hard.."

"Alright Boss...I'll go look for em."

"Aint nobody threatening me...I'm still the King of Newark!!"

Kool Kat, Tulip and I laughed our heads off!

"Nikolai Breikland is a New York guy..He's Russian Mafia....A real heavyweight." said Tulip...

"Really? This is interesting." I laughed.

"You callin your FBI guy?" said Kool Kat.

"You got a connect in the FBI?? Damn Philly boy, you are full of surprises.." laughed Tulip.

Kool Kat just laughed and took a sip of Henny.....

(Conclusion Next!)


SLC said...

I don't like that Monica chick, but Tulip aint the worst crook on the block.